Review Of Lipo-6X Fat Burner: Does Lipo-6X Work? -

Review Of Lipo-6X Fat Burner: Does Lipo-6X Work?

Lipo-6X — the newest iteration of Lipo-6, builds upon on the ephedra-free formula. In fact, since the foundation of this product is the old Lipo-6 formula exactly, you might want to consider the new Lipo-6X product as a “slightly supercharged” Lipo 6.

The base ingredients—caffeine, synephrine, yohimbine, guggulsterones and bioperine are all there in exactly the same potency (to read my review of the ephedra-free formula, please click here!)

Of course, this new formula adds a few ingredients. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and oleic acid form part of the much-hyped “fast then slow”, “multi-phase” delivery system.

Delivery system aside, CLA has been shown to be helpful for weight loss in several studies (Br J Nutr. 2007 Mar;97(3):550-60, Am J Clin Nutr. 2007 May;85(5):1203-11, J Nutr. 2005 Apr;135(4):778-84), although most studies used dosages over double what is included in this formula.

The crux of this new formula lies with “Synthetic Acacia Rigidula Mimicking Complex”. Acacia rigidula harbors a whole variety of chemical compounds, including mescaline, nicotine, and – of course – phenethylamine (PEA).

Phenethylamine is the “feel good” chemical commonly found in chocolate and is closely related to amphetamine in structure. Both phenethylamine and n-methyl-b-phenylethylamine are included in the complex.

Hordenine is added as well. It’s alleged to be beneficial for fat/weight loss, due to its ability to stimulate the release of norepinephrine, although there is no research to confirm this claim.

However, this ingredient is also included in many formulations that contain the aforementioned phenylethylamine for the reason that it may increase its effectiveness. Ordinarily, phenylethylamine is rapidly metabolized by an enzyme known as “monamine oxidase” – MAO for short. This prevents all but the slightest amounts of phenylethylamine from reaching the bloodstream.

According to the most credible research I’ve seen, hordenine isn’t a MAO inhibitor per se, but a highly selective substrate for a form of MAO known as MAO-B.

What does this mean in plain English?

It means that the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of phenylethylamine is really, really attracted to hordenine, meaning that if the two compounds are both present at the same time, it will prefer to act upon hordenine, allowing the PEA to slip into the bloodstream intact. There it could travel directly to the brain and evoke a “feel good” feeling. That’s the theory anyway. How well it works in the real world is a matter of some speculation.

Tyramine, also normally metabolised by monamine oxidase, may encourage the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine if the action of monamine oxidase is inhibited by the hordenine included in this formula.

Interestingly, Nutrex advertising material doesn’t emphasize this “feel good” element of the new Lipo 6 X formula too much, instead focusing on the novelty of the “multi-phase delivery system.”

So, is Lipo-6X a significant improvement over the old Lipo-6? Is it worth spending the extra money on?

Well, the CLA is certainly a welcome addition, although Lipo-6X contains less than optimal amounts of the ingredient shown to be effective in most studies.

In my view, the phenethylamine complex is the dark horse in this compilation.

For one, its not sure how effective the hordenine will be at preventing monamine oxidase from metabolizing the phenylethylamine.

And, even if the phenylethylamine is not metabolised, it’s not sure whether an increased level of “feel good” chemicals will actually make this product any more effective for weight loss, as there’s no evidence PEA actually has thermogenic properties.

At the same time, feedback at and our own show the same thing; most people are pretty happy with this product.

Bottom line?

Your call.

If you’re a fan of the ephedra-free Lipo-6, all you’re going to be out with this formula is a few extra bucks, since the foundation of the product remains exactly the same (Lipo-6X is available at, one of our recommended online merchants).

Summary of Nutrex Lipo-6X
  • Contains some useful ingredients.
  • User feedback generally positive.
  • May help improve mood/energy.
  • CLA is underdosed.
  • Phenethylamine complex may be metabolized too quickly(?).
  • Not substantially different than Lipo-6.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I been taken the Lipo 6x — I think its great for gym. You feel very good during the day and when I go to the gym, the Lipo 6x gives me more power to do my routine.

    I’m losing weight every week and gaining muscle.

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  2. I used Lipo 6X for around three months and lost about 25 libs. But this was with eating right and two hours of exercise a day. There is no magic pill. But this helps.

    The reason i stopped was because i was getting a rapid, odd heart beat my third month in. So I figured I’d stop. But the mistake I made was not consulting with my doctor when I started. Although I doubt any doctor would recommend these things.

    I say if your careful and eat, drink and sleep right its good. If you cant handle caffeine or other stimulants stay away or talk to your doctor.

