Review: USP Labs' OxyELITE Pro - Get Jacked! -

Review: USP Labs’ OxyELITE Pro – Get Jacked!

UPDATE 2: OxyELITE Pro has been discontinued by the manufacturer, USP Labs.

UPDATE 1: A recent health fraud alert from the U.S. FDA is warning cutomers to avoid purchasing this product as it contaminated with a prescription drug called, “fluoxetine.” Fluoxetine is an SSRI normally used for treating depressions, panic disorders and other similar maladies. For complete details on the warning, visit the FDA web site!

USP_OxyeliteReviewing USP Labs’ products are a little more fun to review than the standard fare we usually encounter here at Of course, that doesn’t mean their products—like the new OxyELITE Pro™ that we’re looking at today—are dramatically more effective than those produced by their competitors. It does mean, at least, that they don’t sleep-walk through the process of formulating their products, or copy someone else’s compilation.

In the past, we’ve looked at USP’s Recreate fat burner and their pre workout supplement “Jacked” (which Elissa really liked). In fact, one of the advertising claims for OxyElite Pro is that it’s…

“It’s like Jacked in a pill with crazy fat burning!”

This is likely attributable to its DMAA content, but let’s leave that for a minute. One of the things I found most interesting about this product was the “scientifically reviewed” featured so prominently in big letters on the label. I wonder if someone could explain to me what this means, exactly?

This product certainly hasn’t been “scientifically reviewed” by a panel of third party experts, nor has any peer-reviewed study been performed and published on it. As far as I can figure it, “scientifically reviewed” is meaningless marketing gibberish.

Getting to the ingredients now, the OxyElite formula looks a little tepid at first glance, with a single dose / capsule containing a mere 219.5 mg of them.

Don’t be fooled though, this product likely packs one heck of a wallop.

Here’s what you’ll find in each capsule…

1. Caffeine: A popular alkaloid and central nervous system stimulant found in coffee, tea, cola nuts, guarana and yerba mate.

Caffeine, of course, has mild thermogenic effects and can enhance exercise performance.

It also cheaply and effectively addresses the #1 complaint of any dieter—fatigue.

2. Bauhinia purpurea: A medium-sized, deciduous, fast growing shrub common to south China and Asia. It’s Included in this formula on the basis of animal data (see here) that suggests Bauhinia supports thyroid hormone levels. No studies have been performed to confirm similar effects in humans. Unlike the next ingredient I’ll discuss, however, studies were performed which a much lower dosage, meaning it is possible there is enough Bauhina present here to potentially offer benefits, should they be applicable.

3. Bacopa Monniera: Typically used to enhance focus and concentration. It is also included for its supposed thyroid regulating effects, based entirely on animal data (see J Ethnopharmacol. 2002 Jul;81(2):281-5).

Again, no studies have been performed to confirm a similar effect in humans. In fact, if you check the reference, you’ll see the mice in the study were receiving a 200 mg/kg dosage, which means a human being would certainly need a HUGE dosage to duplicate the results, should they be applicable.

Obviously, the amount included in this formula is not going to have any effect on stabilizing thyroid levels—heck, there’s not even enough here to support focus/concentration which usually requires a dose of about 300 mg.

4. 1,3-Dimethylamylamine: This compound is also known as “methylhexaneamine.” 1,3-Dimethylamylamine (DMAA), is an adrenergic amine that acts as a CNS stimulant.

It was originally patented by Eli Lilly as a nasal decongestant in 1944, but largely abandoned until re-introduced as a dietary supplement (Geranamine™) by Proviant Technologies, the parent company of Ergopharm.

Although there’s no current research on it, DMAA’s gotten mostly rave reviews from users for its effects on mood, focus and energy. A few have reported problems with higher doses, however, so some caution is advised.

