Redline Fat Burner Review: Redline Is Powerful Stuff! -

Redline Fat Burner Review: Redline Is Powerful Stuff!

You’ve probably seen some pretty outrageous advertising statements in your quest to find a little “unbiased” information about Redline. Here’s the best I’ve found to date…

“Check out this freaky scientific VPX breakthrough: RED LINE®: is the only matrix ever developed to shred fat through the shivering response in the body.

By shivering the body burns huge amounts of stored bodyfat for energy in an effort to keep the body warm. That’s not all! In addition to shivering, you’ll also be sweating up a thermogenic storm. The combined mechanisms of these two processes results in unparalleled fat loss!”


Doesn’t that sound great?

Shivering and sweating and the same time?

Sounds like a lovely combination of the flu and a drug overdose. Luckily, this “freaky scientific breakthrough” doesn’t appear to have any real scientific evidence to back it up. Or if there is, VPX (the makers of Redline) aren’t making it available to the public.

Don’t get me wrong… Redline is 100% pure rocket fuel.

Redline is available in liquid format, gel caps, or in RTD (ready- to-drink) format. I’ve tried the RTD, and it nearly took the top of my head off it was so strong.

I found it really, really strong. I’ve used ephedra-based products, so I’m used to stimulants, but this is the most potent supplement I’ve ever tried.

The closest thing I’ve experienced to being this wired was when I mistakenly took two 30 mg herbal ephedra stack capsules at once, thinking they were only 15 mg of ephedra each.


Redline, for me anyway, was stronger. Getting to the ingredients now…

None of the available product formats actually tell you exactly how much of each ingredient is in the formulation, but I’ll tell you this…

There’s enough caffeine in this product to kill an ox (the caffeine database at reports Redline as containing 250 mg/caffeine).

There’s caffeine citrate, caffeine anhydrous (a very rapidly absorbed version of caffeine), plus yerba mate and green tea, both of which contain caffeine.

The yohimbe content doesn’t help either, as it also acts as a stimulant.

Now I can’t tell you if the other formulations (the gel caps or the liquid) are as intense as the RTD. But the RTD is a product you only want to use prior to…

  • an intense workout
  • an 80-mile marathon
  • cramming for the exam of the class you attended twice last semester

Otherwise, this stuff will leave you hopping about like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

So what’s in Redline?

As I said, the formula is disclosed, but exactly how much of each ingredient is included. So it’s difficult to access the efficacy of the product. Here’s what’s in it…

1. Caffeine: a well known and common thermogenic, there is some evidence it offers mild weight loss benefits (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97) in addition to an energy boost.

2. Green tea: one of the few natural weight loss supplements that has some real clinical data behind its effectiveness. You can read the full review of green tea here!

3. Yerba Mate: contains caffeine, and may delay gastric emptying, leading to increased feelings of satiety (fullness) allowing you to feel “fuller”, longer.

4. 5 HTP (5 hydroxy-l-tryptophan): Often used as an alternative treatment for depression. At high doses (900 mg/day) it has been shown to help improve appetite control and weight loss.

5. cAMP: Cyclic adenosine monophosphate is a “cellular regulator.” In other words, this compound camp is required to “spark” many intercellular processes. An increased concentration of cAMP can have such “total-body” effects such as raised thyroid hormone levels and increased fat burning.

6. Yohimbe: The standardized extract of the bark of the African Yohimbe tree is yohimbine (this ingredient appears to be improperly labeled; it should be yohimbine HCL). This compound is often used as a natural aphrodisiac.

It is also sold as a drug (in the U.S., a popular brand is Yohimex containing 5.4 milligram of yohimbine hydrochloride per tablet) and is used to treat impotency, dilate the pupil of the eye, and stimulate fat loss (studies indicating weight loss are promising but not revolutionary — see Isr J Med Sci. 1991 Oct;27(10):550-6).

There have been studies performed on its weight loss characteristics, for which of course, it is used in this formula. Study results have been less than stellar: they range from showing no effect at all (J Pharmacol. 1986 Jul-Sep;17(3):343-7) to a slight improvement. This study concluded…

“The results obtained warrant further research on the applicability of alpha 2-receptor inhibitory drugs as a supplementary management in the treatment of obesity.”

Evidence does validate yohimbe’s “lipid-mobilizing action”, however.

Yohimbe also acts as a stimulant, and when combined with others (as it is here), can really deliver one heck of a punch.

7. Evoburn (Evodiamine): several fat burning products I’ve investigated recently include Evodiamine, a compound derived from the Chinese fruit Evodia Rutaecarpa.

It’s claimed to burn fat by increasing the body’s production of heat, as well as reducing the body’s ability to store fat.

Although a preliminary animal study shows promising results, to date there’s no evidence showing evodiamine works in people.

8. Vinpocetine: a derivative of an alkaloid derived of a plant from the periwinkle family. In Europe, Japan and Mexico it’s used as a pharmaceutical agent for the treatment of cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders.

It may have a slight effect on elevating metabolism, but at this time, that’s entirely speculative.

Bottom line on Redline?

This product contains a couple of proven ingredients, and many more which have yet to be proven to be effective for weight loss. In that way, it is no different than many of the ephedra free products available.

As indicated earlier, it’s also difficult to access the efficacy of the Redline, without knowing the exact amount of each ingredient included in the formula.

The RTD is pretty potent stuff, and I’d be hesitant to recommend it to anyone who has a caffeine sensitivity—especially after reading the visitor feedback I’ve had on this product (view Redline visitor feedback here!).

Visitor feedback is interesting; folks either love this stuff, or end up in the local emergency room after swilling it back. There’s no middle ground.

If you’re dying to try an ephedra-free fat burner, Redline is an average product—you’ll get much better results from proper diet and exercise. If you insist on trying a product, click here to check out our thermogenic fat burner recommendations.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.





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  2. As a power lifter I am always seeking out a good energy drink… I think I have found it. Redline by far beats the competition.

    I recommend this to the serious lifters and those who exercise on a routine basis. Not recommended for the “I need to lose 2 pounds by my reunion” people who do not exercise at all, and who do not eat more than 2 meals a day.

    This is a serious product meant for serious people. As with any product, follow the directions. The first time I drank the whole bottle and had so much energy to burn after my workout. but felt okay.

    No side effects, no crash and burning 30 minutes later. I wonder about the people that have had problems with the product… must be abusing it!

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  3. For any of you that are naturally hyperactive or have the tendency to get jittery after three or four cups of coffee then…THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR YOU!!

    And here’s why…

    I’m 30yrs old and in good health. I rarely get sick. I normally drink two cups of coffee in the morning to wake me up then I switch to green tea. Something thats caffeine free to wind down from the coffee in the morning.

    Well…today after my usual two cups of coffee I noticed that I was still tired soooo I thought I’d walk around a bit to get my senses going. I stopped by my friends desk and I explained to him my situation.

    Ok… Ive taken Redbull, Rockstar and that 5 hour caffeine booster and have never had troubles. My friend introduced me to Redline. He had already had half the bottle because he stayed up writing a report and didn’t get any sleep. He said per the warning on the bottle that just to have a small bit.

    I took HALF a mouth full. Tasted good and I thought this might work. In the beginning for the first 15 min I felt nothing. Then suddenly I had two stabbing chest pains. I went to my desk and began to nibble on some food and drink some water to help dilute it.

    Didn’t work. Ten min later I was starting to have anxiety attacks — worrying that if I got up out of my chair I’d have more chest pains. By then I had a headache and was feeling a little weird.

    Five min later I was wanting to throw up plus almost pissing myself from all the water I drank afterward to dilute the product.

    In the bathroom I found myself dry heaving, having shortness of breath, VERY rapid heartbeat @ 130 bpm instead of the 80bpm or so it should be. Plus I felt myself on the verge of blacking out. All this I was not familiar with.

    To keep the long story short 911 was called and I was in the hospital for a good 4 hours trying to get my heartbeat down and to keep from blacking out.

    Currently I’m still not 100% yet from this morning. I’m still a little shakey and I’m still a little dehydrated also. So the massive amounts of water I’ve been drinking to help. I’ll be better by morning but the scarey experience I had today will keep me away from these booster drinks for a LONG LONG LONG…..LONG time.

    I don’t recommend this product to anyone!!!!

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  4. i have downed a can of this stuff before and didn’t feel anything but an urge to do some sprints till my legs collapse.

    Soon after that, I loved the feeling so much i bought the pills. the directions said something about eating something while taking it and also keep your protein level high.

    So i downed the pills with a protein shake. I saw some results in a week with an increase of a few pounds at first then a dramatic drop. Of course that is with an increase in my workouts too.

    Needless to say, the pills seemed to have worked great, but going from 6 pills a day to nothing when I ran out can give you a headache for couple of days.

    So yeah, I just bought a bottle of 240 caps and hope to see what that will bring.

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  5. As a gym fanatic and physical hard worker I do need my energy drinks (sugar free) esp. as I’m getting older (30+yrs) and my metabolism is’nt the same as in my 20s. I took the redline pill for the first time from being offered from 2 female friends of mine. After about 30min. or so I started getting sweaty and a rush through my body.

    Absolutely would not recommend it to someone just sitting around and not seriously burning it off..

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  6. I am 19 and first tried redline about a year ago. Being accustomed to regular energy drinks I drank the whole bottle right away (and yes i did read the instructions, just chose to ignore the portion part).

    It was intense but I love the stuff. My friends and I jokingly refer to it as “FlatLine” now. But it is a great way to pull an “all-nighter” as long as its not everyday.

    There were a few of my friends who felt nothing after drinking a whole bottle though, anybody know why it doesn’t effect everybody?

    Editor’s Note: Some people develop a tolerance to stimulants fairly quickly, especially if they often consume “energy drinks” and “high powered coffees.” For these people, RedLine may have little or no effect.

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  7. Omg — this stuff is crazy!

    I’m 17 and I went to 7-11 and found the drinkable kind. I’d heard of it so me and my friend bought 2 cans. It was crazy!

