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Are Your Supplements Working a Little Too Well?

Are you experiencing incredible success with that latest fat burner or body building supplement? Or maybe with that “male enhancement” product you bought to spice things up in the bedroom a little bit?

Well, there might be a reason for that.

And no… it’s not what you think; that the manufacturer has gone overboard to deliver a stellar product, or some new herb cultivated from deep in the depths of the Amazon jungle burns fat, builds muscle or provides sexual stamina by the truckload. Or, that hordes of diligent scientists hovering over microscopes and test tubes have managed to conjure up some amazing new compound that accomplishes all of the above.

In truth, it’s much simpler that.

Like, much, much simpler.

According to MedPageToday, over half of the major drug recalls in the U.S. were for dietary supplements that contained unapproved ingredients. And for “unapproved ingredients”, read “drugs”.

What sort of products were recalled?

At the top of the list are sexual enhancement aids (which are often contaminated with sildenafil – essentially Viagara), followed body building and weight loss products.

No wonder they work so well.

So next time you’re experiencing incredible success with some product or another, you might want to consider there’s another reason for its effectiveness.

Just something to think about.

I know that some folks think having your supplements spiked with drugs is a good thing. I know, I’ve talked to some.  They don’t care what’s in the product as long as it delivers the results advertised. Well, that’s all well and good, but how about the law enforcement officer who tests positive for banned steroids despite the fact s/he was taking a supposedly “legal” supplement? Or the guy who took and over the counter enhancement product and ended up facing serious health issues because the sildenafil it was spiked with interacted with the nitrates he was taking for chest pain? The fact is that drugs are not benign, and people need to know if they are taking them, or risk potentially serious consequences.


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