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Lipo-6 Black Review: Nutrex’s Hardcore FatBurner?

Lipo-6 Black is Nutrex’s foray into the world of “hardcore” weight loss products. Nutrex has built a pretty good business with its line up of fat burners; if you’re reading this, you may be familiar with the original Lipo-6, the upgraded Lipo-6X, and Lipo-6 Hers.

Lipo-6 Black is advertised as an “extreme” product. I would say that hands down, it is the most potent version of the formula to date. Whether that equates to “extreme” or “hardcore” is another matter altogether, however.

So what’s in Lipo-6 Black?

1. Fat Oxidation Dual-Stimulator: Comprised of a 150 mcg blend of 3,3′ Diiodo-L-Thyronine and 3,5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine (both of which are also found in Gaspari’s Mitotropin). These are metabolites of the T3 thyroid hormone.

In theory, supplementing with thyroid hormone derivatives can raise the levels of T3 itself, increasing the metabolic rate and calorie burn.

But just how effective are these compounds at doing so? Well, they’re mentioned along with a series of other thyroid hormone precursors in this study, where the authors state…

“Most of these compounds have interesting properties: counteracting lipid accumulation, reducing cholesterol level, and increasing lipid metabolism without cardiotoxic effects. Hopefully, further studies on basic mechanisms of such compounds will be harbingers of more knowledge on the metabolic effects of TH derivatives and on their possible clinical application.”

When conferring with Elissa about this, she informed me of an older study performed by the same research group that indicates some mitochondrial uncoupling may be part of the thermogenic effects.

One thing that isn’t discussed is the possible disruption of natural thyroid production. The aforementioned study references this possibility in its conclusion…

“… the results reported here do not exclude deleterious effects of T2 on a longer time scale as well as do not show that T2 acts in the same way in humans.”

John Berardi, writing on behalf of BioTest’s T2 fat burner (now discontinued, likely as a result of the growing disapproval of the FDA) dismisses this possibility, but admits that such effects are likely dose-dependent.

So there may be a potential risk when taking a product like this.

2. Lipolytic Acceleration Matrix: Consists of 4.5 mg of various forms of yohimbine (the active chemical in yohimbe). A few studies bear out yohimbine’s positive effect on weight loss (Isr J Med Sci. 1991 Oct;27(10):550-6) but its effects are hardly earth-shattering. Nonetheless, it is certainly an ingredient that you “feel” when you take it—which is probably the biggest reason this ingredient finds its way into fat burners.

3. Metabolic Heat Generating Blend: Contains a 20 mg blend of two forms of synephrine (there is no evidence methylsynephrine offers any benefit over regular synephrine). Once thought to be a credible alternative to ephedra, recent studies have demonstrated that synephrine offers only the tiniest benefits to dieters.

4. Brown Adipose Tissue Heat Activator: Contains 3 variations of phenylethylamine, the “feel good” amphetamine-related chemical found in chocolate. Normally, PEA is included in weight loss products as a mood elevator; I have yet to see any published data confirming its fat burning effects.

As a mood elevator, it’s of dubious value too—it is metabolized by the enzyme monamine oxidase so quickly that relatively little of it actually enters the bloodstream. That’s why the best PEA-based products (see Gaspari’s Cytolean) combine it with natural MAOIs (monamine oxidase inhibitors). Theoretically, these inhibit the action of enzyme, allowing more of the PEA to enter the bloodstream, eliciting a “euphoric effect”.

Unfortunately, there are no natural MAOIs in this formula.

5. Free Fatty Acid Releasing Complex: Consists of 200 mg of caffeine. No surprise here; caffeine is a foundational ingredient in most diet pills. It can provide the added boost needed to get to the gym for an effective work out.

And its thermogenic properties—albeit mild—are well established and have been demonstrated in several clinical studies (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97).

What does Lipo-6 Black offer that the other variations of this product do not?

Well, you get a slightly more potent yohimbine blend (an extra 1.5 mg), the PEA blend, and the two thyroid precursors… for an extra $10.

The original version on the other hand, contains guggulsterones, which this formula is missing.

So what’s the bottom line on Lipo-6 Black?

It would have been nice if ingredients with little scientific credibility for weight loss (like synephrine and PEA) had been replaced with something a little more useful. The two thyroid precursors are a nice addition, but information regarding both their safety and effectiveness is largely unknown.

In the end, if you’re a fan of Lipo-6, you’ll probably be happy with this product. It’s not significantly more expensive, and the core of the formula remains the same (it’s available online from, our recommended online retailer).

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a real “hardcore” fat burner, Gaspari’s Mitotropin is probably a better choice (although its significantly more expensive, too).

Author: Paul

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  1. Haven’t tried yet for long yet, but it made me throw up 🙁

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  2. I took it the first time today and I went to they gym and had to leave because I was over heated and soaked with sweat! But I worked pretty hard.

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  3. I’m 24 and had my first child in January 09. I am perfectly pleased with the progress I’m making with this product! I was 170 lbs. and now I’m pushing 150 after 3 months of 45 minutes of cardio a day. You have to be disciplined with food and exercise to achieve maximum results. MY ADVICE… BUY IT! But only if you’re serious, otherwise you wasted your money.

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  4. i took th whole bottle and did not loose 1 pound. Very disappointing.

