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Apidexin Review: Does Apidexin Outperform Prescription Drugs?

The incredible team of researchers and developers over at Apidexin have worked their butts off to deliver us the “world’s strongest fat burner”, a product based entirely upon clinically proven, patented (or patent pending) ingredients that work really, really fast.

And hey, it must be good, since Apidexin has even been voted the “#1 Diet Pill 3 Years Straight”, as verified by the 3 official looking but totally unverifiable seals pictured at the top of their sales page.

Here’s something you need to know…

The terms “patented” and “patent-pending” mean absolutely nothing when it comes to proving that a product actually works. That doesn’t prevent retailers from using them to sell their products however; it’s a common misconception that the patenting process involves some sort of critical demonstration or proof of a product’s effectiveness. That’s not the case at all. As Elissa points out in her blog post in the topic…

“A patent is simply a legally-recognized grant of property rights over an invention, formula, or design.”

So don’t be fooled. “Patented” does not mean “works”. You do not need to prove something works to get a patent. It’s a common misconception retailers use to sell their products, but it is not true.

Now what about the clinically proven claim? Believe it or not, it does not mean as much as you think it does. So let’s look at the ingredient profile…

1. Irvingia gabonensis extract: Irvingia gabonensis is African Mango by another name. It’s being touted as the latest and greatest weight loss ingredient ever, thanks to a series of clinical studies that were breathlessly (and uncritically) hyped by Dr. Oz.

Certainly, if you look at the study cited on the Apidexin web site, you would think it’s an amazing ingredient. According to the researchers…

“Irvingia gabonensis extract administered twice a day to healthy, overweight and obese individuals resulted in both weight reduction (body weight, body fat, waist size) and an improvement in metabolic parameters associated with insulin resistance.”

In the study, subjects taking the extract (aka IGOB131) lost an average of 28 pounds over 10 weeks, while consuming over 2700 calories a day!

That’s great news right?

Unfortunately, there are a couple of problems with that rosy picture…

i. I found a patent application for IGOB131 filed by the study’s lead author, Julius Oben. Dr. Oben already holds a patent on another Irvingia gabonensis preparation for weight loss. This represents a conflict of interest.

ii. There are some curious statements in the study that could use elucidating. For instance, it indicates that “no major dietary intervention or formal physical activity program was instituted during the course of the study.” Yet later it reveals that both the placebo and test group consumed foods that broke down to the following: 56% carbohydrate, 29% protein, and 15% fat.

How can it be that 2 groups of people (102 in total) both consumed the exact identical nutrient profile without any major “dietary intervention”? Where are the “error bars?”

And it gets even more mind numbing when it comes to calorie consumption; daily energy consumption for the IGOB131 group was 2767 ± 187 kcal, and for the placebo group, it was 3156 ± 185 kcal.

That’s correct; the folks taking the Irvingia gabonensis extract were also consuming 400 fewer calories per day… yet the discussion of the results makes no mention of this difference. This is inconceivable to me—even if the difference was due to appetite suppression (an effect of IGOB131), it’s entirely relevant to the claimed weight loss effect of the extract.

When it comes to this study, natural bodybuilder and weight loss guru Tom Venuto speaks for me, too:

“To a lay person, a 28-pound weight loss (12.8 kilos) looks incredible. To those familiar with research methods and weight loss, these results look IN-credible, meaning NOT credible. To the informed and discriminating crowd, results like these don’t send you running to the health food store, they raise all sorts of red flags, prompt more questions and demand better-controlled research.”

In short, I’ll be happy to believe these results when I see independent confirmation. This is not to say that I believe Irvingia gabonensis extract doesn’t work at all—lots of traditional medicinal plants contain compounds that are physiologically active. But I believe it’s prudent to remain skeptical about the magnitude of the effect. I’ve been in this business for a long time, and have seen many “miracles” fall flat on closer examination.

At any rate, study participants received 150 mg of Irvingia gabonensis extract twice daily. At the base, two capsules per day dose of Apidexin, you’re 100 mg short of the ideal dosage, if you take the study at face value.

Are you starting to see what “clinically proven” actually means? Good. Let’s move on to the next ingredient…

2. Cissus quadrangularis: This ingredient, also known as “veld grape” was a “hot” fat burning supplement a few years ago, but drifted back into obscurity when it did not deliver on its weight loss promises.


Looks like the intrepid researchers and developers over at Apidexin didn’t get the memo, or they were too busy playing World of Warcraft (when they were supposed working) and missed it.

Either way, here’s the bottom line on Cissus

Once again, there is some clinical data validating this ingredient’s effects on weight loss, and once again, the only studies that exist (Lipids Health Dis. 2007 Feb 4;6:4 and Lipids Health Dis. 2006 Sep 2;5:24) just happen to have been conducted by someone with a financial conflict of interest.

Yes, the lead author on this study, Julius Oben (who incidentally is the lead author on the African mango studies as well) has a patent on Cissus quadrangularis for weight loss.

And in case you were wondering, there is no independent, corroborating data for this ingredient either.

In addition, bodybuilders who have long taken Cissus for its anti-osteoporotic activity have never reported weight loss as a side effect of supplementation.

3. Alchemilla vulgaris, Olea europaea, Cuminum cyminum and Mentha longifolia: This quartet of ingredients was originally introduced in a product called WeighLevel, but also appear in Bob Harper’s Smart Weight Loss product and some of the Hydroxycut Pro Series offerings.

Once again, there is clinical data (conducted on the WeighLevel formula) that confirms some effect on weight loss, and once again, we have a serious conflict of interest; if you check the study, you’ll see that one co-author, Eli Kassis, is directly affiliated with Sprunk-Jansen (the manufacturer of WeighLevel).

And it gets worse; Sprunk-Jansen is a partner of the Antaki Center For Herbal Medicine and has “exclusive rights” to world-wide distribution of the products the Center develops. And—wouldn’t you just know it—4 other co-authors are directly affiliated with the Antaki Center for Herbal Medicine.

It’s hardly “independent research” when 5 of the 6 study authors have a vested interest in a positive study result.

Additionally, I have never even heard of “The Open Complementary Medicine Journal”. If nothing else, it’s certainly not a well known, often referenced journal.

4. Caffeine: A standard ingredient in just about every weight loss supplement on the planet. And while caffeine’s fat burning characteristics are well established (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97), its effects are generally quite mild and tend to be exaggerated by most retailers.

Still, most consumers like the additional energy caffeine provides, even if it is an ordinary and cheap addition to any fat burner supplement.

I’m sure it’s becoming apparent by now; Apidexin’s “clinically proven” claim needs to be taken with a grain… er… chunk of salt.

As you can see, the term clinically proven does not necessarily mean much, especially when you start looking at the supporting studies closely. Accordingly, there’s really not much point in experimenting with this formula as it stands. Here’s what we recommend if you like the look of this formula…

Of course, we’re not suggesting this is the route you should take, nor that this will bring extraordinary results. However, you will be getting the correct doses of the most important ingredients for a few less dollars. And who doesn’t want to keep more money in his or her pockets?

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I’ve been taking Apidexin for about 9 days now. I don’t know if its working or not yet. I still weigh the same. But I haven’t changed any of my eating habits. I do exercise twice a week for an hour with weights.


    It does boost my energy
    It does improve my mood
    I feel as if it might work it causes heat to form in the middle of my stomach.


    I can’t sleep at night until I’m absolutely exhausted.
    I have to take Advil with it because it makes me feel nauseous and I have a headache 5-10 minutes after using it.

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  2. Today is my FIRST day on Apidexin and I just wanted to lose the last 10 pounds from being pregnant. It makes me feel nauseous and I have headaches with it. It makes you not want to eat because you feel sick!

    I did have more energy at first. But later I feel like I’m dragging my feet. I feel like I’m pregnant all over again! I only took 1 before breakfast and 1 before lunch. Tomorrow I will try only 1 before breakfast and see how I feel then.

    We’ll see if this works or not…..

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  3. It’s me again! =)

    I can better handle it if I only take 1 a day and just watch what I eat in the afternoon since it can make you hungry when it wears off.

    I have noticed a difference and it’s barely been a week yet. Nothing dramatic, but I’m slowly seeing the differences. I’m sure it would produce better results if I was taking 2, but I can’t handle 2!

    So if you are having bad side effects like the ones listed below, I recommend just taking one, and when I feel like I’m losing my energy, I’ll just drink a sugar free red bull and that seems to curb my cravings as well. GOOD LUCK!

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  4. Totally NOT worth it. I took my first pill at 4PM and couldnt think straight and my head was buzzing. I went to bed at 10PM and was up till 4AM. It made me feel very anxious and worried.

    A pill is not the answer! Back to the hard working out.

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  5. I just tried Apidexin. I only used it for one week. Didn’t lose an ounce of weight, felt nauseated from taking it & was extremely moody.

    I returned it for the “money back guarantee”. We’ll see how that works out, since I just sent it back a couple of days ago.

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  6. I took Apidexin for a little over a week. I felt nauseated every time I took it & became very moody while I was on it. I also didn’t lose ANY weight.

    I returned them over a week ago & so far the money back guarantee is not looking so “guaranteed.”

    I will post when/if I get my refund.

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  7. Just to keep you updated, I did finally receive my refund, minus taxes.

    I was refunded the amount of 1 bottle: $49.95. The way I look at it, it’s better than nothing back.

    Very happy that they stood by the guarantee. Good luck to those of you that are trying them. Hope it works better for you!

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  8. I’m worried now. I have just ordered it from ebay. The reason why I turned to Apidexin is because I have tried everything and need something that is going to fit into my busy lifestyle, may be this isn’t going to work if it’s going to make me nauseous!

    Any advice on how to minimise the nausea would be much appreciated!

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  9. I used this product for 3 months and returned it because I had no great weight loss. There is nothing in their add saying that you only get refunded for the bottles returned.

    I was told just today that I am getting refunded $59.99 for the 2 bottles I returned. I want the whole $99.95 back since their add says “money back guarantee.”

    They need to stand by their promise to pay back the full amount. They are a cheap company and are scamming those who return their product that did not work. That is a poor business.

    This is the only business that I have ever bought from that does this to the customers who trusted them enough to buy their product. That is not right and something needs to be done.

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  10. These websites are paid to say these products do or don’t work! This product works… I lost the last 25 lbs. of pregnancy weight in 2 months!

    I added a little exercise (like 2 days a week; that’s all I could fit into my schedule) and limit my calories (WAY Down, to the minimum 1200 calories).

    I went the cheaper route of Nutrisystem and purchased a whole bunch of Healthy Choice dinners, like Cafe Steamers and just the regular dinners…the maximum amount of calories a lot of the dinners have is about 350, so you can have three meals and a snack.

    I wouldn’t trust these websites making such claims because you never know if they’re telling the truth; you have to actually try the product yourself to know for sure.


    Editor’s Comments: Obviously Tiffani hasn’t spent a whole lot of time learning what either Real-Customer-Comments.com or UltimateFatBurner.com are about. Since we don’t sell products, we have no problem posting ALL feedback, provided it appears to be genuine.

    We have no doubt Tiffani’s comments are genuine, although we would suggest that it may well have been her diet regimen (i.e., the low calories) and the exercise that caused the weight loss, and not necessarily this product.

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  11. i heard alot of good things about it and i baught a bottle nd it cum wit detuxufree78 or suffin. i been on it a week tomorow nd i dunno if its working, i mean i have lost a lot of sleep but i was advised not to take after 3pm and it doesnt help taking them at 9pm lol. but i feel like i have alot of energy nd im never hungry, it looks like i have lost wieght but i still wiegh the same so im gna finsih the bottle then evaluate tbh, its silly to judge after a week becuase every1 is different but i dnt know if im taking them right im jus popping them in b4 meals but im still at college so i dont have breakfast in the morning so i dont eat anythig with the tablet nd i dont take a tableet at lunch but with dinner but eat at lunch so its all confusing, but i feel alot different like so much more energy but i dunno if its actually working yet.

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  12. I have been taking Apidexin for almost 2 weeks. I have lost 2 lbs. so far and have no side effects.

    I do not limit my food intake and have not gotten back to my usual workout regimen of 2 hours 5 days a week. I have been sick with a respiratory cold and cannot seem to get rid of it.

    I do not think the product provides fast weight loss and am not even sure if the 2 lbs. is due to the pill, but I am going to give it a little more time. No improved energy but no side effects either.

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  13. Wow, I wish I had read these reviews before I bought it. Apidexin makes me feel sick, jittery, and I find it difficult to breathe. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack, which means I couldn’t work out as hard as I usually would.

    I didn’t sleep for 2 days, and that was after only 1 tablet. Basically, I felt like I was on speed and even had a come down when I stopped taking them.

    I’ve found you can open the caps and pour just a little of the powder into some water and have it that way, since it is obviously way too strong for a lot of people. Not sure how effective it would be for weight loss, I think I will stick to my usual thermogenics.

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  14. If you’re getting a headache that quickly after taking Apidexin- you may want to check your blood pressure. I was interested in supplementing my current diet and exercise to speed things up, but I think now I’ll just continue the slow and steady 1-2 lbs/week — I’m already an insomniac as it is.

    The formula is simple. If you don’t change your eating and exercise habits for good (calories in vs. out), the minute you stop taking Apidexin, you’ll start putting on the weight again.

    I’d be interested to see “post-pill” commentary 2 weeks after.

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  15. I’ve read over, and over before I tried it that you shouldn’t take it in the afternoon. 4 pm is way too late. It should be taken 30 min. before breakfast, and 30 min. before lunch.

    If you’re getting a headache you more than likely aren’t drinking enough water. You should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day with this. You should also change your eating habits to some extent if you know you’re a terrible eater.

    The no change in eating habits claim more than likely applies to people who’ve put on, but aren’t consistently gaining weight.

    If you don’t return all of the bottles – even the empty ONE you didn’t get results from – you won’t be refunded for it. This is very reasonable considering all of the companies out here that pass your credit card information to others, include your shipping period as a part of the “free trial”, and hassle you to get your money back when they “accidentally” charge you (I’m getting flashbacks).

    Nothing beats diet and exercise, but when you need an aid this isn’t a bad choice. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve lost 16 pounds since I started two weeks ago with minimal side effects. I’m not very active, but I don’t eat a whole lot, and it’s working for me so far. I’ll be back to update you guys in a month or so to let you know if my results were a fluke, increase, or are consistent.

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  16. This made me anxious the first day so I cut down to 1 pill a day for three days. Then I went back up to 2 a day and I was fine. You should ease your body into it at 1st. This stuff seems pretty strong.

    I started working out about 6 months ago and dropped 40 lbs. I’ve been stuck on 215 for 1 1/2 months so I’m hoping this stuff will help me break through this plateau. I’ll let you know if it works.

    I think it will but I have to say,without diet and exercise, no pill is going to work. They are meant to supplement these things.

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  17. Tried this product for 2 months along with my normal lowfat/carb eating. 3 days weight training and 3 days cardio.

    I experienced no fat or weight loss at all. Just emailed the company today to claim a refund. Will update on progress with that, not hopeful after reading some other comments!

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  18. I bought a bottle not too long ago. I am, or used to be fit. Now there is fat in noticeable places like the stomach area.

    I would say my normal weight would be around 200lbs. Right now I weigh 240 and the weight was gained fast. In Sept, I got out of the hospital weighing around 215, and gained more then 25lbs in less then 3 months.

    I am a big eater, that’s why I’m trying this product. I’ll let you know how it goes after I take it for about a month.

    I haven’t found anything really bad about this product – well just the usual type of symptoms that all diet pills have; feeling “jittery”, an increase in blood pressure, headaches etc.

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  19. I have been taking this product for three days now and so far I have lost about a pound a day (on average) but I have experienced an upset stomach with it every time I take it.

    I guess the question is what is more important, losing weight or not feeling sick. I have come to notice with different products. If I am feeling something when I take it then it seems to work better but if I get no side effects then it doesn’t seem to work at all.

    By the way I am taking the recommended 2 capsules a day. Also I have been watching what I eat but I have been doing that since before I started this product. I haven’t really exercised much either.

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  20. I been taking the pills for 5 days along with the Detox I was very sick while taking the detox but after the Detox was finish I just started taking them 30min before breakfast and 30 min before lunch my ENERGY is AMAZING!!! I don’t feel lazy at all anymore I eat absoultely HALF of what I use to eat before starting Apidexin….Everyone body reacts different my starting weight was 179lbs…it’s been 5 days and now I weigh 175.8 lbs……I SWARE IT REALLY WORKS if yuou read all of the ingredients that’s more of a reason to try it.Good luck.

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  21. I have been taking Apidexin for about 3 weeks now. I noticed at first it was making me feel nauseous, and I completely lost my appetite for the first couple of days. My appetite came back though and I do not have the nauseous feeling anymore.

    I’ve been taking the recommended doses and at the latest I’ll take the second one around 2:00pm. I’ve constantly have been waking up multiple times throughout the night. It’s been rare that I make it a whole night without waking.

    I’ve been working out 5-6 times a week (weight training 5-6, cardio 3 times/week), and watching what I eat. All in all I have dropped around 8 pounds, but will stop after this first bottle.

    I have been getting headaches lately. I don’t starve myself at all, and I drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day plus I feel like a zombie during the day. It will give me a boost of energy for awhile but I don’t feel as sharp as I normally am.

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  22. I have recently completed my first of 2 bottles of Apidexin that I purchased. Even with the 72 hour detox pills, nothing happened. I felt nothing and did not lose a pound.

    With Apidexin, I get an almost immediate jittery feeling but it’s not that severe. I would be happy to deal with this jittery feeling if I was actually losing weight. I work out at least 5 days a week, including runs of 5+ miles because I am training to run a marathon in the summer.

    I have actually gained weight since I started taking the pills. My goal was to lose 30-35 pounds by marathon day and I have taken a huge step backwards because I have gained about 5-6 pounds since starting the pills.

    My diet isn’t great but it is the same as it was before I started taking the pills and I was steady for months with the same exercise routine. I

    will finish the second bottle to see if I get any results but I’m not expecting anything. FYI, the recommended dosage is 2 pills a day.

    I have started taking a third pill before dinner but that hasn’t made a difference either.

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  23. I bought mine off Ebay and received them last Sunday, have been taking them for around 5 days and have lost about 6 pounds already, I’m happy but I also think that this is mainly water weight. I have been thirsty alot and drinking around 2 litres of water a day.

    Also I can only handle half a pill to max of 1 pill a day, and will never try to take 2 because it would make me freak out.. Basically I think the lighter you are, the less you have to take.. and the latest I’ve taken one in the day was the first day, it was 4pm and it was absolutely horrible, I was jittery all night and was hallucinating and really paranoid..

    I think it just comes down to:

    1. You finding out how much you can handle (But do not exceed the dose!)
    Try to take your last dose around 1pm
    2. Eating right (Always eat high fibre breakfast, and during the rest of the day eat healthy)
    3. Keep doing a little bit of exercise every day.

    If you don’t change your diet or do any exercise you are more than likely going to put the weight straight back on after you complete apidexin.

    Hope this has helped a little 🙂

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  24. HONEST REVIEW on APIDEXIN: I get strong heart palpitations every time I take this pill. On the third day, felt the pain on my left arm, which most likely could have been caused by increased heart rate, which is NOT good! Conclusion: DO NOT BUY THIS FDA UNAPPROVED PILL

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  25. Just ordered it before I found these comments and now I am worried!!!

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  26. Hi, its me back again..

    Just wanted to add that Apidexin doesn’t work for everyone, don’t keep taking it if you have heart palpitations or can’t handle that it makes you feel a bit docile, but it does help you lose weight if you take it with healthy eating and a little exercise..

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  27. Does anyone have the full return address for Apidexin products? The address listed on their website is incomplete. I also searched for Apidexin or Timaru labs in salt lake city & received no results. The address on the website is: Timaru Labs, Salt Lake City, UT…no street address. Seems shady! Please respond if you have been able to return your products. Thanks!

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  28. I just purchased this product and have been on the detox for 3 days now. I will start the pills tomorrow. So far with the detox I have lost about 2lbs. I have increased my running and changed my eating habits. I stop eating after 6-7 pm. I know everyone knows this but I am going to say it again, there is no magical pill out there that is going to just melt the pounds off, it will take time and effort to lose the weight. Diet is about 90% of weight loss – exercise is important as well. If you eat like crap then you might as well not even try supplements. I am a firefighter and I constantly train. I have just started taking birth control so because I train so hard I consume a lot of calories to keep up with my body and I have never had a problem with my weight until the BC. The hormones are causing my metabolism to slow down a lot so I started this. The key to this is to take the pills exactly as it says on the bottle, 30 minutes prior to breakfast and lunch. Keep in mind that skipping meals is only going to cause your body to go into starvation mode and your going to end up storing the fat and losing muscles.

    I have been training a lot and have done a lot of research to find what works best for me and you’re right this product is not for everyone. Drinking water is essential for optimal weight loss. Granted I am not a doctor but after the countless hours I have spent talking to nutritionists and getting their opinion its pretty simple, people overendulge, they don’t stop eating when they are full. You should allow at least 20 minutes to allow your food to settle and register, drink before you eat a meal that way you aren’t consuming as much.

    All in all I think these pills do work as long as you do eat right and drink plenty of water and include exercise into your regimen. Even if you didn’t take the pills, you would see results with diet and exercise alone, this is just an added booster to help. Good luck to you all, don’t give up just because you don’t see results right away, weight loss is not something that just happens over night. It takes a lot of determination and will!

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  29. Has anybody been on Atkins/low carb while taking apidexin? I have been on Atkins for 3 days now, and this morning I took my first pill, and the three detox. Almost immediatley I got jittery but it only lasted about 10 min. I think that was because I haven’t had any caffiene for three days. I have had a severe headache for three days and this morning I don’t. Maybe thats because of the apidexin also. Anyway I was just wondering if I should continue Atkins with the apidexin. Any comments are welcome. Thanks!

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  30. This product does not work. To put it gently, it’s a scam! The company doesn’t honor their money back guarantee. Don’t buy this product.

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  31. This product is not a scam just because it doesn’t work for you, Shannell. I have been on it for 4 days and I’ve lost 6 pounds. I’ve only been taking one pill a day, and I feel no side affects at all. I’ve been eating healthier foods when I am hungry, but that is about all I have changed. It may not work for everyone, but give it a try. It worked for me.

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  32. This is the first diet pill I’ve ordered because all the great comments I found online. To be honest, this is the first page that I found that has negative reviews of the product. I will try to stay diplomatic and neutral throughout my 30 day trial of this product, and I will also update regularly.

    Just started the program today. Took 3 detox pills along with 1 Apidexin pill around 11:30. Drank lots of water with it. Its 12:20 and I’m going to lunch.

    I’m going to maintain Weight Watchers Style Eating Habits of About 30 point per day (2 years ago this helped me lose 2 lbs a week without any dietary supplements)

    I’ll keep you updated!

    Editor’s comments: The web pages that are posting nothing but positive feedback on this product are the same ones that earn huge commissions on referred sales. The difference between this site and the others you’ve seen, Leo, is that we have no financial conflict of interest to prevent you from seeing the sort of feedback that would prevent you from making a purchase.

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  33. Dear Editor.

    Thanks so much for clarification. I considered the fact that some sites might only approve positive feedback since negative one would affect their sales and commissions.

    I appreciate that this site does not function in such fashion. I’m looking forward to trying the product myself and reporting the results firsthand.

    P.S. About to take my second dose of Detox and Apixedrin today. Have not had any side effects, except I yawn more than usual. 🙂

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  34. I would like to talk to the people who claim this works because I’ve been taking it for 9 days and I’ve GAINED 3 lbs! I have never struggled with my weight before – I’m 29 and just had a baby 10 months ago and despite my son keeping me running around all day, I haven’t been able to get rid of ten pounds.

    So, I bought Apidexin and even helped it out by eliminating sugar/desserts from my diet the past week-and-a-half. I also feel like I’ve been eating healthy portions and choosing nutritious meals, so imagine my horror when I stepped on the scale and saw the numbers GO UP!

    I haven’t had less of an appetite or more energy (in fact I’ve felt lazy all week), and certainly gaining weight hasn’t made my mood better! I didn’t expect to be the complete opposite of all of their claims. The only good news is that I haven’t had any side effects… except I feel like my pills are empty!

    I would have been happy with losing just one pound in these 9 days, but since I’ve gained weight for the first time since I was pregnant last year, I’ve decided to request my money back. I wish I would have found this site sooner since I see other people have done the same thing. 🙁

    I should have known it sounded too good to be true. Oh — and the detox? What the heck was that for? That did nothing, either.

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  35. Thank you real-customer-comments.com! I will not be buying this product. I’ve lost 27 lbs by eating well and proper excercise 5 days a week. A pill does not make weight loss happen. That’s how they rope people in. They make it seem like its a quick fix. Sacrifices have to be made. Once people are willing to do that, the weight WILL come off.

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  36. I’ve recently started taking apidexin along with the detox stuff on Sunday. I don’t get any side affects like the jitters, but after I take the pills I get a little nauseous feeling but that goes away quickly. I have noticed that I haven’t been hungry like I usually am and I have changed my diet to where I am consuming 1100-1500 caloires a day. I also bought healthy choice meals and stuff like that to help with the pills. I have no problem sleeping at night. I’ll post back in a couple of weeks to report how things are going.

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  37. After receiving my order on Saturday I started on Sunday. I received the Detoxufree with my order and took both (Apidexin and Detoxufree) as prescribed in the morning and then in the afternoon.

    Didn’t get any sleep that night. Got up the next morning then took my first round again before breakfast. No later than an hour after that, I became extremely ill. Felt like I needed to throw up really bad and felt very light headed and lethargic. Sure enough, I threw up three times at work and then three more times when I got home all within an hour.

    Needless to say, I’m still trying to recover today. It kinda of seemed like an overdose. Very scary. I would recommend maybe starting with one of each a day for a week or something until you know how your body will react. 8 pills within a few hours of each other (breakfast and lunch) just seems like way too much! Be careful!

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  38. i started taking Apidexin on Monday. I began working out everyday at the gym and and replaced my meals with healthier ones. So far I have lost 4 pounds.. all my friends are saying I look skinnier which is great. I’ll finish my review when I’m done with the bottle.

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  39. I have been taking Apidexin for about 4 days. I think taking 2 pills is way too much. It also makes me feel anxious, moody and depressed. I don’t think its worth it if it makes you feel like crap.

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  40. I returned this product and got my money back quicky. At least they stand behind their money back guarantee..

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  41. I started Apidexin 3 days ago, and so far i’ve lost 2 lbs. Im 20 years old and I weigh or weighed 275 and im 5′3 so as you can see Im very much overweight. I was woundering If anyone here has lost weight without much exercise?

    I’m currently a part-time student and have a 8 month old baby. When I have time I exercise for an hour or so. But Im so busy lately I get frustrated that I don’t have time to exercise.

    Editor’s comments: Weight loss supplements can give you an edge by surpressing your appetite or giving you the extra boost of energy you need to get the the gym to complete a workout, but in general, they burn very few additional calories on their own. In other words, don’t expect much without adding diet and exercise into your daily routine. You may lose a few pounds of water weight, but that will be about it.

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  42. Unfortunately I found this website after I ordered Apidexin! I don’t think I am even going to try them after reading these reviews, as I have a high resting pulse. Sounds like the pills will make it worse.
    I am about 30 pounds overweight after 3 pregnancies in 4 years. Like many here, I have tried eating less and more healthy – not much time for exercise, but running after kids all day should do the same thing!

    Anyway, I noticed some of you didn’t have a return address, I received my pills yesterday, pretty fast, as I ordered them on Friday. The return address on the box is:

    Health Science Nutrition
    96 N 1800 W #11
    Lindon, UT 84042

    I am going to check it on Google Earth to see if it is an actual address.

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  43. My first day taking Apidexin and only took one pill in morning… scary! My heart felt like it was going 100 miles an hour and felt like I took some type of illegal drug found out on the streets.

    I was also very shaky and my left arm began to feel numb, but after 2 hours I felt better. That night I checked my weight and have lost 3 to 4 pounds in one day of taking this, but unsure if it is healthy for me. Going to try one more day to see if my body gets used to it – if not, I quit.

    Editor’s comments: Jennifer, the majority of the weight you have lost is water weight. It is impossible to lose 3-4 pounds of fat (the equivalent of 17,500 stored calories) in a day. Please see this blog post for more on the “realities” of weight loss.

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  44. Hey guys (Tina), could you stop wasting my time and actually try the product before giving it a review?

    It definitely curbs appetite. I think it causes nausea and jitters more often in people who weigh less. I am 315 pounds and it’s working pretty well in conjunction with a good diet and exercise. Would not recommend to people who just need to lose 15 pounds.

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  45. I think that it is pretty good in comparison to other diet pills. I’ve been using Apidexin for a week now and combined with some exercise and decent eating, I’ve lost 7 pounds. I even went into my gym and found that my body fat percentage dropped a bit. Overall, I’m pleased.

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  46. I bought this product and have been taking it for a few weeks. I feel nothing but very very tired. It’s the worst $50 I’ve ever spent.