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  3. I just started using Lipo 6x. I haven’t been using it long enough to notice any real results, but I it does make me feel great all day — without feeling jittery.

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  4. I am starting my second bottle of Lipo 6X tomorrow and I must say that it has definitely helped me shed some weight. 2 months ago I was a “round” 195 and after 60 days I am down to a lean 178.

    I have been taking 2 pills a day and eating well and working out 3 days a week.

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  5. I’ve been using Lipo 6x for 1 month and 2 weeks. I weight. I started at about 260 and now I weigh 229 pounds. Everyday I exercise and eat healthy food.

    The problem about this product that it make me really tired and nervous.

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  6. I have been using Lipo 6x for 3 weeks now and I can not say whether or not it is working.

    I do get that rush of “energy”, but it only makes me jittery and very nervous almost to the point of a panic attack.

    I am not sure if I intend to use a second bottle or not. Not trying to say anything negative about the product, that’s just the end result so far.

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  7. This is my third week. I started off at one a day for the first few days, then two a day until after the first week when I could do two in the morning and two in the late afternoon. Once I took it in the early evening and could not sleep. I also do not take it on the weekends when I only do light cardio.

    This and last week are my two best losing and energy weeks. I am at 2.5 pounds of weight loss a week, following a good diet, cardio and weight lifting. This is the first week my hunger feels suppressed. I actually had to force myself to eat yesterday which I am not sure I liked.

    I have lost like this before without using the product, but it felt harder to do the workouts then it does now. I would recommend trying it for anyone who needs to lose weight, but I would start slowly and give your body time to adapt to it. I also do not drink coffee on the days I use it — trust me you won’t need it.

    After my first bottle I will take a break from it for at least two weeks to feel the difference.

    Good luck and remember without the proper diet and exercise, this product won’t work.

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  8. I been taking lipo 6x for about 1 month now. My start weight was around 176 lbs. and I now weigh 161.

    You have to eat healthy on this product and exercise. I exercise at least 5x a week for 1 1/2 hours. I take 4 pills a day (2 in morning & 2 in afternoon), and yes they do make me a little light headed at first — but then soon after I get very energetic.

    I noticed my appetite for food has decreased and sometimes I do have to force myself to eat so I won’t be sick. I would recommend lipo 6x to anyone trying to lose weight, but only if they are willing to eat correctly and exercise.

    I hope my comment on this product was helpful to all concerned.

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  9. I have been taking Lipo 6x for 3 weeks now. I use to weigh 211 lbs. and 3 weeks later I weigh 205 lbs. I have been exercising (running) 3 day a week and I’m felling really good with lots of energy.

    I going into my 4th week and still losing weight. I definitely recommend this product!

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  10. how long would it take me to loose any weight, working out three times a day and eating healthy?

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  11. I’ve been using lipo 6X for about a week and a half. I guess it has different effects on different people.

    When I take it it makes me feel tired, and it actually makes me hungry. When I wasn’t taking it I was able to control my appetite.

    I used to take the original lipo 6 and I feel that the old one worked better. I will keep taking the rest of it and repost with more detail.

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  12. I’ve tried Xenadrine, Hydroxycut Hardcore, MX-LS7 and Lipo 6, I have to say that Lipo 6 and Lipo 6x work the best.

    Xenadrine is doing okay for me but its not that potent. Hydroxycut didn’t work for me at all. I mean no effects… ZERO!

    MXLS7 just give me jitters, massive headache and a heart attack! Lipo 6x the best.

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  13. I tried Lipo 6x for the first time today. I took 2 tablets in the morning and then 2 before I had my lunch.

    I barely ate anything and then I started having panic attacks. My heartbeat increased and I felt like I was getting light headed so I turned on my fan and laid my head down on my desk for a while. The dizzy spell passed but I still feel a little jittery.

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  14. I’ve tried a few different products, including Hydroxycut Hardcore. So far, Lipo 6x seems to work the best for me. I’ve gone from 193 to 176 in about 30 days, but I attribute most of that to eating right and a lot of exercise.

    The bottom line is this, for every good review you see for a product your gonna find a bad one. Certainly there are products superior to others but we are all different, finding the one that’s just right for you is for the most part trial and error…..good luck with that.

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  15. I’ve been taking Lipo 6X for 2 months and it works great for me. Before I started using it, I couldn’t stand doing any aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes, now I stay 1 hour everyday on the elliptical (transport) machine.

    What I really notice about this product is that increase the motivation to keep doing long exercises and helps to control the appetite

    I notice that only 2 caps a day 30 minutes before I work out its fine, since I am a girl.

