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Mega-T Green Tea Drink Mix

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Mega-T is a brand of green tea-based weight loss supplements produced by CCA Industries, Inc. – a manufacturer of health and beauty products. The Mega-T label prominently displays a logo stating “Lose Up To 20 Pounds”…whereas the much smaller print...

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Omega to Go Drink Mix

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Omega To Go is a nutritional drink mix created by To Go Brands.  The portable, on-the-go drink mixes are designed “…to supplement our daily needs for plant nutrients from green foods, fruits and vegetables, while also providing the many benefits of high antioxidant...

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ALL ONE Fruit Antioxidant/Green Phyto Base

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The ALL ONE® series of vitamin-mineral supplements is produced by Nutritech® – a family-owned business founded by James Ingoldby, who first entered the supplement business in 1936. ALL ONE supplements are designed to turn “…a glass of juice into a one step,...

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Progressive Nutritional Therapies’ PhytoBerry

Posted by on 7:33 pm in Beverages | 23 comments

Over the last decade, we’ve been bombarded by information on the value of eating more vegetables and fruits. We now know that plant foods are more than just low calorie sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals…they’re loaded with antioxidant compounds that may...

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Barleans’ Omega Swirl Fish Oil

Posted by on 6:50 pm in Supplements | 2 comments

Omega-3 fatty acids are all the rage, and a number of fortified foods have appeared on the market, such as eggs, cereals and even peanut butter.  Many people (like me!) prefer supplements, however, as this enables them to consume a standard amount of their choice. Finding...

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thinkThin Chunky Peanut Butter Bar

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The thinkThin line consists of a series of reduced calorie/carbohydrate, high protein meal replacement bars. The “thinkProducts” line are the creation of CEO Lizanne Falsetto, as part of her quest to create “pure functional foods.” There are 7 different...

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