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Cenafil Fat Burner Review: Does Cenafil Work?

Note: Cenafil does not appear to be available for purchase at this time. I have left the cenafil review up for your information, should this product return to the market some time in the near future.

Cenafil is a fat burner sold primarily online (Cenafil sounds like it may be a prescription drug, but in reality it is a supplement).

If you’ve read my article on fat burner purchasing strategies, you’ll already be aware that many companies sell online and via call centers (advertising on radio on TV) in an effort to avoid accountability to the consumer. If you haven’t read that article…

Read the article on fat burner purchasing strategies here!

While I haven’t received enough customer feedback yet to determine whether or not Oevau Technologies (the makers of Cenafil) conducts itself in an ethical manner, I’d be very wary of making a purchase, considering the sort of feedback I’ve received for other companies doing business in the same manner.

So, what’s in Cenafil?

According to their Web site Cenafil.com, it contains…

1. Hoodia Gordonii: is a succulent (a cactus of the aloe family) found in the Kalahari desert of South Africa. Although these are early days, there is some hope (and a little evidence, trials are still being run) to suggest Hoodia is a very effective appetite suppressant.

From what I’ve read though, it appears that real, potent hoodia is actually very hard for supplement manufacturers to get their hands on. So it’s hard to gauge the efficacy of the hoodia contained in any product — in fact, some products touting Hoodia in their formulations may not actually contain any.

According to ConsumerLab.com (an online company that tests product label claims)…

“It has been speculated that there is more hoodia being sold today than could possibly be made from all the Hoodia gordonii plants in existence.”

At this point, hoodia does appear to be the most “over-hyped” and “under-substantiated” weight loss product for sale on the Net. If you’re interested, you can read a full review of Hoodia here, and customer feedback on hoodia here!

2. Citrus Naringinine: a citrus extract that serves as a source of fiber, anti-oxidant, and supposedly inhibits the actions of the enzyme cytochrome P450, which may be associated with obesity.

3. Vanadium: an insulin moderator, vanadium helps regulate blood sugar, and may reduce cravings for sweets and other sugary carbohydrates.

4. Glucomannan: is a soluble fiber with the ability to absorb up to 200 times its own weight in water. As such, it definitely will help with “feelings of fullness”.

Several clinical studies validate glucomannan’s ability to lower LDL cholesterol and blood lipid levels — as well as blood sugar levels. Wonders abound — there also appears to be some evidence that 1 gram of glucomannan, taken with 8 oz. of water one hour prior to meals, has a significant influence on weight loss (one study showed almost 6 pounds of fat lost in two months — with no changes in eating habits).

I have received some feedback about the unpleasant side effects of other glucomannan-based weight loss products. Interestingly enough, a clinical study (Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2007;45(1):80-2) indicates glucomannan-based supplements can pose a chozing hazard for individuals with upper gastrointestinal pathology.

Cenafil also contains other essential dietary minerals, whatever they may be (these are not revealed on the web site).

The problem with Cenafil is that Oevau Technologies does not list how much of each ingredient is included in the compilation — which makes it difficult to access the potency of the product.

In the end, the formula is largely unproved, and you will likely be disappointed it with it.

In my opinion, you’d probably be better off with a product like Lean System 7 (reviewed in full here) which at least has a clinical study and a money-back guarantee behind it.

Special note: If you insist on trying Cenafil, please be sure to carefully read the refund policy (60 and 90 day orders are not eligible for a refund) and the information about the Established Customer Program — you *WILL* be added to monthly recurring billing plan, and it is your responsibility to cancel if you are not interested in participating

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