Slim Xtreme Review: More Energy & Less Appetite? -

Slim Xtreme Review: More Energy & Less Appetite?

SPECIAL NOTE: This review is for the Slim Xtreme product marketed by Athletic Xtreme, which is now discontinued. It is not the same formula as the Slim Xtreme sold by Global All Wellness, LLC.

UPDATE: The Global Wellness products – both the Platinum Fat Loss Accelerator and the Diamond Fat Metaboliser Slim Xtreme products –  are contaminated with the controlled substance sibutramine. Sibutramine was pulled from the U.S. market in 2010 due to concerns about unacceptable heart attack and stroke risks. The FDA is advising that you do not purchase these products, and if you have, that you do not use them. See the official FDA warning for more details.

Cha de Bugre

Slim Xtreme contains Cha de Bugre / Cordia Salicifolia

Advertised as the “ultimate fat loss and appetite eliminator”, the Slim Xtreme fat burner cultivates a “hardcore” image. But once you delve into this review a little bit, you’ll find it’s a pretty ordinary formula—certainly not “hardcore.”

Let’s cut directly to the chase and take a closer look at the ingredients. Here’s what’s in each 500 mg capsule of Slim Xtreme…

1. Cocoa Seed Concentrate (standardized to 100 mg/caffeine per cap): It’s an established fact; as a central nervous system stimulator, caffeine does work as a thermogenic, and it will help with weight loss (although what you can expect from it rarely coincides with the claims of the retailers).

As such, it’s a common ingredient in most diet pills. Other cocoa-based xanthines are also common (i.e., theobromine), although there’s no evidence indicating these provide superior and / or additional benefits than those of caffeine.

2. AminoSlim-4: According to the product advertising, this is…

“… a combination of four energizing amino acids (Tyrosine, Proline, Tryptophan, and Carnitine) that have been structurally enhanced to create a powerful fat burning, mood elevating, and appetite suppressing effect.”

This is 100% marketing. There is no established evidence that this blend has any such effect. Even when you assess each ingredient individually, you’ll find that any effect is obtained at a dosage many, many times what is present in this formula.

Tyrosine, for example, is a contributor to mood and can help with cognitive performance—in a multi-gram dosage.

Carnitine has been used in fat burners for ages for its “supposed” fat burning powers. Problem is, clinical studies are inconclusive, contradictory, and performed with many, many times the dosage included in this formula.

Tryptophan is a essential amino acid that can act as a precursor to serotonin, an important “mood” neurotransmitter, and is often used as a natural sleep aid. Most positive studies have been performed on the tryptophan metabolite, 5-HTP.

There are studies that validate 5-HTP’s effect on weight loss (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1992 Nov;56(5):863-7, J Neural Transm. 1989;76(2):109-17).

However, even 5-HTP needs to be consumed in significant amounts to be helpful.

One study used 900 mg per day, and the other, 8 mg/kg/day (a 150-person weighs about 68 kg. To be compliant with the dosage of the second study, this person would require 544 mg of 5-HTP per day).

Proline is a non-essential amino acid that aids the body in metabolizing proteins and plays a critical role in the development of connective tissue like collagen and cartilage.

3. Aneurin DBE™ (Thiamine Disulfide Butyrate Ester): A form of vitamin B1 touted for its ability to improve brain function, cognition, etc.

4. Acai Berry Extract: Acai is a potent antioxidant. And, at the time of this writing, it’s pretty trendy to put acai in just about everything. A worthwhile ingredient, even if it won’t improve your mood, suppress your appetite, or help you lose weight.

5. Cha’de Bugre Extract: Commonly included in fat burners as an appetite suppressant. Unfortunately, this effect has not been confirmed by any reputable, controlled studies. Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest mild appetite supressing qualities.

As you can see, this formula is almost entirely based on speculation and wishful thinking and not any real science (there have not been any published studies performed on Slim Xtreme, for instance).

The proprietary blend prevents us from determining the exact amount of each ingredient, but simple mathematics clearly demonstrates the majority of ingredients cannot be present as any more than “label dressing.”

Cost-wise, this product “under-delivers” as well; a 45-cap bottle costs around $40. The recommended daily dosage is 1-3 caps, 1-2 times a day. 2 caps per day gives you a 22.5 day supply, 3 caps is a 15-day supply, 4 caps is an 11 day supply, and 6 caps is a 7.5 day supply.

