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A To Z Fitness Total Body MakeOver

I review a lot of nutrition, fitness and weight loss books and e-books on Ultimatefatburner.com. Some are good, some are so-so, and once in a very great while, one comes a long that is exceptionally well done. Lewis Wolk’s A To Z Fitness’ Total Body MakeOver is one of those few products that make me sit and go…

“Wow! This is great stuff.”

What Lewis has done with this publication is brought the collective wisdom of 8 of the Net’s greatest fitness and weight loss gurus together into one nicely formatted, easily accessible PDF document (also known as an e-book).

Some of the people included in this publication may be familiar to you if you are a regular visitor to Ultimatefatburner.com. Craig Ballantyne, author of Turbulence Training contributes his wise words, as does Nick Nillson. Other contributors may not be immediately familiar to you, but trust me… they all know their stuff! The only question really is…

Is this the product for you?

Before I answer that, I have to start with the usual caveat. In this publication each expert lays out his/her most effective, proven methods to lose fat and build muscle as quickly and efficiently as possible. That does not mean, of course, that this is an easy, effortless solution. This publication does not provide any magic pill, nor does it contain the secret to losing tons of fat while lounging on the couch watching “Friends” reruns.

What A To Z Fitness’ Total Body MakeOver does do is provide a road map to success and a whole lot of really solid information. If you are willing to work, and follow the words of these pros, you will not be disappointed.

You will not “spin your wheels”.

However, I would caution that this is probably not the ideal publication for anyone who has not made it past the third chapter of Barry Sear’s “The Zone”. While each expert only contributes between 10-20 pages to the compilation, some contributions are more intense than others.

Secondly, don’t make the mistaken assumption that you won’t get anything from this publication because you only want to lose fat, and are not really interested in “maximum muscle gain”. If you are ever going to lose weight and keep it off, you need to do some sort of resistance training.

That’s because resistance training builds lean muscle mass which elevates the metabolism, causing you to burn more calories at rest. Resistance training causes your body to burn an elevated number of calories for up to 24-48 hours post workout. For this reason, weight/resistance training is one of the most effective arsenals in any weight loss program (aerobics burns calories relatively inefficiently and although helpful, only elevates your metabolic rate for a short period post exercise).

Of course, this doesn’t mean you will turn yourself into a muscle-bound freak. Building muscle takes work and dedication. Building a lot of muscle takes a lot more work, and a lot more dedication. It’s a long-term, time intensive process.

A rudimentary program will work wonders for most people — men or women, young or old.

Skim through the book, and you’ll find meal plans, food recommendations, food lists, best practices for dieting, weight loss and training, general tips and recommendations, and some darn interesting insights.

What I found most beneficial about this publication (other than to pick the brains of some of the Net’s top experts), was the ability to mix and match suggestions from different experts, according to my preferences, lifestyle, and body type.

Another one of the biggest benefits of this publication is the fact that it is broken into 8 easily digestible chunks. Instead of being forced to read an entire e-book, you’re reading the equivalent of a short story at each sitting.


For those of you who need some tuition selecting and performing exercises, there are lots of thumbnail photos (and I mean lots — several of the experts make use of them), which makes this an even more valuable resource.

Bottom line?

This is a quality publication and I’d be very surprised if most people did not find it an extremely valuable resource (there are also a ton of quality bonus files that accompany this program). It’s also well written, well edited, and aesthetically pleasing!

You can learn more about purchasing the A to Z Fitness’ Total Body MakeOver here!

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.

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