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Like a Bad Rash, Craig Returns

Posted by on 8:16 am in Laws & Regulations | 1 comment

Those of you who have been following along with our story of Craig Schwartz (representing Synetgy LLC) and his ham-handed attempts to have our review of Phenocal pulled from the site will be interested to know that Craig was back blustering to our web host again, sending this...

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The Sordid Tale of Phenocal, Synetgy LLC and Some Guy Named Craig Schwartz

Posted by on 9:21 am in Laws & Regulations,, Uncategorized, Warnings | 0 comments

A few weeks ago, a guy named Craig Schwartz, who is “duly authorized” to act on the behalf of Synetgy LLC (the makers of Phenocal and a company of *cough* great ethical and moral standards, *cough*) sent a note to our web host (you can read the note here) alleging...

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4 Ways to Stay Motivated at the Gym!

Posted by on 5:33 pm in Dieting, Health and Wellness, Obesity, Weight Loss | 1 comment

It’s fast becoming an age-old scenario… An individual (let’s call him Mr. Smith)has been recommended by his doctor to lose some weight for health reasons. With quiet resignation, Mr. Smith adopts a sensible diet plan in conjunction with a smart exercise...

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Cyclospora Outbreak Caused by Fecal Contamination

Posted by on 11:23 pm in News | 2 comments

I’ve been idly following the news of the Cyclospora outbreak for the last few days… according to the latest report, there are 425 reported cases across 16 states (I don’t live in any of them, knock on wood!). It appears that salad mix produced by Taylor Farms...

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“The Zero Gravity Coffee Cup”

Posted by on 11:02 pm in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Speaking of the science of coffee… this NASA video on solving the problem of drinking coffee in space is pretty cool. (via All Things...

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WIRED: “What’s Actually Inside an Average Cup of Coffee”

Posted by on 10:32 pm in critical thinking, Food Tech | 2 comments

LOL – I love coffee AND chemistry, so this little vid from the folks at WIRED magazine is a two-fer for me. Ok, I also (sort of) enjoy stuff that (gently) twists the tails of the “chemophobes” in our midst. You know, the ones that make a distinction between...

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