Reviews of Fat Burners, Diet Pills & Weight Loss Supplements


10 Fat Burners Side Effects (And How to Deal with Them!)

WATCH VIDEO: Get the low down on 10 common fat burners side effects, how to deal with them and where to report an adverse event! (You absolutely should!)

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Can’t Sleep? 7 Awesome Stimulant Free Fat Burners!

If you're sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, or are tired of feeling "jittery" all the time, you might want to consider giving one of these stimulant-free fat burners / weight loss products a try.

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7 Mind Blowing Reasons to Boost Your Protein Intake

Boosting the amount of protein in your diet can have HUGE benefits - whether you're an athlete, a dieter trying to lose weight, or just someone who wants to live a long healthy life.

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8 Simple Ways to Tell if a Fat Burner Review is Fake

How can you tell the difference between a review that is genuine and one whose intent is to convince you to buy a product with which the reviewer is associated? Find out!

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review (with Green Coffee Extract)

This product boasts a whopping 540 mg of caffeine daily - 140 mg above the safe limit suggested by the Mayo clinic. But it's cheap. So... should you try it?

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8 Supplements That Help With Blood Sugar Management

Got cravings for sweets and junk food? Here are 7 affordable supplements to help with blood sugar management and crush cravings!

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UltimateFatBurner’s Shredz Fat Burner Review

Shredz burner is a popular "made for women" fat burner. There are "pros" and "cons" to this product. Click to read our review!

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4 ways drinking water helps you lose weight

4 Ways Drinking Water Helps You Lose Weight!

WATCH VIDEO: We've all heard it a million times; drink more water to lose weight. But does it really help? Watch the video to find out!

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shred jym review

Shred Jym Fat Burner Review with Full Ingredient Breakdown

Shred Jym is a extremely potent thermognic fat burner. Jam-packed with stimulants, it's best suited for seasoned fitness pros and body builders.

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green tea reduces cardiovascular risks

16 Natural Cholesterol Lowering Foods & Supplements

A comprehensive list of 16 natural cholesterol lowering foods and supplements that may reduce your reliance on prescription drugs.

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51 Treats, Snacks and Foods You Won’t Believe Are Diet Legal

Sick and tired of bland diet food? Then check out this list of 51 mouth-watering and entirely diet legal foods you won't believe you can eat!

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frightening fat burner facts

7 Frightening Facts about Fat Burners (You Won’t Believe!)

You'll be horrified when you discover the dark and seedy underbelly of the weight loss supplement industry!

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