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Trimspa X32 Side Effects

On the face of things, Trimspa X32, NutriAmerica’s ephedra free fat burner seems pretty tame.

How could a product not containing any ephedra exhibit side effects?

Well, here’s some feedback sent in by a visitor regarding Trimspa side effects (check the follow up feedback from a physician!).

And check out my concluding comments; there is a possible health hazard associated with any glucomannan-based supplement!

When I first bought Trimspa X32, I read the warning label which stated Trimspa X32 had to be taken with lots of water or your throat could swell up. With this in mind, I made sure to always guzzle down at least 8 oz’s every time I took a pill.

Within a few days of starting Trimspa X32, my throat started hurting and after a week of increasing throat pain, I ended up in emergency and was told I had strep throat (no strep test was taken). At this point, I stopped taking Trimspa X32 until the throat pain was only a dull ache, but once I resumed taking it, the throat pain came back with a vengeance – I couldn’t get food down and could hardly swallow.

This time I went to Urgent care and they actually took X-rays of my neck – upon which it was discovered I never had Strep throat, I actually had a rare and dangerous throat infection called Epiglottitis, caused by bacteria that infect a portion of the larynx (voice box) and cause swelling that closes the airway. This is a life threatening infection and I was told I couldn’t eat or sleep lying down for at least 24 hours because this could cause the throat swelling to cut off my air supply.

I believe my Epiglottitis was caused by TrimspaX32 due to because: There is a warning on the label about throat swelling; the pain started only after I began taking Trimspa X32; decreased when I stopped taking it the first time; increased when I started taking it again; and went away when I stopped taking Trimspa X32 all-together.

Although I believe mine is a rare reaction to Trimspa X32 (otherwise it would have been taken off the market by now), I do feel people should be warned in case they experience similar symptoms to mine – simply because Epiglottitis is easy to misdiagnose, and it can kill you.

Rachell (

In response to Rachell’s case of epiglottitis… I am a physician, and I have been browsing the internet to find out what my patients and friends are taking…

I read about Rachell’s problem and would like to point out that epiglottitis is caused by a BACTERIA, not by any pill. The pills have a warning because in the past some diet pills have swelled in the esophagus and caused an obstruction. It is extremely unlikely that any pill contributed to her bacterial infection.

Lori (

In response to Rachells warning.

I also decided to give Trimspa X32 a try. I drank at least 16 ounces of water whenever I took the pills yet still experienced throat pain and swelling on the first day.

As the second and third day came along and the throat pain increased I also started having pain in my upper back whenever I would cough or blow my nose, or even take too deep of a breath. I never had these types of pains before trying Trimspa. This is when I decided to research the side effects experienced by a “real consumer” of this product.

On the third day when I read that I had the same symptoms of Rachell’s and worse I immediately stopped taking Trimspa X32. Thank you so much for the warning. Ohterwise I probably would have continued taking them in hopes that the pain would just go away which could have lead to more pain or worse.

Trinacia (m1029williams AT

In response to Rachell’s post – are you sure that you are not allergic to shellfish? There are derivatives in the product and you have classic symptoms.

Mindy (mindy AT

In response to the TrimSpa’s effect on the throat… I had an incident where I had difficulty swallowing the pill (although I followed the directions to the letter) — it became lodged in my throat and began to swell.

I then began to consume a large quantity of warm liquids and called the emergency room as I felt my airway becoming restricted. (I’m an EMT). It took several minutes for the pill to finally go down, and for the rest of the day, I was very uncomfortable and had a sore throat for several days afterward.

The GP I work with had no doubt this was due to the TrimSpa.

Although I have no doubt that the Doctor who commented on the sore throat and throat infection is correct, I now know from first hand experience that this product is a potential choking hazard and I would not advise anyone with any difficulties swallowing pills (although until now, I have never had such a problem) steer clear of this product.

I have written a letter to the manufacturers and have suggested a smaller pill size. I believe the product is effective, but in its current form, unsafe.

Cassie(kahdayshin_914 AT

My daughter and I have been taking TrimSpa for two weeks and we both are experiencing the throat pain Rachell described. I am not sick and have not been sick in over 1 year. My throat is burning and feels swallen. My voice is almost gone and it is starting to hurt me to talk. My daughter says her throat is burning so that it hurts when she drinks cold water to try and ease the pain.

This is definitely caused by TrimSpa and after reading Rachell’s comment, we are immediately dicontinuing the use of this product.

Thank You so much, Rachell! You just safed TWO LIVES!!!!

Elizabeth (erjackson AT

If you missed it in the full Trimspa X32 review, a clinical study (Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2007;45(1):80-2) indicates glucomannan-based supplements can pose a chozing hazard for individuals with upper gastrointestinal pathology. Of course, this is not an issue exclusive to Trimspa, but to any glucomannan-based fat burner.

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