Phenphedrine Review: Its Effects and Side Effects -

Phenphedrine Review: Its Effects and Side Effects

By the looks of things, Phenphedrine appears to be brought to us by the same anonymous retailers that introduced us to such dubious weight loss favorites as Fenphedra and Nuphedragen. The last two products sport nearly identical formulations—and Phenphedrine features the same core group of ingredients, plus a couple of extras.

What’s The Danger Of Doing Business With Anonymous Retailers? Why is it important that you be extremely wary of doing business with companies that refuse to reveal who they are (The Phenphedrine sales site—like the Fenphedra and Nuphedragen sites—reveal absolutely nothing about who is “behind” them)?

That’s because the primary reason for anonymity is to make it easier to avoid accountability to the consumer. It makes it very difficult for you to receive a refund if you’re unsatisfied with the product. And how do you complain to the regulatory bodies if you don’t know with whom you are doing business?

In this case—because the web sites of all three products (Phenphedrine, Fenphedra and Nuphedragen) are nearly identically formatted, and since Phenphedrine is highly recommended on the “faux” review site, SyberVison, this product is most likely the creation of BlackStone Nutrition / Garrett Devore Labs—companies with outrageously bad customer service records, reams of customer complaints and even a lawsuit that alleges…

“…SyberVision and Blackstone Nutrition conspire to deceive consumers through Web sites that post bogus “product reviews” that defame competitors and violate trademarks…”

For more information on this company, including links to sites with customer complaints, please click here! (This page open in a new window so you do not lose your place).

That said, what is in Phenphedrine?…

1. DiCaffeine Malate: Caffeine is a common ingredient to most fat burners and weight loss supplements. It cheaply and easily addresses the issue of fatigue common to dieters and non dieters alike. And, it does offer established weight loss benefits, mild though they may be (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97).

However, there is no evidence to suggest this form of caffeine (which is bonded with malic acid) is any more effective than the regular stuff, despite the claims of various retailers.

2. Caffeine Anhydrous: This is the same drug sold over-the-counter as “No-Doz,”  “Vivarin,” etc. The discussion of caffeine in reference to di-caffeine malate applies here, too.

3. Hops: According to the sales copy, this ingredient…

“…produces a mild stimulant effect which then triggers the body to relax.”

Stimulants cause the body to relax? Who knew? Not really sure why this ingredient is here, although it has been studied—along with valerian—as a possible sleep aid. So maybe it is a “relaxant.”

4. Green Select Phytosome (green tea extract): There’s no doubt, green tea is a great supplement, showing some real benefits for weight loss. Nonetheless, “real” doesn’t mean “dramatic.” For example, in one widely cited study, men consuming 690mg green tea catechins in beverage form lost nearly twice as much weight and fat as did men consuming a low-catechin control beverage. That’s a genuine difference… but in real terms, it meant that the test group lost an average of 5.3 pounds over 12 weeks, while the controls lost 2.9 pounds.

Another study found that green tea and caffeine (from guarana) together increased 24 energy expenditure by an average of 750kJ. That’s only about 180 calories (kcal). This is significant, yes… but in real terms, it’s only about 20% of the deficit you could create by knocking 500 calories off your diet, and adding 45-60 minutes of moderate exercise (approx. 400 calories). It’s a decent little boost, but that’s all it is.

Ok, but what about Green Select Phytosome? It’s a special, proprietary extract that – according to the description on the Phenphedrine site – yields results far superior than the studies noted above…

“Green Select Phytosome Green Tea is patented and clinically proven to help you lose weight. In a recent clinical trial, the average dieter lost over 30 pounds in just 90 days. That’s 20 pounds more than the placebo group.”

Ok, let’s talk about that clinical trial… it’s actually published in a peer-reviewed journal, albeit one that’s devoted to “Alternative Medicine” – a status that almost certainly has an influence on the rigor of the peer-review process. This more “relaxed” attitude can be seen in the paper itself… although the numbers are correctly reported on the manufacturer’s (Indena’s) web site…

One hundred patients affected by overweight and obesity have been treated with 150 mg of Greenselect® Phytosome® twice daily (300 mg/day). During the study, all patients (treated and placebo) followed a low caloric diet (1250-1350 Kcal for women and 1650-1750 Kcal for men) distributed in at least 4 meals per day.

Parameters such as body weight, body mass index, waistline, total cholesterol, basal glycemia and total triglycerides were measured at the beginning, after 45 days and after 90 days (end of the study).

The average weight loss was of 6 kg in the diet only group and 14 kg in the treated group. Accordingly, relevant results have been reported in terms of body mass index, waistline and blood parameters.

…the account obscures the fact that no actual placebo was used for the control (diet alone) group – it was diet only, or diet plus MonCam (the name of the actual commercial product used).

This is a serious methodological issue, as it’s well-known that people respond strongly to pills, particularly those given in a clinical setting. And the study write up makes no mention of blinding, either – how the researchers interact with the subjects and set expectations is critical. That’s why placebo-controlled trials are also typically “double-blind” – that is, neither the subject nor the experimenter knows which treatments being dispensed are the “real” or “dummy” ones. That way, the experimenter cannot subtly (or overtly) influence the subjects’ behavior.

Placebo-controlled, double-blind studies are the “gold standard.” This one fell short, and inexplicably so, since it would not have been difficult to add this extra layer of care. Thus, this study is suggestive, but far from conclusive.

In the light of past research on green tea, it’s easy to believe that Green Select Phytosome had some positive effect on the subjects’ weight loss, but until a better-controlled study is done, it’s impossible to say if it really is a superior alternative to other standardized green tea extracts as a weight loss supplement ingredient.

5. Chromax: This is a proprietary form of chromium picolinate, produced by Nutrition 21. The Phenphedrine write up states…

“In one clinical study, subjects consumes 365 less calories per day with Chromax. Subjects also reduced hunger levels by 24%.”

There’s something similar noted on the Nutrition 21 site, although it’s less specific:

“In a study conducted by researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, subjects taking 1000 mcg of chromium as Chromax chromium picolinate saw a reduction in carbohydrate cravings, appetite and caloric intake by as much as 25 percent over an eight-week period.”

Nonetheless, the Nutrition 21 summary is more informative – and more honest – than the Phenphedrine version. Note the phrases “by as much” and “over an eight-week period.”

The study is here. As I would expect from Pennington, it’s pretty meticulous. And it contains details NOT reported in either summary, such as…

“The primary objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of CrPic on food intake in healthy, overweight, adult women who reported craving carbohydrates.”

Emphasis mine. Thus, they looked at a specific population of overweight women. In addition, the measured calorie reductions occurred only in the laboratory; were not seen in full until the 8 weeks was up; and did NOT result in any meaningful weight loss – just a skosh over a pound.

“Moreover, participants receiving CrPic lost a small amount of weight (0.5 kg) over this 8-week study, which suggests they may have also reduced their food intake outside of the laboratory. However, participants receiving CrPic lost a smaller amount of weight than would be expected based on the difference in food intake (i.e., 210 kcal) between the two groups during their final (week 8) food test day. This suggests that participants receiving CrPic may not have maintained a consistent reduction in energy intake throughout the entire 8-week period.

Emphasis mine (again). So much for that 365 calories/day.

This is not to say that Chromax – or chromium supplementation in general – is useless for weight loss. But a) there are negative as well as positive studies to consider; and b) there’s exactly nada in any of the positive studies to support claims that it can help users lose “serious weight fast.”

6) Phenylethylamine (PEA): An amphetamine-related chemical commonly found in chocolate, you’ll find phenylethylamine in many fat burners these days. Although retailers claim this chemical promotes pleasure and euphoria, for the most part it’s a useless addition to any formula.

That’s because the vast majority of any phenylethylamine you consume is metabolized by the enzyme monamine oxidase, preventing all but the tiniest amounts from actually reaching the bloodstream.

The only fat burners in which phenylethylamine may have any impact are those that also contain natural monamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOI) to prevent the metabolism of this ingredient. Unfortunately, there aren’t any in this formula.

Gaspari’s Cytolean (reviewed here) was probably the best of the bunch, as its formula contained 5 natural MAOIs. Nutrex’s Lipo 6 X (reviewed here) contains a single MAOI in its formula.

So there you have it, the Phenphedrine formula in a nutshell.

So what’s the verdict?

This is definitely going to be a product that will get you wired. It contains a solid whack of caffeine, so anyone sensitive to stimulants needs to be careful—and probably avoid—this product.

If you’re wondering if Phenphedrine is a scam, that really depends on what your definition of a “scam” is.

First, it’s way overpriced. This product is not worth close to $70 a bottle—there is absolutely nothing in it to justify this price. You can buy well-thought-out commercially available products for close to half of this—check our recommendations for more!

It’s also over-hyped, and the claims made for it are not supported by any credible science.

But the same can be said for the majority of products on the market. Additionally, it appears to be retailed by a group of rogues who have a deplorable customer service record.

Obviously then, this isn’t a product we’d recommend.

Phenphedrine Summary
  • Contains some useful ingredients.
  • Relatively simple formula with no proprietary blend(s).
  • Not a "kitchen sink" formula.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I have used Phenphedrine. It has worked, but I’m worried about the long term effects on my heart, lungs and kidneys. Can anyone give any input on this? The company is bogus. I can not find any details on them. 🙁

    Editor’s comments: A detailed breakdown of Phenphedrine’s ingredient profile is covered here. This product is probably made by Garret Devore Labs / BlackStone Nutrition, which has a horrible customer service record.

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  2. I’ve been on it for a week. No weight loss, but massive headaches and rise in heart rate, also my blood pressure goes sky high and I don’t usually have high bp. This feels crazy, especially the strong pain on the left side of the brain… does anyone know why?

