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Review: Angela Ursprung’s Fit At Forty

Note: Fit at Forty is no longer being offered for sale.

Angela Ursprung’s Fit at Forty is a fitness and weight loss publication written specifically for women, by a woman.

This “woman to woman” vibe resonates strongly throughout this publication, making it uniquely distinct from many programs on the market. If you’re a woman who is looking for a friendly voice in the wilderness, or you’ve been intimidated by weight loss and fitness programs in the past (which are mostly written by men), Fit at Forty will be a godsend to you!

As you may have guessed, I really like this publication. Why?

Not because Fit after Forty is built upon sound, proven weight loss techniques (although this is a large part of it). No it’s mostly because of the compassion and sincerity that emanates from her words. It’s obvious to me that Angela is completely, 150% genuinely committed to your success. She’s there for you when you stumble, but also there to share private personal triumphs. She’s there to encourage, cajole, and congratulate… depending on what you need, whenever you need it.

There’s a couple of great quotes I found that summed up the overall attitude of the book…

“… understand that failure is acceptable in the long term. This program is not a diet. It is not something you use to create your ideal body and then go back to old habits. If you want to change your body, you must change your mind, and that’s hard! It will take some work to get it right, and you might fail a couple of times along the way. If you get knocked down, forgive yourself and get back up and keep fighting.”

And another favorite of mine…

“Change necessitates change.”

Angela’s program is not significantly different than many of the better publications out there. For instance, you’ll be eating 5-6 small meals daily (to balance blood sugar and elevate metabolism) and you’ll be exercising regularly (both weights and cardio play a big role in this program).

These are the two fundamental elements of any successful program. If you see them missing from any program, run, do not walk, in the other direction.

The nice thing about Fit Over Forty is that…

You do not need a gym membership — all exercises can be performed at home

You do not need to make a huge investment in home fitness equipment — a small, inexpensive dumbbell set is all that is required for Angela’s program

Angela dispels the myths many women have about weight training (i.e., that it causes you to become big and bulky)

Angela makes the intimidating “do-able.” Many women wouldn’t consider resistance training, and stick to aerobics. In easily understandable jargon, Angela gently explains why resistance training is necessary.. and how it will benefit your life.

Even body types — mesomorph, endomorph, and ectomorphs are all discussed in an easily accessible manner.

Angela is also more than aware of the demands placed on the women of today. Raising a family, working a job, being active in the community and maintaining a healthy relationship with your spouse is extremely demanding. Angela helps you over this hurdle as well… making it easy to overcome any obstacle that may stand in the way of your success.

So what do you get with the Fit Over Forty program?

A ton of well-written, high quality e-books. There’s the main volume that outlines the program (my only beef with it is that the inspirational stories were a little long, and should have followed the “meat” of the volume, instead of preceding it).

There are also a ton of supporting volumes — one each for the exercise program for every muscle group — a recipe book, a diet plan incorporating foods from your favorite fast restaurants (Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, etc), and more.

There’s also access to the Body Sculptress web site — which includes exercises, chat, free e-mail consultation with Angela, and more.

Angela really stresses accountability for successful weight loss. In other words, you will be more successful if you have to be accountable for your results to someone. Angela offers e-mail and phone consultations if you want to take the program to the next level.

Bottom line?

A solid, well written, friendly, accessible and sincere publication. The fundamentals are 100% solid. Angela knows her stuff, and better than that, she “walks the walk.” Just take a look at the photos on her Web site!

If you’re a woman who’s sick and tired of not having the body you deserve, I heartily recommend you investigate Angela’s program. It’s well worth the money.

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