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Fenphedra Fat Burner Review: The Rapid Weight Loss Pill?

I first heard of Fenphedra a few years ago from a site visitor. She had received numerous spam e-mails all claiming it was possible to lose “30 lbs in 30 days” with Fenphedra. Obviously, she wondered if such claims were true.

Whenever I hear about a product that is marketed via unsolicited bulk e-mail (aka “Spam”) I always say the same thing.

Don’t buy it.

Marketing products via spam—whether it be Fenphedra, prescription drugs, money making opportunities or whatever—is illegal in U.S., Canada, as well as many other countries. Companies that use such marketing tactics are breaking the law, and therefore have neither ethics or credibility. If they are willing to break the law to market to you, what do you think their customer service is like? What do you think their products are like?

Fenphedra (obviously named by combining fenfluramine and ephedra) is sold online—primarily on eBay. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with selling via eBay, how many big, respected name-brand companies are using this as their only marketing venue? Point is, some of the most nefarious retailers use eBay as a way to market their products while at the same time isolating themselves from their customers. In other words…

It’s an easy way to sell products and avoid accountability to customers.

Additionally, Fenphedra is manufactured by BlackStone Nutrition. Check out the details of the lawsuit filed against Utah businessmen Steve DeVore (of SyberVision) and Garret DeVore (of BlackStone Nutrition) that alleges…

“…SyberVision and Blackstone Nutrition conspire to deceive consumers through Web sites that post bogus “product reviews” that defame competitors and violate trademarks…”

The press release goes on to state…

“The defendants’ Web site claim to contain unbiased and helpful consumer information. However, the ‘reviews’ are fake and the Web sites are nothing more than a marketing scheme for defendants’ competing products, which they promote on the sites.”

Not exactly confidence inspiring, is it? (These guys also hold a coveted spot on our wall of shame—a listing of companies that a long list of customer service issues and terrible Better Business Ratings).

Fenphedra is also outrageously priced. If you believe the advertising copy, it retails for US$129.99 (although I was not able to find it retailing for this ANYWHERE) but can be had for the bargain price of $69.95.

Elevating the price to this level allows the retailers to pay huge commissions to affiliate partners, who can then blanket the ‘Net in “reviews” trumpeting Fenphedra’s awesome fat burning power… recommendations that can hardly be considered impartial, given the financial conflict of interest that exists.

And despite the claims of being “revolutionary”, the Fenphedra compilation is actually quite ordinary, with the exception of Humulus lupus — which, despite its impressive sounding name, is nothing more than common “hops” — yes, the stuff you make beer with.

Humulus lupus has antibacterial qualities, and the dried female buds have a high content of methylbutenol — a natural alcohol that has sedating effects. Some small studies verify Humulus Lupus’ ability for sedation, but according to the Natural Database

“There is insufficient reliable information available about the effectiveness of hops.”

And the rest of the compilation? Here’s what you’ll find..

Caffeine, a moderately effective thermogenic agent common to most fat burners on the market today.

Synephrine, derived from the citrus aurantium plant. Originally, this “chemical cousin of ephedra” was thought to hold great promise for weight loss. Unfortunately, research has not bourne this out. This excerpt from PubMed (Am J Cardiol. 2004 Nov 15;94(10):1359-61.) says it best…

“An extensive search of MEDLINE, EMBASE, BIOSIS, and the Cochrane Collaboration Database identified only 1 eligible randomized placebo controlled trial, which followed 20 patients for 6 weeks, demonstrated no statistically significant benefit for weight loss, and provided limited information about the safety of the herb.”

The most positive study I could find (“Increase in the thermic effect of food in women by adrenergic amines extracted from citrus aurantium”) performed at the University of McGill in Montreal and published in Obesity Research (Obes Res. 2005 Jul;13(7):1187-94.) stated…

“CA (citrus aurantrium) alone increased thermogenesis, on average, by 4% (52), a response that is statistically significant but not necessarily clinically significant, representing an average 1 kg over 6 months.”

Hardly a miracle, methinks.

Chocamine™: A proprietary extract derived from the cocoa plant. It contains the xanthines theobromine, caffeine, and theophylline. It is a stimulant (obviously, given its caffeine content), but evidence demonstrating weight loss effects beyond those attributable to its caffeine content are in short supply.

Phenylethylamine (PEA): An amphetamine-related chemical derived from the cocoa plant. It’s the “feel-good” chemical commonly found in chocolate. Unfortunately, supplementation with PEA will do little for you, as it is metabolized very quickly by the enzyme monamine oxidase. That’s why the best PEA-based fat burners (see Gaspari’s CytoLean) contain natural monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).

Nonetheless, there is no clinical evidence to indicate phenylethylamine has any benefits for weight loss.

In the end, Fenphedra is rather simple blend of common stimulants. Thus, I have no doubt you will “feel” this product and, if you’re low on energy, get a pretty significant “boost” (this is seems to be echoed by the customer feedback posted on this product. This might seem like enough of a benefit to justify a purchase until you consider that you can buy caffeine pills on their own (which will supply many of the same benefits) for around $5.00).

All in all, there is nothing here that justifies either the “30 lbs. in 30 days claim”, or the outrageous price tag.

If you like the look of this product, check out the much more reasonably priced Lipo 6 (which contains synephrine, caffeine, yohimbe and guggulsterones) or Lipo 6X, which boasts the aforementioned ingredients as well as PEA and a couple of MAOIs. While I don’t believe either one of these products is a sure winner, both contain similar, but more potent formulas, for much less money.

Remember also that despite the claims, the retailers provide no proof (in the form of clinical references) that their product does anything. And no studies have been performed on Fenphedra itself.

And of course, Fenphedra has been marketed illegally via unsolicited bulk e-mail. So I highly recommend you give Fenphedra a wide berth.

Summary of Fenphedra
  • Contains caffeine – if nothing else, Fenphedra will provide an energy boost.
  • Marketed by a company with a less-than-stellar reputation.
  • CART activation claims for ingredients are unsupported by any evidence.
  • Overpriced.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I was looking for a good replacement for the Original Stacker 2.

    I am always working out and living well.

    I took Fenphedra 2 times. I opened the capsule so as not to ingest the red dye from the capsule, and poured the powder in my mouth. It tasted like coco powder.

    The product did NOTHING – no energy, no appetite suppresant. It is thrown in the back of my cupboard with the $77 wasted on it. Don’t bother with it!

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  2. I bought Fenphedra along with Fen 72, so I figured I would lose at least lose 10 or more pounds.

    I know there isn’t a miracle pill, but every review I saw was positive so I was looking forward to not having all the cravings as usual. Fenphedra didn’t do anything 4 me… got better energy from products on the gas station counter!

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  3. I ordered the product directly from the fenphedra website on May 2nd, and have yet to receive it as of June 2nd.

    I have written 5 or so e-mails with no response. I cannot find a number to call this company. I think this company is a scam!

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  4. I have started taking this product. Honestly, it does reduce my appetite. The negative? I feel jittery at times, and I use the bathroom more often than normal!

    But I guess that comes with losing the extra pounds. It provides a euphoric feeling, and gives me the boost to exercise longer than I normally would. It works – I just would not take more than 2 pills a day.

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  5. Made me feel depressed and unwell. Don’t bother, it’s a scam.

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  6. I’ve been using this product for about a week now (3 pills a day), and without exercise, Ive lost 7lbs so far. It reduces my appetite gradually.

    I guess it is an unhealthy way of losing weight, since I’ve lost those pounds without any exercise, but I guess if you are that kind of person who wants to lose weight in a healthier way, you probably wouldn’t use any of the diet pills.

    Anyway, the bottom line is yes, it does make me feel a little depressed, and sometimes it’s hard to fall asleep, but I works great.

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  7. OK I would practically call myself a weight lost pill lab rat. Ive taken several different weight lost pills and can tell you some have done the job and some were just scary. Well, sorry to say but fenphedra is one of the suplements that is on the really scary side.

    Now don’t get me wrong I will be fair and say fenphedra is not 100% worthless but the negatives overpower the postives overwhelmingly. So let’s get straight to the point on my personal results.

    First of all, I am on my 3rd week taking fenphedra and even though I don’t like taking them anymore, I feel I need to finish them to have an honest opinion on this product. So far, the positive things that I can say about his product is that the weight will almost definitely come off.

    However I am a strict believer that the only way that can happen is if you exercise. I go to the gym 4-5 times a week. Since week one of the program I eat healthy as well.(except weekends, I am human I do need to have cheat meals.) I have lost 10 lbs up to today.

    Fenphedra will give you a lot of energy however, it depends if you like the type of energy where you feel like you’ve had 20 cups of coffee all while having someone stepping on your chest the whole time.

    And like I mentioned earlier Ive taken a lot of weight lost pills so the part where you stay up all night I have pretty much became immune to. However, even with my tolerance, I highly advise that you do not take the pill anytime past 2pm. I happened to do so and could not sleep until 4 am.

    And out of all the supplements I’ve taken, this is the first time I’ve felt the crash effect towards the end of the day. By the time it’s 6 pm I’ve got a headache and feel like I’ve had the worst hang over.

    Lastly, and most importantly I would like to advise you of the “mood swing” factor. If you had the chance to ask anybody about me they can tell you that I am one of the most easy-going, funny, happy person you can meet. Well I didn’t notice this till about the 2nd week but I found myself constantly being touchy and easily “fused” when confronted.

    I’m not saying fenphedra has steroids or anything but I can say I definitely do not feel the “euphoric” effect advertised by fenphedra. And I strongly, again STRONGLY, advise you to stay away from alcohol if you decide to take fenfphedra that day.