    Editor’s comments: Esmie, this product contains a ton of ingredients including some potent stimulants (yohimbe, synephrine, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, caffeine) and phenylethylamine (see the full phenphedrine review for an overview of the formula). Any one of these or the combination thereof could cause the issue with blood pressure and heart rate. The headaches could be attributed to any single ingredient, or the combination of any number of them, it’s impossible to know for sure.

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  3. This product will have you wired! There is no doubt this product works, but if you are sensitive to stimulants I suggest you stay away. If you aren’t then give this product a try, because in 1 month using this product I’ve dropped 14 pounds! I had headaches the first few days than they went away and it looks and feels like the fat is literally melting away.

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  4. I have been through almost 6 bottles of this stuff. It was working well at first – consistent energy and appetite suppression. But after a few bottles my appetite came back and I would binge eat. however i kept taking the stuff, upping my dosage to 3 pills a day, and then 4 pills a day. I stuff my face sometimes, sometimes I don’t eat — but all i know that even after eating a lot and barely any exercising — i STILL lose weight (2 lbs / week) baffling, i would say it works in the beginning and then it eventually levels out.

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  5. I have just started taking Phenphedrine, and I will say that it’s true that it boosts your energy unbelievably and you don’t feel hungry. I was so pumped that I did massive workouts and felt capable of things I had never achieved. I don’t know how it’s going to be in a few more weeks, but meanwhile I am making the most out of this energy I have. I also feel insanely positive and bright.

    The only reason I am down-starring this is because of all dubious and suspicious nature of the makers of this pill. It just feels a little bit “dodgey” and scary to me…

    Editor’s comments: Natalia, you’re right on both accounts; phenphedrine contains a ton of potent stimulants that will definitely boost most people’s energy. It’s also sold by Blackstone Nutrition / Garret Devore labs, a company that occupies the top spot on our wall of shame for their poor and deceptive business practices and terrible Better Business Bureau rating.

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  6. I just started Phenphedrine June 20 3 and I love it. I used to eat non stop – I’m a stay at home mom and when I’m bored I eat but now I have so much energy and I only eat once a day. I don’t get these crazy urges for food when I’m not hungry. My mind doesn’t wander and think of food all the time.

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  7. Does anyone get sick to their stomach?

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  8. I started taking Phenphedrine 3 days ago. The first day I got a lot of energy. I felt like crap after my workout and could barely move, like my stomach felt like it was going to burst. But I went out anyways and then the morning after (I’d been drinking) I felt abnormally hungover, and after I couple of hours I almost fainted. I had to go home, problem was I had no appetite and I couldn’t fall asleep.

    Day after that was pretty much the same, although I didn’t faint. I feel like crap on this stuff, and my stomach has never acted this way at all before. And I sometimes feel like I wanna puke. But I don´t eat all that much, I´ll give them credit for that, like 400-600 cal a day, dunno if I should be happy for that or scared? I don´t normally eat that much anyways, I kind of depends if I´m hungry or not, and if I’ve been working out etc.

    But for you that get nauseous and feel like you´re high or something: DRINK A LOT OF WATER. It helps. I have not seen any huge difference. I just added this with my workout and hope I´ll loose like 5-10 more pounds. I´m not that big right now, like 5’2-5’3 and 110 pounds. Is it dangerous for me to take this stuff?

    Editor’s comments:
    It doesn’t sound like you’re getting much benefit, and this product does contain a ton of stimulants, including DMAA, which may be what is making you feel this way. See the full review for more details.

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  9. I wanted to try this but after hearing all these reviews I’m not so sure. Are there any diet pills that anyone would suggest that I can loose 20 pounds in a month?

    Editor’s comments: No, unfortunately there are not. Plenty of retailers and their partners (who earn commissions on referred sales) will tell you theirs is such a product, but it’s not true. No such product exists, sorry.

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  10. I have been taking this weight loss pill for a couple days now and at first I felt weird on it – just slightly more hyped but I haven’t noticed any weight loss.

    I’m going to the doctor soon so maybe I can see if there have been any results. I haven’t worked out more though so I guess I will try that.

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  11. Im an athelete and have tried many other fat burners and thermogenics. The first day I took Phenphedrine, I felt super high. Almost out of body like everything was moving slower than me, my thought process was flying by and I had to talk fast. I stayed in a pumped mood like that for 6 hrs, then I took my 2nd pill. I did’t feel as crazy high but I still felt pretty fresh/wired. I did a 3 mile run and my heart rate flew up so I had to jog extremely low to keep it below 180. The stimulants in this definitely have an extreme affect on heart rate. I’d advise if your not used to large doses of caffeine to stay away. This stuff could cause serious overexhaustion if not monitored when working out. I’m on day 3 and still find an energy boost and sleeping is more difficult even if I stop taking phen 8 hrs before bedtime.

    What I can say about this fatburner – it easily elevates heart rate, resulting in more calories burned through out the day. If you don’t change your eating habits it may provide a small weight loss. If your appetite is curbed and you consume half of what you normally would, you may see a significant weight loss. But be sure to alter days of low and high food consumption to maintain metabolism burn.

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  12. My New Year’s Resolution was to loose 45 lbs by the summer. I started diet and exercise Jan. 1st, however, I did not get my pills until Jan. 6th, so I started taking these Jan. 7th.

    Right away I noticed that they do in fact help with suppressing my appetite. I do not eat nearly as much as I was. I also am not craving anything, which was my weakness. I don’t even feel tempted to binge. When I exercise it feels like my body heats up faster and more intensely than before. I experienced headaches for the first couple days, but they have since gone away. I also do feel an increase in energy, despite my reduction in calories.

    Though by evening I do feel pretty pooped, but I fall asleep faster. On Jan.15 I weighed in and measured (one week of no pills, one week on pills) and I lost 8 lbs and 2.5 inches. I am quite pleased with those results as that’s double what I think I may have lost without them (I was shooting for 2 lbs a week). If these results continue I will reach my goal in half the time and without a doubt will purchase these again. I will post back every week to update on results.

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  13. I am looking to take this only for a short period of time to loose the extra weight from having three kids. I’m still young and I’m pretty healthy although I do get quite a few anxiety attacks. With that said, if I take these pills to get to my goal weight and I stop, will I gain it all back right away? I do exercise but with that alone I can’t lose as much weight as I want.

    Editor’s comments: Audrey, if you have anxiety attacks, this product is definitely not for you, as it contains a ton of stimulants. These will not help your anxiety. To answer your other question; as long as you do not over consume calories after you have obtained your weight loss goal, there`s no reason to believe the weight will come back. The key, though, is not over consuming calories.

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  14. Just started on my second bottle. Lost 25 lbs with the first bottle. With execise and watching what I put in my mouth. I didn’t take the pills everday with the first bottle. I took a break here and there for two months. Didn’t see the point wasting them as my body got use to them. But taking a break did help me. This is a great pill if your willing to change your lifestyle. If not your wasting your money if you go back to the things that put you over weight in the first place.

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  15. I started this a week ago and with diet and 2 vigorous hour work outs and mild 30 minute walks twice a week and I have already lost 7lbs! I haven’t felt over stimulated at all just more energized.

    This pill has not made me not hungry which I was worried about because I have done the products that suppress the hunger and that’s how I would fail, starving your body does nothing for you.

    It has assisted in stopping the snacking all the time, and I am still able to eat 3 full meals and 2 small healthy snacks. I haven’t been on it very long yet so I don’t know how long it will work giving me results but for now I’ll take the weight loss it has given me and I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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  16. I have tried many diet pills in the past. The only one that has worked wonders for me was a prescription. I have been unable to get more so I needed to find something to get the rest of the 35 lbs off. I researched and decided on phenphedrine. I received my order within a few days which was super. So far it’s been around 2 weeks and I’ve GAINED weight. I’m not an idiot, I know muscle weighs more than fat but not in this case. I actually FEEL fatter and bloated. My clothing fits WORSE and my fat blobs out of everything. I was even hoping just for an energy kick…and sadly, I feel nothing. I am so disapointed with these pills that I have to return them once I finish the bottle. And this was in combo with diet and exercise…I doubt that I’m part of the “2%” return rate, these pills just suck!Zero euphoria, zero weight loss, zero energy, and still a whole lot of appetite.

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  17. I bought these pills as a combination with apidexin and deca slim in a promotional offer. Really liked apidexin as it didn’t give me any headaches or any other side effects and it supressed my appetite which is exactly what I needed as I tend to over eat. The first day I had tones of energy and felt great but the second day the energy boost seemed to disappear and I just felt tired. Used it for about a week and lost five pounds which I was really happy with but I wanted to loose more and alot of reviews have called Phenphedrine a HARDCORE fat burner so figured I would loose more like 7 lbs in the week.
    Phenphedrine in all honesty freaks me out. I’m fine with stimulants normally but this tablet makes me feel a little out of control of my own body and I have to drink more water than I did with Apidexin to keep the side effects like nausea and headaches away. It’s only day two so I’m going to force myself to try to carry on for the week so I can see if the results are better than with Apidexin. One good thing about these tablets is that it seems to give me a much bigger energy boost than I had with Apidexin. I’m able to complete a full Zumba work out DVD non stop with this tablet where as before I had to take a break after each section (I’M NOT EXACTLY FIT!!!)I’m 4″11 and now weigh 55kgs so I have another 10-15kgs to loose before I reach the ideal weight for my height. Hopefully I’ll get used to Phenphedrine as it does allow me to exercise more but I can’t say I enjoy or feel comfortable taking these tablets. Haven’t tried the decaslim yet….

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  18. I have been on phenphedrine since June 2010.

    I started to take this because at the age of 25 I put on a lot of weight. I went from 128 to 185 pounds. This was a first in my life. After some life adjustments I made it down to 170 – 175. This is not where I wanted to be. So I decided to try this stuff. I DO NOT recommend this if you suffer from anxiety/stress issues. It took about two months for the adverse effects of that to stop. But, after one month of use, I started to drop weight. Each following month, I was on a downward spiral in weight. By Nov. 2010 (5 months of use) I was down 35 pounds to 150. Now, I will admit I’ve built a tolerance to this, and I maintain at 150 now, even in Feb. But this was dew to temporary winter weight as well.

