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Avatrim With Green Tea Review: Does Avatrim Work?

“Clinically proven.” “A revolutionary blend.” Just a couple of the statements you’ll read on the Avatrim sales page — a fat burner that claims to increase both your energy and metabolism, control your appetite and burn fat safely.

Despite these claims, you should not be surprised to find that there are a couple of real problems with Avatrim.

First of all, it should be noted that Avatrim is not “clinically proven.” As far as I can tell, there have been no credible clinical studies performed on the Avatrim formulation (and there certainly aren’t any referenced on the web site).

But what about the ingredients? Are those clinically proven?

A good question. Here’s the thing…

One ingredient in the Avatrim formula — green tea in particular — shows real promise for weight loss. Clinical studies show it elevates the metabolism, may inhibit the action of the enzyme required for the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose, as well as offering numerous other benefits (see the full review of green tea for more information and journal references).

So green tea’s a winner. Yep, but here’s the problem…

In large part, green tea’s amazing weight loss benefits have been attributed to its catechins and polyphenols.

One catechin in particular is of great interest to researchers — epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. That’s why you’ll see quality products that include green tea in their formulas showing how much green tea is included, as well as what percentage of EGCG (and occasionally the polyphenols and catechins) that the formula is standardized.

The problem with Avatrim is that not only do we not know how much green tea is included in the formula, we don’t know how much of or how potent the catechin content is. So it’s impossible to assess the efficacy of the product. Is there enough green tea and its critical constituents present in this formula to elicit a response? Who knows?

And what of the other ingredients in the formula?

Well, they are hardly “revolutionary.” Ordinary would probably be a better term. Let’s have a look…

1. Biotin: A water soluble B-vitamin, biotin has been used in fat burners since dinosaurs roamed the earth. It’s required for the proper metabolism of certain foods, and helps moderate blood sugar levels.

One can make an argument that every vitamin plays an important role in overall health and increases the efficiency of the body’s many functions. As far as a undisclosed about of biotin lending dramatic results to this product?

Don’t bet on it.

2. L-Carnitine (reviewed in full here!): Carnitine plays many important roles in the body, but the most important one from a fat burning perspective is Carnitine’s role in escorting fatty acids to the cell’s mitochondria (think of the mitochondria as the cell’s furnace) where they can be burned as fuel. Because Carnitine plays such a role, many have postulated that supplementing with Carnitine should aid in weight loss.

However, studies to date have been largely unequivocal, and there does not seem to be any real evidence showing that supplementing with Carnitine will either increase the rate or the number of fatty acids that are converted into energy by the cell. In other words, Carnitine for weight loss is pretty much a bust.

Special note: Most fat burners touting the fat burning abilities of carnitine usually only contain only a spattering of this compound. Most studies have been completed using 2-6 grams daily. Any less than this is simply window dressing, and I have no doubt Avatrim contains a mere spattering of this ingredient.

3. Alpha lipoic acid & R-lipoic acid: Both are powerful antioxidants with insulin-moderating and blood sugar-balancing characteristics. They’re smart additions to any weight loss supplement — when they are included in optimal amounts. How much is in the Avatrim formula is anybody’s guess.

4. Piper nigrum: Commonly known as black pepper, piper nigrum has long been thought to increase thermogenisis. The Avatrim ad copy references a clinical study (J Agric Food Chem. 2006 Dec 27;54(26):9759-63) and states…

“A study has shown that alkamides isolated from the fruit of piper nigrum inhibit an enzyme called diacylglycerol acyltransferase. This inhibition of this enzyme has emerged as a therapeutic target in the management of obesity. “

That’s “spinning” things somewhat. The study itself is somewhat more understated. It concludes…

“…compounds possessing piperidine groups (2-5) can be potential DGAT inhibitors.”

A more accessible translation might be… “compounds like piper nigrum may inhibit the activity of diacylglycerol acyltransferase.”

As for what effects on weight loss this “degree” of possible inhibition of the DGAT enzyme may have, the study does not speculate.

So although the Avatrim folks are making it look like piper nigrum is a weight loss winner, clinical studies have not yet validated its effects.

5. Bioperine®: Black pepper extract, included in supplements for its ability to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients — i.e., increase the amount of nutrient that gets absorbed into the body.

Avatrim, despite being a relatively-ordinary product of indescriminate strength and potency, is fairly affordable. For $20, you get a bottle of the product, membership into a online fitness program, an e-book of fitness tips, and a weight loss hypnosis audio download. For most people, simply adopting a sensible diet and exercise program will be enough to generate results — with or without Avatrim.

Is Avatrim worth the money? It’s very hard to say considering we know so little about the product. Personally, I’m always extremely wary of companies who deliberately hide vital information from the consumer, and would vote “no.” There’s really no reason why the entire ingredient profile can’t be posted… unless of course, it is so tepid and weak, it’s not worth buying.

Author: Paul

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