Isatori's MX-LS7 Customer Comments, Testimonials & Feedback -

Isatori’s MX-LS7 Customer Comments, Testimonials & Feedback

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I have been trying to rid myself of 4-5% additional body fat. Being 52 years old at 245 lbs and 23% body fat I’m not that out of shape, just trying to get a little leaner. Diet and workout modifications every 2-3 weeks have not helped.

I was reluctant to try thermogenic supplements because of more hype than results. However, after extensive research I gave MX-LS7 a try for a month as it appeared to be the best product on the market given its formulation.

Because of my weight it was recommended that an extra capsule be added to the manufacturers dosage of three caplets. Unfortunately after 1 month there was no recognizable change. I did feel a little more invigorated but not with the results I was hoping for.

Ron (rrock00 AT

This is by far the best fat burning product I’ve used. I’ve tried TrimSpa, Hydroxycut, and Lipo 6, and none of them can hold a candle to this. I also need to say that I was using strict diet, and I was training twice a day. Once for cardio, once for lifting. The reason I know the mx-ls7 worked was because I’ve tried the same diet and program before without the product, but wielded less results.

This stuff doesn’t give me the jitters like everything else does, AND it gives me unbelievable energy. I don’t know how they do it. When I do my cardio with it I feel like I could go forever, and when I lift it helps me to put some extra lbs on the bar, or get a few more reps out. The focus, energy, and intensity I got from this product are great.

I would recommend this product to anyone willing to combine it with sensible diet and exercise. I do not, however, know how well it works without exercise or good eating habits. The problem I’ve seen just from experience, is that people expect the supplement to carry them and give them all the results, and then when they eat cheesecake and pizza, they get pissed off at the product when the results don’t roll in.

Bottom line: Mx-LS7 + exercise + sensible diet = great results.

Al (atsmall AT

OK… The product works, but at a cost. I’ve used a number of thermogenics before with no problem, and I’m not overly sensetive to them.

However, this product gave me every side effect in the book. Pounding headaches, dizziness, and tingling in my hands and feet were just a few of the more annoying ones.

On the up side, I lost 5 pounds in a week, but I couldn’t function that entire week. I mean nothing. The dizziness was so bad, I couldn’t even drive. So, in conclusion, avoid this product at all cost! It’s just not worth it. By the way, all the side effects subsided the day after I stopped taking the product.

Mike (thehulk20 AT

Have tried bottles of Slimaluma (Iron Tek), MX-LS7, and Hot Rox in that order. Now on some samples of ALRI’s Venom Hyperdrive, and taking a box of Gaspari Thyrotabs, about one-third thru box.

MX-LS7 seems to be by far the best. Seems to be effective, and very importantly, with very few objectionable side effects. As I was finishing up my bottle, several people noted the change in my physique. My workout/diet were good, but really not significantly different/better than during the time I was using the other products.

Highly recommended! I plan on buying more when my venom samples run out. I’m interested in stacking MX-LS7 with the thyrotabs to see if I obtain even better results from the stack.

Tom (tbeauphillips AT

I have been using fat burners for quite a while now, including Lean system 7, Lipovarin, Xenadrine, Lipo 6.

I just got a bottle of the new MX LS7 and they seemed great at first. After using them for a few days I developed a strange pain running down the right side of my neck.

I didn’t think much of it, I thought maybe I pulled a muscle or something. The pain was getting worse and din’t feel like a pulled muscle anymore, it was a numbing pain now, so I decided to stop taking them. The next night I was home alone and I had to call 911 because my heart was racing, my neck hurt really bad, and I was freezing cold.

I just got my blood test back and I have developed hyperthyroidism caused from overworking my thyroid gland. I would NOT recommend this product. It is way to potent.

Aimee (aimeeyoung_8269 AT

After reading the reviews on Lean System 7 and MX LS7 on this website, I decided to give MX LS7 a try.

I have been using different weight loss supplements for the last 4 years to lose weight and to maintain my weight. With a sensible diet and moderate exercise program, I have lost 75 lbs. In the last year however, I’ve hit a plateau and with age, I’ve started to put on weight. I tried supplement after supplement (many of which were reviewed on this site) until I came across this site.

I have now been on MX LS7 for a week and it seems to have jump started my system again. Thank you so much for your review and your honesty and efforts in helping people like me navigate through this jungle of weight loss pills!

Cindy (cynthiasuleetsai AT

Hi, I’ve been using that Ephedra, caffiene, and aspirin stack for quite some time until i started to see some serious side effects to the constant use of aspirin (not the ephedra), thats when i decided to try MX-LS7.

I just want to say this stuff rocks. From the first dose I was sweating my ass off at work. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, I haven’t actually measured the weight loss on a scale, but i can deffinately see and feel a difference. I highly recomend this product.