Nonetheless, with each capsule containing 100 mg of caffeine, and a recommended dosage that can rise to 6 caps per day, you’ll definitely feel the effects of this product, although I would suggest there are much cheaper ways to obtain a caffeine buzz. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, you’ll need to be careful; Slim Xtreme side effects can include sleeplessness, irritability, increased heart rate, palpitations, etc.

Visitor feedback for Slim Xtreme is incredibly positive, much more so than we would have expected from a product with a relatively simple formula. At the same time, this product has recently been recalled—on allegations it is contaminated—possibly with prescription drugs. According to the Anabolic X web site…

“This voluntary recall has been initiated due to recent allegations that an ingredient contained in SLIM XTREME may not comply with all provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”

If this turns out to be true, things will definitely not bode well for Anabolic X and Slim Xtreme. But it might explain why the product appears to be so effective and has so many raving fans…

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. Amazed by this product from the first day I started. Absolutely no negative side affects. Aside from losing tons of fat, my mood is awesome and I have so much energy! I love only having to take 1 cap in the morning and have it last throughout the day. I literally have to MAKE myself eat. I’ve lost 25 lbs in 2 months and still going strong. This stuff is the best!!

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  2. Of everything I have tried, nothing else is like slim x. It makes me feel alert and concentrated on whatever I’m doing. I must say that it really gives you an incredible boost of energy… and it lasts all day.
    To me the energy and alertness are worth it but with the weight loss it makes it incredible. It crushes the post cardio hunger problem that we all face.

    To say the least I am very pleased and I am seeing results. I wish I could have started it sooner.

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  3. I started taking Slim Xtreme approx 6 weeks ago on recommendation supplement store employee; I was looking for a supplement to increase fat burning/wt loss, increase energy, and decrease appetite (for the mindless snacking mainly).

    I found that I only needed one a day, two a day cut my appetite to nonexistent and I needed to eat to support my workouts. In 6 weeks I have dropped 13 lbs and 8% body fat – 5’5″, 110 lbs and body fat below 13% (YMCA calculators) while increasing muscle definition.

    No jitters and no crash, just support!

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  4. This had an amazing effect the first couple of days I tried it. Constant but calm high, energy, focus and zero appetite for food – which can be bad, as you forget to feed your body.

    After a few days though I began to feel really groggy and soon my chest started to tighten and my heart rate went through the roof! I genuinely thought I was having a heart attack. Took a couple of days off, and was back to normal. Tried it again the following day and the same bad symptoms returned, plus headaches.

    Constantly hydrated myself but this did not help at all.So I’ve decided to cut it off completely, the feeling is way too scary!

    For eliminating appetite, it’s a winner. All other positive effects it claims is a big fail for me after a few days.
    I’d use with caution, especially if you are sensitive to stimulants – this stuff is potent and not for everyone!

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  5. This stuff really does decrease your appetite. I forget to eat all the time. I actually never get hungry and force myself to eat because I cant imagine it being healthy never eating.

    As far as side effects, it didn’t really change my energy levels at all. It does give me headaches but they are not too drastic so I stick with the pills through them. They also raise my heart rate and I constantly feel it beating super fast. I haven’t exercised since I started so I hope that is OK on top of the heart rate increase. I’ve taken them 5 days so far and lost 4 pounds.

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  6. As I always hear with this pill… at first you’re going to love it. I had very high energy and felt no need to eat. My mood was very laid back and cool and had no side effects at all at first… I even lost almost 8 pounds in the first week in a half!

    I was loving it. Then out of nowhere come these really bad panic attacks! And chest pains and severe headaches! I thought I was going to have to be rushed to the E.R! I mean people I’m serious – it was beyond my control! I work in a call center and everyone was like “dude are you ok?” Please be very careful with this product.

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  7. Loved the pill for the first couple of days. Didn’t sleep much but it didn’t really matter because I would just take one the next morning and be full of energy again. About my 4th day I started feeling very light headed and I was hungry but felt sick after I ate.

    That night I felt like my chest was closing up (one of the scariest feelings you will ever have). I tried to just calm myself and relax. I took some sleep aid so I could get some rest but even it did not work. I was sick for about 3 days and its been over a week now and still do not feel 100%. It was hard to breathe, I felt delusional, could not sleep for 2 days after being off, and had chest pains.