    When I started taking Lipo 6X I was at 155 lbs, now, 8 weeks later I am at 135 lbs!

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  16. I like it!!!

    I’ve been taking it throughout this last month (not everyday) and I’ve gone from 235 lbs to 217 lbs with healthy diet and exercise. I believe a lot of these reviews are accurate.

    For anyone taking these for the first time I recommend you just start with one about 20 min before you workout. It gives you a lot of energy to get through your cardio exercises.

    For the people above that mentioned taking 4 a day – this is overkill in my opinion. Maybe after you have been taking it for a while this might work for you. But I’ve been taking these for a month and I’m only taking 2 now.

    Don’t take 8 hours before you want to sleep.

    I have taken too many pills in day like 4 (2 in the morning 2 in the afternoon) and have gotten chest pains and haven’t been able to sleep. No side effects when I take a small amount and use it properly.

    Again, I do recommend this product. But be cautious with it.

    And remember to diet and exercise

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  17. lipo6x works,

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  18. I’ve been on lipo 6x for about a week now and I think its working great. I’ve been following the instructions on the bottle and I’ve had a decrease in appetite and a increase of energy both in and out of the gym.

    Don’t drink soda while on this and you’ll be ok. I highly recommend this pill for anyone who can maintain a decent diet as well as exercise to burn off some of the extra energy it will give you.

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  19. I have only been taking it for two days now, so obviously I haven’t noticed weight loss, but I have noticed a decrease in appetite and increase in energy.

    I used to drink a red bull everyday b/c I am not a coffee drinker and I could feel the effect if I did not have any.

    The last two days I have been fully energized throughout the work day and I forgot to eat breakfast this morning! That’s not really a great thing, but I was surprised to see that it affected my appetite so much that I forgot to eat… and believe me I don’t forget to eat!

    I have taken other dietary supplements and they always made me dizzy and sick, but this had no negative effects so far. I plan on working out to see changes. But I just wanted to write about the changes within two days!

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  20. I have been through 2 bottles of Lipo 6 X, and it is great. I have taken illegal drugs to lose weight (like Clenbuterol) but believe it or not this works better, and is legal, and much more safe.

    I am 6 ft tall, and weigh 220 lbs, with 12% body fat.

    Before I started lipo 6x, I was 225 lbs, with 16% body fat.

    EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: You really should not take this product about 6 hours before going to bed, as you will not be able to fall asleep.

    Also taking Lipo 6x with a healthy diet helps a lot.

    I 100% recommend this product to anybody who is an ATHLETE, and anybody who is looking for something that really works, and does not want to waste money. I have recommended my family members take this!

    YOU WILL SEE RESULTS! I am 100% SATISFIED with this product!

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  21. I only used this product for 2 days so I have not noticed any weight lose. But from day one my appetite has crashed down. I used to eat 6 times a day – healthy food – and lost a total of 14 lbs. In that 2 months and I also lifted weight and did cardio.

    The product feels like it is working; it boosts my energy. I must say that I am very sensitive to caffeine but somehow this product doesn’t affect me on that way. I will continue to use the product and update you guys with the future results!

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  22. I started taking lipo 6 for her in April of 2008. I weighed 195 and wore a 16 in jeans. By August i weighed 165 and wore a 10/11 jeans.

    IT WORKS! Really really really! But like these guys say, monitoring your caloric intake and exercising helps out a lot.

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  23. I have been taking lipo 6x for 2 1/2 weeks.

    I take the pill 1 in morning and 1 in afternoon.

    First thing noticed is rapid heart-beat (I can feel it), loss of appetite and I feel like to have infinite energy. Also noticed a loss of libido and mood swings (especially about 4-5 hour after intake). Anyone who is on the pill notcie that?

    My palms are sweating after some time taking the pill. For those with heart problem, better consult a doctor before using this or the risk is high.

    At the end of the first week, I found myself over-exercised as I could not feel tired. So anyone should be carefully monitor not to exercise too much – you feel you can keep going and going.

    My weight was 143 lbs before and now it’s 140 lbs.

    I would rather suggest this product if you are healthy and HAVE a healthy diet.

    I hope above comment would help anyone who plans to use this product.

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  24. I have been taking lipo 6x for ten days now and let me tell you this pill is amazing. It works for me and I have lost nine pounds already. You have to work out with some cardio, eat better and watch your calorie intake.

    The best thing about it is it gives me energy and suppresses my appetite. The thing I hate about it is the taste of it.

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  25. I have tried many of the products on this list and this one is by far one of the worst. I was extremely disappointed with it. I would like to give details but when something doesn’t work it simply doesn’t work.