    That’s another story, but just be warned it is not a good mixture. Ive went on long enough and am sorry for practically writing a book, but I feel I should let people know. I will update when I’m finished with the bottle (hopefully I’ll have a different opinion).

    Thanks to anyone who took time to read this and thanks to this site. Good Luck and Keep Hope!

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  8. I have never taken a fat burning product before but was interested in this because I have simply stopped losing weight despite a punishing exercise and diet programe and I hoped this might kick start my metabolism!

    But unfortunately I have lost no weight at all, not an ounce and have now been on them for a month.

    I also took the 3 day Fen-72 detox capsules which were sent with the Fenhedra but the only effects they had were to make me feel jittery, short tempered and weak.

    I am amazed that so many people think these tablets give them energy because since taking them I have really struggled to complete my daily workout and the natural high I normally get when exercising has been replaced by feeling dull, sluggish and drugged.

    I won’t be buying any more and won’t be recommending them to anyone as they plainly do not work. I stopped taking them a week ago and now feel bright, energetic, enthusiastic and back to normal…

    I guess it’s back to good old fashioned hard work… there are no quick fixes in this life!!

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  9. Let me just say I received the product fast.

    However I can’t really say if it works because every time I take it I get sick. It did not suppress my appetite or give me energy. Matter of fact it made me hungry and tired and I got a really bad headache and could not stop vomiting.

    Not sure what’s in it but it did not mix well with me. HUGE waste of my money!

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  10. Hey Larry,

    I read your comment and found it very useful, so thank you for posting. Since you labeled yourself as a “weight loss pill lab rat,” could you tell me which diet pill has been the most effective for you, in terms of weight loss of course. Please include details too.

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  11. I been on Fenphedra for about a week now and Fen 72 as well. Neither have done anything for me.

    In fact, sometimes I feel like I’m eating more than normal. Fenphedra sometimes, just has me staring into space, but it doesn’t give me any increase in energy or supress any bit of my appetite.

    It clearly is a waste of time, money and anticipation. The good reviews are probably from people who work for the company, so I wouldn’t even pay attention to them, just listen to the people who it didn’t work for.

    We are the ones, who really struggle with weight loss. Fen 72 is a total joke, it doesn’t detox a single thing. I don’t use the bathroom any more than I used to before I started taking them.

    For those of you who are thinking about trying Fenphedra and Fen 72… save yourself the expense, it won’t do anything!

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  12. After reading these comments i’m kinda stressing…I’ve been on it nearly a week and I cannot stop peeing…seriously I think it has laxitives in it or something coz I drink like 2-3 litres of water a day normally and don’t even pee this much!!
    It Definatley suppressed my appetite, that’s if you like feeling like the slightest bit of food will make you projectile vomit everywhere. I did drink on one of the days where I took it and I seemed to get drunk faster than usual and feel really light headed but all medication mixed with alcohol will usually do that to you. I haven’t lost weight yet and haven’t tried the fen-72 that came with it…I think the way this pill works may be to get rid of your appetite so as long you dont eat and take the pill before you excersise so that you can still muster the energy to do it then yeah I think you would lose 7lb in 3 days…this product does not seem healthy AT ALL, but rapid weight loss isn’t meant to be healthy its just ment to make you look skinny. It definatley makes me short of breath but too much caffeine will do that to you. If I havn’t had a stoke or colapsed from malnutrition within the next week or so I’ll come back and let you know how I’m going…

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  13. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! This product doesn’t help at all to supress appetite or boost energy. I have taken the full bottle of tables and ZERO loss.

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  14. I’m still taking the first bottle. While I’m not sure it does anything to speed up your metabolism, it definitely cuts off your hunger (at least it does for me – gotta remind myself to eat!)

    I’m making awesome progress, but you know what, I contribute that to going to the gym every single day and doing about a hour of cardio, eating less and much better (the pills help out there) and drinking a ton of water.

    If you take this after 12 noon, chances are you aren’t going to sleep until 11 pm if you’re LUCKY.

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  15. Hello, I have recently purchased the Fenphedra, but due to these reviews I`ll defenetly return the bottle as soon it arrives ay my house. I belive it is not worth a try, thank you for honest comments. Do you guys think the Hydrocut Hardcore is a better ideia?

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  16. This product is a total bust I am more tired throughout the day… I cannot even get to 5 pm before I am ready for bed.

    Before, I was going all day from the time I dropped my kids off until bedtime. I truly believe I am more hungry and I feel like I’m actually putting on weight.

    The sales associate actually said that I must be ADD or ADHD because I am tired now even though I was drinking 2 to three cups of coffee before taking this product and I stopped drinking the coffee when I began.

    The first day was ok but I am moody now and sluggish and feel like I am PMS-ing all the time and I have only been taking it for a week.

    I do not recommend this for anyone unless you want to kill your self because that is how depressed you will feel.

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  17. I have been taking Fenphedra for 2 weeks now and have lost 6 pounds without any other change or added exercise. I work nights right now from 5pm to 5am. I will switch to days in January. I do find that it gives me an energy boost and that my appetite is satisfied with only eating once during my shift. I get by on only two cups of coffee as well.

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  18. I have been taking the product for 3 months now and am glad to say I have lost a total of 27 lbs! But I am growing hair in strange places! I now have to shave the palm of my hands, souls of my feet, eyelids and the back of my knees 3-4 times a week. But I feel that is not so bad of a side effect considering how much weight I have lost. I strongly recommend this product!

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  19. This product did nothing for my appetite and made me feel sluggish and tired. Waste of money!

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  20. I started taking Fenphedra approximately 5 days ago after finishing up some Phentermine which I’d had on hand from a previous prescription.

    I found the Fenphdera helped with the weight loss however, I am so fatigued that some days I fall asleep in the afternoon. I do not feel energetic and have not experienced any euphoria. I have felt tired, sluggish and negative.

    Phentermine always made me feel ‘happy’. I think different pills work for different people. I know I should just rely on diet an exercise but it’s hard for me, I’m an emotional eater. I grew up in the 70’s so pills & alcohol have always been something I’ve used.

    I’m struggling with the last 10-15 lbs. I know, I know, I’m definitely living my life wrong but it works for me for now. Love to hear from any soul mates out there.

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  21. Oh good grief. This is the worst diet pill ever.

    I truly believed that this would be a great way to lose 25 pounds, but I’m now going to do it the old fashioned way – portion control and exercise.

    This is just an important lifestyle to follow anyways, and if you fall off the wagon, you just get back on and take care of yourself. This was definitely a waste of money.

    I know some of you are just wanting to lose the weight and would put up with just about any side effect to do so, but this really messes with your brain and body. Not recommended!

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  22. I just ordered from the Fenphedra.com website and I have not received a confirmation email yet. Has anyone else had problems with this? Also, what company is listed on your credit card for the Fenphedra charge? Mine says “Health Science Nutrition”, Lindon UT.

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  23. Well……I have read tons of reviews on this stuff and honestly just ordered it so can not give my own but I can say this.

    A LOT of the reviews on here are negative and they are not on other sites. Also A LOT of the reviews on here sound like they were written by the same person if you re read them.

    I am pretty skeptical if this site is legitimate in their reviews at this point only because I have been to tons of other sites, all who review many products legitimately and have not seen anything near the bad reviews on this one.

    Editor’s comments: Karmyn, you’re skeptical about this site because the reviews are negative? Hello? You obviously don’t know much about us. We don’t sell supplements. We are 99% supported by advertising. We have absolutely NO reason to either fabricate comments, or cherry-pick the ones we present.

    The fact of the matter is that the VAST majority of sites claiming to be “independent” unbiased review sites are presenting a very “rosy” picture of these supplements because they are earning HUGE commissions from referred sales. It’s not negative feedback you should be skeptical of Karmyn, but hugely positive feedback, presented by the same people who are telling you to buy the stuff.

    Bottom line? The folks presenting all the positive feedback have a financial conflict of interest that presents them from telling you the truth. We don’t have that conflict, and that’s why we can. It’s also what makes this site and UltimateFatBurner.com different from the vast majority of other review sites.


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  24. I just finished my first bottle of Fenphedra and I am ordering more today. I can’t say that the weight loss is fast but if nothing else it keeps me awake so I can get through my day without it making me feel jittery. Also I have not felt any sudden crash when the pill wears off. I have not found any magic pills for losing weight but these make me feel more like I did before my kids and husband sucked away all my energy. Also I have been burning more calories a day according to my wicked awesome bodybugg.

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  25. Anyone who says Fenphedra works must work for the company. They made me hungry and feeling exhausted from morning til night. The mood swings were unbearable and almost instant.

    I only took then for a week and when I emailed the company about my complaints. The service guy said I must be ADD or ADHD because I was tired. Well I drink coffee everyday so no I don’t have either of those.

    Basically I would say that unless you want all of the above and insults from customer service save your money and use it toward going on the South beach diet because that is the best diet out there and it is very reasonable to stay on and IT WORKS!

    Editor’s comments: We have a review of the South Beach diet here!

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  26. Larry good write up, I enjoyed it. I will keep you informed of my experiences. I too have taken lots of different things over the years, so I said to myself what is one more. I am 47 yrs old and have multiple immune system issues, one of them been Sickle Cell trait w/ talassemia, and multiple forms of arthritis, and multiple food allergies; otherwise am “healthy” according to my doctors.

    This is my 3 day taking it. My first day for me was the most interesting one: I took the 3d pill about 2pm. I did not go to sleep until 2:30 am and have to get up at 4:30am; which I thought it would make feel tired, but it did not, it felt like I slept my usual seven hours. It did however make me a bit sluggish, jittery with a small headache.

