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Yacon Syrup Review: As Seen on Dr. Oz

Yacon - specifically Yacon syrup - is a functional food that has vaulted into popularity by its exposure as a weight loss supplement on the Dr. Oz show. Yacon is a perennial herb that is grown in South American Andes - all the way from Columbia to Argentina - for its sweet tasting roots. The question, of course, is... just how good is it for weight loss?

As Seen on Dr. Oz: Meratrim – Does it Work?

Meratrim™ - a proprietary blend of two plant extracts - looks like the next weight loss supplement to rocket to fame and fortune, thanks to its exposure on the Dr Oz show, and to a lesser extent, a feature in Woman's World magazine. Click to read the full review!

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Weight Loss Supplements?

Are you paying big dollars for weight loss products that don't work? Well, you don't need to. Our new report will show you how you can experiment with useful, helpful weight loss supplements - all proven effective in peer reviewed, published clinical studies - for as little as 17 cents per day. Yeah, you read that right... 17 cents per day!

Hot Off the Presses!

Green Coffee Extract for Weight Loss? Not so Fast…

It’s been a year or so now, but the hype generated for green coffee extract as a viable and potent weight loss supplement – by Dr. Oz and his “expert” guest naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist Lindsey Duncan – still lingers on. It’s still being touted as a weight loss miracle, although its star has […]

Zvelt Diet Patch Review|Does it Work?

According to the promotional material at… “Zvelt® is an easy to use weight loss patch that helps you effortlessly lose weight.” And that`s just the start. Other claims include that Zvelt… Boosts metabolism. Stimulates body’s fat burning power. Increases energy. Helps reduce cravings. Decreases appetite. Is naturally sourced. Of course, that’s without a “crazy” […]

I Try the SlimFast Shakes: 4 Hours of Hunger Control… NOT!

If you have a small appetite, the SlimFast shake might be worth a try if the sole purpose is to have an entire meal replaced with a convenience food that doesn’t taste like chalk. I tried the chocolate flavor and it tasted fine. It was somewhat reminiscent of drinking sweetened condensed milk (if you like that sort of thing), so it wasn’t lacking in sweetness.

Lose 9 lbs a week eating FAT-MELTING FRENCH FOODS???

As a personal trainer, diet coach, dance instructor, group fitness instructor, author, and in the trenches of the fitness industry day in and day out, I see a lot of sensational claims about the next fitness craze or great new diet. The industry is littered with lots of “gurus” who claim that their product is […]

Isatori’s Bio-Gro Review: Bio-Active Peptides from Colostrum

I’ve been reviewing bodybuilding and weight loss products on for almost 15 years now, so at this stage in the game it’s rare that anything gets me excited. And to be honest, when I prepared to try the product personally before doing this Isatori Bio-Gro review, I wasn’t exactly “chomping at the bit.” After […]

USP Labs TT750 (Tribulus) Review

So it’s Saturday night, and my girlfriend’s out hanging with the girls, and my girls and I are chillin’ at home (that’s them over on the right; Sheba and Nika, my German Shepherds). So one thing leads to another and before I know it I’m over surfing on, checking out what’s new and exciting. […]

Facebook Contest: Win a Bottle of Curvelle!

Hey, ladies! We’re having a contest over on our Facebook page. You can win a bottle of Isatori’s Curvelle (weight loss for women) by liking or commenting on the post and then registering to win. It’ll take you about 20 seconds and you’ll registered to win! Contest ends August 30, 2014. Here’s where you can […]

Shaila Fitness Kick A** T-Shirts for Sale

Sumi Singh, who contributes regularly to, has just launched her own t-shirt line. There’s sizes and variations for the girls, the guys, and even children! Here’s a couple of the options available, modeled by Sumi herself…   Cool, huh? If you’re interested in getting on these kick butt tees or tanks for yourself or […]

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