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Diet Program Reviews

The best diet solutions are practical, moderate and much sensible. Long term, sustainable solutions to weight loss are your best bet; rarely do diets offering rapid weight loss provide much long term value.

If you’re overweight, it’s likely it took years for the you to gain the excess… it won’t come off overnight. A practical, sensible plan will see 1–2lbs. of weight loss per week! That might be less than you like, but this we can guarantee…

… it IS do-able.

9 Intermittent Fasting Benefits for Weight Loss

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9 Great Reasons to Try Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss If you’re new to intermittent fasting (sometimes called alternate day fasting), it’s pretty much what it sounds like it is; extended periods of fasting, followed short periods of feeding. On the face of it,...

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What is the Paleo Diet?

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Want to know more about the Paleo diet? It’s as popular as ever today, and you won’t have to hunt and kill your meals like our ancestors did. Click for our review and recommendation!

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Mike Geary’s The Truth About 6 Pack Abs: A Review

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I’ve just finished reading Mike Geary’s “The Truth About 6 Pack Abs” with the intent of doing a review here, and boy oh boy, am I relieved! Phew! I have read so many awful diets lately, it is a huge relief to finally come across a publication that is a...

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Review: The One Low-Carb Diet That Always Works

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Note: This book is no longer available for sale. Salvatore Colascione’s online best seller, “The One Low Carb Diet That Always Works“, isn’t really a “new” diet at all. In fact, this publication might be more accurately entitled “A Day...

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Review: The Grapefruit Diet

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The traditional Grapefruit Diet gained widespread popularity in the 1980s. The weight loss plan involved a dramatic reduction in calorie intake—dieters were encouraged to consume no more than 800 calories per day. The main thrust of the diet involved eating large amounts of...

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Review: The South Beach Diet

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Although the South Beach Diet has been causing quite a stir recently, it’s really not anything new… unless you happen to be Rip Van Winkle, and have been sleeping for the last 20 years-straight though the whole “low carb” craze! The South Beach diet is...

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