Slim Seduction™ Customer Testimonials, Comments & Feedback -

Slim Seduction™ Customer Testimonials, Comments & Feedback

Below you’ll find some visitor comments on Slim Seduction. If you’d like to have your own comments on Slim Seduction™ featured here, please contact us with your story.

Please note: I do not post testimonials without a name and e-mail address. Such testimonials have no credibility — I could be just making them up, right? So if you’re not willing to have your name and e-mail address disclosed, you may still send your comments, but I will not post them.

Second, please recognize that there are many valid reasons why Slim Seduction will or will not work for an individual person.

Just because Slim Seduction receives a few positive reviews does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Conversely, a negative product review does not always mean you should dismiss it. As always, remember that personal feedback is always anecdotal, so use your own judgement when using reviews to influence your buying decision.

I have recently (as of 10/03/06) joined the $25,000 challenge that is available through the Slim Seduction Web site.

As part of the challenge one must keep consistant diary entries, record of weight loss and contact with other participants in order to keep your viability as a contestant.

I have lost several hundred pounds over my life time and I have found that sites like this are beneficial. They give a great deal of support and reinforcement, they offer incentive and they require accountability.

The product may or may not be worthwhile, but since you only have to buy on product to enter the challenge, to me it is worth it. The tools that offered on the web site are wonderful to have all in one spot and the information that is deciminated seems to be accurate and timely.

Do I believe all the hype about their product?

I’ve learned not to believe in anything except my own desire to succeed, but sometimes a placebo (even a rediculously high priced one) is just the incentive a gal needs to get back on the healthy eating band wagon.

So…thank you for the warning…but since you don’t seem to be worried about the product being dangerous or unhealthy and mentioned that it might even be a bit helpful…the website itself is worth the cost of admission.

Carri (

I have been on Slim Seduction for a little over two weeks. I have lost 6 pounds, and several inches and gained a ton of energy without the jitters.

I really like this product. What I like more, is the website. The message boards are wonderful. The people on there are very supportive and encouraging. If you have any questions, they are answered in no time. I would highly recommend this product, not as a miracle pill, but as a tool in the aid of weight loss, along with proper diet and exercise.

Anne Marie (

I have been using Slim Seduction for about 2 weeks, and I haven’t experienced the weight loss amount that they state on their homepage. So far the product hasn’t done anything for me.

Cheri (

I’ve personally used Slim Seduction and I didn’t see ANY progress or weight loss.

You need to take 6 pills a day for the first few weeks (probably because there isn’t enough fat burning ingredients in just a few) and NOTHING happened.

They claim you will lose 5 pounds in a week, sorry but not me. I was working out, eating right and popping 6 of these things a day! And they aren’t small pills, and saw nothing. I wouldn’t recommend Slim Seduction to my worst enemy just because it wouldnt do a darn thing!

Rachel (

I just wanted to say that I am one of those people that was sucked in by the spam e-mail! I have only been using this product for 1 week now, so I can’t give a whole lot of info! I have, however, lost 2 pounds so far, and my appetite has been someone curbed. But for now, the jury is still out!

Barb (

I was duped into thinking this was an actual study and I only had to pay s&h and answer there questions for a 1 month “free trial.”

Since then I’ve lost the 800# on my own and seemed to be stuck for the last 30, I thought I’d give it a try and also order a bottle for the next month.

Imagine my surprise when I put my credit card in and found out not only was I paying s&h for the first month supply but they also charged me for 2 bottles, not one so nothing is ever free. I decided to try it since the deed was already done, I have lost no weight at all actually gained a pound and my cravings are worse.

For some reason I crave chocolate which is not one of my normal cravings. Long story short, I decided to send it back for my refund and you can’t even find an address, you have to email them for an authorization # and address , you won’t get a refund or it “could be delayed” w/o the number. I’m still waiting for their response. Why do I have a feeling it will come after my 6 wk trial guarantee is over?

Jeri (

I tried Slim Seduction with the GNS Carb Matrix pills. I didn’t change anything else for two weeks and didn’t gain or loose or feel any different.

When I tried to contact GNS to return the unused portion for a refund (by e-mail), I heard nothing. So, I followed up again. “Conveniently”, I received their e-mail reply just after my 6 week return period was over.

They claimed to have sent two e-mails to my initial e-mail request for a refund which I never received. However, for weeks I’ve been receiving their newsletters without a problem. I don’t have a spam blocker. So, how convenient is it that the two e-mails I wanted to receive didn’t make their way to me, but all of their other marketing junk did? Fishy.

Kelley (

I think Slim Seduction is one of the best diet pills I’ve ever tried! I used to be an ephedrine-stack “junkie,” and could never find anything that matched the effectiveness of the ephedrine-based diet aids.

I already work out and eat (mostly) healthy foods. When I added Slim Seduction pills, I noticed a BIG change. I don’t know about the “clinical” studies. I just know that SS took me from a size 6 to a size 4 in no time. I love it!

Nikki (

I was glad to see you had reviewed Slim Seduction, as I have been using it regularly since January. I truly believe it is helping me with my weight loss program. Granted, I am using it in combination with a much healthier diet and exercise regimen.

