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CytoSport Muscle Milk ‘n Oats

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Muscle Milk is one of CytoSport’s most popular products. It’s routinely found in the “Top 10” seller lists maintained by online retailers such as and Thus, it’s not surprising to see spin off products, such as Muscle...

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Healthy To Go: Go Greens

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I first encountered the To Go Brands products at the Natural Products Expo in Boston last October.  The company manufactures portable, single serving, antioxidant-rich drink mixes, designed to be added to a bottle of water (one of the product slogans is “Water’s...

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iSatori Voots

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iSatori is a well-known and respected manufacturer of dietary supplements for building muscle and losing fat.  “Voots” is the company’s first foray into more general use supps.  Designed for kids who don’t eat their vegetables, Voots are...

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Genisoy Soy Protein Bars

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Genisoy bills itself as “the #1 soy company in the US.”  Certainly it’s one of the most visible: Genisoy products are mainstreamed into grocery stores throughout the country.  The product line is diverse, and divided between shakes/protein powders, snacks...

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Sugar Free Red Bull Energy Drink

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So who hasn’t heard of Red Bull?  From the time it was first rolled out in 1987, it’s spawned a legion of imitators, detractors and devotees.  The company is still going strong with only three basic products: Red Bull Cola, Red Bull Energy Shot and Red Bull Energy...

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Cranergy Energy Juice Drink

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Cranergy Energy Juice Drink is made by Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. – a familar name to most.  Ocean Spray is a grower’s cooperative, similar to Sunkist and Blue Diamond, created to market their own processed products.  Sales of Ocean Spray’s products have...

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