    10 minutes later I couldn’t stop moving. I had some shakes and sweats but I’m a caffeine junkie
    so it wasn’t so bad. That was at 9 pm.

    At 4:30 am I was throwing up and gagging. I felt dizzy and blacked out a few times. It was just horrible. If you’re not used to it, drink only the half as recommended. I have learned not to “chug it” … its a bad idea… really bad!

    Amazing product!

    Great for those class study sessions! Seriously, though — watch out! It’s one of those things
    you don’t do it unless you know how to get through the mine field!

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  8. I also started taking the redline capsules last week and I fell in love! These things are great as long as you follow directions.

    I take it on a full stomach and have the most energy I have ever had with any other pill or drink I have used in the past. I really hope they never take these off the market ’cause they are a miracle drug. I lost 7 pounds in 1 week! I recommend these to anyone who can tolerate the shakes and chills. I love it!

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  9. I am 26 yrs old and a mom of three. I work for a law firm and am also in college. My husband and I own a business and with all my responsibilities I juggle around, I was diagnosed w/ general anxiety disorder!

    I have been taking Cymbalta for my anxiety for 8 mths now, however I am always tired so I decided to try RTD form of Redline to keep up with my schedule.

    Of course, I read the directions and only drank 1/2 a can which gave me enough energy to get the things done that I normally bypass. Anyway, I began my today at 4 am for my morning workout so I took 1 capsule of Redline Gelcaps and had enough energy at work.

    By mid day, I was feeling a bit sleepy and took 1 more pill.

    FYI – If you decide to use Redline products, FIRST- ask your doctor if it is okay for you to consume these products and if so, start off slowly and gradually increase your dosage if needed.

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  10. No offense but most of you do NOT know how to read directions. It says to first start off by taking one capsule so your body adjusts, which most of you are doing but then it also says to DRINK A PROTEIN DRINK AFTER TAKING IT, to reduce nausea, etc.

    When you read reviews you start to notice the lack of “proper reading” of the directions by some of the people.

    That is how products get such a bad name because the customers fail to read EVERYTHING including the warnings. So please read everything and follow directions to a T. I take it and it’s great.

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  11. Ok, yesterday I tried REDLINE for the first time before a dance. I am under 18 years of age and I’m about 150 lbs.

    My friend and I took a good sized gulp as we passed it back and forth until it was gone, so we each had approximately half a can.

    After a few minutes, I felt a little jittery and I was shaking maybe a little bit more, but it could have just been nervousness. Right before the dance opened up, I felt like I had some more energy, but I didn’t really feel any real noticeable effects.

    I have to say throughout the dance I felt pretty much the same as I usually would have and I didn’t even feel like I had a noticeable amount of additional energy.

    I will say that after the dance my boxers were really sweaty and I had a really hard time waking up the next morning. My friend had to shake me awake, but besides that I didn’t really notice any of the described effects above and neither did he.

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  12. I have been taking Redline for about 3 weeks now. I’m currently on week 4. This product has had an absolute minimal effect on me. I feel a little bit of energy, but not a massive amount as advertised.

    My friend took some and he said his blood was boiling, he was sweating, and ready to go. He’s taken more pills than I have in my life. I usually steer away from pill taking because I want my immune system and everything to work naturally.

    So, I thought since I have done this for so long, I would be immensely affected by the pill when I wanted an extra boost for workouts. I took 2 pills to assess tolerance and eventually moved to 3. When I moved to 3 I felt a little bit of energy. Not much.

    I am disappointed in this product. I don’t think it’s for me, cause it doesn’t really affect me. I would recommend it to people who are more sensitive to it. My buddy still wants some more pills to help him at work.

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  13. ~ 23yr old male ~

    This is the only energy supplement I have ever taken that has had such a disturbingly profound affect on my mood/mental disposition. Sometimes it’s for the better, sometimes for the worse.

    I had tried taking redline longterm in an effort to get back the body I used to have. I did’nt necessarily eat a very strict diet but I exercised constantly, every day.

    The end result was similar to valerie’s post. Except, I began to experience manic episodes and bipolar symptoms. I was not taking any antidepressants or similar medication at all.

    Nowadays i only take it every once in a while for a “fun” day @ work, though sometimes there are bouts of irritability and depression.

    When you take this stuff you have to be in it for the long haul. If I consumed redline after 8 or 9 am I would have trouble getting to sleep later at 9 or 10PM.

    More than anything, I enjoyed the mental energy i experienced. I felt much more focused, and even euphoric. Sometimes i would even feel giddy with excitement. Like I said though, it can be a coin toss.

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  14. I am a 22 year old Marine and I started taking red line to lose weight and gain some energy. My friend gave it to me the first time without telling me I was suppose to eat before and it made me feel sick.

    After that I decided to try it again and I took it on a full stomach. It gave me the jitters and a ton of energy. I have been taking it a month now and have already lost 25 pounds. I think the product is great if you take it right.

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  15. I’m a personal trainer and I tried the syrup form of a Redline. I poured 2 tablespoons of it into my mouth.

    About 5 mins later I felt the urge to workout. I did a couple of sets of leg press and curls, and went back to my desk. I got so hot and I started sweating profusely. My heart felt like it was about to jump out chest, I couldn’t stop shaking, and my eyes turned bloodshot red.

    I had to call it a day and do home. I laid in my bed for 9 hrs staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t close my eyes! I drank lots of water.

    Today I feel a little better, but I am still very wired. I got maybe an hour of sleep last night so I hope tonight’s better.

    I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone, and I really think a product with such side affects should be taken off the market.

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  16. I tried Redline for the first time yesterday at 7:30 at night. It cost 4 bucks. I drank the whole thing in about 2 minutes.

    In five minutes I felt a little shaky and got hot, then in 5 more minutes I was back to normal.

    The only thing that I can really say is that I couldn’t concentrate on much of anything. I took it on a half empty stomach and drank a Pepsi about a hour later.

    I don’t know why it didn’t affect me because so many of my friends told me crazy stories about it.

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  17. I am a 25 year old medical school student who has been introduced to Redline. Although I do agree that initially you get jittery you have to be smart about it.

    Obviously the major ingredient in this is caffeine and if you read the label it is “caffeine anhydrous.” So you have to be careful. I either sip it throughout the day (usually only 1/2 a bottle is fine) or dilute it in some sprite.

    It works wonders for the medical student in need of something better than coffee. But then again you can’t really go back to coffee after drinking RedLine.

    I haven’t tried it for weight loss. I think it’d work because it does give you a lot of energy. As long as you continue to eat beforehand you should be fine.

    However within the label it does say that the product is not intended to use for weight loss. It is just another supplement, not a weight loss plan.

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  18. Redline is definietly effective in delivering stamina for any workout, BUT: I greatly recommend caution to all who intend on trying it!

    If you like exerting yourself to an extremely high degree in your work outs, and do so on a regular basis… Redline just may be perfect companion to your regimen.

    I am generally a very active person, and have used Redline in all three of its forms at different stages of my fitness levels. Each form delivers the same effect, in my opinion… the only variance is the duration it takes to get the effect. The Gel caps take the longest (varying from 10-30 min) in providing the RUSH, but not following far behing the liguid serum and RTD which generally produced results within 5 min or less. I’ve used the RTD and the surem immediately before my hard core work outs like high-intensity kickboxing and hard core cycling classes…. and that’s the great thing about the two, is that you can take them last minute! Bottom line though, all forms are equally effective in my opinion… it really depends on how you prefer taking Redline. I think the serum taste aweful(10xworse than cough syrup), and the RTD follows ALMOST equally behind it… but with the capsules you don’t have worry about that disgusting taste.*but if you unknowingly put a cracked or leaking capsule in your mouth, I doubt you’ll like that taste any better D-: Fortunately, VPX has recently made a variety of flavors like grape and apple…. which aren’t amazingly great but you can sort though which are more preferable. There is even a pink Princess Redline RTD now.


    This product is/can be dangerous if not used properly! When the label says to start out with one capsule to assess tolerance, PLEASE… for your own sake, take it seriously! I have, many times, thought I could take 2-3, and have ended up deeply regretting it. The only remedy for overdosing is to wear it off, and that feeling really sucks. Take one, drink half, eat half a tablespoon…. regardless of which form your on, you can always take more if you feel you need to.

    I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this product for someone who is only going to be working with weights… and the only reason I say is because this product may leave you feeling extremely sick on that gyms floor. I am sure some may disagree with that statement, but if you decide to use it for weight training, eat a high protein meal and DEFINITLEY start with the smallest dose. One of the many side effects, if not used accordingly, is catabolic breakdown… we wouldn’t want cross cancellation in our workout goals, would we?

    This product is one of the most potent on the market, and is not to be underestimated. It should only be used by responsible adults. This is one of the products that I really think should be looked at in all seriousness when refering to the directions and warnings on the bottle.

    Please use with care… and a REALISTIC ATTITUDE. IT’S NOT A MAGIC PILL, you need to work out and eat decently while taking it as a SUPPLEMENT!

    It produces results in aiding weightloss! Happy supplementing!

    -Color Me Red

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  19. This is the best drink ever!

    After using other stimulants over time, I was dissappointed when they took ephedra off the market. I heard from other gym members it was really strong.

    I MADE SURE TO READ THE LABEL. It clearly says drink only half the bottle. Also, it has warnings on the bottle, too. I work out regularly and am not overweight. My body is accustomed to it, and so I can get away with drinking it on an empty stomach, but would not recommend this to anyone. Everyone is different.

    When I read some of the reviews, it appears that people are not reading the label. If you are overweight then this is not for you. There is no quick way to lose weight. You must exercise too. This will curb your appetite, give you a boost in energy and make you feel more alert.

    Yes, your heart will race, that is why you need to know whether or not you have high blood pressure, or any other medical problems. I am 38, and in great health, do not smoke, etc.

    When I go two days without it, though, I feel really lethargic and tired. So when I do not drink it, I make green juices to compensate. I would recommend this to people who work out already, are not overweight and looking for a quick fix, and know their medical history. Also, use your common sense. The label does not lie.