    I am an active person and have never had these side effects before with any other diet/energy supplement. Oh and let me inform you all this happened with only one pill. Ask yourself is it worth your health to take this stuff. Made me really take a step back and ask myself why in the world was I doing that! Please be cautious.

    Pills that speed up your heart rate and make you not hungry cannot be healthy in any way. It’s just silly and dangerous!

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  8. SX: Excellent product, when used sensibly and in moderation. I’m on my second bottle. If you’re name is Jack Bauer, this bottle of pills is your best friend…no other stimulant comes close. No crash! When things go FUBAR, you need this crap. Forget overpriced energy drinks that give you only jitters and 30 minutes of energy followed by crash. If just used for weight loss, go for 1 pill per day – you don’t want to overdue it and lose it’s effect – save it for those really FUBAR days…pop 2 or 3 of these, and you’re good to go all day, pop another at night and your good all night.

    When doing this, drink lots of water, EAT often (healthy), to replenish energy stores – take your multi and flax oil. DON”T be stupid – this is not healthy for your body – but if you are in the middle of a level 3 zombie apocalypse, and you need to get the hell out of dodge, you will be glad that you have this in you’re backpack. It’s a cost/benefit choice. People seriously think I’m cracked out at parties when I’m on this – but DO not mix with alcohol or other things. Good stuff.

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  9. I heard about this product from a friend at church. I tried it, and within days I saw results. I was excited! But after using it for about a week, I starting experiencing high levels of nausea, and my head began to feel funny. I wasn’t eating much, because it really suppressed my appetite. I love the product, but the side affects lasted a while and made me extremely sick, to the point of being in bed all day.

    After I discontinued using the tablets, it took a while for my body to return to normal. I started using them yesterday again, and the symptoms came back. I don’t want to lose my life for a couple of pounds, so I’ll leave the pills alone.

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  10. I have tried tons of supplements, but nothing has worked, until I tried these. I have lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks. Read and heed the other reviews on this page, this pill is not for everyone. I tried to increase to two pills a day after about three weeks of taking just one, but it was just to much, back to one pill a day and still losing weight.

    Stay away from any other stimulants while on it, including coffee and soda. Sleep will be difficult for the first three days, or so, but will level out. Incredible boost of energy for way longer than twelve hours.

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  11. I would say that I have the right to really say what I think because honestly these are the products that I have used to loose weight in the past:

    1. Thermo cuts – dropped 35 pounds in 45 days
    2. Fuel (green pills) lost 0 pounds
    3. CLA – lost 0 pounds
    4. Hydroxycut hardcore – lost 15 pounds and a lot of fat %
    5. Hydroxycut (the white bottle) lost 0 pounds
    6. Burn 60 – lost 5-7) pounds

    … and now i am using slim xtreme!

    i started my first week with one pill a day. At the beginning I felt so much energy – like no other product can give you, and it didn’t go away at all. I would sleep late and wake up early. I was not tired – very happy, full of energy and loved it. It stayed like that for the first 3-4 days. I had more energy at the gym and was pumping heavier than before. I decided to pump the dosage to two pills the second week – had the same feeling but with extra energy and I’m not kidding when I say extra energy! I have to be doing something. I can’t just stay still doing nothing.

    In the first 10 days lost 20 pounds – went from 250-230 (of course, I’m on a healthy diet – low calorie no sugar (just from fruit) and stuff like that.

    Now I am in the middle of the third week. I think my body is getting used to it some how because I didn’t lose any more pounds. I actually gained a couple (I think water weight). I also sweat too much (all day long) and need to drink a lot of water. One thing that I hate so much is whenever I am doing cardio the left side of my chest hurts! When I do weight lifting and try to go heavy I breath so fast its not even funny (for 1 min or so). Again, a lot of sweat in the gym and need a lot of water!

    What do i think about it? It’s the best fat burner; my six pack is almost showing! I lost a lot of weight but I wish that the side effects could change. It’s too risky to get on it again.

    Editor’s comments: We’re a little concerned about the chest pain, George. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check with your physician about that – and stay away from Slim Xtreme in the future, of course.

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  12. Like most of you reading this I have tried many diets and many supplements. Nothing has been what was promised. This one is different. For me, this works! I started taking SX Aug. 18th and at 283 lbs I was at the most I have ever weighed. As of Sept. 1st I am down to 263lbs. That’s 20 lbs pounds in 15 days. From the beginning I felt the calming effect, the high energy boost, the ability to really focus and the zero appetite.

