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Zone Diet Review: Barry Sears’ 40/30/30 Diet

Posted by on 1:46 pm in All Diets, Moderate Diets, Recommended Diets | 8 comments

The Zone Diet, the popular diet by Barry Sears, is also commonly referred to as the 40/30/30 diet. “40/30/30” refers to the proportion of each food group in the diet. In this case, 40% of daily caloric intake comes from carbohydrates, 30% comes from protein, and 30%...

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A To Z Fitness Total Body MakeOver

Posted by on 1:18 pm in All Diets, E-Books, Moderate Diets, Recommended Diets | 0 comments

I review a lot of nutrition, fitness and weight loss books and e-books on Some are good, some are so-so, and once in a very great while, one comes a long that is exceptionally well done. Lewis Wolk’s A To Z Fitness’ Total Body MakeOver is one...

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Lose Fat, Not Faith!

Posted by on 12:04 pm in All Diets, Moderate Diets, Recommended Diets | 0 comments

“…physical transformation starts with a goal in mind, but along the way you realize it is the journey and not the destination…” (Jeremy Likness, “Lose Fat, Not Faith”) I really like Jeremy Likness’ “Lose Fat, Not Faith”....

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Review: The Hollywood Diet

Posted by on 10:31 pm in All Diets, Extreme - Low Calorie, Fad Diets | 2 comments

The Hollywood diet has a glamorous name, alright. But is it Hollywood’s official diet? According to the marketing it is. In reality, there’s no evidence it’s more popular in Hollywood than anywhere else. It’s marketing, plain and simple. Is the Hollywood...

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Tom Venuto & Jon Benson’s Fit Over 40

Posted by on 4:45 pm in All Diets, E-Books | 0 comments

Those of you familiar with Tom Venuto’s superb Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle (reviewed here) will probably not be surprised to find that his latest offering (in which he teams up with success coach Jon Benson), is another superb publication. I had spent less than 20...

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Review: Angela Ursprung’s Fit At Forty

Posted by on 4:23 pm in All Diets, Moderate Diets, Recommended Diets | 0 comments

Note: Fit at Forty is no longer being offered for sale. Angela Ursprung’s Fit at Forty is a fitness and weight loss publication written specifically for women, by a woman. This “woman to woman” vibe resonates strongly throughout this publication, making it...

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