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Cenafil Visitor Comments, Feedback & Testimonials!

Below you’ll find some unsolicited customer comments on Cenafil. If you’d like to have your own comments on Cenafil featured here, please contact us with your story.

Please note: I do not post testimonials without a name and e-mail address. Such testimonials have no credibility — I could be just making them up, right? So if you’re not willing to have your name and e-mail address disclosed, you may still send your comments or post them in the comments section below, but I will not quote them.

Second, please recognize that there are many valid reasons why any product will or will not work for an individual person. Just because a product receives a few positive reviews does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Conversely, a negative product review does not always mean you should dismiss a product.

As always, please recognize that personal comments are anecdotal, so use your own judgement when using reviews to influence your buying decision.

I have tried cenafil for 2 months now and have not lost any weight. In fact I started gaining weight. I weigh 5 lbs more now than when I started using cenafil. I also suffered from dizzy spells and light headedness. These stopped when I quit using the cenafil.

Also, had great difficulty stopping the auto shipments. Spent months trying to get in touch with the cenafil people. Turns out cancellation requires using a totaly different web site called Oevau.com.

Finally got hold of a customer service rep and got the shipments stopped, but still they still continued to charge my credit card. They also duplicated the order so I was receiving double shipments and double charges on my credit card each month.

I was charged for 17 shipments but only received 10. I was told I could NOT receive a refund. I have been charged $680 total for a product that does not work. BEWARE! This company does not give refunds!

I have spoken to my credit card company and was told I need to contact the merchant to dispute the charges. The only way I was able to stop the continuous charges against my credit was to call the credit card company and report the card lost. A week after finally getting a Cenafil rep to stop the auto shipments, I received an email from Cenafil stating my credit card was declined for my next shipment. I called Cenafil back again and raised HELL!

I finally got the upper supervisor and she reamed me! She told me that the rep I spoke with had NEVER spoken to her about canceling my order and certainly was not
authorized to give me the information about how many shipments had been sent.

She asked if I was sure I used the correct web site to cancel my order – did I use the oveau.com site and not the cenafil.com site? Did I have proof of the order cancellation, did I print out proof of cancellation, if so I would have to fax them directly to her.

She constantly put me on hold. I was on the phone with her for almost 90 minutes, just to finally be told that she could not refund the money for the unreceived shipments or any money for that matter. She also wanted to know how I got the information on how many shipments had been shipped. I told her I had spoken to someone in shipping and we had compared the tracking numbers of what was shipped against what I had received. (I had saved all the tracking numbers off the received packages, so the rep knew I was not bullshitting about received packages).

The supervisor blew a gasket. She said rep are not allowed to talk to customers, and she was not supposed to give out that kind of information. She wanted the girls name, but I refused to give it to the supervisor. I did not want to get her fired, especially since she was the only person who was helpful to me with my problem. Anyway, I can’t get any money back, but at least by canceling my credit card they cannot charge me for any more shipments.

Susan Pritchard (spritch52ATyahoo.com)

I have been using cenafil for 5 months and have gone down 4 pants sizes. I am not on an auto-ship program, although I ordered it through SlimStore.com.

I have not had any problems with them or with Cenafil. I am sorry that there is someone who has a bad experience with it.

Jenny (jennybecATadelphia.net)

As you know most of the diet pill sites on the web have a free trill in which you play for handling charges for a free 30 day supply.. then you have those days to cancel.

Well as soon as I got my pills I called and cancelled.. because at that time I knew what a ignorant decision I had made to take diet supplements in the first place. Well 30 days pass by and still have the pills sitting on my desk when I look at my bank statement… I have been charged $40 for the pills.. and that same day got them in the mail.

I called them saying that I had cancelled yada yada.. and they were like “my appologies I don’t have you under cancelled..” thoroughly ticked at the time I was like fine.. one time is fine.. go on with the day… this happened three more times.. and they did not pay me back.

I called yet again and told them that I would seek the BBB on them if this didnt stop.. and they still have $120 of mine for their stupidity and 3 bottles of pills on my desk..

Just be careful with the people.. and sorry that i can’t give a feedback on the product itself.

Heather (Sandstorm22 AT hotmail.com)

I started taking Cenafil a few months ago. The instructions says to continue taking the product for at least four months to see results, I did.

After the four months I noticed a difference in the way my clothes fit. I continued taking this product and to date I have lost 30 pounds.

I really need to lose a little more, but now I can’t the product anymore. I have found a couple of sites that are charging more than the Cenafil company did. I would like to get more Cenafil, but at a really great price since the site is no longer available.

Lizette Brink (liz8747 AT hughes.net)

I recently received an e-mail from the CEO of Oevau Technologies, makers of Cenfil. To read his comments regarding the issue outlined above, please click here!

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