    I got 0 results and I am a semi-professional weight lifter who has taken everything from A-B. I know how to take products and what works and what doesn’t. Noxycut gave me better results even though that pretty much sucked too.

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  26. I’m currently having great results. What would happen if I paired it up with and took it with Redline?

    Editor’s comments: Tim, Redline is pretty potent stuff on its own. I wouldn’t recommend you put these together. Besides, you’re already seeing good results. So do you really need to?

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  27. I’ve been taking Lipo 6x for 1 week now and have noticed nothing different. I don’t have any of the bad side effects or any of the good ones… I have not had a decrease in appetite or an increase in energy nor have I lost any weight. I have read many places that Lipo 6x works but I am not a believer. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what but I will continue to use the product until my bottle is up but am unlikely right now to purchase another.

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  28. I’ve been taking Lipo 6x for 1 week now and have noticed nothing different. I don’t have any of the bad side effects or any of the good ones… I have not had a decrease in appetite or an increase in energy nor have I lost any weight. I have read many places that Lipo 6x works but I am not a believer. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what but I will continue to use the product until my bottle is up but am unlikely right now to purchase another.

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  29. I’ve been taking Lipo 6x for 1 week now and have noticed nothing different. I don’t have any of the bad side effects or any of the good ones… I have not had a decrease in appetite or an increase in energy nor have I lost any weight. I have read many places that Lipo 6x works but I am not a believer. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what but I will continue to use the product until my bottle is up but am unlikely right now to purchase another.

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  30. i took this product about 11 moths ago. I could only finish about half the bottle before i felt really really uncomfortable.

    I did not like the way it made my heart feel. It as a kinda crazy how fast it made my heart run. Almost like a small pain in my heart.

    It made question its safety. Is it really safe? It doesn’t matter how much weight you lose if its not safe. I lost a lot of weight with this product using the directions on the back of the bottle, lots of exercise, and a good diet. I have seen how much weight you can lose with this product. It helped me shed 30 lbs.

    I cant say its a good idea to use it because I question how safe it is. How safe do you think this product is?

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  31. I have been on Lipo 6x for a week now. I haven’t seen much as far as pounds coming off but I am losing inches….my waist already seems smaller.

    It does make me tired instead of increasing my energy and I find I am more hungry now taking this. It is worth it though because its helping me lose the inches and flatten my stomach which I was having problems doing on my own even with exercising.

    I would definitely recommend this product.

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  32. I just got back on this stuff, it has made my heart a little jumpy before but I think it was because I was taking it with other multivitamins meant to give you energy. As for the poster on here who had a heart attack, I don’t think you should be taking this stuff as it is a stimulant and you don’t need to race your heart. It makes me tired too, but that’s because I got ADHD, and stimulants make me tired.

    Kim you are probably gaining muscle weight by exercising and that’s why the scale hasn’t shown any progress.

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  33. I just started my first dose of Lipo 6X and so far ive felt jittery and light headed. I guess im not used to the caffeine yet. I started by taking 1 pill in the morning and 1 pill around noontime. Im sure to lose plenty of weight and hopefully get some good results as I am an athlete and am constantly running and working out.

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  34. I started taking Lipo 6x 3 weeks ago. I take 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon around 1 pm and I have lost 8 pounds. I work out 4 times a week. This is a great product. At the beginning I had side affects. They only lasted about 2 days. After that I was fine.

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  35. I started my diet on Monday and have taken one pill per day for just a few days so far. I don’t get a jittery feeling, and I’m not hungry at all. I recommend that anyone give it a try. Im 28, 5’3, around 160 and have found that one pill per day is plenty for me. I’m down 4 pounds down so far!!

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  36. I have just started taking Lip 6x and feel great. My appetite has decreased and I have more energy. Hydroycut used to give me jitters.

    If you can fit Cardio morning and evening the reasults can be drastic and you will be ready for the summer.

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  37. I just started taking Lipo 6x. It gives me extreme energy! Which is a plus, being I have a 2yr old. I’m usually out of breath and very tired! The last few days have been great for my son and I. Hopefully, I will have weight loss success as well!

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  38. Hi guys! I’m from the Philippines. I only take 2 capsules before I work out per day since I’m really having a hard time sleeping when taking lipo 6x. As far as its promise in eliminating fat, I lost 18 lbs. in just 22 days.

