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VPX Meltdown Review: A Potent Fat Burner?

While VPX Meltdown can still be found here and there, VPX has phased it out in favor of its new "MD2 Meltdown" — which will be covered in a future review.

If you’ve been doing a little research on the VPX Meltdown fat burner, you’ve probably seen the advertising…

“The Euphoria of 40,000 Chocolate Bars that removes fat like a Blow Torch!”

Um… OK. Not quite sure where the numbers are coming from, or how consuming 40,000 chocolate bars would make anyone feel anything but extremely ill. But let’s just put that aside for a moment, and take a closer look at VPX’s Meltdown fat burner.

First of all, let me say this; despite the advertising silliness, VPX’s products tend to be extremely potent. Their Redline energy/fat burner drink (reviewed here) is pure rocket fuel, and visitors report the Redline capsules to be much the same (you can read and leave feedback on Redline here!).

So I have little doubt that the new Meltdown product will have you “wired for sound.”

But what of its fat burning abilities? Ahhh… and therein lies the rub. Let’s take a closer look at the formula…

1. Fat Catabolizor™: contains caffeine, Huperzia serrata extract and yerba mate.

i. Caffeine: A standard ingredient in most fat burners since time immemorial. And there’s good reason for that — there is research that shows it has thermogenic properties (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97).

ii. Yerba mate: another common ingredient. It has anti-oxidant properties, it’s a diuretic, and it contains both caffeine and polyphenols. However, only a relatively few human studies have been performed on mate for weight loss.

In two such studies (J Hum Nutr Diet. 2001 Jun;14(3):243-50 and Eur J Med Res. 2006 Aug 30;11(8):343-50) yerba mate was used in conjunction with other ingredients, making it impossible to accurately assess benefits to any one particular ingredient. It could have been any one, or any combination of them that could have led to the weight loss.

One recent animal study (Arch Biochem Biophys. 2008 Feb 26) did show positive results, but animal-based studies are a start… and only that.

iii. Huperzia serrata extract (standardized to 1% huperzine A): A Chinese moss that contains an alkaloid (huperzine A) with neuroprotective and cognitive effects.

2. Lipolytic Trigger: 3′-5′-Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate or cAMP. A cellular regulator, supplementation with cAMP should boost the body’s own fat burning ability.

That’s the theory anyway.

In practice, supplements containing natural cAMP-boosting compounds like Coleus forskohlii or clary sage are helpful, but have hardly generated rip-roaring results.

3. Super Synephrine™ B-3 Activator™: Consists of methyl-synephrine HCL. This synephrine derivative is increasingly found in fat-burning supps, on the strength of claims that it’s more potent than its parent compound (which isn’t saying much, since—as a fat burner, at any rate—synephrine is pretty wimpy stuff; see Obes Res. 2005 Jul;13(7):1187-94, Am J Cardiol. 2004 Nov 15;94(10):1359-61, Obes Rev. 2006 Feb;7(1):79-88).

And these claims of increased potency have not been confirmed by any published, peer-reviewed human studies.

As it turns out, methyl synephrine also has another use: as a drug. Known as Oxilofrine, it’s also banned by WADA as a stimulant. Nutrex Research, which uses methyl synephrine in its “Lipo-6” and “Ignite” products, is currently involved in a class-action lawsuit in New Jersey over it. Stay tuned… (FYI, the Nutrex complaint is here).

Unfortunately, clinical evidence validating synephrine’s effectiveness as a fat burner isn’t exactly setting the world on fire (see Obes Res. 2005 Jul;13(7):1187-94, Am J Cardiol. 2004 Nov 15;94(10):1359-61, Obes Rev. 2006 Feb;7(1):79-88).

4. Iphoric® Potent Methyl β-3 PEA Matrix: Ahh… here’s where the “40,000 chocolate bars” reference must come from. PEA, or phenylethylamine is the “amphetamine-related” chemical present in chocolate.

Several fat burners are including PEA in their formulas—these include Gaspari’s CytoLean (reviewed here) and Nutrex’s Lipo 6x (reviewed here) —mostly for an “euphoric effect” since as there isn’t any real evidence PEA supplementation leads directly to weight loss (although some retailers insist it can stimulate the metabolism. There’s no data to confirm this, either).

Unfortunately, supplementation with phenylethylamine won’t do much to improve your mood. That’s because the majority of it gets metabolized by an enzyme known as “monamine oxidase” (MAO). That’s also why hordenine is found in this formula, as it’s a natural monamine oxidase inhibitor.

VPX claims their methyl PEA matrix is much more potent than your typical PEA, but really, we don’t have any independently-conducted scientific data to verify this claim.

Nor do we have any evidence that this variety of PEA is any more efficient at evading breakdown by MAO and surviving intact to enter the bloodstream.