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  47. I am SO GLAD I read these review before buying Apidexin on ebay. I already have issues with anxiety and moodiness and there is a great deal of you who experience an increase in both of those after taking Apidexin. Honestly, I want to lose the weight but it is so not worth it if it makes me that messed up. Thanks for all the honest reviews! You saved me from wasting my money and feeling like crap.

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  48. I have taking Apidexin for a week now, and I started out by taking it and the detox stuff together. Today I feel terrible and had to leave work because I couldn’t stop crying and throwing up. The pills made me have an anxiety attack of sorts and made me feel very nauseous. Hence the crying and throwing up. I took the last pill at 10 am and it’s 4 pm and I still feel terrible although the crying has somewhat subsided. I’m not normally sensitive to diet pills and have good eating and exercise habits, I was just looking for a little extra help and quickly realizing this is not the answer. Please take this into consideration before taking these pills.

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  49. I really like Apidexin. I don’t feel any crazy side effects, as compared to other diet pills. It definitely curbs my appetite. Sometimes I forget that I haven’t eaten for almost 7-8 hours. I thought that I might have adverse reactions to the caffiene, but I haven’t. I don’t normally take caffeine at all, I don’t even drink soda or coffee. But this pill hasn’t bothered me at all. I run for an hour three days a week and lifts moderate to heavy weights twice a week for about one and a half hours. I am not a workout queen, if anything I am definitely a beginner. This pill suppresses my appetite greatly, so when I do eat I make sure it is something good. The only time I have felt nausea is when I ate too much. The detoxu72 did not work for me. But most detox systems don’t. I am 5’6″ and weigh 150 lbs. I am trying to lose pregnancy weight.

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  50. I have taken Apidexin for several days now and while I can’t speak to it’s weight loss effects yet, I can say that it has caused me severe disturbing side effects. I feel shaky, faint, anxious, zoned out, spastic, etc. I’ve never done illegal drugs but I imagine that this is exactly how it would feel. I didn’t even feel safe driving while taking it. The one in the morning mostly just gives me energy but the second one at lunch sends me over the edge and gives me all of the crazy side effects. I am going to try just the one in the morning for a while and see how that goes. I currently weigh 170 so maybe a lesser dosage would be more suitable for me?

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  51. I’ve been taking Apidexin for about 4 weeks and have lost about 14 lbs so far. I notice that 5lbs dropped off in the first 4 days and I attribute this to the free ‘detoxufree’ stuff you get with it – I also suspect this is thrown in to give you a good confidence boost that the stuff is working straight off (I found myself visiting the toilet far more than usual – as if the approx 4 litres of water I drink daily just passed straight through me).

    Editor’s comments: It’s likely this “detox” product contains a serious of herbal diuretics; the weight lost was almost all water weight – not fat!

    I currently weigh about 235 (6ft 2in), follow a 2000 cal daily healthy diet and exercise hard 4-5 times a week mixing cardio and weights.

    To clear up some queries about taking more than the stated dose – I tried 2, then 3 and then 4.

    I’m very tolerant of stimulants and caffiene and the normal 2 tablet dose didn’t affect me at all. 3 made me feel a little wired and racy at work. 4 however, made me feel very odd indeed – anxious and ‘panic attack’ like which is very unlike me. I also experienced some weird physical side effects like a shooting sensation and burning down both sides of the abdomen and almost tic like bodily jerks at this dose.

    Not condoning taking more than the recommended dose but just to say I tried it and I really wouldn’t advise it!

    I would summarise by saying this stuff has some positive though limited effect and I don’t believe you’re going to realize its benefits unless you follow a proper healthy diet and train hard to see real, rapid results.

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  52. I started taking Apedexin about two weeks ago. Before taking it I was drinking A LOT of mountain dew and I completely stopped drinking pop all together as soon as I started taking the Apedexin. I haven’t weighed myself yet but I feel like I have lost weight because my clothes fit better.

    The only negative side effect I have experienced is I feel really sluggish. I have absolutely no energy. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this side effect and if it could be because I stopped drinking all the pop?

    Editor’s comments: One can of Mountain Dew contains 55 mg of caffeine – that’s not a huge amount (about half a cup of coffee’s worth) but depending on how much pop you drink, it can add up. So you might need some time to adjust to your reduced intake. Additionally, a single can of Mountain contains 110 calories and 31 grams of sugar – cutting the pop out of your diet is likely responsible for the majority of the results so far.

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  53. I did try the product for 2 weeks. I slept poorly, some nights barely any sleep. Felt irritated, nauseous with a headache most of the time. Also had a “racing pulse” which was very, very uncomfortable. It is like they change one’s personality. I also had very vivid nightmares almost every night, and I usually don’t have those.

    I should add that I am sensitive to caffeine.

    I lost maybe 5 pounds, but it was mostly water weight. So I stopped taking the pills, changed my diet and bought an exercise machine. It works much better, and I feel happy and have more energy than on those pills.

    I wrote to Apidexin and they said I could return the pills, so I will see if I get a full refund.

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  54. I’ve been taking Apidexin for about 5 days now. The main problem is if I don’t drink an entire water bottle in the morning when taking the first pill I get a headache. Other than that taking it too late in the day will make me restless at night but I find that if I take it a little too late, like 2 or 3 I just exercise a lot and I’m exhausted from the work out so I go to sleep easily.

    It really makes me not want to eat. I’m just not hungry. I’ve lost 4 pounds but I don’t think it’s fat. It’s probably water weight from actually drinking enough water during the day instead of my body holding onto the little bit of water I used to give it. I’ve listened to my body telling me I’m not hungry so I don’t eat much, a fruit for breakfast, some veggies and fresh juice for lunch and a very light dinner or no dinner, just some veggies or an apple. I have changed the way I’m eating BECAUSE of Apidexin. Without it I know I wouldn’t be able to make it through the day on that little amount of food.

    I would recommend Apidexin to anyone who usually diets well with coffee or other caffeinated things. Just make sure you don’t consume those caffeinated things once you take Apidexin or your blood pressure could spike or you may feel too jittery. This gives me all the energy I need to make it through a 16 hour day.

    I’ll report back hopefully with good news in a few weeks. I hope to lose 20 pounds total by May 20th.

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  55. Ive been taking Apidexin for about a month now and lost about 16 pounds. If you eat LESS, not even healthier, just less, you will lose weight. Try taking it early in the day, like before noon. If not it will keep you up at night. I take it before noon everyday and go to sleep about 10:30. It can make you nauseous, but it works. On my daily routine I lose about a pound a day. I let it go on the weekends usually which is why I’ve only lost 16 lbs, but it definitely works.

    Editor’s comments: Michael, you clearly indicate that you are “eating less.” If that’s the case, how can you attribute all your results to this pill? If you eat less, you’ll lose weight… with or without this product.

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  56. I must say, this product works! I bought mine from Ebay, and I got 72 hour detox along with it, and the results are amazing! I’ve been taking Apidexin for 2 weeks, I do cardio 4 days a week, and I’ve already lost 10 lbs. I have 20 lbs left to lose, I am very optimistic about it! To put it nicely, if you want to lose weight, you have to work for it as well, just sitting and taking diet pills won’t take the weight off!

    I would recommend this product.

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  57. Sadly, this didn’t work for me. I was hoping THIS product would be different, but no such luck. I didn’t lose a pound. It didn’t make me jittery, although the first 3 days of using the Detoxutrim made me feel awful. I had a horrible headache that wouldn’t go away. After that, it was no problem. I wouldn’t recommend this product and won’t order it again. Sigh.

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  58. OK, it suppresses appetite, and you may loose weight progressively if you exercise and don’t eat much. It gives serious nausea, heart burn and gas. I would not take more than 1 bottle of this stuff.

    So far, it is better than most other scam fat burners.

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  59. I have taken Apidexin on two different occasions. The first time I was taking birth control and experienced side effects. I thought the birth control and the Apidexin mixed together were causing them. So I stopped taking the birth control and took the Apidexin on its own today. I am still experiencing the same side effects. I feel very tired, drained, nauseated and VERY cranky.

    The first time I took Apidexin, I experienced migraines. It also feels like it is effecting my heart which is definitely not good. I am not taking this product any longer. I will say that this product did suppress my appetite though.

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  60. Plain and simple apidexin doesn’t work. I think someone would get the same results with a placebo. I dieted but never the lost weight I expected. I was still hungry and still tired despite taking apidexin faithfully. My advice- save your money. Try exercising more along with calorie restriction.

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  61. I have taken Apedexin for two days and lost 4 pounds. I also experienced stomach aches and felt tired in the afternoon. I think I will reduce my intake to one a day and see how I tolerate it.

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  62. I am taking Apedexin for about a week now and also that Detox72.

    I can’t sleep, I have extreme heartburn, I am depressed, and I lost maybe 1 pound. I believe this pill is very dangerous and not tested enough.Yes there will be the ones who swear on it,and others who dont. It is very sad that people like me and many other very desperate people try to lose weight this way. Unfortunatly we lost a lot of money. I will stop today, I like my health too much. So please, think twice before you order.

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  63. For anyone who is wondering why they might have gained weight is because it not only burns FAT, it helps you gain LEAN MUSCLE.

    Also, I’ve tried it for 2 months bought the 4×4 combination (detox and apidexin), and I’ve lost 20 pounds so far, including a healthy diet and workout regimen. I think I probably gained 2 pounds in muscle… which is GREAT! Because we all know muscle burns more fat and weighs more than fat. Also, should never rush something, and read everything CAREFULLY… don’t pass by everything, and expect great results… Everyone is different.

    Editor’s comments: Lydia, there isn’t a single ingredient in Apidexin that helps with muscle gain. We’ve no doubt you gained muscle as indicated, but it’s not because of Apidexin. It’s because you’ve been working hard!

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  64. I’ve been taking Apidexin for 2 months and it hasn’t helped me lose any weight…or inches for that matter. I’ve measured myself in the beginning, after 1 month and now again. Going to send back…a waste of money.

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  65. Just started Apidexin today. I feel extremely nauseous and have a terrible headache. I took two pills, one in the morning and one around 1 PM. I REALLY want this to work, so I am going to cut down to one a day for while and see what happens. I drink a ton of water, so not sure that is the problem. If I get the headache tomorrow, I’m going to take my blood pressure. I have no appetite, which is wonderful, but I hate feeling sick all day….so we’ll see.

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  66. Seems to me that if you are already on a calorie restrictive diet, exercising 3 to 6 times a week (cardio/weight training), then you don’t need a pill. The pill won’t work if what you’re already doing isn’t. These pills will only shave off 2 to 3 additional lbs (if that) over an 8 wk period–that’s it.

    If you take medication for HBP, Type I or II, and pain meds, and you are overweight! Forget about it, your results will be even less and they may interfere with your med-treatment. The advertisers may promise the world, but we know, we know. It’s just soo hard and we want to loose sooo bad that we just simply must take a chance anyway. The companies know this and so does the entire diet and exercise industry.

    I think the FDA needs to expand and get more involved in testing these products to ensure they do what they claim. The FDA should stop putting “The statements have not been evaluated…….” and start EVALUATING!! I’ll bet then you won’t see a lot of these products on the market. After reading a lot of positive comments on other websites about this product–I bought it yesterday.

    Now I’ve run into this website and see all these negative comments!! Man, I’ve been had. Well, I’ve tried everything else, I might as well try this. I tried hydroxycut drink mix for a month and lost 15 pounds. I bought another box to help me loose 10-15 more and guess what!! They took it off the market. It seems that the pills that do work are removed or “banned” from sale (ephedra, etc). It’s sooo, soo, sad. But we have to keep trying, keep praying, and keep hoping that we can loose that weight! Man, I’m depressed (and out $79)

    Editor’s comments: Check out this article in a recent UltimateFatBurner.com newsletter on how to determine which are the “true” supplement review sites.

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  67. It has been a week now. No changes. I took the detox and the pills twice a day, 1/2 hour before meals. Headaches are killing me all day now. The first 2 days I was so sick that I could not eat. Now I experience hunger which was not my case before. I just needed to loose the baby fat. Always had a healthy diet, drink 2.5 liter of water a day and exercise 4 to 5 times a week with a trainer.

    I am dragging my feet. Today I had to stop my workout because I thought I was gonna pass out. I experienced heart palpitations and black-out. I always had a history of low blood pressure. I never took pills before and trust the fact that this one was ALL natural. Now I wonder! Will keep going for another week, if it gets worse I will ask for refund.

    Looks like the Apidexin website mixed up the stats. Instead of 2% not working looks like 88% to me.

    Editor’s comments: Claudia, “all natural” is marketing term that means very little. Check this article on our blog to see what I’m talking about.

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  68. I had a really bad experienced taking this pill. Think twice before you buy. You lost weight, but you feel sick all day. You can’t even focus on one simple thing.

    Since I start taking it one pill a day, after like 2 hours… damn it’s like a nightmare! It didn’t even give me the energy like they were saying, thus, all I want to do is sit down, I’m not in the mood to cook, to eat, to do just everything like I normally do. I feel depressed, lonely, I have bad heartburn, jitteriness, headaches, and an upset stomach.

    The good news is, I think I’ve lost about 4 pounds in 3 days. But I’m quitting. I already emailed them about my refund and I’ll send the bottle back today!

    I’d rather do running with my son than taking this pill again.

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  69. I’m giving Apidexin a middle of the road rating. I started on May 19th, and now, 10 days later, I could say I have lost about 3 ACTUAL pounds. So, from 195 to 192.

    Things to consider however are, I have been working out regularly for the past 3 months (I had an appendicitis and was layed up for a few months in which I gained 20 lbs from inactivity and indulging in bad foods since I had some time off), and when I got these pills, I decided to ramp up my cardio a bit at a time, with a minimum daily run of 1.5 miles, which now has started becoming a 3-4 mile daily run. This alone could account for my 3 lbs weight loss in the last 10 days.

    I have a natural body builders physique, and I have exercised with weights since age 15 (currently 43), and have been doing cardio on and off for years, depending on if I was cutting up for the summer.

    Now, I also have a Tanita scale which has an athlete mode (BMI scales are junk if you are athletic) and is accurate within 1% + or – based on comparison at my gym with caliper measurements. My body fat has gone from 15 to 12.5%. This also means my heavier weight lifting schedule has built my muscles back up from the time off I had. So, it’s impossible to conclude 100% that Apidexin has actually worked for me.

    That said, initial dosage of Apidexin and the Detox pills did make me feel a bit odd, but nothing like taking Hydroxycut Hardcore, where I could almost feel my heart beating furiously through my chest. I considered any sides with Apidexin VERY mild. No staying up late, no issues sleeping, no problems in the bathroom. I also did not lose substancial weight during the first 3 days with the detox pills. I feel they might give some people a boost in water weight loss who might be obese carrying a lot of water weight, but since my BF% is normal, it did nothing big for me.

    I “DO” feel a bit more motivation early in the mornings, but I can not conclude whether it is just a placebo affect. When I get the ball rolling, I tend to push harder and harder, and reach goals faster. I’ve taken supplements in the past which promised great results, only to read later on, that they were just hyped garbage and did nothing for me in actuality, but I got great results because I thought they were doing something for me. If anyone remembers “Cybergenics”, that one was a classic example. However, as a placebo, it was great.

    I would currently conclude that Apidexin gives me a slight boost in energy, and might also be an appetite suppresant, which is good for me especially after dinner hours. I normally have a tendency to clean out the cupboards, but in the last week, I’ve just finished dinner and maybe have a small bowl of cereal or microwave popcorn, instead of cooking another full dinner at 9-10 pm.

    In all my years of exercising, I have concluded that as others have said, there is NO magic bullet. Diet and exercise. I usually only hope for a 2-5% boost from any diet product to assist in attaining my goals. I would say at this point, that Apidexin gives me that 2% from the energy boost and appetite suppression, and the other 3% from a placebo affect telling me that it’s doing what I want it to do.

    I can’t recommend this to anyone who just wants to take a pill and sit on the couch without changing eating habits and exercising. I hate to be mean, but honestly, if the only life change you want is to take a pill and not put in an ounce of effort besides doing that, you’re wasting your time, and probably always will be. Laziness is your enemy, not the food.

    If you are embarrassed to join a gym, just know this, it happens to everyone. I have been working out for years, and if I slack for a few months and put on extra weight, I have the same thoughts as anyone else who isn’t use to going to a gym, if not extra thoughts to prevent me from going. Like: Will people notice I’ve gained weight? Do I look that much worse than I did? Why was I so lazy to stop going in the first place? How long is it going to take me to lose all this weight for the 10th time?

    If you are not a gym rat, become one. What I find helps, is getting new gym related clothing. That way, you can at least look good knowing it’s new, and it gives you a better attitude about going. Instead of nasty t-shirts and cut off sweat clothing, you have something that makes you want to go. You invested in a membership, and the clothing is just another item you bought to push you into going, so it’s not just more money spent for nothing. Then, you can buy a few sets of gym clothing. Your initial size, and the shirts or pants one or two sizes smaller for motivation.

    Good luck with your goals, just don’t expect Apidexin or any other pills to do all the work. That’s a guaranteed way to fail again.

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  70. Just started Apidexin 5 days ago and found that 2 a day is too much for me. I still feel extremely nauseaus after the one in the morning as well as slightly jittery. I have a high tolerance for caffeine so I am not sure what the problem is. Will try to eat a bigger breakfast. I have not lost any weight but remained exactly the same (even after the detox), however I don’t have a lot to lose.

    I do feel like it has boosted my metabolism and feel kinda hot all the time (is this what menopause feels like?). I have had heart palpitations before Apidexin (usually with caffeine and exercise) but have not had any since taking it, so that’s good. Also, my evening runs have been awesome. My legs are tireless and I feel like I could go on for longer than I do. I definately have more of “something” and I have picked up my pace for sure. Oh, my memory is better although it is somewhat harder for me to concentrate if that makes sense. I will cut down to one a day I think and report back.

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  71. I’ve been taking this pill for almost two months now and have lost close to 30lbs. It’s really worked for me. It has given me the energy I need to start exercising again and I am able to keep up with my three year old. I hope people DON’T think that if you just sit around and take a pill that you’ll lose weight. You really have to change your routine to notice any changes.

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  72. I’m 19 and weigh 128 lbs at 5’4″. My friend talked me into trying this out with her.

    This is my 4th day and I had to skip my last round of detox because I have been getting so sick. I’m so glad I found other people with the same jittery and nausea symptoms. I have been having symptoms that are “flu” like. I haven’t been able to eat period – even when I feel starving. I was only looking to lose 15 lbs., but I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to handle this sick feeling. I haven’t slept much in the past few days either.

    I laid down at 12 am but didn’t fall asleep till 2 and then woke up about 15 minutes later and was up again till 3:30am. I’m going to cut back to 1 pill a day.

    Editor’s comments: Most weight loss supplements contain a large amount of caffeine. The best strategy to avoid sleeplessness is to reduce the dosage and avoid taking them too late in the day.

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  73. I started taking Apidexin a week ago. I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so losing weight is very difficult when you can’t exercise.

    I have experienced nausea after the morning pill and felt weird on the one day I took two.

    I’m so used to being tired that I didn’t think my fatigue was worse due to the Apidexin. Since reading reviews by other people that they experienced fatigue I think my increased fatigue may be because of Apidexen. So far I’ve lost a pound.

    I’ll keep taking it but only once a day and see if it helps. My system is slow because of CFS so it may take longer for my brain to get the message.

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  74. Does anyone know the return procedure for Apidexin? Do you just send the bottle back by itself? How will they know where to refund the money to?

    Editor’s comments: You’ll probably need to contact the retailer for the exact protocol – that’s the normal procedure.

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  75. I love Apidexin.

    I can say that it’s not for everyone.

    I take it and feel no side effects, I am full of energy and I don’t feel hungry, and when I do eat I get full easily. I’ve taken for 3 days and lost 5 pounds already. I weighed myself Sunday and I was 128 and now I’m 123! Yay!

    But my boyfriend on the other hand took it once, and he was extremely jittery and after taking the second pill he felt light headed and nauseated. He was about to pass out and had to smell alcohol to revive!

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  76. I started taking Apidexin this past Monday, and as of today Friday I dropped 4 pounds (179 to 175). I feel none of this nausea or anything that everyone is talking about, but I guess it’s different for each person. I’m really liking this it also feels as if my workout is having a better effect, as in more strength.

    Editor’s comments: Jorge, it’s likely the majority of that weight is water weight. See this article for further clarification!

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  77. I have used Apidexin for about 12 weeks now. I love it. It gives me energy, helps me focus and cuts my appetite in about half. I would recommend it. I have lost about 22 pounds in 12 weeks. From 168 down to 146. And for me that is good. I have tried every pill out there. THis one works best for me.

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  78. I tried this product w/diet and exercise and didn’t lose 4-7lbs a week that’s for sure. I lost the same 1-2 lbs anyone would lose doing cardio and weight training. Here’s the kicker – I can’t find an address to send the stuff back so I can get my money back like they said I could!

    So if anyone has that info for me please post it here so I can get my money back please! Thanks in advance!

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  79. Yeah now I’ve been taking it for almost a month, working out 5 days a week, running at least 3 miles a day with weights, and my weight ranges every time I weigh myself. I’ve been watching what and how much I eat, and while I do notice a bit more definition, I’m not dropping pounds. Any ideas?

    Editor’s comments: Jorge, if you’re working out and building muscle, you may actually gain weight, since muscle is more dense and weighs more than fat. But you will be leaner. That’s why you need to focus on your bodyfat percentage, and not what the scale tells you. Please see this impoetant blog post for more details on this.

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  80. To add to that last comment it goes from one day being 175 to 171 then back up and keeps continually changed between that weight range.

    Editor’s comments: Jorge, it’s water weight. It can vary significantly on a day to day basis, depending on a number of factors.

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  81. Listen, these pills do work for me! I e-mailed the company after taking them for one week expressing my concern that I had only lost 1lb and they told me to double the dosage for the next week. Did this and the weight started flying off. I now take two with breakfast and one before bed time(which is not advised) but it works for me, I’ve lost 9lbs in two weeks! Only another stone until I have reached my goal weight. I also take 1 grenade fat burner before working out as this makes you sweat a ridiculous amount and encourages you to drink lots of water.

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  82. Let me start out by saying thanks for the honest reveiws.

    I decided to start taking Apidexin 3 weeks ago and it seems to be working for me. I have to tell you I have been doing exercise though and not sure if it’s because of that. I started out at 214 lbs. in March 2009 and got down to 200 lbs. but my weight loss stopped. I was still exercising though. Then I decided to take Apidexin at first I didn’t think it was working – only lost maybe 1 lbs. my first week.

    I did notice that my hunger was gone but continued taking it for a full 3 weeks. Yesterday a coworker told me I looked like I lost weight, so when I got home I pulled out the scale and was surprised I was at 185 lba. So in 3 weeks I dropped 15 lbs. Not sure if this helps anyone but remember I was still exercising too… but I think it helped me get over my curve.

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  83. My last comment did not get posted. Going alright but have not had the result I wanted! I’ve not felt any of the caffeine effects, if anything I’ve been more tired! I went to the gym yesterday and lasted only about 30 minutes – I just didnt have the energy, dispite taking a pill just before.

    As for weight loss, well my weight hasn’t budged! It went up a few pounds which I thought could be the muscle I’m building or the extra water I’ve been drinking, but I’ve gone back to my original weight so I dunno what’s goin on! Last few days I’ve had a migraine but im not sure if its the weather or the pills?!

    Willing to keep trying til the end of the bottle and see what happens! Wish me luck!

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  84. This is my second day taking Apidexin and I feel really awful!! I am very tired with really bad anxiety. I went to the gym and could not finish running due to feeling weak and my REALLY bad upset stomach. I dont want to eat because I feel so sick. I really hope this gets out of my system soon. I also started feeling depressed. I am going to try to get my money back…This sucks ugh I feel awful!!!

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  85. Hey everyone I just stopped by this site and I really like the honest stories people share here, although not going to lie some of them scared me when it came to trying this product.

    So I ordered the 4 month supply from the official website and got the detox stuff with it. I have been using it for three days now and honestly I love it. I understand that its not going to work for everyone but as for me I love the way I feel super energized and happy. Also Im beginning to feel my clothes loosen and can see a smaller me in the mirror.

    I’m luckily not feeling bad at all when taking the pill and i take the recommended dose + detox. The only thing I found out is that you really need to take the second dose still early in the day or you’ll be up all night. In addition to that I also am a little worried that I’m never hungry at ALL! But I make myself eat three times a day, I eat pretty clean. I’m not really exercising much but maybe going on walks once in a while, I’m not a lazy person I just don’t have a set workout schedule.

    So to conclude, I think this pill isn’t for everyone but its worth a try since it can make you feel awesome. I’ll keep you posted on my weight loss.

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  86. Well, after reading generally mixed reviews on this website, I’ve decided to try it for myself. I think that this website needs to tweak a factor that is misleading. There were many positive reviews with a visitor rating of “1”, which is the default rating. So seeing a very positive review with a Visitor Rating of 1 doesn’t make much sense to me. I think that the default should be “No Rating” (which oddly enough, isn’t even an option) rather than “1” which I assume factors into the overall rating of the product that is highlighted very largely at the top of the page? Correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

    I completely appreciate the honesty of this site in posting all reviews of the product, whether positive or negative, it’s just unfortunate that the overall rating isn’t completely accurate…

    That said, I’ve definitely seen that this is a product that works for some and not for others and is obviously aided with good diet and exercise practices. I’m not very overweight (5’1 and about 136 lbs) and from what I’ve read here, it’s probably a better idea the smaller you are to take less of this since some of the side effects can be intense. Seems logical enough. So, I think what I’m going to do is empty out some of the pill before I take it, and also make sure I don’t take it too late in the day. I do sometimes have problems sleeping…but I think it’s probably due to my insane amount of caffeine intake, being a black coffee slave.

    I’m also planning on easing back into working out. I used to run 6 miles a day, but got really discouraged when my weight plateaued. I also started smoking socially since then, but thankfully I’ve since stopped. I’d like to get back to where I was, but I think at this point even a mile would be tough. (Sad!!) My diet is actually overall pretty decent, I love fruits, veggies, and fish. But of course, there are always tweaks to be made.

    I wish I had the option of choosing “No Rating” since I haven’t tried this product yet. But I suppose 3 stars is a middle ground. Once my supply gets here I’ll come back to share my experiences with you all. Hopefully I’m one of those people who it works for!! I’m hoping to lose about 20 lbs total, but I realize that my results are not going to be as quick as those of others, due simply to the fact that I don’t have much to lose. It’s really hard for me to get below about 127 (I’ve been trying for years…) so even if I just get down to 125, I will be one freaking happy camper!! 🙂 Take care!

    Editor’s comments: Lola, you’ve made a great point in your first paragraph. Unfortunately, a lot of people appear to be either missing or forgetting the “rating” element of leaving comments, which leads to an “artificially” low rating number. We haven’t found this to be a huge issue, since our visitors are using the written comments to make their minds. Nonetheless, it does add some confusion. We’ll make a point to consult with our tech department to see if a “no rating” element can be added into the formula. Thanks for the feedback!

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  87. I just finished my first bottle, and I plan on buying the 2 month supply with the detoxufree next. I’m just curious as to what the detox does and if it’s significant to using with Apidexin. Can anyone help?

    Editor’s comments: Jorge, “detox” is a marketing term. See this blog post and this one to read how scientists have completely dismissed the detox myth.

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  88. I just started this pill last week and have had nothing but issues! I was feeling anxious, sick to my stomach and nervous. These pills are not good for you at all!!

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  89. I have taken it for a week as directed. Each time I take it I get a horrible headache. I have to nap mid-afternoon because I can’t stand the pain. Either it is my nap that makes me sleep later or it is the pill. Either way, I am awake all night and I do not have energy. I just feel lazy. I eat small to regular sized meals every 4-6 hours and I get really bad hunger pangs. It’s so strange. I’ve never felt that before.

    AND… I have lost no weight what-so-ever.

    Good bye, Apidexin.

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  90. I was excited about the pills. Then I read the posts on this site and became concerned. However I decided to try the product this morning. About 30 minutes later I was light headed. An hour later I felt ill. I couldn’t concentrate and I’m at work so that is bad. I just ate lunch.

    Didn’t take the second pill obviously. My stomach is not feeling the best. NOT A FAN. I thought this site was just for people that hated diet pills but I’m for real and I’m not feeling very well. Will not take anymore. Suggestion to others – listen to me, I’m your test subject. Don’t spend the money to feel like ****! I’m going to start running again tomorrow instead.

    Editor’s comments: Angie, this web site is not for “people who hate diet pills”… it’s a place where all REAL comments are posted. All those other sites posting all those positive reviews? They are earning a commission for the products that are so eagerly recommended. They are cherry picking the reviews they post so every product has a hugely positive feedback rating. It’s called a “financial conflict of interest.” Since we don’t earn commissions on the products posted here, and since we run an ethical business, what you see here is what people are really saying.

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  91. I just bought Apidexin and have been taking it for 2 days now. I have only been taking 1 before breakfast and let’s just say it doesn’t make me feel very good. I feel tired, nauseous, moody, and my heart rate is really fast. I would not recommend this product for anybody. Just eat healthy and exercise, don’t look for an easy way out like I did.