    I jog 2-3 hours a day, 5x a week and I go to the gym and spend 2-3 hours a day working out after jogging. I stopped eating rice and switched to veggie and steamed fish diet. I stopped eating any type of food that has oil and saturated fat in it. I stopped eating junk food and sweets. I was 273 lbs. when I started taking Lipo6x and now I’m only 155 lbs. Thank you Lipo 6x!

    Editor’s comments: Lance, we suspect this weight loss had a lot more to do with your hard work and change in diet than the Lipo 6X.

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  39. I have been taking these for 4 days after finding out they no longer make Hydroxycut Max, which I loved. I do feel a little energy with these and no jitters on 2 pills, but they make me have the “bubble guts” which sucks. I am trying to give them a couple weeks to adjust but so far I am not impressed.

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  40. I started taking Lipo-6 4 days ago. It makes me tired during the day but with an increased heart rate. One thing I’m noticing is that my appetite is increasing and making it almost unbearable. I can eat a meal and be hungry 30 minutes later. Even though I’m tired during the day when I hit the gym I have more motivation and I can work out longer so what’s the deal?

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  41. I am quite impressed by this. Due to changes in my professional environment, I could not get to gym as often as I would have liked. I continued taking Lipo 6X without working out, and the results were still ongoing and noticeable. I lost 3kg (6.6 lbs) in that two week period. I wonder what this stuff does with 1-2 hr training.

    I am on my second bottle – and am going to throw the kitchen sink into my training, and see the results.

    Overall – I am impressed with the product. It does work for me.

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  42. I just started Lipo 6X today and after 30 minutes, I already feel that energy, that craving to go out and hit the bike and weights until I drop. This will not do much for you if you don’t eat right and exercise. It’s designed to assist you in losing weight, not do all the work.

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  43. I’ve been taking this for a week now, and all I feel is a headache, and i threw up today. I took two tablets at 5:00 when I first woke up and then 2 more tablets 40 minutes later before I went for exercising, and when I came back from the workout, I threw up 3 times and it was painful. I am thinking whether I continue or stop for my own sake?

    Editor’s comments: Stephanie, the instructions for Lipo 6 X advise taking two pills in the morning and two in the afternoon. According to your comments, you took 4 in less than an hour. That’s pretty excessive. The first suggestion we have is to take the product according to the label directions. In other words, do not take the second dose prior to working out in the morning.

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  44. I really like it so far compared to others I have tried. Been taking for about 3 months and went from 220 to 191. Have 15 more pounds to hit my goal.
    The one thing that I can say to never do, and I’m sure it’s this way with a lot of weight loss pills, is don’t drink alcohol. Even a little bit and my stomach is very unhappy for about 2 days.

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  45. This product worked really well for me. I started taking them May 14th along with a low calorie diet consisting of mostly chicken, salad, water, cereal, coffee. I had got into a routine of running 2-3 miles in the morning and working out in the evening and playing basketball at night 5x a week.

    After about 3 weeks people who knew me were like, “did you lose a lot of weight?” I forgot that I had been taking 4 pills a day so I weighed myself and I have gone from 245lbs to 215lbs. I noticed all my shirts were too big and my pants were baggy. I finished my pills in June and just bought a new bottle yesterday so I can lose 25-30 more lbs.

    It really does work & if your not looking for this to be a magic pill it serves as a great “motivator.” Only side effect on me is the 1st week I had headaches and then every now and then when I’m working out or running my body feels “overheated.”

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  46. I’VE been taking Lipo 6x for about eight months. It really, really really works. I lost 37 lbs. within 4 months of taking it. I pretty much got ripped. True story. I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to lose a few to some serious pounds. Or if you are a bodybuilder, this is definitely the product to take if you are going through your ripped phase.

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  47. I’ve been taking this product for 3 days. I feel absolutely horrible. I have not been able to get up to the recommended dosage of two. I take one in the morning and my appetite is completely gone, I have been unable to sleep, I have jitters, headaches, and my heart is racing. I feel anxious and unable to focus. And I only take one pill! I couldn’t image what 2 would do.

    I personally would not recommend this product.

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  48. I started at 292 and at the moment I am down to 271. I have been using Lipo6x for 3 weeks. It is an incredible product.

    I have used other products in the past and this product is really working.

    I do 40 minutes of cardio 7 days a week and I am on a low carb / high protein eating regimen.

    After intense summer weightlifting, I am concentrating mainly on shredding weight and am planning to begin weight training after a couple of more months. I trust that Lipo6x will help me reach my goal of a shredded 215 pounds, and I will stop at nothing to reach it. I will keep you all posted.

    -nothing will work unless you do- John Wooden

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  49. I started taking Lipo 6x about two weeks ago, I lost 15lbs within 10 days and I felt great. Within 10days I started getting really shaky and had to stop for a couple of days. In that time, I gained back about 7lbs of the lost weight.