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  20. A friend of mine mentioned this drink to me since it helped him lose a couple pounds faster than regular workouts. He also warned me to only drink half a bottle since it contains 2 servings. I went and picked up a 4-pack of the RTD Redline and decided to give it a shot. I am 6 feet tall and was 220 pounds, used to be 170.

    Before taking Redline I could not run more than 1 mile on my treadmill before thinking that I would pass out. So I drank a little over half a can and decided to hop onto my treadmill. Holy smokes!! I ran a little over 3 miles and felt as if I could have ran another 2 or so. I was sweating from every part of my body and it made me feel like I was floating.

    Now, I use it everytime I run on my treadmill. I am currently 205 pounds and ran 5 miles on my treadmill last time I took Redline. It seems to work wonders for me and I love the stuff! Just make sure you read the directions carefully!

    P.S. – Cannot compare to RedBull or Rockstars. It makes those energy drinks seem pointless!

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  21. I love the redline drink. I started with half the bottle then started to drink a whole one. I was drinking them everyday and eventually could drink half and still fall asleep.

    I didn’t lose any weight from them but they helped with my workouts. The only thing I would say if you feel like they are not working on a daily basis drinking one never drink more than one in a day.

    I drank one in the morning and one at night to stay up later I felt really weird after about 3 hours of drinking the one at night and felt extremely tired. I crashed and literally slept for a day and a half I would wake up and just need to go to sleep again.

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  22. I work as a lead cook in a very, very busy restaurant. I have taken Redline in moderation (one can over the course of more than an hour) many times since I was 18, and I absolutely love the energy boost it gives me to get myself through whatever arduous task the day throws at me.

    Last Friday I got scheduled to work a double shift (14 hours) of intense, fast, work that requires mental sharpness.

    So Thursday night I bought the 4 pack of redline RTD. I prepared by stuffing my belly full of more food than I needed from 10PM to midnight, so much so that I almost felt sick and had trouble falling asleep.

    I started with the first one at 7:30AM on the way to work. It got me so amped up, as I expected, to throw freight and finish the morning prep. I started on the second after lunch (2PM) mixed with equal parts water and sipped on it until I finished prepping salad for the night and got my break.

    I again stuffed myself full of carbs, protein, fats and some veg then laid in the sun for 45 minutes until I had to clock back on at 4:30PM to work the dinner rush.

    The restaurant was dead for an hour or so, and so was I after my huge meal and soaking up the sun (and no Redline). Once things picked up (around 6PM) I poured the third can in a cup with equal parts water and drank a third of it, then diluted with water, and repeated the cycle 3 times until it was very diluted and finished it around 9PM.

    Looking back on the day and evening, it felt like a dream; Redline is a powerful narcotic and as I pieced the day together in retrospect it felt like a major binge. My appetite was non existent, and all I ate that night was crackers after work and a few cashews later when I couldn’t sleep.

    After reading a book for a bit, I got on Wikipedia and looked up Caffeine overdose and found that I had suffered almost every single symptom including: acute muscle spasms (cramps in my hands and feet), blood rush to the head (bloody mucus when I blew my nose due to allergies I had at the time) and of course, sleeplessness.

    When I finally did come to rest upside-down on my bed around sunrise, I felt an indescribable sensation of a split mind, like multiple “threads” of thought: one accompanying my allergy symptoms, another recounting the days events, more I can’t remember, and another “thread” thinking about what I was thinking about!

    It was the most disturbing semi-sleep of my life. It was truly a higher state of consciousness and very unpleasant. I believe I got some form of “alert sleep” like a soldier hiding in enemy territory might get.

    During the deepest state of rest I felt a needle-like tingling sensation spread from head to toe. I got out of bed at 7:30AM and sat but did not eat or drink anything for an hour.

    I finally ate some french toast and bacon around noon after maybe 15 minutes of real sleep in a recliner while zoning out to game show network and sipping Gatorade G2.

    I felt somewhat near baseline after my meal and had a leisurely Saturday afternoon at work, but I could still feel a significant change in my body chemistry and not very talkative. I also lost roughly 6.5 pounds of water weight and body fat. That is nearly 4% of my normal total weight!

    Saturday night at 6:30PM during the dinner rush I split the 4th and final can with my co-worker then went out to the bar and had 5 or so drinks and came home at 3AM and started describing my experience with this potent narcotic substance called Redline.

    I pushed it too far, too soon in the day, and committed to riding it until the wheels fell off, which they still haven’t, as I write this. As it stands I am at a crossroads…to either wean myself off of caffeine over the next week or continue with Redline in the prescribed dosage relative to my bodies tolerance to it (which I am now fully aware of!) and use it as intended as a supplement in lieu of alternative toxins (alcohol and tobacco) to a healthy diet, and active lifestyle.

    My night of drinking and smoking while still buzzing off of Redline gave me some deep introspection, and despite the possible risks of this substance, it seems healthier (in moderate and consistent quantities) than my current habits of binging and purging off of the big 3 (alcohol, caffeine and nicotine).

    My exercise and work schedules are solid as of now, and the first step is to assess a healthy and sufficient diet to supplement Redline plus my calorie expenditure, which will be massively increased when taking redline. I have a lot more research to do about Redline and the chemistry of caffeine, but it seems to be a worthwhile and relatively safe experiment, now that I know the parameters.

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  23. I’ve heard a lot of positive and negative things about Redline. In fact, I knew someone who died from drinking 2 of RTD drinks (he had a heart atack). I myself have tried the RTD which the first time made me kind of sick to the stomach, but afterwards just like drinking one of them super big monster drinks.

    Did that for a month and then I moved on to the liquid gel pills took 6 of them a day for about a month then i moved onto the syrup, where I am currently.

    Okay, well I get a huge energy boost from Redline.

    Yeah, but I don’t think it helps anyone to lose weight. I work out 4 days minimum per week and have maintained my weight… but it hasn’t helped me to lose anything. In fact on my last BMI test showed my body fat had increased.

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  24. I’ve tried everything on the market and nothing works. I’m always tired even if I get my hours of sleep.

    This is the best thing for me. I drink half a bottle everyday – it gets me through the gym and at home with 3 kids. I can’t get through the day without it.

    With any product you must follow the label instructions. Not everything works with everyone. I had no side effects.

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  25. I train in Martial Arts and weight lift now to supplement it. I am in resonably good shape.

    I have been readind a lot of muscle mags and decided to try Redline on a day when I was really beat after work. Let me tell you, it was the best artificial energy rush I have had in the gym, with no nausea as the others have reported.

    I dont know about taking it before training in Martial Arts. However I didn’t get the shakes or black out like others have reported and yes I worked out for about two hours with no problems and that included 45 min worth of cardio. I wll try it again to see if I get the same results.

    The only advice I can give you is to not drink the whole bottle — take half on the first day the other half later on or the next day. One whole botle may just knock you for a loop!

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  26. I am a very petite woman and decided I wanted to give Redline a try. I read a lot about it before I did and learned to only drink 1/4 of it if you are small.

    Holy smokes…this stuff ROCKS! I have been having some of the best workouts ever! I run a lot and I love how I feel on Redline… it’s runners high times a million.

    Today I tried Redline Extreme… it’s even better. I sweat like crazy on it and get the chills, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I make sure I eat before I take it and all is good.

    It has put me in the greatest mood lately as well. It’s awesome — but I am sure some people experience different effects and that everyone should proceed with caution. I did and I am happy I did it.

    What an amazing product!

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  27. I just love it. I have always loved ephedra and was looking for something else to come along that would give me the same energy. The first day I took it, I went on for the whole day, never once even thinking about a nap. I used to be tired all the time, take a nap each day, but now I don’t. It also keeps me alert at work, which is the biggest plus of all.

    I sure hope they don’t take this off the market because people are using it wrong or can’t tolerate it. There are a lot of things on the market now, even just food alone that cause reactions.

    You just experience it and stay away or proceed with caution, that’s all. Please folks, READ DIRECTIONS and just be careful. That way we can all continue to enjoy this wonderful energy in a bottle.

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  28. Evidently, peoples reaction to this stuff varies from person to person. I’m 49, 20# overweight, and I tried redline for the first time yesterday. I drank the entire bottle, came home and drank a can of Mt. Dew, and then made a pot of coffee.

    Never got the chills, never got the “freeze/burn” effect, didn’t get nauseous or sick in any way.

    The “buzz” was there, and it lasted a good long while (not sure how much to attribute to the RedLine though as I was drinking coffee the entire time) I got a lot of work done, so my energy level was obviously higher.

    My advice? Try it, according to the directions on the bottle, to gauge your reaction to it. For me, the “side-effects” so many people have mentioned were simply non-existent.

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  29. I’m a marine stationed at camp Pendleton. And I’m sorry but to me redline is just an amped up monster. It gave me an energy boost for like an hour but then it was over and I felt tired again.

    The boost wasnt even that significant, so the next time I ended up drinking two. And that still didn’t do all the stuff that everyone claims — ie. the shakes, the sweating, the nausea. But I guess that just because everyone’s body handles things differently.

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  30. I began taking Redline in early 07 I worked for a UPS Warehouse and work began at or around 4 AM. I boosted my work performance and in less than 2 months I lost 15 to 20 lbs without even noticing.

    I workout extremely hard I lift, play basketball, and run on the treadmill I need every ounce of energy there is so Redline does the trick for me.

    This is not an actual fat burner, but if you workout hard enough it’s the best on the market

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  31. I have used a ton of supplements over the past ten years, but Redline, mixed with an ephedra pill of sorts (make sure no extra caffeine is stacked with ephedra) and a aspirin is unbelieveable!

    I have not competed in 6 years with this stuff I can get back in shape — dropped from 15% to around 10.5% body fat in 5 weeks and still dropping.

    Do not take the whole dose at FIRST or if you have health problems, stay away from this product.

    Editor’s comment: And, unless you’re very familiar with the use of powerful stimulants, do not stack this stuff with ephedra. You may very well end up an in emergency room somewhere.

