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Mike Geary’s The Truth About 6 Pack Abs: A Review

I’ve just finished reading Mike Geary’s “The Truth About 6 Pack Abs” with the intent of doing a review here, and boy oh boy, am I relieved!


I have read so many awful diets lately, it is a huge relief to finally come across a publication that is a no nonsense, sensible, well writen diet program based upon solid fundamentals. In fact, I agree with about 99% of what Mike recommends.

So what about the details? What does this program encompass?

Well, not surprisingly (given that Mike’s a personal trainer) it requires plenty of exercise. In fact, if you don’t have a gym membership and don’t intend to get one, you’ll need to invest in a stability ball and ideally a set of adjustable dumbbells (which are not cheap; they range in price from $150$600) in order to get the most of this program. In my opinion, you’re really better off with a gym membership, given the focus of this manual.

If you’re expecting 6-pack abs without working out, I would suggest you choose new goals; maintaining a body fat percentage low enough to make your abs “pop” requires dedication and hard work. And that means time in the gym. But then again, nothing worthwhile ever comes easily, right?

If you’re simply looking to lose weight, and aren’t interested in spending time in the gym, I suggest you stop reading right here, and go investigate the Fat Loss for Idiots diet. All that’s required on that program is regular walking!

Considering the title of this publication, you probably won’t be at all surprised to find there’s a lot of focus on demonstrating the best abdominal exercises to develop 6 pack abs.

And although there is plenty of focus on exercises to develop your abs, there’s plenty of focus on other, non-ab-related exercises as well, especially multi-joint, compound exercises (like the squat and deadlift, for example).

Ladies, if you’re reading this and thinking… “this is definitely NOT for me. I do not want to lift heavy weights or bulk up!”

You need to know a couple of things; first – that resistance training is going to elevate your metabolism more effectively and much, much, longer than cardio. Second, that weight training is not going to cause you to bulk up. Building muscle is a long, metabolically intensive process, and frankly, you don’t possess optimum levels of testosterone to do so. You’ll be tight and lean, like those models in the Oxygen magazine.

Who wouldn’t want that?

If, just say, you happen to be the one in a million individuals who is genetically predisposed to building muscle quickly, you’re going to have plenty of time to adjust your training, if you find you are losing your femininity. You won’t wake up one morning, bench pressing cars, and having to turn sideways to fit through doors. It doesn’t work like that.

As Mike explains, these exercises are not included because they work the abs more effectively than the ab-specific exercises so well documented in “The Truth About 6 Pack Abs”, but because they are more helpful in creating the sort of metabolic changes that are critical for reducing bodyfat so you can see your abs.

Chances are, if you’ve been working on your abs at all, they’re probably pretty well defined. The problem is that they are hiding behind layers of flab. To enjoy the benefits of all those Swiss ball crunches, you’re going to have strip off the fat, which is why there’s that focus on compound exercises.

What about cardio?

Well, no diet plan is complete without some cardio.

But I’m pleased to say Mike and I are on the same page here too; spending hours upon hours on the treadmill or elliptical machine is soul-suckingly boring, and not particularly effective. That’s why Mike recommends “variable intensity training.” I’m used to calling this HIT (or high intensity training), but I like Mike’s “variable” more, because it does not suggest you have to kill yourself for short periods, only “vary” the intensity.

It’s simple enough to do. Using the treadmill as an example…

After your warm up, alternate between 1 minute of fast jogging/running with 1 minute to a minute and a half of walking. I do this and I can testify; it makes cardio much, much easier. You have to focus on maintaining a high intensity pace for a minute, and then you’re hoping your break period will last forever. Of course, it does not, and soon you’re running again. All in all, 20 minutes can go by very quickly. Plus, I find it effective for burning fat and retaining lean muscle.

Of course, if you want to show off your 6 pack abs, you’re not going to be surprised to learn that your diet is going to play a huge role. Mike’s plan is completely non controversial and solid; lots of good fats, smart, high fiber carbs, and lean proteins.

You are definitely not going to starve to death on this diet!

One other thing about the diet that I like: Mike’s emphasis on the importance of “occasional overfeeding.” Translation? That means you get to have a cheat day – a day where you consume significantly more calories than you require. This helps to keep your metabolism elevated, and you appropriately motivated (it’s never a good long term strategy to deprive yourself of all the foods you love, whether or not they happen to be bad for you).

At the end of the day, you’re probably not going to be surprised to hear me say that this is a smart, solid plan – no fads, no silliness or nonsense, just strategies that work.

Highly recommended – learn more about Mike Geary’s “The Truth About 6 Pack Abs” here!

Author: Paul

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