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What’s Dr. Oz Smoking?

Posted by on 12:33 pm in critical thinking, Supplement Ingredients | 0 comments

I’ve ranted and raved on more than one occasional about Dr. Oz and his breathless endorsements of weight loss supplements that have no business being endorsed. But no matter; regardless or whether or not such supplements are supported by an ounce of clinical data or not...

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Are Your Supplements Working a Little Too Well?

Posted by on 8:31 pm in Laws & Regulations,, Warnings | 0 comments

Are you experiencing incredible success with that latest fat burner or body building supplement? Or maybe with that “male enhancement” product you bought to spice things up in the bedroom a little bit? Well, there might be a reason for that. And no… it’s...

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In the Weight Loss Supplement World, “Doctor Recommended” Means Sweet FA!

Posted by on 9:10 am in Ad Claims, critical thinking, Dieting, Laws & Regulations, Obesity,, Weight Loss | 0 comments

In my publication “Dirty, Rotten Tricks! Supplement Company Lies That Cost You Money!“, I talk about the “doctor recommended” scam. Essentially, the word of a medical doctor holds a lot of sway with the general public, so supplement manufacturers and...

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What was the Biggest Supplement Scam of 2013? “Detox” and Detoxing…

Posted by on 10:59 am in critical thinking, Detox, Health Claims,, Uncategorized | 0 comments

To celebrate the New Year, I decided to spend a little time thinking about the past 12 months, and specifically, the biggest supplement scam that has been “pulled” on the unsuspecting public. I didn’t have to think very long. In my opinion, it’s without...

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Here We Go Again! (More on Phenocal, Synetgy LLC & Craig Schwartz)

Posted by on 10:47 am in Laws & Regulations, | 4 comments

Well, looks like Craig Schwartz from Golden State Media, legal eagle and representative of Synetgy LLC (makers of Phenocal) is back at it again. If you’re not up to speed on the story, Craig and the good folks over at Synetgy LLC don’t like our review of their...

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Sh*t That Drives Me Crazy! (Good-Bye Critical Thinking)

Posted by on 10:29 am in critical thinking, Health and Wellness, Health Claims | 0 comments

If there’s one thing that drives me nearly batsh*t crazy, it’s that so often, critical thinking skills seemed to be washed away into the gutter as soon as the topic of “Big Pharma” comes up. There’s a sudden, knee-jerk, conspiracy theory spasm that...

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