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    I don’t like the drink because it tastes like cough syrup. However, the capsules did work for me. While incorporating a good diet of all healthy food and cutting out all the crap, and working out 5 days a week I lost 18lbs in 2.5 months and damn it, I looked good!

    I never got jittery. I don’t recommend taking them after 5pm. In the beginning… you will be up till late, wide awake. My routine was this:

    8:30am -capsule with protein shake(soy protein with water)

    11am – light snack (string cheese or fruit)

    1pm – lunch (4 oz of meat with veges)

    4:30pm – capsule with protein shake

    5pm-7pm workout (1 hour cardio 1 hour weights stomach everyday)

    7:30-8pm – salad with tuna and honey mustard dressing

    11pm – bed

    I didn’t take it on days that I wasn’t working out. However if my appetite was acting up I would take one capsule to kill it earlier in the day. It does help with your appetite! Doesn’t kill it completely to where you don’t ever want to eat. Just enough so you don’t over eat.

    This was in September of 2005 and I still use it to this day! You are on a regime of 1 capsule in am and 1 in pm for the first month. Then 2 in am and 1 in pm… OR 1 in am and 2 in pm.

    Then OFF the 3rd month. You can become immune after a while so the month off is important.

    I hope it is successful for you!

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  33. I tried Redline the first time after a buddy picked it up at the store as a sorta paperweight. He’d heard all the horror stories and knowing how people in my business love those energy drinks, decided to keep it around as a bit of a gag. He told me about the kids and the medical problems, and I figured the only thing to do was down the bottle. So, I gunned it all, and about half an hour later, the only difference I felt was that I had a bit more nervous energy. I was tapping my fingers and bouncing my toes more. These days, I only ever buy Redline when I have a long day of work, and have to start early, and I take a bottle with a BFC of Monster. Now, THAT combo gets my heart pumpin’, I’ll tell ya. I’ve never experience the shakes, sweating, black outs or panics others seem to report. In fact, the most notable effect it has on me is a painless mini-euphoria. I recommend it, but only to those that know their limits. Stay smart, and Redline will treat you right.

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  34. I used Redline 2 days ago for the first time and it was great, so I decided to try it again and I only have good things to say so far!

    I am 6’4 390 lbs. so maybe because of my size it didn’t effect me as it did others. Normally I would do 30 minutes of cardio, after taking Redline I did 75 minutes, and I had to force myself to stop.

    it is the real deal it gives you a power express of energy…

    I recommend it highly, but I can see the danger in it, and yes i did sweat more than normal. When you weigh almost 400 lbs., you will try anything.

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  35. I’ve used Redline to work out for the last few weeks. I only take 1/3-1/2 the bottle and take it in conjunction with a protein shake. I have noticed the energy boost!

    Instead of getting tired mid-workout, I have the energy to keep going. Instead of wanting to quit after the 8th rep, I do a couple more. It’s great for lifting.

    It has kept me up at night, so I wouldn’t recommend taking them if you aren’t going to exercise or tire yourself out somehow.

    Overall it’s an interesting product, but take it easy and read the label!

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  36. WOW – this stuff made me feel awesome right after drinking half of my first bottle. Now it’s 4am and I find myself wide awake running to and from the bathroom with nausea… but only to dry heave, over and over and over again.

    I guess maybe some people’s bodies – mine – aren’t made to handle that much caffeine?

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  37. I am in average shape & 20 yrs old. I tried the whole bottle of Redline with a workout today. It just gave me a boost nothing that I couldn’t handle.

    My usual energy drink is Redbull and Redline helped me out with my workout better. I’ve tried Redbull with a workout but it left me with a fat headache and a little sick feeling.

    I think because it has so much sugar or something. Anyways the worst after effect I feel is a mild shaking of the hands but that’s it. At first when I drank it, it gave me a burst of energy now about an hour later I feel almost back to normal. I only wonder how it might effect my sleep…

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  38. Wow….Im really surprised by these postings. Today is my second day taking Redline and I feel NOTHING! Yesterday was my first dosage after being recommended by the GNC clerk to loose weight rapidly (Im about 40 lbs. overweight) and it actually put me to sleep! I was so disappointed!

    Today I took my second dosage and I still feel NOTHING! What is wrong? Anyone experience this? I do take my pills with a full stomach because I do not want to get nauseous. Any feedback is helpful.

    Editor’s Comments: Everyone’s tolerance to stimulants is different; and for some people there is little effect. Others may find it lowers blood sugar levels, which leads to fatigue and a desire to nap.

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  39. I’m a 22 year old female and I used to weigh 180 LBS.  I started taking Redline capsules (not the drink because it tastes like cough syrup to me) a month ago. I’m now weighing 165 LBS (not skinny yet but definitely on my way).

    From the first day I started using it I LOVED THIS PRODUCT. I took only one capsule in the morning before my work out (after a soy protein shake of course, and NEVER on an empty stomach) and once in the afternoon before I head off to work (I’m a cheerleading coach so work IS another work out ).

    It gives me this extra kick and helps me get through an intense work out.  It curbs my appetite so much. Only “bad” thing is that it makes me sweat…ALOT! I see this as a good thing. It doesn’t make me feel sick or shakey or anything like that.

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  40. First off, this product is NOT for everyone. If you don’t have a high tolerance to caffeine and never tried ephedra based products, proceed with caution. You have to ease yourself into this.

    That being said, I have tried just about every product out there. This is the BEST product I have seen for weight loss since the ORIGINAL Xenadrine.

    This stuff is great and I love it. Make sure you follow the directions. You have to take this with food otherwise you will get nauseous.

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  41. I have been taking 1/2 can of this every day (except Sundays) for 2 weeks. The first 2 days I had a “speed like” reaction to it and didn’t know if I would like it, as I hate that feeling. But I kept with it. By day 3, I no longer had those feelings.

    I work as a secretary and have no problem with the drink. I’m actually yawning as I type this. 🙂 I am taking it for the energy and the weight loss effect.

    I am happy with it.

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  42. i used to drink Redbull daily, until i noticed that i was starting to gain weight. all of my friends had been telling me about how amazing redline is, so one day i decided to try it.

    needless to say, i didn’t sleep that night, and the next night was my senior prom. i drank another one that day, and well… i finally crashed around 6 in the morning.

    it really does work, and i’ve been hooked ever since.
    i don’t drink it on a regular basis, so i haven’t noticed a weight change… but after reading the responses of others, i’m considering getting the capsules to take before my daily workout.

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  43. I know I’m not supposed to be like taking it, since I’m actually only 16, but after downing a quarter of the RTD (after reading all the reviews to be safe) I didn’t get much of a kick.

    So took another quarter, which gave me a little thermogenic effect, the usual sweating and all, coupled with a slight throbbing, but apart from that I’d say the energy rush was great.

    Perhaps I’m pretty caffeine- insensitive – I can take like 3 scoops of no-xplode pre-workout and only then feel the effects.

    But I’d honestly strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for an energy boost- if you’re caffeine sensitive though, you might want to take like 1/4 or even 1/8 of the can to test your reaction.

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  44. I can personally say that Redline pills and RTD are the best thing I have ever taken. It did effect my blood pressure though, but I used too much at a time.

    I lost a combined total of 80 lbs. using Redline. I love it and would recommend it to any healthy adult, but use it wisely and get plenty of exercise and a good diet.

    I recommend this product to all my friends and they love it to. Use this and diet and exercise and you will lose the pounds. Thank you, VPX!

    Trey, Waco TX

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  45. VPX products rock if you can take them. I’ve been taking Redline for a couple months before my workouts and it’s awesome. I have energy for hours in the gym. I have started to notice some abs for the first time in my life too.

    My only problem is trying to sleep later that night. I wouldn’t recommend drinking it if you need to sleep anytime soon. Also, if you are sensitive to stimulants I would start out with a reduced dose.

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  46. This stuff is so frickin’ amazing. I drank this thing at like 8 this morning and was so jacked up all day. I could have literally run out side and run all the way home and that’s like 10 miles away!

    The stuff tasted ok at best, but dang this stuff has a kick and it makes ya feel great. In the beginning ya feel all warm then you get cold. So amazing!

    taste: 4-5 out of 10
    kick: 9-10 out of 10 better then 2 Monsters!

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  47. In an effort to lose about 20 to 30 pounds, I tried the Redline capsules on the recommendation from a guy I work with.

    MAKING SURE I READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST, I started using the capsules, maxing out at only 3 per day and spacing them out over several hours.

    Combined with attention to my diet and cardio work-outs I have shed 12 pounds in the last month and hopefully will attain my goal of going from 210 to about 180.

    Make sure that you people read the instructions first. Yes, this is a powerful fat-burner and thermogenic enhancer and you must be sure that your body reacts well to it.

    I keep to the max of 6 caplets per day and have not had any ill affects to date, though I am careful with the dosages and ensure I have eaten recently before taking one.

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  48. After reading all of these reviews I am not surprised at what these peoples’ experiences have been.


    There is a reason as to why it says drink only HALF of the bottle and do not consume more than one bottle per day and do not consume on an empty stomach!

    That tells me right there I probably shouldn’t drink a whole bottle within an hour.

    With all of that being said … I LOVE the drink. I find it effective and when used properly you don’t feel any of the above side effects.

    I recommend this drink to my friends all of the time and I tell them READ THE LABEL, this is NOT like redbull, monster, or rockstar. This is on a completely different level.

    I generally drink 1/4 of the bottle *after* I eat breakfast then I drink another 1/4 when I eat my lunch. It gives me steady energy throughout the day. I’m alert, focused, and positive. I don’t drink it after 2pm because I have problems sleeping in the evening and I don’t want to possibly contribute to that.

    I was an idiot ONCE and drank an entire redline within a 2 hour time frame and I did experience the profuse sweating and some of the symptoms mentioned here. That was out of my own stupidity and it was completely my fault.

    When you READ THE LABEL and use this product properly you can obtain EXCELLENT results.