Jack (JackyChan AT

I just wanted to tell you guys, I’ve used so many fat burners before and nothing worked like MX-LS7. I been taking Mx-LS7 since 16 days and I lost 7 pounds.

I am 30, and I dont even watch my diet like I’m supposed to. I do work out 20 to 30 mins cardio (treadmill) just a fast walk, and 3 to 4 days weight lifting.

I am happy.

Sam (mshafiq32 AT

I knew my metabolism had slowed way down after I had a baby but I was expecting more weight loss for how hard I was working out etc.

I modified my calories down to a healthy weight loss target and was wroking out 4-5 times per week, doing weight lifting and heavy cardio for 30 minutes. The first week, I lost 1 lb.

I then tried MX-LS7 and I lost 3 lbs that week doing the same exercise and diet rountine. The week after that it was also 3 lbs again! I am so happy with my results. I did notice that I felt warmer so I know that it was not just energy drinks where you get all amped up but rather an internal thermogenic process happening.

I have recommended these supplements to everyone I know that is trying to lose weight. I have tried many other supplements but this one seemed to work right off the bat!

Angela (cheekygirl76 AT

I had been doing three hit (high intensity training) training sessions a week plus eating a good controlled diet. I had been doing this for two weeks and had lost 1-2 lbs a week.

I got the Mx-LS7 pills when I got back from work on the Monday. I weighed myself , took two tabs that night then took 2 tabs 3 times a day for the rest of the week and did two hit sessions.

I weighed myself Saturday morning and I had lost 3lbs. I was very impressed with this. I have tried a lot of other diet pills but never had a result like that. The other thing I like about them is I don’t get agitated or the jitters as I always have done in the past with other pills.

Highly recommended!

Tim (latimershaw AT

I just used MX LS7 for two weeks and have loved it. I am a mother of four and have been working to lose the baby weight.

For the past three months, I was stuck at 162 (down from my heaviest at 230). Unable to move the scale despite plenty of weight training and cardio and being very frustrated I decided to try something new.

After just one week with this product I was down to 160, and after two weeks, I am down to 158. I still have 18 pounds to lose and intend to continue taking MX LS7 until I reach my goal.

I only take two pills in the morning and one in the afternoon. I have no jitters, no nervous feeling. I am just alert, focused, and energetic. It reduces my appetite so that I don’t have to think about my diet so much. For me this has been a great product.

Shelly (chickypooh101 AT

Going into my 40’s, I was really into the ECA stacks of old to help control putting on extra fat since my metabolic rate started to slow.

I work out 5-6 days a week, and eat well with the few occasional holiday binges, but as a fitness instructor, you don’t want to get too out of shape or you don’t hold accredidation to your fitness classes. When ECA was banned,

I tried numerous “ephedra free” thermogenics, but most really did nothing for me. Then I read about Lean System 7 LS-MX7 on this site. After getting a genuine peer review, I tried the product. Now it’s still not like ECA, however I did get much better results than the competitor’s brands of ephedra free thermogenics. I now cycle it, 2 months on, on off and have been happy with the results.

Joe (ninerbuff80 AT

I have been using MX-LS7 for several months now and have been very very impressed.

At the point of buying this product my body was slowing down in it’s ability to help me lose any more body fat and I hit a stalemate no matter what I did.

MX-LS7 boosted my system into high octane again and since adding it to my diet I have been losing body fat at an exceptional rate and still going. This is a really impressive product.

I have used several ephdra free supplements with some good results but the overall reaction with MX-LS7 goes beyond what I experienced with any other product. Very, very, very good product.

Vince Petti (vince_petti AT

I ordered MX-LS7 after doing extensive research on thermogenics. My goal was to boost my performance and kick up my metabolism in an effort to accelerate my fat loss.

I began taking the supplement about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I have not been actively working out during this 3-week period, but I have been eating sensibly (with some occasional cheat meals)and have a fairly active lifestyle. First week, I lost 3 lbs. I checked my skin fold measurements with calipers and found it was indeed fat loss and not lean muscle loss. Very encouraging! This week, a 2 lb. fat loss.

I am sensitive to caffeine, so I only take 1 caplet in the morning and one before lunch. I also feel the thermogenic effects – you can tell when your metabolism is charged up. I have not experienced any negative side effects, although when I took 2 caplets at once I did feel a bit jittery.

I would recommend this product. I feel it delivers as promised, and although I know everyone’s body reacts differently, I have been extremely impressed at the results. I’m anxious to see what happens next week when I get back on the circuit!

Tammy (unioncoc AT

Last year I purchased an item from Isatori based on your recommendation. I found that the product was not good for me as it made me dizzy and my pulse faster. I must say that I was a dancer and fitness teacher so am aware of unusual reactions to such things, also I am now a senior.

