Slim Seduction™ Fat Burner Review: How Does Slim Seduction™ Measure Up? -

Slim Seduction™ Fat Burner Review: How Does Slim Seduction™ Measure Up?

Slim Seduction™ appears to be discontinued.

I was first introduced to Slim Seduction™ when a barrage of unsolicited bulk e-mail (also known as “spam”) touting its benefits arrived to my inbox. I could barely stifle my laughter as I read how leading scientists were “shocked and amazed” by the unprecedented fat burning powers of Slim Seduction™, which apparently can “pop cellulite cells like bubble wrap,” and “boost your metabolism by 500%.”

If it weren’t for the fact that a lot of people are going to be taken in by the hype, this might actually be funny. After all, it is a just a bit “over the top.” Heck, even the most powerful prescription diet pills (check out my reviews of popular diet pills here) aren’t nearly that effective.

Before I even begin to discuss the formula, let’s see why it is you should be extremely wary of this product…

  1. This product is often advertised via unsolicited bulk e-mail. Spamming (sending e-mail without your express permission) is illegal in many countries (including the U.S.), and it goes without saying that companies that are willing to break the law to promote to you cannot be congratulated for their business ethics. It also calls into question the credibility of every other statement they make, as well as their commitment to customer service, etc.
  2. This is a “As Seen On TV” product. Although not necessarily the case with Slim Seduction. I’ve written how the biggest “scam” weight loss products are the ones sold via radio and TV advertisements. That’s because it’s the easiest way for manufacturers to isolate themselves from the consumer and avoid accountability for their products. Additionally, these are the products for which I receive the most complaints about deceptive billing practices. Please see this article for the complete story!
  3. This product makes exaggerated claims: The Slim Seduction™ retailers are making claims that are both physiologically impossible and unproved. Despite the assurances that their product contains ingredients backed by science and clinical studies, most of the ingredients in this formula are on pretty shaky footing, scientifically.
  4. Many of the studies referenced are too small to be of any consequence. Many are not published in any peer-reviewed journal and are therefore not subject to scrutiny by the scientific community. Or they examine the effectiveness of a compound when used in concert with other compounds. Regardless, while this all sounds pretty darn good, the reality is that there is nothing miraculous about this compilation.

On the plus side, this product does lists its ingredients (kudos for that at least) and although they are not readily accessible, a complete accounting of the amount of each ingredient is provided… should you dig deep enough.

With that said, there are some decent ingredients in this formula. Green tea (reviewed here) is a fat burning winner (especially so when combined with caffeine, which is also in this compilation). If you read the full review, however, you’ll most studies showing weight loss benefits were conducted with much higher doses of critical catechins and EGCG than included in this formula.

Additionally, there does exist some new and contradictory clinical data on green tea which shows it has relatively little effect on weight loss (see Clin Nutr. 2008 May 9).

There is also some evidence guggulsterones may be effective for elevating the metabolism through the stimulation of the thyroid hormones.

Advantra Z® (the patented form of bitter orange, or citrus aurantium which is standardized for synephrine), on the other hand, is not the clear cut fat burning winner it is portrayed to be. Once thought to be a powerful and credible alternative to ephedra, studies validating synephrine’s fat burning effects have been largely underwhelming.

Guarana and Yerba mate contain caffeine, a mildly effective thermogenic compound. Yerba mate may also delay gastric emptying, leading to an increased feeling of satiety and less desire to eat or snack. Good, solid ingredients both, but hardly revolutionary.

Niacin (also known as vitamin B3 and reviewed here!) has been shown to help regulate blood sugar, and, in much higher doses, encourage a beneficial cholesterol formula. The Slim Seduction™ claim that niacin “has been shown to accelerate the burning of carbs (so you don’t have to stop eating your favorites)” is completely ridiculous.

Dandelion root is a mild diuretic, meaning it might help you lose some water weight, but it does not encourage weight loss. Dandelion root may also improve liver functions through other functions, but this too provides negligible benefits to the dieter.

Bottom line?

This is an average fat burner compilation that contains a couple of decent ingredients. While it is no better or no worse than many competitive products out there, it is certainly not revolutionary, it is expensive, and there is nothing here to justify the tripe spouted on the Slim Seduction™ web site…

“New High-Speed Diet Pill Causes Fat and Cellulite Cells to “Pop” Like Bubble Wrap, Burns 937 Extra Calories a Day, and Boosts Your Metabolism By up to 500%… All Without Diet or Exercise!”

as you can imagine, I am hesitant to recommend experimenting with any product advertised illegally (i.e., via spam) and that makes absolutely outrageous advertising claims not backed with any credible science. I’ve also received all kinds of negative feedback from visitors on the deceptive billing practices utilized by the company.

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