    5 stars!

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  49. I should also note I’m a healthy 24yr old female that is very active. I have never noticed any sort of “crash” once it wears off, just a pleasant back to “normal”

    I use the drink, not the capsules.

    Also, you should note that the label for the drink that you aren’t supposed to continuously take this product for longer than a 4-6wk period. I don’t remember exactly what the time frame is.

    You are supposed to break it up and give your body some time off, not take it everyday for 4 months straight.

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  50. People, please read the label… this is not Redbull!

    I’ve used Redline gel capsules before workouts and only on workouts because the energy you get is intense: the first 5-10 minutes you’ll feel jittery and kinda shakey but excercising or walking it off for a good hour or two will help you, and you’ll have more energy than you thought you had. Like it said only take 1 or 2 to start out, so your body will adjust to it.

    It’s a great amount energy that comes in one pill. So only use it if you don’t have any of the conditions on the back of the label.

    Other than that, I lost 2 pounds in one day with a healthy and potioned out diet. Be serious in your daily excercise and eat healthy.

    Good Luck! Be healthy and Be Merry.

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  51. I had a Redline and I felt like pins were being stabbed into my face.

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  52. I’ve been drinking Redline for about a year. It’s great stuff. It really does help me to lose weight. But people, seriously READ THE DARN LABEL.

    I started to build up a tolerance to it after a while. I was able to drink two a day and still be tired. One day I was a moron and chugged a complete Redline and became violently ill.

    I also noticed that when I was using it for a long time, I was getting really bad migraines. I stopped using it for a bit and I was fine. But I gained a bunch of weight back.

    Bottom line:

    It works. But don’t use it for long periods of time. And don’t be silly about how you use it cause its powerful stuff. And be sure to read the label!

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  53. I would rather have the worst hangover of my life than feel the way I do from taking Redline. But I have to admit at least it has an affect on you unlike many other performance and weight loss supplements.

    Of course I did drink the whole bottle and it’s been almost 6 hours now and I still feel like I did after 45 min of taking it.

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  54. I would incorporate the red line pills into my workout. It actually gave me the extra push I needed. I even lost weight.

    However, I developed a bad reaction to them. My skin broke out in hives. My hands started to blister and peel and itch horribly! I went to my regular doctor and a dermatologist. They gave me a cortisone shot and some skin cream.

    I would not recommend the product to anyone.

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  55. I drink a redline every day and I run between three and eight miles a day. I love the stuff. The warnings on the label are there for a reason, though, and if you are going to drink it READ THE LABEL.

    I’ve given it to several friends, some liked it and some didn’t.

    I lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks, though (I was also taking topomax).

    It does have some negatives. I’ve started grinding my teeth.

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  56. Red Line is the best thing on the market. Read the directions, do what it says, don’t drink to much, and it is by far the best think on the market. The new Redline princess has mood enhancers in it and it is amazing how good you feel. It says it is for women but I love it.

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  57. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE STORY: I used redline in the summer of 2007. The first attempt was a huge mistake. I was warned that the effects were strong and that I should only drink half. I did that first, but after a half hour I felt no rush, so I drank the balance.

    I felt the effects around an hour or so after i took my first sip. I lifted weights after I drank the Redline and decided to do some cardio also. After a 40 min weight lifting session and 30 mins of cardio, I felt very dizzy. I ended my cardio workout and went to the locker room of the gym. It took me the better part of an hour to get my heart to slow down to a near normal pace. I actually thought I was going to die.

    I actually came to peace with my life and wished my children would not forget me.

    Now during that time, I weighed 350lbs. I have the pics to prove it. I was an idiot for not following directions. I figured since I drink an absurd amount of coffee in a given day, that I would need the whole bottle (which is actually 2 servings).

    At the time I was drinking 6 to 8 cups of coffee a day.

    Well, needless to say I didn’t die. But I am a stubborn SOB also. I decided to try it again. This time, I would do half a bottle. I used Redline about twice a week during cardio workouts for 60 mins or more and I experienced the results. Now please keep in mind, that I also ate right. I watched my caloric intake. I eliminated high cholesterol foods, and I drank a lot of water.

    It took me almost 8 months but I lost 114 lbs. I also have the pictures to prove that also.

    Since I lost the 114 lbs. I put 40 pounds back on. It took almost 1 year to put 40 pounds of weight back, but it did happen. I have started to work out again.

    I plan to do another 8 months of hard work and eating right, and my goal weight loss is 60 pounds. Currently I am doing spin classes for my cardio, and I use Redline as my energy boost.

    I sweat like a ten year old fat kid in this class regardless, but the redline gets the sweat going sooner and it lasts a lot longer. I am in my third week of working out, and I have dropped almost 10 pounds already.

    My diet is not as strict as it was when I initially lost 114 pounds, but I choose to cheat one day on the weekend. I am not sure if this will slow my progress down, but in any case I am losing weight with this product by using it correctly, and I have lost weight with it when I used it correctly.

    Also, when I do use the redline right now, I actually mix it in my large water bottle, and I use it hydrate throughout my workout.

    I take about 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottle straight and the balance in my water bottle.

    Great product when used correctly.

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  58. I love the VTX redline pill. It is the best weight loss supplement out there and I would recommend it to anyone over 18 who wants to have a serious kick ass workout and loose a lot of weight in the process. I’ve been reading in some of these reviews tat some people had shakes and nausea but I never felt those effects.

    Remember to eat something before taking the pills and you won’t feel sick to your stomach. Start off with one daily then work your way up to 2. Never exceed 4 in a 3-hour period. This is serious stuff so get ready to sweat and have a great intense workout with lots of perspiration.

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  59. I just took redline for the first time after consulting with many people who take hydroxycut and other weight loss pills. I was informed of other supportive things that need to be taken along with Redline (pills).
    Never consume on an empty stomach, and drink massive amounts of water. Along with VPX Redline I take CLA Tonalin, a multivitamin and protein shakes.

    NO MORE THAN 3 PILLS per 4 HOUR period and no more than 6 pills per day. Make sure bedtime is at least 6-8 hrs from your last dosage.

    I love it, you can too if you follow directions. Stay away from caffeine!!! This has too much as it is!

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  60. I drink redline every day. I wish I would have known that they are addictive when I first started drinking them cause I would’ve never taken the first drink. Now if I don’t have one when I first wake up I’m suffering with very bad headaches and I’m very sick to my stomach. I also seem to be easily angered compared to normal. I’m concerned about my health because I can’t seem to deal with the effects that I experience when I dont drink one, therefore, I’ve been drinking redline two to three times a day for about a year now. My advice to people who have addictive personalities is… DO NOT START DRINKING THIS PRODUCT!

    I hope they take it off the market.

    Editor’s comments: Severe headaches are a symptom of caffiene withdrawl. You can wean yourself off this product… you just have to slowly start reducing your dosage.

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  61. I’m a 5’5, 110lb, 19 year old female, and this review is on the Drink.

    Dude…this stuff is FREAKING AMAZING. The Appetite Control is superb… I am extremely addicted to food, and while on Redline (even less than half a can) I wouldn’t even consider eating anything. If I drink a little too much than I like to feel comfortable with, it even makes food taste horribly bland and unappealing. And THAT to a food addict, is heaven sent.

    I have TONS of motivation for anything I can encounter, cleaning, cooking, gardening, working out, ANYTHING.

    The only thing I haven’t noticed that is promised, is the “shivering” effect. I get shakey from the that what that is? Thats where I start getting scared though, so I never go further when I begin to feel that.

    I do sweat quite a bit though… mainly on my palms and feet and under the arms. Not the most comfortable expierience, but whatever. If its working, its worth it 😉

    Haven’t combined this with an excercise routine or dieting yet, but I’ll keep all of ya posted.


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  62. I am a 26 year old, 5’6, 146 lb woman. For the past several years I had been weighing 165, but lost 20 pounds between April and June of 2008 by working out very moderately and cutting back on carbs because I was a huge rice eater. Since that time, I’ve maintained the weight loss eventhough I haven’t excercised at all and haven’t been as careful about what I eat. At any rate, I recently decided that although I’m at a healthy weight for my height and age, I’d like to lose another 15-20 pounds. I started drinking energy drinks (almost always Monster because I like the taste) last year when I lost the weight, but now that I’ve started working out again, I’ve found that drinking a Monster makes me feel too full and doesn’t give me the boost I’m looking for when excercising.

    At the recommendation of a friend, I tried Redline for the first time yesterday. Because I wanted to gauge my reaction, I took it in the morning rather than before my evening workout. I drank a little more than half accidentally, as the bottle is so small that after two swallows it was about two-thirds of the way done. Within about 10 minutes I felt like I could have run a marathon. I went to the grocery store and almost literally ran through the aisles with my cart. I came home and cleaned my entire apartment within about 30 minutes. Because I was so energized, I took my dog on an hour long walk and still felt like I could run to the top of the statue of liberty.

    I needed to study for an evening college course I take, and the energy made me uncharacteristically focused and allowed me to study without interruption for about 3 hours. By around 8 pm I was still extremely energized, but definitely noticed that I was starting to get a little jittery (I was in my night class and my leg was shaking so uncontrollably that my professor asked me if I was okay). I maintained this same energy level throughout the evening, up until about midnight when I started to get a little tired and forced myself to go to bed.

    So all in all, a little more than half a can kept me extrememly energized for about 14-15 hours. I also forgot to mention that I ate NOTHING all day, and was so hyper that I didn’t even realize it. I finally ate a small bag of potato chips around 7…not because I was hungry, but because the total lack of appetite made me feel a little apprehensive. Personally, I didn’t experience any of the negative side effects. However, I can only describe the day long burst of energy as a feeling comparable to taking an exstasy pill (which I sometimes took in my late teens) minus the added sensation.

