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Functional Food Products

Functional foods are “value added” food products that serve some health promotion/disease prevention purpose beyond what the product normally provides. And they are big business. Functional foods are growing in both scope and popularity. In fact, we think functional foods are going to the “next big thing”, and that you can expect to see more and more of them on the market.

So have a look around. Please, don’t be shy; share your experiences and your comments with us and our visitors. That way, we all gain the benefit of your experience!

LUNA Cookie

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The LUNA line is the creation of Clif Bar & Company, a well-known manufacturer of organic, whole grain energy bars.  LUNA products (LUNA Bar, LUNA Sunrise, LUNA Sport and LUNA Cookie) target the women’s nutrition market, and are fortified with nutrients such as folic...

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SAN Infusion

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SAN is a well-known sports nutrition company with a wide product range.  SAN supplements we’ve reviewed elsewhere on include Tight (fat loss), Estrodex (estrogen control) and MyoTEST (testosterone booster). The product line also includes a number of...

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Monster Milk

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Cytosport’s Muscle Milk is one of the all-time classic bodybuilding protein/mass-building supplements. Not only is it designed to facilitate lean gains, but it also comes in a mouth-watering assortment of different flavors. Not surprisingly, its popularity has spawned a...

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Myo Lean Evolution

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Myo Lean Evolution is a meal replacement product (MRP) made by Myogenix, a manufacturer of bodybuilding/sports supplements. It’s an even lower carb/sugar alternative to Myo Lean, the company’s low-glycemic index MRP.  Myo Lean Evolution comes in five flavors:...

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Posted by on 6:27 pm in Beverages, Energy, Fat Loss, Low Calorie, Weight Loss | 2 comments

Celsius is a thermogenic soft drink introduced to the market in 2005.  According to the company, it was designed as a “healthier alternative” to energy drinks, sodas, coffee drinks, etc.  The 12 oz. drinks are fortified with a range of vitamins, minerals and...

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Greens+ High Protein Food Bar

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The Greens+ product line is the creation of Sam Graci, the head of Orange Peel Enterprises.  Graci created the original Greens+ superfood drink in 1990 – inspired by the desire to help his disabled sister-in-law live a healthier life.  Since that time, the line has...

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