USP’s OxyElite Pro is not the first weight loss product to contain DMMA. Ergolean’s AMP (and now AMP 2) contains it, and garnered a fair bit of mainstream negative publicity, with one expert calling the legality of DMAA into question and saying…

“The chemical structure is similar to amphetamines and ephedrine…”

Having experimented with a DMAA-based pre-workout supplement myself (Nutrex’s HemoRage) I can testify to the potency of DMAA for getting you “jacked.”

5. Cirsium oligophyllum: According to the OxyElite advertising…

“Our use of this plant is based upon an animal study which had suggested that compared to a control group, the extract was able to reduce the gain of bodyweight and fat mass and specifically seemed to target subcutaneous fat mass over that of visceral fat mass with a ratio favoring the reduction of subcutaneous fat mass over that of visceral!”

Just so you know, the study they are discussing is this one: Int J Biol Sci 2009;5(4):311-318. Same problem however; no data exists to confirm similar effects and appropriate dosage in humans. Its value here is speculative at best.

6. Rauwolscine: Also known as α-yohimbine or corynanthidine, this is a yohimbine alkaloid included in this formula for its ability to act as an alpha 2-adrenoceptor antagonist. According to USP Labs, it is much more effective than yohimbe as a weight loss agent. Again, it all makes sense in theory, but there’s no good clinical data to draw on to confirm their conclusions.

So at the end of the day, what have you got?

Very little in the way of proven weight loss ingredients.

As you can plainly see, many of the most “cutting edge” ingredients are under-dosed, and included on the basis of positive animal studies (the results of which may or may not be applicable to humans).

Since no human-based data exists for these ingredients, their touted effects are speculative at best.

Of course, that does not mean OxyELITE Pro won’t kick you smack-dab in the seat of your pants. There’s no doubt the combination of caffeine, DMAA and rauwolscine will get you seriously wired.

If you’re the sort of person who has a high tolerance for stimulants and likes to take fat burners for the jolt of energy they provide, you probably won’t go wrong with this product—it’s available online from, our recommended online retailer. Just don’t expect the sort of fat burning results that are promised in the advertising.

If you are interested in experimenting, my recommendation is that you do your best to get your hands on a sample or two of any DMAA-based supplement to try first (even a pre-workout supplement like Nutrex’s HemoRage or USP Lab’s Jacked will work). You might not like the DMAA experience. It can be pretty intense.

As I said earlier, I got one heck of a blast from the DMAA in HemoRage—and while it got me pretty “revved” up for my workout, it’s not a feeling I would like to repeat on a daily basis. That feeling is a bit difficult to describe; like being wired on caffeine or ephedrine but without the jitters. The jitters are happening alright… just on the inside. A bit weird. And a bit un-nerving.

Also… a word to the wise—don’t exceed the recommended dosage. DMAA can be pretty potent stuff, and depending on how much is included in this formula, may really get you wired. And if you are…

  • New to stimulant-based fat burners.
  • Sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants.
  • Suffering from an underlying disorder, such as heart disease and high blood pressure.

… you should not experiment with this product.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. This is the first fat burner I have taken and I have been using it for a couple weeks now. It worked very well to help me pull off a decent amount of fat in the first couple weeks. I noticed it suppressed my appetite and I could feel a little energy from it in the first two weeks. In the last week though it seems as though it has little to no effect. I didn’t expect it to keep burning alot of fat because I am already probably as cut as I have been since high school, but the appetite suppression and energy seem like they have died off. I think I may stop taking it for a week and then see if it will become effective again.

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  2. I have been taking OxyElite for a few weeks now and I have to say I love it. I’ve tried tons of diet pills and this one seems to really do what I want it to. It suppresses my appetite to nothing so I don’t eat even half as much as I normally do, plus it doesn’t make me all jittery and moody like other pills do. Also, I have a minute case of hypothyroidism and this pill actually works to get your thyroid the way it’s supposed to be, so Im very happy. I usually take it for 5 days out of the week and give myself 2 off days so I don’t get hooked on it, and it really helps me boost my workouts. I’m in pretty good shape already but want to lose about 10-15 pounds of belly, butt, and thigh fat so this pill is really helping. I’ve lost about 8 pounds in 3 weeks!!