    The only issues I experienced were in the first week. I found sleeping a little difficult and had that sick or nauseous feeling after eating. I would not say I am back to normal but it is much better. I have been on two capsules a day for the last 7 days and found that I really have to force myself to eat. But since I am not craving food it is easy to eat healthy. Because the effects of Slim Xtreme are so strong I would agree with the others and recommend staying away from any additional caffeine. If you are sensitive to stimulants then you may find Slim Xtreme to be too strong. One last warning if you have any medical conditions or are taking other medications your really should consult with your doctor before starting SX. Good-luck

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  13. Back again to add some more comments at the end of the bottle. With about 12 pills left my body totally got used to it. Its weird, I didn’t feel tired. I would get energy for shorter periods. So I decided to cut it for 2 days and start with 1 pill again, and its like I just started – got the same effect. I would say burning fat more energy like before! So I guess when you see that your body adjusted to the product just try to take a break and get back on it. I am done with the cycle, the bad thing is I gained back around 10 pounds in 4-5 days.

    A little bit disappointing, but to be honest I would recommend this for my friends and I already did. I will give it 4 stars this time. I will order something else to try i did a combination and I will see what the results are going to be!

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  14. Hi! I tried this product yesterday & LOVED the effects – increased energy, good mood and absolutely No appetite. However, I did drink coffee mid afternoon & was up until 4am – slept an hourr & was wide awake again.

    I have a huge day so I took another one @ 7am. I am definately feeling jittery & my heart is beating out of my chest. I think they should definitely make people aware not to drink coffee or take other stimulants while using this product.

    I definately want to give it a shot because I gained 8lbs last month & have to be in a wedding dress in 2 weeks that is WAY too tight at the moment. Are there any drug interactions with this stuff? I also take a multi vitamin & melatonin.

    Editor’s comments: For legal liability issues, questions regarding this product’s possible interaction with prescription drugs need to be forwarded directly to the manufacturer.

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  15. I have been on SX since Aug 1st. In 6 weeks I have lost 16 lbs. Not bad for being 54 yrs old. I only take 1/day. The “elated” feeling I got the first week is gone now, but a steady peace, focus and energy remain. The first week I also experienced some heart arrhythmia, but my yearly checkup found I was just low on potassium. My Dr. actually found nothing wrong with the ingredients and said it was fine to take. I have hypothyroid and also take an antidepressant for anxiety. I also take a multivitamin. My 2 adult children have had a little trouble taking this daily. They both have OCD and the caffeine can trigger panic attacks or bothersome thoughts. They both like SX and take it off and on.

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  16. I am 3/4 way through my first bottle and I am not going t take any more. I have no appetite and have lost about 5 lbs. but I feel terrible. Anxiety, depression, anger, frustration — I am losing it! And, no, I am not on anti-depressant medication and did not feel like this before I started taking slim xtreme. First week, I felt good but then this started creeping in slowly. I really hope it goes away once I stop!

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  17. I have been taking this product for almost 2 weeks and I love it – although i feel cracked out 90 percent of the time. I started with 1 a day for the week, then went to 2 pills. Still the same feeling but for longer.

    I never want to eat which can be a problem cause of my workouts. I do fell a little pissed off at times but its not a big deal. I would definitely recommend this but not for the people who are sensitive to supplements. I haven’t weighed myself yet but will next week after the full 2 weeks.

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  18. I started taking SX about 2 weeks ago and have lost weight, however, I have noticed that I feel very groggy and have very little energy. It has worked for decreasing my appetite and I agree with the previous comments that I have to force myself to eat as well. I have noticed in the last few days that I am experiencing dry mouth, similiar to “cotton mouth” and have found that the inside of my mouth is extremely sensitive. I would recommend this product but use caution with the amounts.

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  19. I need an appetite suppressant and it worked well – the “highs” especially on the 1st few days were great. I was taking 2, sometimes just one. I agree with other reviewers that after awhile the feelings are just too much and you don’t rest well.

    I went off it once for 2 days felt a little better but started again. I have things going on at work but I believe this stuff contributes to some paranoia and also high anxiety. I have 2 extra bottles because I was pumped at first, but going to flip them in an auction now.

    I’m getting off the stuff it is fair but the hype is crazy. Got to control eating anyway so diet and exercise is the answer. It helped me start but you have to worry that all the weight you lose comes back when you stop. False hope.

