Redline Fat Burner Review: Redline Is Powerful Stuff!

You’ve probably seen some pretty outrageous advertising statements in your quest to find a little “unbiased” information about Redline. Here’s the best I’ve found to date…

“Check out this freaky scientific VPX breakthrough: RED LINE®: is the only matrix ever developed to shred fat through the shivering response in the body.

By shivering the body burns huge amounts of stored bodyfat for energy in an effort to keep the body warm. That’s not all! In addition to shivering, you’ll also be sweating up a thermogenic storm. The combined mechanisms of these two processes results in unparalleled fat loss!”


Doesn’t that sound great?

Shivering and sweating and the same time?

Sounds like a lovely combination of the flu and a drug overdose. Luckily, this “freaky scientific breakthrough” doesn’t appear to have any real scientific evidence to back it up. Or if there is, VPX (the makers of Redline) aren’t making it available to the public.

Don’t get me wrong… Redline is 100% pure rocket fuel.

Redline is available in liquid format, gel caps, or in RTD (ready- to-drink) format. I’ve tried the RTD, and it nearly took the top of my head off it was so strong.

I found it really, really strong. I’ve used ephedra-based products, so I’m used to stimulants, but this is the most potent supplement I’ve ever tried.

The closest thing I’ve experienced to being this wired was when I mistakenly took two 30 mg herbal ephedra stack capsules at once, thinking they were only 15 mg of ephedra each.


Redline, for me anyway, was stronger. Getting to the ingredients now…

None of the available product formats actually tell you exactly how much of each ingredient is in the formulation, but I’ll tell you this…

There’s enough caffeine in this product to kill an ox (the caffeine database at reports Redline as containing 250 mg/caffeine).

There’s caffeine citrate, caffeine anhydrous (a very rapidly absorbed version of caffeine), plus yerba mate and green tea, both of which contain caffeine.

The yohimbe content doesn’t help either, as it also acts as a stimulant.

Now I can’t tell you if the other formulations (the gel caps or the liquid) are as intense as the RTD. But the RTD is a product you only want to use prior to…

  • an intense workout
  • an 80-mile marathon
  • cramming for the exam of the class you attended twice last semester

Otherwise, this stuff will leave you hopping about like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

So what’s in Redline?

As I said, the formula is disclosed, but exactly how much of each ingredient is included. So it’s difficult to access the efficacy of the product. Here’s what’s in it…

1. Caffeine: a well known and common thermogenic, there is some evidence it offers mild weight loss benefits (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97) in addition to an energy boost.

2. Green tea: one of the few natural weight loss supplements that has some real clinical data behind its effectiveness. You can read the full review of green tea here!

3. Yerba Mate: contains caffeine, and may delay gastric emptying, leading to increased feelings of satiety (fullness) allowing you to feel “fuller”, longer.

4. 5 HTP (5 hydroxy-l-tryptophan): Often used as an alternative treatment for depression. At high doses (900 mg/day) it has been shown to help improve appetite control and weight loss.

5. cAMP: Cyclic adenosine monophosphate is a “cellular regulator.” In other words, this compound camp is required to “spark” many intercellular processes. An increased concentration of cAMP can have such “total-body” effects such as raised thyroid hormone levels and increased fat burning.

6. Yohimbe: The standardized extract of the bark of the African Yohimbe tree is yohimbine (this ingredient appears to be improperly labeled; it should be yohimbine HCL). This compound is often used as a natural aphrodisiac.

It is also sold as a drug (in the U.S., a popular brand is Yohimex containing 5.4 milligram of yohimbine hydrochloride per tablet) and is used to treat impotency, dilate the pupil of the eye, and stimulate fat loss (studies indicating weight loss are promising but not revolutionary — see Isr J Med Sci. 1991 Oct;27(10):550-6).

There have been studies performed on its weight loss characteristics, for which of course, it is used in this formula. Study results have been less than stellar: they range from showing no effect at all (J Pharmacol. 1986 Jul-Sep;17(3):343-7) to a slight improvement. This study concluded…

“The results obtained warrant further research on the applicability of alpha 2-receptor inhibitory drugs as a supplementary management in the treatment of obesity.”

Evidence does validate yohimbe’s “lipid-mobilizing action”, however.

Yohimbe also acts as a stimulant, and when combined with others (as it is here), can really deliver one heck of a punch.

7. Evoburn (Evodiamine): several fat burning products I’ve investigated recently include Evodiamine, a compound derived from the Chinese fruit Evodia Rutaecarpa.

It’s claimed to burn fat by increasing the body’s production of heat, as well as reducing the body’s ability to store fat.

Although a preliminary animal study shows promising results, to date there’s no evidence showing evodiamine works in people.

8. Vinpocetine: a derivative of an alkaloid derived of a plant from the periwinkle family. In Europe, Japan and Mexico it’s used as a pharmaceutical agent for the treatment of cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders.

It may have a slight effect on elevating metabolism, but at this time, that’s entirely speculative.