And this is what the promoters of the product DO recommend. Yes, there are some claims in the emails and on their site that are obviously designed to grab attention.

And I was skeptical at first. After having used the product, I honestly believe it gives me some added energy and helps me curb cravings. But more importantly, I wanted to contact you because I completely disagree with some of your criticisms of the company that is selling this product.

First of all, as far as I know, they do NOT advertise on TV. I have never seen any TV ads, and nothing on their website mentions any TV advertising. I realize that just because I haven’t seen any TV ads, doesn’t mean they aren’t out there, but I don’t know about them.

SECOND, I have used several of their products and their customer service has been excellent. There are REAL, live human beings who answer the phone and they are more than willing to exchange products and accept returns.

They also have staff who are knowledgeable about nutrition and weight loss and they are honest and helpful with inquiries. Their staff members also provide assistance through their website (

They have helped me understand that their products are SUPPLEMENTS, not miracle fat burning pills, and that they are most effective when used as part of a diet and exercise plan. I have lost approximately 20 pounds since I started their program and I am definitely feeling and looking better.

Marcia (

I just ordered the “FREE TRIAL” of the SLIM SEDUCTION (you only pay the shipping) and printed my transaction when I noticed in small print on the bottom of the page that I will be charged $49.95 within 3 weeks, as part of “a try it before you buy it offer”.

Not so FREE any more is it?

They sure catch you with that last bit of unmentioned information!

Now I am trying to cancel my order but it was already shipped within matter of minutes. I have to wait 48 hours to cancel my account and return my order as soon as it arrives so that I don’t get billed the full amount. I feel that I was mislead by the add of the FREE TRIAL.

Lize (lizellekral AT

When I ordered this from their trial they decided to tell me after I ordered that I”d be charged $60.00 the following month — even though I did not ask for it, and it wasn’t listed as an option. They want to send it to me monthly and charge me monthly. Great way to do business. Take all our money? I thought the idea was to take our fat…

Candice (candicat87 AT

I have been on the Slim Seduction diet pills for about 2 1/2 weeks now, I started out taking only 2 pills a day say for the first 4 days, then switched to 4 per day, the bottle recommends talking 6 per day (I have never taken that much).

It’s been approx 2 1/2 weeks and I get a headache within an hour of taking them. I ended up having a doctors appt. today to have an anemia profile repeated and had my blood pressure taken, it was very high, the dr referred to it as being at a hypertension level. Basically what I am saying is that before taking the pills my blood pressure was always normal. She mentioned that I should stop taking them immediately because they were doing something terrible to my blood pressure, which was causing the headaches.

While on the pills I didn’t notice any appetite suppressants nor did it kick the cravings. I didnt feel anything out of the normal except the headaches, no energy boost or anything.

Another issue that makes me mad is the fact that when I went on the website to order the 21 day FREE trial the website says all you pay is like $3.79 for shipping but when it was all said and done the website somehow tricks you into ordering 3 bottles which the total came to a little over $92.00.

I called the company and spoke with a very nice representative and she claimed that I could try the product for 6 weeks and send back the unused portion for a full refund minus the shipping so I plan to send them back in the next few days.

I have read posts on the internet about the same thing happening to other consumers, being charged a bogus amount and having problems getting a refund when they sent the product back. Not a good experience with this stuff.

Natosha (cartergyrl AT

I have ordered the free trial of slim seduction and cannot get in touch with the customer service by web or phone. I just wanted to try it before I commit to buying it and now it looks like my card is going to be charged over $100 and I can’t call and cancel anything!

This is a rip off!

Christie (cluke03 AT

I have not used this product, however I did order a “Free” 21-day trial using my bank card (yikes!).

I may have to change my bank account information due to the fact that when I went to call the company with questions re: after I had given them my credit card number.

It then has a print out below that saying, by the way we will be charging $49.95 to your card on April 5th.

I was amazed to read this when I do know my math and that is not anywhere near 21 days FREE trial?

What is really going on here?

There is NO contact phone (800) number at all, the automated voice comes on when you do call the 800-569-4610 that has been changed to a national phone #10-15-15-800 What?

I do believe this is a problem for me due to the fact that I was an idiot to give them my Visa number. I am over 100 lbs. over weight so I get desperate and jump on any thing that seems to be helpful! Now I am mad and screwed… what to do?

Liz (lz_shull AT

Slim Seduction is a total RIP OFF! I gave this product a chance by taking the entire bottle. I ended up gaining 15 pounds!

Yes, I dieted, I ate healthy AND I joined a social running club to train for half marathons. So, it’s not like I’m trying to eat everything under the sun and expecting this miracle pill to take off the weight.

First off, here’s the true scam:

It’s 21 day free trial. When you place your order, you have to pay S&H, and you don’t even get the product until 14 days into your 21 day free trial (yes they count the day you order as day 1 on your 21 day free trial….) so you technically only have 7 days to try it.

Here’s the catch, in order NOT to get charged for the product, you have to return it before the 21 days are up… basically you have several days to try it and determine if it’s working for you.