    I have pictures of before and after, and a weight chart documenting my weight decline … and I do not understand how people could think this doesn’t work. Of course, it has it’s bad effects on stress, etc. But … when I see people flat out saying it doesn’t work … I have to wonder who those people work for themselves.

    Editor’s comments: Dusty, we’re glad you’re happy with your results. However, just because you experienced great results does diminish someone else’s less than positive experiences. You own unique physiology and or / diet and exercise program may have had a lot to do with your results.

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  19. I started taking this 3 days ago and I’m feeling so dizzy and have headache, and not sleeping at all. Should I continue taking this???

    Editor’s comments: We wouldn’t recommend it.

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  20. I am 40 years old, 5’7 and starting weight is 153. I have been on phenphedrine since Thursday February 24. I have not lost any weight since I started. I have been taking one pill in the morning as soon as I wake up and another at 11. Today is day 5 and I decided to take 3 pills instead of 2. Hopefully this will help me drop some weight. I have not had any bad side effects except for feeling warmer. I have read other posts that for some it took a while to see the results.

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  21. Here is what I have found. First this will raise your BP I test mine daily and it raised it about 10 both systolic and diastolic. Before taking this pill I was was around 120/80 when it was on the high side. When taking this pill it is around 134/86. Count on it. Also it raised my resting heart rate from about 54 to 70 so it does have the potential to keep you wired and that way perhaps burn fat? The other side effect I noticed was that it definitely contributed to heart burn or acid reflex which I have had before but have had under control for some time. With every pill I would almost have to take an aciphex alongside the 16 oz. of water recommended.

    All in all I think this pill has too many dangerous side effects to use long term. The most concerning is the dramatic rise in blood pressure.

    I would think long and hard about continuing to take this pill beyond a few weeks if that. I personally feel if you had higher blood pressure to begin with this could put you into a real danger zone.

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  22. I started using this pill 6 days ago. I have been monitoring what I am eatting and drinking lots of water. I weighed myself today and have lost 2 pounds. I am happy with the results and hope it continues. I have 21 pounds to go. Good luck everyone.

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  23. OK I have to agree with “Matt”. As a healthcare provider I know that taking supplements that have only been tested on mice is a red flag for disaster. But as a human being… Well we all want to lose weight somehow… Did I mention I am human before a healthcare provider???

    So yes I bought these pills, and yes I have had the headaches, nausea, jitters, and suppressed appetite (probably from the nausea).

    A little about me…I am an avid coffee drinker, you have to be to work 12+ hour shifts. But apparently you have to drink more than the average caffeine for you not to become jittery with this. I have about 25lbs (25 divided by 2.2=11.4 kilos- for all those who use the metric system) to lose. I am taking the first am pill and a 30 min before lunch pill. Vitals a within my norm. I am working out daily (30 min off cardio first thing in the am) and I am following a 1200 calorie diet. Oh and, I do eat snacks at 10:00am and 2:00pm.

    My concerns are… Elevated BP, who wants a stroke? Tachycardia, I don’t want that when am at rest. Liver and kidney failure, yeah that is a big one, not enough data to make me feel better about this pill. Remember that it may be “natural” but there are a whole lot of “natural” stuff out there we have no business putting in our body’s.

    1. Day one 156lbs (71 kilos)- started the pills
    2. Day two 153lbs (69.5 kilos)- Nausea (usually at 2-3 pm, kind of like your 1st trimester– for all the women out there) and jitters with poor sleep.
    3. Day three 150.8 lbs (68.5 kilos)- HA mild, but persistent. Nausea continues at about the same time, and continue with the poor sleep…
    4. Day four 151.4 lbs( 68.8 kilos)- Ha-ha to me, I gained weight!! On a good note, no more HA, no more nausea, better sleep. Perhaps it takes at least 72 hours for it to peak?

    Will post next week….Assuming I decide to take it and assuming this posts. Oh and I did research the chemical makeup in this, it is basically just lots of caffeine and we all know caffeine is a diuretic… Maybe all I lost was H2O…

    Editor’s comments: Florence, if caffeine was the ONLY stimulant this product contained, that would be one thing. It also contains yohimbe, 1-3 Dimethylamylamine (a VERY potent geranium based stimulant) and synephrine. This 4-ingredient blend of stimulants can hit some folks really hard. So our full phenphedrine review for more information.

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  24. What I find interesting is that regardless of the positive or negative reviews, it still seems like the editor is against this product. When you are an editor you should have a bias and objective view point when you are commenting on things like this. Just saying.

    Editor’s comments: Whoever said we were unbiased? We tend to have a dim view of products sold by retailers with a long history of customer service and billing issues. But you’d have known that if you’d read our review. Just saying. 😉

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  25. I just started taking phenphedrine a few days a go. I also started to work out and it honestly gives me a boost of energy and also I stop eating as much.

    I eat about 2x a day and then don’t really have an appetite to eat.

    The only problem that I have though is that I really cant sleep anymore, when I lie down and close my eyes I’m still awake but I’m relaxed.

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  26. I’m just so confused! I’ve read tons of reviews that say people could feel it after one dose. Ive been on this pill for two days and I don’t feel anything. I don’t feel better I don’t feel worse I feel the same. Still no energy and I’m still hungry all the time. How long really does this stuff take to kick on?

    Editor’s comments: Lindsey, some people are extremely tolerant to stimulants, and it’s obvious you must be. As far is it actually “working”, the claims made for this product are extremely exaggerated; see the review for complete details.

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  27. I’m 21 years old and I want the perfect body. I’m not too far off (in my opinion). I’m 5’6 and 130-135 lbs. I eat healthy and have an active lifestyle, but really want to get rid of this tummy pudge and tone up a bit. So I amped up my workout routine. An extra hour of yoga a week, extended my 30 minutes of cardio twice a week to an hour twice a week, and some light weight lifting. Now I eat sooo much more. I’m so hungry its hard for me to be as careful about what Im eating as I was before. My weight hasn’t fluctuated much, but now my stomach sticks out much more than before. I bought a bottle of this stuff (haven’t started it yet) and am only now looking at the reviews. I’m not really worried about nausea and headaches, but how is this going to effect me in the long run? Is it going to mess with any of the chemicals in my body such as my leptin levels?

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  28. I ordered this product and when it did not arrive within the 2-3 days as the site said it would, I called the number. I did have to leave a message but they returned my call within a few hours. I was told that there was a back up on orders and that they were refunding me 10% back due to the longer wait. So, the customer service has been good so far. Anxious to get the pills so that I can see if they are going to work for me. I will post again with my results.

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  29. K! I would love to see before and after pics of these people… why is it that all diet products have GREAT reviews but there is never any proof?? you find the same reviews from the same people on almost ALL the review sites, these reviews are tweaked by the moderator and if I really lost 50 lbs I’d continue with my progress updates throughout the weeks.. there is only Cindy from NY who is the ONLY person to update… is she real?

    I have my doubts.. That’s it… that’s my complaint to you.. the company and moderator.. Prove me wrong!

    Editor’s comments: You mistake our intention; we don’t sell products. Our mandate is not “prove” these products “work” by providing this feedback. This web site was created with the intention of allowing real people to comment on many of the available weight loss supplements – there are other sites that do this, but most are owned or affiliated with various supplement companies so you never get the “true” picture of how the products really perform, as negative comments never see the light of day (see the article “Who’s Reviewing Your Supplements” for more details.

    So yes, you’re right to be skeptical; testimonials are not proof. But neither are before or after pictures either, as these are easily altered with photo editing software (like PhotoShop). In fact, that’s a common scam – click here to see how easy it is to fake a before and after picture!

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  30. Ok, so I finally got the package today and started taking the product. I must say that I do believe this will work if used properly. I took 1 pill. It gave me lots of extra energy and my appetite is gone. More posts to come with status updates!

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  31. Hi everyone!

    I just started drinking Phenphedrine and I’m currently on day 4.

    I don’t feel a boost in my energy but it does control my hunger.

    I eat 3 times a day and drink lots of water because my mouth tends to get dry. Mu starting weight is 249 lbs. and I will weight myself on my 7th day; I will keep you all posted.

    I’m also starting at the gym on Monday which will also be my 7th day. I do believe that even if this works for many people that does NOT mean it will work for you! All bodies are different and react certain ways!

    All weight loss pills have their ups and downs. I hope this works and like I said I will keep you all posted!

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  32. Hi I just started using Phenphedrine 5 days ago and yesterday and I got fever and felt like my joints were hurting. I did not pay it any mind but this morning I did not take any and I felt normal but I took one lunchtime and the fever came back. Should I discontinue use or do you think this side effect will pass.

    Editor’s comments: We’re not doctors, but that doesn’t sound too healthy to us. We’d recommend discontinuing the product, or seeking a medical professional’s opinion before continuing.

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  33. Hi everyone! Im updating on my results, i weight 242 lbs. In less then a week! Its been 6 days! I also started the gym today & worked out for 1hour & 30 mnts i speed walked 3 miles at rate 3.7 & felt brand new! I love this so far!

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  34. I ordered a bottle of phenpedrine online and it has not arrived yet. I paid extra c
    For priority mail and still 4 days later and 10 buc extra down the hole. On the other hand my doc use to prescribe me phentermine and it worked like they said. Helped me lose to much weight to fast and it was dangerous. You can not order it without a script I hear… I’m curious, if phenphedrine works. Even though the FDA hasn’t approved it. Thus why they can sell it online.