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  3. I have been looking for ways to help lose weight.

    I have tried cutting out bread as I used to eat alot of it when snacking. This helped but needed something to help me stop snacking. This works sometimes, but I have to remember to eat try to take fruit to work to snack on rather than other fatty things like crisps etc.

    I cut down on my drinking of alcohol and go to the gym 2-3 times a week doing about 30 mins cardio and 45 minutess weights.

    In total over 4 months I’ve gone from 17 stone 3 lbs. (about 241 lbs) to 14 stone 12 lbs. (about 208 lbs.) and falling – with the help from OxyElite Pro.

    You need to exercise – don’t just expect the weight to drop off. You may get a strange feeling when first taking the pill its a little like the feeling you would get from taking speed but after the first pill I felt nothing like that again. My mood improved and I was never sluggish or tired at work or at home – even when having little sleep due to busy weekends at work.

    I’ve only tried OxyElite Pro and LA fitness fat burner so far but will keep you updated to see which I prefer. So far its OxyElite Pro.

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  4. I began using OEP 53 pills ago (1 a day in the morning). For the first 3 or 4 days I took one pill in the morning and one at lunch time.

    I had very limited appetite and weird feeling in stomach and head, but manageable. thereafter, I went to 1 pill in the morning only and everything seemed to be fine. I didn’t notice any real burst of energy or much of anything but felt like I might be making some progress on the gut.

    I went to doctor for regular checkup a couple of months ago (about the same time I started OEP) and when they checked my blood pressure, it was higher than it had ever been, roughly 165/90. Normal for me is around 140/75-80. I attributed the rise to a recent sinus infection and nothing more.

    I have never had high blood pressure issue in my life and I am 49. I went back to the doctor for a refill on pain meds (major back surgery before and after effects) a couple of days ago, and my bp is now at 185/104, and clearly not getting better.

    The doctor was very concerned at put me on bp med to get it down. Never even thought about OxyELite Pro until this morning when I went to take another pill. I began to do some investigation on the side effects and so now OEP is no longer in my regimen.

    I would closely monitor you bp while taking OxyElite Pro. I will touch base in a few weeks and let you know if my bp has fallen back into safe zone.

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  5. Oxyelite Pro is amazing. The energy boost is much more effective than any other product I’ve ever used. Although I would not advise this product to those who are sensitive to caffeine. It does help me lose weight as I’ve been struggling to for some time now. Though it must be used in conjunction with diet and exercise to get the fullest effects. I’ve been using it with diet and exercise now for about a month to a month and a half and have lost almost 15 pounds. These are very good statistics seeing as though it’s only healthy to lose 1-2 pounds a week and I have never been able to even lose that before using this product. I would recommend this to anyone struggling to lose weight.

    Editors comments: Sean, it’s not the caffeine that makes this product so potent, it’s the combination of caffeine and 1-3 Dimethylamylamine, or DMAA. DMAA is a very potent stimulant – you can read the DMAA review here.

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  7. I started using OxyElite Pro in preparation for a cruise I was going on. I had gone through a terrible time in my life and had lost my motivation. I went from working out 6 days a week to being lucky if I did 3 days. I was not ready to be seen in a swimsuit. So 2 things happened: I saw an infomercial for Zumba and sent me an email with their top rated supplements for 2009. So I ordered both and my body completely changed. Zumba gave me the desire to work out because it’s SO MUCH FUN and OxyElite pro gave me back my energy and helped to suppress my appetite.