    The 2d day went well; I was expecting the usual feeling that you get when you drink an energy drink, but it does not give you that feeling, is more like a subtle energy booster. You know you should be tired on start running on empty about 3:00pm when your date starts a 0430am, but I did not get that feeling, I continued to have energy, got home and did my 10 min work out, cooked, watcedh tv and was in bed and asleep by 10pm.

    So for me it works because I am not tired. By the way I also do 5 min walks 4 times a day at work. Today is my 3d day feeling good, side effects so far, and I weight myself this morning an actually lost 1 lb, which is great for me since is also my 1st day of you know what, which usually makes me tired, irritable, bloated, and lots of pain. But not this time, I skipped all the usual symptoms. The other thing I noticed is that I have gotten an allergic reaction to the hops, which I thought I was allergic too because I get reactions with “hoppy” beer. Well that’s it for me until next friday.

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  27. I ordered from Fenphedra after reading this post and I can tell you that it is bullsh*t. Not only do they not have a phone number, they do not have an address and can only be reached through their sales email address. I DID ORDER and they gave some made up tracking system (not usps, fedex or ups) that magically said my order was delivered down to the time but NOTHING EVER WAS DELIVERED. It wasn’t a shipping company I could actually look up either. Now I am in the process of having my credit card charged back which is a huge pain. That company sucks.

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  28. Took Fenpehdra for 1 month, which I figure is a good trial period. I eat fairly well, and exercise (I’m sure not as much as I should, but I do exercise)

    The “calm feeling” you experience…nah. I didn’t get much of anything in the way of feeling, well, anything! No energy rush, nothing. Did not lose more than two fluctuating pounds throughout the month. Certainly wasn’t worth buying another supply at the price.

    Also tried the supplemental Fen-72. Nothing there either, maybe a pound or two on water loss. Boy that’s a lot of pills though! 5 pills a pop, 2x a day…

    Would NOT recommend this product.

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  29. I’ve taken many “fat loss” products throughout the years of my life. Through experience one should know, there is NO SUCH THING AS A MIRACLE PILL! These are supplements to exercise, and proper dieting. If you think you’re getting a miracle pill, where you don’t have to do anything, except swallow a pill, then don’t even continue.. with ANY diet pill.

    I purchased these pills directly from the website, as there are many “copy cats”, that take the name, and add “hardcore” to it. These are nothing but scams. It’s hard to find and trust a 3rd person dealer!

    My stats as of early Jan 2009
    27 years of age
    28% body fat (using calipers to measure bodyfat)

    I started working out about an hour a day, along with running 20-30 minutes a day as well, without any supplements, without changing my diet (Just a heads up, i usually eat 3lbs of food per meal, and don’t gain any weight). During the 1st couple of weeks, as with most people, i lost over 10lbs (mostly water weight). After about 2 weeks, I hit a plateau. My weight loss shifted to about 1lb per week, and changed my diet. Lost an average of 1.5lbs per week with the diet. When that dropped back down to 1lb per week for 2 weeks, i decided that’s when I decided to start the FENPHEDRA supplementing. (this is about Feb 6th)

    First off, the energy, and focus. Energy level was spiked high, and beyond normal. However, I had absolutely NO JITTERS that I was expecting (which are probably because of the humulus lupus.) My Focus has increased, and yet still had a surge of energy. My daily running would be so easy, i could actually run without breathing at all through my mouth (unless I really kicked up the pace). At the end of the energy spike; usually about 4 hours, i’d be in a very “euphoric” state. It’s awesome, since it helps me go to bed easier (I’m really sensitive to stimulants), and I can actually fall asleep easily!

    My weight training is incredible. I don’t feel as sore the next couple of days as i usually. Also during my workout, I recover quicker between reps, and feel as if I could workout forever!

    Now for the fat loss part. From the beginning of Jan to early Feb, I lost about 3% bodyfat (without fenphedra). From the time I started taking Fenphedra, til today (Feb 26 2009), I’m measured at 19% bodyfat, along with a gain of 6lbs of muscle, for a total weight of about 230+/- (give or take the amount of water intake, along with how much food i have in me.) which means that I’m losing about 1.5lbs of fat PER WEEK! An increase of .5lbs of fat per week. And just so you know, the AVERAGE male loses 1lb of fat PER WEEK at MOST. If you lose any more weight than 1lb per week, you’re usually losing more water, and even MUSCLE! However, due to the body fat measurements and slight weight gain, it has actually been pretty much ALL FAT!

    In 1 month without Fenphedra, I lost a total of about 3% bodyfat, where as WITH FENPHEDRA i lost about 6% bodyfat, in LESS than 1 month.

    So in conclusion, I would say FENPHEDRA is worth it just for the energy and stamina boost (even if i didn’t have an increase with fat loss). However, having speed up my fat loss by over twice the amount is saying a LOT!

    I highly feel Fenphedra is working for me, and I do recommend people TRY IT as a SUPPLEMENT to their current workout. It may or may not work for you, as everyone is different. But if it does work, you’re in for a real treat. I have my friend currently on it, and he’s already lost 4lbs in 2 weeks.

    One more disclosure i’d like to mention: Weight loss is very “over rated”. If you’re trying to look good, you need to have a lifestyle change, so you don’t go back into old habits once you reach your goal. Secondly, the scale can be misleading, due to water content, along with muscle gains. If you’re looking to improve your physical appearance, and want to know your results, buy a set of calipers for measuring body fat, and just LOOK AT THE MIRROR. I’d rather be 230lbs and 13%body fat with a 6 pack abs, than be 200lbs at 30%body fat, and a jiggly party keg.

    Good luck, and keep up the good work! Fenphedra FTW!

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  30. Ren, thanks for the upbeat review. I too feel the same way. I’m down ten pounds in one week (yes, I realize it’s mostly water) but it’s good for the psyche. I swear by the first three days of Fen-72….I couldn’t go far from the bathroom, but it got better. I’m thrilled with my moods, I’m not jittery, no headaches. And as you said, there will never be a miracle pill. You have to work with whatever you’re taking, adjust your eating habits, increase excercise a little, and enjoy the journey.

    I couldn’t be happier with Fenphedra. I don’t expect another ten pound weight loss next week, but I’ll be happy with 3 to 5 pounds a week.

    BTW, I have 60 lbs in total to lose (50 more to go!!!) I’ll be sure to post again soon.

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  31. I ordered from the Fenphedra site and have the Fen-72 pills that came with it. I recieved the order very quickly, but it hasn’t worked, and I’ve been taking them for about 3 weeks. Instead of feeling energetic, I’ve been getting tired. I actually had a hard time jogging and gave up because I felt heavier, if that makes any sense. That tells me that its messing with my blood sugar but not in the right way.

    I have to agree though, that some things work for some people and not others. I bought this because I read that it was the safe chemical cousin to ephedra. Ephedra worked well for me in the past (RIP ephedra) but this, not so much, and no ‘euphoric’ feeling either.

    I do believe though that the people getting sick may not be able to take these kinds of supplements. If you tend to be sensitive to regular prescriptions or over the counter meds, don’t take this.

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  32. Hi I am on my 3rd bottle of fenphedra and let me tell you it does what it says!! The people of this website are devastated at the expreme popularity of Fenphedra! They are the same person writing this and a lot of my friends have read the reviews and said the same thing. Notice how you will get a person that says it does work but in the next sentence says it gives bad side affects. Shame on you for trying to Boycott Fenphedra. The things people do for advertising these days.

    Editor back to you!


    Editor’s comments: Lucy, here’s something we don’t understand; all positive comments on Fenphedra are to be accepted at face value – even though such comments benefit the retailer financially – and all negative comments are to be dismissed as the ramblings of one dissatisfied customer?


    Point is; either you are a satisfied user of Fenphedra who is affronted to see a product you believed to be helpful slammed by others, or second, you are affiliated with the company somehow. No one else would ould be so quick to dismiss negative comments on a product whose advertising claims have no basis in scientific reality or clinical data.

    Bottom line is this; just because you found the product helpful doesn’t mean others did. And their comments and feedback is no less valid than your own. And sorry… it isn’t some vast Fenphedra conspiracy, either!

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  33. Editor I like how you think I’m affiliated with the company…is this because you know you are behind the slamming of the product and find it hard to believe the product works! I leave the ‘real’ dieters to share thier genuine experiences with the product!

    I have nothing to hide and I’d like to think that my experiences with the product can help others not treat it like all the other gimmicks out there.

    Another thing if it isnt a conspiracy then put the gloves down and stop degrading it!

    Editor’s comments: Lucy, obviously you didn’t read my comments. I said…

    “Just because you found the product helpful doesn’t mean others did. And their comments and feedback is no less valid than your own.”

    I understand you found the product helpful. That’s great. Others, no less credible than yourself, have indicated that it did not help them. Their comments cannot simply be dismissed because they did not have the same experience as yourself. If you can’t recognize that, it does make me wonder if you’re not affiliated with this company; you don’t have to spend a whole lot of time reading feedback on this web site to discover that some products seem to work well for some, but not for others.

    And by the way, I am not “slamming” this product. I simply pointed out that there are no peer-reviewed, published studies that valid the claims of the Fenphedra retailers. Instead of insisting that I am doing a disservice to my visitors, why don’t you point me to some real science that validates the miraculous weight loss claims of this product? Your comments, as I’m sure you know, are anecdotal, and are no alternative to peer-reviewed, double blind, journal published studies.