5. NorEpiphex™ α2-Andrenergic Blockade Complex: Here you’ll find three variations of yohimbe—a less common but not rare fat burning ingredient.

Much has been made of yohimbe’s role as a “alpha-2-antagonist” and therefore its potential as a fat burner. Data however, is conflicting. A newer study (Isr J Med Sci. 1991 Oct;27(10):550-6) showed promising but not earth shattering results while other older studies were not so positive (J Pharmacol. 1986 Jul-Sep;17(3):343-7, Int J Obes. 1991 Sep;15(9):561-5 Therapie. 1989 Jul-Aug;44(4):301).

I’m of the opinion supplement retailers add yohimbe to their products not because its a potent fat burner, but because it is an ingredient you can “feel”. It definitely has stimulant effects, and it’s not uncommon to feel chills or shivers with this ingredient. In general, consumers like products they can feel “working.”

6. NorEpiphex™ M-MAOxidizor-I™: Here’s the hordenine that functions as the MAOI (monamine oxidase inhibitor) in this formula (actually, it’s a highly selective substrate for MAO-B).

If you include ingredients that inhibit the action of the MAO enzyme that metabolizes PEA, the greater the likelihood that some PEA will survive breakdown, enter the bloodstream and contribute to that “euphoric effect.”

That’s how it works in theory anyway. Once again, there’s no real clinical data to confirm any of this.

Well, there you have it… the VPX Meltdown fat burner in a nutshell.

Bottom line?

There’s more than a few interesting ingredients in this formula. Many, however, are “souped up ” versions of fairly common ingredients that have failed to live to the hype surrounding them (eg. yohimbe, PEA, synephrine).

And while VPX claims these versions are more potent, effective versions of the originals, we don’t have any independently verified clinical proof of that.

Other ingredients look promising, but there’s little human clinical data to base theb claims on.

So we really need to take the “fat burning blowtorch” references with a grain (more like a chunk, actually) of salt.


VPX has a reputation for making products so potent they take the top of your head off, and I’m highly doubtful anyone looking for that sort of product will be disappointed with VPX Meltdown. The synephrine / caffeine / yohimbe combination pretty much guarantees this.

Additionally, since my initial review of this product, a handful of published clinical studies have appeared. These have validated some of VPX’s claims – for example one study (see J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2008 Dec 16;5:23) concluded…

“These data suggest that Meltdown enhances REE (resting energy expenditure) and fat oxidation more than placebo for several hours after ingestion in fully rested and post-exercise states…”

An interesting finding from a second study, however, is that it did not improve mood – in fact, the researchers wrote…

“Significant increases in tension and confusion were seen in SUP.”

In a way, I’m not surprised. If VPX`s other offerings are any indication, Meltdown likely to be strong, so please assess your tolerance by starting your experiment with the lowest possible dosage.

Meltdown is available at BodyBuilding.com, a trusted online retailer.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I was formerly a personal trainer, and still have a good muscle mass, but I had put on body fat. I maintained working out over the past few years, but my diet was crap. Stress eating. You know the whole bit.

    Meltdown is amazing. Hey, honestly, there is no such thing as a miracle pill. If you aren’t committed to making life changes, maybe you would be better off to keep the weight you have put on. You have to be ready to make permanent changes to your diet.

    Commit yourself to only cheat on that rare occasion or holiday (i.e. once a month, maybe) Good eating habits are for life. They are called supplements for a reason, to supplement good diet and exercise habits.

    Meltdown is a winner in my books. Every product doesn’t work for every one though. You have to find what works for your bio structure.

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  2. VPX Meltdown ROCKS! I had the most traumatic and stressful year of my life last year and there’s no point in sugar coating it: I turned into a cow. I have FOUR closets full of clothes and half of them didn’t fit. I got more depressed. Finally, I decided I had no choice but to just do the darn thing. I started eating better (based on some of the principles I learned from Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle”, I went back to working out 6 days a week, and I started take VPX Meltdown.

    I’m not a slave to the scale so I can’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost, but I can tell you that I bought a pair of jeans in January that I couldn’t even pull up (I refused to buy a bigger size) and in April, they fit VERY comfortably! So do most of other clothes. Meltdown has ZERO side effects and it gives me just the right amount of energy and appetite control.

    I highly recommend this product.

    Editor’s comments: We highly recommend Tom Venuto’s program. You can read our review of the Burn The Fat program here!

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  3. I love VPX Meltdown! I just found my boyfriend is cheating on me with his cousin and this product has really helped me get out of the slump mood and has helped me become “happy.”

    At the same time I am losing weight and I am not hungry nor do I have an appetitite. This product is amazing and I think it is worth the money. Finally someone creates something that aids with mood and cravings that really does work while burning fat like crazy! Thank you so much!