    I lost approximately 40 pounds and I only take half of the suggested dosage of OxyElite Pro. Though I have great respect for this site, I find that I often disagree with their findings. Per their recommendations, I tried Lean System 7, MX-LS7 and Curvelle and none of them worked. The two best fast burners I’ve found that worked for me were VPX Meltdown and OxyElite Pro. I’ve gone off of it as I don’t really like all the stimulants and I don’t want to harm myself but I’ll be headed to another cruise in the fall and will definitely start using this again about 60 days out. I think I’m maintaining my weight with the Zumba and watching what I eat but I do miss the OxyElite pro’s energy boost and appetite suppression.

    One warning about OxyElite Pro: There’s a risk of it giving you a dry mouth. I’m a singer and got up to perform one night and my mouth went so dry that I could barely open it. I hadn’t noticed it before but combined with the nervousness that comes with being on stage, it was downright scary. When I looked back at some of the reviews, I read that dry mouth was one of the side effects. It’s not really a deterent. I just drink more water. It’s a great product and I got positive results from it.

    Editor’s comments: Janise, thanks for your comments. Just for the record, one of the reasons Isatori’s products are recommended on is the no-hassle money back guarantee. We know their products are not going to work for everyone – it’s just nice to know people can experiment with a product and not be out of pocket if they’re not happy with the results. And just for the record, VPX’s Meltdown is on the list of recommended thermogenics. 😉

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  8. I have started OxyElite last May. I first liked about the energy and not feeling appetite. After 2 weeks, I started to have too much anxiety. I was not able to control myself. My whole body was shaking and I was Psychologically down. Then, I had pain in my right eye and lost my vision. I am not sure if it is related with this product, but after all MRIs and controls, I have been told my immune system was down and I had inflammation on nerves. I thought it is not related with this pill, and I started taking this product about a month ago. I again did not feel any hunger, but suddenly my mood changed and I started to feel incredible anxiety. Additionally, I have realized that my eye pain started again. When I go to store, they are still recommending this product, but after the experience I had with this product, please be careful. I only had one in the morning. I never exceed the amount. This product can work with somebody else, but I don’t want to live with that anxiety. When I stopped taking this product, I began to eat like crazy, and I have already gained 4lbs in a week. I can’t stop eating, because of the mood change I have experienced. Good Luck!

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  9. I have been taking OxyElite Pro for 2 weeks. I definitely have more energy to get through the day. Also, I’m a sweet eater and an impulse eater, when I walk through the kitchen and see something, whether I’m really hungry or not, I’ll eat it. Since I’ve been taking OxyElite Pro, I don’t do that. I eat but only meals, and only about 1/2 of what I would normally eat. Portion control was also a problem for me, and I don’t have that issue anymore.
    I follow the instructions on the label to a tee, and I drink the amount of water daily that is recommended. I have only taken two pills in a day one time, and they WILL wire you for sound if you drink too much caffeine with them. You don’t get jitters, but you will have a hard time going to sleep. I used to drink anywhere from 7-8 sodas a day before I started taking this, but have cut back to two. Each pills has the same amount of caffeine as about 3 Diet Pepsis, so if you’re sensitive to caffeine, it may not work for you.
    All in all, it’s affordable, and I feel like I made a great choice. I’ve lost 4 pounds in 3 weeks combing this pill with my diet and exercise plan.

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  10. As someone who has prior experience with diet pills and a high tolerance to stimulants, my reaction to OxyELITE Pro was definitely NOT an expected one. I was given a sample bottle of this product when I made a purchase at GNC (so glad I didn’t buy it myself!) I followed the directions and decided to take one pill in the morning (with a healthy breakfast, I might add). I felt fine throughout my day: focused, energized and ready for work. However, when I took another pill later on (approximately 6 hours later or so), I started to feel really, really weird and uncomfortable in my own skin. My body started shaking uncontrollably and my heart was beating super fast. I even had trouble breathing and speaking in short sentences. I am not exaggerating either! I felt all the symptoms affiliated with having a panic attack. It was such a horrible feeling and all I wanted was for it to go away. I felt nauseas at times and even sweaty and jumpy. It was just HORRIBLE! I would ABSOLUTELY NOT recommend this product to anyone at all. Ever. I could only imagine if I would have taken 2 capsules a day! I would have probably ended up in the E.R. or something of that sort…

    As stated earlier, I do have experience taking thermogenics in the past. Of all the pills I have experienced, by far the best for me was the actually the one recommends: Isatori’s Lean System 7. I have even tried the MX-LS7 (which is a more potent rendition of their proprietary blend) and had obtained remarkable results without any of the feelings/side effects aforementioned.