    Some real science, please!

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  34. It is about diet and excercise. Here is what I did taking this product for 4 weeks:
    Mon-Fri – one hour at gym – lots of weights split with cardio – that’s it – on hour – nothing on weekends

    Took 2 red pills – one in am and one at lunch – Fed-72 took a round once per week

    Stopped most carbohydrates: bread, rice, potatoes – ate healthy carbs like in vegetable. No change in meat – but a little more fish and a little less fat.

    Lost 31 lbs month one from 267 to 236. I was amazed. i just stuck to it – didn’t listen to all the negatives in crappy forums like this – I just gave it a REAL honest effort and was responsible with exercise, lots of water and better diet. 31 frickin’ pounds! My goal is 190 – and I think I can hit it by May/June at the latest. Lowering carbs gets the fat burning faster – if you don’t do that, you only burn carbs and not the fat.

    Editor’s comments: Ollie, we like to let everything go but your comment “didn’t listen to all the negatives in crappy forums like this” needs to be addressed. First of all, everyone’s comments are valid, even if they do not agree with you, or their results were different. We’re glad you had a positive experience with this product, but honestly, how much of your weight loss can you really attribute to the pill when you added in exercise, and removed the starchy “bad” carbs from your diet? Chances are the pill gave you an added boost, but you did most of the hard work yourself. Oh yeah, and Ollie… we’d like to think we’re not “some crappy forum.” 😉

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  35. Editor, the real science is stated on the website im ONLY a satisfied customer of Fenphedra!!! Everybody is different and people that have health issues that they are unaware of might not find this product useful. I haven’t really worked out much but have lost a lot of weight using Fenphedra. Im speaking for myself now when I say it works for me!!!!

    You are however clever enough to print all the negative comments (as well as adding some yourself) rather than positive comments (which you delete) hence you claiming all you’ve heard from visitors is bad!!


    Editor’s comments: First of all, there is NO science validating the fat burning claims of Fenphedra. No peer reviewed studies, no nothing. I’m not making this up. Please take some time to actually read our review if you need a refresher on this. Retailers are famous for claiming they have scientific-backing for products when none exists. Second, how dare you accuse us of removing positive comments? What proof do you have of this, exactly? If you spend any time on this site and on UltimateFatBurner.com you’ll realize our integrity and credibility are of utmost importance to us. Additionally, we have no motivation to do so – we do not make or lose money on the sale of Fenphedra (or any of the products on this site) so what benefit is it to us to present either strongly positive or negative view?

    Lucy, please review my previous comments and try doing some critical thinking. The fact that the product worked for you is great, but it means very little when it comes to “proof”. Your comments are anecdotal, and the placebo effect is very real. Accusing us of manipulating the comments on this web site because they don’t agree with your own experience reveals nothing but your own ignorance and dismisses out of the hand the genuine comments of unsatisfied customers. Beyond that, your comments are insulting. Unless you have anything worthwhile to say, please do not expect us to approve any more of your comments.

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  36. I have just recieved mine in the mail. I managed to read all the scam sites created by the makers, and I have taken 1 so far this morning. I have a sharp pain in my lower stomach, and every time I burp, there’s vomit in my throat – no euphoric feeling. Just an ill feeling in the stomach. I’ll try the Tfuel and let you know if it works. FENPHEDRA IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME (NO ENERGY) AND MONEY!!!

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  37. I am in the UK and have just ordered Fenphedra from the US since I wasn’t able to find a site here. I haven’t started taking them yet, and after reading the comments I am not sure if I will.

    Oh… and for future refernce for anyone from the UK buying these, just remember that you may also be liable to pay a customs charge of around £15 ($22) on top of the £50 ($72, they don’t mention that!)

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  38. Well, there sure is a lot of conflicting information here! Have just ordered the product myself (before reading anything on this site) and me being me am a firm believer in when it doubt just try it and make up your own damn mind!

    Hence that is what I shall do, will be happy to post my findings.

    For future reference, I am currently 6’1 and 99kg approx (no idea what that is in pounds)

    Love and Light


    P.S. Quite like this site, it does tend to be very REAL.

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  39. I started taking Fenphedra about 2 weeks ago. The first few days I was so tired I was sleeping every few hours and when it was time to eat I was so hungry I was nauseated. When I tried to workout my heart would beat out of my chest.

    However, after about 5 days I actually slept the normal amount at night (8 hours), and my next day was MUCH better. Now the side effects have worn off, and I can exercise without having to sit down. However you have to drink A LOT of water or you will wake up feeling like you have a hangover.

    I really have no idea if I have lost any weight, though I do feel thinner, just not significantly thinner. I am going to allow myself to take an entire bottle and then see.

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  40. I bought a bottle of your “miracle” Fenphedra diet pills in February. You can have them back! I took them 2 times a day as directed and lost nothing. Matter of fact, I gained 1 pound. I ate steamed vegetables and grilled meats and didn’t cheat one time. This is false advertisement. You are lying to individuals who have trusted you to help them through a difficult time.

    Your money back guarantee is designed to give YOU the advantage of making at least $74.50 off of eveyone who orders a bottle of pills because you will not give a refund unless the consumer returns an unopened bottle. In order to return an unopened bottle you would have to buy 2 to begin with. You don’t tell the consumer this. Therefore $74.50 goes in your pocket for every person who orders regardless of quantity. You may as well say “Come on, buy one bottle and try it. It doesn’t matter to us whether you lose weight or not because we’ve already got your money”.

    This is the biggest hoax I have ever had witness to. I hope you can sleep at night!

    Editor’s comments: Betty, we understand your frustration, but Fenphedra is not “our” pill. We do not sell or fulfill any weight loss products. And we have NO relationship of any sort with the retailers of Fenphedra. So while we’re happy to provide you with a forum where you can “air” your grievances, we’d like to make it clear we have nothing to do with this product or its retailers.

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  41. DON’T BUY!!! I almost went to the ER after taking this! My heart never beat so fast in my life. I felt sick and never lost any weight. Don’t waste your money!

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  42. I ordered Fenphedra on April 3, paid extra for Priority Shipping and received the pills on April 8th (3 business days later). FYI – I live in the US state of Arizona and the pills shipped from the US state of Utah. I’ve only taken the pills for 2 days and in my opinion the appetite suppressant is not as strong as Hydroxycut: however, I have terrible side effects with Hydroxycut (stomach ache, jitters, moodiness, racing heart, dizziness, insomnia). So far I haven’t had any negative side effects with Fenphedra (but then again, it’s only been 2 days). I do have more energy but I feel that Fenphedra’s mood enhancing claim is overrated. Yes, I feel a little lift in my mood, but nothing worth bragging about. I have felt the same kind of lift taking other diet pills.

    In short, I’m willing to try this product for about a month since I’m not having any side effects. I’ll keep you posted about weight loss.

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  43. Even though Fenphedra is not the supplement for me (did not sufficiently curb my appetite –even at maximum dosage), I do think that it is a decent diet pill. I was willing to try Fenphedra for a month, but after a week of being hungry, I’ve decided to move along. Although I only took the pill for a week I did have the following positive experiences: increase in energy, lift in mood, elimination of minor aches and pains associated with cardio and weight lifting, absolutely NO side effects (no jitters, stomach ache, racing heart, etc…). On the negative side, I feel that Fenphedra’s mood enhancing claim is overrated (I have felt the same kind of lift taking other diet pills – no big deal). As I previously stated, Fenphedra did not sufficiently curb my appetite (I did experience a small decrease in appetite but not enough to keep me at my desired 1500 calories per day). I also believe that Fenphedra is WAY overpriced.

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  44. I know that a lot of people have had great results from Fenphedra and I respect that, but for me, the best thing about Fenphedra is the fact that I didn’t have any side effects. Other than that, in my opinion, there is nothing spectacular about Fenphedra – nothing to warrant $69.99 per bottle. My advice – try to find a cheaper diet pill (you may get the same results). If you decide to go with Fenphedra, get it on ebay or some other place at a discounted price. Good luck!

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  45. You claim to not be selling any products here but make money on advertising. I noticed that your main advertiser is for Premium Acai and Nature Cleanse, a combined ad making large claims yet, however, if you go to the left and look for the reviews of these products… they aren’t there. Hmmmm… will be very interested to see if this is posted and will also make certain the proper government authorities who address internet scams are aware of this sight. I have already shut down 3 sights for consumer scams, will this be the 4th? Please explain yourselves.

    Editor’s comments: First of all, “Scam Revealer”… whoever you REALLY are, how about sharing your name with us? It sure is nice to receive such commentary from an individual who doesn’t have the strength of conviction to use his/her own name. You know who WE are, who about sharing the same courtesy? It’s sure hard to take your comments seriously when you have a hidden identity.

    Secondly, if you have something to say to us, please contact us directly; the comments on this site are supposed to for people using the various products.

    Regarding your comments…

    Obviously, you are one of the people who can’t tell editorial material from advertising. This happens everywhere, and is a fact of life. I’d be curious to see which “sights” you had shut down for displaying in context advertising. Have you ever launched a similar action against newspaper or magazine that featured both an article outlining the dangers of drinking and driving and a Budweiser commercial? Hello?


    How does not featuring a review for a product advertised through Google’s system (which generates and places the ads) do our visitors a disservice? Especially when we’ve discussed both acai and detoxes/cleanses in detail on UltimateFatBurner.com?

    Obviously, you’ve spent a lot of time learning about who are and what we do.

    It seems to us, great masked crusader, that your efforts might better off targeting “real” scam sites; you know – the ones that edit out the negative feedback and present an overly positive picture of every featured product so they can make a sale or earn a commission on a referral.


