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Sugar Busters Diet Review

Posted by on 3:57 pm in All Diets, Low Carb | 0 comments

The Sugar Busters diet operates according to the principle that most people eat too much sugar — as much as a pound a week. Yup, whether your idea of a treat involves a slice of apple pie or a scoop of chocolate frozen yogurt, sugar may be a mainstay of your normal diet....

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SunSlim Diet Review

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Note: the SunSlim Diet is no longer available for sale. According to author Dr. Joy Siegrist, the SunSlim diet is… “… scientifically designed to burn off excess fat at the fastest rate that is safe for you.” In the introduction to the book, she...

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Weight Watchers Diet Program Review

Posted by on 2:44 pm in All Diets, Moderate Diets | 0 comments

A duchess is credited with helping to boost the popularity of the Weight Watchers diet program. Sarah, the Duchess of York, became a spokeswoman for the program some years ago, attracting new followers to the weight loss regimen. But long before Sarah burst onto the scene,...

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Suzanne Somers’ Diet Program Review

Posted by on 12:27 pm in All Diets, Low Carb, Moderate Diets | 14 comments

Actress Suzanne Somers created quite a stir in the dieting community with her revolutionary meal plan, also known as Somersizing. The diet is less restrictive than most, yet employs the popular concept of combining foods low in carbohydrates with those high in protein. Dieters...

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Shawn Phillip’s & Tom Bilella’s Red Hot Metabolism

Posted by on 9:05 am in All Diets, Moderate Diets, Recommended Diets | 0 comments

When I found that Shawn Phillips & Tom Bilella had put out a new publication, “7 Eternal Laws For A Red Hot Fat-Scorching Metabolism“, I was wasted no time buying and reading this new offering. Shawn, if you’re not aware, is the little brother of Bill...

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Review of Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle: Our Recommended Diet Program

Posted by on 8:43 am in All Diets, E-Books, Moderate Diets, Recommended Diets | 0 comments

With Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle, Tom Venuto, respected professional bodybuilder, personal trainer and nutritionist, has not merely pumped out yet another diet and weight loss publication into an already over-saturated market. No, Mr. Venuto’s Burn the Fat can be more...

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