    Please, trust me on this one ladies and gentlemen: DO NOT PURCHASE OR USE THIS PRODUCT!

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  11. I am gonna have to agree with STAZ P. I also have a great experience with diet pills and this one is like no other. I didn’t have much energy, I couldn’t eat not because it suppressed my appetite that well but I felt sick, uncomfortable and like I had weight on my shoulders I couldn’t wait till it wore off. Once it did I felt alive and smiling again. Somehow that pill really brought me down my mood was terrible it’s like I felt miserable every day for the time I was talking this pill. I took it for a week 2 pills a day to see if maybe I can get adjusted. I didn’t feel jittery or much energy at all, something in it didn’t agree with my body and that’s a first so I had to stop I couldn’t deal with it anymore.

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  12. I began taking OxyElite Pro about 4 weeks ago and I must admit that I do feel the appetite suppressant working, but like the label states, you should stop after 3 weeks and I did that.

    But, my appetite increased greatly, so I was ready to start back taking it again. I did lose about 6lbs so far. I relate to Gina S – I also had a twitching pain in my right eye. I didn’t lose my vision, but I was kind of leery of it.

    So now that you mentioned your symptoms, I am wondering if OEP is the cause of mine also. Hmmmm. My final summation, like any thing you are putting into your body, do it with caution.

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  13. I am 18.(203 lbs). I have been taking OxyElite Pro about 1 weeks. Following a bad diet plan and exteme exercises . I LOST (6 lbs) in a week now i am (197 lbs). My target 165 lbs.

    If it takes forever to lose weight
    I will DIE TRYING

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  14. I have taken all types of diet pills and have wasted lots of money along the way. I heard about OEP on a friends Facebook page and thought whats one more?

    I started with one in the am and one about 1pm. I have been taking them for a month now, and they are a great appetite suppresssant. I usually don’t eat til about 5pm. They don’t seem to give me a lot of energy tho, maybe because I’m a caffeine kinda person already. Anyways, I didn’t really lose a lot of weight but I have maintained what I had lost before on adipex. I didn’t exercise at all either. The OxyElitePro did better for my appetite than the Adipex did.

    Hope this helps. The only other thing that has worked this good was the original Venom Hyperdrive 3.0 before they had to change the ingredients in it.

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  15. Best fat burner I have ever tried and I have tried over 16. In terms of energy and euphoria I would do better on Starbucks and some good Godiva chocolate. In terms of Thermogesis, it is pretty weak. Getting your heart rate up, pretty weak. The crash is horrible and the hunger pangs Really really Awful. I was starving on this product. SO why 5 stars? Because with the right ultra clean diet this has been the only fat burner to finally carve out my abs. This sucker works on getting that blasted belly fat. Arms and legs get cut up quick, so does my back, but my stomach, genetics really screwed me big time. This baby works. For a really amazing energy fat burner I highly recommend JetFuel Pyro. I use them in combo now, two weeks for one, and two weeks of the other, so my body doesn’t adapt to it.

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  16. ok so i started taking oep about a month and a half ago. starting weight was 230 pounds. now im 203 pounds. so it truly does work. my goal is to try to get down to 180 pounds. my exercise routine consists of running 4 to 5 times a week, about 2miles per run. soon i ll start hitting the gym. trust me it truly does work.