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  46. I ordered this product about 3 wks ago. I have had no side effects, but have lost no weight. Will take the whole bottle just so I can say I tried it. What a disappointment.

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  47. I’ve been on this pill for only 3 days and I couldn’t take it any more! I had mood swings, heart palpitations, and could not sleep. I wish I could have handled it more, so sorry I cant tell you if it actually works, I got too sick from it!

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  48. I started this diet pill about a week and a half ago. I ordered 2 bottles that came with 2 fen 72 free bottles. I was excited to get this product and had high expectations after reading reviews under top ten diet pill searches. Unfortunately I came to find that I didn’t dig as deep as I should of because I wanted to believe that this pill could help me shed a few fast pounds.

    I spent over $130 dollars on this product and all it has done is make me feel depressed. Yes, it has induced depression! I have not experienced any increase of energy and my appetite is where it was two weeks ago. I am so disappointed and don’t want to see this product scam anyone else! People searching for diet secrets are vulnerable to scams because of our overwhelming desire to lose weight. I am begining to realize that the only diet that will work is proper diet and exercise over a long period of time.

    Sorry folks, but DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! IT IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY! Don’t let this happen to you!

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  49. I have been using this product for a little under a week and have already lost 2kgs! This weight loss can also be largely contributed to exercise and eating healthy but frankly I believe this product works!!

    The only side effects that I have noticed are increased energy and surpressed appetite! The first two days of taking it I felt a bit jittery but have not felt that since. Anyways it is early days but I will continue to take the full bottle and let you know the outcome!

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  50. Wow… I can’t believe so many people have had such bad experiences with Fenphedra. I was very skeptical at first but the pill really does work for me.

    I must admit the first day I got a terrible headache. I took the Fenphedra and the FEN-72 that came with it. I’m still not sure what the FEN-72 is for, but I took it anyway. First day I took the pills I lost 2.4 pounds… no joke! I stayed there for a couple of days, it’s not like I was losing that every day. The thing is that by the end of the week I lost 4 pounds.

    I have 25 more pounds to lose, so I’ll keep taking the pill till I get there. I have been drinking lots of water like it recommends but I have not worked out at all. I’ll start working out next week. I pigged out on the weekend and gained .5 pounds but that’s gone already. So in a week and a half I’ve lost 5 pounds… I think that’s pretty good for not working out at all. I’ll continue to take it and tell you guys how it goes.

    By the way, the headache was only the first day and after I finished the FEN-72 I had no side effects at all. It does increase my energy, and I’m usually in a good mood, so no change there. I don’t know, maybe I’m just lucky with this pill.

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  51. This is my 3rd day taking fenphedra and oh my goodness, they seem to be making me hungry! I am really surprised…I will continue to take them for the remainder of the week but if nothing changes I will discontinue. I haven’t had that happy feeling nor more energy either. Oh well I’ll give it a little longer maybe it needs to get in my system.

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  52. That was close…thanks for talking me down folks. I was at the precipitice about to step off…

    I’m not usually one to be taken in by this type of hype, but every site I went to was 100% positive feedback. I was close…way too close to buying this product, but something held me back. It seems like every site with customer reviews also had a button for ordering Fenphedra as well.

    In reading the feedback on this site, then going back to read the feedback on the other sites, I noticed that just about everyone with positive results also modified their diet and added exercise.

    I wonder if they would have had the same results with the diet and exercise alone, without the Fenphedra.

    I think for now I will stick to my workouts and diet. I’m at a plateau now, and I guess I was just looking for a quick fix… I should know better than that.

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  53. I have lost 31 lbs to date. This pill does what it says it does. Must admit that proper diet and exercise was also part of this weight loss. I feel awesome on this product. My only complaint is that some foods I eat send me running to the rest room.

    Other than that I give this pill 2 thumbs up.

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  54. I’m not quite sure why my other post wasn’t approved or whatever, but I’ve been on this pill for over a week, and you know something, I’m one of the people who has a positive outcome of it.

    I was already on diet and exercise and my regiment hasn’t really changed other than that because I damaged a muscle in my leg, I was advised against doing much more than walking for three weeks. I haven’t had any bad side effects when it comes to this pill other than having to urinate frequently.

    I have experienced more energy than I used to have and an uplift in my mood as well. I have lost seven pounds since I started this pill last Tuesday. You will feel sick if you don’t drink the amount of water it tells you to; I found this out the hard way. Other than that and the bathroom thing, it’s really not a bad pill.

    All in all, I’d say it’s probably right for some people and probably wrong for others.

    Editor’s comments: Erin, it may simply have been that you hadn’t been on the pill long enough; this web site is for people to share their experiences with others. If you hadn’t actually been taking the product very long, or were making general statements about the product before trying it, your post may not have been approved. Your comments are much more valuable after you’ve been taking the product for some time.

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  55. I have been taking this pill along with the fen-72 for three days now. I don’t know if it’s working or not because I feel no change. I had a high energy boost from it yesterday, but by 9 pm I hit a low. I felt exhausted.

    The negative reviews have me worried, but I’m going to continue taking them and will keep you updated.

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  56. I ordered this product today, thought I’d give it a shot. I have read several of the posts on this website, and I have to admit, I am quite intrigued by the comments by both consumer and editor. I took the original fen-phen combo 15 years ago and it worked sooo well. It was only approved for three month periods, and because my doctor had never prescribed it to anyone else, he was just as interested in the results as I was. So that’s what I got, three months worth and I lost 40 pounds.

    I realize I’m going off topic a bit but I just wanted to add that I feel very strongly that the reason it was pulled off the market was because it worked so well that people were probably taking it for a lot longer than the 3 months. FDA guideline, or doctor hoping if you will and as a result , some of them developed health issues. My point with all of this background is simply that the original fen-phen did exactly what this over the counter version claims to do (stimulating CART and inhibiting NPY).

    If Fenphedra works at least half as well, I will be very pleased indeed! I realize that this website was designed for people to share their experiences with Fenphedra and not fen-phen, however I’d hope that you would post my comment anyways as I will be sure to return with frequent updates as to my progress on Fenphedra… Good luck to all!

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  57. It is now day 3 on this product, and so far so good. I am experiencing a mental energy, if you will, that does in my opinion, indeed, mimic the effects of the original prescription fen-phen available several years ago. That is exactly what I’d hoped for when I ordered Fenphedra because the former worked extremely well for me. I have eaten considerably less than usual and thus far have not had that ravenous nighttime crash effect so common with other weight loss supplements that I have tried in the past. No problem falling asleep either and no middle of the night carb/sugar cravings. All things considered , actual weight loss will no doubt occur. Fingers crossed, more to follow …

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  58. Ordered via Priority Mail on Thursday and received on Monday. Tuesday morning upon awakening, I took one pill with a large glass of water. After about 40 minutes, I noticed the effects: a much calmer, pleasant, stress-free mood. Because I didn’t get the usual diet-pill jitters, I was worried about it’s energy-boosting properties. However, when I began to bike ride, the energy boost, along with great stamina kicked in. I exercised better and longer because of the Fenphedra and my mood is much better.

    I fully expect these factors will help to lose weight. I would recommend to take the pills with an exercise routine and healthy eating to get optimal results — and I won’t take them after about 1 or 2 PM. I have tried many, many diet pills on the market and these seem to be the best so far.

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  59. Ooops…I would have given this 4 1/2 stars (nothing is perfect), but I didn’t see any rating system when I posted earlier.

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  60. I just received my bottle of Fenphedra and I have to say I’m a little dissappointed.

    I researched it for such a long time and was finally convinced about the product. However, I have been them for about a week and I have no energy whatsoever and I haven’t lost a pound! Yet at the same time I lay awake for hours during the night!

    I have tried Hydroxycut, Lipo 6, Lipovox, Orovo and Slimquick. None of these pills were as good as Hydroxycut, but it has recently been taken off the market! All in all, I receive way better results working out intensely! Obviously this is not what anyone wants to hear but it’s the only weight loss method guaranteed :[

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  61. Day 19 and I am down 6 lbs. Although this is just a dent (I’d like to lose 100 lbs in all) this product has given me a much needed boost, I had been stuck at 280 for over a year. I should also add that I am 44 years old, which I believe contributes to the longer plateaus. The one time in the last couple of weeks that I chose to ignore the feeling of contented fullness that this product gives me, and to eat the equivalent of a double portion I became extremely uncomfortable and literally had to lay down until the overstuffed sensation abated. Although I felt like crap I was kinda of pleased that my body had that reaction… so often in the past, I had been able to overide the properties of weight loss supplements, therefore rendering them useless after a while, but not this one… when you are full , you are full.

    The hope is that the smaller portions will then become the norm for your body, even without the pills. Also, in several of the previous posts, the need to drink the recommended amount of water is stressed, I thoroughly agree. Early on, I took a pill and then flew out the door forgetting my water bottle, big mistake – I got that weird hunger pain sensation. I’ve just ordered my second bottle (got a good price on Ebay) and am committed to seeing this through. Also, my first bottle came with that 72 hr cleanse or whatever, and in my opinion, this product is just average. It’s mostly chromium picolinate, which you can buy on your own in higher doses…

    Until next time …

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  62. I started taking this when i was told I need to see a personal trainer about a back problem I was having. Not being overweight but I still could stand to lose a little, so I decided to try the Fenphedra.