    It’s DEFINITELY the most effective energy product I’ve ever used, but the fact that such a small dose had me so wired scares me a little and is why I rated it a 4 rather than a 5. I feel like there has to be something SERIOUSLY wrong with the ingredients, especially considering that it contains no sugar and has zero calories. Because of the great results, I’d like to try to take it before exercising, but am afraid that my heart rate would sky rocket and that it could potentially be dangerous. I’d really like to read more exercise related feedback so that I can feel more confident in using it to boost my workout performance and results.

    Lol…didn’t mean to be so long winded…but in a nutshell, GREAT for energy, but proceed with caution…if you’re someone who drinks energy drinks regularly, I’m guessing that you’ll be pleasantly suprised by the results, but also a little frightened by the fact that the energy seems to NEVER go away. And if you’re someone who doesn’t drink energy drinks, I would only recommend having one swallow and monitoring the effects.

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  63. I am a 22 yr old very fit male. I’ve used redline for about 1 yr now. The first time I drank it I DIDN”T READ THE DIRECTIONS & drank the whole bottle. I had a bit of shaking & sweating. But after that, I did what the bottle said, & drank half the bottle in the morning & the rest later in the day & it is great stuff. I drink it before workouts & notice a large boost in energy. This stuff is great.

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  64. My son used Redline and he died! I am going to sue the makers of the Redline energy drink.

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  65. I’ve used Redline for a long time and I drink anywhere from a bottle to a bottle and a half of it just before a work out. I fell in love with it the first time I took it because it fueled me to run 6 miles for the first time ever.

    However I am concerned about the long term effects of it. My muscles always feel burned out lately, and if I do a hot soak for a while to help them relax a bit from the intense tension, I experience the same kind of burning tingling sensation I get while on Redline.

    This could be coincidental, but it still raises concern. Especially with years of Redline and other assorted fat burners.

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  66. My boyfriend suggested I try the RTD Redline but WITH CAUTION. This stuff worked absolutely wonderful for me. I drank half the bottle and I was still going strong 12 hours later. No jitters, no nausea. I am now hooked and drink half a bottle before work everyday.

    Just read the label before you down the whole thing. And consider what activities you will be doing before drinking it. It’s great if you will be active but not great if you’ll be driving or hanging out on the couch. Great stuff!

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  67. You will not feel nauseated, jittery, or like your heart is going to explode if you SIMPLY FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS! It says to start out with fewer capsules to access tolerance. Why is that so hard to follow? It also says to NOT take this product on an empty stomach. If your doctor tells you to take your medicine with food, are you going to take it on an empty stomach? If your doctor tells you to begin with a lower dosage of medication, are you going to start with the full dose?

    Its because of some people who misuse dietary supplements, and complain to the FDA, that the government bans these types of products. If you are not smart enough to read the label first, you should not be taking products like this! People like this are also the reason why companies need to put warning signs on products such as stepladders that say “Do not step on the top rung, or serious injuries may occur”, or put warnings on household chemicals that say, “Poison, don’t drink.”

    Eventually the government is going to either (a) be able to regulate our dietary supplements (and profit from them), or (b) remove them from the marketplace.

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  68. I work graveyard shift at a casino… and I will tell you that prior to discovering Redline I was drinking a few Monster’s a night on a bad night. But a co-worker brought it in and we split a bottle. I was wired and ready to run all over the place. Since then I have moderated my usage from half a bottle on an extreme night to a cap ful for a small boost. I love this product and have recommended it to many people, but I do warn them to take a small cap full to see how they do. But 8 months and still going strong.

    Please understand that I do not use it everyday, nor would I recommend anyone to do so. This is very powerful stuff and I do believe that if taken properly it could help out if you need that boost. Most of all, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU TAKE ANYTHING!

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  69. I am a 42 yr old endurance cyclist. I began using Redline capsules 2 years ago to assist in weight loss while training for century rides. I did not notice a real improvement in my times, but I did notice an accelerated weight loss. I went from 220 lbs in mid Oct to 178 by Thanksgiving along with a sizeable increase in muscular bulk on my legs. The drawback I found was that if you suddenly stop using it and don’t modify your diet you gain weight back QUICKLY.

    This happened to me and I did not lessen my training regimen or my caloric intake. Another cyclist advised me the best method was to taper off the dosage over a 3 week period. Also watch for high blood pressure, especially if you have a history of hypertension or it is in your family history. I saw pressures at rest in me reach 180 / 120s this is why I had to stop taking Redline (and I miss it !!!).

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  70. I have used Redline for the last two months or so and so far have not had any problems. I kept checking reviews, websites, and magazines to see if this product was dangerous or not, but all I kept seeing was horror stories from people who just could not handle it. So I decided to try it, and let me tell you this is some great stuff. I work out every morning and after drinking the product I am ready to go. I highly recommend it.

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  71. I love this stuff. I drink it before my work out (about 30 minutes and only half a can) and it really gives me that extra “oomph.” I am a mother of two under two and I lack proper sleep so needless to say I struggle some days to stay awake during my work outs.

    I am very fit and work out about 2 hours every day, with both cardio and weights. It helps me more with my weights than cardio because I notice I get winded more easily when I am drinking red line during cardio (usually running or spinning for 5 to 10 miles).

    I love the stuff and I hope it stays on the market. Oh, and it does help with weight loss; I drink a bottle every day and have noticed a 2 pound extra drop a week compared to my usual 3 pounds a week weight loss.

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  72. I haven’t tried Redline pills. I consume the drink. Remember people, there is a REDLINE XTREME and just regular Redline. I only use the regular redline, I can only say that I LOVE it. I run 8 miles a day and sometime add walking to add more mileage. When I need that extra boost and highly recommend Redline for anyone into intense workouts.

    This product is not to be compared to Redbull, Rockstar or any of those phony “energy drinks”.

    DO NOT DRINK REDLINE XTREME IN ONE SETTING OR IN ONE DAY. ALSO, just pace yourself with the regular redline and you will be fine. I sometimes drink 1 regular redline every other day (I drink half and 3 or 4 hrs later I drink the rest) and a half of a can in between.

    Great for weight loss as well. Especially, like I said if your into serious workouts.

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  73. I have never had a problem with this product, in fact its quite the opposite, redline in both the liquid and the pills have saved me. I have used this product before the gym, to get homework done after a late night and best of all, it’s a snowplow truck driver’s best friend. The most important thing is that people open their eyes and dont just drink a random suppliment because they sell it 7-11. Everyone should read up on any workout supplement before they take and not just down the whole bottle and hope for the best.

    When following the instructions, this is my favorite product sold at any nutrition store. Definitely a 5 out of 5!!

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  74. I am 25 and overweight. I drank Red Line. Nice energy buzz! I tried the peach mango and it was the absolute worst taste! I am still stuck with the nasty taste an hour later. Wish I had some gum! Redline doesn’t make you jittery or make your chest pound like some other energy products. I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Terrible taste!

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  75. I am 16 years old and 100 pounds at 5ft 4, and downed a full bottle last night on an empty stomach ache. A new alternative to cocaine and alcohol. I was blacked out and in the fetal position shaking and had an insanely high pulse.

    It’s a real energy booster.

    Editor’s comments: Energy booster? Heather, you’re lucky you’re not dead. Stimulant-laden energy drinks are not benign; please be careful and always read the label.

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  76. I am 37, 5’2, 114. I work out 4 to 5 times a week. Ive tried a lot of fat burners, mainly for their energy boost, but none seen very effective (except for lipovarin; I love the stuff but can’t find in any stores). I’ve been taking Redline extreme for about a week now and I really like it. It gives me the energy to have a good cardio workout. When I take it I can run 4 miles easily.

    I started off taking the recommended dose – which is half the bottle, but it did not give me any energy. So the next day I drank the whole bottle, and felt great. The energy did not last the whole day, but it did what i wanted it to do, which was give me energy for a good workout.

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  77. I have been drinking redline for about 2 months now. I have great energy, I workout great, I run great and I still have energy to study late. I have never had the shakes or the sweats, nor have I been nauseated or blacked out. If you read the label, you will find out how to use it properly!

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  78. I drink Monster energy drinks every day. Today I needed a little kick to get my school work done so I went to the store to get a monster. Instead I got a Redline and was very disappointed, I didn’t get anything out of it – no change in energy or alertness.

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  79. I’m 28 years old and am always interested in trying new diet pills that provide me energy for my daily workouts. I’ve tried the redline energy drink and I love it – I usually have two; one in the morning and one before my evening work out. And I sleep just fine.

    Lately I decide to purchase the pill and liquid formula thinking it would provide me the same effects or better than the energy drink. But I couldn’t be more wrong. I doesn’t give me any energy. It makes my heart feel like its about to jump out of my chest and for the first time this product keeps me up at night. I can take it as early as 7am. I have tried everything out there from Lipo 6 to Amplified by gnc. And I can say this is the worst product.

    My stomach feels so sick that it seems that I have to eat more than usual just to make it feel better. And not to mention I get very anxious and moody. If I were you I’d stick with the energy drinks they work a lot better. Don’t waste your money on the pills and liquid formula!

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  80. I’m 23, male, and extremely active. Redline extreme is my energy drink of choice for all my long runs/bikes/rows. It is definitely not for the “normal” gym goer.

    I usually use a full bottle for my workouts which can range from 2-5 hours of cardio (sipping every 20-30 min). I use one can with some arginine for the longer days (typically 1-2 hrs on the rowing ergometer, same for light bike, and the occasional run).

    In short, I don’t even use the stuff unless I plan to burn a minimum 2000 calories in cardio. Great to keep the extreme athlete motivated!

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  81. I am 18, 157 pounds, 5’8″, fit, and I personally like Redline Energy drinks.

    I bought the drink one day just to try it out (I like to consider myself an energy drink connoisseur) and I discovered the extreme potency of it. I was practically jumping of the walls. Then again, I did ignore the label and downed the whole thing at once. However, I had no shortness of breath and the only side effect I had was a ridiculous pulse, which is the whole point of it right!?

    However, once I began to apply it to my Cardio workouts, I loved the results. It was easier to run and I cut minutes off my time. I would advise using this drink strictly as a Cardio workout tool to maximize the effectiveness, because it works quite well. You could use it for other things but here is my testimony.