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  4. VPX Meltdown really works. I run a construction company and I have very stressful days. This pill not only help me with stress, mood, but help me lose weight. At the end of my work day I still had energy to work out at the gym. It’s also great for appetite control – I didn’t crave junk food anymore. I will purchase a second bottle because my wife started taking too and she loves it (although she’s only taking one pill for now). I notice she’s in a better mood and she’s actually working out also. I recommend VPX Meltdown.

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  5. I started using this product to give my weightloss a boost because I hit a plateu. I exercise 5x a week and eat clean everyday. First time I used it I noticed the eurphoric feeling and loved it. I lost 2lbs a weeks since and dropped 32lbs total. Its not a miracle pill and you must diet and exercise in combination. I didnt get any jitters which I usually do from fat burners and no headaches. It also helped curb my appetite so I wasnt craving snacks all day! Its an awesome product and it works!!

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  6. Okay just started using meltdown today. I have been on a 12 week program with inches lost but very little weight. Still have some muffin top and back fat. I am by no means a size 2 but I am not obese, so I know that I will plateau and I am hoping this is the product to break that. Day one (today) I started with 1 pill first thing before breakfast then 1 pill at lunch and the last at around 4 pm. I will stay posted as I want to see if this products gives results. I work out 3 times a week on the treadmill and eat pretty well. No sweets except for a cheat day here or there. Moderation is the key. Will definitely keep progress posted as I want to see results and timing.

    Editor’s comments: Keli, instead of providing periodic updates, please take the product for the full 3-4 week cycle before making any more observations. It may be that they will change over this period, and it’s easier for our readers if all your comments are contained in a single post. Thanks!

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  7. I have used Meltdown for Two years now.I only use it at the end of the Spring and the Summer. Now I am a very skeptical person, but this stuff works great.I will have to admit I increase my cardio during these months, but it does give me those shredded abs that I work hard for. I really helps me in the afternoon where I am able to do my second cardio workout of the day. Great Product.

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  8. Started meltdown today and it made me very happy. Also made me more concentrated and I seemed to be more aware and energized. I’ll update as I go.

    Editor’s comments: Matt, to provide the greatest value to our visitors and this web site, please use the product three to four weeks before sharing your comments here. Chances are you may feel differently about it after you’ve used it for a full cycle.

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  9. I have tried diet pills in the past but they never worked. I was told about these pills and I thought, “why not?”

    7 weeks ago I was 202 lbs today I’m at 177!

    I’m almost at my goal weight! Thank you so much VPX!

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  10. I had been doing P90X for 2 months and struggling to finish the workouts. I bought Meltdown for the extra energy boost and to hopefully see some fat loss. I have been taking the product for 4 weeks now and I am still blown away by the increased endurance it gives me. P90X is what I owe for most of my results, but the Meltdown helps me get through the tough workouts.

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  11. I just started Meltdown today & hoping to drop some pounds. I’m a sweet snacker of the bad foods any suggestions to help me out?

    Editor’s comments: Supplements that regulate insulin function (alpha lipoic acid, chromium, banaba) or supplements that slow the release of glucose (like glucomannan) might be of interest to you.

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  12. I bought this product today. I have one question to all of you. For how long you have been using this product?
    In the warning section clearly say “Do not use for more than 8 weeks”.

    I just want to know if some of you had use this for more than 8 weeks and what are the effects?

    Editor’s comments: If the label warning states not to use the product for more than 8 weeks, we heartily suggest you do not do so.

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  13. I am training with weights in a country with a tropical climate. I have read interesting comments of meltdown. I bought a bottle today in addition to micronized creatine powder. I have started using meltdown vpx. I am wondering if these two products can be combined for use. If not, how long after using meltdown can the creatine be used.

    Editor’s comments: Rosi, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t combine Meltdown with creatine.

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  14. I’ve used meltdown for about a week and have dropped from 259 to 247. This is awesome; I’ve tried everything else and nothing works.

    I work in the coal mines for about 12 hrs a day and work out 3xs a week. The key is drink plenty of water – I drink about a gallon a day. Great product!

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  15. I started Meltdown 6 days ago. I am Keto, (low carb) and I ate a pizza and Rigatoni with Italian bread, and still in Ketosis, according to keto sticks. Is that because of the carb blocking ability Meltdown has? From my research, the carbs don`t get broken down into glucose, but are emitted from the body. I love the product, and I am only taking 2 a day.

    Editor comments: Meltdown has no carbohydrate blocking ability (see our Meltdown review for more). If you are in ketosis, you will not immediately go out of it by eating a couple of carbohydrate rich meals. It can take a few days of carbohydrate consumption before you do. That`s why some low carb body building diets include carb loading days – to spike insulin and take advantage the anabolic advantages it offers – without going out of ketosis.

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  16. I’ve used meltdown off and on for the last year and at first it worked WONDERS. (i know you’re not supposed to use it for more than 8 weeks) Lately I’ve had to increase from 1 pill a day to 4 and i’m not getting the same results. Does it lose it’s effectiveness?? Has this happened to anyone else??