    I just finished my 1st bottle and with changing my lifestyle and eating habits I’ve lost about 13 pounds. As with any diet product it’s not something you’re going to see amazing results with if you take it and don’t move. If you are serious about losing weight and have the motivation to actually be active, this product gets 2 thumbs up. Besides the energy it gives you and the good mood it puts you in is worth the price alone. I just re-ordered and now I’m going to try the FEN-72 I got for free with my last order.

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  63. I’ve been on this product for 14 days. I’ve not really experienced any increase in energy, wellbeing or weight loss. I do wake up at 3-3:30 am to eat crackers and drink water – a new personal low! I mean I wake up ravenous! I’m in my 50’s (female) and have never had that occur before. I have begun to drink more water during the day, which is difficult with my job responsibilities.

    I do intend to finish the bottle of pills I’ve started (and to send the unopened bottle of pills back for a refund). I was in a car accident a while ago and have been struggling with weight loss and exercise since.

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  64. I wish I could give this product zero stars. I have actually gained weight, it makes me not crave food, but when I do get hungry I’m ravenous. It makes me feel a little “off.” It did not give me any more energy than drinking a mug of coffee would.
    Don’t buy it!

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  65. I have been using this product for 14 days as follows:

    Wake up @ 4:30AM 1st pill, and I walk for 3.5 miles

    30 mins before lunch @ Noon I take 2nd Pill

    14:40hrs Mid-afternoon Yogurt/cheese snack and 3rd Pill

    18:00hrs – I walk another 3.5 miles

    I am walking at a pace of 3.5mph for 7 miles per day with a 50lb weight vest – I am not sure if my fat loss is a result of the pill, or the fact that I have a calorie deficit of 2300 calories per day. I did want this pill to take away the late night hunger cravings – which it has done marginally.

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  66. I too read all kinds of positive reviews and saw where it was rated #2 so I went to Ebay and found it at the best price of course and it arrived fast, but it’s junk. IT DID NOTHING – like I took nothing!

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  67. I love fenphedra. It gave me tons of energy and I was never hungry. Even when I ate it was just a bite or 2. The only thing about it is that you MUST drink the recommended amount of water or else you’ll get a headache. Not pretty – trust me.

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  68. I give this product 4 stars because it does do what it says it will do. I have been taking the product 2 weeks now and have lost 8 pounds. The reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because of the trips to the bathroom I have to take after taking the medicine.

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  69. I have been taking this product for a month (also took the Fen 72). Nothing happened; I should say I gained weight. I feel tired and emotional and depressed. I don’t feel this calming effect or the hunger supression. It seems to affect my breathing too.

    It’s not working for me!

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  70. I’m in NZ, it took about 10 days for my pills to arrive. I had my first day of taking them yesterday. I weighed myself yesterday morning (65.4 kg) and again this morning, my scales today say 64.7kg. That’s good news, however my experience on them so far is terrible! They make me so lethargic I can hardly stand up, and my mind is so foggy. This morning about an hour after taking my first one for the day I had to go back to bed for an hour!. The appetite suppressant effect does seem to work for me so far though. I’m not craving food like I normally do. I can still eat but am quite satisfied after a few bites. I’ll keep on going with the whole bottle… maybe the side effects will subside after a while.

    Editor’s comments: Nicole, please report back on the side effects and your weight loss after you’ve finished the bottle. It’s likely the small variation you saw in the scales was due to hydration, and not fat loss, which does not happen “overnight”.

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  71. I give it a 3 star for the amazing energy and happy feeling it gives you —- at first. The company did refund me my money on the unopened bottles. I think I lost 1 lb in the first two weeks but gained it back by the third. I will admit I did not work out as I probably should of. But I did do 1 hour cardio 3-4 times a week. Without it I could barely do 20 minutes without wanting to shoot myself from boredom, but on it I could just keep going and going and going. Actually the first few times, I had to FORCE my self to stop my cardio after about 2hrs on the treadmill!

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  72. Bought this over the internet, took 2 pills in one day, the recommended dose before each meal. I woke up the next day with the worst migraine I’ve ever had and was throwing up for 12 hours. The next day I had a slight fever. I wasted $70 dollars on a product that made me sick! Do not waste your money like i did. I will never buy a weight loss supplement online again.

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  73. This is my second day taking Fenphedra. Obviously it’s way too soon to tell if it actually works or not but what I CAN so far determine is that…

    1) I have had a constant headache since I started taking it (but this could vary from person to person, this is just MY results)

    2) I haven’t been able to fall asleep till 5-6am (but then again, I’ve been taking my second pill around 6:00pm and after reading the other reviews I am going to start taking them much earlier)

    3) I seem to have a slight fever/cold sweat.

    So far the only positive thing I have noticed is about 30 minutes after taking the pill I do get a slight energy boost, and this is usually when I hit the gym. I have noticed my workouts are a little easier. I am going to finish the entire bottle and then write the rest of my review.

    **Sidenote**: The headache/cold sweat might be from the fact that when I started taking Fenphedra I cut back on my food intake A LOT. I’m not going to lie, probably more than is healthy. So it might be a side effect of that, not the pill. (I haven’t noticed that much of a difference in appetite).

    **ALSO** There is no such thing as a “magic” pill. All diet pills are just HELPERS. You need to diet and exercise as well.

    but all in all, my hopes aren’t really that high. i’m not sure i can finish the entire bottle if these headaches persist, but i’ll try!

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  74. Well, despite all the negative reviews I tried it and it works for me. I’ve lost 5 lbs in a week and it gives me a boost and I really don’t have an appetite.

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  75. I am a 19 year girl who has been struggling with weight the past year and a half. I was a very healthy 130 lbs when I was 17 and since then i have gained 20 lbs. This sounds normal but after I had gained my first 10 I began working out 4 times a week running 40 minutes each time followed by 30 minutes of weight training and a very low carb diet. I still gained 10 more lbs!

    It was not just muscle that made me gain my weight – I took regular fat calibration test, those things where they pinch your fat, ouch. I went to doctors and they said there was definately something wrong but after a bunch of tests they still have no clue. So I did some research and ordered FENPHEDRA.

    The first week I didn’t really have any results, but by the end of the second week I lost about 7 lbs! And by the third I had lost 15 lbs total! I did stick with my regular diet but cut back on exercise. I will be forever thankful to FENPHEDRA!!!!

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  76. I ordered this product with great optimism! I am aware of how diet pills are ‘supposed’ to work. I have taken a few different types over the years. I bought this assuming that it would work and would work well, especially based on how expensive it was. I was very disappointed. I have been on it only one full week. It did not curb my appetite. I had no extra energy, in fact I felt very tired. I felt bloated and it did not clean out my system. I was even constipated – TMI I know – but it’s true! I never have that problem. My fingers seemed swollen and I was hardly able to wear my wedding ring. It seemed to make me more ‘calm’, but other than that, I received no benefits from it. I was hoping for a good appetite suppressant and something to give me energy. It did NONE of that! I will keep taking it, until the bottle is empty, but I will be sending back the second bottle!

    Very disappointed!!! Waste of money!!!


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  77. I was very disappointed in this product. I was very optimistic when I purchased this product, willing to give it 100%. It did nothing for me. Instead of the claims, I felt the opposite. It did not curb my appetite. It did not give me energy. I felt more tired and didn’t want to do anything. I almost felt depressed. I had no desire to clean my house or interact with others. I just wanted to sleep. It made me a little nauseaus. I had the occasional headaches with it, and I never get headaches. I almost felt sick. I have not lost any weight and will be sending the second bottle back. I had more energy prior to taking the pills. Very disappointed and a big waste of money.


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  78. Today is my first day taking this pill, I feel so happy and energized and haven’t even got through my next dose yet i was able to eat a small portion of food and felt satisfied. I think this pill will do me some good!! 🙂

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  79. This product does work. I have been in the supplement industry for over 5 years and a herbologist for 7. Bitter orange does causes increased weight loss as well as burn adipose fat not muscle. No, you don’t loose 30lb in 30 days. Myself and several of my friends have taken it – I lost 12lbs in 3 weeks.

    Editor’s comments: Supplement industry in what role exactly? And are you affiliated with this product? And where did you get your degree in “herbology?” Because all the published clinical data on synephrine (the ingredient for which bitter orange is standardized) shows it to have almost NO effect on weight loss.

    As consumer advocates, one of our jobs is to challenge the people who claim to have some sort of knowledge and authority and use it to add credibility to a product. Instead of claiming credentials you can’t possibly prove, please provide some clinical references that shows bitter orange works as claimed. If you really were a qualified professional, you’d be aware only peer-reviewed, published journal references count for anything. And there aren’t any for bitter orange.

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  80. Actually quite the contrary, it has worked wonders for me. Although I was a little bummed that I haven’t felt the high, I am definitely more mellow and I’m able to exercise without losing my breath. It has suppressed my appetite, I find that I have to remind myself to eat. I believe that with diet and exercise plus this product it makes a good triple tag team.

    I’ve been on an alkalizing diet (for 3 weeks prior) and I lost 2 pounds a week (not complaining) but this definitely upped it to like 4 lbs a week.

    It hasn’t given me any jitters or head aches or any nausea and I’ve been on it for 2 weeks now. Maybe it differs from person to person? Just my opinion. Good luck to all!

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  81. Well I have to say I’m a little dispointed in what I have read here. I was hoping this pill would be a beneficial additive to diet and exercise. Mood swings, headaches, fatigue, and OMG that one guy (or girl??) had to start shaving the palm of his hands. I think I will just stick to low cal/high cardio. Thanks, this was very insightful and props to the editor who slammed the gal who cried conspiracy theory just because people didn’t share her opinion. Ignorance! Sheesh to that.