    I tried drinking it for a lacrosse game one time….. Haha, my reaction time sky-rocketed but I noticed an increase in my aggression on the field. I was out for blood. :p

    Moral of the story, drink Redline for Cardio, and you will enjoy the results. If you want to be the Hulk, drink it for anything else. Enjoy it.

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  82. PLEASE DO NOT use this product!!! I am a mother who had to committ her son due to the deadly side effects of this product!!! Physically and mentally it’s as if he has had a complete breakdown. THe doctors are not sure how long the recovery will be but I will keep you informed. If you value your life or your loved ones please do now use this product without close spervision by a doctor.


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  83. I’ve tried redline several times for almost a year. Of course I read the label first and then I tried it and it’s actually a great product for me. It gives me the boost I need for working out and for intercourse… I remember my girlfriend saying “you took a redline tonight huh?!” Well, that surely put a smile on my face and I’ve never wanted any other energy drink except when the effect wears off and I have to take something weaker. Thanks to whoever made redline.


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  84. Holy Moly…this stuff nearly killed me. If I would have had a gun I could have pulled the trigger to put me out of the agony I was faced with. First of all I will completely take the blame for taking a pill from a friend without evening knowing the name of it.

    So I decide this morning at 8:15 to try this pill that I have had tucked away in my coin compartment of my wallet. Had just started eating my breakfast bar (so first my stomach was empty). Within 10 minutes I felt very strange…starting having the shakes, then my upper lip was breaking a sweat and then I felt my eyes were bugging out! Went to the rest room and sure enough my pupils were HUGE! Then I began to freeze to death…its 10 minutes till 1:00 AM and I’m still freezing and not normal.

    I called my friend to get the name so I could tell a co-worker in case anything happened and I needed an ambulance. She told me to drink lots of water and maybe even get some milk, crackers, or bread to coat my stomach. After drinking half a small bottle of milk and a few crackers…I ran to the bathroom and vomitted. Wondering how I was going to stay at work I then decided to eat a sausage cheese mcmuffin from mcdonalds I had a friend bring by. Thank goodness my brother had borrowed my vehicle because he picked me up for lunch at 11:30 and I barely made it to the bathroom in time to vomit the second time…much much worse. True statement “praying to the porcelain God”.

    Having tried different drugs in my past…I compare this stuff to exactly due to the heating of your body temperature but freezing to death… and the pure agony of meth withdrawals (which i would NEVER experiment with again). The only other thing that has ever made me this sick has been a Redline energy drink that (AGAIN my fault) downed like it was a redbull. Almost went to the ER then.

    Had I known this was the pill version…I would have NEVER even taken the pill from her. I honestly did not think I was so sensitive to something like this due the many types of weight loss pills…but this one was HORRIBLE! The girl who gave it to me laughed because she takes it just fine along with other stuff. I would be dead!

    I’m still on the road to recovery and boy am I ready to feel normal again. I think this has cured me from even alcohol consumption. I have a friend who is always looking for something and I want her to try it but I’m really scared since there is really no way of knowing how it could effect a person. The only way I could see it making me loose weight is the fact that I could not keep anything down all day. Might as well just be bulimic. Just know what you are taking and be careful…would not recommend trying while on your job for the first time either. I had to return to work and it just made things so much worse. Off to bed…if I can even sleep!

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  85. I went to GNC and read the bottle instructions/ingredients, and I thought why not ? Let’s try it. I went home and followed the instructions from a to z. Since I’ve experimented using Thermo burst and Ripped Fuel extreme I took a dose of ONLY 2 PILLS WITH WATER AFTER I ATE, nothing more and for the last 3 days I have had this pain on my heart. Every time I breath heavily it hurts like hell, even when I stand up I have a pressure on my heart and it still hurts. When I breath normal I feel it a little, but not enough to complain.

    I can’t even do push ups right without feeling the intense pain on my heart. I’m not putting my life at risk for this crap. I read the ingredients before buying them and I knew they were a caffeine power house.


    Editors if you do not post this comment to the public and let them know my opinion, I promise you this, the truth will be known. And are you afraid of the truth?

    Editor’s comments: Kahil, we have absolutely nothing to do with the sale or fulfillment of ANY supplements, so why wouldn’t we publish your comment?

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  86. I’ve been drinking RedLine for a few years – never took the ephedra stuff before – it doesn’t affect me very severely, but I like the energy boost. I drink a full can of RTD in one drink. No shaking, no sweating, not hyperactivity, but I can tell a difference in my energy level. I’m not huge, caffine sensitive, or a caffine nut. That said, my wife won’t touch them.

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  87. I’m a 29 year old female who has always used some form of energy booster to complete my workouts.

    I am also incredibly sensitive to any stimulants and products like hydroxycut turn me into an agressive, crazy person.

    When I bought the Redline liquid, I was told that it was the equivalent of 2 red bulls. I have literally 2-3 sips (that’s SIPS people) and within 15 minutes I know I can do a workout at 110%

    I do find that if I have it everyday, that it interferes with my sleep, almost like it builds up.

    When I’m going to the gym regularly, I generally have it for two days in a row and then can alternate the days.

    I know I’m caffeine sensitive so if I’m going to have it after work, I’ll only have a very small amount.

    Like someone else has said – read the label and act accordingly. Be aware that the way the body reacts to stimulants often leads to side effects of anxiety, shakes and sweating.

    If you don’t understand what you’re taking and you only have it because it will make you “super tough and buff and sh*t” then you shouldn’t be taking it at all.

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  88. I have tried Redline in both pill and drink form. I have read tons of reviews on this product and 9 times out of 10 the people with negative feedback didnt follow the directions.
    With Redline you NEED to follow the directions. I know its a common thing for us not to read what we are eating and drinking, though we should, we just dont. How is that Redlines fault? How is it fair to write a review on a product if you didnt use it properly? If you do follow the directions Redline is great! Its not for people that are sensitive to stimulants however.

    Eating a good meal prior to consumption is a MUST! Only taking 1/4 to 1/2 the bottle for your first time is A MUST. You must follow those directions in order for redline to work properly for you. All these people state in there reviews…they didnt eat..they drank the whole bottle..etc etc. Its not like other products, you NEED to follow the directions!!

    Redline is strong. Its not like a Redbull or Monster which alot of people seem to think it will be. It is much stronger and is for burning fat at an accelerated rate.

    I personally love this product. I have a substantial meal, drink 1/2 the bottle, go for a workout about 45 mins later and its wonderful. I feel good while working out! Not tired or run down. My muscles dont hurt, it actually feels good to use them. The “shiver” effect is another thing I love. While im sweating in not actually hot or uncomfortable. Not only does it increase my workout performance but my energy is amazing!

    So in conclusion I really like this product. It so important you follow the directions. Eat something substantial prior to use, and only take 1/4 to 1/2 the bottle. Simple.

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  89. I tried Redline for the first time today. I’m a big caffeine addict and have tried just about every energy drink out there. Before drinking Redline, I read the label, as it VERY clearly informs you to do. I gradually drank the recommended 1/2 bottle, and after 30 minutes felt no effect, so I gradually drank the last half. I did not, and 4 hours later still have not, had to race to the bathroom. My heart feels fine, I’m not shaking uncontrollably or having hot or cold flashes. I’ve felt no adverse effects at all, and have had a significant increase in energy. I bought the grape flavored drink, and while it certainly isn’t the best tasting, it’s still better than some of the other energy drinks I’ve tried such as Redbull. For the record, I’m 22 years old, healthy, 5’4″ and 130 pounds. I recommend this drink for anyone willing to take the time to read the label. This isn’t a soda, or an average energy drink, it is a dietary supplement, as it states, and most people know to carefully read the label on all supplements. It clearly says on the lid to do so, and that it contains 2 servings as well. I will probably continue using this product, however I still get a better boost from good old-fashioned, and better tasting coffee.

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  90. First and foremost, READ THE LABLES!! From the comments I’ve read on here most of the reviewers are either under 18, drank a full bottle, and/or think they can use the drink form of redline like redbull. WRONG! Redline is not an energy drink at all… it’s designed to increase fatburning during intense workouts. It is certainly not for the faint of heart and should really only be used by people who are already in great shape and want to shed some extra fat and get ripped. I’d also put $$$ on it that most of the people that became nauseated, had stomach pains or blacked out took some form of redline (possibly in excess) on an empty stomach<<<not a good idea! Bottom line: YES THERE'S A TON OF CAFFEINE IN REDLINE BUT IS NOT AN ENERGY BOOSTER! If you want an energy boost take B12.
    It will increase your heart rate also so if you are not used to doing intense cardio and are not comfortable maintaining a heart rate around 160-70 bpm DO NOT TAKE ANY STIMULATES YOU'RE NOT IN GOOD ENOUGH PHYSICAL CONDITION… Finally please properly research products before you use them and take everything the people at GNC tell you with a grain of salt… I'm 28yrs 5'9" 170lbs workout everyday taking Redline Hardcore caps and just one a day is plenty for me.

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  91. I used to drink redline every single day and worked out twice a day. I was only 17, but i loved it! It made me want to run the entire day and I loved the feeling it gave me!

    I did get weirdly addicted to it and had 4 cases of 60 in my garage and I needed one every day or I’d be grumpy and tired. Made me feel like a crazy person! After that I suffered from mild eating disorders and worked out way too much but not going to lie my body was hot.

    Editor’s comments: Sounds like you were suffering from caffeine withdrawl. It’s pretty common, after all.

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  92. I am 15 years old. I know the warning label says your not supposed to drink Redline if you are under 18 but I thought it would be like any other energy drink I ever drunk (and I’ve my share of energy drinks).

    I drank the first half (the recommended serving size) and then about an hour later I drank the rest. My heart rate went up to 190 and I couldn’t stop shaking. My friend then told me to drink water and eat something like bread. I drank 3 bottles of water and didn’t end up going to the bathroom until 2 hours later.

