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Green Tea Diet Pills: Most Popular Green Tea Supplements

Because of the significant amount of clinical data validating its ability to elevate the metabolism and possibly inhibit carbohydrate metabolism, green tea is finding its way into more and more weight loss products and so, green tea diet pills really are all the rage.

Despite the positive clinical data, it’s important to keep green tea’s weight loss benefits in perspective. See the article “How Much Weight Can I Lose With Green Tea” for more information on this.

To that end, here’s a listing of the top green tea diet pills reviewed on These products are either based solely on this ingredient, or green tea comprises a significant portion of their respective formulas.

Here’s a tip: When evaluating such products on your own, always check to see that the green tea element of the product’s formula is standardized for its most critical component; the catechin EGCG. It may also be standardized for caffeine. If it is not, then caffeine should also be included in the product (the optimal dosage, as suggested by this clinical study, is 50 mg of caffeine combined with 90 mg EGCG taken three times per day).

Scientists believe caffeine and EGCG are the two most important elements of green tea as it pertains to weight loss. You want to see both included in whatever product you choose.

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Tea reviews:

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