Bottom line on Redline?

This product contains a couple of proven ingredients, and many more which have yet to be proven to be effective for weight loss. In that way, it is no different than many of the ephedra free products available.

As indicated earlier, it’s also difficult to access the efficacy of the Redline, without knowing the exact amount of each ingredient included in the formula.

The RTD is pretty potent stuff, and I’d be hesitant to recommend it to anyone who has a caffeine sensitivity—especially after reading the visitor feedback I’ve had on this product (view Redline visitor feedback here!).

Visitor feedback is interesting; folks either love this stuff, or end up in the local emergency room after swilling it back. There’s no middle ground.

If you’re dying to try an ephedra-free fat burner, Redline is an average product—you’ll get much better results from proper diet and exercise. If you insist on trying a product, click here to check out our thermogenic fat burner recommendations.

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  1. I drank this stuff and it made me violently ill. I thought it was a normal energy drink, but I was wrong. I am an attorney researching allegations of harms caused by Redline. Please call me if you would like to discuss. Scott Tillett (661)949-2595

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  2. I see some people don’t believe the hype about the shivering and sweating claims made by Redline. Well I’m experiencing it as we speak, sweating my ass off, but I’m cold as hell and can’t stop shivering even with my jacket on. This is the most powerful fat burner I’ve tried yet and I’ve tried it all. Being a NPC bodybuilder I wouldn’t trust anything else.

    Editor’s comments: The shivering effect can sometimes be caused by yohimbe, and it is not necessarily indicative of a powerful or effective product.

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  3. I have more of a question. I started taking these pills yesterday an I’m only taking 2 per day, one when I wake up before I go work out and one right before I eat lunch. I’m in the army so in the morning I run about 2 miles. I’ve been off off physical fitness for 10 month and I started running again except now I’m throwing up when I run. I thought maybe it’s because I’m getting back into the swing of thing but in the same token even when I started running last year with the army I never threw up. Has anybody had any problems with working out while taking this pill?

    Editor’s comments: We recommend skipping your morning dose a few times and see how your run goes, so you can accurately attribute the effects to the pill. If you are not being sick, it’s probably a smart idea to skip the morning dose on the days you run (it may be that the large amount of stimulants in this product is giving you the artificial energy to work so hard you are making yourself sick).

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  4. I don’t drink caffeine or soda pop but anyways I tried meltdown & have about 1 week left. I lost 20 pounds on that. Prior to this, I couldn’t lose weight no matter what I tried. I’m a highly active guy, I exercise every day & have for the last 10 years. I love it, there’s nothing like getting up in the morning & going for a 1 hour jog. I have this wedding to go to in July so I picked up Meltdown to jump start the ticker. Well this is about Redline so lets get to that puppy. I saw redline in the store & thought it was pretty cool, a ready to drink fat burner so I picked up a case.

    My reason was a extra kick on sprint days. I took 1/2 bottle as suggested which is one serving. There’s 2 servings per bottle. The flavor was nice, better then what I thought it would be. I was looking for the shiver but didn’t feel it. I did feel the energy right away & boy was I jumping up with joy.. this stuff was just what I needed & the energy lasted all day long. I expected things to cool down 5 hours down the road but dang…

    I was impressed, I expected some type of energy crash the next day, I didn’t get it.. another joy. I then wanted to see what would happen if I tool 1/2 of 1 serving & I was impressed even more, I felt a jive of energy kick in with only a little sip, I then finished the other 1/2 of 1 serving 1/2 way through my workout. They say do not drink it on a empty stomach.. I didn’t have any side effects so it worked well for me. It also made we sweat more. This is the only energy drink I have had so I can’t really compare it to anything but I can tell you, this stuff rocks. I love it so much, I want to pick up the extreme next week & give it a try.

    I only drink it on my hardest workouts, don’t see a reason to take any other time. I did notice my resting heart rate was 48 beats a minute which is normal for me at rest but I found that odd when taking a stimulant. I figure my resting pulse & blood pressure would hit the roof since I generally don’t take fat burners. My pulse in my workouts gets up to 150 beats a minute so thats about 85% of my max. There must be something in this stuff that reduces stress. If thats the case.. wow! thats some amazing science.

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  5. I tried Redline Princess (which I think is a little less strong than the other one) because my sister recommended it to me. I am 24 years old and I do work out almost everyday, but lately I have just been feeling like I can’t loose weight. So I tried redline for the first time, drinking only half of the bottle. And it worked amazing! I ran on the tredmill and did Yoga and still felt like I could do a lot more after my workout. I took it again yesterday, but this time only drank 1/4 of the bottle to try and aviod some of the chills and almost “drugged” out feeling. It was a lot better when I took less because I still felt like I had an insane amount of energy and not as many chills and no “coming down” feeling. Redline almost like tricks your body into thinking it has a lot of energy and I feel the tiredness the next day. I just am not sure how good this stuff is for you and I’m almost scared to take it again in fear that I’m really messing up my body.

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