However, on trying to contact Isatori and return the item I never heard from them at all. I e-mailed and called the customer service number, left a message, called a second time, same thing, no answer. I finally threw the item away during a cleaning out session. At the cost of these items as a senior on a fixed income, I think some review of their “fabulous” customer service is indicated.

Muriel (murielh AT

Paul’s comments: Since I know how dedicated Isatori is to their customers, I was very disturbed to read this feedback. It’s also damaging to my credibility, since it’s one of the main reasons why I recommend this company’s products to my visitors. So I forwarded Muriel’s e-mail directly to Isatori, and asked them to please address her concerns. I also responded to Muriel directly, voicing my concerns. She responded to me the next day with this e-mail…

I was surprised by your very speedy reply to my e-mail, frankly I did not expect to hear anything at all from anyone so I was very impressed with your acknowledgement.

I received an e-mail from Renee at Isatori the same afternoon and this morning she called me and we had a very nice conversation. She is sending me a complimentary supply of another product to try and I have promised to let her know how I do with it when I return home in March.

Please post this as a follow up to my complaint as I do want people to know that Isatori follows up with their customers and is very concerned about customer satisfaction. Thank you again for your speedy reply and effort on my behalf.

Muriel (murielh AT

Paul’s comments: That’s more like it! And it’s a pretty good example how even ethical companies can drop the ball sometimes. Frankly when you fulfill orders on a large scale, it’s impossible not to screw up on occassion—once you factor in the occassional computer glitch and human error. Phone systems aren’t fool proof, e-mail can get flagged as spam by an ISP and never arrives… in short, there are genuine reasons for customer service errors. It’s how you deal with those issues afterwards that makes the difference.

I tried this product. I work out 3 – 5 days per week and I do cardio 2 – 3 times per week. I eat decently. I am 219 lbs and this product did absolutely nothing for me. Not one pound. It did make my heart race though. One good bowel movement would do better than this product did unfortunately.

Don (donp AT

First of all, I have to say thanks for maintaining this site. I always check here before purchasing any supplement. The consumer perspective provided here is great.

Second, I’m about to finish my first go-round of MX-LS7 and wanted to provide a quick review. For reference, I’m 29 years old, 5’11”, and about 185 lbs. I workout 3-5 times per week, have a naturally high metabolism, and ‘kind of’ watch what I eat. I had been looking for something to help with a couple extra lbs, and MX-LS7 provided that for me.

I started wtih 2 pills twice per day for the first 2 or 3 days to let my body get used to the supplement. I was a little jumpy for the first day or two, but had no side effects after that. After the first three days I ramped up to 3 pills twice per day and have had no negative side effects at all. I’ve dropped the 5 pounds that I was looking to lose, and I plan on supplementing with MX-LS7 in the future.

I’d say to definitely try this product out if you’re looking for a boost and don’t get dizzy, jittery, etc. like some of the other folks that provided a review.

Mike (MikeyP105 AT

Well, I’ve been using MX-LS7 for 6 weeks now and according to the instructions it “may work with exercise and a healthy balanced diet.” I dont feel it has worked at all, I have lost weight but that was probably because of the healthy eating and fairly extreme exercise plan i have been putting myself through.

I think that all of these fat burner pills are scams!

Neil (nmets AT

Bought MX-LS7 with hopes of aiding in my fat/weight reduction which didn’t happen. I had no side effects and no results. However, just as promised I bought from the manufacture and was refunded the purchase price with no questions asked.

It appears to work for some so I would recommend just buying the cheapest MX-LS7 available as my total cost was about $20.00 for all the shipping charges involved.

Paul (austinguy62 AT

I have tried almost every diet pill, drink and protein supplement on the planet, spending anywhere from 35$ per bottle to over 120$ per bottle!

This product has BY FAR been the best for me! I have already lost 18 lbs and this product has never given me the jitters like other supplements have.

The first time I took MX-LS7 I was able to run 2X longer during my cardio than the day before, and never have had a hard crash after any of my workouts. I will add I have also been eating a sensible diet and going to the gym twice a day.

No other product i have tried has given me such great results on such a short amount of time without losing muscle mass, its been ALL FAT!

I’ve found it keeps my concentration better while working out and during my every day activities. I LOVE THIS STUFF and definitely recommend it for the serious who want to loss those pounds before summer!

Andrea (fla12376 AT

I just wanted to say thank you for all the information you have on your website. This site has saved so many people, myself included, form weight loss scams.

After doing a large amount of research, I finally ordered MX-LS7 from iSatori, and it has helped me to lose weight, along with exercise and a healthier diet, and I am finally looking the way I’ve always wanted to. Thanks!

Tyler (davisdude2010 AT

Order MX-LS7 direct from Isatori here!

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