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  92. I used this product for the full 30 days and I have not seen nor did I lose any weight. Don’t waste your time or money with this product. They say they offer a money back guarantee but they don’t give you a return address. Stick with losing weight naturally or try another product.

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  93. Hi, everyone. I have been taking two pills of Apidexin each day for two days. The first day, I noticed my pulse rate increased to 75 beats per minute. Also, I have experienced lack of sleep, increased energy and a stomach ache on the first day.

    On the second day, I noticed several other severe symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and heart burn. The vomiting did not start until at night. I was vomiting quite frequently through out the night and experienced discomfort in the chest area. I did not sleep all night for the second day in a row. By the way, the pills do decrease your appetite. For the two days on the pills, I ate small proportions.

    I plan to return the pills for a full refund. I hate being sick. If I had known about this website, I would have not purchased the pills. The company claimed that have only a 2% failure rate and the rest experience success. I do not believe that. It seems that the success rate and the failure rate are the same. I hope my symptoms will disappear soon. Good luck everyone on your weight loss.

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  94. I posted here on March 5 because I had bought these pills and tried them for 10 days but stopped because I was GAINING weight, even though I was eating healthy portions & healthy food. I’d planned to ask for a refund but had already misplaced my receipt and ordering info. Needless to say, I hated the thought of money going down the drain, so 10 days ago I got them out to try again.

    This time I decided I wouldn’t weigh myself until the bottle was empty (so I have no idea if I’ve gained, lost, or stayed the same… but I haven’t noticed a decrease in my appetite and I look the same and my clothes fit the same). It’s summer now and I’m getting more exercise so I wanted to see if that would make a difference this time (because the only side effect I felt 5 months ago was laziness).

    However, 10 days must be the max I can stand these things because I have decided to stop once again and just throw the rest away. Because, tonight I have been trying to fall asleep for an hour and a half but every time I relax, my heart speeds up. This is really scaring me. Does anyone know why this is happening and what it means as far as what is going on with my heart? I had to get up and come to the computer for distraction because I’ve been having horrible thoughts that I’m going to die, which is of course making me severely depressed thinking of my 15 month old son!

    I’m only 12 lbs over my preferred/normal weight so it’s not worth it. I’m relieved there have at least been no reported deaths. Is this just what happens when someone has too much caffeine, and if so is that dangerous? I avoided caffeine all of last week but yesterday & today had 1 cherry coke (that was spread out throughout the day). I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal, especially since my last pill was 13 hrs ago! I haven’t felt sick otherwise or jittery – just my heart racing which is too much for me!

    Editor’s comments: Andrea, your comments are typical of someone who has consumed too many stimulants – it may very well be that this product contains more caffeine than you can tolerate.

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  95. Apidexin is a joke. They pay people a lot of money to write these rave reviews. I promise you it does not work. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 230 pounds so I am a prime candidate for a weight loss pill. I workout 5 days/week and eat a weight watchers style diet. My weight loss seemed to reach a plateau that it couldn’t get past so I thought why not try a fat burner pill and see if it helps?

    Over the course of the month I took Apidexin I saw no difference in the weight loss. I took the detoxufree after 2 weeks and they promise a 5-15 pound weight loss. NOTHING. I didn’t lose a single pound. Oprah Winfrey said it best when she said something along the lines of “if there was a magic weight loss pill don’t you think I would have had it by now?” It’s so true. I’m sad to admit that I got sucked into the concept of a miracle pill.

    Please don’t waste your money.

    I can’t even get mine back because I opened the Apidexin and the Detoxufree and they only allow one opened bottle for a full refund. Oh well. You live and you learn. I can highly recommend Weight Watchers and working out. Worked for me so far. Can’t go wrong with sensible eating and exercise. You won’t lose weight sitting on the couch with a bottle of pills!

    Editor’s comments: Amy, we agree – there is very little evidence to indicate Apidexin offers much in the way of weight loss. And yes, there are some web sites that are either “cherry picking” the reviews they post (to present an overwhelmingly positive view of the product) or fabricatig them outright. We just want you to know we don’t do that here; that’s why this site is called “REAL” Customer Comments! 😉

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  96. I ordered 3 Apidexin and 3 Detoxufree bottles… I couldn’t finish them all before returning everything for a refund. (And THANK GOD I got a freakin’ refund.) I lost the weight, but within a couple of weeks, I felt horrible headaches, I was anxious, paranoid, suicidal, my body was aching all over on some days (in particular, the days I took Detoxufree32), and I swear I was gradually becoming dazed and confused.

    I lost 45 lbs, but at the cost of nearly being brain dead, it’s not worth it. That weight I lost with the pills is all I’ll ever lose with them. Nothing beats Diet and Exercise.

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  97. I’ve been taking Apidexin for almost a month… I’ve had barely any side effects, and no weight loss – I think even “weightgain!” I’ve changed my diet a bit, I’ve always had a pretty healthy diet. I’m at a loss, I’m sitting here debating to return my other bottles. I need some words of encouragement…

    Editor’s comments: Krystal, we don’t have any words of encouragement; we suspect your results are typical. Please read the Apidexin review for complete details.

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  98. I just received a bottle of Apidexin and the detoxufree today from an auction I won on Ebay. After reading all these reviews, I am sending it back. Luckily for me the seller I purchased it from allows a 7 day return policy. I lost 86 pounds on Weight Watchers but gained 15 back and thought this would boost my metabolism once again, but I would rather not risk the chance of medical problems as a result of it. Thanks for putting real customer reviews on here. I too believed those other sites, but thought something was fishy when they touted their own top 10 diet pills. Thanks for being real!!

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  99. I’m glad to see the Apidexin company is finally allowing the negative reviews on the product. I could not find anything negative on them when I purchased two bottles several months ago, so I purchased it. I had no luck after three weeks, with dieting and exercising religiously, as I always do. I requested my money back, sent 5 e-mails, and got no response. Months went by. I went to Better business bureau, and this company does not have a physical address, just a city and state I believe. It screamed scam, so I stopped taking it immediately to prevent any future health problems. I did get pretty dehydrated, jittery, and super moody. I tried posting reviews, but they have the right to deny your post so big surprise my post never got on their websites.

    Editor’s comments: Ashley, the makers of Apidexin (or any other product for that matter) have no influence whatsoever on what gets posted on THIS site. That’s what makes this site, and us, different. The reason why your posts didn’t show up on the other sites is because they earn a large commission on referred sales. So they won’t post anything that makes the product look bad, or threaten their income stream.

    Also for your information; Apidexin is the creation of Timaru LLC., a Utah-based company with an “F” rating at the Better Business Bureau. Issues include customer service issues, delivery issues, guarantee / warranty issues, refund / exchange issues. You can also read about them on Complaints Board.

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  100. Apidexin – was extremely disappointed. l have tried so many pills and this one is the worst. l have been on this product for 3 weeks now (including the detox) and have seen no results. Instead l feel bloated, and I have gained 2 pounds. I go to the gym for an hour and eat lightly. I feel moody, sad, confused, shaky, and my tummy hurts. l feel like l’m a moving zombie, my head is heavy and my heart racing. l’m depressed when l take it. My suggestion… stay away from Apidexin.

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  101. I’ve been using Apidexin for a almost a month. The first week I didn’t see any results, but I didn’t get any bad side affects. Now, I really see the weight loss. My appetite also decreased and I’m so happy. I only work out twice a day and take Apidexin twice every day. This stuff really does work though. I’m surprised this website mostly shows the bad comments… which means the website probably has something to do with the comments being made.

    Editor’s comments: Nope, sorry Maria… we post ’em as we get ’em. You obviously haven’t taken the time to learn who we are and what we do. Fact is, we’re a consumer advocate web site – and, unlike the “fake” review sites that cherry pick testimonials or screen out the negative feedback to present a positive view of products they sell or earn commissions on, we post ALL feedback, provided it meets our guidelines. We’re not promoting alternative products, so we have no mandate to do otherwise. You think we made up the fact that the makers of Apidexin have an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau too?

    You need to re-evaluate your logic.

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  102. The first couple of days I took Apidexin I felt like i was on speed, I was very anxious about half an hour after taking it. So I eased myself into it by going down to 1 pill a day and that seemed to work. I will try 2 again this week. I also felt a little nauseous the first day, but that was all. It’s been a week and I’ve lost 3 pounds. It does curb your appetite as well. At lunch I find myself satisfied with half a sandwich and an apple. I didn’t use the detox pills as well, I didn’t feel like being on the toilet every couple of hours.

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  103. I took the very first pill at 8:30 during my breakfast – oats and a banana. 20 minutes after that I started doing light weights for 1/2 an hr, and straight after That I ran on my treadmill for another 1/2 an hr as well. Shortly after I finished exercising, I began getting very jittery; my whole body was shaking…my arms, my legs – and i had this horrible stomach ache. I also noticed my heart was beating faster which scared me.

    I had lunch, thinking the stomach pains would go away, but they didn’t. My jitteryness/shaking has subsided but my stomach pains are still there, even after dinner, and its past 6pm.

    I’m not fat or obese, I only weigh 67kgs and I’m 169 cm tall, so I’m thinking maybe 1 pill/day is too much for me to handle. I will try emptying a capsule tomorrow, only leaving 1/4 of the pill and take it during my breakfast… I’ll see how it goes.

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  104. I just started Apedixin today. I just ordered one bottle for the month just to see how I like it. I’m 5’6 and about 120lbs. I haven’t experienced any negative side affects. I try to eat like an apple or a nutrigrain bar every few hours even if I’m not hungry, and it seems to help with any nausea. Since it’s been a day, I don’t know if there’s any physical results, but I’ve been in a great mood and have not experienced any moodiness.

    I want to thank everyone for their reviews.

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  105. I have lost 45 lb in 4 1/5 months with Apidexin. It does work. Only problem is patience. I did not lose anything in first 3 weeks. I lost 6 lbs in 4th week and began losing gradually ever after. My original weight was 174 lbs, and I now weigh 129 lbs.

    And I think it also matters how you can change your diet and possibly lifestyle. I removed almost all fats, gluten and sweets from mine and began doing yoga 2x week. I have not been taking Apidexin for the past 6 weeks now, and have not gained a single pound. It does work.

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  106. I have to say this product is gross. I have not been able to take this for more than 2 days. It makes me sick. I have jitters and feel the anxiety kicking in as soon as I am done taking it. I only need to lose 15 lbs but I think I will do it the healthy way. This pill is totally unhealthy and I do not recommend it to anyone.

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  107. I Just bought a my first bottle and am a little scared to try it. I hate to take anything!! I have read a lot of good things about this product ~ this is the only site I have seen with this much negative feed back on the product.

    I have a question; why does everytime someone say a positive comment on this page does the editor have to say something about it or almost talk down to the person if they question all the negative comments?

    Editor’s comments: Rose, we’d like to address your questions. Regarding the first; it’s simply not true – there are plenty of positive comments that we do not touch. We do comment on the ones that seem a little too good to be true; this website is not here for retailers to post “fake” positive comments in order to inflate their sales or commissions. We also like to ensure our visitors don’t forget the role hard work has played in their success – too often, they adopt diet and exercise programs, and attribute all their results to the pill in question. That’s simply not accurate.

    Second, if someone questions the authenticity of this site because of the negative comments seen here, you can be darn sure we will address that comment. First of all, this is our site, we’re proud of it, and we reserve the right to respond to anything that questions our mandate or ethics.

    Second, people do need to recognize that the web sites that post nothing but positive comments have a financial conflict of interest. In other words, since they earn revenue from sales of the product, negative reviews threaten their revenue. We aren’t promoting competitive products, and therefore have nothing to lose or gain by posting ALL the comments we receive. This site isn’t named Real Customer Comments.com for nothing; it’s because what you see here is an accurate reflection of what people are REALLY saying. Since our mandate is consumer advocacy, you can bet we’re going to point that out – again and again if necessary – until the point is made.

    You may not be happy with that, and that’s fine; in a couple of mouse clicks you can be back at the “other” review sites, who will be more than happy to tell you what you want to hear, while reaching for your credit card at the same time. Your choice.

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  108. Apidexin Contact Information:
    Health Science Nutrition
    96 North 1800 West
    Suite 11
    Lindon, Utah, USA
    Phone: 801-203-3419

    After 4 weeks of feeling anxious, dizzy, light headed, and unable to focus I stopped taking the ‘miracle’ diet pills. The side effects aren’t worth it. I had sent dozens of emails … no response. Finally I broke down and decided to file a claim with PayPal (whom I paid through).

    I called PayPal looking for contact information. They only had the company phone number (surprisingly it was valid). After calling the number the man told me to send my bottles to the above address. You need to include your bill and a letter stating why you’re returning this item. Be sure to request delivery confirmation at the post office prior to sending. I’ll keep you posted … who knows if the money will actually be returned.

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  109. I bought my bottle 2 weeks ago. When I took it first time – like the instructions say you should – I felt dizzy and sick. Now I’m fine because I do not wait half a hour after taking the pills before I eat. I hope it works!!!

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  110. I started taking this product and it’s making me feel nauseated. My heart rate is increased, and it makes me hungry so I’m eating more and unable to exercise like I usually do.

    I’m thinking about returning it…

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  111. SUCCESS!! After weeks of searching, emailing, and trying to contact the Apidexin people I’ve finally got my money back. If you bought the drugs from Apidexin.com you can return them to:

    Health Science Nutrition
    96 North 1800 West
    Suite 11
    Lindon, Utah

    Phone: 801.203.3419

    P.S. The email that they responded to was [email protected]. The one from their web site got me nowhere.

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  112. I’ve been only taking Apedixen for 2 days now. The first day I only took one pill and barely ate after taking it, I had more energy (like if I drank a red bull) so I didn’t take a second pill. Today I took my first dose and ate a full healthy breakfast and I fell perfectly fine! No jitters at all!!!

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  113. This product absoulutely works. I also order from ebay and also received the 3 day detoxu72. The first 3 days I was nauseous and sorta lightheaded but by the 4th day I was good to go. By the first month I lost 12 pounds and within 7 weeks, 17 pounds. Like so many other people I have tried many different diets, pills and drinks, I have also tried hydroxycut and I did lose weight but there were so many bad side effects and I felt like there were times I couldnt catch my breath. With appidexin I felt like I was just taking a vitamin. I felt completely normal after the first week and you only have to take 2 pills a day. I LUV it and would recommend it :~D.

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  114. I have been taking this product Apidexin for a month now and in the beginning I felt really great and ate less, I had high energy even felt like I had lost weight. I missed a day of taking the tablets right and when I went back to them the next day, it completely was the opposite. I began feeling sick and had no sleep and also all the things that other people experienced. My knees would become week at times. At this minute I feel like I have lost weight but the scale has been telling me otherwise. In case your wondering if it’s broken, I went out to buy a new scale and same result… NOTHING… and has been more then one month.

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  115. I am a disabled veteran. I have been using apidexin for 2 1/2 weeks and the results couldn’t be better. I feel better, more energy and I have lost 16 pounds. I have another 75 pounds to go, but I WILL be using Apidexin until I succeed, and maybe longer.

    I would highly recommend this product to all overweight people.

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  116. I have been using Apidexin for about 1 month.

    I started on October 20th and weighed 147lbs. & today is Nov. 17th.and I weigh 138 lbs. I have been using Calorie Counting as well. I limit myself to approximately 1400 calories a day. I’m 5’2 and I want to be 120 lbs. by April for my wedding. I don’t exercise either. I also have been taking just 1 pill a day not the recommended 2 because it makes me way too “awake & jittery” and I don’t take it after 3 pm or I’ll be up all night. I pretty much eat what I want as long as I stay under 1400cal.

    I do believe this stuff helped immensely. (Ive used calorie counting and exercise before & didn’t have the same results like I do now. Hope this helps!

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  117. I just got done reading all these reviews and realized something terrifying. The people who make this product are the same people who make lipovox, which I tried myself. It did absolutely nothing and I am sending it back for a refund. Well crap.

    Although I have not tried Apidexin, if it is from the same people that make the lipovox pill… forget it!

    I was just getting ready to order this bottle of Apidexin and now I know its no good. I really need something to get me over my plateau. I’ve lost 17 lbs in the last 4 or 5 months… which is good, steady, healthy weight loss from exerising 5 days a week and eating a healthy 1200 calorie diet.

    I am still 198 and just broke 200 last week but it’s getting MUCH more difficult to shed pounds and was hoping to get a little kick with this pill…

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  118. I have been using Apidexin for a little over a week now, and I could say that it does work. Whenever I do take it, I get a nasty feeling in my stomach, but it’s not a feeling that’s unbearable, or feels like I will throw up. But then, I guess it also depends on the person as well. After about an hour, it goes away.

    After having used Apidexin for a little over a week now, I can say that it has reduced my appetite at least by 1/2, or maybe more. I am a very big eater when it comes down to eating meals, but now when I eat, I can see that I get full much faster or don’t feel like eating at all, during most of the day. This will probably help a lot, when it comes down to weight loss since one of the factors of being overweight, is overeating, eating when not hungry, or eating an excess amount of fattening foods.

    In terms of my weight loss, I’ve actually only lost about 2 pounds in about a week. But then, 2 lbs/week is the recommended weight loss that any person should actually receive when trying to lose weight. However, since it has only been a week, I will have to wait and see what my results are in the next few weeks. I will try to write again, once a whole month has passed using Apidexin. I bought Apidexin on the main website, and bought the 3 month supply. So I am hoping by the end of the 3rd month, I will reach my TARGET WEIGHT. Customer Service of Apidexin.com is great. I have emailed them twice, and they responded within 1 business day both times with answers to my questions.

    So, PROs:
    -Reduces appetite by 1/2, or more.
    -Great Customer Service (from main website, with a Lifetime money-back-guarantee)
    -Does work, if you eat healthier & less food, and also exercise (it will probably not work if you have no exercise or activity, and expect to lose weight by not changing your food intake regime)
    -No adverse effects from taking it, only temporary nasty/sick feeling that only lasts about 1 hr

    -It is a bit expensive, so getting bulk orders is recommended.
    -There is a high possibility of getting a sick, nasty feeling in your stomach after taking it each time.
    -During the first 3 days, I did get headaches, but it is normal, as your body is supposed to get used to the Apidexin pill. (said by Apidexin.com and customer service)
    -It didn’t give me any energy like other people, which I was hoping for, but it’s okay. However, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to take before 3:00pm, as it can keep people up at night. It hasn’t done that for me, but every person is different, when it comes down to new substances in his or her own body.

    So bottom line, I do RECOMMEND.

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  119. I ordered Apidexin and Detoxufree72 from Amazon.com several days ago and came across this website after placing my order. I hadn’t really read any negative reviews prior to coming to this website and was a bit taken aback reading the different responses. However, I am not sensitive to most drugs, like caffeine, and have a fairly high tolerance for most things so I figured that I would have no problems with Apidexin. I was wrong. As much as I wanted to make this product work for me, after just one day I can say that I will not be trying this product again.

    I am 21 years old, 5’8 1/2″ and usually weigh in around 143-145 lbs. I don’t have any outstanding health issues and consider myself to be a pretty healthy person. I am not obessive about working out but do Pilates for 30 minutes about 4 times a week and will occasionally switch it up with 30 minutes of biking. So, I am not a gym rat in any sense. However, I am a healthy weight and my main purpose in buying Apidexin was to help burn fat (and as a bonus a few pounds). There are a few places (thighs & buttocks mainly) that I was hoping to firm up and that I was having difficulty doing by simply eating healthy and my 30 minute work-outs.

    My Apidexin arrived on Friday and I took my first dose of the Apidexin and Detoxufree72 this morning at about 10:30. The pills were fairly easy to swallow but the detox pills tasted awful! I was okay for the first 30 minutes or so and was sure that all of the posts I had read were simply people over-reacting. Unfortunately, about an hour after I had taken the pills, my stomach became upset and it felt like my brain had swollen and was attempting to break free. Needless to say, I was NOT a happy camper. It basically felt like I was coming down with something, like the flu. I felt really loopy and out of it, too. I I took some Tums for my stomach and prescription strength Ibuprofen (800mg) for my head and now, at 7:34pm, I still don’t feel 100%. I’m hoping by the time I get up for work tomorrow, I’ll be back to my normal self. But one thing I am sure of is that I will not be using Apidexin again.

    My reaction to this drug may have simply been because I’m not overweight and it was simply too strong for me; so if you are struggling with your weight, this pill may work for you. I simply know from my experience it only succeed in making me feel ill and miserable.

    I don’t feel comfortable recommending or condemning a product based on my experience because everyone is different. However, I did want to share my experience so that those who may be similar to me in height, weight, overall health, etc. might have an idea about how it may affect them.

    Also, on a general note, I think most of the posts on this website may be more helpful to other visitors if people were more specific about themselves when writing about their experiences. Things like height, weight, outstanding health conditions, etc., are all going to factor in to how a certain drug affects you and I think would be beneficial in helping others make a more knowledgeable decision.

    Hope this post is helpful!

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  120. Today was my first day taking Apidexin. I took the 1st dose and the Detox pills at 0900 with 3 glasses of water and ate breakfast about 10 minutes after because of the reviews I had read. Then I took my 2nd Apidexin and detox at 1200 with the 3 glasses of water and ate lunch 10 minutes later. Have had to pee a lot from the detox (it is a diuretic detox, not the colonic kind). I have had a little jittery feeling this afternoon, almost like I have had too much coffee, but no headaches or stomach aches (yet).

    I am 5’8″ 187 lbs. I lift weights for about an hour 3 times a week and do 30 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. I eat reasonably well, low in sugar, low in bad carbs, high in protein and veggies. Will update with reactions to the pills and any weight/inches gained or lost as it happens!

    Editor’s comments: Bonnie, please wait until you’ve finished the entire bottle before you update with your feedback – you’ll provide much greater value to our visitors if you do. Two other things; your jittery feeling is due to this product’s high caffeine content. Second, please be skeptical of “detox claims” – evidence shows it is mostly a meaningless marketing term.

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  121. I took my first pill this morning at around 10am. Around 2 hours later I knew my blood pressure had risen and I was really worried that I was going to faint. I’ve been feeling nauseous all day and I just wanted to put my head on a pillow and sleep.

    Can anyone tell me if this keeps happening is it safe to continue taking it? I’m really desperate to get a kick start. I know once I lose a little weight my confidence will kick in and I’ll be on a treadmill before I know it. Should I continue using it? Will my body adjust over time?

    P.S I’ve rated it 3 because it’s not fair to rate high or low as I do not know if it works yet.

    Editor’s comments: Kayla, it may be that you’re very sensitive to stimulants. If you’re not taking the lowest possible dose, we recommend you do so. Also, do not take the product on an empty stomach, but a full one, as it will not “hit” as hard. You may find your body acclimatizes to the caffeine relatively quickly. If so, you’re probably OK to continue it. If it continues to bother you, it’s probably a good idea to stop using the product.

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  122. This is my 3rd day of the detox and Apidexin, so far no bad side effects, but no good side effects either!

    Haven’t noticed a decrease in appetite or anything, and also haven’t noticed my clothes fitting looser due to loss in water weight, so I doubt that I am even losing very much water weight yet.

    I am giving Apidexin low star ratings because I haven’t had results yet, not due to adverse reactions. Will keep you updated!

    Editor’s comments: Bonnie, please follow up once you have completed a full bottle of Apidexin. It’s unlikely you will see much in the way of results within 3 days, and it’s possible you may have a completely different view of the product after being on it for a month. It also provides better value to our visitors. 😉

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  123. I started taking Apedixin 17 days ago. I have changed my life style and I now do 75 minutes twice a week of cardio exercise and I limit my calories to 1500 on week days, but do have a bit of a binge on weekends.

    I have defintely seen a dramatic difference in the way which my clothes are fitting! I bought my Xmas clothes too tight to give me something to aim for, and they are now fitting so much better! I have no hang over my jeans.

    I have lost in total 9 lbs and I have lost 2 inches around my tummy and 1 inch off my hips and 3 round my thighs.I still unsure if that is due to my life style change or Apedixin.

    I was considering giving up the pill for a month to see how I went on, just to see if the pill is actually helping at all, but as its so close to Christmas and my dream jeans arewaiting for me to prance about in, I don’t want to reverse the affects just yet.

    Many people I have spoken to notice the weight loss and can’t believe I have only lost 9lbs (I feel I have lost more – but my local gym did change the scales half way through so maybe that could well be the reason).

    As for side affects, I have not suffered with any, apart from one night when I worked late and missed the gym. I doubled my pill that night!

    I definitely have so much more energy now as well!

    I am pleased with my results so far and even if the pill is a bit of “mind over matter” it definitely works for me! I will be ordering another months supply to last me into the New Year. I may eventually try some other pill on the market but for now Apedixen is for me.

    Thanks for reading my review and hope this has helped. Good look to those who try it xx

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  124. Thanks for the response sir/madam editor! I’m on my third day and I feel much better – a little light headed but nothing like day 1. I’ve lost 1 kilo already (I am aware is only water), but it is encouraging. I’ll let you know how successful or unsuccessful it’s been in one months time. Wish me luck!

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  125. I have been taking Apidexin for 3 days. I follow the directions on the bottle. When I took the very first pill I felt a little warmer than usual (almost sweaty) and I felt a tiny bit shaky. Nothing too extreme though.

    I usually have 2 cups of coffee in the morning, and this felt like the rare day I have had 3. I felt an increase in my energy level, and went to the park right after breakfast for a walk. My appetite was much less than usual. I had to force myself to finish my breakfast. After the second pill I felt more energy and smaller appetite.

    The 2nd and 3rd day I didn’t feel a whole lot. Only a small energy increase, but still a major decrease in appetite. I have felt hungry at night. I usually eat every 2-3 hours which I did the first day and felt good, and had a decreased appetite at each meal.

    The 2nd day I ate dinner late and was as hungry as usual, and today, the 3rd day I missed after lunch snack and dinner, and had to fight myself not to binge, and just have a healthy meal when I ate. I think that could just be my body freaking out because it is used to frequent meals. I almost wish I could take a pill before dinner, but I certainly wont go against the recommended dosage!

    I will just try extra hard to stick to my every 2-3 hour routine! Just to let you know- before starting the pills I had already lost 20 lbs by changing my diet (smaller portions, eating every 2-3 hours- healthy breakfast, small snack, healthy lunch, small snack, healthy dinner, small snack) but not counting calories and exercising 30min to an hour 5 days/week.

    I still have 30 lbs to lose. I have been averaging a 2 pound a week weight loss. I weighed 177 on Monday when I started the pills, and when I weighed today (Wednesday) the scale said 172. I do not have symptoms of dehydration and have not been having more frequent bowel movements. But I am still hesitant to believe it anything more than water weight.

    I do FEEL happier and thinner though, so all in all I am happy with the effects from the pills so far. So…

    IN SUMMARY: No major side effects, small caffeine-like effects from 1st pill only. I didn’t change my diet or exercise habits. The scale says 5 pounds less in 3 days. =) I will update again and let you know if the wight continues to drop more rapidly than the diet and exercise alone, or if it was maybe just an inital loss of “water weight.” Thanks!

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  126. Wanted something to help boost those last 15 pounds off. I eat healthy and exercise regularly. 5-6 x’s a week 45 min. to an hour each time.

    I have tried SO MANY different products to help with that last little bit. Unfortuantely, I will be returning this product.
    I had debilitating headaches and couldn’t focus or concentrate on anything but how lousy I was feeling. I felt jittery, nauseous, and just plain felt awful. I too had an experience of actual weight gain instead of loss, but that could be a hormonal issue on my part. I stopped taking the pills as directed over two days ago, but I really feel like they messed me up bad. Not worth it at all.

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  127. My first day, I bought 4 apidexin and 4 detoxufree72.

    Editor’s comments:
    Destiny, please take the products for a full 3-4 week cycle before sharing your comments here. Our visitors receive much more value from such feedback. It may well be your initial impressions of the product are not confirmed and it makes more sense to have some experience with the product before sharing your comments here. At that time, of course, you are welcome to share your initial experiences/perceptions as well.

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  128. Today is barely my second day (1.3.09 3:14pm central) and I have already lost a pound.

    Editor’s comments: Jackie, please take the products for a full 3-4 week cycle before sharing your comments here. Our visitors receive much more value from such feedback. It may well be your initial impressions of the product are not confirmed and it makes more sense to have some experience with the product before sharing your comments here. At that time, of course, you are welcome to share your initial experiences/perceptions as well.

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  129. I am considering trying Apidexin. I’m reading all of these reviews and it’s a mixed bag, which is fine because we are all different. Still want to try it out with diet and working out. My main question though is one that not many people seem to address, so I want to find this answer before I buy….

    After you try it for a month or longer, if you stop taking it, are you guys noticing a dramatic weight gain? I’m not going to take this stuff if the weight just comes back. Most of the reviews are after like 3 days to a week?!

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  130. I have been doing some research on diet pills for the last few days. One thing I am consistently finding with positive reviews is that people lost 5lbs in a week. This could be real weight loss or it could just be a normal variance in your body weight.