    My friends were very concerned and I tried to calm down and relax. My face got tingly and everything got kinda blurry. I went home and sat on my bed to watch a movie… My pulse went down to 140. Not normal, yet not as bad. It’s safe to say I will NEVER drink this again and I DONT recommend that anyone else EVER try this. Now I know why it has a warning label on it. 🙁

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  93. Dosage:

    So, after doing some “research” I started using Redline about 3 weeks ago. I started with 1/8 of a serving since I feared a negative reaction. After everything went well I upped it to 1/4, 1/2 and finally a full serving (ie. half a bottle) before working out.

    My Workout:

    I generally do 30 minutes of stair climbing (real stairs – about 100 flights up and down) and then rest for 20-25 minutes. Then I do a strength training routine for ~1-1.5 hours.


    It definitely does provide me with extra energy to complete the strength training part of my work out. Without it I would be much more tired and much less able to complete the second part of my regimen.

    That being said, I was not as blown away by it as some of the other reviewers have been. In terms of fat burning I suppose there has been a difference – but it’s hard to tell if that would have happened without Redline. So, basically it has provided extra energy, and maybe that is the key.


    I would only recommend it for those people experienced with physical training and used to a rigorous work out. Even then I would recommend starting with small doses and working your way up.

    Going forward I will probably go off it in a few weeks to give my body a rest and assess my body’s response to the withdrawal of Redline.


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  94. This stuff is intense. I love it! I am only 5’3 and 117 lbs. The first time I took this I took 1/2 of the bottle. I couldn’t even feel the weight I was lifting. I’ve decided to take only 1/4 of this bottle at a time. Great energy booster. But I don’t recommend drinking it as a coffee replacement. You should be burning this stuff off. Otherwise you are going to shake and feel weird. If your prone to panic attacks this is not something for you. You’ve gotta have your mind and body in the right place in order to take this stuff. It is strong. But don’t blame the product because you don’t understand the product, your body and it’s limitations.

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  95. Redline Capsules are something that I always wanted to try and recently I purchased a bottle wondering if I would loose the amount of fat that I want.

    Anyways I’m 6’2 tall and I have been working out this summer since April 2010. I started off using Redline for about a week now and trust me, it sure is wicked.

    I only take one capsule in the afternoon after lunch and then one before my evening workout session.

    I have noticed increased energy, more cardio, and I expect to loose weight soon. I think I have already lost a couple of pounds but I still want to wait and see the real results (i.e., after finishing my first bottle of redline capsules).

    Will upload the results after that for sure.

    I’d still suggest to everyone out there not to start with many capsules and follow the label instructions… do not over dose at any cost.

    Good luck 🙂

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  96. I think this product is amazing!

    I lost 20 pounds in 2 months and did nothing different at the gym. Keep in mind that I workout every day. I feel that REDLINE just intensifies your workouts. It gives you the energy to just keep going and going! I highly recommend this product, but only for people who workout seriously on a regular basis!

    And only as a pre-workout drink. Its not a pick-me-up for couch potatoes, or a get me “through the day” for cubicle dwellers!

    YOU HAVE TO BE ON THE VERGE OF A SERIOUS WORKOUT, or you will be the guy/gal who gets sick and throws up!

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  97. I have used the liquid version of VPX’s RedLine for a few weeks now. I am a 25 year old Olympic Weightlifter and play Rugby. I also wake up for work at 4 am every morning. I only take half the can, and I have to say that it does work as advertised; I have an umpteen amount of energy throughout my day, and it does help me feel a little more motivated to tackle the very intense workouts that I do daily.

    As far as fat burn, I have seen a little bit come off the mid-section, although that is not really a concern of mine–I mainly take it as an energy supplement.

    On a side note, it also gives me a boost of happiness. I don’t know if it’s from the caffeine, or what, but it’s certainly there.

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  98. This is my 3rd day taking redline gel caps. It’s says to try one to check your tolerance and then increase which I did. First day took one pill, second took two and, today I took 3. I am a female getting ready for a figure bodybuilding show so I am on a routine diet and exercise.

    I would not be taking it if I wasn’t already in good shape. I am using it to give me an extra boost to lean out. I am upping my cardio to see if I get faster results. I take it in the morning with a meal and then do my cardio a few hours later to let the food digest.

    I would only recommend this product for a short term use. It should not be a lifestyle. I have just a few weeks until my show and if I reach my goals sooner then I will stop using it. So far I have had no negative effects except it does last a long time and if taken to late in the day it could interfere with how you sleep.

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  99. I am a 20 year old college student and have used Redlines to keep me awake during finals week. The effects made me feel like I was on crack or like I was drunk. I could not stop shaking, I would be freezing yet sweating at the same time, my heart rate was through the roof, and the worst, feeling nauseous. One bottle contains TWO servings, and I was stupid enough to try TWO BOTTLES. I honestly felt as if I was going to die. I kept feeling like I was going to black out and felt nauseous for a LONG time. I couldn’t even eat without feeling sick to my stomach. I think these drinks are extremely dangerous and SHOULD BE REMOVED off the market IMMEDIATELY! These drinks are accessible to young adults and are extremely dangerous.

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  100. I use Redline occasionally for intense anaerobic workouts and for paddleboard races.

    DO NOT use this product if you are caffeine sensitive or have any kind of adverse physiological reaction to caffeine. The energy or “kick” derived from Redline is from caffeine. Period, end of story. If you use it, try it sparingly at first, and meter your doses. Capsules are the easiest to regulate. Start with one capsule per workout per 24-hour period. If you use RTD liquid start with 1/4 of a bottle per workout per 24-hour period. You can adjust the dosage from there, after you see how your body reacts to the drug. Yes, caffeine is a drug, a legal drug.

    There is little scientific evidence for the “fat burning” claims Redline makes. There is some, but it is far from conclusive. However, the only food supplement that has proven to enhance performance is caffeine. Therefore, if this product helps you to work out harder and/or longer and/or faster, you’ll definitely be sweating, burning some calories and maybe even some fat.

    I like Redline. It is a true performance enhancer but I use it with caution. You should too.

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  101. I drank this stuff and it made me violently ill. I thought it was a normal energy drink, but I was wrong. I am an attorney researching allegations of harms caused by Redline. Please call me if you would like to discuss. Scott Tillett (661)949-2595

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  102. I see some people don’t believe the hype about the shivering and sweating claims made by Redline. Well I’m experiencing it as we speak, sweating my ass off, but I’m cold as hell and can’t stop shivering even with my jacket on. This is the most powerful fat burner I’ve tried yet and I’ve tried it all. Being a NPC bodybuilder I wouldn’t trust anything else.

    Editor’s comments: The shivering effect can sometimes be caused by yohimbe, and it is not necessarily indicative of a powerful or effective product.

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  103. I have more of a question. I started taking these pills yesterday an I’m only taking 2 per day, one when I wake up before I go work out and one right before I eat lunch. I’m in the army so in the morning I run about 2 miles. I’ve been off off physical fitness for 10 month and I started running again except now I’m throwing up when I run. I thought maybe it’s because I’m getting back into the swing of thing but in the same token even when I started running last year with the army I never threw up. Has anybody had any problems with working out while taking this pill?

    Editor’s comments: We recommend skipping your morning dose a few times and see how your run goes, so you can accurately attribute the effects to the pill. If you are not being sick, it’s probably a smart idea to skip the morning dose on the days you run (it may be that the large amount of stimulants in this product is giving you the artificial energy to work so hard you are making yourself sick).

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  104. I don’t drink caffeine or soda pop but anyways I tried meltdown & have about 1 week left. I lost 20 pounds on that. Prior to this, I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried. I’m a highly active guy, I exercise every day & have for the last 10 years. I love it, there’s nothing like getting up in the morning & going for a 1 hour jog. I have this wedding to go to in July so I picked up Meltdown to jump start the ticker. Well this is about Redline so lets get to that puppy. I saw redline in the store & thought it was pretty cool, a ready to drink fat burner so I picked up a case.

    My reason was a extra kick on sprint days. I took 1/2 bottle as suggested which is one serving. There’s 2 servings per bottle. The flavor was nice, better then what I thought it would be. I was looking for the shiver but didn’t feel it. I did feel the energy right away & boy was I jumping up with joy.. this stuff was just what I needed & the energy lasted all day long. I expected things to cool down 5 hours down the road but dang…

    I was impressed, I expected some type of energy crash the next day, I didn’t get it.. another joy. I then wanted to see what would happen if I tool 1/2 of 1 serving & I was impressed even more, I felt a jive of energy kick in with only a little sip, I then finished the other 1/2 of 1 serving 1/2 way through my workout. They say do not drink it on a empty stomach.. I didn’t have any side effects so it worked well for me. It also made we sweat more. This is the only energy drink I have had so I can’t really compare it to anything but I can tell you, this stuff rocks. I love it so much, I want to pick up the extreme next week & give it a try.

    I only drink it on my hardest workouts, don’t see a reason to take any other time. I did notice my resting heart rate was 48 beats a minute which is normal for me at rest but I found that odd when taking a stimulant. I figure my resting pulse & blood pressure would hit the roof since I generally don’t take fat burners. My pulse in my workouts gets up to 150 beats a minute so thats about 85% of my max. There must be something in this stuff that reduces stress. If thats the case.. wow! thats some amazing science.

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  105. I tried Redline Princess (which I think is a little less strong than the other one) because my sister recommended it to me. I am 24 years old and I do work out almost everyday, but lately I have just been feeling like I can’t loose weight. So I tried redline for the first time, drinking only half of the bottle. And it worked amazing! I ran on the tredmill and did Yoga and still felt like I could do a lot more after my workout. I took it again yesterday, but this time only drank 1/4 of the bottle to try and aviod some of the chills and almost “drugged” out feeling. It was a lot better when I took less because I still felt like I had an insane amount of energy and not as many chills and no “coming down” feeling. Redline almost like tricks your body into thinking it has a lot of energy and I feel the tiredness the next day. I just am not sure how good this stuff is for you and I’m almost scared to take it again in fear that I’m really messing up my body.

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