    I just started again today, taking only one pill a day.

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  50. I’ve been taking Lipo 6x for almost two weeks. It definitely supressess my appetite, but I also feel nauseous. I do not own a scale so I don’t know if I’ve lost anything yet, but I feel like I have. I’m going to continue taking it and if/when I see a major difference, I’ll leave another comment.

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  51. It’s been 2 days for me using lipo 6x. I’m feeling so energetic and very tense after 2 hours of taking the pills. They are working fine for me at the gym – I have lots of energy. One the first day I felt dizzy at night and on the 2nd day I had ugly acne. I’m on hard diet and training 4 times per week. I heard lipo 6x is harmful to the lever. Anyone had medical tests after using lipo 6x?

    Editor’s comments: Unless you have an underlying medical condition, or there impurities in the Lipo 6X product we don’t know about, there’s no reason to believe this product will put undue strain on the liver.

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  52. Ive been using Lipo 6 X for 2 weeks now. And yes! I have lost 27 lbs. From 194 lbs I am now down to 177 lbs. At first, I had insomnia and palpitations but that was just for my first day. My body easily adapted the nature of the pill. I have a regular bowel movement and good sleeping patterns. But this shedding of fats help me with the proper diet and regular exercises (gym and jogging/running). I can assure you that lipo 6x is an awesome catalyst to help you achieve your desired weight but this will be put into reality with a great motivation. Think of weight loss as a goal for you to feel comfortable with yourself not as for something you have to achieved to make you better in the eyes of others. Do it for yourself!

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  53. I am 22 years old. I am French, 101.2lbs with about 20 lbs. of fat I would like to lose. I took LIPO 6 X for 3 days. I took 1 capsule in the morning and 1 other one in the afternoon and today 2 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. But I feel breathless and oppressed.

    Editor’s comments: Zaz, we recommend doing some research at; you’ll get to better understand the various product ingredients, and what you can expect from them.

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  54. Gotta call you on your “results” Jordan. No product should make you lose 27 lbs in two weeks. So either you’re “exaggerating” or you’ve been forgetting one crucial rule of survival, eating. Glad to hear about your regular bowel movements though, that’s very reassuring.

    Oh and P.S. 194-177 is 17 lbs, not 27. Still too much to be losing in just 2 weeks though. Good luck with your starvation.

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  55. I just started taking Lipo 6X (day 3). I was wanting to purchase another batch of Hydroxycut Hardcore (HH) but none was in stock – had been using HH for a month and it did wonders.

    I’m not sure if Lipo6 X is working because I don’t get the same energy boost as HH when working out at the gym. However, the good points are that Lipo 6X has cut my food intake down dramatically to 1 meal a day, in addition with 1 serving of a Thermo Trim Max Shake supplement. You don’t get the cotton mouth or dizzyness with Lipo 6X like HH gave me.

    I feel the energy spikes longer through the day as well. The only bad thing is that I’m not sleeping well and have spent the past 2 nights up late. I guess the body just has to get used to it and work itself out. I spend 1½-2 hours at the gym 5 times a week. 2 days strength and 3 days cardio.

    For me, if it can intensify my gym work out giving me a real good sweat and still feel energetic during the day then it will be a success for me. Will post an update in a month. My best gym work out is skipping and the punching/kicking bag.

    My comment to those who are feeling jittery or shaky from taking Lipo 6X during the day: You need to do some form of exercise to release the build up of energy or increase your exercise. I learned this from taking HH. I ended up increasing my work out from 3 to 4 to 5 times a week because my body was bouncing around from taking HH.

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  56. I have used Lipo 6x for about two months. My starting weight was 248 and I lost 56 lbs but after two years I gained 28 lbs. back by eating really poorly. Now I’m back on my diet with lipo 6x.

    It really really works… just eat healthy and workout.

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  58. Works great. Greatly increases energy. Noticeable difference in curbing hunger. My first five days I was jittery and had a rapid heartbeat, but keep going… I feel wonderful now, post 8 days. This stuff is not a miracle pill, but it really does help you in your goals. Have lost about 5 pounds of fat in a little over a week and a half.

    Don’t buy at GNC it’s overpriced, get online or ask if someone will price-match.



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  59. Hi There

    This is H again with an update on Lipo6X. I’m getting close to 2 months now and I can’t say if it has worked or not. When I did my post on the 23/01/2010 I not only changed my diet but exercise as well. I stopped taking the thermo shake and did the following: 5 days a week workout with HITT training (approx 1½-2 hrs a workout). Changed to 5 meals a day (4 small and 1 medium meal)and 2-3 litres of water a day. Became selective in what I ate and reduced all sugar and processed foods in favour of protein, veges and fruit. As well as taking the Lipo8X pills.