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  35. Okay Phenphedrine reviewers. I just got my receipt copy and it was produced by Dynamic Science. Dynamic Science
    1711 Renaissance Way
    Springville, Ut 84663
    [email protected]

    I will keep everyone up to date. My issues are centered in overeating in the evening hours because of stress. I have gained 30#s in the past years, although I was on the thin side. 20#s of weight loss will make me a happy camper. I am 49 and have thyroid issues and do take medication for this. Otherwise, I’m very healthy… Back at y’all soon!

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  36. LOST 15 LBS IN 2 WEEKS!!!!!! This makes me not want to eat anything and gives my muscles so much energy even for not eating…… Bad to do I KNOW. But hey, I got a boy to impress.

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  37. I just started taking them. I weigh 170 and I would love to get back to 150. What could happen if I take it with my medical marijuana?

    Editor’s comments:
    This is a question for your doctor.

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  38. I started this product a week ago. Not too sure how I feel about it so far. I started taking 2 pills first and didnt see any results so I then started taking 3. NO jitters or anything, but it really hasnt curbed my cravings. I still get hungry!! 🙁 i do however have a little more energy, not that much though to tell a HUGE difference. I wouldnt buy this bottle again unless I see some dractic results later on…not too happy overall.

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  39. Okay so whatever, I started taking it a month and a half ago and have lost 22 lbs and am ECSTATIC!!
    It doesn’t matter this stuff works great and i have alot of people at work getting some also!

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  40. It seems that everyone who has seen results are those that are greatly affected by caffeine… I tend to have 4 cups of coffee with espresso shots added in a day and not really feel hyper or jittery so we’ll see how effective these pills are for me.

    I just took my first pill 30 minutes ago and my hunger has been completely suppressed. (my stomach was growling 30 min ago cause i was so hungry)…

    I checked my weight this morning and I was 154, so I’ll keep people posted as the days pass to see if the massive weight loss claims are legit (granted everyones results are diff because everyone has diff body types, etc)

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  41. I started the product yesterday and within two hours my right arm went numb and I lost control in it and I temporarily lost sight in my right eye. Almost dialed 911. I had consumed alcohol the night before, could this of sparked this reaction?

    Editor’s comments: Lisa, this is a serious reaction, and should be addressed by a doctor.

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  42. I started to take Phenphedrine a little over a week ago and so far I have lost 7 pounds which I think is pretty good. I didnt get the extra energy, or suppressed appetite but I have noticed I get fuller quicker and my body feels hotter especially when I workout. I do workout everyday for about 2 hours. I usually do 2 one hour classes at my gym stuff like cycling, strength classes, stepping class, but my diet is where I fail. Lately I have not been feeling the heat so I may up my dosage to 3 pills a day. Overall very satisfied with the product. No headaches or jitters and 7 pounds lighter. Summer I’m almost ready for you 😀

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  43. I used this product for 1 month, I excersied everyday & ate healthy. At the end of the month I lost nothing & I worked really hard! I got jitters from it, got very hot & sweaaty had alot of energy & nevver felt hungry. Got very dissappointed & i Hve 2 bottles left. I hear so much good things but it did nothhing for me

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  44. I’m 21 years old, I’m 5.5″ and i weight 174 lbs. I was desperate to loose weight fast. Today is my 5th day on Phenphedrine and I’m now at 168 lbs and I still can’t believe it. In the past no matter how hard I tried I would only loose 1 or 2 pounds a week and it would all come back right away after I stopped dieting so I’m still a little bit skeptical. I don’t wanna think it is just water I’m loosing – still I lost 6 lbs in 5 days which is awesome.

    I have to say I do have jitters, and slight headaches. I also do get dry mouth so I try to drink a lot of water which helps me a lot. I don’t really feel an energy boost but I admit I’m a person that loves to sleep and this pill makes me awake and alert all day. I even start waking up early with no problem at all, and it does suppress my appetite.

    I would say so far this is working for me. My goal is to reach 130lbs I really hope I can make it.

    I had tried a lot of other stuff to loose weight but this is my first time on diet pills.

    Good luck to you all!

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  45. I’ve been on these for about a month now taking them every other day and have lost 12 lbs so far. I used to weight 346 and now im down to 334lbs. =D

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  46. I’m a 5’4 female. Starting weight 230. So far I’m at 220.

    I started taking these 2 weeks ago, I go back and forth between 2 and 3 a day. The first week I dropped 10 lbs (this is also with 1-2 hours of weight lifting 5 days a week as well as cardio and lowering my calorie intake/eating healthier foods). I slacked over the weekend and went out drinking and ended up gaining all the weight back – I know, my fault. But I promised myself from here on out I won’t drink anymore and will not slack off with the eating and so far I re-lost everything again.

    It has cut my appetite considerably, but I also take smaller bites, chew slower and pause between bites. My biggest issue with food is I would get a craving and HAVE to have it, that’s no longer happening and if I do feel that way I’ll decide it’s lunch time take the pill and wait the 30 minutes and it’s gone.

    My only issue with these pills is that I can not sleep for the life of me, I take my last pill around 3 and I’m still up 9-12 hours later even when I’m exhausted. I also get a little more stressed out than before, but I’m not sure if it entirely has to do with the pills.

    Overall, I feel much better about myself and feel like I’m losing the weight, which keeps me motivated with eating right and exercising.

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  47. Good for energy, not so great for weight loss. It might be because I am already thin, and don’t have much water weight, I just wanted to burn a few extra pounds… to no avail.

    I exercise and I am on a calorie restriction diet, but I only lost like one pound. I wanted to break this plateau that I’ve been stuck on and lose another 10 for swimsuit season. Guess I’ll try something else.

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  48. Hi! Here’s some background: I’m 19 years old, 5’4, 137lbs and I’ve been working out in the gym for almost a year, 3 times a week plus running once or twice a week. I watch what I eat but I’m not perfect at it. I’m on headache medication because I have severe migraines.

    Anyways, with everything I’ve been doing, I haven’t lost a single pound. I’ve never thought about taking diet pills until now because I feel like this is my last ditch effort to get the weight off. From what I read, I can see that a lot of people taking this pill were severely overweight to begin with and I was just wondering if I should be taking this if I only want to lose like 10-15 lbs? It’s very expensive and I don’t want to buy it if it’s not going to work. What do you think?

    Editor’s comments:
    Sydney, the effectiveness of fat burners and diet pills isn’t contingent on how much weight you have to lose. The truth is the weight loss effects of these products is vastly exaggerated; see the full phephedrine review for more information on what you can really expect from this pill.

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  49. This product works great! I’m not super overweight, I just needed to lose 15ish pounds to be at my ideal weight and working out just couldn’t do it (5 days a week for an hour). I love my food, my dad’s a chef so I get to eat wonderful meals all the time which limited my weight loss despite my exercise.

    Phenphendrine really helped me stop overeating. I didn’t have any cravings after I started using this (which is abnormal for me since I almost always want food) and it made me only want to eat healthy foods like veggies and proteins (also abnormal for me).

    I felt awake after taking the capsules, no jitters/headaches/racing heart (I am used to a lot of caffeine, though, since I drink Red Bull constantly). My only complaint is about the capsules. They are HUGE and taste awwwwwful.

    I had to get used to taking them because the taste wouldn’t go away and it made me burp (which tasted worse) and the taste made me nauseous. The bottle says take with 16 oz. of water, but I find that eating half a piece of 12-grain/wheat bread in the morning before you take the pill really helps with controlling the taste/burps (don’t eat white bread it makes the burps worse).

    I lost 20 pounds in 2 months and now I’m down to 115 so I’m really happy with this product. I bought the bottles from an external diet pill site and they were having a promotion so I got each bottle for $24, which is much better than the main site’s $45.

    Look around for deals, just make sure there is a ‘buyback’ guarantee so you can get your money back if it doesn’t work for you/you don’t like the pills.

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  50. Sydney, I am in your boat. I have tried everything and I cant lose the last 10 or so pounds so I’m trying this as a last attempt. I am only on day 2 and I’ll post weight loss after the first week but so far I’d say try it. There is a money back guarantee if it doesn’t work, don’t worry at most you’re out like maybe $10 for shipping.

    Anyway the food suppressant seems to work very well yesterday i only ate about 730 calories and this morning it took me about 20 minutes to get a regular 150cal bowl of cereal down. I’m just not hungry and I know I should be eating more calories than this. I basically have to force myself to eat. I could see this pill turning out and working simply because it makes you always feel full. I never have felt the jitters either in case you wanted to know about that the pills are pretty big though. I’ll post my first week thoughts Monday the 23rd.

    Editor’s comments: Just so you know; not all money back guarantees are honored online; especially when the product is not sold by a brand/company that has an image to protect.

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  51. Hey, real mom here. I started this program on 3/15/11. Starting weight was 195, I am down to 157. I have about 20 more lbs I want to lose.

    I walk about 2.5 miles a day, 5 days a week, eat about 1000 calories a day. I cheat about 1 meal a week so that my body doesn’t get a routine.

    I also drink LOTS of water.

    It works!!!!!

    Goood luck everyone.

    I will keep you posted!!!!

    Everyone says how great I look, my husband LOVES it, almost at my college size.

    B/f, 32 yrs old

    Editor’s comments:
    We don’t want to burst your bubble here, but how much of the success that you’ve credited to this product is directly attributable to your hard work with diet and exercise? We agree that products like this one can certainly provide you with the energy you need to exercise more regularly, but for the most part, you’ve done all the hard work yourself.

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  52. Like many, I was suckered into this scam. I originally wanted to buy two bottles on the site. They mislead me into thinking I was buying two and ended up charging me for four. I was unable to get a hold of anyone in customer service so I ended up paying way more than I had planned.

    As far as the product goes, the only weight I have been losing is water weight. I lost five pounds in the first week but when I started drinking more water, I just gained it back. The pills are worthless. I exercise daily and it seemed as if the pills were preventing me from losing weight. As soon as I stopped taking them, I immediately started to lose weight and have been keeping it off. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone!

