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Perfect Weight America FucoProtein Bars

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FucoProtein Bars are produced by Garden Of Life, as a part of CEO Jordan Rubin’s “Perfect Weight America” program.  Other weight management products included in the program are FucoTHIN (a weight loss supplement) and “Perfect Meal” meal replacement...

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JavaFit Diet Plus Coffee

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JavaFit Diet Plus is one of the fortified coffees created by the Javalution Coffee Company, which was founded in 2002. The company specializes in fresh, “enhanced gourmet coffees” that are marketed to consumers as well as to commercial distributors/vendors. In...

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Chocolite Milkshake Mix

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The Chocolite brand of low-carb/calorie chocolate products is produced by Health Smart Foods. The company slogan is: “We don’t make the diets, we make them work!” The products are designed to be compatible with the requirements of several popular diet...

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FUZE Slenderize

Posted by on 10:03 pm in Beverages, Low Carb, Weight Loss | 3 comments

The Fuze brand of drinks are part of the “New Age” beverage market. The product line includes 4 different drink categories: “Refresh,” “Tea,” “Vitalize,” and “Slenderize.” The Slenderize drinks come in six different,...

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CocoaVia Original Chocolate Bars

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CocoaVia is a line of heart-healthy chocolate snacks produced by Mars, Inc. – a company best known for its other candy products: M & Ms, Snickers, Three Musketeers and Twix, to name but a few. To make CocoaVia, Mars uses a patented proprietary process,...

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Stevita Breeze: Fruit Flavored Stevia

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Stevita Breeze is part of a line of stevia-based products produced by the Stevita Company. In addition to various “straight” stevia extracts, the company produces flavored versions, in both liquid and dry/powder form. “Breeze” comes in both 2.8 oz jars,...

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