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  82. I have been taking Fenphedra for about a week, and I have lost 3 lbs.

    I take 1 capsule as soon as I wake up (730-8am) with a bottle of water, and another pill around 1 or 2pm with some more water! Like millions of other people, I have tried almost every pill from stacker 2, to lipozene, to hydroxycut, to lipofuze,and even the prescription Meridia.

    I have found that (this is my opinion) the fenphedra does indeed curb my appetite as well as giving me extra energy through out the day. The 1st day or 2 of taking it, it did make me feel a bit crazy (as my boyfriend says), but after that I was fine.

    I have been drinking a milk chocolate slim fast for breakfast and lunch, with fresh veges and fruits in between. And for dinner, usually any type of grilled anything, fish, chicken, etc.

    If you take the pills at the right times as well as eating right, (I’m not a gym person at all, nor will I ever be!) they will work for you. if not, they provide a money back guarantee. Hope this helps someone!

    Editor’s Comments: A money back guarantee is only worth something if it’s honored. Fenphedra is made by Garret Devore Labs, a company with an “F” rating with Better Business Bureau and numerous customer complaints including billing/collections issues, customer service issues, refund /exchange issues, delivery issues, guarantee / warranty issues, advertising issues.

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  83. I bought two bottles of Fenphedra, back in April. I hated this product! I felt terrible after using it – no energy, nauseua, headaches…etc.

    I sent the unopened bottle back and the opened bottle and requested at least the partial refund for the unopened bottle. Although I did not like this product at all, I was pleasantly surprised that they not only credited me, through Paypal, for the unopened bottle, but also credited me the entire amount that I spent.

    I read the BBB comments and found that they had an F rating. I felt sure that I would never see my money again. Fortunately, I did. So, at least they did that right. Product is terrible – but the company did reimburse me the total amount that I spent.

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  84. So, I am just looking at reviews, and have noticed (and it will be interesting to see if this posts) but the editor made an earlier comment to somebody that their positive review did not get posted because they didn’t think they had been taking the supplement long enough to give an accurate opinion. Why is it though, that negative comments from a single day get an immediate post?

    I understand that people should hear about the negative immediate side-effects of a product (very important) but why wouldn’t you want to post any immediate positive effects? If this is an impartial site solely designed to help consumers make an informed decision on a purchase from other’s opinions, and as you say EVERYONE REACTS DIFFERENTLY, it seems only posting the immediate negative side effects of something and none of the immediate positive effects….would more than likely bias the consumer to NOT purchase this product.

    And all of your constant comments against positive reviews (like contesting the validity of whether it’s the product or exercise, or they haven’t taken it long enough, or maybe they just lost water weight) further shows that while not a conspiracy against the product, the editor of this site is extremely bias against this product, and this is NOT an impartial review site…which is disappointing to me, because I don’t know what to think at this point.

    I think ALL comments about the product like YOU say are valid, one’s person’s experiences are no less important than another. I understand your need to defend the constant claims that the same person is posting the negative comments, but other than that, why dispute the validity of other’s comments? I believe a site that seems to mask itself as an unbiased consumer review resource while operating on biased opinion is disgraceful and in the end makes any consumer not even read reviews and just purchase something because it SOUNDS like it will work.

    And that works either way…to design a site to show postive “reviews” to boost sales is frustrating and unethical, but expected, and kind of obvious…but to design a site alluding to impartiality but when looking deeper seeing obvious negative bias, is even MORE frustrating, because you think if a site has more NEGATIVE reviews it must be for real, and objective because who would profit? Unless it’s solely just to direct people away from a product because the designers of the site have their own opinion against it. I don’t know what to think and I am more confused than ever. Not sure if this will be posted because I haven’t taken the product, although posts of people who haven’t taken the product but have been effectively scared away from it are posted just fine. We’ll see….

    Editor’s comments: Dawn, exactly how many reviews of how many products did you read? There are hundreds of untouched negative comments from individuals who have only used the products in question for a day or two. And there are hundreds of untouched reviews from people who have posted positive experiences after only taking the products a few days. And there are all sorts of feedback we don’t comment on at all.

    So we contest the argument that we are skewing testimonials one way or another.

    Next, you need to recognize that with thousands of comments on this web site, we have to make the same comments over and over again; online people scan rather than read every word – which means most of the time, important relevant caveats will be missed. Including these comments here and there ensure more visitors receive this vital information.

    Additionally, there are all sorts of ulterior motives for posting either positive or negative experiences that are not genuine. If we suspect a comment isn’t entirely genuine, you can expect us to comment on it.

    Lastly, since we’ve been reviewing fat burners and receiving customer feedback on them for over 10 years, we know who the scumbags are in this industry. Did you look at our wall of shame, for example? Many companies put up web sites filled to overflowing with positive, although entirely cherry picked or fabricated testimonials to sell their products. Sometimes, these same products appear to receive more than their fair share of negative reviews here, since there’s no other place for frustrated visitors to share their experiences (such comments are not posted on web sites dedicated to selling the products in question).

    Oh and one more thing Dawn; these comments are really reserved for people who have used to products in question. So please use the contact form for any further correspondence.

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  85. I eat small meals 7 times a day and eat no saturated fat, but a lot of fruit and veg. I drink tons of water, you will pee alot. Eat turkey and chicken salads and use a fat free dressing. My meals are 6 hours apart and I snack every 3. I take 2 fenphendra as directed on bottle.

    I’ve done this diet that I call Green and clear for a week now along with fenphedra and I’m down 5lbs. I don’t need to lose much weight, I’m just toning myself up a bit. Try this diet – if it doesn’t work it’s because you must be cheating and eating bad stuff! Fenphedra IS helping – try it.

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  86. hi i scrolled the internet looking for a good product to help me lose a few pounds. I’m not overly over weight but wanted to shed some unwanted fat. Anyway i live in England and ordered it from America. as soon as i paid for it i thought i’d just wasted fifty odd quid. It says 10 – 20 days for delivery and it turned up after 12 days! I thought sweet! I was initially worried that it might be seized by customs or something cos i wasnt even sure if it was legal in the uk and some posts had said they had trouble. The package had been opened and then taped back together again by the royal mail, maybe it was checked but i didnt have to pay any exta fees and it was all cool. I’v been taking it now for a week and it definatly does work. i’l tell u all. it definatly surpresses your appetite which is cool. Usually im raverness in the morning and eat untold food but taking a pill as soon as you wake up stops all that. I eat a bannana for breakfast. I’m not really that hungry but feel i should eat anyway. I do building work so need something for energy as my job is physical. I take another pill before lunch and eat another bannana and a salad with chicken sometimes a bit of pasta for carb energy. I’m trying to stay off bread cos apparently thats the one carb that is harder to process. Anyway it does work throughout the day, i’m eating so much less. Then there is the draw back because you can’t take it 7 hours before bed by the time you get to dinner time you are starving and want to eat loads. Luckily your stomach isnt as big as it used to be so you cant actually eat that much so overall you dont eat half as much as when you wernt taking it. You cant really drink alcohol with it either, i just had 2 pints after work and i’t made me feel terrible so avoid that if u can. I’m going out tomorrow night with lots of drinking so i’m not going to take it tomorrow and see what happens. It does make you feel really good too, happy and sharp with loads of energy throughout the day. If you suffer from panic attacks and paranoira then i wouldnt take this product. I have been sleeping well too. as long as you don’t take a pill after lunch time then you should sleep good too. I have had no ill side effects and am actually surprised at how well it works and that it’s not just a complete scam that lots of people have told me it would be. I’v only been taking it for 1 week but i’l post again after i’v finished the course.

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  87. I probably should wait to start up a comment here but I am just excited to start getting some conversation about this. Okay so after I bought fenphedra off of AMAZON I found this website. Then I was ready to just get me a refund. But When I got the package in the mail today I decided I’ll just try it and blog about it so that if anyone out there wants to know what happens on Fen DAILY they can read my blog. I’m a real person with hopes to lose some darn weight! 23 years old, female, 153lbs and 5’3.

    I will post here again after a few days or a week. I love this website and I really hope its legit, it seems to be.

    Editor’s comments: Jolie, you betcha it’s legit. 😉

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  88. Don’t buy this product it is a waste of money. I spent more time on the toliet than I ever have in my life and had a constant headache. I wouldn’t mind this but I didnt lose a ounce of weight!!

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  89. I have positive and negative feedback for this product:

    After reading and researching a lot, I took this pills for 1 month (6 months ago), I wanted to lose 10-15 kilos.
    I should tell you that it worked for me, at this first month. I felt a bit more energized indeed, but specially suppressed my appetite. Actually I could hardly eat, when I tried to eat a bit more it made me sick. It made me drink more water, what already helps to lose some weight.

    I got thinner, clothes were loosing, in one month I only lost 7 kilos (which is good, but most of you must expect more, as I expected) I felt much better, people noticed I was thinner, so it worked, but this product is nominated as a “hardcore fat burner” so I expected more.

    Side-effects: It gave me some headaches, cause it works on your brain too. But nothing serious, apart from one day, when my heartbeat got faster and I felt dizzy, suddenly i had to move, walk, run, but I couldn’t, I was in a cab so I puked. But it only happened once.

    Well, I decided to order another bottle when mine was about to end, so I could keep losing weight. But as I was in UK, and had some troubles with the delivery, it took too long and I stopped taking the pills for like 20 days. And I felt hungry as I used to feel before it, so I put on weight again, some 4 kilos.

    When I started taking the pills again, I started to go to the gym as well, and do a lot of exercises, so I thought it would work even better, BUT for some reason they didn’t work very well, gave me headaches, didn’t suppress my appetite very well, just a little.