    The results are that I have lost over 15Kg’s of pure body fat (this is not body moisture and water content as I lost this before which was 10Kg’s). I feel really good, and am now changing to toning and muscle building. So to say if they worked not sure because it was a complete life style change. But I have lost the weight quickly and I realise that I am still loosing it but also am loosing body mass. I have a long way to go and will be more pleased when I lose another 10Kg’s. I hope to do this in the next month.

    Will do a final post in another month. Good luck all and keep going at it. You will lose the weight, it just takes time ^_^.

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  60. I started taking these a few days ago… They really work well in suppressing appetite and as energy boosters at the gym. I started with 2 a day and increased my dosage two days later after not experiencing any severe side effects.

    My only issue is they give me heartburn and acid indigestion and it is unbearable… I have taken different things to try and get rid of this horrible feeling and nothing works. I am coming off this pill for a couple of days to check if that helps.

    In the meantime am I the only one feeling like this?

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  61. Lipo 6X gives fast results. I lost 3 pounds in one week. However, I only took it the first week because I began to have chest pain. I had never felt a pain like that; I don’t take medications either. The pain was horrible, it felt like someone was pinching my heart. So i decided to stop taking this product for now. It took a week and a half for that pain to go away. Sometimes it’s tempting to get back on those pill, especially after having to waste 48 dollars on them, but i’ll stay away from them for now.

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  62. I have been on and off Lipo 6 for the past year or so, and I do find the product has value for what you pay for. The energy boost exist as well as the appetite supression – at least for me. I do plan on continuing the product but on and off use only because of the uncertainty of any product being used for weight management.

    I have tried numerous products, Hydroxycut up to the hardcore, Xanadrine when efedrine was still the magic drug. Overall, Lipo 6 offers the most comfortable results for my use.

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  63. I started taking Lipo 6 a week ago, and I have lost 5 lbs. This is with hardly any exercise and eating what I want. I have seen a dramatic decrease in my food portions, and have not experienced any sort of side effects like most weight loss pills! Not long ago, I spent about $180 on the Thermo Push System (which I was promised by management that it would work) and I just gained instead of lost.

    I am a full time college student as well as a single parent, so I know how hard it is to get in the gym. We will see how well this works!!!

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  64. I have been using Lipo 6x for a week with diet and exercise and I am losing body fat at a constant rate. I lost 6lbs in this week!

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  65. The important thing to remember when using Lipo 6X is to READ THE LABEL! A lot of readers claim of issues after three months of using this product or taking 4 pills on the first day of starting this regimen. The label states that it shouldn’t be used over 8 weeks in a row, and that it’s best to start the regimen with only 2 pills a day. A friend of mine faithfully followed the instructions for use and lost so much weight over a period of 6 months, that he looked like a different person. That was enough to convince me to take Lipo 6X. I’m on day 3 of taking this supplement and have already lost 2 pounds. I feel much more energized which, in turn, gives me the motivation to hit the gym/track more than I used to (from 3x a week to 6x). I would DEFINITELY recommend this product to anyone!

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  66. Just a follow-up to my previous comment: after one full week, I have lost 4.2lbs (from 178 to 173.8). I’m not starving myself either and still eating the same stuff as I did before I started Lipo6X. This supplement really suppresses my hunger so I just eat smaller portions while feeling satisfied. I’ve got some crazy energy that helps me stay motivated without the jitters. In short, I feel awesome!

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  67. I wanna know how do I use it and if it is gonna work because I am 17 and I have a lot of baby fat.

    Editor’s comments: The instructions on how to use the product are on the bottle, but it is not recommended for individuals under 18 years of age. As to whether it works or not – please check the Lipo 6 x review.

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  68. I just took Lipo 6 for the first time this morning and let me tell you i could barely drive to work, I felt sick all day and still do 8 hrs after taking it

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  69. I’m a 20 year old female who’s been using lipo 6 for her for about 2 days now. I feel an increase in energy (I can finish my workouts and I feel GREAT!) and I have to remember to eat. I’m NEVER hungry. The only downside to this is that I get light headaches about 15-20 minutes after I take it. And I have mood swings. I get really emotional and start crying. Its weird. I also get a little jittery. The physical pay off is great. But the side effects do kind of suck.