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  17. This is my second day trying this pill and i must say, i feel high. not a good high though, my mood has changed drastically in a bad way. i feel depressed and unmotivated. also, this might be too much info, but i feel……well, constipated. sorry, just telling the truth. lastly, i feel like i have a fever, my body gets really hot, then cold, back and forth. im too young for hot flashes!!! please be careful with this product, it is very potent.

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  18. i dont recommend this.. Ive only ever tried it once and i really dont think i will again. as soon as i used it i felt a hit straight away. at first i felt a little weird but thought that i would ignore it as i knew that this feeling would happen because ive taken other weight loss tablets before. Within about 1 hour though it just got scary. I had a sharp pain on the left side of my head and like one of the other reviews, my eye was hurting. i didnt lose vision but i had a shower and i just didnt feel right. it was getting a little blurry and my mouth kept filling with saliva like i was going to vomit. i did not want to go the whole day feeling like this so i literally had to force myself to vomit to try and get as much of it out of my system as i could.
    these things are really dangerous. they may be making you lose weight which is great, but they are harming your body in other ways because although it may say that its a ‘natural’ product, theres a reason why your body doesnt feel right and you dont seem like yourself. i wouldnt suggest people take this.

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  19. Please be very careful on this pill, your heart can beat uncontrollably and make you feel like you are on crack, no joke. The thought of food makes me want to puke, and i crash when it is the end of the day. This pill just gets your heart rate going and can be extremely dangerous. I always feel like i have a fever whenever i take this pill. Also, i have horrible cold sweats, which can be very uncomfortable at work. Overall, it is not worth it to feel so sick just to loose a few lbs for me.

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  20. I have never taken any thermogenics before, so I read many many reviews before taking the product and found that was the best 6 see what results people were having and what to expect like taking it. I did get the jitters a bit little anxious and that butterfly feeling in your stomach. but as it says you must drink a lot of water in it does help it all wasn’t drinking as much water at first. but now I listen to my body and it needed the water. eating good snacks every 2 hours really really helps as well. I was skeptical at first but this s*** really really works I am impressed with it big time. it’s been 1 month my wife lost I think 13,to15 pounds in a lot of inches I’ve lost 15 pounds 04 belt notches . gained a lot of muscle working out so I would’ve lost more weight by fat but I can see it in my gut. its going down big time. I’m 41 an looking better and feeling better than I ever have before. I take 2 pills most of the time sometimes 3 . all I can say is eat every 2 hours good snacks good healthy snacks and drink drink drink the water it works it helps every symptom you get. it’s awesome.

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  21. Can you take half… I feel paranoid and high. I drink a lot of coffee too, which I did not have today, so if its not the caffeine, what is making me feel this way.

    Editor’s comments: Yes, it would be a good idea to reduce the dosage.

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  22. This is my second time trying out the OEP. The first time i lost around 20 pounds. I took a few months off and unfortunately gained it all back. This is my second time taking the pill and I am on day….like 6 i think. I feel great but i just don’t feel all there. I get really jittery and hyper. By the time 8pm rolls around i’m knocked out! I take two in the morning and one in the afternoon. I am going to stick with it because it helped me so well the first time. I am also going to take the TotalLean meal replacement shake because i have been doing that and it really fills me up also. This isn’t a magic pill, you do have to work out in order to see a greater loss in weight and inches. The first time i did not work out at all i just simply was full all the time and never ate. That caused me to be verrryyy weak! I also have mono so this pill is helping me stay awake during the day because with mono all i was doing was sleeping 6 hour naps everyday and sleeping 12 hours at night. I love it and i feel better already! wish you all luck!

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  23. I am new to thermogenic products as I usually consider them mostly a scam; but, having quit smoking and spending 5 hours/week at the gym I still gained an ‘unsightly’ 30 pounds!! I say unsightly as this was not muscle gain, rather my belly and butt both stick out like a 8 month pregnant woman. Being weight conscious and being DESPERATE, I decided to do what any weight anxiety person would do… fat burners.