    The amount of food and water you consume in a day can “change” your weight up to 5lbs. The best measure of weight (so I was told by a nurse) is first thing in the morning at the same time every day. That will be your best way to track weight loss. My Dr told me not to weigh myself more than once a week for that reason. Also, a better track of progress would be measurements. Measurements of your waist, bust, thighs and upper arms would be a great way to track progress. I really wish more of these reviews were based on that.

    Editor’s comments: Angie, normally we only permit comments pertaining to the use of the various products featured on this site, but you make a valid point; the scale does not provide an accurate assessment of your success/failure. Tracking your body fat percentage is the way to go – see this article for more details.

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  131. Started taking it about 2 weeks ago. I feel like I lost weight but when I step on the scale there are no results. I feel very jittery and can’t move from the couch. I haven’t wanted to go out at all it has completely changed my mood I don’t want to be around anyone.

    It has also given me a migraine every single day and has made me severely depressed. As of today I’m not taking this anymore it’s not worth it. Maybe it works for some people but it didn’t for me at all – side affects are NOT worth it. Trust me. This product does not work.

    Think twice before wasting your money on something that makes you feel sick all the time. Don’t waste your time. It DOESN’T work!

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  132. I’m an active 23 year old and eat really healthy. I eat six healthy meals a day and work out 3-4 days a week. I’m not fat or overweight, but I really wanted an extra boost to help me shed just a couple of pounds. I’d been thinking about diet pills for a long time, but honestly those things freak me out a bit. I feel like anything you put into your body that’s not natural could have serious side effects in the future. However, after much research and discussion with one of my friends, who’s an expert in nutrition and exercise, I decided to try out Apidexin.

    I borrowed an Apidexin pill last week from her just to see the effects, and luckily had no negative side effects. I was extremely happy because caffeine messes with my body sometimes, and I really wanted something that wouldn’t make me jittery and sick. So I decided to go ahead and order a bottle, and took one this morning (the recommended daily dose is 2 pills). For some reason, the side effects were really bad this time around. My heart was racing, and I felt like I had an anxiety attack. This feeling is of course expected for those who are sensitive to stimulants, such as caffeine. Overall I just didn’t feel like myself today. I took the pill at 9AM and had breakfast at 10AM (you’re supposed to take the pill 30-60 minutes before breakfast, and 30-60 minutes before lunch). It’s now 1PM and I feel as though I’m just starting to calm down a bit.

    I don’t have much of an appetite and I feel nauseous. I’m most likely returning it because if feeling crappy is what it takes to lose a couple of pounds, then it’s not worth it to me. Honestly, I’m not going to say this pill is bad and you shouldn’t take it. I’m simply writing this comment to let everyone know of my side effects, and that maybe it just doesn’t work with my body. My friend didn’t have any side effects, so again, it depends on how your body handles the ingredients in this product.

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  133. I am in my 3rd week of apidexin and I also took the detoxufree. I purchased 4 bottles.

    I was kind of wanting to brief journal on here in hopes to help all, but editor says no I guess. Its all good. I can tell you all this, I am or was 190 lbs. am I losing yes. I felt the jitters and all also in the beginning, but it went away. I think it really helps control appetite in the beginning. I lost 2-3 lbs first week, and bounced on the scale after that, up 2 down 2 up 3lbs, down 2lbs, I needed to find control. I am still taking the pills. I watch very closely what I eat and how much of it. counting calories.

    I am also doing the Wii fit plus to track and work out a little, and doing the Wii Active and on my off days I do aerobics on the active more work outs and some stuff on the fit plus.

    I believe there is no sit on your backside and loose weight pills out there. I am currently at 185lbs. Yes I lost a little over 17 days. But I think I lost more in inches as I am now fitting into clothes I was about to give to goodwill. Weight will come. I see and feel the difference. I also take a meal replacement supplement for a meal or two. Stay eating light and healthy.

    As far as the pills, I am glad I am taking them daily as directed. My love handles are shrinking. I think they help!! I will stay in touch and keep you all informed.. I also think its good not to lose too much too fast. I watch my calories. I weigh in the morning time, after I wake up before work, no food or drink – on an empty system. I am going to keep up on the pills.

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  134. As with any diet pill, this pill is not going to miraculously make you skinny in a month or two with no diet and exercise. However, it is a great way to speed up results when taken IN ADDITION to a workout plan and diet. If you are reading this and expect to become skinny without any hard work, well my friends you will be FAT forever…DIET AND EXERCISE!!!!!!!

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  135. I would like to say that I am about a week into this product. I have lost 6 pounds! I take it as directed coupled with exercise and healthy diet. I would also like to say I am a for real fat person…245 pounds!

    I realize my loss could be mostly water weight, but I have lost 60 pounds the old fashioned way already so I am hoping this will push me over my plateau. I also changed up my exercise routine which should help too. I will get back on here and let people know how it goes for me.

    Editor’s comments: Ashey, to provide the greatest value to our visitors and this web site, please use the product three to four weeks before sharing your comments here. Chances are you may feel differently about it after you’ve used it for a full cycle.

    Because many fat burners contain diuretics, it’s not uncommon to experience some weight loss initially. This is water weight you are losing. By following up after a full cycle, you’ll be able to report whether the results you attained initially continued on over the 3-4 week period of use.

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  136. This product really works!

    I don’t workout but I eat healthy and I’ve been taking this product for 3 weeks and have dropped 12 pounds! If you don’t eat healthy you will never lose weight no matter what kind of pill you take, you need to remember one bad meal can ruin your whole day!

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  137. I’m a 21 year old female at 5″3 and weigh 127lbs. I started taking Apidexin on wed. Jan 20. The first 2 days were okay, no side effects at all, with not taking it twice a day as directed, and not changing any eating habits.

    On Saturday, which was third day, I got a really bad headache which turned into a migraine. So Sunday I didn’t take any at all. I resumed taking them on Monday.

    Today, 1 week and 2 days into first bottle, I am still taking it with no negative side effects whatsoever. But unfortunately, I have lost no weight either. My goal was to lose 10 pounds or so to feel more comfortable.

    I am a little disappointed because from what I read here and from the editor, it is normal to have lost weight in the first couple of days at least. That has not been the case for me. I’m not sure if I still have any hope to lose anything in the last 3 weeks? Or should I just stop taking pills all together?

    I don’t work out either. Can others please say if they lost weight fin irst week or after a month or what?

    Editor’s comments: Karen, if you read the Apidexin review, you’ll see that the claims for the product are exaggerated and not reflective of reality. That said, even the best weight loss supplements will do little for you if you make no changes to your diet and lifestyle. Most contain caffeine, which can provide that extra bit of energy people need to make it to the gym and exercise. Others contain blood sugar moderators that help reduce the cravings for sweets. Some boast ingredients that slightly elevate the metabolism, or inhibit the enzymes involved with the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose. Regardless, these work subtly at best, and do not provide the sort of dramatic effects as promised by the retailers.

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  138. I have tried just about EVERY diet pill out there. Hydroxycut worked fine for the first 30 lbs or so, but then I hit a plateau. Diet pills don’t usually affect me like a lot of people, no jittery feeling or anything, however the Apidexin has, a little. I’ve been taking them for about a week, and I’ve actually GAINED weight!

    I have TONS of energy though. I take them half an hour before I eat, I eat, and an hour or so later, I’m STARVING! So I try to stick to something low fat, but I’m having crazy food cravings too… I’m not giving up on these, I will continue taking them for another week or two and I’ll see how it goes… Good luck to everyone!

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  139. I am about to buy this but is it really going to make me loose weight? I’m 5’9 170lbs..in nursing school so I don’t have a lot of time to work out so I just want to know… will this really work for me?

    Editor’s comments: Meg, please see the Apidexin review for a greater idea of what you can expect from this product.

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  140. I’ve been taking Apidexin for 2 months now. I started at 380 and am now down 309, if you do the math that’s over a pound a day. My diet consists of salad, fruits, vegitables, and chicken. Before I used Apidexin, I was losing only 2 pounds or so a week.

    The proof is here, I’m not going to lie to you about false results. If you follow the directions on these pills, diet, and exercise (I exercise 5 days a week for an hour) you WILL lose far more weight than if you weren’t taking them.

    Shocker huh?

    PS If you take the detox, it’s suppose to make you sick. Be around a toilet about 3 hours after taking detox, but you will feel great the next day, now that all the toxins are out of your body.

    I hope my review has helped you. I’ll keep you posted on my weight loss journey.

    Good luck and stick with it!

    Editor’s comments: Jeff, two things; first, we removed your negative comments towards others using this product. Just because you find the product helpful doesn’t mean that anyone who disagrees with you or had a contrary experience isn’t justified in doing so.

    Second, the entire “detox” craze has been thoroughly debunked by scientists. There is no magic blend of natural herbs that draws deep seated environmental toxins from the muscle/fat tissues and flushes it from the body. Take a good look at any detox product – notice how none of these toxins are ever named? Yet we know exactly what they are, are which ones are poisoning us. If you can name toxins, then you can measure them, and if you can measure them you can prove a product works. But no proof is offered. Why do you think that is?

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  141. I’ve been using this product for a couple of days now. I keep a daily record of how my weight is and my measurements and I have lost 2 inches in less then 3 days. You have to stay consistent and just because it says you can take it without exercising, you do need to exercise even if its just cardio and/or weights.

    Also you have to alter your eating habits. Cut out all the junk food out and drink plenty of water! Eat proteins and lower the carbs in your diet. I don’t use pills but I am using this and I feel energized and I feel good. Also take a small South beach diet protein bar once a day or a trail mix bar. Don’t quit after a week try sticking to it for the long haul you might like your results. I’ll keep you updated after the bottle is finished.

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  142. If this product doesn’t work for you than you obviously aren’t working out or eating right at all!

    In over 2 weeks since taking this product (combined with a healthy diet) I’ve dropped 11 pounds! I’ve tried tons of diet pills and none even comes close to this… not hydroxycut, vpx, dren, or any of that green tea garbage. It’s sad to see how you all think you can eat whatever you want and expect to lose all this weight by taking some kind of pill.

    Editor’s comments: John, just because some of the other people’s feedback isn’t as glowing as yours doesn’t necessarily mean they were doing anything wrong. Every person reacts differently to products like this, and their comments are no less valid than your own.

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  143. Hey there,

    I’ve now been on Apidexin for 6 days. The first couple of days I could not sleep at all, but I am fine now, I’m pretty sure it had something to do with the Detox pills. Anyway I started at 293lbs, 6 days later I am at 286.8lbs. Overall I’m pleased with this products 6.2lbs in 6 days, with exercise and eating right.

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  144. This stuff is completely worthless. Don’t waste your money. I have taken one pill and I feel like I can’t breathe.

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  145. I have been religiously taking this pill since I had my last baby. It’s not magic-like a week or a month and poof – you’re skinny.

    I take a pill in the morning when I get up and I found taking the 2nd one a half hour before dinner works best for me. I was never heavy but I did gain 44 pounds while preggers and hated the way my body looked.

    I’m SO happy to say that I’m now back to 120lbs. I take my wonder-pills, eat pretty healthy and lead a hectic, kid-filled life. And I took Apidexin for about 5 months before I started really shedding the weight.

    But then, it seriously fell off. I don’t need it anymore b/c it’s been a year, but I still take 1 a day just ’cause I love my “better than before I was pregnant” body. So I’m telling you that it does work if you are true to it and yourself. You can’t eat crappy food and take this for a month with no activity in your daily routine and expect some magical weight loss. I love this stuff and get comments all the time about how the heck do I look so good. TRUE STORY!

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  146. I have had great experience with this product. I have not had any of the negative side effects mentioned by other users. As long as you drink plenty of water I don’t have any negatives. I am 6 foot and weighed 220 five days ago. Now I am down to 210, I also started working out, running, and eating healthier. The pill has really helped with energy and the best thing is it helped with craving food, and that is half the battle!

    I will continue to take it and I recommend everybody tries it themselves.

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  147. I have been using Apidexin for 4 weeks. I have lost 4 pounds but am constantly shaking from the caffeine. i can’t sleep, which is surprising because usually caffeine does not effect me at all. I contacted their official customer service email and they answered all my questions quickly. UNTIL I mentioned the small possibility of returning it if I wasn’t satisfied. I have sent several emails since then and have not received a single response. It has been two and a half weeks. If they cant keep up their simple guarantee, how am I supposed to trust their claim of “Losing 4-7 Pounds Per Week Effortlessly”?

    My vote is : scam.

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  148. So this is my 4th day on Apidexin and I have lost 2 pounds. I have been alternating taking 1 pill M. W. F. and T. Th. 2 pills. I don’t want to take anything on the weekends.

    I have been drinking plenty of water, so as to not get dizzy. I drink on average 120 oz of water. I have always been a fan of Hydroxycut but with its latest development, I decided to try something new. I currently weigh in at 167 trying to get back down to 125-130.

    I gained 80 pounds during pregnancy, I’ve been struggling on losing the remaining weight, hopefully Apidexin will give me the boost I need. As for people saying they had side effects like nausea, dizzy, light headed, vomiting, I’ve always had those side effects with diet pills if I chose not to keep properly hydrated, and maintain a proper diet. You have to eat. Just do it within reason. Ill keep my progress posted, I’ll check back in a week.

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  149. I am a real person – I am 5’6″ currently and 184 lbs (hopefully not for long). I just received Apidexin in the mail and after reading some of the reviews, decided to take some precautions:

    1. I drank 12 oz of water BEFORE taking the 1st pill
    2. I opened the pill and dumped half out (to gradually ease into it)
    3. Drank another 12 oz with the pill along with an Aleve

    It’s been about 3 hours since I took it and so far I’m feeling fine. No jitters, heart issues, nausea. I’ve noticed a little extra pep and I haven’t really been hungry (but I’ve been busy working and have been drinking PLENTY OF WATER so not to surprised there). I’m planning on taking another half pill in a few hours. I’ll keep you all posted on the progress…

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  150. When I first started taking Apidexin, it made me have a bit of nausea in the morning but once you eat breakfast it goes away pretty fast.

    I do have more energy (don’t need to take a nap during the day) and the pills do work to curb your appetite. With any diet pill you need to be careful of the side effects, (nausea, insomnia, headaches) so don’t expect to have absolutely no side effects.

    People who think that they can lose incredible amounts of weight without proper combination of eating and exercise are simply lazy. Yes, Apidexin does work in combination with healthy diet and exercise and it is worth the money you will pay for it, and I do recommend it to people who are willing to lose weight taking into account that you may experience some side effects in doing so. after all, no one said losing weight was easy. No pain, no gain.

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  151. Hello everyone, I’ve just taken my first dose of Apidexin and the Detox as ordered and so far i only feel a slight charge. Very little of the “jittery” felling everyone talks about and no nausea or other stomach issues. I will try to check in weekly to post any changes or height loss or anything. I am naturally a very sluggish person so maybe people who are “normal” get the weird side effects. But then again lets see if after a week i have something different to say. Good luck to us all.

    Editor’s comments: Claudia, please follow up with us once you have taken the product for a month. Our visitors will receive much more value from your comments.

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  152. My order of Apidexin arrived yesterday. I took my first pill today before I ate breakfast. I made sure to drink TONS of water before and after taking the pill. I don’t feel any negative side effects yet.. After reading tons of reviews, I realize that drinking a lot of water is the best way to drive the negative effects away! I don’t feel jittery or anything either.. but I don’t want to overdo it so I’m only going to take 1 a day..

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  153. Oh, I meant to give it 5 stars. OOps!

    Editor’s comments: Christine, we encourage visitors to spend some time taking the product before they post feedback or comments. I know your comments are well-intentioned, but how can you really give this product a 5 star rating after a single, one-pill dose? Take the recommended dose for the course of a bottle, and then come back and share your feedback and ratings then. It will be of much value to our visitors! 😉

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  154. I just read your review on Apidexin, thinking about trying it. But nope. I am NOT a mouse. (Why did that make me laugh out loud???) Too funny.

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  155. I have been taking Apidexin for about 4 weeks and I haven’t really had any bad side effects. I have lost 10 pounds. My only problem is that my period is REALLY late and I have symptoms of my period but no period. Has anyone else had this problem?

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  156. I lost 11 pounds in 1 month without exercise or diet. Yay! Happy me!

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  157. I feel high, nausious, dizzy, and light headed when I take the pills. I do have a lot more energy though. It dramatically decreases my appoitite, even at dinner.

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  158. I received my pills on Sunday and started my course straight away. For a short period of time on Sunday I felt very shaky and a little high – this did go after about an hour.

    I have struggled to sleep and have now realized that I’ve been taking my 2nd pill too late! Its my third day today and I seem to have lost 3 pounds but I’m not convinced yet. My appetite has definitely gone and I’ve had to remind myself to eat!

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  159. So I started Apidexin today. Took one thirty minutes before breakfast and lunch, now I feel dizzy, weak and a little jittery (although the jitters are wearing off a bit). I’m going to try only taking one for the next few days to get my body adjusted to it (as another reviewer suggested) and drink way more water. If it’s still giving me the same effects I’ll have to get off em. I have a bad headache now too… 😐 I’m trying to lose about twenty to thirty pounds.. I’m eating healthier and going to exercise more but thought I could use this too for faster results. If this fails I’ll just do it the regular way.

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  160. I was skeptical about Apidexin because there were good and bad reviews but the good out weighed the bad. After reading hundreds of reviews, I took some advice to take tylenol or advil with it because of the side effects. So I don’t feel dizzy or anything really. And I don’t take the second pill after 2:00 because people have mentioned its hard to sleep. My stomach feels a little weird all day but its nothing too bad. I have a little more energy and it suppressed my appetite a lot.

    I started my diet 6 weeks ago and I lost 14 pds by myself with 2-3 hrs at the gym everyday and dieting. I started Apidexin because I felt I wanted a boost and I wasn’t losing weight as fast as Id like.

    I didn’t buy two bottles with the free detoxfree72 because I didn’t know if it would work or not. This is the end of my 7th day and so far Ive lost 11 pounds (WITH dieting and 2-3 hours at the gym) when I was losing about 3 pds a week before. Even if I stop losing weight now I feel it was worth it cause it would have taken me a month to lose this much weight. Do I recommend it? Yes but everyone’s different… But the 55$ was worth the risk I’d say.

    By the way, these “editors”? Did yall try it and it didn’t work for you? Cause you are completely biased.

    Editor’s comments: Lauren, apparently you don’t know much about what we do, or the scientific method, for that matter. Your experiences with this product are anecdotal. So are the individuals who had negative experiences. And so too would ours be, if we tried the product. None of this constitutes real evidence or proof of effectiveness. Double blind, placebo controlled, peer-reviewed published studies are the closest thing we have to evidence and there is absolutely none of that to back up the claims made for this product.

    Keep in mind, there are all sorts of reasons why a product may work for you (even the pesky placebo effect) and not for someone else. This does not validate your experience and nullify someone else’s.

    If you want to read nonsense and wishful thinking encouraged by moderators who promote the purchase of over-priced / over-hyped products as the solution to weight loss, you’re in the wrong place.

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  161. I just received my Apidexin pills Friday. I ordered them prior to finding this website. I am contemplating whether I should try them to see how they affect me or return them. The place I ordered from only accepts unopened returns therefore I have a dilemma. I am most worried about my heart racing and not being able to sleep at night. Do they really help you loose weight along with diet and exercise? I appreciate any advice and feedback!

    Editor’s comments: Ashley, please see our full review of Apidexin for a complete assessment of this product’s weight loss effectiveness.

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  162. This is for everyone who is sensitive caffeine – DO NOT take this!

    I took it for the first time today, and I wish that I never, ever had taken it all! It didn’t take very long to have an in instant side effects from it. I was light headed, dizzy, confused, sweating, jittery – I almost did not know who I was. I almost thought I had to go the ER. It is not a good feeling! I am like everybody else that wishes to shed some weight. This not the way. It a waste of money.

    Since taking it this morning I have a headache. It’s been about 5 hours since I have taken it last. You know how people get hang overs from drinking alcohol, that’s how it feels. It’s very disappointing! Right now I am wanting to feel normal. From now on I am just going eat healthy and exercise. That’s what I have been doing for the past years.

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  163. I really wasn’t trying to offend you I just noticed that a lot of the editors comments are slightly negative and biased.

    It seems like whenever someone has something positive to say about the product, the editors comments are always there to justify the reasons for weight loss and that it has nothing to do with the product.

    Then there aren’t comments towards the reviews of unsatisfaction… Like dieting and exercise as the reason for no weight loss.

    Editor’s comments: Lauren, we have hundreds of products and thousands of comments, and we DO make the comment that users can’t expect results with diet and exercise. The problem is that with diet and exercise, most users won’t need the pill… and is it the pill working or the diet and exercise? And frankly, we could make this comment for every single negative review. The point is, most negative experiences tend to be genuine, while many “positive” ones are planted by company employees or friends who are trying to positively “skew” the review process. This is what we are up against all the time. So whenever something seems a little too good to be true we have to point that out to our visitors… which may lead to the perspective that we have a negative bias.

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  164. I started on friday with detoxufree72, I didn’t feel anything different. After 72 hours I started with Apidexin. I don’t feel hungry. This is my second day with Apidexin. I slept all night after I started as usual. Today I felt my heart rate was up a little and I am and little more anxious.

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  165. I am almost done with my first bottle, and have not lost a pound. I don’t have any side effects at all, and it does seem to take my appetite away. Is this normal to not lose any weight with the first bottle?

    Editor’s comments: Many people haven’t experienced ANY results with this product, and that’s not surprising when you consider how exaggerated the product claims are. To get a better ideas of what you can expect from this product, please see the complete Apidexin review!

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  166. It’s been a month an Apidexin and I did see results. Not the amazing results posted on some reviews but decent ones. I did lose 7 lbs and 2 sizes.

    I have not really changed my routine so maybe that’s why I did not get better results. Apidexin really helped in curving my appetite so I don’t snack and I cut my meals sizes too. Before the Apidexin I was always hungry, now I can’t really say food comes to my mind. The only reason I remember to eat is because I took the Apidexin and if you don’t eat properly you will get sick.

    But I do get some side effects when I took them the way they suggested. I don’t have a sensitivity to caffeine so I was able to change things and take one at lunch and on at dinner. The other way I felt a “crash” the the rest of my day was ruined. Instead of being jittery I just wanted to sleep! So after about three weeks I got it right and now I feel good. I will check in in another month, I got the three month supply. Also remember to drink plenty of water even if you aren’t thirsty. Oh, and about the exercise, I maybe walk 2-3 times a week like 1 mile. I have always done only that much though. So I guess the more you put into it the better the results. Good luck to those who can tolerate to pill.

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  167. I have taken apidexin for three weeks and two rounds the detox pills sold with it and had absolutely no weight loss. I have kept up my usual exercise and watched my diet but have felt no less hungry nor noticed any other effects from the pills. Waste of money, they absolutely do not have any impact at all.

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  168. Today is my 1st day starting Apidexin & Detox(202 lbs) I will be fair and give it 5 stars to begin with. I will update often to let you know if the product has earned it’s 5 star rating for keeps. I’ve read positive and negative reviews on the product and would like to comment on the negative reviews.

    Everyone should keep in mind that as the body is being detoxed, side effects should be expected. People who educate themselves before detoxing the body are able to avoid a severe healing crisis or reactions, side effects or other unpleasant occurrences. If you are feeling side effects from this product, it’s probably because it’s working. I would suggest drinking plenty of water to help the flushing process and minimize the side effects until you get use to it. Also, it would defeat the purpose of detoxing if your going to put toxins back into you system, so eat healthier foods. Also, people’s bodies are different and have different needs, so different diets work differently for everyone, you have to find the one that works for you! I will update soon! Good Luck!

    Editor’s comments: Katrina, “detoxing” is a meaningless marketing term. It’s well established (see here and here) that “detoxing” products do nothing of the sort. Consider some pertinent facts…

    Retailers of “detox” products describe these toxins in menacing tones; they are everywhere, all around us, they’re poisoning us, etc, etc. But here’s the thing; in the real world, we know what toxins are. They have names. We can measure them. If detoxing products actually DID remove things like dioxins, PCBs, methyl; mercury, etc, it would be VERY easy to prove. Yet no proof is ever offered? Why do you think that is? Fact is, if you look at the individual ingredients of detoxing products you will not find anything that has the ability to withdraw any toxin from deep seated muscle or organ tissue.

    The other thing to consider is this…

    If toxins are making us sick and fat, why are ALL of us not sick and fat? After all the toxins are “everywhere”, right?

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  169. I bought these pills to help me loose 20 lbs post baby fat back in January (after doing HOURS of research of various products). However after taking the first pill, I thought I was going to go into cardiac arrest….dizzy, headache, sleepless, confused, nausea, jittery, heart racing, just sick to the pit of my stomach – I felt pregnant again, it was sooo bad. I just laid in bed all day praying for the day (and night) to be over! The worst part is that I had to hide from my husband since he would tell me I’m compromising my health for vanity pounds.

    Anyways… I swore never to take it again and hid the bottle in a handbag I hardly use.

    Now, yesterday…after all these months I decided to use the bag and came across the pills again….took a chance with one again today, and to my surprise, it was not half as bad. Just nausea and a bit anxious…but all bearable! I’m happy because at least NOW I can actually give it a fair try, and mind you I only want to loose 10 lbs now, so I will be back to let u know what happens….

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  170. I hate Apidexin, this is the worst product I’ve ever had in my life.

    I thought I was going to die last night. I just received the product the other day and started to take it yesterday. 30 minutes after it kicked-in I felt nervous as I was driving my kids going to school, good thing I managed to get home safe. I really felt nervous, had palpitations, tremors, muscle twitch in my legs, headaches, it like you took a high alcohol content drink with drugs (even I’m not alcohol drinker anymore and haven’t tried any drugs).

    I feel light headedness, very anxious, very restless, fainting, the worst nightmare is at night, my arms get numb as well as my legs, and there’s some pain in my fingers, my legs is twitching, my heart is racing, it’s feels like there’s a big rock in my chest, and I’m up til 2 am (my normal is 9pm).

    I really thought I was going to die… I called God every minute that I was awake, I prayed much, because I don’t want to die (it sounds like over acting to others… but its really true)

    This a true to life experience and a good real lesson to my health. How I wish I had read all of these reviews about Apidexin before I purchased it. I bought 3 bottles w/ 3 detox and hoping there’s a money back guarantee. But one thing I am very thankful is…. I’m alive !!!

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  171. This is a great site – I really appreciate the editor’s guidance. Just thought I would share my opinion. I think that those who are taking Apidexin (or any diet supplement for that matter) thinking that it will magically make them skinny without any additional effort on their part are a bit naive. Also, thinking that the pounds of water weight you lose in the first few days — especially with the detoxufree — is actually fat is also a misconception (perhaps the Apidexin advertisements have been a little misleading in that respect — in some of their reviews people claim they lost “X pounds of fat” in the first week – not possible).

    However, it is my understanding that getting rid of all of the excess water helps you access your fat stores more efficiently (editor- please correct me if I’m wrong). I just started taking the pills, and so far they have given me the boost I need to actually get through my workout, and have helped to curb the cravings so I can stay on my new and healthier diet (5 small meals with lots of veggies, lean protein and whole grains).

    I’m not expecting the pills to do the work — I’m expecting them to help set the stage for my new healthier lifestyle to do the work. I am normally pretty sensitive to diet pill side effects – so far these have been great for me (I just had an awesome super-charged workout!). With this in mind, I most appreciate the reviews from people who have actually been on it longer than a day or a week — we know you’re excited that you lost “5 pounds in 1 week” — if you have those same results during week 4 or 5, then I’ll really be impressed!! Keep working out and being healthy — that’s where the real miracle is!!!

    Editor’s comments: Lisa, thanks for the great comments, we’re so glad you love the site. Regarding your comments about diuretics; there’s no evidence to suggest using a diuretic to rid yourself of water weight makes it any easier for your body to burn fat. Diuretics should be used for brief periods only, meaning that even if this were true, the benefits would be short lived at best. From what we’ve seen, retailers use diuretics to elicit a quick and dramatic loss of weight, which is more likely to convince customers their products work as described.

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  172. Apedixin does not work. It will cause you to feel as if your heart is about to explode from your chest. Headaches will come as well. Do not buy into the scam and the customer service sucks. The best way to lose weight is on your own, no diet pills, weight loss drinks included. It’ll take time but you can do it. This is what I’ve discovered thanks to this ridiculous pill.

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  173. My first time using Apidexin was strange.

    I took 3 Detoxufree72 pills in the morning followed by an Apidexin. I was more energetic and went on my punchbag for an hour then did 20 miles on my exercise bike. I took another apidexin about 4pm but the second one was a bit more intense so I couldn’t go on my bike due to nausea.

    I got to sleep around 2:30 am but woke up 15 minutes later with my heart beating like crazy. This was a weird and not nice feeling which quickly went away (stay calm if this happens, don’t panic ). I stayed awake for another 2 hours, I felt like i could feel myself getting slimmer right before my eyes, through one day I lost about 4-5 pounds.

