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Oevau Technologies’ Response To Negative Cenafil Feedback

I was recently contacted by the CEO of Oevau technologies (Oevau make Cenafil and other products). He felt strongly that the negative customer feedback (posted here) was not indicative of the outstanding service typically provided by his company.

He also wished to provide precise ordering, cancellation, and refund information to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

I’ve posted this material below, and thank Robert for taking the time to address the issue (I like it when CEO’s get involved… it shows they care about their product’s reputation, and their cleints).

Oevau Tech. stands behind it’s 3 product lines, Cenafil, Ziozpher, and Radoluf.

Customers receive different purchase options, recurring billing and non-recurring billing. To purchase a non-recurring billing simply go to either Cenafil.com, Ziozpher.com, or Radoluf.com. For recurring billing please go to 4cenafil.com, 4ziozpher.com, or 4radoluf.com.

Customer care represenatives are available from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Mon.-Fri. Eastern Standard Time.

Customer Care Telephone Numbers:
Cenafil: 1-866-434-3804
Ziozpher: 1-866-740-4769
Radoluf: 1-866-RADOLUF

Shipping Status Email Address:
Cenafil: [email protected]
Ziozpher: [email protected]
Radoluf: [email protected]

How to cancel a recurring HBD or managed cycle:

Either call the customer support telephone number or go to www.Oevau.com.

At www.Oevau.com click on the bottom right hand corner link “Cancel Established Customer Program.” From there, fill out the form and print a copy for your records.

Refund policies:


Cenafil, Ziozpher, and Radoluf are dietary supplements and may be able to assist you in weight loss or male enhancement. Individual results may vary. Oevau Technologies is committed to providing cutting edge dietary supplements and outstanding customer service


Oevau Technologies, Inc.

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