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  20. I’ve been on SX for about four weeks now. The first week I had no appetite, but to date I’ve lost 17 pounds. I run a few laps 2 times a week. In the evenings especially I feel light headed. As for the focus, I feel less focused than ever before. Good thing my job is a no brainer……

    Great product and good results. USE WITH EXTREME CAUTION!

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  21. I meant to rate it higher than “1”. It’s ok… just not great.

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  22. Omg! My reviews are the same as everyone else’s; the first three weeks are great! You’ll loose weight and never get hungry! But now… I have started getting dizzy 24-7 with anxiety and I’m hyperventilating. And the anxiety!

    I’m so glad I did some research. No more. Don’t do it or use for one week at most to boost / jump start your program. There are serious side affects with continued use!

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  23. Look folks…this stuff really does work. The first ingredient is cocoa seed…a very powerful natural stimulant. As a nutritionist and a health food store owner, I advise you to read the safety warnings. Heart palpitations, etc come from additional use of caffeine such as coffee, soda etc, which means you are overtaxing your kidneys and depleting your minerals. You need to drink alot of water and in my opinion, it would be best to use a mineral supplement. My husband and I both use this product… he has dropped 40 lbs and 6% bodyfat…I have just started and have lost 5 lbs.

    Editor’s comments: Cocoa seed contains the common stimulant caffiene, which does have demonstrated thermogenic powers, although clinical evidence shows them to be rather mild, not “powerful.”. There’s no published evidence to indicate the other xanthines in cocoa seed offer any special fat burning powers.

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  24. I have been taking this product for 3 weeks. I have lost 13 lbs. I do not crave sweets and sodas. It came with a work out program. I have had no side effects. I am eating 3 to 5 meals a day. This is the first time I have ever taken this type pill this long. It is working well for me.

    C.E. Newborn

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  25. Wow, does your article sound a wee bit jealous? I have 20, count em, 20 clients on this product. Only 1 has reported no noticeable weight loss. All of them are sorely disappointed in the misuse of this product that apparently led to it’s cease in production. I, myself, have lost 30 lbs. I have tried all the “TOP” weight loss, and, nothing (if you want a list, I can provide one: Lipo, Lipo 6, Hydroxycut Hardcore, to name a few).

    I think the website needs to be a tad more unbiased, and maybe a little more informed before making such rash generalizations. (Sorry, am I using words that are too big for you?). I will not be referring anyone to your website for reviews and/or product. You should be ashamed.

    Editor’s comments: Ashamed? Hardly. Obviously, you haven’t read the review, and if you did, skimmed through it and missed all the relevant material. You see, we base our reviews on the analysis of the supporting scientific data that exists for the various ingredients in the formula – should there be any (if you can explain how this constitutes a “rash generalization” we’d love to hear it).

    In the case of Slim Xtreme, there isn’t a heck of a lot of it (if we’ve missed anything, please send us the references to the various scientific journals that justify Slim Xtreme’s claims and we’ll be happy to add them to the review). If we’re not to base our reviews on this sort of analysis, what would you suggest we base them? Tarot cards?

    Secondly, Dee you’re missing the point; whether something works for you (and 20 friends) is an entirely separate issue from whether a manufacturer can legally CLAIM something works in advertisements, in the absence of data obtained under controlled conditions. When combined with a proper diet and exercise, I’m sure most people will see some results from this product. After all, Slim Xtreme contains 600 mg of caffeine in a 6-cap serving… and that will provide the jolt of energy many folks need to get to the gym and have a good productive workout. Is the ensuing weight loss to be attributed to Slim Xtreme? Hardly. Did it play a role? Sure.

    Just a final comment Dee… it’s not a great idea – if you prefer to discuss points of disagreement in a civil manner – to use comments like “sorry, am I using words that are too big for you?” If you had actually read the review, and verified the lack of evidence behind this product’s claims you would know that yes, we understand big words, and gosh darn gee golly… we can even use them in sentences. 😉

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  26. I took my fourth pill today but I’m still not sure about them. Each time I’ve taken them it has been a little different.

    Day 1: I had high energy and no appetite. I couldn’t sit for more than a few minutes at a time. But the energy only lasted about 6 hrs.

    Day 2: I still had no appetite and I felt more awake than energized, then 6hrs later I crashed.

    Day 3: Had more energy than 2nd day and by dinner was pretty hungry.