    I only use this on a weekend now, my office job means I don’t really get around much and these pills make me wanna run. I’ve cut my rubbish foods out and eat properly and at the right times, although I take the pills on a weekend on an empty stomach and maintain my weight through the week, In 4 days I can lose about 5 pounds – I only take 3 detoxufree72’s and 1 and a half Apidexins on a Saturday, 2 halfs on a Sunday (8 pills in half a day seems way too much ).

    I have no doubt they work for me and the weight is just falling off, I also do 30 miles a night on my exercise bike through the week, 40 on a weekend and don’t eat anything after 9 o’clock at night. Damon. United Kingdom.

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  174. It makes me feel warm and mellow. I used to have to take Celexa when i was deployed to iraq and it makes me feel the same. Lost a few pounds so far!

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  175. I read a website with all awesome comments about this product. I start taking it and the first day goes well, I only took one pill before lunch and I peed a lot. Today is my second day and I had about 7 or 8 bowel movements in the past hour and a half.

    I’m not using the detox pills because I’m afraid that it will keep me on the pot and away from work. This really sucks because I have things to do. I’m afraid to go anywhere. It’s BS really. I wanted to lose weight but not like this…

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  176. Started taking Apidexin Saturday and weighed 274 it is now Monday and I weigh 271. So far the results have been amazing, but I am also eating healthy and exercising.

    Headaches and nausea do occur unfortunately, but friends of mine who took it say it goes away after about a week so don’t be discouraged, and remember everyone’s results vary!!

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  177. I only had mild side effects to begin with but I pushed through. The side effects subsided but I didn’t lose any weight/fat/etc. I made a detailed journal with dates and times of pills taken and listed side effects and progress. Sorry I spent the money and am looking to return it immediately. I saw a comment above stating not to open the detox because you won’t get a full refund and for that I am very grateful. I’m returning my product today.

    Overall: product doesn’t work

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  178. I don’t weigh a considerable amount (140 at 5’2″), and from the positive reviews I have read in the past, I got the idea that the people who weighed a considerable amount lost the 7 pounds a week.

    I decided to give it a try anyway. I have only been taking it for 4 days and I already have noticed a difference in the way I look and I have lost 4 pounds. It does give me a little bit of nausea but as long as I eat I am OK.

    I’ll keep you posted… 🙂

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  179. I’ve been on the Apidexin for about 3 weeks.. and nothing. Actually when I weighed myself this week I was up 1 1/2 lpbs.

    I do the weight watchers diet. I walk and am doing jazzercise. And nothing. When I started the 3 day detox… OMG!

    I was a wreak and thought I was gonna die or something. Got terribly jittery, nauseated, dizzy. That eased and the 2nd day was better, just a little nausea.

    On the regular pills, my appetite is low and initially I had a lot of energy, but it was hard to fall asleep (and I can fall asleep anywhere). Well, that’s all gone.

    I’m gonna finish the bottle. Glad it worked for some, but bummed it didn’t for me ;-(

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  180. Before I begin taking this product I was at a steady 234lbs.

    After taking it as suggested for 7 days and partially dieting I weighed myself and noticed that I picked up 3lbs, which seemed strange because I wasnt dieting at all before. So Ì decided not to skip a week.

    Then I took it again as recommended for another 7 days and noticed I gained another 5 lbs. I guess im one of the people that cannot take this product since it actually caused me to gain weight (a total of 8 lbs). I discarded the rest of them…

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  181. I just started apidexin, but I have to say after reading this site’s comments, I’m a little discouraged. Excuse me, after reading the EDITORS comments, I’m a little discouraged. But after taking this pill with no side effects, I really want to see what this pill could do for me. To everyone who’s posted here, I can’t get an accurate reading on the effectiveness of this pill, so I’m going to form my own opinion. To the editor: I don’t know why you seem to be constantly bashing this diet supplement, but I think you could be a little more supportive of the people here. Honestly I’m just writing this because I find you to be insufferable. After all, why bother giving a review if you’re just going to completely butcher any opinion someone might make of a review? I’ll be back to tell you how it’s going, Mr. Editor.

    Editor`s comments: Jay, it`s obvious you haven`t taken taken any time to learn who we are and what we do before sharing your opinions with us (and apparently, you`re not so good at following instructions either; this blog is meant for people who have USED the product. If you have any comments you`d like to share with us, you should be using the contact form).

    We act mainly as consumer advocates; our job is not to act as the cheering section for the supplement industry. We provide an open forum for people to provide honest feedback, but we won`t let unsubstantiated comments or comments that sound `too good to be true`go unchallenged, as it`s highly possible they come from employees of the company selling the product in question. We`re also here to ensure people have realistic expectations about weight loss. If that means informing a visitor that the 6 pounds of weight they lost in two days is mostly all water weight, that`s what we will do. It sucks we agree, but`s that reality. That`s life. It`s not about us raining on everyone`s parade, it`s about providing educatation about realistic expectations. It`s only by becoming educated that you can avoid being ripped off.

    Frankly, it`s why we`re different and why this is a popular web site.

    If you don`t like what we do, this probably isn`t the web site for you. Why don`t you go hang out over at Diet Blog Talk.com – you`ll find nothing but positive comments there. But you may be interested in knowing that Urban Nutrition runs that site; and they make Miracle Burn and other weight loss products. In our opinion, that calls the credibility of the comments into question (conflict of interest, anyone?) – in fact, their disclaimer makes it clear they compensate their commentors. Here you get it all; the good, the bad, and the ugly. If you can`t handle that, and prefer to live in `la-la` land, you know where to go.

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  182. Hey there, I bought 3 bottles of this thinking that it would definitely work, It didn’t. I used it as closely instructed as I could,all it did was give me energy to work out but that’s only after I drank about 3 liters of water otherwise, I would feel dizzy and nauseous. I didn’t lose any weight, it didn’t make me feel full or help lose of appetite. My male friend bought these as well and it didn’t show him any results either. Best of luck to you all though.

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  183. Hi, I read a lot of reviews before finally buying Apedexin and detoxfree. I got my supplies quickly. I ordered Friday and it was in my hands on Monday. I was eager to start so I took the first apidexin pill monday about 4pm. I felt dizzy for about an hour…I had soooo much energy I was up till 4am the next morning!!! The second time I took it I was fine. No side effects. I was only able to take the detoxfree last weekend. I started Friday night and ended sunday evening. I used all 18 pills. It worked great. This morning I feel light. Energized. Sure my waist looks slimmer.

    Apidexin has kept me energized and suppressed my appetite. Its only a week that I have been on it. I do look forward to seeing what I look like at the end of bottle one. Then maybe I will go for bottle 2 and definitely the detoxfree!!!!

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  184. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought these pills. I was so excited to get them and start taking them! I recieved them 3 days ago, and started them 2 days ago. I havent slept yet! I felt naseous, and I’m drinking lots of water. I started @ 157.5lbs, by the end of the 1st day I peed almost every 10 minutes and weighed myself every time I went to the bathroom. Im 141lbs now.


    Im still on the fence about these pills. I don’t recommend them as of yet!

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  185. I am taking 2 pills and I feel sick, my heart is racing and I feel nervous and I wanna throw up. I was pooping all day and I can’t eat. I lost 1 lbs., but it’s not worth it! I’m going to attempt to return it.


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  186. Hi. I have a spinal condition which prevents me from exercising more than a light walk each day. I am not allowed to lift my arms above my head let alone any weights in the gym. I am very frustrated and sometimes sad because my life has always been about exercise and I work in film and television so even more important to be trim. I am extremely exhausted all the time due to pain and now digestive problems. It is as if someone has literally sucked the energy out of me.I have put on a little weight but I am still size 8-10 (Australian). I also have Coeliacs Disease and Fructose Malabsorption. So I decided to order Apidexin to give me a helping hand.

    I received my bottle of Apidexin 3 days ago and started taking it. After the first tablet before breakfast I felt unwell and head achey & nausea all day so I didn’t take the second one before lunch. The 2nd day I felt really really tired and realized why. I have been drinking coffee for 16 years and especially due to my chronic fatigue sometimes up to 8 coffees a day. I thought the caffeine in Apidexin would be enough and stopped cold turkey coffee. As soon as I had one cup, I instantly had energy. I now have one coffee when I wake up and one before midday.

    As it has only been day 3 I haven’t noticed any weight loss but if anything…this product has given a part of my life back!!! I don’t walk around like a zombie and my energy is stable. From Day2 I have felt like a normal healthy person should feel and I feel wonderful. I don’t feel jittery or like I have just taken an illegal substance. No heart palpitations…just stable. My exhaustion prevented me from having the energy to socialize and now I want to go out with my friends. Day 4 morning and I finally feel the appetite suppressant.

    I hope to lose about 8 kg (Australian) so if this works it is truly my life savor because of my spinal condition I am not allowed to do much exercise. I have had no more side effects after day 1.

    Sorry for the long post but I know people out there will be wanting to find out as much as they can. Like I said though, everyone is different and will react differently. I am not understating it when I say, this product has really given me back a large part of my life!!!

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  187. Hello, some people have said that this product is amazing! But some have completely written it off. I’m hoping to buy this product and give it a go myself but is does anyone know why it’s so successful on some people but not others?

    Editor’s comments: Jennifer, since every single person’s comments is anecdotal it is impossible to answer this question. Some people, for example, may have changed their eating habits and adopted an exercise program upon taking the pill. Others may not have. Which group do you think lost more weight, and is the successful or failure entirely to the supplement? See what we’re getting at here?

    For an accurate assessment of this product, please see our full review.

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  188. To editor: If people with hypothyroid could take these pills? I take 75 mg of Novothyral everyday, need to loose 50 pounds.

    Editor’s comments: It’s not generally recommended. You’ll need to check with your doctor to be sure. S/he may not know much about the product, so tell him/her it’s a caffeine-based weight loss supplement, or show him/her the review here!

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  189. horrible made me very sick and throw up all day

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  190. I just started taking APIDEXIN and I’ve read a lot of positive reviews. I feel a little jittery but nothing I can’t handle and it has definitely curbed my appetite. A little lightheaded but I’ve heard that’s normal during the first 2 days. I’ll keep you guys updated…

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  191. I’ve been taking Apidexin for a week now.

    The first three days I took two pills like it said on the bottle and they really curbed my appetite. I wasn’t hungry at all. But when exercising my heart started beating like I was having a heart attack. And the workout out I do is the Pussycat Dolls Workout, which is not even hard at all.

    So then for the next four days I just took one pill. That went really well and I ate about 1,800 calories. I exercised every damn day for an hour and I only lost one friggin pound! I’m really doubting this crap is working for me. But I’m gonna try it with a more strick diet for another week and same exercise. I better lose the 5 pounds it guarantees or I’m sending them back. So far so not good! 🙁

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  192. BEWARE!!! Be very careful who you deal with. I purchased $90.00 of this product, to only find out that it made me so violently nauseated that I could not continue use. I misplaced my original paperwork, so I emailed the company requesting return policies and procedures. Was told to send it back to them and they would credit me for the two bottles of each product. After more than 3 months of emails back and forth, they finally stated that I had not made my purchase through them and then would not return my product so that I could locate the original purchase site for credit. I had certified mail receipts proving I had returned the product to them and that they had signed for it.

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  193. I echo what many other users said. While I did have increased energy, it was nearly impossible to get past the headache and nausea. I found that if I took it with some food, the nausea was better, but the headache was awful. It didn’t seem right to have to take advil with it every time I took it. Also, if I didn’t take it early in the morning I had a hard time falling asleep at night. Not for me.

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  194. HI,
    Well, I started using Apidexin 4 days ago with the detox. I haven’t weighted myself…since well I don’t have a scale. My only side effect is I am hungry all the time. I never felt hungry before unless if I didn’t eat all day. BUT now I am hungry even when I am eating. It’s weird. I don’t over eat cause I know that will just make me gain weight. I am 5’8 and I am at 278lbs. So after reading all the positive reviews I was like yes! something that might help. Also I think I might not be drinking the required amount of water. I am going to keep you posted. I am going to try to drink more water and see if that helps.

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  195. My visitor rating is one star, not because the pill did or did not work for me. I just purchased the product and I am willing to try it as a SUPPLEMENT to my existing workout program. I came to this site BECAUSE it was not the reviews from the website that sell the product. I have read the reviews here and while everyone’s experience will be different because none of the users are in a controlled environment and this is not a study of the product it is a review. I noticed that when someone had a good experience with the product especially when they only took it for about a week, the Editor basically said that there comments were not helpful because they have not taken it long enough…now I noticed this ONLY with the users who said they had good results in a week. The users who had negative results after a week or less of use were left alone? Curious why the editor did not say “you have to let it build up in your system.” or “are you taking it as instructed.” or “if you are a small person, are you taking a dose that is more suited for a larger person?” For example the supplement will effect a 6’2″ person differently that a 5′ person.

    I see a large majority of the editors responses directed at those who have something positive to say about the product, this would lead any reasonable person to believe that the creators of this site may have a subjective opinion of diet supplements. My perception of this site is that leans toward a more negative view of the product. I am looking for a site that is objective and where ALL reviews and comments are welcomed so that I as a consumer CAN make a decision based on the experiences of other consumers.

    I did not experience that here and before you fire back about me not reading what the site is about I have and what I read from the editor does not match what this site says it is trying to do. My perception, my reality. Or so they say.

    Editor`s comments: Renee, there are literally thousands of comments on this web site, and we doubt you`ve read more than a few dozen. If you had, you realize that there are all kinds of comments – positive and negative – that we do not touch. Secondly, may we suggest that as editors of web sites devoted to supplements we REALLY know formulas of the products that are being discussed. We may make what appears to be a disproportionate number of comments to those who have experienced positive results in a short time – for products that contain large amounts of herbal diuretics. These are only present to spur an intial and temporary loss of water weight to make the customer believe the pill works as described. It is a dirty and very common trick retailers play on consumers.

    Second, and we have discussed this on our FAQs page, this site may appear like it has a negative bias. There are a couple of reasons for this…

    1) Most other sites dedicated to presenting `regular peoples` comments are actually run by supplement retailers (did you know that the makers of Miracle Burn run Diet Blog Talk, for instance) who present an overly rosy view of their own products to boost sales, while slamming their competitors.

    2) On these other review sites, the owners have a financial interest in selling their own products, so they do not post negative comments since they hurt sales. We`ve received numerous comments from visitors who have had their comments rejected on these sites for this reason.

    3) People who have unsatisfactory or negative experiences with a product tend to be more motivated to share their experiences than those who have good or satisfactory experiences. And, since this is one of the only places they can actually post their comments, you`ll see a lot more negative ones here than you`ll see anywhere else.

    4) We also write science-based supplement reviews, so we know the claims made for the majority of products are pure fantasy. We`re also well aware of the placebo effect, and all the other reasons why customers may believe a product has worked for them, when in fact it has not.

    5) For every fat burner sold online, there are hundreds, if not thousands of affiliates. Many of these people will post fake positive testimonials because they have a financial interest in the product being perceived in a good light. So we also comment on testimonials that sound a little too good to be true, as well.

    In the end, the vast majority of our visitors love what we do. If you think you can find a better resource – one that does not operate with a financial conflict of interest – be our guests. It`s a big Internet out there. You don`t need to come back here.

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  196. Horrible! I saw plenty of reviews that convinced me to buy the product, but the 1st day i tried it I was light headed, dizzy & jittery! It was truly an awfult experience, what’s worst i can’t even get a refund because i bought it at Amazon.com

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  197. I do not know how you came up with what your site said about Apidexin, but from my point of view your site could not be more wrong. Apidexin absolutely works. 4-7 pounds a week is a big stretch, but aside from that you will lose weight, you actually can feel it working on you. It did everything that I expected and more. It did make falling/staying asleep at night difficult at times,but it works, no doubt.

    A couple of other products also do what they say. If you as a dieter or person who wants to lose weight is motivated at all several of the products work, i.e, Decaslim, Phenphedra and probably others. If you think all you have to do is take a pill and magically you’ll lose weight, then yes you will be disappointed. I briefly looked at other comments and noticed people whining about side effects. I find that very annoying. You almost can’t expect to have one thing happen without the other things coming along with it.

    Yes I had to deal with some of those same side effects to a lesser degree, but in the end I lost weight just like I wanted, which i thought was the hold point of taking the supplements.If you want an omelet you will have to break a few eggs. Some people have unrealistic expectations that’s why they don’t get the results they’re looking for, not doing their part.

    Editor’s comments:If you can’t figure out where we came up with what we said about Apidexin, let us spell it out for you…

    We take the ingredients and investigate the current published science for each one, and then correlate that with the claims made by the retailer.

    Not only are the claims for Apidexin NOT supported by ANY science (read the review again if you need a refresher), this product is retailed by a company with an “F” rating with the BBB.

    Now we’re glad you feel the product worked as claimed, but this is not proof of effectiveness. It is anecdotal feedback.

    Also, you’re assuming that all those who haven’t had the results you’ve obtained are somehow not doing their part. You don’t know this for a fact. It diminishes the experiences of others, whose experiences may be no less genuine then your own. Frankly, when you consider none of the science supports the claims made by the Apidexin retailers, it’s not surprising that many users have not obtained the results advertised.

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  198. I used Apedexin for three months. I didn’t see any results in the first month. The second month, I lost 15 pounds in two weeks! Which was great! However, I felt sick all day, but I didn’t really mind since the product was working so well. Then, the next six weeks, I didn’t feel a thing, and no more weight came off. 🙁

    However, this whole experience happened over two months ago, and I have not gained back those 15 pounds. (And I haven’t really been dieting and exercising.) So, I’m glad that its claim to keep it off has so far held true.

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    i took my second pill about five hours ago and i feel the worst i’ve ever felt in my life. i followed the directions to a “T”; plenty of water, eating after, and everything! i’m contemplating going to the ER.


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  200. Female – 25yo – 195lbs – obese my whole life – want to lose 50lbs

    Let me note a few things first:

    I am extremely sensitive to caffeine – 1 cup of coffee makes my heart race and gets me wired with a horrible afternoon crash and headache and I am prone to migraines.

    I normally take the ALLI pill which works great at blocking fat – I can now maintain and low fat and low calorie diet (1000 calories /day or less) on my own thanks to Alli

    I do Malibu Pilates 3x a week.

    I am considered healthy.

    I started my 72hr Detox with Apidexin today. I wanted to try this so I can burn off some of the FAT that I have…the Alli pill blocks my Fat intake but I need help burning the fat that I have off.

    I took the 3 detox pills with the 1 Apedixin 45 min before breakfast at 9am and then again 45 minutes before lunch at 12:30. No Jitters, No racing pulse, no nausea and no headache!..which is awesome. my tummy is gurgling but I would be worried if it weren’t while taking a detox pill. Lots of energy and no sign of a crash so I am pleased so far. Was not hungry at lunch but ate a cucumber and a few bites of leftover hamburger meat anyway.

    After the 100s of reviews I have read in the past couple weeks I have concluded that: 1) everyone will have different experiences and wont know how it works till they try it. 2) Dont ever take more than the recommended dose. 3) drink lots of water no matter what. 4) You MUST eat something while taking this, even if it doesn’t let you get hungry – you have to eat Breakfast and lunch. 5) About the FDA – The only products that are FDA approved are products that are developed by or with the FDA’s own scientists therefore all other products will never be FDA approved, All the FDA does is make sure that the product does not lie about what’s in the product on the label (not to mention that the FDA does not require all ingredients to be listed on the label) & that the ingredients are safe and legal to consume. Thats it. There are TONS of FDA approved products that are scams and a waste of time and money.My soure was the FDA’s official Gov website-Facts 6) This product is more for obese people with high BMIs and clearly states that you can lose fat without losing actual lbs…probably due to its help in producing LEANER muscle mass which YES- IS supported by one or more of their listed ingredients.

    All in All – good so far – we shall see if it works for me – It did not make me sick so that’s +1 so far!

    A.L. – Colorado


    Editor’s comments: Andrea, several of your assertions are incorrect…

    This product is no more effective for people with high BMI’s than low ones. This is advertising nonsense; there is nothing in this product’s formula that has been proven more effective for people who are more greatly overweight. Please see the Apidexin review for the “supporting” science behind this product.

    There is nothing in this product that produces lean muscle gains; not even illegal anabolic steroids do much for you unless you’re willing to work out.

    Non-prescription weight loss supplements are not regulated by the FDA at all. The FDA does not ensure the company does not “lie” about what’s on the label (in fact, companies do this ALL the time), or even if the ingredients are safe. They have absolutely nothing to do with regulating the supplement industry, which is why it is so rife with fraudulent claims. The company that retails Apidexin, for instance, has a “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau and a well-established history of deceptive practices.

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  201. 10/11/10

    Okay…day four…got through the 72hr Detox pretty easy. No drastic escapes for the bathroom…still none of the bad side effects commonly found on these reviews so that is great! I dont think I got the results I was expecting from the detox though..meaning I didnt lose weight BECAUSE of nausea or frequent trips to the bathroom. I drank plenty of water and I lost 3lbs. The great thing about it is I know it wasn’t just water weight. My MONTHLY cycle usually causes me to fluctuate 4-9lbs in water gain the week before my cycle begins which is why i started between cycles when my water weight is at my lowest and look..3lbs..not bad…No jitters either. I cant say whether it affected my sleep or not because I suffer from anxiety anyway so I take 3mg of Melatonin before bed to help me fall asleep anyway and I slept wonderfully so no complaints so far.

    Ill update again later this week!

    Editor’s comments: To provide greater value to our visitors, please update once you’ve completed a full bottle of the product. Your feelings about it may have changed about it by then, and it’s easier to read ALL your comments in a single post – after you’ve used them for a month – than to search through and read individual comments. Thank you. 😉

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  202. I have taken this product for like three weeks now and nothing. To the contrary I’m gettin bigger…why?

    I didnt get the detox pills because I didnt have enough money to get the set of pills with the detox. Was that my mistake or not? How can I get the detox pills? Please let me know. Im getting married on the 1st of January and it sucks for me now because I gained 7 pounds since I started taking this pills.

    Editor’s comments: Veronica, this product is not any more effective with the detox pills, and we would not recommend purchasing them. The results mentioned in the advertising are not reflective of any evidence – see the full review for more information!

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  203. Hi All!

    Okay… Day 7…I checked my weight this morning and I am still at what I was on Monday but I have lost at least 2 inches since then and I fit into some capris that I could not even squeeze into 3 weeks ago. (yay!) Its odd..I have actually slept better than I normally do for the past week…deep sleep. I have NOT gotten any bad side effects though which is great because I expected to get sick and jittery…nope.

    My energy level has risen tho…I am running up the stairs and jumping and doing stuff that I seemed to lazy to do a week ago…so far so good. I will NOT take more than the recommended dose but I almost feel compelled to take 2 pills at a time…but I wont. My intention was to update you on a weekly basis but since the Editor would rather me not I wont. Hopefully i do not forget to come back in 3 weeks. We shall see!

    To the Editor…I will state again that the Conclusions I listed on my first post are MY analysis’s based on all the reviews I have read…not to be taken as fact…it seems as though the people that have high BMIs and are actually Obese are seeing more prominent results…as opposed to the people who just want to lose 10-15 vanity pounds. And I AGREE with you on the FDA part..you basically repeated/confirmed what i had originally stated!

    Till next time,


    Editor’s comments: Andrea, it’s not that we don’t want you to post regularly, it’s just that it’s much easier for our visitors if all your commentary is restricted to a single post, so don’t have to go scrolling looking for others. Regarding the other reviews you have read and the other site you are posting comments on; it is not a unbiased review site (they are involved in agressively promoting a series of products) and we won’t post a link to them here. There reviews are slanted towards an unsubstaniated positive presentation of the products that have a financial interest in, which is why the “facts” you obtained from their reviews are not facts at all, but nonsense.

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  204. I have hypothyroidism and as it is do not eat pizza, chocolate, ice cream, donuts, or generally anything that is fried, and no soda and only 100% fruit juice and skim milk. For the last 3 years I have done this and 3hrs of cardio a week. I gained 25 lbs in one month after moving back in with my parents, which put me at 230 (height: 5’7″). I decided to try this because I work 55hrs/week, volunteer 12hrs/week, am a fulltime graduate student, and am a tutor.

    So, no change in diet or exercise, 2 pills a day, no side effects, except I am much more proactive at work (I sit in a cubicle all day)Maybe it’s because I usually drink a full pot of coffee every day, but this didn’t give me any headaches, just a bit of nausea, which I am prone to every other day or so anyway. I finished one bottle and have lost 20 lbs, easy. I would highly recommend it 🙂 my office is normally cold, but this made me feel all warm and tingly, too – wish I’d bought a whole case of them~

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  205. Okay, I am reading the reviews for Apidexin because a year ago I took it, it worked, and I was considering giving it another shot. I gained quite a bit of weight back from not consistantly dieting and getting enough exercise. I realize diet pills are only supplementary. Anyway, the only reason why I am debating whether or not to try a diet pill that did indeed work is because it made me more nauseous than I have ever been in my entire life. Is it worth the try again?

    Editor’s comments: Only you can make that call, Kelly.

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  206. I tried to write a review a few days ago but apparently it didn’t get posted, so here’s my update.

    I have been taking this for 6 days now, and I lost 3 lbs with the detox but none since then. I have not gained those 3 lbs back YET. I started taking only a half a pill in the morning and half in the afternoon, and I am now up to the full 2 a day.

    I haven’t had any headaches, nausea, or jitters, but i do have tons of energy, and my mood has improved drastically! I did not exercise, or eat any different the first week, although I do notice that I am not hungry. This week I will start to exercise and try to watch my diet a little better and hopefully these pills will at least help the weight come off a little faster than normal. Either way, I like them. They make me more energetic and happier.

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  207. I’ve been on Apidexin for 11 days and have not lost 1 lb. I initially took the apidexin and detox4you simultaneously but after a day, decided to stop the detox. The detox works as a diuretic, making you pee out all of your fluids- which is extremely dangerous. I made the mistake of consuming alcohol while on the detox (on halloween). BIG mistake- the alcohol was extremely concentrated in my blood. 1 drink had the effect of 4 or 5 and left me extremely intoxicated and dehydrated. DO NOT DRINK WHILE ON PILLS!

    Also, because the Apidexin contains so much caffeine, there is a HUGE crash at around 3 or 4 hours. Like I said, I haven’t experienced any weight loss, however I’ll continue taking the full course of pills. Stay tuned for an update.

    BTW: I’m 5’10, 168 and wish to lose approx 15-20 lbs.

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  208. I have been taking the drug for 2 days now, the first day I did not take it as recommended. I took 2 pills about 5 minutes before breakfast, and I felt dizzy, jittery, and sick. I took 2 the appropriate way before lunch with lots of water, and I felt the side effects but not as badly. I took it the same way again this morning and I feel no side effects… besides the incredible feeling that someone is going to try and kill me. I’m very afraid of a person I live with, which I have NEVER felt before! I LOVE the increase of energy, as I am a new mom, and REALLY need it, but I can’t shake this paranoia. I refuse to be alone with said person and if I have to I make sure I am armed with mace. Like I said I have NEVER felt this way before, everything else seems to be working fine, besides the paranoia. Has anyone else had this problem? Its only one person who I am afraid of.

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    I took it for a week and I was very anxious and thought I had depression!!!!
    I stopped taking them and one day later felt like old happy self again! i cried for a week and have not cried since I stopped taking these dangerous pills.
    I would rather be the way I am and exercise and eat right then be depressed and skinny!!!
    I also gained two pounds

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  210. I just started taking apidexin a few hours ago. I’m 5’6 and I was 161 when I weighed myself this morning and now I weigh 157.

    It’s just water weight, these pills make me feel hot so I’ve been sweating all day. Not too bad though. My only complaint is the aftertaste of the pills. Nothing unbearable though, kind of like raspberry flavored chocolate. haven’t felt any weird side effects.

    I’m pretty confident that this pill is going to aide me in losing this last bit of baby weight. 🙂

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  211. I felt a little sick but lost 5 pounds the first day no sweat!! So its def worth it.

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  212. So. Today is my first day taking Apidexin. I’m taking it with the Detoxufree72 thingy. My first dose, I was fine… I didn’t feel hungry or anything. I was a little more energetic and drank plenty of water with it. With my second dose I was a little jittery. I felt like I needed to get up and move around. So I exercised. My heart started racing and I had to sit down for a little while.

    While exercising I felt great. Now I’m nauseous and have a killer headache. I’m hoping that this is only because I’m doing the detox and apidexin at the same time. At the end of this detox, I’m hoping I feel a lot better. I think I need to drink more water because once I do that, it helps. I you are taking this, make sure you are properly hydrated!

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  213. I took this pill in 2009 for 3 months, and lost 23 lbs. It does work if you have a decent diet going and some activity. The side effects wore off within a week, although I NEVER recommend taking it after 2 pm, or you’ll never sleep.
    I do highly recommend this product though.

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  214. I started Apidexin and Detox 5 days ago. I take 1 Apidexin before breakfast and 1 Apidexin before lunch (always before 1 pm). The first 3 days I did the Detox.

    I have had NO side effects BUT I have also lost no weight. I have gained 2 lbs. The same day I started I staring doing 30 mins of cardio everyday. I limit my caloric intake. My average food intake in a day is oatmeal breakfast, apple snack, turkey sandwich with swiss and light mayo lunch, and a healthy choice frozen meal for dinner.