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  53. I am not over weight, I just need to lose a few quick lbs. for a wedding. I am 24 about 5’6 and weigh 125.

    I just started taking this, and my stomach feels a little out of whack, not sick, but just weird I guess. I am very used to consuming plenty of caffeine and other stimulants, so maybe the effect isn’t as great to me.

    It’s 5 pm and I’ve only had a small breakfast and feel a little hungry but nothing sounds appealing to me. I have no extra energy really and no weight loss yet – since I just started. I’m worried I won’t be able to sleep since I already have trouble falling asleep. But I will keep y’all posted on any weight loss and disruption in sleeping patterns.

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  54. I just started Phenphedrine and want to lose about 10 kilograms. I do not drink coffee usually. So I took one tablet and went to exercise and to sauna afterwards. I felt chills in the sauna and also felt like I was high for five hours. This was my first day but I really do not feel or believe this is the healthy product for weight lose or fat burning. I really do want to lose that 10 kilograms but I really am worried about my health. Also I believe if this product is taken for long term it will cause mood swings, specially for women (which we already do during period). To be honest I do not feel that it’s worth it.

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  55. Don’t waste your time or money on this product. The appetite suppressant does work well but you only seem to lose water weight. I am sending it back…

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  56. I ordered phenphedrine today……

    I weigh about 160 pounds and am on my diet. My goal is loosing 25 pounds in a month. I know this is really bad for my body, but I have to reach 135 pounds in about a month.

    I eat 500 calories a day
    2 hours of jump rope…..

    I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks and currently had lost 12 pounds. although I found this so hard and decided to order some diet pills. I everywhere online, reading over 100 comments written by costumers, and found that this would work best….

    Now my question is how many pounds will I loose after taking the pills? If I loose 6 pounds a weak before taking the pills, then how many pounds will I loose after taking the pills?

    I know that this question is hard to answer but I really don’t need an exact answer……any estimation would be fine……please reply …..I am so desperate.

    Editor’s comments: There is no guarantee how much weight you will lose, and there’s no way to provide an accurate estimate because there are too many variables. For instance, 500 calories is such a small amount of calories your metabolism will slow to crawl very quickly and you will find any additional weight loss will come much more slowly.

    On the other hand, the weight loss effects of this product are greatly exaggerated and not based on solid science. At the same time, the potent stimulants in this product will probably help you make it through your workouts and your days. At 500 calories per day, we have no doubt you’re feeling exhausted.

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  57. Hello, I was wondering if anyone experienced the same thing I did.

    I’ve been taking the pills twice a day for 7 days, lost 1.5 pounds the first 3 days, gained 0.7 pounds the 4 days after for a total of 0.8 pounds lost overall.

    When did you guys start losing weight? I’m 22 years old weigh 161 pounds 5 foot 2 inches tall. Thank you have a nice day!

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  58. Well, since yesterday, I did loose 0.7 pounds, thought I’d mention it.(see my comment of yesterday) I feel good, I’m not too tired, I drink lots of water, don’t exercise all that much cause I have water in my knees, its to painful to do more…

    But the pills do take your appetite away, I’m not all that hungry even though I eat a sandwich a day, not much more than that. So thats a good thing

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  59. My experience with phenphedrine is mostly what was expected , when I bought it I expected to lose weight and I expected it to reduce food cravings. Two weeks in and I have lost 10 pounds of fat or muscle ( I’m not sure due to my lack of eating ).

    It definitely works at reducing your cravings BUT only for the first week or so, I noticed my appetite has been slowly coming back and I just remind myself that I’m dieting to prevent over-eating. Heart-rate increase is apparent, sometimes it’s enough to make me lay down and catch my breath ( even when not exercising ) and it can get overwhelming at times.

    Other bad side-effects I’ve experienced are upset stomach , mild headaches and occasional constipation, all could be resulting factors of my reduced food-intake. I refuse to take 2 pills daily because of the extreme side-effects of just one pill , I couldn’t handle double the dose. This pill is a great way to kick-start any diet , but because of the not so glamorous side-effects … not a pill I would take for more than 30 days at a time.

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  60. I don’t know wether its the pills or if its the fact that I’m not eatting much, but I am loosing weight, but really not as much as they promised!!!

    I’ve been loosing a tiny bit every second day, gainning a little between it all, just to finish of the week with a few pounds less. Not the miracle pill every one says it is… But I am loosing a little in the end.

    I have a heart acke after I take them though, so not for you if you can’t stand it. I can handle it with a lot of water.
    I don’t really exercise, so maybe if you do you’ll have more success than I did…

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  61. I had high hopes after reading all the reviews. Im desperate to lose weight. I’ve been overweight my whole life, I simply look at a piece of bread and gain weight. I have an active lifestyle and eat a mostly vegetarian diet, besides fish 2-3 times a week. I’m at loss for what to do and this pill doesn’t seem to be working for me either. The scale won’t budge even after a week (also following a low carb low fat diet):( The only positive is the extra energy it gives me. I’ve switched it up to 3 a day to see what happens…

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  62. I was wondering if Phenphedrine illegal or legal in US? Plus, will it give a negative drug test?!!! I am really scared of that so please someone give me information about that. Thanks

    Editor’s comments: None of the ingredients listed on the label are illegal.

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  63. I was wondering if anyone have taken a drug test and false fail for amphetamine? I did some research on all the ingredients and two of the ingredient happen to very similar of amphetamine and it is in the same category. I need to take a drug test on the 8th for a job and I’m worried that it might show amphetamine.

    Editor’s comments: Similar does not mean “the same.” However, if you have any doubts at all about testing positive for a drug test, we would suggest waiting until after the test to start experimenting with the product.

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  64. I am on my 4th day of taking two a day, and I been eating really well. I work out for over 4 hours a day, but I am really disappointed because with all the cardio I have done I only lost 2 pounds and that’s because of 4 hours of basketball. I really thought this stuff was going to work – so sad.

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  65. Why are all these people saying ” I’ve been taking this supplement for two days and I haven’t lost any weight”.. That’s idiotic. The only pill you’re going to swallow and poop out 10 pounds that day is a laxative. Unless there are negative affects, you probably need to take it for a good two weeks before you can say how it’s affecting your body..

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  66. I am 5’6″ at 148lbs. I am active but don’t work out at a gym or run on a regular basis. I bought this product and started it a week ago to lose about 15 lbs. I take one pill in the morning and one before lunch as direct but I only do it every other day. It made my blood pressure jump by 20 points top and bottom so if you have high blood pressure already, I would not recommend this product. I am a coffee drinker and it does not make me any more jittery then a tripple shot mocha on no food. The reason that I bought this product was because I wanted something to kill my appetite. I always eat more when I work out and never lose any weight. This 100% has done what I wanted it to do. Very happy with it.

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  67. Have been using this product for just over a week and have seen no results, if anything I have put weight on. The only change it has made to my body is it has given me bad heart burn. I don’t seem to have any more energy and my appetite certainly doesn’t feel suppressed.

    Maybe I should give it longer but so far, no good.

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  68. I have been on this pill for three days now and it has effected me dramatically. I am already a naturally smaller person and I really wanted to take this pill to suppress my habit of over-eating when I get off of work around eleven pm. Since I have been home for the summer I have gained quite a few pounds and I want that to stop. My appetite has definitely dwindled, but I think that is because I am to nauseous to eat.

    I have the jitters all of the time and today, my hands were uncontrollably shaking. I was so scared and worried that I was going to faint. After lunch, with something in my stomach, I did feel a little bit better but am still burning up. Should I be okay to still continue taking the pill? Will the side effects falter within the next few days?

    Editor’s comments: Kelley, this product contains a lot of stimulants which may not agree with you. And there’s no hard and fast rule… some people build tolerance to products like this very quickly, others don’t. We’d recommend reducing the dosage or to stop using the product at all. There are no magic weight loss ingredients in this product after all.

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  69. I have taken this product for one month now and I must tell you, it has done severe damage to my kidneys.
    I have been in the ER 2 times now and have taken 4 different antibiotics to try and clear up the kidney infection that this product has given me. I am only 27 years old and have NEVER had a previous kindey infection nor any UTI’s.
    I am sure this product may work, but hope that I am one of the “few” that this happened/happens to.

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  70. I started using Phenpherine in April 2011. I started the pill weighing 171. Now in July 2011 I weigh 154. This pill really works. I believe everyone’s body is different so of course your body will react diffrently to anything. I did not experience any side affects besides very mild heartburn. You have to drink lots of water while taking it. It definitely boosted my energy and suppressed my appetite. And apparently caused weight loss. I did not do much excersice. The only thing I can say negative is when I ran out and there was maybe a two week appetite returned after maybe the 1st week. Almost binge like eating. I plan to get to 150 and stop taking it. Hopefully, I will be able to keep the weight off without my body being dependent.

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  71. I started Phenphedrine today, took my first pill this morning about 6 hours ago. Currently I am incredibly bloated and have the worst stomach cramps. I’m hesitant to take the second pill for today. I’ve been starving all morning and my stomach is gurgling sooo loud. It gave me a little energy but now I’m exhausted and drained. I had really high hopes because I had read many good reviews, but I’m pretty miserable right now and my appetite is not suppressed at all. I’ve felt nauseous off and on all morning too. I think I will try again tomorrow and see if its any better. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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  72. I posted the full version of this on their website and it got deleted (apparently any negative comments are removed).

    I have always had a bit of a belly, but I have never been excessively overweight and due to lack of exercise and because of my job that I have had for nearly 9 years, there is very little physical activity and much of the eating out for lunch and/or dinner usually means brown-bagging or fast food places, I gained 40 plus pounds in 5 years.

    After trying various OTC diet aids over two years, I went from 204 to 184.

    Before starting Phenphedrine, I would usually eat three meals a day, plus 2 to 3 moderately non-healthy snacks and desserts 2 to 4 times a week.