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  70. I am really considering ordering Lipo 6X, would walking 30-45 minutes per day be enough exercise? I am also considering ordering the glutamine and the glucomannan also. Can all 3 of these products be taken together?

    Editor’s comments: Walking can be a very effective exercise for weight loss, provided you’re consistent with it. Remember, if you continue to overconsume calories, you won’t loose weight, regardless of what exercise program you implement.

    Both glutamine and glucomannan can be taken with Lipo 6; neither of these is a stimulant and there’s no indication they will conflict with each other.

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  71. iam 23 girl and want to lose about 6 kilos,& thinking about taking lipo 6 black hers. Which is better for girls & faster lipo 6 black hers or lipo 6 hers or lipo 6 x,,& doest affect girls hormones?

    Editor’s comments: The strongest Lipo 6 version is Lipo 6 Black. Forget about the “Hers” version. It’s almost the identical product, except it’s slightly weaker for about the same price.

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    Editor’s comments: Please see this article:

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  73. I used Lipo 6x a few years ago and worked great I lost 20 pounds, with minimal workout.

    This time around Ive used it for about two weeks now and i workout 4-5 times a week and I find that although its working(ive lost 6 pounds, two inches off my waist) I get headaches every now and then and my Appetiate has increased. Why is that?

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  74. Hey!! I’ve read the posts above and would like to share my experience with this product as well. I’m 28 and have struggled with weight loss forever. I’ve recently gained about 20lbs and I am planning to get back on lipo 6x as well as an exercise routine. About 3 years ago I included this supplement as
    part of my diet and exercise program. In approximately 6 months I dropped 30lbs. I walked and did weights. Honestly lipo gave me the energy to keep up with exercise and also helped curb my appetite. I did notice that for long term use it was helpful to stop after 8 wks and take a 2 wk break. Otherwise I felt as though I would plateau. Regardless, this product is in fact the real deal and I am looking forward to using it again. Hope I was helpful!!

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  75. I’m a 16 year old male who is very active. I have a total of 42out of 86 kg muscle and 23kg body fat. I need to lose about 10kg to reach my goal. I’m 178 cm tall Last week I started taking lipo 6x, Im not expecting results yet of course but but neither the 2 pills taken in the morning nor afternoon give me an energy boost. I can even take a nap an hour after taking o2 pillss. I work out 5 days a week for 1 hour and i feel no different in ky main energy. The main reason I started taking lipo 6x was because I have a slightly lower metabolism than normal. 200 kj to be exact. Lipo 6x is my first fat burner so I’m not as experienced like list people on this page. I will continue one cycle of it and post my results.

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  76. very nice product .. i almost lost everything … i would like to recommend to my friends as i dont wont to be alone screwed..

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  77. used Lipo 6x a few years ago and worked great I lost 20 pounds, with animal workout.

    This time around Ive used it for about two weeks now and i workout 4-5 times a week and I find that although its working(ive lost 6 pounds, two inches off my waist) I get headaches every now and then and my Appetiate has increased. Why is that?

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    • Editor’s comments: Headaches can be a sign of caffeine dependency; And this product contains plenty of it.

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  78. Took one capsule this morning for the first time to replace oxyelite pro(which I LOVED but cannot get in canada anymore). I got the most horrible heart burn Ever! Drank a ton of water to try and dilute it. Didn’t feel as much energy as oxy elite, not even close. The pill was large and tasted horrible. Haven’t decided if I’ll take it again.

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  79. Is lipo 6 helpful to burning chest fat?

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    • Editor’s comments: Simon, spot reduction – or targeting fat burning to a specific body part – is a myth.

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  80. I have been taking lipo 6x for almost two weeks i dont feel much change in my appetite as well as when i am off for sleep at nyt i have severe stomach pain…anyone having same problem.

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  81. I am taking Lipo6 from a month now, and it has caused curves, but no scene of stubborn fat reduction from my waist.
    I am not sure what all typical diet and exercise will it take to result like you all are mentioning.
    Please guide with the dosage before/after meal, and what all necessary changes you made to make Lipo6 work effectively?

    Soon To Be a Bride.

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  82. 3rd day, so far so good! Forgot to eat, but I learned from that! So much energy it’s insane, Will weigh in a week

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  83. hi im 52 going 53 this year, i used lipo 6 X last nov for almost a month, from 206lbs ended up 190lbs last dec , and thats cool,ofcourse with daily exercise diet and the after 6 aeting time.woohooo! im continuing it today just got my bottle this afternoon. 🙂

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  84. Hi I wanted to take Lipo 6 black but i work in a call center at night here in the philippines. Im planning to drink this just at night before going to work. Does anyone tried doing this?

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