Creatine for Fat Loss - Should You Take it While Dieting? -

Creatine for Fat Loss – Should You Take it While Dieting?

Creatine for Fat Loss – Should You Take it While Dieting?

Hey there. Paul from Ultimate Fat and today we’re discussing creatine for fat loss, and whether you should take creatine while trying to lose weight.

I’ll have the answers for you right after the break, stick around, please don’t go anywhere.

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So since the topic of Creatine for fat loss comes up once in a while, and since someone asked me the other day, “Should I take creatine while trying to lose weight?” I thought it was time to answer the question in a quick video.

Stick with me for a moment, because this requires just a tiny bit of explanation.

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No Direct Effect on Fat Burning

So, first of all, creatine has no direct effect on fat loss.

So what do I mean by that?

In other words, there are no studies – that I know of at least – that show that supplementing with creatine leads to weight loss.

In addition, in all the 100’s of studies performed on creatine over the years, there are none that I am aware that noted weight loss as an unexpected side effect.

However, having said that…

Supplementing with creatine may have a small indirect effect on weight loss, in two ways…

The first is that any additional lean tissue you build as a result of creatine supplementation WILL require additional calories to maintain.

In other words, This means you burn more calories at rest and as result have a higher metabolism.

The second is that performing more reps and more work, will allow you to burn more calories in your workout.

If the results of these two things lead to a caloric deficit, then yes, we can say that creatine is partially responsible for it.

Obviously, this is a benefit to anyone who is training and looking to lose weight and may justify the use of creatine for fat loss.

As to whether or not you should take creatine while you’re trying to lose weight, that’s entirely up to you. On its own it will have neither a beneficial or detrimental effect. To get the benefits of an elevated metabolism, you still have to put the work in to build that additional lean muscle.

Don’t Forget the Water Weight

Remember too that one side effect of creatine is that it draws water into the muscle cells, which means you will weigh more when you take it – anywhere from a few pounds to as many as 10 depending on a number of factors.

Don’t panic – this is just water weight. You’re not actually any fatter.

And don’t worry… this effect will dissipate a few days after you stop taking creatine.

If you’re cutting down for a contest, just remember to stop taking it 4 or 5 days before the competition.

Alright, that’s it for my creatine for fat loss video.

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