    Unlike other diet pills that say take the pills (2 pills up to 30 minutes before each meal) with 8 oz of water, Phenphedrine (1 pill upon waking, 1 pill 30 minutes before lunch and if desired, same for dinner (would cut the 30 day supply down to 20 days). But, they say not to take it 7 hours before going to bed, requires 16 oz and that is on top of all the water I already drink!

    I figure that I have cut my calorie and fat intake by 40 to 60% as the Phenphedrine causes me to skip breakfast completely, reduce my lunch size by two-thirds to three-quarters, reduced or eliminated snacking and trying to have more healthy desserts (if there really is such a thing). Dinner is my usual portion of whatever is being served.

    Other than some hunger pangs (ignored, or a lite snack), I have not had any noticeable side effects and I feel pretty good with a nice amount of energy too.

    After only two days and although I have not weighed myself, I can already see and feel a difference.

    After a full week, I lost a bit over 6 pounds (would have been more had I not had a mid-week binge and stopped for an early dinner at my favorite BBQ place, but I did good; only half slab of ribs, did not eat all the french fries and no coleslaw or dessert).

    I have felt pretty mellow this past week and the caffeine in this pill keeps me going, but when I had my blood pressure checked, it has jumped 20 / 7 points!

    So, while the pill does the job, if you have high blood pressure, think twice about taking this.

    Luckily, my BP got back to it’s usual range after going off of the stuff for three days.

    I’ve started back on it and am keeping a close eye on by BP.

    5 Stars for Weight Loss

    1 Star for increased BP

    3 Stars overall

    Editor’s comments: Anthony, many of the web sites posting “reviews” are either run by the companies who manufacture and retail the products in question, or affiliates, who earn commissions on referred sales. Check this article, “Who’s Reviewing Your Supplements?” for more.

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  73. I’ve been taking phenphedrine for about a week. I read reviews about the side effects and the only side effect I’m feeling is a bit of an upset stomach but the achy feeling isn’t very serious at all. However, there is definitely an increase in heart rate, but I expected that. I’m 21 years old with a stable BP so I figured I’m good to take these. So far, the only downside is the very mild stomach pain. I do not feel any nausea, or any headaches whatsoever.

    However, I did lose 5 pounds over this last week. Also, before buying the product, I definitely did not expect the pill to affect my appetite too much. I eat a big breakfast. It’s almost as epic as the Michael Phelps breakfast. However, on the first day, I took this pill after waking. 30 minutes later, I went to get a sandwich. Just your ordinary two slices of bread, 3 ham, lettuce, tomato, light mayo. I couldn’t even finish the whole sandwich. It was ridiculous! It’s definitely not psychological, because I did not even think it would suppress appetite that much, especially in my mornings. After about 3/4 of a sandwich, I feel full.

    Another thing that people tend to write about is how much water you need to drink. I drink a whole water bottle when I take the pill and that seems to be good enough. Afterall, a regular size bottle of water is 16 oz, which is what the bottle recommends you to do. So just take a bottle of water when you down the pill. And like most people above me, your body will react differently to it, and this is how mine reacted. I’m 21, 5′ 6″, was 210, now 204-205. 3 more weeks on this stuff and I’ll know the results.

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  74. Been on these for over 2 months. No weight loss, no appetite reduction, extremely elevated heart rate, however, the energy component works. I never take a pill after 10am and I will still be up all night (hence posting this at 3 30am Aus est). I have also had severe bone brittleness since taking the pill (not sure if its related but I definately didn’t have iy before phenphedrine) and have recently contracted a kidney infection. No more of these pills for me, I guess they’re not for everyone.

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  75. hey guys, before I start I just want to let you know that i am a real person! this is no fake comment. Im 18 and from australia and have been taking this product for about a week now and it is an absolute miracle!

    I’m am constantly dieting and only lose about a kilo a week and recently I had plateaued so I ordered this and i am so glad I took the risk. I have less appetite and only eat a yoghurt, a few nuts and a small dinner every day and I’m losing 4 kilos a week which is about 8-9 pounds for all you yanks 🙂

    I have increased energy too as promised and no side effects except for I get a bit shaky here and there but the results conquer the jitters. But please be warned before I ordered this I did my research if you have heart/ liver problems this product probably won’t be good for your health but if not go for it, it is amazing! I only weigh 75kgs so 4kgs a week is unbelievable I’m so happy thank you inventors!!!!

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  76. This is the first site with REAL reviews where you hear the positive and negative. One thing for people posting reviews, don’t forget your visitor rating. I can’t believe how many I read that RAVED about this product and how GREAT their results and gave it only 1 star. What’s up with that?

    Anyway, I have been on Phenphedrine for about 5 months now. The first month I lost 15 lbs very quickly. I have not lost any more but I haven’t gained it back either. I don’t take these consistently everyday which might be why I’m just maintaining. I also never take on the weekend because I tend to go out drinking and I don’t like how it makes me feel.

    So I gain a few pounds on weekends and lose it again within 3days. It definitely gives me energy. I find that taking 2 pills a day helps me be able to fall asleep better at night than taking 3. One thing I have noticed is a bad stomach acid problem after I take a pill. I have a mild case of acid reflux anyway and this definitely makes that worse. Taking a zantac 30-60 mins before I take my first pill in the morning has corrected this for the most part.

    Anyway, I give this an overall 4 rating because I’ve lost weight, kept it off, and have lots of energy when I take them. Just a side note on the person inquiring about effects with their medical marijuana, this product speeds your heart rate and so can marijuana, so be careful using this at the same time and talk to your doctor before starting these pills.

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  77. Oh and one more thing!! I HATE HATE HATE to exercise and the 15 lbs that I have lost with these pills have come with out any additional exercise or any effort on my part what so ever! That is another reason I rated this 4 stars. Just wanted to throw that in for all the others that are lazy like me! I started out 5’7″ and 160 lbs and now I consistently stay between 143-147 depending on how I take the pills and how much I eat and drink on the weekends! lol! 🙂

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  78. I used this product to help me with my appetite, and it sure worked. I was 150lbs and dropped to 128lbs with it, not only pills I also did daily work outs, and because of the side effects I took only half pill a day mostly afternoons since that’s when I get in trouble eating, and I took the pill about 2 to 3 times a week so my body never got used to the pill. I found it if I take it everyday yes it may fail as my body got used to it, if that happens just take a break from it than it starts working again. I used only 2 bottles in 1 year, yes I took that little, now I m 135lbs and liking the way I look 🙂

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  79. I only tried this product today but felt absolutely dreadful!I could literally feel my blood pressure and heart rate rise and I’m normally about 120/80. Felt really unco-ordinated and clumsy, a bit nauseous and a bit ‘spaced out’, it’s true I didn’t feel particularly hungry but later in the afternoon I felt starving and ate loads just to try to feel a bit better. I won’t be using this product again, I’ll try apidexin and let you know how I got on.

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  80. I have to tell you that Phenphedrine works! The first week I took the pills I had an enormous amount of energy. I went from running 4 miles a day to running 10-15 miles a day. The pills controlled my hunger I went from 140lbs down to 110lbs. It is wise to take the pills before you exercise as it raises your blood pressure. After an hour of working out you do feel the pills wearing off. What was good about Phenphedrine was that after I had lost the weight and stopped taking the pills I was able to keep the weight off. Which has never happened with other diet pills that I’ve tried.

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  81. I’ve been taking these bad boys for a week now… all it does is put me to sleep. I know that contradicts everything that people are saying but… that’s it. It makes me sleep all day, I randomly start gagging throughout the day feeling like I wanna throw everything up. It did not curb my appetite and I was so physically drained that when I went to the gym I literally felt like I was gonna vomit and/or pass out right there. I’ve been drinking a lot of water too. Just makes me soooo sleepy. I wanted it to work for me the way others have glorified it to work… but of course it did not… I weigh the same but I get less accomplished because of the extreme drowsiness… definitely done with these pills.

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  82. I purchased Phenphedrine a week ago and began taking them on this week. I will post a comment on the progress after being on them for a few more weeks. But one thing I’ve noticed after reading virtually the entire thread is that the Editor’s comments seem to trend in favor of user’s who post negative/biased reviews of the product.

    I’d like to see more unbiased comments from the Editor to “support” a realistic review of the product from all customers allowing the readers to make the assessments for themselves, as opposed to comments that seem to support those having negative experiences and questioning the comments of those who’ve had positive experiences using the product. I’d have to agree with the post made by another reader that the Editor’s comments should be “unbiased”. Should the folks posting the comments be unbiased? Absolutely not, they should be based on their actual experiences so the readers may make their own decisions.

    The fact is that this product may actually work for some but not for others. Excercise, diet, metabolism and a plethora of other variables can attribute to different affects but I think the folks posting the comments are more credible sources for their experiences. Just an humble opinion.

    Editor’s comments: Before you share your “humble” opinion, Mark, it might be a good idea to actually learn a little about who we are and what we do here. Judging by your comments, you haven’t taken the time to do that.

    Secondly, regarding the “impartiality” of our comments; one thing we do know, is that affiliates and associates of the people selling the various products discussed here are posting exaggerated and fabricated testimonials in an effort to boost sales (there are even places online where you can hire people to post positive comments on your product should you desire).

    We remove the obvious ones, but we can’t catch them all. But what we do know is that none of “best” sounding claims are in alignment with the effects demonstrated by the various ingredients in the product. We know that because we’ve reviewed ALL these products on and reviewed ALL the clinical data.

    So while it seems “biased”, the reviews which show little or no effect are entirely consistent with what the clinical data shows for the product’s ingredients. The extremely positive ones do not, and a portion of them are very likely NOT genuine.

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  83. Ok, as promised here is my feedback on this product based on my personal experience having been on them for 2 weeks.

