Review: Isatori’s MX-LS7 (Maximum Strength Lean System 7)


What do you get if you take Isatori’s extremely popular Lean System 7 fat burner and ramp up the ingredients profile?

That’s right…

… you get MX-LS7, or Maximum Strength Lean System 7.

(MX-LS7 is actually marketed as “the fat burner for men”, but there really isn’t any reason why women can’t use this product too!).

What do I need to know about LS7?

The now discontinued Lean System 7 (LS7) was one of the few fat burners that we actually recommended on this site. Here’s why…

  1. Lean System 7 was one of the few fat burners on the market today that has a real, valid clinical study backing up its claims.
  2. When purchased direct from Isatori online here, your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. And this company will refund your money, no questions asked.
  3. Commitment to customer satisfaction and a high standard of ethics. At I see and hear about the actions of a lot of scummy retailers and companies. Isatori has continued to impress me with their high standard of ethics and commitment to you, the customer.

In fact, Isatori was recently nominated for an award by a prestigious consumer advocate company in Colorado. You don’t get nominated for such an award unless you know how to treat your customers.

When you combine the above with a decent ingredient profile, you’ve got a product well worth trying!

The foundation of MX-LS7 is built closely upon the ingredient profile of the original LS7. From there, two new complexes are added — a thyroid support complex (called T3/cAMP Activator Blend) and the “Cognition Complex”, designed to enhance mental acuity and focus during workouts. Here’s how MX-LS7 breaks down…

1. LS7 Core Complex: The thermogenic (or fat burning) element and the foundation of this formula, this is basically the original Lean System 7 formula. Rather than repeat myself, you can read the review of the original Lean System 7 formula here! (This link opens in a new window).

2. T3/camp Activator Blend: This new element of the formula is designed to boost the metabolism by supporting enhanced thyroid function. Here’s what’s in it…

i. L-tyrosine: Because tyrosine is a precursor to the thyroid hormone thyroxine, supplementation might boost thyroid levels (American Journal Clinical Nutrition 2001;73:153-7).

However, there is no published data to suggest supplementing with tyrosine leads to weight loss, and certainly not at the dosage included here (human studies on l-tyrosine typically use multi-gram doses).

ii. Guggul lipid extract: Usually standardized for guggulsterones, several studies validate this ingredient’s thyroid-stimulating activity (Planta Med 1988;54:271-7, Curr Ther Res 1999; 60:220-7).

It is thought guggulsterones increase the synthesis of T3, by the conversion of T4 to T3. Nonetheless, while guggul’s effects on weight loss have been clinically demonstrated, they are extremely mild.

iii. Evodia rutaecarpa extract (standardized for evodiamine): a Chinese fruit that some claim burns fat by increasing the body’s production of heat, as well as reducing the body’s ability to store fat.

The claims are supposedly “scientifically” proven. The problem is, they haven’t been scientifically proven in humans. There have been some promising “in vitro” studies and some done on rodents, but the jury is still out on whether this product has positive weight loss effect for humans (see this PubMed extract for more details).

iv. Coleus forskohlii and Clary Sage: both these ingredients are common to fat burners, as they are cAMP stimulators. cAMP is a “cellular regulator.” In other words, this compound is required to “spark” many intercellular processes. An increased concentration of camp can have such “total-body” effects as raised thyroid hormone levels and increased fat burning.

While the effects of clary stage have not been clinically demonstrated, Coleus forskohlii does appear to be helpful for weight loss—but again, only mildly so, and at a higher dosage than included here.

3. Cognition Complex: As indicated earlier, this element of the formula is designed to enhance mental acuity and focus during workouts. Here’s what’s in it…

i. Xanthinol Nicotinate: a super-potent form of niacin (vitamin B3) it has been shown to improve short term memory, improve brain ATP levels and brain glucose metabolism.

ii. Bacopin: a standardized extract of the Bacopa monniera plant, this ingredient has also shown a tendency to improve memory, reduce anxiety and enhance alertness.

iii. Vinpocetine: a derivative of an alkaloid derived of a plant from the periwinkle family. In Europe, Japan and Mexico it’s used as a pharmaceutical agent for the treatment of cerebrovascular and cognitive disorders. It may have a slight effect on elevating metabolism, but at this time, that’s mostly speculation.

What’s the bottom line on MX-LS7?

Well, considering…

  • The foundation of this formula has already been proven effective in a clinical study.
  • The new complexes do improve upon the old formula.
  • Visitor feedback, although anecdotal, is mostly positive.
  • And for all the reasons detailed above (especially the money-back guarantee)…

… we have no problem recommending that you try experimenting with this product. Of course, MX-LS7 is no miracle pill, and should only be used in conjunction with a sensible diet and exercise plan.

We don’t recommend a lot of products on this site, but we do like the Isatori brand. Why? The biggest reason is that they offer a “real” money back guarantee. And by “real”, I mean one that they honor. They do put “their money where their mouth is” so to speak, by eliminating the risk from a purchase.

Of course there is a small catch; you have to order direct from them. If you do, however, they offer a 60-day unconditional “no-questions asked” money back guarantee (less shipping and handling).

No “ifs” and no “buts”. No voice mail, and no spending weeks trying to get a hold of customer service rep. Just quality, dependable service from a company that believes in treating its customers right.

Unlike other companies that offer “lip service” warranties (i.e., they promise satisfaction but make it impossible to obtain a refund) Isatori actually honors their guarantee. In the years we have been recommending Isatori’s products, we rarely hear anything but positive feedback on their products, their customer service and their business ethics. For that reason, we have no reservations about recommending this product. After all, if you’re unsatisfied, simply return it for refund.

Click here to purchase MX-LS7 direct! 


Summary of iSatori MX-LS7
  • The foundation of this formula has already been proven effective in a clinical study.
  • Produced by a solid company with a good reputation.
  • Contains green tea extract, caffeine and other useful ingredients.
  • User feedback mostly positive.
  • Contains some “speculative” ingredients.
  • Proprietary blends make it difficult to determine dosage of individual ingredients.
  • L-Tyrosine is underdosed.

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