Review Of Gaspari’s CytoLean Fat Burner: Does CytoLean Work?

[contentblock id=1 img=gcb.png]CytoLean is brought to from Gaspari Nutrition, and it replaces the now discontinued 3° Burn (if you are looking for the newest version of this product, CytoLean V2 is reviewed here!). Rich Gaspari, the CEO of Gaspari Nutrition, is a former pro bodybuilder who’s transformed his love of this very demanding sport into the development of a “much better than average” sports supplement line.

CytoLean, not surprisingly therefore, is not your typical fat burner. Sure, CytoLean does contain surefire favorites like green tea (standardized for catechins and ECGC) and caffeine.

Green tea has shown great promise as a weight loss aid (see the full review of green tea here!), and when used in combination with caffeine has been shown to exhibit even greater fat burning benefits (see Obes Res. 2005 Jul; 13(7): 1195-204).

Cytolean also contains glucoronolactone, a carbohydrate more commonly found in energy drinks like RedBull, RockStar and so on.

However, the crux of the ingredient profile is based upon the ingredient phenylethylamine. In case you don’t remember, phenylethylamine is the “ampthetamine-related” chemical present in chocolate which produces that famous “chocolate high.”

Unfortunately, simple supplementation with phenylethylamine won’t do much to improve your mood.

That’s because the majority of it gets metabolized by an enzyme known as “monamine oxidase.” This prevents all but the slightest amounts from reaching the bloodstream. And alas… no feelings of “well being” or mild euphoria.

That’s where the large majority of the remainder of this formulation’s ingredients come into play — evodia rutaecarpa extract, hordenine, gingko biloba extract, uncaria rhynchophylla, and sinofranchetia chinensis. All of these ingredients are used for their ability to “inhibit” the action of the monamine oxidase enzyme that metabolizes phenylethylamine.

Theoretically therefore, with the action of the monamine oxidase severely compromised, the phenylethylamine could reach the bloodstream unscathed. There, it could travel directly to the brain, and lead to what Gaspari Nutrition calls “a unique “feel good,” euphoric effect that is sure to take the industry by storm.”

Also included in this formula are the amino acids phenylalanine and l-tyrosine. Phenylethylamine (that’s the chocolate “feel good” chemical, right?) can be naturally synthesized from phenylalanine via a process called enzymatic decarboxylation. L-tyrosine is the precursor to several thyroid hormones as well as several important “feel good” neurotransmitters.

Obviously, some real thought went into the development of the Cytolean formula. The $10,000 question is…

Does it work?

The most obvious answer is… there are currently no double-blind, placebo controlled, randomized, peer-reviewed studies that indicate that it does.

On the other hand, this is a very unique and well-thought out product developed by a company known for its quality compilations. Cytolean is a product that has piqued my interest like no other has in a long while. I’ll definitely be giving this product a try, and I’d love to hear from those of you who have tried it yourselves.

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  1. AMAZING for me! This makes you happy, energetic, and decreases appetite a lot. I shed significant fat over just a couple of weeks. Very impressive. Works best in active people, not those with significant weight to lose. If you want a really strong stimulant this is not it. This is excellent for those who want something that’s milder than other fat burners and improves mood too (this was my favorite effect of Cytolean). This made me a lot more cut looking – exactly what I wanted. :>

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  2. Taking this product builds my stamina and dramatically increases my overall workout performance! I’m able to double my time on the elliptical machine!

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  3. Cytolean has become a personal favorite of mine. Although I didn’t necessarily notice a huge weight loss (wasn’t really trying), I did notice a difference in my overall mood and energy level. The only problem now is that I cannot find it at any of the nutrition stores. They said that the old product was pulled for reformulation.

    Editor’s comments: Lydia, CytoLean has been replaced with CytoLean V2. We’ll be reviewing it over at soon.

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  4. I’ve only recently started taking this, & I am sure it’s going to take time to really get into your system but I am definitely feeling a difference in my appetite. I am also feeling a difference in my energy level! Very excited to continue with this product, and see the end result.

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  5. Well, lost 8lbs in a week, was 130, now 122! I’m 5’6 in height.

    Started on 2 caps, and by 5th day went up to 3 but unfortunately had an extremely bad reaction and ended up in hospital with uncontrollable muscle spasms and extreme nausea and vomiting and had to postpone my trip to Rarotonga! Have to blame myself though as it curbed my appetite so much that I didn’t eat for 3 days prior to this! So bottom line is, this product definitely works but be careful, because the weight loss is so overwhelming, you want more and this can lead to trouble.

    If you’re not too overweight I would suggest 2 caps a day instead of the 3 caps. Back on it now and using two caps a day for 5 days, then break for 5 days, so product doesn’t build up too much.

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  6. I have to admit I was hesitant after HotRox didn’t do the trick, but so far I have lost 16 pounds. Its like anything else, you have to really want to lose weight.

    I’m very surprised that it worked for me in all honesty.

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  7. Today is the first day I’ve taken it Cytolean. I woke up at 4 this morning, much earlier than usual but I still have a lot of energy. I had so much energy that I went for a run twice today and could have easily gone for more (I normally HATE running) but I had to release the energy somehow.

    Also, I haven’t eaten much since lunch (its 11:30) and since then all I’ve had is a handful or grapes and a handful of cereal and that was only because I thought I probably shouldn’t be starving myself even if I wasn’t hungry. I’m thinking this stuff works for me.

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  8. It is great because it really helped me to reduce my weight from 220 lbs. to 110 lbs. It is really effective.

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