    What these pills didn’t do was make me loose weight. I was on a restricted diet for several months prior to taking the pills twice a day. So I was loosing approximately 1 lb. a week by simply controlling my dietary intake and excercising 3 times a week without the use of Phenphedrine. After being on the pill since the middle of September 2011 I noted that my weight loss was unaffected for the 1st week then seemed to hault during the 2nd week on the pill.

    As a result, I personally wouldn’t recommend them from my own experience to anyone who is under the impression that they will be getting a wonder pill that will miraculously drop pounds as some advertisements state.

    If I could turn back time, it’s extremely likely that I would have purchased a less expensive alternative from the sports store.

    I would also NOT recommend this pill for anyone who isn’t accustomed to any type of Cardio excercises or physical activities which raise the heart rate. What I’d imagine would be a close equivalent to speed.

    Too many other variables involved in loosing weight and even more when you want to explicitly force your body to target fat burn, since it makes its own choice to burn carbs, fat or muscle.

    This purchase was more of an experiment for me to see if this pill was all that it was advertised to be, and to see if those phenomenal drops in weight actually existed. I just had to see first hand but as the old saying goes, “If it looks to good to be true, it likely isn’t”.

    I am totally convinced that either you commit to change your eating habits and work on loosing the weight, or you inevitably look for the quick and easy solutions. Which in reality don’t exist. At least not in this millenium.

    Good luck to all!

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  84. I need to lose like 45-50 I just had my baby and I breast feed I would to know if any one can tell me if can I take this and still breast feed or would it effect the baby too

    BTW is it me or is the editor really negative about this product like whats up with that its confusing if you say it works its bad if you say it doesn’t work still bad.

    Editor’s comments: Bel, you need to discuss this with your doctor – likely you cannot take this product, as it is very likely transferred through breast feeding. As to the biased comments, please take a moment to learn about who we are and what we do; we’re not a cheering section for the supplement industry – an industry that for the most part, takes advantage of customers.

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  85. I took the pill over a duration of four months. In the beginning, I experienced nausea an a drastic increase with my heart rate. The pills made me feel as if I was over-exercising, but instead I was sitting still. This waned after about 30 minutes.

    Another side effect was that it made me hungrier than usual and I had to resist the urge to consume more food. In terms of weight lost, I lost roughly one pound weekly (while also on a 1700 calorie diet and with regular exercise).

    About two months ago, I discontinued the pills, but have continued the 1700 calorie diet and my work-out routine and I am now losing one pound bi-weekly. The weight lost is slower, but it’s healthier because the pills caused my blood pressure to raise by ten points (placing me in the prehypertensive range).

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  86. I took these supplements for a couple of days and all I wanted to do was sleep all day long and my joints ached, I thought I had the flu or something. Then I thought I was crazy to have this kind of reaction to the product, but thankfully I found 2 other reviewers with similar side effects. Phew! Guess they’re just not for me.

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  87. I really like this product. I have been wanting to change to a raw food lifestyle for a while now. This pill has helped me get through the initial period. I feel amazing! I was never overweight, but I want to lose like 20 pounds, and maintain a raw lifestyle. It will take 30 days to develop this habit and then I can stop taking the pills. After that I think I will just take them if cravings get out of control, and the week of my period. I don’t know what the long term effects would be on this stuff, but the ingredients seem to be pretty safe. I feel really positive about this, I have already lost 8 pounds in 5 days. That is probably mostly water weight but oh well it has given me major motivation and confidence. Can’t wait to see what happens at the end of the month. This stuff isn’t good if you need to concentrate, but is good if you need to do something active.

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  88. Has anyone else experienced severe stomach cramps? Particularly below the gut?

    Third time this has had happened to me in the 4 months I have been using this product. What worries me are that they are getting more and more frequent

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  89. I have been through about 4 bottles of Phenphedrine now, usually with a couple of weeks between them. There is no doubt they work, i have no interest in food, and loose weight easily. The first couple of days i usually feel really hyper, like others have said i feel like everything is moving alot slower than me. However this time i took one bottle after another, about half way through the bottle i started getting sick after taking one. Ive tried having a weeks break and then started taking them again only to feel sick for 48 hours, dizzy, shakey, my stomachs off and i get this bizzare chemical smell? I have about 2 weeks left and am determined to finish them before xmas! If anyone has any idea how to ditch this sickness – would be much appriciated!

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  90. I hate Phenphedrine , i had 1 tablet yesterday my 1st try of it,and i vomited for 5 hours felt like crap couldn’t even move just sat there looking out my window, i think its crap i wouldn’t even bother with it,

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  91. I won’t lie; I was so confused and fooled by all those reviews I read about this PHENPHEDRINE …that is why i bought 3 bottles from dietpillsuniverse website.

    What I felt ?

    The first day i was jittery and I felt like I was on drugs …also A LOT energy. Second day it was a little less of same speedy drug feeling. From third day all i felt was NOTHING. Now I can’t stand even smell of pill (like 9 pills left)…

    I lost no weight. None of pounds promised. Energy? Same as from few caffeine caplets I suppose…
    So …this is waste of money..and surely PHENPHEDRINE is WORTHLESS STUFF..


    Also what I had noticed is that at all the phenphedrine websites I can’t even post my negative view comment about phenphedrine.

    Editor’s comments: Alesa, most of the sites claiming to be posting customer reviews of the product are owned by the retailer. So they don’t allow negative comments to be posted, because that reduces sales. DietPillUniverse appears to be affiliated with Sybervision. You can read more here…

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  92. Hi, this sounds overall like a good product, however I have high-blood pressure and take 50mg of atenolyl daily. Is this product safe for me?

    Editor’s comments: Definitely not. This product contains a TON of stimulants and is not recommended for anyone with high blood pressure.

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  93. I have only been taking this for 4 days, and I’ve already lost 3 pounds. I have only been taking one a day, though, because I have noticed some unfortunate side effects. It makes me feel very nauseous for about an hour, and gives me headaches and a weird kind of feeling. I may be crazy for dealing with the side effects, but there are also major benefits that I have noticed. It has suppressed my appetite, I have more energy than I typically have, and I have been craving much less. I guess it’s a matter of mind over matter, and if you want to deal with the side effects or not. The side effects last about an hour, so right now it’s worth it for me. I also only want to lose about 15 pounds, and since I (so far) seem to be losing pretty quickly, I’m ideally hoping to only take it for about 2 months. I’d recommend trying it to see how your body reacts because, of course, everyone will react differently to it. I have a sensitive stomach, so that could be why I get the nausea.

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  94. Hi have been taking phenphedrine for almost a week and so far I feel very jittery, and it has not helped supress my appetite AT ALL, however I do train 5 days a week eating 1300-1400 calories a day and feel like maybe not enough food? I totally watch what I eat, I eat very strict but yeah its pretty much assisted with giving me more energy but not so much the appetite suppression. FYI I have lost 4lbs so far and im on day 7. taking 2 a day. Let me know what you think…

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  95. I bought this product and I noticed that the ingredients on the bottle are not the same as the advertisement. It says nothing about “Chromax” and that is the first ingredient on the bottle. No where does it say anything about the B vitamins and rasp-whatever and others too. Not happy about that…

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  96. I also received a bottle with ingredients different from those listed on the website. These pills seem to be caffeine pills with some chromium, green tea, hops, PEA, and DMAA. I’m very angry because the combination of these supplememts won’t give me the same “extreme” fat-burning effect that the other ingredients might give. I emailed the customer service, but if you’ve read other comments then you’d know that their customer service is really bad. I’ve emailed twice in two days, and still no response.

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  97. I think I’m going so far to give this pill a 2, i only started taking them today yet i don’t feel enough energy or will power to keep moving like the other pills i have been on which are safer and more natural i have gained three pounds today on these guys…along with taking the 48 hour pill

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  98. i have one kidney and i wanted to know if i would be able to take Phenphedrine without having any problems?

    Editor’s comments: This is definitely NOT something you should even consider taking without discussing it with your doctor first, sorry!

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  99. The only reason why I’m giving this a 3 is because the way it makes me feel. I take it and I feel so sick to my stomach even though I drink Tons of water with it. It gets so bad that I can’t even go out and do stuff. I used to feel jittery but that has past. The good thing is that I don’t eat much when I take it cause I feel so sick when I do, I’m on the toilet for like a half hour in pain. I can’t sleep at night and when I do finally fall asleep I wake up at least once in the middle of the night. I will continue to take it though because I am losing weight and that’s all that matters to me.

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  100. I’ve been using Phenphedrine for a little over a week now and I absolutely love it. I’ve lost 5lbs so far. I probably won’t use it long term, but for jump-starting a workout and weight loss routine, it’s been incredibly helpful.
    A few months ago, my doctor prescribed me some medicine that was supposed to combat depression and OCD. Unfortunately, it also made me gain about 30lbs in a month! Not healthy and not a great mood booster.
    We switched my meds but the weight stayed. (Also, my new meds make me incredibly sleepy) I used to use Alli, so I picked that up again since it was the only weight loss aid I’ve ever tried. I think I was searching for a thyroid booster when I found the (slightly sketchy) website for Phenphedrine. After an hour or so of research, I ordered it. In hindsight, I probably should have done a little more research, but luckily, I ended up liking it.
    I try to work out at least 2 or 3 times a week doing the Firm and 30 minutes of strength training with dumb bells. I generally take one in the morning and one before my late lunch. I actually have to force myself to eat now. Before, I was almost constantly hungry (and tired!) These also help me focus during the day and I don’t want to fall asleep at work anymore.
    They do make me jittery, but no headaches or trouble sleeping. Just don’t take them too close to bedtime. I’ll probably finish this bottle and try MX-LS7 next to see which one I like better.

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  101. What i love about this product is that it gives you a great boost of energy. It makes you want to be active and actually makes you want to exercise. I have been using it for a 2 weeks and have not lost weight; however, i definitely see that my face has gotten much smaller and slimmer. Which i definitely wanted.