    I’m 5’8″ and 155 lbs. Trying to lose 15 lbs to get to my pre-baby weight. I had my second child 8 mos ago. I am sooo disappointed. I know it is only Day 5 but people said they had results of -4 lbs in a week. I’m +2 in 5 days.

    I contacted a service rep about this and they told me to up my dose – 2 before breakfast AND 2 before lunch. I’m scared to take so much.

    Not sure what I will do – up the dose or keep at it, as is, and wait to see what happens. Anyone have any advice?

    Editor’s comments: Not surprised to hear you’re not experiencing the results advertised. Monique, did you read our Apidexin review? There’s nothing in this product that will facilitate that much weight loss (many people lose water weight quickly because of the diuretic effect of the “detox” product). Extremely positive reviews are often not genuine; they are posted by people affiliated with the company to boost sales.

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  215. Honestly for all the people on here who are saying that its probably the company advertising and the people who get discouraged because they see a lot of reviews that are negative: think about it. Do you honestly think that if this pill was working so amazingly and they had nothing bad to say about it at all they’d be looking to find websites where they can write their stories? No. Probably not.

    The only time that people care enough to let the general public know about something is when its not working or when they’re worked up because of the fact that they feel cheated out of their money.

    I personally just ordered this 2 days ago that’s why I’m reading up about it. Just some food for though anyway.

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  216. Do NOT ORDER this crap, it doesn’t help, but make you feel sick, I’ve been taking it for the past month and haven’t lost a single pound. I’ve been eating healthy! It makes me feel so sick and terrible headaches!I have to return the rest of the bottles but I can’t find the return address!! how is it possible????

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  217. I just thought you all would like to know. Apidexin is made by the same company as Liporexall. I was trying to research which would be best for my specific needs and what I found out was that dietpilluniverse.com, buytopdietpills.com and the official websites for their products are all the same people!! I mean, I did a live chat on each website and I got EMILY every time! Plus I called the phone number on buytopdietpills website and a man answered. I almost wonder if they’re making these pills in someones basement! Creepy thought people!

    Editor’s comments: Yes, these sites are merely “fronts” used to sell their products. We’ve looked into this in detail; you will probably be interested in this article!

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  218. Oh my goodness you guys. I also looked up the Timaru Labs address as listed in the BBB website, 1341 Callaway Ct Salt Lake City, UT 84123 .. if you google maps it gives you a photo and street view of the actual address and it’s SOMEONES HOUSE. The address, I think, doesn’t even really exist, google shows you it’s in someones backyard.. additionally, if you do the same thing with Essential Health Labs address s main st #427,, springville, ut, 84663.. same thing. It’s a bunch of office buildings that do not have Essential Health even listed at that address. This makes it additionally scary for those who have taken this product, not knowing even how it’s made or what’s even really IN it.

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  219. i have just ordered some Apidexin from ebay, me and 4 friends of all different sizes one only needing to lose 15lb to me who needs to lose more like 45lb, have desided to give it a go even after reading the bad reviews, we will all start taking it this weekend, i think this will give a farer review of the product, so wish me luck and i will let you know how we all got on in 30 days

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  220. All I can say is this worked for me. I took the detox and Apidexin. I lost 22 ponunds in one month.I tried contless other diet pills and none worked at all. I wrote a thank you letter to Apiexin company yesterday. And by the way they eve have a live chat which is very helpful.

    You do need exercise and of course you must eat healthy! in order for results. the bottle in order for this to work best.

    I see some comments of people saying it is a scam, but if thy offer a full refund then how is it a scam. Buy a bottle and try it out. If it does not work then send it back.

    Lauran and others, I agree. I highly doubt the editors even tried this. Bottom line editors is this, say what you want about scinctific studies and this might not work for everybody, but I do know it worked for me. Hate on results editor. You can’t. People posted comments saying do not buy this. This does not work. Why could you editors not reply and say somthing like… This is just this persons results with apidexin and it could possibly work for you? I never seen a baised editor in my life anywhere. Let the people speak about their results and if it is positive you could give them a congratulations if you felt like it.

    NO reason for people not to givethis a try. Buy a bottle and what would you lose, maybe shipping and handling costs? If you need the shipping and handling address,ask the live chat, they respond that second. And another great thing is this product arrives in just days.

    Editor’s comments: Your fail to understand some of the basics is going to cost you. A couple things you should know…

    1) This product is retailed by a company with an “F” rating at the Better Business Bureau, and a track record of poor consumer business practices. They offer a money back guarantee, but plenty of people allege they do not honor it. We feel people should know who they are doing business with…

    2) “Unbiased” does not mean every visitor is allowed to post whatever nonsense they want regardless whether it is true or not. That’s what makes this site different; if you don’t like it, go somewhere else. Seriously.

    3) Most review and feedback web sites are owned and operated by the very companies that sell the products being reviewed (see this article for more details). And we can guarantee that even though we’re careful to weed them out – some of the positive comments made on this site come from employees and affiliates of these products, who are fabricating testimonials in order to encourage sales.

    4) Your experiences are anecdotal. Whether you feel the product worked for you or not, that is not proof of its effectiveness (ever hear of the placebo effect?) – no more than whether it worked (or didn’t work) for us, should we experiment with it.

    5) Scientific studies are the only way that we can hold retailers accountable for the claims they make for their products. You seem to feel that the retailers should be allowed to say whatever they want, without having to provide any substantiation for those claims. Sorry, but we don’t feel that way.

    Remember; we don’t sell ANY products. We don’t care what you buy. Our mandate isn’t to “hate” on products, our job is to inform consumers of the truth. If you don’t happen to like the truth, that’s not our problem.

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  221. Wow, i thought that because I went to a few review sites which were all 75% positive that the hundreds of reviews must be legit, especially since many of the reviews were describing side effects, even the ones who said the pills worked for them. According to this site, it looks like they may have been inflated somehow so I am feeling a bit more weary about my investment.

    Well at any rate, I have been taking Apidexin for a week with little to no side effects. Actually, I wonder if I need something stronger that will give me more energy…I notice a bit more energy in the morning like I am not so sleepy considering I get up at 5am.

    The first workout I did on the pill was great; I had been working out about 2-3 days a week for 2 weeks before Apidexin so I was feeling more in shape but that day I ran a mile straight without feeling winded! I take one at 6am and one at about noon. I have never been reactive to medicines before and have hardly noticed the difference that caffeine makes so was not surprised at having no negative side effects whatsoever. I have been eating a bit healthier and limiting the snacks but nothing too drastic.

    Now i said I had been working out and eating right for 2 weeks before this week but this week with Apidexin I have seen much more noticeable results mostly in the way my pants fit…much looser. I am noticing my muscle building too. As far as the scale goes, that has never been much of an indicator for me…I am opposite of most people because when I don’t eat right and don’t work out I lose weight because I lose all my muscle and when I eat right and exercise I will either maintain the same weight or gain weight from the muscle.

    With that being said, when I weighed myself this week, I am actually 1-2 lbs heavier but I look leaner and like I said my pants are looser. My main goal is to lose some body fat and tone up anyway as I only weigh 126 and am 5’2. In conclusion, I think I need another week or 2 to say definitively how I feel about this product but i will say that i seem to be progressing faster than in the past when i would eat even healthier and work out twice as many days a week to achieve the same results in a longer period of time.

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  222. Well, i’m here to give an extremely REAL review about Apedexin, so here goes. I did tons of research on Apedexin before buying. I purchased it expecting it to give me more energy and curve cravings. There’s honestly no such thing as a diet pill that actually loses the weight for you, I knew that from the start. From what I’ve read about Apedexin, it makes you lose your water weight as well as your appetite and that’s how you lose the weight, by not eating. Honestly, you can do that on your own. People do it all the time. It’s kind of contradictory that some of you who are taking it say it works as long as you have a diet and exercise plan…don’t fool yourself. you’re losing weight because you are dieting and exercising. DUH!

    I’ve been taking Apidexin for a good week now. Just to let you guys know how nonsensical this product is, I was taking 8 pills a day for 3 days – the detox plus the apidexin. 3 detox pills, one apidexin. Twice a day. I was actually taking 9 pills a day because I take a one a day Women’s vitamin.

    During and after the 3 days guess what? I felt NOTHING.

    Even after finishing the detox and taking the apidexin twice a day. NOTHING. No nausea. No jitters. No insomnia. No boost in energy. No loss in appetite. My one a day women’s do more for me then these pills.

    This was my first time actually trying a product like this, so if this was a genuine weight loss supplement, there should have been some type of something going on. right? I didn’t even lose water weight. I guess i don’t have any (lol). I weigh 180 right now and i’m 5’6.

    I have an athletic build, so I’m not short and chunky looking as you all may assume. After I finished the detox, I started turbofire. I’m doing the 5-day inferno and then i will start the regular schedule.

    To conclude this comment, please don’t waste you money. If you want something that works, try shakeology, it’s packed with everything your body needs, so you can drink it in place of a meal or two (instead of starving yourself completely)..ALONG with a regular workout regimen and healthy eating. You don’t have to diet. You can eat smaller portions. I love Turbofire and Chalene’s recipes are great, but I love fruits and vegetables and I love trying new foods.

    Folks, if you want to lose the weight it will take a lifestyle change, healthy eating habits and exercise….the most important thing is exercise. I’ve only been working out for 3 days and yes, it’s hard, i’m sore, but i can honestly say that i feel great.

    There’s no miracle pill….if it took you several months or years to gain the weight, it’s gonna take you several months or years to get it off. You may even see results sooner if you do what i stated previously. Don’t rush into something like p90x or turbofire; i’m a former athlete so i’m used to these kinds of high intensity workouts, but I have still pulled a muscle trying to do too much when I’m really out of shape.

    Oh yeah, i’ve heard the “it’s different for everyone” a million times…folks, exercising and eating healthy will yield result for ANYONE.

    So yeah…..that’s my completely honest review…

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  223. I just received my order. so we’ll see how I do. I’ve been doing p90x for 2 months now and have lost 12 pounds. I eat about 900-1100 calories a day as well, but I need to lose my last 8, and I feel like I’m at a halt. So I hope these pills will help with my last 8 pounds.

    I’d like to point out that a lot of people are complaining these pills don’t work. but they also say they’re not changing their diets or even exercising.

    The website clearly states that these pills were meant to be take in addition to a healthy diet and exercise. If you’re not doing that, then you’re wasting your time. It’s not the pills. It’s you.

    Editor’s comments: The thing is that if you do diet and exercise, you probably don’t need these pills. Retailers often put the “diet and exercise” warning with their products – so customers who have results are often convinced the pill made the difference, when it was their own hard work that caused the results.

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  224. I just received my bottle last night and I took it this morning for the 1st time and I am following the directions to the T and so far no side affects.

    I decided to only take 1 pill before breakfast and 1 pill before lunch for day one and two and on day 3 and 4 I will increase the dose to 2 pill and 5 and 6 I’ll take the max I have 2 1/2 months to drop 30 pounds and I do plan to run daily.

    From past experiences I know that in order to get the maximum results from any diet pill is to try to eat healthy and exercise and plenty of water, that the most important part,,, water water, water.

    I’ll update everyone regarding my results when it starts showing, I don’t like to weigh myself but I’m estimating I’m about 170 and 5’4 and I’m on size 10 for the 1st time in a long time, my goal is to be size 5 in 6 months, I’ll go on how my clothes are fitting me, and which size I’m on.

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  225. I just want to let you know that I did purchase this product from buytopdietpills.com and have been on them for little over a week. I completed the detox and had tried to start with one pill 30 min before breakfast and lunch.. found that it didn’t suppress my appetite in the evening and moved to two pills each time. I am a past sufferer of PTSD and the pills may or may not have something to do with what happened last night. I will say that I also recently quit smoking and had 2 cigarettes yesterday. I ended up having the worst anxiety attack I have had in my entire life. I am giving up cigarettes and Apidexin. I lost between 3-4 lbs in the week i used the product but there’s no way that it’s worth the heart attack I almost gave myself last night. Good luck to those of you that do use it and please be careful.

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  226. Hello again, it’s been a week now and I’ve noticed some changes, I actually got on the scale and dropped about 6 pounds in 7 days which is great.

    I did not do the detox only because I have no issues with going at least once a day and I did realize that 2 pills seems to work for me and I’m not sure about moving to 3 yet – well when I can fit into my size 5 jeans I’ll stop taking this.

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  227. I have been taking Apidexin for a week now. If you read the ingredients in it, you’ll notice that they are not the usual ‘weight loss’ ingredients but more ‘fat burning’ ingredients. That being said, you may gain weight with this if you gain muscle. During my week on this pill, I’ve taken 2 30 min before breakfast and 1 30 min before lunch. I do have more energy throughout the day which seems to make me work out harder than I did before I started taking these pills. My diet is the same, 1200-1500 calories a day. My workout is also the same, I run 2 miles 3 times a week and I do weights for 30 min twice a week. I am not overweight per say, 5’5″ and 140 lbs before starting this pill. After the week, my average weight loss has been around 3 lbs. Due to the increased energy I find that I push myself harder while running, so my 2 mile time has gone from 17 min to 16:25 or so. I also find myself running up my stairs instead of walking.

    Keep in mind that this pill is not for everyone. If you already have heart problems, do not take it. I have not noticed any headaches or any other issues but I do not take the max dose and I make sure to drink tons of water everyday.

    Hope this helps.

    Editor’s comments: Actually, the ingredients are completely ordinary and not particularly particularly effective; check the Apidexin review for a complete breakdown of the ingredient profile.

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  228. I purchased Apidexin last week and started using it on Sunday. I felt alittle weird at first and even had a stomach ache but now I take the two pills everyday at 8:30 a.m. and I am not hungry all day. I drink a lot of water during the day and eat a normal sensible dinner. I am keeping my calories under 1000 per day and I have noticed already that my pants are not as tight. I only bought one bottle and if I notice a good weight loss at the end of the bottle I will buy more. It takes about 4 days to get used to it My sleeping habits have changed and I do not feel no where as tired as I used to before Apedexin. I will keep you posted of my results.

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  229. Well i have read enough of these reviews and I myself am worried because mine came in the mail today! I hope i dont have the same jittery, headaches, and nauseous feeling that some of you have encountered. I’m going to start it on this coming Monday and ill be back to let you all know how it goes

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  230. I have been using Apidexin for almost 4 weeks now. After the pills, I do feel somewhat nauseas if I wait to eat more than 30 mins after taking them…otherwise, I get slight headaches but always have so it’s no biggie…I definitely do feel more energized but I’m a little disappointed…I have gained a lot of weight after a bad break up due to comfort eating and have been trying to lose weight, but lets face it, I’m lazy!! After working all day and raising 2 kids (11 & 2) on my own, I’m drained!! So before I bought the pills I read the reviews and everyone kept saying how much they love it and blah blah blah…so I ordered 2 bottles plus the detox pills. I follow the instructions and decided to weigh myself at the same time every friday to see results. Mind you, Im doing slim fast shakes for breakfast & lunch & eat a healthy dinner…so why after 3.5 weeks am i still the SAME weight?? I started at 159 lbs being 5’3 and every friday i’m 159lbs!!!! It’s very discouraging, especially after all the reviews…whats the deal with that?? =(

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  231. I was nervous about trying Apidexin because of the variation of good and bad reviews, but I decided to give it a shot… I am on day two and have nothing bad to say, I have alot of natural feeling energy, I don’t feel sick or jittery like some people said, I have lost one pound in a day!!! I took 2 pills before breakfast and 2 before lunch. So far I love these pills!!! However I have an opposite opinion about the Detoxufree 72, I tried to do those 1st and after the 2nd day my kidney was hurting, that scared me so I did not take it the 3rd day and waited a couple days before I started the Apidexin. I will post back at the end of the week with update!!! I am very optimistic!!! I have tried evrything and usually have nervous energy or unnatural skin crawling. So far so good( other then a little warmer like a constant hot flash)

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  232. I received my Apidexin today. I used Lipofuze lat month and lost 10 pounds in a month. I returned it and get my money back because the claims was 10 pounds in seven days. I will try this Apidexin after my Jillian Michaels Detox and Cleanse and my period. I am doing Zumba too. I did not lose any pounds in Zumba workout but from size 10 I can wear size 4 CH and I can perfectly fit on my size 8 dress and medium clothes. I think this was all because of Zumba not the pills but definitely the pills gave me boost and energy and I lost water weight too. I’m not sure about the Jiillian michael one, I expected too much I thought I will really go to the bathroom and sort but It’s not. Wish JM has money back guaranteed too. ZToo bad none. Okay wish me luck and good luck to you guys! I’ll keep you posted!

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  233. I’m 19, 5’7, and weigh 250 🙁

    I’ve done everything; the low-carb, no-carb diets. Everyone in the family says that I’m just screwed because…

    1) I’m a girl and it’s just harder for us to lose weight than it is for guys and

    2) I got my body type from my dad’s side and their type is muscular. I started taking Apidexin yesterday, and I felt fine. I got up this morning took one and now I feel light-headed. Is that normal? Does this keep the weight off? And what should i do to get the best results?

    Editor’s comments: For an accurate assessment of Apidexin’s effects, please see our review. For best results, you need to be dieting and exercising – moderate calories, higher protein, moderate friendly fats, zero simple carbs, and plenty of high fiber fruits and vegetables.

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  234. I just starting taking Apidexin and I love it! Im not hungry at all the only reason I ate today was because fiancée was hungry!!

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  235. Hello everyone,

    I started taking apidexin & the 72 hour detox yesterday. Yesterday when i first took it, i feel a slight headache. Just a little, it went away quickly. I work in a care-home as a CNA so i thought it would be perfect to take it at work due to the fact that im always on my feet. I know a bit risky too because i did had to go to the bathroom quite often. I guess thats the detox working. I wasnt glued to the toliet though .it was a gentle detox, jus alot of urining. I was pleased with that. I noticed that it does give you a burst of energy, so that helped out alot since i had to work an eight hour shift on 4.5 hours of sleep. The rest of the first day was fine.

    Today my second day experience was quite different. i took my first dose of apidexin and the detox. Thirty minutes later i ate a cereal bar and was full. Usually i would crave for more food. Thrity minutes later , i felt nauseous and i vomitted. I think it was because what i ate last night. I ate really spicy food. When i got up that morning, my stomach was growling funny and thats before i took the pill. So i really think its what i ate. After i threw up, i felt better and had that surge of energy. When i had my break for lunch, i only could eat half a sandwich and some onion rings like three. I got full really fast. That totally shocked me because before i could grind and eat everything off the plate. I have a sweet tooth and usually give in but with these pills i can hold back. No more giving in and getting hungry alot.
    I weight myself after work today and i lost two pounds. I been on this product for less than two days. So far i am vey pleased. I hope i lose weight more. I kinda have a feeling thats it water weight but hey aleast im losing. I will contiue taking the pills, watching what i eat , and add more exercise. i gained like twenty pounds in the last three months due to griefing of the loss of my dad. I will update this website.

    * it is very important that you drink water. I been drinking alot of water. when i take my pills i drink it with 16oz of water and contiue drinking throughout the day. I started taking two pills of Apidexin a day . In a few days, i will up my dosage to see if i can handle four a day. Not when im working though, it might be to strong.

    GOOD LUCK to EVERYONE. So far im a believer!

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  236. I was hesitant to buy this product because of the inability to sleep everyone complained about – I already have an awful time trying to sleep.

    This product made me more tired than before! Not in a bad way, but I was actually able to fall asleep when I want to!

    It makes you have to use the bathroom, but not at awkward or uncomfortable times. Just natural, but more so… which is good.

    I also experience migranes regularly which made me hesitate, but I have never gotten a single headache while using this product.

    I have only lost like… 3-4 lbs. I don’t know how it is with weight loss, but I’ve been eating normally still lost weight.

    Also, it tastes like raspberries.

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  237. Why does the editor keep on saying that Apidexin doesn’t contain any clinically proven ingredients?? It is not True!

    25mg of active forskohliin has been clinically proven to lose 9.9 pounds of fat while building lean muscle.

    5mg of active fucoxanthin has been clinically proven to boost fat loss by 300% (Even Isatori lean system 7 CS contains it!! The CS stands for Clinical Strength — The Clinical Strength they are referring to is the Fucoxanthin)

    500mcg of chromax (a patented form of chromium picolinate) has been clinically proven to help users consume 25% less food!!)

    150mg of Irvingia Gabonensis has been clinically proven to help users 28 pounds in 10 weeks.

    When I go to your recommended fat burners page you rarely recommend a product unless it is made by Isatori Tech (a company with very good products). I was curious why so I googled your name + isatori — And shockingly you were listed on the Isatori Website as being a part of their “LeaderShip Team” — http://www.isatoritech.com/bio-pcrane.aspx – Cached (the page has since been remove but I still have save screen shots). Maybe you quit working for Isatori. Maybe you had them remove it because it looked like it could turn out to be a major liability. I don’t know.

    Editor’s comments: Geoff, it’s rare that we encounter such a dramatic reading comprehension FAIL.

    Let’s address the most obvious issue first; this site is reserved for people have used the products
    in question, and want to comment on them. The reason why we’ve even allowed some of your ramblings
    to appear here is because we don’t want to be accused of “suppressing” anything.

    Second, your nonsensical ramblings are nothing but a regurgitation of the Apidexin sales documentation and your comments on “clinically proven” ingredients are a joke. You obviously have not even looked at the clinical studies you are referencing, or you would know how foolish you appear.

    Let’s look at a couple…

    “150mg of Irvingia Gabonensis has been clinically proven to help users 28 pounds in 10 weeks.”

    Really? Actually, it’s a novel seed extract of Irvingia Gabonensis that’s been proven helpful.

    You haven’t revealed whether your product (I’m assuming it’s your product as no one else would
    get upset about this material otherwise) contains the specific extract, and whether it contains
    the precise amount of it.

    Then, you’ve neglected to mention or consider that the lead author of this study,
    Julius Oben, has a patent on this Irvingia Gabonensis extract for weight loss, which means the study results are suspect, since there is a very obvious financial conflict of interest here. And there are no independent studies performed on Irvingia – just the ones done by Mr. Oben.

    Or did you forget about that?

    “500mcg of chromax (a patented form of chromium picolinate) has been clinically proven to help users consume 25% less food!!)”

    Uh-huh. Like every retailer, you’re cherry picking your clinical results, presenting the positive
    one(s) and ignoring the negative. The fact is, evidence on chromium is conflicting; this study did not show any such results, and neither did this one.

    “5mg of active fucoxanthin has been clinically proven to boost fat loss by 300%!”

    To my knowledge, ALL the positive studies (see Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Jul 1;332(2):392-7,
    Asia Pac J Clin Nutr. 2008;17 Suppl 1:196-9) have been animal-based. If you have a link to a peer-reviewed human study, I’d love to see it. Otherwise, there are no human based studies validating these claims – but there is a study showing fucoxanthin has extremely low bioavailability (which means it is not very well absorbed) in humans.

    For the record, LS7 contains fucoxanthin, but is combined with pomegranate extract on the basis
    of this clinical study (although it’s under-dosed in LS7).

    “25mg of active forskohliin has been clinically proven to lose 9.9 pounds of fat while building
    lean muscle.”

    EPIC FAIL. The actual dose was 250 mg standardized for 10% given TWICE a day. That’s 50mg.
    http://www.nature.com/index.html. You can’t even quote to study’s correct dosage and you want to argue its benefits? Obviously, you really know what you are talking about.

    You’re also making the mistake of assuming an additive effect between supplements; i.e., if
    supplement causes 2 lbs. of weight loss and supplement B causes 2 pounds of weight loss, than
    taking the two of them will provide 4 lbs. of weight loss. It doesn’t necessarily work that

    Regarding Isatori and LS7…

    If you actually did some reading you’ll be aware my relationship with Isatori has always
    been up front. I wrote the consumer advocate article of their magazine for years, and say
    so, plainly on the UltimateFatBurner.com “About Us” page…


    I have never been a member of their “leadership team” and the reason why the page you reference
    no longer exists is because I asked them to remove it.

    We’ve also been up front on the fact that we earn a small commission of products we recommend…


    There’s nothing unethical about this if the commissions are modest and they are provided in the
    best interest of your customer. We have staff and costs and we need to recoup them somehow. Our visitors know this, and have no problem with it. Obviously, the reason you’re here wasting your valuable time is because you know we are credible, and you’re attempting to damage our credibility by calling our motivations into question (sorry, but our visitors are not that dumb).

    You seem to have a big problem with the fact that we endorse Isatori’s products (and not yours).
    You cite the fact that they contain some of the same ingredients as the reason for this apparent

    You are missing several HUGE points (big surpise, there huh?)…

    1) Apidexin is over priced. We don’t recommend our visitors buy products that are not
    priced in accordance with their value.

    2) Lean System 7 is verfied by a peer reviewed clinical study (Apidexin is not).

    3) We know visitors will be treated properly and with respect by Isatori staff.

    4) We know visitors will be promptly refunded if they are not happy with their purchase.

    If you read our reviews or endorsements, nowhere do we say that Isatori’s products are a miracle
    solution, or a 10 lbs in 10 days solution. Many of our visitors are looking for ANY solution, and
    we are confident recommending Isatori’s products because they are, for the most part, well formulated
    and the company’s guarantee removes the financial risk from a purchase.

    Hope that clears things up.

    And just for the record Geoff, no further discussions will be entertained on this forum.

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  238. I have been using Apidexin now for about 2 months, and I must say it’s amazing. I work out twice a week and also make an effort to eat healthy, and with these pills I have lost 34 pounds. I was 166 pounds, 5 foot 2 female. Now I’m 132 pounds.

    The pills made me feel a bit sick at first, but I only take one pill twice a day. After the first 2 weeks, it just started making me feel great, energized, with much less appetite. This product doesn’t work the first day you take it, but once your body gets used to it it’s great.

    No, this is not the magic pill. You can’t eat 4000 calories a day, not work out, and take this pill for 3 days and expect to lose weight. At the same time, you don’t have to go to the gym every day and consume only 200 calories. This pill merely supplements the weight loss, and I can’t be happier.

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  239. I’ve been taking Apidexin (no detox) for 2 weeks. I’ve been exercising 3 times per week: 30 min cardio and low intensity calisthenics. I’ve cut my daily intake of calories to 1500 on Mon-Fri.

    I’ve lost 6 pounds already. When weighing yourself there are a few things to bear in mind:

    1) Our weight naturally fluctuates within .5 – 2 lbs per day depending on how recently we’ve eaten or used the toilet.

    2) To get a consistent measurement you should measure your weight at the same time of day (preferably in the morning), on an empty stomach (and bladder if possible), and while wearing similar or no clothing at all.

    3) Always make sure your scale is on a flat surface and in the same place each time you weigh yourself. The slightest variation in the angle of the floor will affect your measurement.

    4) If you’re working out you have to remember that muscle weights more than fat. If you’re losing fat and gaining muscle your weigh may not change, and it may even go up. In addition to weighing yourself you should also take measurements. Some of you will be surprised to see you’ve lost an inch from your waist even though your weigh has remained the same.

    For those who aren’t seeing results, make sure you’re dieting and exercising, and take the above steps when weighing yourself.

    I’m happy with the 6lbs I’ve lost and expect to lose even more.

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  240. I just started Apidexin yesterday. I am very excited to start it but today, I feel very nauseous and even some crapping for some reason. I sure hope it gets better! I am trying to think positive! Will keep you posted!

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  241. I started to use Apidexin yesterday, I felt dizzy, tired and no energy =( Today I did not feel anything abnormal, I guess my body is adjusting to this blend…I will keep posting my progress!!! I hope this works!!!

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  242. Hi,

    I’m 28 years old, 5’4 my doctor says i’m obese for my height. I use the elliptical every other day for an hour burn about 600 calories, but I love to eat, so I can never diet. I’m interested in buying Apidexin. I read the side effect that occur when taking the pill but I would like to know if anyone experienced side effects after they stopped taking the pill, does the weight come back? has there been any study on fertility?

    Editor’s comments: Maya, questions regarding interaction on birth control have to be addressed to your doctor; and there have been no studies of any sort performed on this product. Will the weight come back? If you consume more calories than you require, the weight will always come back. That’s the unfortunate reality we all have to deal with.

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  243. I been taking it for a week and I feel nothing. I have no problems taking it up to 3 a day and I’ve had naps even. I feel lazy on the pill. I did Phenphendrine for a month before this one and it made me lose NO weight and that was with exercise. I could only taking 1 of those pills a day.

    I will take Apidexin for the whole month & then post my conclusion.

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  244. Ok, I have been taking these pills for the last month now.

    I don’t know if they’ve been helping or not, but I have lost almost 30 pounds.

    I started taking these pills on March 4th, and weighed 220 pounds.

    I changed my diet from about 1600 calories a day to 1220 calories a day.

    I significantly lowered the amount of sodium I take in, going from about 3500-4000 mgs a day to 1700-2000 mgs a day.