    It gave me energy for the gym though, but I still felt like I needed sugar (which didn’t happen in the first time).

    I worked out and took this pills for one more month, and I lost 5 kilos only. And i’m sure it wasn’t because of the pills, but because i was fighting against my hungry and going to the gym everyday. If the pills have worked this time, i would lose even more. Now I’m still over weight and will try to take some teas, and exercises.

    CONCLUSION: Guys, I think it works for some people, doesn’t work for others. I think it depends on your body. Some people have too much headaches with that, some doesn’t have at all, as far as I read.

    I asked a Pharmaceutical to open one capsule of Fenphedra and check if it really had the components, she did and it was ok, the capsules contain what it says. This are substances that might actually help with weight loss, so IT’S NOT A SCAM.

    It may not be s good as powerful as it shows, but it works for some people. You just have to give it a try and see if will work for you or not.

    Editor’s comments: Diance, just for your information, no one can tell what’s in a capsule just by opening it. The only way you can do that is to send it to a lab to be analyzed – if you didn’t do that, you don’t know what’s in it exactly. Plus if you read the Fenphedra review you’ll see that the clinical evidence for the ingredient profile does not support more than the mildest weight loss effects.

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  90. So today I took my 1st dose of this product and I gotta say I actually got crazy energized but I felt almost if I was “stoned” and “coked out” AT THE SAME TIME!!!

    The only thing I did not like is that I could not stay still at all all through the day…but other than that it was good. I felt crazy energized throughout my entire 2 hour workout and still more after.

    I gave this product a 3 because it was the first day so I dont really know if I lost any weight. Ill post another update soon next week to find out if this stuff really makes u lose weight like crazy.

    Also I didn`t feel any side effects on the first day so that was a plus but we’ll see how I feel in a week…

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  91. So today was my second day taking this product and I already lost 5 pounds in just 2 days! Fenphedra ain’t no scam it works… And NO I’M NOT PART OF THE COMPANY. This stuff really works. I’m not as hungry as I used to be so that helped with my diet plus all I’ve been drinking is water and added cardio, 4 times at least 30min per session. Try that to get fast results like I did try it out! 🙂

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  92. Hey there 🙂 I have just placed my order for this product before reading all these comments…so I am conflicted now 🙁 but I will see how it goes and let everyone know how it worked for me 🙂 so many mixed reviews about this product. If it’s anything like Xenadrine and Hydroxycut than it probably won’t do a damn thing for me! keep ya posted!! 😉

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  93. Hi,

    I’m actually very interested in this diet pill, I’ve been reviewing quite a few different pills that looks promising, but as i continue to go through the different reviewing websites that google popped up for me, I’m starting to have my doubts on what to believe. A lot of these names and exact reviews are on many of the other websites. :/

    So now I’m stuck.

    Editor’s comments: Amelia, we think you’ll be interested in this article: “Who’s reviewing Your Weight Loss Supplements?”

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  94. Hi, me again 🙂 Just thought I would give you an update on my progress with Fenphedra. I am on day 3 of taking two of these pills a day, one in the early am and one in the early pm. I am not overly impressed at all. Although it does curb my appetite I find myself extremely irritated and fatigued 🙁 I feel like I am walking around with flu like symptoms. I am not too sure if I will continue to use Fenphedra, but if I do I will probably limit myself to one capsule a day, as any more than that makes me feel out of place. I will see how my first week goes and keep you all posted! 🙂

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  96. Well I ordered my bottle with the FEN-72 as well. I just got it and have been taking it for about the last 3 days. I read all the comments on here from people and maybe you all are working for companies that compete with this company with all your negative comments. I understand that pills work different from one person to the next but let me just give you my opinion this far. I ordered without problem and they were in my hand within 3 days. I instantly noticed the energy boost was compared quite well with the gas station options. I feel a lot happier and more free spirited throughout the day. I haven’t weighted myself yet nor have I worked out yet giving my busy weekends but this week will be a true test to the product and my workouts. I have also noticed I wasn’t reaching for the cookies or cake to this point so its got to be helping there as well. A little word of advice for you if your thinking of purchasing this product and look at it from this stand point: If your serious about loosing weight and would like a pill to help that along then spend the 70-80 dollars on this product cause its no different then spending 20-30 dollars a pop trying to find one that obviously doesn’t work from a Wal-Mart counter! Just saying!

    Editor’s comments: Rusty, you accuse people who leave negative comments as possible working for the competition, and then you say understand products work differently from one person to the next? Doesn’t that mean people can have genuine “negative” experiences?

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  97. Hello! For reference purposes, I would like to state that I am nineteen years old, and I am a woman. Also, I consider 1 hour of walking a day consistent exercise, but I like to add in 30 minutes of cardio and yoga when I’m feeling acute self-loathing or extra energy. Recently- since I’ve gone through puberty- I’ve noticed that exercise or healthier diets show rather quickly with me.

    Like, I was play-fighting with two guy friends of mine (but hard, like we all ended up with a few bruises and scratches) for about an hour and the next few days I felt muscle soreness, and then more definition. I know it’s mostly due to being out of shape, but I’d like to think I get quick results when I put in effort. I don’t like to exercise a lot, because in the past I played tennis throughout my youth, and my muscle mass made me look super thick. My BMI wasn’t too large, though I still had baby fat, but I was more muscular than chubby. Now all that mass has turned to fat, and I want to burn it. Anyway, enough rambling (I apologize. I’m super long-winded).

    I gotta say, what upsets me the most is that even though I researched online prior to making my purchase decision- because I definitely noticed the only reviews I could find were supporters/manufactured by Fenphedra themselves, I only bought it after reading a few successful reviews on Amazon.com- I only found this website after I bought Fenphedra and searched the most effective diet to pair it with. And once I was on here, I felt like such a retard! Luckily, I have bought two bottles of both Fenphedra and Fen-72, because my mom wanted to diet with me. (Also, should I keep Fen-72 or use the more herbal cleansers I already own, but are super strong!?)

    So, I’m not too upset about this whole thing, too bad I already opened my bottle, but I’ll definitely return my mothers’. As she’s someone who really needs the help because she lacks discipline and will power, no matter how I scold and remind her that they’re just food cravings!

    I like your review on size 0, that could definitely work for her.

    Anyway, since I’ve already opened the bottle, I’m gonna stick with it. I took one this morning, and my chest is hurting, but that always happens when I swallow a large pill, so it doesn’t account for much with me.
    I’ll also admit that, as I’m a young art major living in a major US metropolitan area, I’ve experimented with a wide spectrum of drugs. My favorite has been speed, or any ADHD medicine I could get a hold of, really. I’m including this because Fenphedra’s official website said something about using an active ingredient they called ‘amphetamine’s cousin’ and I liked the sound of a safer, legal amphetamine. Hopefully I’m more tolerant of the stuff.

    Anyway, I want to say I’ll be back in a week with an update on it’s personal effect on me.

    Want to add that it does seem like many find your site after it’s too late, and if you could somehow make your site less elusive, that would be great! Also, if you could review the African Mango supplements, I’d be grateful. They seem to be an upcoming craze.

    All the best,


    Editor’s comments: Phoe, glad you enjoyed the site. And we have reviewed African Mango; you can read that review here!

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  98. I am on my third day on Fenphedrine, I dont want to say just yet that it isnt working but so far I have not felt anything nor lost any weight. My appetite and energy are both still the same. No lost of sleep, no racing heart rate. I will post again after 2 wks.

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  99. Hello im back with my first week on this product. Still no fast heart rate and no headaches. I can still sleep well, but I do take the pills before 5pm. I am taking 2 a day and eating less than I was. I am noticing that im having to use the restroom a lot more. I am actually loosing weight now. I lost 4 lbs so far.

    I was at 125 lbs at 5’3. Now im at 121lbs.

    ill post again after 2 weeks.

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  100. Ok, so I can’t speak for long term effects because I literally took my first pill an hour and a half ago. I took it 30 minutes before my workout as directed and drank more than the 16 oz of water recommended. I can already tell this pill is dangerous to me.
    My mind feels slow and hazy, it’s not an extreme feeling but it’s also not comfortable. I got five minutes into my workout and had to stop because I started feeling shaky and nauseated. ALSO I feel extremely hungry but have eaten as I regularly do.
    Honestly I don’t know what I was thinking. Diet pills are appealing because of desperation. I love myself as I am (a bit overweight) and want to shed pounds specifically for my health; this pill is not the answer to that. If you want to lose weight, more power to you, but do it for health not vanity. Diet and excercise my friends, and if that genuinely doesn’t work for you then try seeing a doctor or nutritionist who can help you in a way that is good for your body.

    P.s. I am a very real person who is not affiliated with any website or company that deals with this stuff, I just don’t think these pills are a fantastic idea.

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  101. Taking it for a test drive, and I’m on day 3. I definitely feel that “induced insomnia”, but will also say I notice a lack of appetite. Too early to praise or knock it, but those are some noticeable changes so far. 3lbs down, but I’m chalking that up to water weight, plus, I spend an hour a day at the gym, 40 minutes of that being cardio workouts, and only drink water, and LOTS of it. Appreciating the honesty in the reviews, I’m hoping for the best, but if it turns out it’s a bust, it won’t stop me from striving to reach my weight loss goal.

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  102. Feel just awful paid 119.00 for fenphedra on Saturday waiting for it come this morning I came across your website and read the reviews feel like I just gave money and I’m going to get pills that do nothing was on oxyelitePro I wish I would of heard about you sooner:(

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