    If you are extremely sensitive to caffeine, i do not recommend this product for you. It will definitely cause you to have a jittery feeling, and cause you to be nauseous in the beginning. To avoid the side affects, i drink lots and lots of water, so i haven’t had any problems with headaches. However, once you survive the first 2 weeks or so, the side affects lessen.

    I definitely feel a change in my body. I am more active, and i have more energy to last throughout the day. It has suppressed my eating, and i am actually eating healthier food. The highlight of this product is the energy. I was able to jog/walk for 4 miles without stopping, and i was able to workout for 2 1/2 hours, 3 days a week. Which, normally i wouldn’t be able to do.

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  102. I’m 20 years old, weigh 150 pounds, and my height is 5’6. I’m going to Miami for Memorial Day Weekend and wanted to look great in my bikini so I decided to order these, as a friend recommended them. I took my 1st pill this morning and felt great and full of energy. Then I had lunch and took my 2nd pill and have literally been bed ridden since, as it’s now 1:00 in the morning. I feel EXTREMELY nauseus, EXTREMELY dizzy, and so tired. The bottle says to discontinue use if I feel dizzy so I guess I’m gonna have to stop. Sucks because my friend had such amazing results but I guess because I never drink caffeine, it had this extreme effect on me. Good luck to you all.

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  103. Can you drink alchohol while on phenphedrine ?

    Editor’s comments: Phenphedrine is basically a “hopped” up caffeine pill. Can you drink 5 coffees a day and drink alcohol? Most people can. But alcohol is a rich source of calories, and drinking a lot and often is going to make it impossible to consumer fewer calories than you expend, which is the key to losing weight – with or without this product.

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  104. Hi, my name is Ashley and I am 19 years old. I am 5’3 and weigh 155 pounds. Over the last year I have lost about 40 pounds on Weight watchers but i am looking to lose at least 20 more. I eat a healthy diet and work out about 4 times each week but I have hit a plateau. I have tried one other diet pill and saw no results. I also am fine when it comes to large amounts of caffeine. So my question is, is this product worth my spending the little money i have?

    Editor’s comments: Frankly, no. It’s over priced, contains no special ingredients and is manufactured by a company with a dismal rating at the better business bureau. There is no weight loss supplement in the world that is worth $70 a bottle.

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  105. This product has worked wonders for me, but a word of caution: if you are “obese” and have high blood pressure, are sensitive to stimulants, have heart problems, are diabetic, or just plain unhealthy I would suggest at least losing some weight and getting closer to your weight goal naturally. I am 21 years old, and weighed 180 lbs 6 weeks after I had my daughter. I naturally lost 20lbs then started to use phenphedrine on days I was not feeling up to working out. Also: I only take one pill a day in the morning with my breakfast. I see no need in having so much energy all day, and if I did take more than one I wouldnt eat anything all day. Make sure you eat! My daughter is now 8 months old and I weigh 138 lbs. I don’t smoke, I never eat processed food and I hardly ever turn on my tv. I think most of America’s problem is the food they eat and how muchtelevision they watch, not whether or not they have a diet pill to keep them moving.

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  106. I’m have been on this product for a week. I exercise 4 times a week and so far I have lost 5 pounds. I take 3 a day before each meal just like the instructions said, the first two days I only took 2 a day because it upset my stomach and also I felt a little nervous. I feel good now every time I take it. I think it definitely works however it has to be taken as directed and have a good active health.

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  107. I bought a bottle back in March and got a bottle free. I lost 25lbs the first 3 months or so. I started on one pill a day then two pills since I am sensitive to caffeine and wanted to see how it would react to me but stopped before I got to the next bottle. While on it I had lots of energy I walked for an hour or more 2-3 times a week. However after a while I started feel to hype so that’s why I stopped. I started taking it again and have to say it has not been good. I get really tired but still hyper. I feel really depressed and neurotic like I’m about to flip out. Not to mention the mood swings. One day out of the blue I had the feeling that my boyfriend was cheating on me and went thru all his emails even went to see if he was at work. I guess that after the pills wore off I realized how stupid I was being but at the time it was the realist thing. I can’t say the pills don’t work but now I’m looking for another brand or something just to see if the reaction was because I had gotten use to it….BTW I have been on it for about a month and have barely lost 1 lb. so maybe my body has adapted to it. All I can say is keep an open eye when taking.

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  108. Hi everyone…I hate writing reviews but I love reading them and just reading some reviews her made me write this.
    I am 25…5 4″…….170lbs….I stopped taking phenphedrine 6 mths ago cs I’m good with my size now..
    December 2011….I was embarrassed that I couldn’t find a dress I really liked to fit me…. I had to constantly wear jeans and leggings……I was 200lbs….it made me sad and more stressed than anything else.
    I’ve tried so many weightloss stuff(too much to name)…lol
    I finally found out about phenphedrine…I was soo skeptical cs I tried pills before and they didn’t work….but I went ahead to give phenphedrine a try.
    Now don’t get me wrong….I read soo many reviews on it but I came to the conclusion that not everyone is the same…everybody body is different……
    However it worked for me and it worked really well…I used it along with doing 30 mins Zumba everyday….I had energy,I didn’t crave fries and sweet no more..( big grin)…. And I was seeing results…..I adore phenphedrine.
    Now I do understand that the claimed makers have a bad record…and that’s something ppl shud consider and also b4 using it u shud read up everything on it cs there is some serious drugs and caffeine in it….maybe it’s not for everyone….but for me…..It did for me what no other has done….and I am sooo grateful. For the weightloss,confidence and every time someone ask me how I lost it all. And I thank the editors for making me aware of the makers and their history…..but for someone like me who seen great results….I will be wrong to say phenphedrine doesn’t work.

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  109. Hi Everyone,

    I bought Phenphedrine a while ago and then forgot about them with moving, starting a new school and job, etc. I checked the date on the bottle and its expired. Is it still okay to take them? Do the ingredients in it stop working after the date? Is it still safe to take?

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    • Katie: Products don’t stop “working” when the calendar switches from one day to the next. Generally, over time potency can decrease but otherwise, most products can be consumed within a reasonable time period. If you have any concerns, take them up with the manufacturer. 😉

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  110. Being a totally obese person on Obamacare is very VERY difficult as the medical options do not include any kind of assistance with weight loss. Therefore I am turing toward unconventional methods and have heard that Phenphedrine is the best proven method. Noticed one of the customers here said it’s not for people like me, but really it shouldn’t be for the vainglorious, but for ones like me who can get help no where else BUT from wonderful places like this that give me and other grossly obese people like me a choice. I begged my physician when on regular care and later my physician’s assistant (as on Obamacare I’m not allowed to be assigned an actual doctor) to provide me with an appetite suppressant because after quitting smoking, I went to eating as my new hand-to-mouth. I have a feeling once I start taking Phenphedrine as a supplement to my daily vitamin cocktail and new exercise regimen, I’ll be a success despite the doubts of some here who only need to lose 5-15 lbs. I need to lose no less than 120 lbs but hope to lose 135 lbs. Of course I know this didn’t get on there overnight, so I expect it to take 2-3 years to achieve it in a healthy manner. I just hope the government allows this product to stay on the market that long. We’re called ‘fat Americans’ by the First Lady, but then the government’s own ‘health’ program won’t allow us to have the medical supplements / assistance to lose the weight to a healthy level again. I am not sensitive to stimulants and don’t have any other issues except being morbidly obese (i.e. over 100 lbs overweight). So I look to be taking Phenphedrine as a silent assistance on my path back to a healthy weight. Thank you!!

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    • So you haven’t tried it yet? And where, exactly, did you hear that Phenphedrine is the best “proven” method? It’s not proven at all. There is no clinical data that supports Phenphedrine’s claims for weight loss.

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  111. I’m going to start this off by saying I have a very high tolerance for stimulants. I can drink a couple double expressos with little to no boost and never any jitters.

    The pros of this pill. I did at first feel the stimulants which told me that this was rather strong. Within the first week I noticed a difference in muscle definition. Another sign of its working.

    Neutral. You will find that you sweat, ALLOT. You may find yourself sweating while doing absolutely nothing. This is the thermogenic effect of the pill. This may bother some, it did not however bother me. Just make sure to have a towel during cardio and a change of cloths for post workout as your cloths will be soaked.

    Negative. Even when taking the pill as directed, with the required amounts of water, I find two extremely negative side effects. First would be headaches. These vary from minor to medium in strength and do not last for longer than 1 hour. Depending on what you are doing, this can be a big negative. Next is nausea. I will use today as an example. I took my first pill at 4am when I woke up, and took my second one at 10am. within 30 minutes of taking the second dose, I found myself feeling as if I was going to throw up. This is something that I have found to last 30 minutes to 1 and a half hours.

    Odd side effect? I strength train, and at first took this 30 minutes before working out as directed. What did I find? I had LESS endurance as well as about 2/3rds my usual strength. the following day I skipped that dose and was fine. Tried it again on a different week, and what do you know, my strength was again close to halved. I drank a gallon of water over 2 hours to flush it out and tried again to find my strength returned. I do not know if this is just me, but just be aware of it.

    All in all, it serves its purpose. You will loose weight. You will also sweat like hell, have headaches, possible stomach aches, and maybe even decreased strength in the gym. I do not recommend using for more than a month.

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  112. I tried this weight lost pill for the first time.I have been on it for a week.I did naught weigh myself but I do feel more comfortable in my pants.
    I take a pill upon waking and my last one at 11:30 am.So far have only taken two but I still can not get to sleep.I am watching movies during the night.I only feel energized late in the evening.
    Going to try to be as delicate as I can.The bowel movements are way to much and very difficult to do any shopping with out frantically looking for a public was room.Any one else ?
    A tip,if you light a match after using the wash room the smell just disapears it does work,I carry my book of matches with me at all times

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