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Michelle Obama vs. Jimmy Fallon

Posted by on 5:35 am in Humor, | 1 comment

Mrs. Obama beat him fair and square! (sorry about the ad… that’s NBC for ya).

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Hopefully, Our New Neighborhood Will Have a Decent Walkscore

Posted by on 7:46 am in | 1 comment

We’re planning to move to Spokane, WA soon – so I spent the better part of the day looking online for info on rental homes. One of the resources I looked at was – and one of the cool features about Zillow is that WalkScores are included as a part of...

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Class Action Suit Filed Against USPLabs Over DMAA

Posted by on 4:20 am in Laws & Regulations, Supplement Ingredients, | 2 comments

This was filed just a few days before Xmas, so it flew right under my radar… From the complaint filed on Dec. 19 (courtesy of Courthouse News Service): Plaintiff JOHNNIE PACHECO (“Plaintiff”), individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated,...

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More Acai Berry Settlements…

Posted by on 5:45 am in Laws & Regulations, Supplement Ingredients,, Weight Loss | 1 comment

The FTC headline says it all: “FTC Permanently Stops Six Operators from Using Fake News Sites that Allegedly Deceived Consumers about Acai Berry Weight Loss Products.” Alleged Fraudulent Affiliate Marketers will Surrender Assets under Settlements Six online...

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Dances With Fat: “Fashion Magazine Freakout”

Posted by on 5:18 am in, Weight Loss | 1 comment

Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t stand “women’s” magazines. The models are all Photoshopped and the health/fitness info ranges from fluff to BS. Which is why I loved this blog post, “Fashion Magazine Freakout,” by Ragen Chastain of...

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The Healthy Skeptic on Herbal Sex Supps

Posted by on 6:25 am in Supplement Ingredients, | 0 comments

Chris Woolston, “The Healthy Skeptic,” devotes this week’s column to herbal sex supps. Do they work? Let’s just say that the experts he consults are skeptical… Lue has studied the effects of horny goat weed on rats in his lab, and he’s...

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