    I changed the amount of water I drink from 3 or 4 cups a day to 8+ a day (basically 4 bottles of water a day or more) (highly highly recommended with these pills *they cause dehydration*)

    As of March 27th I weighed in at 200.1 pounds. Yes, it’s three weeks later, but you are only supposed to lose weight at a rate of 2 pounds a week, that’s a little over six a week.

    It’s been another 3 weeks and I have lost another 8 pounds, it’s a little more than 2 pounds a week.

    I originally started taking 2 pills a day, one in the morning, one at noon, I stopped about the time that I slowed losing weight, but I also got injured during that point too.

    Which brings me to another fact, I added exercise to my lifestyle, I work out at least 200 minutes a week of actual cardio (like heart pounding cardio) Also another thing that slowed down when I got injured because I can’t run anymore for a month under dr orders.

    But hard facts: It does wake you up, it might be addicting on that fact, because it has became my morning cup of coffee in some sense. Without it I can definitely tell a difference.

    The customer support… is horrible, they didn’t know anything about what they were talking about. I asked them about my order they said they sent it back to the company, then they told me they’d refund me, then they told me that it was on their way.

    It causes you to have the taste of raspberries in your mouth all day though…

    And all the weight I have lost has been from my stomach, which… I’m not unhappy about. So where as I’m not sure if it’s working or not, I’m at least going to stick with it for the next month or two.

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  245. Just ordered the product yesterday, I am 5’2″ and weigh more than I should need to lose 30lbs, I did some research apparently missed some reviews, so I’m a bit concerned, but I do work out 2 to 3 times a week and watch what I eat, I’m 44 so I don’t know if my metabolism has slowed to a crawl, I hope that this product works been trying to get back to pre-baby weight for a long time the baby is 11 yrs old. Best of luck to all of you and I will be back with an update.

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  246. I am just letting everyone know that I have received Apidexdin and I lost 5pounds already but I will admit I do get headaches and feel sick while eating so it definitely prevents you from eating so much.

    This pill is very potent be careful… but WORTH IT so far.

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  247. I just purchase apidexdin and am alittle nervous because all the reviews i read. am alittle overweight and i excercise 5 days a week for an hour with little progress so ill give it a try and see how it works for me.

    wish me luck

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  248. I just recieved my apidexdin today. I took 3 of the detox and 3 of the apidexdin in 30 minutes before I ate a late lunch. I drank the required 12 oz of water. I have been extremely nauseous for about 4 hours now.

    I was too eager for the product to work and taking that many was a mistake. I did feel a increase in my energy. I will take a lower dose of both tomorrow. I am hoping to curve the nausea that way. I will try to update on my progress. I am sticking to an under 1200 cal diet, not working out except for the pretty constant walking I do at work. Today I weigh 145 before the pills.

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  249. HI ALL,

    I started detox 7 days before and as direction on bottle says I used it 3 days. Then I LOST 2 POUNDS. After that I started using Apidexin and after 3 days I lost another 2 pounds again.

    I used it 30 minutes before my breakfast and lunch and NO SIDE-EFFECTS.

    It affected my appetite, and I could not eat too much. I sleep easily and have no nausea or headache or…. .

    IT was great. This is the 4th day of using Apidexin. I will tell u more later.


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  250. I read all of the reviews I have been taking it for three months. Does it work? I think so.

    My body just needed to get use to it. Did I feel sick? Yes, but I got over it.

    When I felt woozy I drank a lot of water or ate something. This is not a miracle pill. This helps with lifestyle changes – not eating as much exercising a little more etc.

    For this to work you need to change things. I wanted to eat what I really wanted but that was sabotaging my weight loss. Even with hypothyroidism in four months I was able to lose more than 25 pounds. It’s not fast but I was able to change things and this helped ease the changes.

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  251. This is my first time visiting this forum, and I’m somewhat perplexed. I’ve noticed that the editor enjoys commenting and/or negating many positive reviews. As the editor of this forum, have you tried any of these diet pills? If so, what are your opinions on them? If not, why do you even bother making these comments?



    Editor’s comments: Cody, if you had taken some time to learn a little more about us, you wouldn’t be asking these questions. See our Frequently Asked Questions section on how we do things around here.

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  252. I received my bottle of Apidexin 4 days ago, it took longer to receive it than expected (about a week).

    After reading conflicting reviews I decided to only take 1 pill a day before breakfast. I do eat a yogurt before taking it because so many people were saying how they were feeling sick, could be taking it on an empty stomach could be the cause?

    I have had no side affects at all, but have stuck to only the 1 pill a day so far, and no weight loss, I do work out, and I wasn’t expecting a miracle, but 1 lb loss would of been something.

    I plan on starting 2 a day, tomorrow just wanted to get used to it first, so we’ll see what happens.

    I wish all of you the best of luck and keep on keeping on – don’t give up that’s the worst thing any of us could do.

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  253. I bought Apidexin from the US as I noticed the UK version does not contain the same ingredients, I had thorughly looked into it before buying and it seemed a popular diet pill option.

    Previously I’d tried Lipo6 which certainly boosted your energy but didn’t do much else (I stopped using it as instructed as even though caffeine does nothing for me this certainly made me a little over hyper and although the high could be fun I preferred not having shakes at work, now I just take one when I’m super tired doing shift work).

    Anyway I decided not to write a review on Apidexin until I’d used it for a month. I’d take one 30 minutes before breakfast/lunch (depending on what shift I work) and then two 30 minutes before dinner. They do generally give me an energy boost but not so severe that I feel jittery, just more alert and raring to go which is fantastic for going to the gym.

    Now I only wanted to shift around 10 pounds which I though Apidexin would help me with as I already eat healthily and visit the gym for an hour/1.5hrs 3-5 times a week.

    It’s done pretty much nothing. It hasn’t suppressed my appetite and I haven’t lost a single pound since taking them despite working hard. It annoys me when people take diet pills expecting the weight to fall off but don’t change their eating habits or do any exercise but I do both of those things and was using the pills as a last resort. Unfortunately it hasn’t had any effect and I’m disappointed.

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  254. HI AGAIN,

    WELL, after using the Apidexin for 1 week, I started having nausea and felt tired and without any energy.
    BUT, I must say that I understand the FACT that if you use the pill and then eat a lot, plus not exercising, you feel BAD. And if you want to be OK, you should eat less, and do exercises.

    I stopped using pills in the 8th day, just because I do not have enough time for exercise, but I will surely start it again 2 weeks later.

    And I will let you know more about my experience. Thanks all that wrote their experiences with APIDEXIN.

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  255. Dear editor,

    You say this is everyone’s opinion. So WHY are you only replying/correcting the people who have good results with this product? If this page is for people who are looking into the product and have tried it, then why are you writing in? clearly this page is only supports the negative.

    Editor’s comments: Ashley, you obviously haven’t taken the time to learn a little more about us. See our Frequently Asked Questions to see how we do things around here. Unlike other review sites, we’re not affiliated with the products presented here, nor do we actively edit comments to present a overly positive or negative view of any supplement. Since we also act as consumer advocates, we don’t let unsubstantiated or wrong comments pass by, as other visitors may base a purchasing decision on incorrect information.

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  256. I’ve been taking Apidexin for about a week now. I started with one pill early in the morning and one pill around 1:30 or 2pm. After reading some reviews, I was afraid to take them. After a few days, I decided to take two in the morning and two at lunch because I did not experience any of the “so called” side effects. I didn’t feel jittery, sick, and I have no problems sleeping at night.

    I’m not as hungry and I do have more energy and my mood has improved. I have a very stressful job and I have to sit at a desk all day but yet I feel calmer and less stressed. The only thing that I can do without is having to empty my badder every two hours lol. I have noticed that I’ve slimmed down a lot. I’m not a big person, I’m about 5’4 and around 120 to 130 lbs. But because of the holiday food I’ve consumed and summer just around the corner, I wanted to lose the extra weight and get into shape, not to mention being a mother of twins. That alone takes a toll on your body.

    So far, I’m fitting into my “skinny clothes” better and my stomach has gotten flat and my waist has also gotten slimmer. I believe the pills are working for me and I absolutely love them. But with that being said, I don’t just rely on the pills alone to work. I’ve cut out junk food, I drink only water (no pop or drinks with sugar), I eat healthier foods, special k snacks are good to eat when you get hungry, I also workout everyday. To all my girls, try Turbo Fire. That worked!

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  257. I received my Apidexin on saturday and I started taking two pills 30 minutes before lunch and breakfast.

    I did notice an increase in energy but the pill does make me very sick. I run every morning for an hour and eat healthy. When I eat I get full faster and then I get nauseous and I feel my heart racing and I feel very nervous, jittery and also sometimes paranoid.

    And sometimes I get depressed.

    So its been 5 days and I lost about 2-3 pounds which I feel very good about. But once am done with this bottle I am not going to take any more diet pills – I hate the side effects; they feel horrible. Am just going to stick with eating healthy and exercising. I’ll keep u posted in a few weeks to see how everything is going.

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  258. I first tried Apidexin 2 years ago on 1500 calorie diet and worked out 5 days a week and lost about 34 pounds in a little less than 2 months.

    Now it’s been 2 years and I gained some weight back since I got laidd off at work and got lazy.

    Anyway I decided to use these pills again to lose the weight in time for summer but something’s different this time they’re a different color (they used to be white and I don’t think there as strong as they used to be).

    Don’t get me wrong they’re still working, I’m losing weight but last time I used 2 bottles and didn’t finish the second bottle because I had reached my desired weight. This time I’m using 3 bottles and using the same plan as before. I’m losing weight at a slower pace.

    Not only that but I have to take 4 or 5 pills a day when before I only took 2. Maybe they changed the formula. I dunno but it still works just disappointed that it might take me a little longer 2 lose this weight.

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  259. I tried apidexin and the headaches were just unbearable. Come to find out same company owns liporexall so I refuse to try it. Ive been on MacroLean for 2 weeks and ive lost 7 pounds. The reason i tried it is because it is 100% all natural so i have had any side affect. Good luck everybody with your diets.


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  260. I’ve been on Apidexin for the past two days and lost about 7-8 lbs. I’ve been drinking 2 gallons of water throughout the day – that’s the amount that I can take according to my height and weight.

    I took 4 pills before I went to bed. Woke up at 10am and took 5 more pills ran for about 2-4 minutes straight and then walked for about 2 hours and drank water had 2 bananas, 10 almonds, and one mandarin then lots of water. I felt sick, but no headache, and my hands were shaking till I walked around and ate dinner at 5pm.

    Ate about two fist full sizes of whole grain rice, lettuce, about 6-10 carrots a thick slice of salmon and some homemade mashed potatoes. It all went right through me. Didn’t feel myself all day. After dinner I felt sooo sleepy and passed out for about 4 hours. It finally wore off and I woke up feeling super hungry feeling sore, had difficulty breathing in the morning and when I went to sleep I kept waking up but felt ready to go.

    It’s been working for me but yea… lol

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  261. Do not take Apidexin!! I bought it thinking i could lose 10-15 pounds after having a baby. I took the pills for 5 days previous side effects were none – light headed, 5th day ended up in the hospital. I was driving my car and had to pull over and ask for help, jittery, tightening of chest, couldnt breathe, numb feet and hands, scattered thoughts, heart racing. SOOOO super scary I thought I was going to have a heart attack!!! Back to the basics cut down on food and exercise! Stay away from this crap!

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  262. I am beginning to believe that many of these posts are simply bashing diet pills in general, whether or not some have actually tried this product. ALL diet pills have side effects. Whether or not everyone is effected is another story. They should normally go away within a week once your body gets used to the changes in its physiology. (The ones that claim the Detox dosn’t work are CRAZY… Its a colon cleanser.. You don’t have a choice but to lose weight 🙂 )

    Within about 2 weeks, I had not lost any weight, but noticed that me “belts had stretched.” The nausea was intense to begin with, but it went away. (And Hey… I DIDNT WANT TO EAT!) Dont believe all the negative reviews as some may come from competing companies 🙂 Nothing is going to work in a week.. It takes time and effort no matter what route you take. Be patient and speak to a Dr. if side effects are bothersome.

    Editor’s comments: Medic, might the positive comments also come from companies promoting their own products, or their affiliates who earn commissions on referred sales? Fact is, ALL comments need to be taken with a grain of salt as there’s absolutely no way to authenticate any of them. There are all sorts of potential conflicts of interests here.

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  263. I started Apidexin thinking that it would be great, boy was I wrong. Apidexin, I feel, has HELPED me loose weight but I think i could’ve done just as well without the pills. The first day I took it I fainted at work;really embarrassing.

    I had to tell my boss and she wasn’t thrilled that I was experimenting at work. Overall, I have lost some weight but I think its because of all the damn water I’ve been drinking!!!

    I dont really recommend this pill, all you need to do to lose some weight is to hit the gym, eat right and drink plenty of WATER!!! Don’t waste your money on this pill, you will feel like crap. 🙁

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  264. I feel upset because of all the good things the website had to say about apidexin. I have used it for a week 2 a day and nothing, no weight loss, no loss of hunger. Dont buy these drugs its blatently a scam!

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  265. Let me just tell you about my experience with Apidexin so far. At 28 years old. 5’10” and 252 lbs, I decided to give this product a go and based on what I read on the website, if it was even 25% as effective as it claimed to be then I would be more than happy with the results. I ordered a 3 month supply, so 3 bottles of Apidexin and 3 bottles of Detox came with it. I started taking the pills back on April 30th 2011 and have taken them regularly everyday and still took them today. The side effects were almost non existent, no problems sleeping, just feel like I had a good strong cup of coffee during the day. I eat healthy, base my diet around the correct calories for my age height and weight, and combine the right ratio of fats, carbs, and protein. I only drink water, and plenty of it throughout the day, no fast food, no junk food, and try not to eat anything processed, yet in the 21 Days I have been using this product, I HAVE NOT LOST A SINGLE POUND.

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  266. 5 stars, first day I lost 3lbs…Just started, most likely water weight but still a good start.
    I give it 5 stars because it does what it says: makes you lose weight.
    Don’t take if you are sensitive to stimulants.
    You feel dizzy, numb, shaky, as if you’ll fall over, eyes and head hurt, and I just had a panic attack.
    It does what it says, makes you lose weight, I’ll give them that.
    But I have a hard time walking, I feel as if another panic attack is coming on and well its kind of scary. So people who are sensitive shouldn’t take this, people who can tolerate this kind of pill… Go for it, makes the pounds pretty much drop off. (: I would though suggest wearing those new fancy undies where you fart and it “Absorbs” the smell, Cause damn I am gasy. 😐

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  267. Another update. Its been not even two days and I am down 5 lbs. Its kind of scary and most likely water weight… But working. I am just gonna think because I don’t really have any stimulant in my diet and never have that this is gonna be extra effective on my body? I don’t drink soda or coffee etc energy shots or any of that. Haven’t had anything like that in about 14-15 years SO. My body is like OH MY GOSH!

    So yep day and half- 5 lbs gone.
    Will post everyday since I am annoying like that (:

    Editor’s comments: Missy, it’s easier for visitors to follow along with your comments if you post them all at once instead of every couple of days. We suggest you keep a short diary on your computer, and post all your comments here once you’ve taken the product for a month. 😉

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  268. Today is my first day. I feel like I have to puke every time I walk.

    It does curve my appetite. It says on the label to drink water but I’m scared to because I feel sick!

    But to me i guess it’s worth it because I really need to get rid of this weight. I had my son 10 months ago and it’s been so hard for me to lose the weight – I went from a size 5 to a size 10! I’m only 5′ and I know that does not look right… I hope it works!!

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  269. I took Apidexin for a month, and I have been dieting and exercising with it. The first 2 days I was a little jittery, but that was it.

    I haven’t had issues with sleeping, but I have to say I only lost 1 inch the entire time of me taking it and I think that it is all due to the diet and exercise that I have been doing. I would think that you should be losing more with proper diet and exercise. So for ME this pill isn’t the right one.

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  270. I’ve been taking this pill for a month now, and i have been upping my dosage. I went from taking 3 to 5 in just one dosage. So overall, I am taking 10 pills in one day! Is this bad or am i just getting tolerant of these pills?

    Editor’s comments: Bri, sounds like you’re building a tolerance to the stimulants in this product. This can be normal. It’s not a good idea to keep increasing the dosage though. Just stick to the retailer’s instructions.

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  271. HI ALL,

    Well I passed my exam and I started taking apidexin again. Although some times feel sick and tired (I mean no energy), I saw the effect of this pill and I think this time I start with one, then two and I will let my body to adjust with the changes. I think we must be patient.

    Thanks editor that lets all people write about their experiences. I always read comments.

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  272. I’ve been on this product for 2 weeks now and I think it works great in the 1st week – I lost 3lbs without changing what I eat or exercising this week. I’ve started eating healthier and lost 5 lbs. so I can’t complain about this product at all!!!

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  273. i just got my pills yesterday, today was my first day, and i have allllllready lost 4lbs!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! i took the 72hour ones and the apidexin, 2 x3 a day … the instructions say 3 x2 a day but … oh well…. 4 LBs ONE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! not even a whole 24 hours 🙂 i started at 150.6… imma go weigh myself now… 145.2! omg…. im happy!!!!!!
    the hunger suppression is awesome i do not get craving or hungry alot, nd got full off a cup of yogurt!!! it made me feel a little sick nothing too bad tho, and made me be really reallly thirsty… no trouble sleeping 🙂 i shall keep yall updated.

    Editor’s comments: Alexa, most weight loss products contain diuretics, and what you’ve lost so quickly is water weight (a pound of fat is the equivalent of almost 3,500 stored calories, 4 lbs, 14,000 calories. Fat is an energy source, and it must be burned as fuel. When you’re losing large amounts of weight very quickly and you’re performing huge amounts of extreme exercise you can bet it’s water. Don’t believe us? Stop taking the product. Within a few days, that lost weight will come right back.)

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  274. I have been taking Apidexin since April 9th and I am not completely finished with the second bottle yet.
    I will be absolutely honest here and say that I have not been “dieting”, I just try to not go over 2000 calories a day and a couple of day a week I try to focus on not going over 1500 calories.

    So far during this time I have lost 8 pounds. It does not sound like very much at all but for someone who has a lazy thyroid it is a constant battle with weight.

    I am satisfied with losing 8 pounds in about 7 weeks time without any strict dieting so I will try another 2 bottles to see how far that takes me.

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  275. I just saw where someone posted a comment and then the editor commented back that maybe it was her diet regimen and not the product. You would have to be ignorant not to know that just a pill is going to make you lose weight. You can take anything you want and if you are still shoving crap into your mouth, your not going to lose weight.

    If you truly want to lose weight then you need to make a lifestyle change. These pills and any other pill is meant to help you get started on that journey. When looking for a weight loss pill, what you should be looking at is the ingredients and how those ingredients will benefit you.

    For example. I was 270lbs after a really bad car accident. I knew I had bad eating habits, couldn’t exercise, and low energy. When I was able to move around. I ordered this product. I cut my calories to 1200 a day and I walked in the evenings after dinner. I switched all sugar to splenda and ate all my carbs before 1pm. I did give myself a cheat day which was on Sundays where I ate what I wanted. That in combination with this product I now weigh 150lbs. I am 5″8 and lost 120 lbs.

    Oh yeah, I am sure now you will ask…..how long did it take to lose the 120lbs right. 10 months 2 weeks and 4 days. I know because when I started it. I started a calendar and marked it off as i was losing. I kept a journal kinda on the calendar. How many inches I had lost, How many lbs, and once a month, I took a picture.

    This pill DOES work if you are not expecting to swallow it and do no work in return. Ask your self this; how bad do you want to lose weight and don’t you deserve to?

    Oh I also wanted to say, if the pill makes you jittery, get up and do something that requires a lot of energy. The reason you feel jittery is because of the caffeine. That feeling goes away over time, i did notice that when I felt jittery in the beginning, if I walked or kept my mind busy, it made it better. If it makes you queasy,which i felt in the beginning also, i ate yogurt with it and it helped. I guess it depends on how bad you want to lose weight, will depend on what you find to make it work.

    Good Luck!!!

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  276. I have only been using it for the past few days and I could only use 1 per day for the first couple of days and today I used 1 in am and 1 in pm and it has been good.

    What I found is that you have to eat within the 30 minutes and drink lots of water and exercise.

    I lost 3lbs. already but like I said eat right and exercise and it will boost your weight loss! I always worked out but would not lose the last few pounds and it seems to be working. I will follow up after a week to give you total weight loss! Hopefully a couple more pounds!

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  277. So today is my 1st day taken apidexin, I took 3 capsules of apidexin and 3 capsules of detoxufree72 in the morning 30 mins before breakfast with 2 glasses of h2o, After 30 mins, I ate breakfast and after my breakfast a while, I went to run. After 20 mins of warm up and running, I went to take a rest and feels unwell…felt like I’m out of energies…felt very weak, a little bit of dizziness felt like I want to puke, and also felt like I need to go poo-poo.

    It’s kinda weird how all these things happened in patterns…. Oh and btw, this is my first time exercising in my whole life..,,. So I really don’t know if all that symptoms came from the drug are from my running cause I push my self too hard….I reallly have no clues, these things never happen before, but I will continue taking the pills and exercising. See if anything getting better. Oh and yet, after I poo-pooed, I feel normal… Like nothing had ever happened….. So I’ll update my status tomorrow again. 🙂

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  278. Today, like Nicole, is my very first day on Apidexin….literally just took the first pill no more than 10 minutes ago and now Im eating breakfast.

    So as my day progresses (Im at work), I will keep a diary about it and update the site weekly with my progress. By the way: Im 5’3”, 178, 37 inch waist, 38DD, 26 years old…I know it sounds bad, but my weight sits in my thighs, legs, breasts and my tummy pooch (which is what I want to get rid of).

    I exercise about 3 days a week, nothing strenuous and I have began eating healthier (smaller portions, fish, veggies and fruits, no fruit juice, sodas or sweets) since a week ago.

    Hopefully…..I see results from this product…everyone is different. 🙂

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  279. I started taking Apidexin on Saturday June 4, 2011. I have been exercising regularly for the last 3 months, 2 hours a day, four/five days a week and although I have lost size, I have not lost weight. Since I began taking Apidexin I have lost 1 1/2 pound steady every day.

    I think that the plateau I have been on is now broken. I have only experienced one side effect of the pill and that is sleeplessness, although mild, I find it difficult to fall asleep. Once asleep though I have no problems staying that way. I only purchased one bottle as I wanted to see how it works for me. I will update this in a few weeks.

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  280. I am using Apidexin in combination with the JNK Diet. I am only about a week in and I have lost 4.5 pounds. I bought one bottle, but I am definitely ordering more to finish out the summer. I have had no side effects, just reduced appetite and a few pounds lost.

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  281. I just Read EVERY review. I think you may have made an “epic fail” as in regards t “geoff’s” feedback. He said that 25mg of Active foskolin that’s in apidexin is clinically proven to help people lose on average 9.9 pounds while building lean muscle when people take it twice daily. You told Geoff he is wrong but he is actually right and you are went Paul. Sort of wrong. 250mg of coleus forskohlii standardized to 10% forskolin = 25mg of Active Forskolin (it’s simple division).

    Anyways… Apidexin s a great product. The clinically proven ingredients + really effective real world ingredients taken In Clinically proven dosages is as good as it gets. You shouldnt knock it because your not an affiliate for it.

    Editor’s comments: Uh, Marcus, it sounds like you are in the business of promoting Apidexin. No one else would get so upset that we aren’t promoting this product.

    Instead of talking, why don’t you actually READ our comments on Forskohlin and better yet, why don’t you READ the clinical study we referenced earlier. It is NOT 25 mg of active forskohlin, it is 25 mg of active forskohlin given twice a day. That’s 50 mg, and that’s what was used in the clinical study. If you read the study you’d have seen that for yourself.

    Oh, and by the way, Geoff’s exact words were…

    “25mg of active forskohliin has been clinically proven to lose 9.9 pounds of fat while building lean muscle.”

    Seems he didn’t read the study either.

    The reason why we don’t promote this product are…

    1) It is OVER priced.
    2) The company that retails it has an F rating with the Better Busines Bureau.
    3) The claims of clinically proven ingredients are ridiculous and you know it; the proprietary label ensures there is no way to confirm any of the ingredients are present in dosages that correspond to the positive clinical study, and if you review the studies and present the results in context none are overly dramatic.

    Sorry, Marcus – YOU made the epic fail. If you want to argue on the side of Geoff despite the fact we’ve called him on every one of his dumb-assed comments and arguments, you obviously work for the company.

    Oh yes – one more thing, since you obviously haven’t figured it out; this site is reserved for people who have used the products in question. Any further ridiculous comments will be deleted, Marcus.

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  282. Day 4-

    Woke up at 5am. Took a pill and ate my breakfast together along with a 16 oz bottle of water. I honestly feel great. I know I’m slimming down. Even on my period. I feel like the pill and the excess water intake is helping get rid of at least all the water retention I have around this time of the month. I do weigh 1 pound less than when I first started. Official weigh-in/measurements postponed until after my cycle ends (Sun/Mon).

    But I don’t really judge my weight loss by how much I weigh because all throughout high school and early adulthood I was extremely active in sports. I built up major muscles in my legs and thighs during track & field, cheerleading and softball. I know I have a lot of muscles in my legs which make me heavier than I look. I’ve always weighed more than I looked. I had a child three years ago and almost immediately lost the weight afterwards but the stress of single motherhood and my job at the time caused me to eat horribly and I gained back the baby weight plus more. I don’t want to be my high school size not even my pre-baby weight….because I lovemy hips, thighs and booty (I didn’t have all these curves before my son)! I just go by inches and my tummy. I just want to get rid of my pooch/muffin top!

    You all should know that I am on apidexin in conjunction with Nutrisystem and no alcohol. No liquor or beer; I’m a big drinker with a super high alcohol tolerance and I drank almost daily. So this has added stupid weight in the past 2 months. I have done Nutrisystem twice for one month each time, at different times in the past 2 years.

    Each time, by limiting my alcohol intake to weekends and ONLY a little wine, and exercising 2 days a week for an hour; I lost 10lbs and 3-4 inches in a month. The exercise I was doing was your basic aerobics/Pilates that would come on cable TV (Fit TV) or I did the elliptical at the gym for about 30mins and a brisk walk/jog on the treadmill for about 30mins.

    I want apidexin to “supercharge” my Nutrisystem diet and exercise this time, in hopes I will lose more than 10lbs. I think people are taking apidexin and then doing nothing and thinking you will see fast results. It’s a supplement…meaning it supplements or ‘adds’ to your already established diet and/or exercise plan…if you have one. Nutrisystem did not work fast but I committed to it and it worked!

    Today, I feel great! No side effects…seriously. I feel awesome. And I sense a change in my body…I’m craving more water now! More energy in the morning and afternoons. Days 1-3 I was affected by s couple headaches and queasiness but that’s all subsided now. And I look forward to eating my Nutrisystem meal and taking my apidexin knowing that even if the pill is not what it’s claimed to be, at least with Nutrisystem, I will still see weight loss.

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  283. I have been using t for exactly 7 days and have dropped 4 pounds. I’m also on Nutrisystem. I have used Nutrisystem twice before for a month each time and lost about 2-2 1/2 pounds a week. Seems apidexin has supercharged my weight loss. I’m happy with it and look forward to the weight loss that is sure to come. #thatisall

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  284. I had been to this site before I began using Apidexin, I probably wouldn’t of ordered it if I read the comments beforehand. Since I spent $90some dollars on it I decided to give it a try anyways-I’m glad I did. For a few reasons.

    Here’s some background about me/body type: I am 5’8″ and a slender 147#, I am taking apidexin to help get back to my fit 138#. Not major weight loss but the last 10# is the hardest! I always eat healthy already for me it’s more of a getting enough exercise thing-not cardio, but strength training.

    First i was a little apprehensive of taking both the Detox72 stuff while taking the Apidexin, so during this time I only took 1 Apidexin twice a day. (I was also nervous about side effects and not being able to handle them both)

    After the first couple days I began taking 1 Apidexin twice a day (only for about one day) to make sure the side effects were tolerable, no prob. So, I increased to 2 pills twice a day. I did cut out coffee and energy drinks. I’m already a “diet whore” so they were all already no cream or sugar. So literally, my diet was already almost pristine-just so those of you who say it’s the diet change that results in the actual weight loss, I could tell-at least in my personal experience.

    I realized there are no side effects that I have experienced to I went ahead and kicked up to three pills three times a day after about a week.

    I understand there is not a magic pill, so there is one thing I have done differently with my diet and has helped with my body shape. I increased the protein in my diet. I have always been a real healthy vegetarian and ate lots of protein but my doctor told me I was still deficient and my actual protien intake goal was getting a minimum of my body weight in healthy protein-that’s a crazy amount to try to consume in a day! So I have been drinking EAS protein shakes twice a day, eating two Atkins protein bars, eating a lean protein for dinner ( have even had to start eating chicken! Yuck!) Also, my bodybuilder friends suggest eating lots of healthy carbs one day then drop it off to minimal carbs the next.

    So, it may be the high protein that has reshaped my body because I haven’t lost too many pounds (granted it’s only been a little over a week) but my shape is amazing. How I fit into clothes is amazing)

    And why I will continue to use (and love) Apidexin:

    I have never been so lean at the weight I am at. I believe Apidexin is incredibly efficient at removing the bloat and water weight-which makes a big difference in how you look and feel.

