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Review: G.I. (Glycemic Index) Diet

Posted by on 4:13 pm in All Diets, Low Carb, Moderate Diets | 1 comment

The “G.I.” of the G.I. Diet stands for glycemic index, which is a measure of how fast the body breaks down carbohydrates to form glucose, the body’s energy source. The glycemic index was developed by Dr. David Jenkins, a professor of nutrition at the University of...

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Review: The Protein Power Diet

Posted by on 3:52 pm in Low Carb | 2 comments

The Protein Power Diet, by Michael and Mary Dan Eades, is similar in many ways to the Atkins’ diet program. The fundamentals of Protein Power are primarily the same: reduce your carbohydrate intake until your body switches over to using fat for fuel (a process called...

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Review: Dr. Connelly’s Body Rx

Posted by on 4:39 pm in All Diets, High Protein, Moderate Diets, Recommended Diets | 12 comments

With Body Rx, Dr. Scott Connelly enters the weight loss arena with a pretty decent diet offering. Dr. Connelly is the main man behind Met-Rx, a highly successful sport and weight loss supplement company recognized for their quality formulations. Let me get to fundamentals of...

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Review: Eat Right 4 Your Type!

Posted by on 4:04 pm in All Diets, Fad Diets | 74 comments

The “Eat Right 4 Your Type!” diet (a program that argues your blood type is the determining factor for selecting what you eat) by naturopath Dr. D’Adamo, is to dieting as astrology is to astronomy. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. The...

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Atkins Diet Review: The Original Low Carb Diet

Posted by on 4:46 pm in All Diets, Low Carb, Recommended Diets | 61 comments

The Atkins Diet Review: Introduction Mention the Atkins Diet, and there’s almost no doubt you’ll generate some controversy, even now. To some, the Atkins Diet is the best thing that ever happened to them, and to dieting in general. Others see the Atkins diet as...

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Dr Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Solution

Posted by on 9:34 pm in All Diets, Moderate Diets | 2 comments

Dr. Phil McGraw, best known for his no-nonsense advice about relationships and family, has entered the weight loss arena with a plan called “The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.” One of the strengths of Dr. Phil’s program is the emphasis he places on...

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