    I first tried Muscle Pharm’s Shred Matrix and will write a comment on that link, I’ll just say it wasn’t enought, or perhaps wasn’t quick enough to satisfy me. So I went with a top seller, OxyELITE Pro.

    I did not notice any additional physical motivation, nor did I lose any weight at all. All I noticed was a revved up heart rate, being a recent ex-smoker, a revved up heart rate means I cannot exercise to my potential as I hit my max heart rate way too quickly.

    For me, it was counter-productive. I wanted to expend energy to satisfy the racing of my heart but couldn’t because it was already racing too fast. If you are not used to high amounts of stimulents, it is a very uncomfortable feeling — like waiting for a bomb to explode, only it’s inside you. I love white water rafting and all kinds of adrenaline pumping activities, this was very different.

    Consequently, I will not be trying Jacked 3D either.

    Though Shred Matrix did not work as quickly as I wanted, I will stick with it for the other benefits I liked about it.

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  24. well..i’ve been using these pills for 3 weeks now but i don’t see any weight loss and i’ve been using it as directly and been exercising for all 7 days a week…can someone please tell me what i’m doing wrong?

    Editor’s comments: This product is not a weight loss miracle, and it’s likely you’re not doing anything wrong. See this article for more…

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  25. I started Oxyelite last week and so far I lost 7 lbs! I couldn’t believe it! I noticed that my cheeks are getting slimmer and my clothes are getting looser. Sometimes I have to force myself to eat because I am not hungry at all and I know I need to eat something. There are some disadvantages. One, I felt weird.. I’m way too energized and I feel hot! Two, on my 4th day of using this, I was really having a problem sleeping! Three, I noticed that I’m always “jumpy”, I jump at every sudden sounds i hear.. I will still continue with this pill for 8 weeks just to see how well this product works.

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  26. I started using Oxyelite Pro last April and with 1 month of usage, I lost some of my body fats. What sucks is that I followed the directions located on the container which says that I have to take 2 tablets before breakfast and another 1 after 6 hours of the first intake. I was doing that even if I was not going to some exercise.

    I want to ask about the label that says, “Do not take for more than 8 weeks.” What does that mean? Does it mean that I can only take it for 2 months and then stop taking it anymore (for the rest of my life)? Please do send me an e-mail. Because of that label, I “accidentally” bought the Lipo 6.

    Anyway, Oxyelite Pro, boosts my endurance. a 4-Quarter Exhausting game of Basketball is as easy as counting 1-2-3. Also, it helps lose someone’s appetite. Good way to lose fats.

    Editor’s comments: Usually this means that you should cycle off the product for a couple of weeks every two months. For greater clarity, you will have to contact the manufacturer, USP Labs.

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  27. I started OxyElitePro 11 days ago today, taking only 1 pill a day for the first three days, 1 in the morning and 1 six hours later for about three days, and then 2 in the morning and 1 six hours later since then. I’ve lost 20 pounds so far, in combination with walking an hour a day after taking the pill and eating a portion-sized breakfast, and also walking around alot while at work. I also am limiting myself to a 1000 calorie diet, while making sure to not starve myself. I find myself having to FORCE myself to eat, so I schedule alarms for times to eat so I don’t just forget. I drink tons and tons and tons of water a day like it suggests, and I feel amazing while on this.

    The one thing I’m noticing now though, is I’m having some stomach pains. I’m not sure if this is because I’m just getting sick due to the recent cold weather, or if it’s a side effect of the medicine. People on here said it was due to dehydration, but that’s certainly no issue for me.

    People have noticed the weight I’ve lost (Started at 240 lbs, now at 220 lbs, goal weight 190!), and I feel great. 🙂 LOVE this product!

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  28. I’ve been using OEP. its my 3rd day and im now taking 2 caps. along with NITRO TECH HARDCORE protein after gym. I can see my arms,chest and back. are getting ripped but my stomach are like bloated. And also my systolic BP is elevated, my normal BP is around 130-140/70 but now it raises up to 150/70. Is this normal? or i will eliminate taking nitrotech protein. My goal is to get 6 pack abs. Any recommendations? Thank you.