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  17. Just found this product today I have seen alot of good reviews on it. The only thing that makes me leary about it is the comment about it being so much stronger than ephedrine. Thats kind of scary to me! I am gonna give it a shot though only taking one pill. Are there any supplements that you CANT take with it? My boyfriend wants to take as well…He is trying to build muscle mass and I am just trying to drop some pounds?

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  18. I’m doing the p90x workouts and I’m on week 4. I’m 15 and a male, is it ok to take the meltdown fat burner pills, I’m 165 lbs and and strong. I also climb a lot.

    Editor’s comments: This product is not recommended for individuals under the age of 18, so no, it’s not recommended.

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  19. I am a 40 year old female, walk/jog 3-4 miles 4 days a week. I used to be a PHEN/Phen person and was able to maintain my weight loss for 10 years, however in the past 3-4 years I have really struggled with my weight. I am considering Meltdown, but also looking at Curvelle. Could they be taken together????

    Editor`s comments: Not something we`d recommend Mary; way too many stimulants. Really, you should choose one product or the other.

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  20. this product is awesome… i love it… i already finished 2 bottles and will purchase another 1 this week 🙂 i already lost 6 kilos from using VPX meltdown. i have been exercising and dieting for almost 2 years now. but loosing weight is not only my goal. but also to show some tones to my muscles. most specially on the stomach/tummy area.

    here is a photo of me before and after 🙂

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  21. I just bought this product an I really hope it works. I have tried so many in the past that was a waste of money. I need something that will suppress my appetite and increase energy. I have two kids and work 40 hours a week but my hours at work vary day by day its usually 11-8 which makes it hard to do anything. Any suggestions on what to eat while on the go?

    Editor’s comments: Avoid simple carbs; high fiber fruits and vegetables plus lean protein are the best choices.

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  22. I have been taking VPX Meltdown for about 4 days and it gives me so much energy I start to shake
    and get really shaky and uneasy. Is that normal?

    I really want to still take this but I keep feeling like my heart rate is elevated and I get a little tummy pains. I’m really not sure if this is normal. I’ve read amazing reviews on it and need some help please get back to me soon


    Editor’s comments: Lauren, everyone responds differently to stimulants – we all have different tolerances. VPX products tend to be pretty heavy on stimulants, so we’re not surprised to hear your heart rate is up. That can be normal for stimulant based products. However, if you have heart palpitations or don’t feel comfortable on it, it would be a good idea to stop taking the product immediately.

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  23. I started to take Meltdown last night. I’m a 40-year-old female, and I have always been somewhat active. Within the last two years I have worked out pretty consistently and saw a shift in my body structure due to weight training & cardio combined. Obviously I cannot speak on the product yet. I’m hoping to achieve a better tone to my body and of course lower my body fat in the process. I will report back in 4 weeks and will give my honest opinion about Meltdown and what it did/didn’t do for me.

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  24. I have begun using VPX meltdown, not noticing much of anything. What would your opinion be on combining ephedra with it? Anyone who uses the internet can figure out how to make their own ECA stack, but, with all these fake products claiming to contain E in their “awesome” product, why not add it to a decent product? Just wanting a professional opinion…

    Editor’s comments: If you’re going to take the ECA stack, why bother with Meltdown at all? All it’s going to do is provide you with an outrageous amount of stimulants. One word about ephedra/ephedrine. It IS illegal in the US so companies including ephedra in their product’s formulas are not standardizing them for ephedra alkaloids, which essentially means you’re not getting any of the stuff you’re looking for. This product, Ma Huang RP, is a good example of this.

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  25. I have tried this product in late 2009-early 2010 when it was recommended to me by a personal trainer. I worked out 5-6 times a week (cardio and light weight training) and the inches melted off. I didn’t lose much weight but it made me so much leaner. I didn’t change my eating habits, so maybe that is why the scale didn’t change much. I am trying meltdown this time around with a cleaner diet. I hope the product is still as potent as it was before. I will post after 3-4 weeks. It really helps with my carb cravings though.

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  26. I have been using melt down for about three weeks now. I started with just one pill and now am up to three. I need energy plus weight loss and muscle tone. I have no clue what my weight was at the beginning so I can not discuss that. However I have noticed a change in my figure and will kepp using this product. It gives me the extra energy and drive to keep going and push harder each day!!! My question is, is it ok to take this product and my whey protein and this product? Also I was wanting to do a whole body cleanse..Can I do that with this product and is that you reccomend that is safe? Thank you.

    Editor’s comments: Yes, you can take a whey protein with this product. Save your money on the cleanse/detox though; there’s no evidence they do anything…



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  27. Have taken befor and am taking again very happy with vpx and meltdown

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