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Like a Bad Rash, Craig Returns

Those of you who have been following along with our story of Craig Schwartz (representing Synetgy LLC) and his ham-handed attempts to have our review of Phenocal pulled from the site will be interested to know that Craig was back blustering to our web host again, sending this note yesterday (Oct 9, 2013)…

The page is made live again. Please remove the material in question at earliest. To avoid confusion. [sic]

What “confusion” do you speak of, Craig?

The only person who seems to be confused about this is YOU.

But just for fun, let’s go back to your initial complaint, sent on September 5, where you wrote our hosting company alleging…

I do have very well understanding of online business. The website is trying to promote by using Phenocal’s online brand reputation. Please review the whole website once and remove the material in question at earliest to avoid further legal action and penalties.


  • Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat” is not a competing product. It’s a book – not a bottle of pills.
  • It is represented by a small, generic 125 x 125 ad that sits way down in the sidebar on the left on all the reviews on this site… it is not unique to the Phenocal review.
  • The ad itself does not link to Tom Venuto’s sales page, but to our review of the product. If we really were trying to use Phenocal’s “online brand reputation” (what online reputation?) , wouldn’t we link directly to the sales site? Wouldn’t we preface it with something along the lines of, “You don’t need Phenocal to lose fat and get the body of your dreams. Click here for information on Tom Venuto’s popular “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” program”?
  • It is not against the copyright or trademark law to feature advertising or featured products on pages that contain editorial content.
  • It’s hard to take Craig’s “legal eagle” approach too seriously when he communicates in garbled sentences, like: “I do have very well understanding of online business.” Very professional!

All this notwithstanding, we decided to throw Craig a bone. 😉

Just for fun, Elissa tweaked the style sheet, so the offending “ad” no longer appears on any Phenocal-related pages, including this one (these pages are cached, so it may take a couple of hours before the ads stop appearing on all pages).

Will that make him happy? Or will there be something else to complain about?

Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. This guy sure seems like a true pain in the butt!

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