Second, the terms & conditions to even ordering one bottle is that you are AUTOMATICALLY enroled in their auto-ship program. They charge your card within like a week of receiving your initial product. I was charged for the initial bottle, and then exactly one week later I was charged for a second bottle.

I had to call and wait for 20 minutes on hold in order to cancel. Two weeks later, I get the second bottle. I call again to get a return authorization for a “full refund” that they guarantee, but the initial terms & condition state that your second bottle (on auto ship) isn’t covered by the full money back guarantee.

You can only exchange these worthless pills for something else just as worthless on their site. Oh, and there’s another caveat, the only product you can’t exchange the pills for are their protein drinks, which would be the only thing I might consider exchanging for.

Yes, I am stupid for believing the hype, but that’s what sites like Slim Seduction count on….your desperation to get rid of weight. These pills did absolutely nothing for me….nothing that they claimed the pills could do. Take my advice and skip this advertisement if ever you come across it.

Jennifer (jennifer_petty2002 AT

Editor’s Comments: The “Free Trial” scam is a pretty common one perpetrated by many retailers on the Internet. We’ve created a video — click here to watch and learn more about this common scam.

Beware of purchasing slim seduction. They do not have integrity when it comes to their marketing and customer service practices.

I returned product to them in its original packaging with the requested RA number they require, on both the inside and the outside of the package.

The package was received by them and confirmed by both USPS delivery confirmation and Slim seduction’s customer service rep, three days prior to the billing date and they went ahead and billed my acct anyway.

They said the package came without an RA number, which is a complete and total lie. They also confirmed the call that I made and the person who gave me the number but because I didn’t write down the number on another piece of paper here at home and give it to them, they will not refund my money.

I am now being billed $79.95 for a product that I do not have, nor do I want, that they know they have received in their warehouse, and I believe they use this game to make money on product they can resell. They know that there will be a percentage of people who don’t write the number down at home so they lie and say it wasn’t on the package and then they bill you anyway.

Why would a person call and get a number and then not put it on the package? This has been a hard lesson for me and even though I intend to report them to both local and national agencies, this will definitely affect my ever purchasing products online again.

Pam (pamelasarbonne AT

I found their website via a spam email. I initially decided to take advantage of the chance to try it for 21 days if I paid S & H and took a survey.

The day after I recieved it in the mail I was charged $89.00. I had not even had a chance to try it. I called to tell them they made a mistake. Both girls I talked to—Chantel and one other, I didn’t get her name—were very rude. They kept telling me I signed up for the “no pay for 14 days” and not the free trial. I told them I never even saw that option.

They were both rude and pretty much yelled at me telling me oh well, you are wrong and you got what you ordered.

I decided to go on their website and find where this supposed option was. I tried to re-enter my information to try to find this option they claim to have. Not only did they not have that option  ANYWHERE on the page, they charged me for another membership without me even hitting a confirmation button.

This company is horrible and unethical. The staff is rude and dishonest.

Erin (erinc0323 AT

I ordered 1 free trial bottle of Slim Seduction. I paid $3.97 s&h.

Then my account got charged $79.50, putting it into the negative with $66 dollars in overdraft fees! Well I know I will lose weight now because I have no money for food for me and my six year old son. They say it’s all my fault for it. Saying it’s free and then charging?

Yes, it’s my fault for giving them my mastercard number to pay the shipping and handling. Not to mention, I got no email or invoice with the package. This company is shady to say the very least. To hell with them and their full refrigerators and pantries!

Thel (eppikwarlock AT

The product does not work.  It makes claims of lowering belly fat – but that comes from eating right and not from the pills.  They say use it for 60 days before you see any results – that is crap.  If you are watching your weight for 60 days you will see results – it is not the pills.

Then they put you on an auto payment system – and when you want to return the product – for a refund you can’t.  You can only exchange for a new product.  None of the products work.

Be smart – there is nothing that will help you use weight – you have to do it yourself. They trick you with the 30 day free bottle and then they trap you into something that will cost you and you can’t get out of it.  I took the pills to a doctor to see what was in it;   NOTHING that can help you loose weigth or stop you from eating.  Total scam – Don’t do it – don’t be fooled.

Lisa  (lisamicheleyoung AT

DO Not buy this product.  Total Scam.  I paid the $3.97 shipping, and they got me 10 days later for $80.00, before the 21 day free trial expired. This is a total scam!

Jennifer (Pryceless22 AT

Thank you so much for all your warnings about Slim Seduction! I Just signed up for their “free 30 day trail” over a week ago, finally recieved a package in the mail, opened it up and noticed they gave me a two bottles (two month supply) and are going to charge my credit card $79.90 automatically starting on Jan 19, 2009 (I ordered my free trial on Dec 29, 2008) to supposedly “complete” the payment!


This is the first time I’ve EVER tried anything like this and I’m glad I know better now. They ARE a total SCAM! Now, I have to still do all the calling and e-mailing to cancel my “membership”… wish me luck!

Megan  (meg_n_music AT

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