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  5. I’m almost done with the bottle – just 3 caps left, but I haven’t see any results. I haven’t lose one pound, it’s too pricey and it’s empty of promises…

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  6. I want buy Lipo 6 black and I don’t know if it is effective or not? Please help me…

    Editor’s comments: Nasim, you can find our review of Lipo 6 Black here.

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  7. I am a full time college student, have a full time job, and am a full time mom. I barely have any time to go to the gym and work out. When I was pregnant I was pushing 200lbs. After birth I dropped to 170lb and have been see sawing between 165-170

    My son is two so this I’ve been this weight for 2 years now. Ive been using Lipo 6 black for about a month now and am pleased to say that I am now 155lb I was 168lb when I fist started using Lipo 6. So I am very pleased considering for 2 years I couldn’t get those results and now I’m dropping 10lbs a month on average and I’ve been doing no exercise except for my daily running after a 2 year old and through my office.

    A huge thanks to Lipo 6. My family and friends have noticed my weight loss and my mother is now going to try it. I have a much better feeling about my self image, and feel healthier to. The product when taking spaced out through out the day gives me energy to keep moving and suppresses my appetite. All great ingredients for weight loss. There small liquid capsules are easy to swallow too.

    Hope this helps someone.

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  8. Just a quick comment. if you eat before you take the pills it will help you not throw up. I take two in the morning after breakfast and than 1 every two hours after until lunch. I’ll take another 2 and then 1 right before dinner or 6pm. So i am not awake all night long.

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  9. It really worked. I started Lipo-6 on Oct-05th-2010 at 80Kgs weigh. Morning 3 pills after Breakfast and 3 pills after Lunch. I used to workout for 3 hrs. Now I am in 77kgs as of Nov-10th-2010. It was a powerful product. Imp. You should have a balanced diet to get the result. Note: It is very easy to gain weight but very hard to loose weight. Wish you all the best.

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  10. It has kept me energetic throughout the whole day, which in turn has helped maximize my fat loss cycle. For those reading these reviews, please take into consideration that the majority of supplement buyers are looking for a ‘magic’ pill that cancels out poor diet and submaximal exercise. If you fix both of these and remain strict and consistent, Lipo 6 Black will definitely provide excellent results! Remember, these kinds of supplements are 0-10% (for fat loss, diet is 70%/exercise is upwards of 30%). Great product, will definitely be using to achieve single digit fat percentages!!!!!

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  11. Lipo 6 Black has kept me energetic throughout the whole day, which in turn has helped maximize my fat loss cycle. For those reading these reviews, please take into consideration that the majority of supplement buyers are looking for a ‘magic’ pill that cancels out poor diet and submaximal exercise.

    If you fix both of these and remain strict and consistent, Lipo 6 Black will definitely provide excellent results! Remember, these kinds of supplements are 0-10% (for fat loss, diet is 70%/exercise is upwards of 30%). Great product!

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  12. I have been on Lipo 6 black for about 7 months. I take 6 tabs per day, 2 @ each meal.

    Side effects of a “warm body”, jitters etc, have long passed. Initially I lost about 18 lbs and I am still at the weight I dropped to. Bear in mind I have not been really active the entire time I’ve been taking these tabs. I took 6 per day with no exercise and lost weight.

    I am not going any lower – I guess I need to hit the gym & diet to do that.

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  13. These products are made to be sold to obese people. I was 204 lbs when i started and went down to 175 lbs after taking my 1st cycle. It is super effective. I only take the advised dosage. DO NOT take more than the recommended dosage.! I love this product!

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  14. This is not a supplement, IT’S A LITTLE BOMB. I took a tablet for the 1st time today before my gym and it made me work like an animal for an hour and half and am still feeling too much power. I THINK IT WILL NOT MAKE ME SLEEP TONIGHT . Next time I’ll take it earlier than I did .

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  15. day 1 of lipo 6 black hers and feeling energetic! I am at 203 lbs eating veggies, and chicken. Starting to walk/jog 1-2 miles in the morning 7 days a week with 40-60 mins of P90X 6 times a week. Can anyone tell me how well my results should be?

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  16. I’m from the Philippines and purchased Lipo 6 Black 120 caps from a local dealer I found on Olx.

    A little background: I’m 29, female, a mother, and of Asian descent. I have been at least 20 lbs overweight for a year. I have been working out regularly (4x a week, cardio and strength, plus muay thai) and eating moderate portions (never going past 1200 calories) for two years only to gain 10 lbs in my second year of working out for no discernible reason. I’ve been to the doctor and gotten tests for my thyroid but the results all came back negative. I tried several other fat burners to try and jumpstart my metabolism and none of them worked except for Twinlab, which helped me lose 5lbs after consuming the whole bottle. Hydroxycut made me vomit and made my chest pound. Lipo 6 just gave me a ton of energy and I think it might have improved my strength, too (I’m lifting heavier weights than I did last week at the gym)

    I have been on Lipo 6 for six days now and I have experienced no side effects apart from having to pee a lot. No hunger pangs while I’m on it, so this might be useful for those who have problems with snacking. No palpitations, but it might be because I was a heavy coffee drinker prior to starting Lipo 6 so those who are caffeine-sensitive, proceed with caution.

    I lost 5lbs on the third day. I weighed myself earlier today and it appears that today, on the sixth day, I have lost 10 lbs. 🙂

    So yeah, Lipo 6 Black worked for me. It was pretty much the only thing that worked, I’d about given up before I tried it. I’m going to finish the bottle and post a new comment when I’m done 😀


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