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    • Editor’s comments: Patrick, it is the OEP that is causing the elevated blood pressure, not the Nitrotech (which is glorified whey protein). You may want to cut back or eliminate the OEP. If you got an old bottle, it may contain DMAA; it’s a pretty potent stimulant, now banned and subject to FDA action.

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  29. I have been using this product for a week. One pill in the morning one in the afternoon. I have already lost 5 pounds with healthy eating habits and maybe hitting the gym three times a week. I would definitely recommend it. I like this product because I feel so ALIVE! I enjoy waking up in the mornings and going for walks, cooking, cleaning etc. The energy is amazing and I feel great! Not to mention me losing the weight that I have. The bad thing about this pill is that it gives me such a dry throat and I am extremely thirsty! My blood pressure increases when I am exercising like crazy but you do have to be responsible and watch that it doesn’t get out of hand. I have not felt sick or anything with this product so I will continue taking it until I reach my goal. Be careful with your BP and always check your heart rate! As far as the dry throat and thirst…ALWAYS DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!!!!!!!

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  30. i have been using oxyelite off and on for some months now!!it makes my vision blurry sometimes. i have to make sure to drink lots and lots of water… exercise and drink lots and lots of water!!! it helps but be careful when u come off of the pills because the weight u lost will jump back with the quickness!!! p.s. it cause acne on my chin and back ugh!!!

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  31. I normally don’t take the time to write reviews. I felt compelled, however, in this case to write a review on OxyElite Pro. As the editors mention, everyone’s body chemistry reacts differently with each supplement, so your results can vary. You do have to conduct a bit of a science experiment to determine what works for you (believe me, I have!) I lost about 80 pounds in one year on the original HydroxyCut with ephedra (mah huang). I didn’t like that speed freak feeling though, so I’m glad there are new thermogenic products designed to produce the same results without making your heart beat out of your chest! I previously used Lipo6 Black Ultra Concentrate (both versions – for women and for men) from Nutrex. I liked only having to take 1 pill per day, but disliked having a short temper paired with a huge appetite. I also think it gave me a false sense of thinking I could exert myself more in the gym than was feasible for me. I started taking OxyElite Pro just this week. On the first day, I only took 1 in the morning to test my body’s reaction. I have been taking 2 pills a day for the remaining days (one 15-20 mins before breakfast and one 15-20 mins before my afternoon snack, around 2:30). I could not believe it when I stepped on the scale at the gym yesterday. I have already lost 5 pounds!!! I definitely appreciate the appetite suppression from this pill. I eat 5-6 small meals a day, comprised of fruit, vegetables, nuts, protein and lean meats. I do 30 minutes of cardio in the morning, and an hour of weights during lunch. I work out 5-6 days a week. I have not felt any nausea like I did with the Lipo6. I also seem to have so much more energy and increased optimism. I have to be careful what I eat since I recently discovered that I am gluten-inrolerant. This makes my abdomen very distended and swollen, but I think that with continued use of this supplement, along with stearing clear of breads and heavy carbs, I will be pleased with the results, just in time for shorts weather! My word of advice would be to avoid caffeine entirely while taking this supplement. I have made that mistake in the past with other supplements, and I felt miserably nauseated. Also, as with any thermogenic, take a 2-week break after taking these pills 8 weeks in a row. Good luck! 🙂

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  32. i started oep in jan.. stayed on it for the 8 wks.. lost 10 pnds only and that was in the first 3 wks. so i increased to 2 pills a day. still no more weight came off. i eat fairly healthy and i work out and i am constantly on the move. i work nights 12 hr shifts, as a rn so i am on my feet ALOT… so i stopped after 8 wks. n recently just started again last week and i havent even lost a pnd. im throwing them in the garbage.. waste of money.

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