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Shawn Phillip’s & Tom Bilella’s Red Hot Metabolism

When I found that Shawn Phillips & Tom Bilella had put out a new publication, “7 Eternal Laws For A Red Hot Fat-Scorching Metabolism“, I was wasted no time buying and reading this new offering. Shawn, if you’re not aware, is the little brother of Bill Phillips — the man behind the “Body for Life” diet, EAS Supplements, and Muscle Media magazine. Shawn has been affiliated with EAS for some time as well, although he now markets his own brand of supplements called “Full Strength.”

Anyhow, I guess what I’m saying is that Shawn is an extremely credible guy who knows his stuff (he’s also got what many consider to be the “best set of abs” in the industry. That’s got to count for something, wouldn’t you say?). As such, anything he publishes is worth checking out.

Tom Bilella is a nutritionist who runs a Nutrition Treatment Center located in Red Bank, NJ. He has the real-world clinical experience that adds a completely new level of credibility to this program.

OK, so what’s the gist of “7 Eternal Laws For A Red Hot Fat-Scorching Metabolism”?

Well, it’s quite simple really — it’s about getting your metabolism back on track so you can burn more calories over the course of your day. Wanting a “fast” metabolism is really synonymous with wanting a leaner, sexier, more energized body! If you want to look better, feel better, and shed those pounds like never before, then you need a “red hot” metabolism!

Your metabolism is usually measured by BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) or RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) which is the measure of the amount energy required to “sustain” your body’s most elementary processes — breathing, heart beating, body temperature elevated, and so on (no exercise of any sort is factored into this equation.

You and I both know someone who can eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and not gain an ounce. Of course, if either you or I tried doing that,we’d be unable to fit through the door in no time. You of course, attribute your friend’s stroke of luck to a “fast metabolism” and your own ability to lose weight as the result of a slow metabolism. After all, you’ve dieted like crazy and never lost an ounce — and worst of all, once you started eating right again, gained a ton of extra weight!

Not fair!

And here’s the thing…

Most people attribute this “slow metabolism” to age. According to Shawn, they’re only partially correct. While the metabolism does slow down with age, the real decline in your metabolism has more to do with neglect than the “natural aging process.” In other words, a sluggish metabolism is more likely to be the result of a lifestyle of neglect than simply aging.

According to Shawn (and this is important), the most common reasons the metabolism slows as you age are…

  • loss of lean muscle mass due to a lack of exercise and strength training
  • eating fewer and larger meals
  • allowing your activity levels to decrease
  • making consistently poor eating choices
  • living a lifestyle that fosters chronic levels of stress.

Makes sense, right? After all, as you’ve gotten older the demands on your time have increased, and the time you’ve had to yourself has decreased. Between your spouse, your kids, your work, your colleagues and your aging parents… it’s so hard to find time for yourself!

The good news, Shawn is quick to point out, is that you can reverse a sluggish metabolism and attain a lean, sexy and energized body — at almost any age.

And that, in a nutshell, is what the “”7 Eternal Laws” are — 7 laws you can adopt to speed up your metabolism to burn fat and energize your body. Some of these should not come as a surprise to you. For example, it should not come as a shock that Shawn recommends everyone adopt some sort of resistance training. Resistance training builds lean muscle mass — tissue that requires calories to sustain itself even at rest — and elevates metabolism. As such, resistance training comprises a critical element of almost any sensible diet on the market today.

Aesthetically, “7 Eternal Laws For A Red Hot Fat-Scorching Metabolism” is a professionally designed PDF file that both looks great and easy to read — either in front of the computer or printed off to be enjoyed in a favorite easy chair. The publication also comes with a 1 hour MP3 file (a conversation between Shawn and Tom Bilella) that really emphasizes and illustrates some more critical points of the publication (it even covers how Tom gets individuals into resistance training — even if they are well into their 40’s and have never resistance trained before!).

Bottom line?

I highly recommend this publication. It’s well-written, easily understood, and a “steal” at $29.99! Plus, it’s sure to get you well on the way to obtaining the body you’ve always wanted!

Click here to learn more about “7 Eternal Laws For A Red Hot Fat-Scorching Metabolism!”

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