    AND>>>nobody else has mentioned this but my libido is crazy good! (blushing..) but seriously I will keep taking Apidexin for a good long while…

    If I remember I will update after a month or so.

    Also, peeps, seriously, we know there is no magic pill but sometimes even if it is more like a placebo it will mentally get us going in the right direction.

    Best diet tips I ever received:

    water minimum of 64oz a day, preferably up to 120!

    Focus on eating your body weight in lean protein.

    Carb cycle, look it up online.

    Eat a piece of fruit with each meal AND snack-gotta get that fiber!!

    Take a vitamin

    Eat constantly throughout the day. For example,
    a 6-8 oz LEAN protein shake as soon as you wake up, two hours later eat a low carb, HIGH protein, low calorie protien bar with an apple, have another small protien shake another 2 hours later with another apple (no oranges or bananas if trying to lose weight, well, maybe on a high carb day) keep going like this until dinner- high lean protein and lots of veggies. etc.

    If you hate counting calories try to just count protien, carbs and servings of fruit and veggies. You’ll stay right where you should just trying to get all those in! An awesome app to keep track is called Daily Burn. Good luck!!! 🙂

    For me, Apidexin is awesome, so I will keep taking it!!

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  285. I’ve been reading the reviews and see nothing but people complaining about how apidexin makes them feel jittery and nauseous. I’m not sure how they are taking it but it shouldn’t make you feel THAT terrible.

    Week 1. I started taking 1 pill a day 30 min before breakfast and lunch
    Week 2. Took 2 pills 30 min before breakfast and lunch
    Week 3 and so on – took 3 pills 30 min before breakfast and lunch

    Ease yourself into it.***Do not take any pills after 1pm***

    IF YOU DO NOT EAT AN ACTUAL MEAL after taking Apidexin then of course you will feel bad. I am not talking about slim fast or whatever weird diet foods people are eating. Eat right and your body will feel right!

    Immediately I noticed an increase in energy and a more positive mood.I do an hour of cardio 6 days a week and 3 days a week I also do strength training. I am already pretty small 130 pounds, so I am not shedding ridiculous amounts of pounds (i.e. 9 pounds a week or anything), but using apidexin has helped me have the energy to work out and eat right. I average about 2 pounds a week.

    If you aren’t going to make sure you eat something healthy after taking it, and you aren’t going to give your body the time it needs to adjust to the pill then don’t order it. If you are committed to your health and healthy weight loss then give it a try, at least for the first bottle. If you hate it, send it back.


    Editor’s comments: Jasmin; each individual’s physiology is unique, so it is not unlikely that some people really don’t respond well to this product – just like how folks on the other end of the spectrum feel really energized by it. Given this unique nature of each user, it’s perfectly reasonable to see a whole gamut of responses…

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  286. I was very hesitant to try out this product as I have tried diet pills before and have never had results.

    I’m 5’6 and a week ago when I started the pills I weighted in at 199. Now a week after I weigh in at 191.

    My goal weight is 150 to 155. I admit the first 3 or 4 days I felt pretty jittery and nauseous and now I feel energized and my appetite has decreased a lot. I take 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills before lunch.

    Hopefully I continue to lose weight and it stays off. So far I’m loving this pill.

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  287. honestly, after reading all of theses comments, the only thing that really bugged me was how rude sounding the “editors comments” were, the way you talked to some of the people on here is ridiculous! I ordered Apidexin a few days ago, and plan on using them for quite a while. I’ll keep everything posted up and don’t want to see any rude editors comments!

    Thank you,

    Bobbi 😉

    Editor’s comments: Bobbi, we have nearly 5,000 posted comments on here, and we highly doubt you’ve read more than a handful. And we’re pretty sure you didn’t read this site’s FAQ page to learn a little more about what we do, or who we are. We’re here as consumer advocates and to educate.

    Anyone who makes a civil comment in the interest of genuine discussion is never treated rudely here. Anyone who calls our motives into question or “speaks” rudely to us, can expect to get it right back – with bells on. We won’t tolerate nonsense of any sort.

    Those are the rules by which this site operates. If that doesn’t work for you – and we do not mean this “rudely” or in a mean-spirited fashion – you’d be better of posting your experiences somewhere else.

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  288. I’ve been on Apidexin for 6 weeks and Ive lost 13 pounds now. It’s awesome. I’m on in as supplement to Nutrisystem. They are working well together. And the weight is dropping off, week by week.
    I think about 2 more weeks, I’ll be 20 pounds down.

    Editor’s comments: By combining Apidexin with a calorie reduced plan like NutriSystems, you are bound to lose weight. While Apidexin may give you an extra boost of energy that makes dealing with lower calorie levels easier, your weight loss is almost entirely attributable to a reduced caloric intake – as provided by NutriSystems.

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  289. I love the editors comments…keep it up!

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  290. I am waiting for my apidexin, i’m not sure i did the right thing after reading all the comments.
    What I learned so far is that it works for a handfull of people, that it has crazy side effects and that the people running this site are obviously against this products!

    Editor`s comments: Sigh. Nathalie, what you obviously didn`t bother to learn was a little about us. Maybe you should do that before you tell us what we are and are not, against.

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  291. I love this stuff! I started taking apidexin because of the great reviews I saw for it. I have been taking it now for 7 weeks and I am down 8 pounds. I am very pleased with that weight loss as it seems to be steady and permanent! I love the appetite suppressant and the energy. I am sticking with this because it is still working for me!

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  292. I just ordered the pill last week and I have been taking it every day at the suggested dose. This week I have lost 7 pounds in addition to eating healthy and exercising. I was VERY surprised to see all of the negative comments on this site about the pill. I have experienced no side effects and I feel great. I’m also only 18 and have a very healthy immune system if that has anything to do with it.. I realized this pill may not work for everyone but I suggest just giving it a try and just buying one bottle to start with. Thats what I did and it has worked well for me so far. I don’t know if I will continue losing weight at this rate but it has given me the motivation to keep going and hopefully meet my goal. Good luck.

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  293. I think it’s important to remember that it just isn’t going to be for everyone. So I appreciate the honesty and those people who understand that. I just started Apidexin today, so I’m not sure how it will work for me, but I will be sure to come back every couple weeks. I do have a question though, for those of you who posted after a week of taking it, did you continue to take the pill? What were your results week 3+? I ask because alot of those first week amazing results are usually just water weight, so I’m curious what the results are once those first 1-2 weeks are over. As for me I’m hopeful but slightly skeptical, I tend to fluctuate 3-4 lbs during the course of a day. So to come back and say I lost 3 whole pounds on this would be like saying I measured myself in the morning instead of the afternoon. So we’ll see, I’ll come back weekly and post an ongoing reaction.

    (Later this afternoon)
    So I have been on it all day (3 pills 30 mins before breakfast, 3 pills 30 min before lunch) and haven’t felt any adverse side-effects. So hopefully that just means it won’t make me sick and not that it won’t work at all.

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  294. I just ordered a two month supply of the Apidexin. I’ve read A LOT of the comments on here. Some good. Some bad. Some people get nauseous. Some don’t. Some lose weight. Some don’t. I guess I won’t know what will happen to me until I take it myself. But I do appreciate everybody’s opinions and thoughts. I will let you know how I do! Wish me luck!!

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  295. I am very disappointed in several of the reviews on here. I have been on apidexin for quite some time. I had a baby 8 months ago, I work full time and I still find to go to the gym first thing in the morning, and walk/exercise in my neighborhood with my 8 month old. I’m cutting all sugars and eating my carbs first thing in the morning. Apidexin has done nothing but boost my energy and jump start my weight loss. Sure I get jittery sometimes but that’s about it. You should take this pill before breakfast and before lunch..not before dinner?? I am EXTREMELY pleased with my weight loss so far. And I’m sure that most people who have bad reviews and here did not want to eat right or exercise… I have and I couldn’t be happier!

    Editor’s comments: Cecilia, you can’t assume that people who didn’t experience your sort of results weren’t doing the right things – after all, none of the “weight loss” claims the retailers make for this product are backed by credible science. Your results can just as easily be attributed to your smart diet and exercise plan. The “energy” provided by Apidexin is the exactly what you’ll get from any caffeine based product. No miracles here unfortunately.

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  296. I’m 18 and just had knee surgery and I’m looking for a pill too just give me energy and help me out. I haven’t been able too run or anything for 8 months and Im a pretty big guy (5’11 240 lbs).

    I just got a bottle two days ago and the energy kick was great. I was able too work out just fine, but the down side is the sleep part I wake up here and there and its annoying.

    I really don’t feel sick because I make sure too eat a little snack and drink lots of water.
    If you buy this product I would start off slow 1 a day then try two the next week. It’s not a magic pill so don’t rely on it. Power walk and diet right and it does work. Be open minded about it put some hard work with this pill and you will see results. I love it and will show results when I’m done.

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  297. I had already purchased a few bottles of Apidexin without paying much thought to whether it might be a scam or authentically helpful. Thanks to this site I am now aware that most of the patented ingredients have not really been tested on human beings, and what is worse, we are not given a percentage of the amount of each ingredient included.

    I have almost finished the first bottle I have, and can say that at best, it gives me a boost of energy in the morning and later in the day. I have been using it for three weeks and training 4 to 5 times per week and have not lost more weight than I would had I just trained without it. I appreciate the slight energy boost but have already ordered another supplement (recommended here) which I have a good feeling about.

    Thank you for this site and for providing the opportunity for those of us who are serious about our health to read and assess what is fact from fiction.

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  298. I’m particularly glad to have found this site due to all the great advice on how to take this supplement (I’ve already purchased, but haven’t received it yet). However, I must say, it seems the editors are quite biased and I’m curious as to whether it’s only regarding weight loss supplements or if it’s on ALL nutritional supplements??

    At any rate, the reason I’m posting is because of some negative comments regarding having issues with returning the product.

    Needless to say, it’s always important to get as much contact information as possible BEFORE you purchase anything online and it’s just as important to keep your receipts. However, if you have any issues with returning a product….lost receipt, no response from company, etc…you can always contact your credit card company to request a “chargeback”. Any time I’ve had issues with a “bad” purchase and haven’t gotten anywhere with the company, I’ve done this and have gotten my money back EVERY time.

    Editor’s comments: How about learning about who we are and what we do before you comment on our bias?

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  299. I started taking Apidexin about a week ago and instead of weighing myself I’ve been measuring my bust, waist, and hips. I’ve noticed about 3 inches gone but I’m thinking at this point its mostly water weight… I’m worried about losing weight too fast and having excess skin. Has anyone had this problem. If so, do you have any suggestions on how to avoid it.

    Editor’s comments: Lauren, this is extremely unlikely to be a problem – there isn’t anything in this product that will cause that sort of rapid weight loss.

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  300. I’ve noticed everyone posts after one week and very few do after 2 or more weeks! I started off at 180.5 and after week one (2 pills a day, and 3 days of detox) i lost 6.5 pounds. I also worked out for an hour or longer losing anywhere between 300-500 cals on ellipticals alone. I also watched what i ate like crazy. After week 2, i only lost an additional 2 pounds. Still progress but it’s not a miracle pill and any substantial weight loss is going to take a while. keep your heads up everyone!

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  301. I searched the internet for tons of reviews on Apidexin before I bought it and I read lots of positive and negative comments. I decided to try it anyway because I think with something like a diet pill, one good review makes you curious and the only way to stop thinking and wondering is to try it.. so I did!
    Before I tell you my weights let me first explain that I am only 5ft 2 and 20 years old.

    I have only been taking apidexin for 1 day (today is my second day) and I have had no side effects yet (They do taste and smell nasty though). Before starting them, my digital scales weighed me as 8stone 7.6. Today my scales (wearing the same clothes and weighing at the same time) tell me I weigh 8Stone 6.6. Which is a pound lost. I am aware that peoples’ weight fluctuates but mine really doesn’t. I have been on weight watchers for 3 months (My starting weight was 8stone 12.8)and once I hit 8stone7.6 the scales didnt change. I jogged, drank lots of water and even gave the scales a small kick and nothing would put me below 8stone7.6. I took these pills for 1 day and I have finally broken through to 8Stone6.6!!! Im am very happy. I will however say to anyone that wants to use these as a magic pill.. I am on a calorie controlled diet. I would reccommend these to someone who has hit that plateau and needs a bit of help but to someone who wants to eat mcdonalds all day and still expect a loss, I don’t think you can rely on my review.

    I will happily continue to update because I was desperate for a review which would follow up. If I only lost another pound with these I would be happy as I needed a push and I dont need to lose too much so if you have 20+ lbs to lose, again im not going to be a review to rely on.

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  302. Been taking apidexin for 5 days now. I have gone from 8stone 7.6 to 8stone 4.4. Not his is not water weight because I hate water and only drank the required amount for the first 2 days. No side effects. I would say not to mix these with alcohol as I made that mistake and couldn’t shake off the dizzy feeling until lunchtime next day. Great pills so far. Can see that my stomach is flatter and Im not as hungry as I used to be. I used to obsess about food. Will comment back soon to let you know if the weight loss continues.

    Editor’s comments: Kelly, you do not have to drink water to lose water weight; your body is made up of over 70% water!

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  303. Been taking apidexin for 5 days now. I have gone from 8stone 7.6 to 8stone 4.4. Not his is not water weight because I hate water and only drank the required amount for the first 2 days. No side effects. I would say not to mix these with alcohol as I made that mistake and couldn’t shake off the dizzy feeling until lunchtime next day. Great pills so far. Can see that my stomach is flatter and Im not as hungry as I used to be. I used to obsess about food. Will comment back soon to let you know if the weight loss continues.

    Editor’s comments: Kelly, you don’t need to drink water to lose water weight.

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  304. It has been about week of taking the pill and I have actually gained weight I dont understand what I am doing wrong? I take it 20 minutes before my meals and walk. Is there anything else? Has anyone had this happen?

    Editor’s comments: Yes, Ana, lots of people. For the most part, the claims made for Apidexin are not based on anything remotely resembling reality, so it’s not surprising you have not seen much in the way of results.

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  305. I start by admitting that although I did read about the moderators I thought that they were slightly against diet pills. However, my apologies as everything that you have said is right!
    I took the pills for just under a month and haven’t taken them now for 5 days and im still suffering from their effects. I had no side effects whilst taking these pills but once I stopped taking them I got very ill. At first I thought I had food poisoning but 5 days after it is still bad.
    Everytime I eat or drink, my belly goes from being flat to looking like I am 4 months pregnant. It goes hard and swells and hurts! Plus I can eat about half a sandwich before I feel so full I am sick.
    I haven’t been to the doctors because I know they will tell me how stupid I am for taking them.
    So whilst you take them, they work… when you come off them… It is definitely not worth it.

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  306. I have been using this product in conjunction with a Acai/Green Tea supplement, and a Relacore PM at night. You will find if you start researching, Vitamins such as B or C, will actually help give you energy and aid in the process of metabolizing fat. That is mostly what I am finding with these fat burners.

    Let me start by saying, I do not exercise, I have tried different diets the atkins was my favorite but, this calorie one is better because I have more foods to choose from. I weighed 223 pounds at the start of this a month ago, today I weigh 219, however, I don’t stick to it very strictly, you are supposed to fluctuate your calories(not meat lover’s pizza fluctuate, two times a week you should eat about 500 more calories), it tricks the metabolism somehow.

    With that said, I will tell you there are no instantaneous rewards if you don’t exercise with any supplement you may take, it will take longer than a week for results. I am a person the likes instant gratification so, yes I was expecting a miracle but, it didn’t happen. I didn’t give up though.

    With a little dedication and a small but meaningful lifestyle change, you will see results. There is a free tool you may use on freedieting.com website, a simple calorie counter. You may have to cut out 500-700 calories out of your diet depending how much you weigh, but it is worth it.

    I have taken these aforementioned pills and cut back on an almond joy or 6, for a little over a month. I have lost 4 pounds already and I feel much better than I have in a while. I haven’t experienced any symptoms, but I started taking the detoxufree72 without taking the apidexin the first two days, the third day I took the regular dose of detox plus one apidexin and still no side effects. I stayed with taking one for about a week, then I upped it to two. No side effects. You have to let your body adjust.

    To those with side sffects, I may mention that I am not allergic to anything that Ive ever eaten or taken, and I am not really sensitive to medicine or caffeine.

    I rarely ever leave a consumer review but, I like this website.

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  307. Hello ya all-

    I started Apidexin about a week ago now and have lost exactly 6lbs. Now I have also been bond to the gym and working out for 1 to 2 hours every other day at the YMCA. So i don’t know if its just the Apidexin that’s getting the weight off?? Though i have not fully changed my diet, some days im good with what i eat and others i just eat what ever sounds good at the time/moment.
    O a little about me- I am a 21year old female, and am or was 200lbs when starting. Now i am at 195lbs. YAY! I also found out this month that i have PCOS- (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and as well i have a very bad auto immune system and seem to get sick often. My Doc. started me on some hormones and Birth control for the PCOS. In witch I was a little worried at first that the Apidexin and birth control would affect one another. But alas that has not been the case. 🙂 -I will keep taking the Apidexin until this bottle is gone and if I lose more then 10more lbs before it is, then I feel I will def. be purchasing more of this product. I am going to try and not work out a full week and see if I will still loss weight just taking the Apidexin.

    How I’ve been taking it:
    Started taking the detouxFREE72: 3pills 2Xdaily @am + noon for 3days.
    Then I started taking Apidexin: 1pill 2Xdaily @am +noon- will do so till bottle is gone

    Remember lots off water was also consumed- x.x – I feel that’s what made me full all the time- So much water-

    Also I have not had any side affects- O what the first day I was a little dizzy and very tired but that went away on the 2nd day of taking the Detoux72. But other then that I have been doing fine- In fact I feel I have more energy.Witch is good seen’s i work at a hosp. i quite need it, always on my feet.

    – OK see ya, ya all! (^.~”) Wink!
    Good luck to all and i hope this keeps working-

    I just posted this same thing on another site-

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  308. I just got apidexin in the mail yesterday and popped it in my mouth a-sap I felt it after 10 minutes. I have yet to experience the symptoms but Im letting my body get used to it before I start taking 2 pills a day. I dropped two pounds since yesterday but Im also on a no carb diet and working out I got Apidexin to help speed up the process. Im 5″3′ and weigh 123 so Im obviously not trying to lose a ton of weight just shed a few lbs on the belly. I’ll check back in a couple weeks. Ps the energy it gives you feels amazing I feel like I can work out forever, so far this is a good product.

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  309. Okay, here’s the thing. I’m gonna give these things a shot, but to all you people out there who complain about all the side affects consider these things before you ever take another diet pill again:
    Are you allergic to any of the ingredients (sometimes nausea, abdominal pain, and diarhea can be allergic reactions (like me with peanuts))?
    Are you sensitive to caffine?
    Are you using the product inconjuction with a health diet and exercise program or are you being lazy and wanting the pill to do all the work?
    Also consider what type of fat you are trying to lose (visceral or subcutaneous). Also if you aren’t getting enough good fat in your diet your body will hord any fat it can get. Not to mention, our brains are mostly fat, and they need fat to function! If you say you can’t function or think clearly it is PROBABLY BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT GETTING ENOUGH GOOD FAT IN YOUR DIET!!!!!
    People everywhere need to talk to a nutritionist, or at least pay attention in health class in high school.

    Clearly this product is not for everyone. If it doesn’t work for you say so, but don’t get on some website and act like you are the foremost expert of the subject (this isn’t wikipedia)
    My trainer takes it, because it has an ingredient that promotes joint health, and recommended it to me to take with my glucosumine pills for my knees. And you should ALWAYS ask a doctor if a pill is right for you, regardless of whether or not it is a Rx. As a general rule, most of these pills are designed for people who have been actively working out and dieting, but have reached a plateau; but they are marketed toward people who don’t or haven’t worked out (but it always says for optimal results use in conjunction with a diet and exercise program.)
    The problem here in america, is that we want to be handed everything on a silver platter, and don’t want to look for it.
    And that is my soap box for the day!
    Dear Editor: The jury is out on Detoxing, (much like acupuncture and hypnosis). It works for some, not for others, but almost all studies are inconclusive at best; however, I agree there are a lot of scams out there. Also 1 of the ingredients has been shown to help your body develop lean muscle mass, but so does heating dark green leafy vegitables

    Editor’s comments: Actually, the jury is NOT out on detoxing. There is no evidence of ANY sort to support it. Any there is plenty that shows it’s advertising nonsense. Instead of reading product advertising, you should be reading stuff like this…


    Please provide links to the published clinical studies that show “inconclusive” results on detoxing.

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  310. i have just ordered Apidexin 2 bottles with the detox. I am 5’2 and weigh 152 lbs. my regular weight from before i was 110 lbs about 14 months ago. so now i have gone over weight. im just wondering because ihave been a smoker for about 15 yrs i know it will be hard for me to quit even tho that is one of my future goal along with the weight loss. and im just wondering is this doet pill ok to take if you smoke?.

    I have been serching every site i can find with any questions and answers on this specific smoking question and nothing. does anyone else smoke while they r taking Apidexin?

    Editor’s comments: There are normally any contraindications for smoking, but you will want to check with the retailer.

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  311. I don’t know if my comment will be relevant or taken in consideration because I have never tried this product. In fact I have never tried any fat loss pill in my life. I’ve been overweight almost all my life, I’m 6’2 and 250 pounds. The main problem with me is the lack of motivation to exercise. I hate my overweight but I’m lazy as nobody else! 5 years ago, I was at the top of my weight, around 270 pounds, and something happened in my head, I got enough motivation to go to the gym with solid and sustained persistence and discipline. I changed my food habits and in 4 months I lost an amazing 55 pounds while getting some muscles and feeling netter than ever! For my height it was my perfect weight! but then I lost again motivation and since, slowly, I regained almost all my weight back to 250 pounds. I really hate me because of this lack of motivation. Today I was watching a video in youtube when I saw an add about a swiss fat loss pill, I’m not a believer, so I went to a product review site that was very discouraging about this swiss pill, but it was suggesting apidexin as the best pill ever with a rate of 9.9/10…I said…mmm maybe it can work (the dream! loss fat with no exercise) then I went to the apidexin site and I was almost close to buy the 3 month package, when my non-believer side ring in my head and I started to look for other product review sites. I found many with very suspected 90% favorable apidexin reviews, which, as I said, were too suspected for me. Finally I found this site, and I have spent at least one hour reading comments, and I find it very professional and honest, because as we all know, fat lost happens only with a well-balanced life with exercise as I personally experienced, and the editor doesn’t stop repeating this. But I still would like to dream, and I went to the site of isatori which is considered by the editor as a very recommended honest-business enterprise. My non-believer side again tells me that there’s no such miracle pill, I know there isn’t, but if is there a product that in fact helps burn fat cells? I can make cardio exercises at home and I can reduce my daily calories, all I need to bust my motivation is to see quick results. Is there such a product?

    Editor’s comments: Most of the sites that rate fat burners 9.9 out of 10 are either owned by the retailer, or they own a commission on referred sales. There are no “9.9 out 10 fat burners.” Not even the Isatori products – they are well formulated, but they aren’t miracle pills. One of the reasons we recommend them is because if they are purchased direct online, they are backed by a 100% money back guarantee (and yes, they do honor the guarantee). That removes the risk of a purchase for you, and we like that. Fat burners can be helpful, and many people like them – even if for nothing more than the boost of energy they provide, but the fundamentals of weight loss are always the same – eat fewer calories than you expend. Oh yes, and exercise. 😉

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  312. I ordered apidexin and then read the reviews! Needless to say I was a little nervous after some of the ones I read: shakiness, stomach pains, even nose bleeds! I thought I would give it a try since I already paid for them! Today is the first day I have taken the pills. I took three of the detox pills and one apidexin at 7:00 am. I haven’t had ANY bad side effects at all! MY energy levels are higher, I worked out for an hour at the gym and worked out hard! I’m not hungry at all either! So far so good, I’ll post more updates on my progress through out the week!

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  313. I am on day 2 of taking the Detox 72 and Apidexin. So far I am having no major side effects and have lost 3.6 pounds. I am drinking lots of water, but must admit the only exercise I have is running around with my 3 children. I have found that between yesterday and today I am not nearly as hungry and therefore eating much less. I am weighing in at 177.2 pounds now, and am interested to see what the end results will be after taking the Apidexin for the full 30 days as I have read both good and bad comments regarding the pills.

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  314. It has been 4 days thus far and I finished the 3 day detox 72 phase. Still no side effects to speak of, but I also switched from coffee to decaf tea. I have seen a weight loss of only a few pounds but have already lost inches overall. I am finding that I do not eat as much but do drink the recommended amounts of extra water per day. I am anxious to see what the next week holds for me. I have also found that with the added energy I am beginning to walk each day and getting more things done.

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  315. I started taking Apidexin in feburary 2012, i weighed 284lbs and i am 5’8. I used the pills and the detoxin together and ih ave to say, no side effects for me. Only a slight headache once in a while but that is usually normal for me. I lost 20lbs in the 3 months i was taking it. I got off of it for a while because of some personal matters and now i am going back on it. I LOVE IT! it works great. As long as you watch what you eat, propotion your food and work out you are golden! I have to say i Exercising a lot in the begining and then stopped because of my schedule but i kept losing weight while watching what i was eating and taking there. Exercising def helps move the pounds along. Today i am at 263 and still would like to lose another 80-100 lbs.

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  316. No more easy way out for me. I took one at breakfast and another at lunch, probably 6 hours apart. 1 hour after the second 1 started sweating and my heart was beating so fast to the point I couldn’t breathe a couple times. i felt like a crackhead. And don’t think the side effects are over quick. They last a long time. The pulse is already bad but then you panic and that speeds it up even more. I am sending them back right away.The detox has no side effects but the actual pill is horrible.

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  317. can you smoke and drink alcohol on these pills. also is there anyone over 50 that has tried this fast burning pill?

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    • Editor’s comments: Alcohol is high in calories. Weight loss requires a caloric deficit. If you plan on drinking regularly, don’t bother with a weight loss pill – it’s a waste of money.

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  318. I’m 20 years old 5’6 329lbs. I am disabled, and to be honest I only bought the pills thinking that it will help me lose weight without any changes in my eating or even doing any exercise. I convinced myself that it’ll work because everybody body’s experience different affects. I am one lazy person. Seriously! I think I will start off with the detox first 3 pills for one day as directed, then start on the Apidexin afterwards. Being overly obese already I don’t really think things can get any worse. I haven’t even spoken with my doctor about taking these pills, and I really don’t think I will. Editor what should I do?

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    • Ashley: We don’t know much about your situation, but we’re sure being disabled makes it tough to be as active as you could be. The problem is, weight loss (or gain) is very simple; consume more calories than you need, and you will gain weight. Consume less, and you will lose. Fat burners can help, but only a little. There is no magic pill. We recommend you find a BMR calculator, and determine how many calories you need daily. Then determine how many you consume daily. if you consume more than you need, Apidexin – or any other product in the world – won’t help you.

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  319. Thank you for your insight. But actually the Apidexin is working for me. I’ve already lost weight and I’ve just been using it for a few days. I haven’t changed how I eat, but I have started doing just a few simple sit-ups (10) a day and normal stretches.

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  320. For the people that said that this product actually worked, can you tell me the site where you bought it? thank you so much. I have been trying to lose 40 lb that i put on me since I started college. I need to be good by the end of the summer

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  321. My wife has been taking apidexin 380mg and the PM tablets and also the shredder tablets. She is now feeling sick when she eats food and her period is 5 days late. Why would this cause her period to be late?? And she feels tired all the time.

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  322. I started the Abidexin three days ago in conjunction with the 72 hour cleanse and the 7 day detox. It was a lot at once.

    Day 1- I felt horrible. My stomach felt sick and I felt sick and it was AWFUL.

    Day 2- I took the pills again feeling super wary of what would happen and super glas I picked a three day weekend to start this because the day before I had felt like crap. On the second day though I still felt a little unsettled but forcing myself to eat a portioned meal after the pills helped a lot. The first day I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t eat or drink enough water which is what I think caused the sick feeling. The second day I still felt funny but the food helped and I made sure to drink more water.

    Day 3- Today is day three. I haven’t been tracking pounds or anything but I’ve been trying to gauge if my body can even handle the pill. I believe it can. I haven’t had any sleeping problems at all on the pill whatsoever. I know that many people have and I was worried I would still feel sick today and that I wouldn’t sleep but I find I’m ok. I FEEL lighter and my stomach feels, different. It might be a mental thing that I feel like I’m thinner, like I said I haven’t been keeping track like I should be but I wanted to see if my body could even do it before I started tracking.

    So overall I’m going to leave it at three stars for now. I feel lighter and I feel a lot better but we’ll see. It took a couple days to adjust. I’m only taking one pill with breakfast and one with lunch right now. Once I am through the first week or so I will up it to two to see how that goes. I’m trying to ease in so I don’t shock my body. It took a couple days but I feel fine taking them now but I can see how people would give up on that first day, it was a tough day.

    I’ll update when I finish my first month.

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