    Day 4 (today): I took a pill about 3 1/2 hrs ago and am having trouble sitting still and staying focused. Each of these days I get shaky but once I eat it goes away. I don’t know about others but I also get dry mouth and lock jaw.

    I was taking them every other day. This is the first time that my heart is beating really fast. I see how it freaks people out but I am trying to stay relaxed. So I’m going back to every other day and see what happens.

    I’ve read where some people started to get paranoid and things like that. Well, add that to high energy, decreased appetite, dry mouth, lock jaw, increased heart rate etc. and a few drugs come to mind. That’s another reason I’m not really sure about them. Everyone knows how bad drugs harm you. So ask yourself, do you really want to take something that it so closely related? My sister told me to never take more than one a day. I haven’t asked why yet but her major was health so I figure she knows best.


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  27. I took it on and off for a month now. It does help me not to eat everything in the kitchen but last night I almost went to the E.R. because my chest felt tight and I had sharp pains. I do have a cup of coffee every morning and can of diet soda with lunch. Could that be it? I have four kids i just want to be more active with them not dead. Help?

    Editor’s comments: A daily dose of Slim Xtreme contains 600 mg of caffiene. That’s a LOT. Extremly high doses of caffeine can cause all sort of side effects, including heart palpitations – especially if you are sensitive to stimulants. Consider this your warning and toss the Slim Xtreme in the garbage.

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  28. I’ve been taking this product for several weeks now. It is the greatest weight loss product ever. I started 56 days ago and I have consistently lost 1-2 lbs a day. No adverse effects. Great energy, little or no appetite.

    I do not eat during the day, getting nutrition through supplements and vitamins. Healthy meal in evening. Starting weight of 364 lbs. I am currently at 300!

    Diet – Exercise and SlimXtreme is they way for me!

    Editor’s comments: Nate, one of our jobs here on this web site is to be on the lookout for manufactured testimonials from those affiliated with the product/company in question. These testimonials aren’t real – their purpose is drive sales. A couple of comments here don’t sound right. First of all, you say you have been taking this product for “several weeks.” Then you say you’ve been taking it for 56 days, which is just over 8 weeks. So what is it? Several weeks? Or almost 2 months?

    Second, 2 pounds a day for 56 days is 112 lbs. You’ve lost 64 lbs in that time, which is 1.14 lbs per day. That’s a far cry from 1-2 pounds per day. Maybe these are honest mistakes, and if so, please let us know.

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  29. “… and that will provide the jolt of energy many folks need to get to the gym and have a good productive workout. Is the ensuing weight loss to be attributed to Slim Xtreme? Hardly. Did it play a role? Sure” (Editor).

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve lost 38 lbs. using Slim Streme and I haven’t worked out one single day during that time (and yes I am athletic and active and know the importance, I’ve just been a bit busy).

    My weight loss was solely because of Slim Xtreme. I might be the exception but I am telling the truth. Do I need to work out? Yes. If I did, I would probably lose even more! I have not had ANY of the side effects stated and I am really upset about the product recall! I am sorry it doesn’t work for everyone. I am finishing my bottle!

    PS: 38lbs in 3 1/2 months (DR. check up shows everything healthy and normal). Best and only product that has ever worked for me. Thanks a lot to the people who can’t read directions and take the warnings seriously. It says it right there on the box. Discontinue use if you experience any side effects! Long term effects from SX or obesity?

    Editor’s comments: Tiffany, the product recall has nothing to do with side effects normal to products such as these, but allegations that this product is contaminated – possibly with prescription drugs. According to the Anabolic X web site…

    “This voluntary recall has been initiated due to recent allegations that an ingredient contained in SLIM XTREME may not comply with all provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.”

    Although these are merely allegations at this time, we have to point out that it’s a pretty serious infraction and a violation of trust to include prescription weight loss drugs in a product advertised as “over-the-counter natural supplement.”

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  30. I Love SX, I started taking it soon after I had knee surgery in December. I needed something that was going to help me loose some weight, and also maintain some of the previous weight loss, from before my surgery. Also, I was looking for something that didn’t have the nasty side-effects that Ephadra (SP?) was so well known for. I had taken “Stacker 2” for years, and when I stopped, it gave me a major headache. Still on the Stacker 2, not eating, sleeping, cleaning constantly, and sometimes being so shakey I couldn’t even drive. My lowest weight was only 152lbs. Being 5’7 and my highest is 180lbs. My normal, and easily maintained was (and still is) 165lbs, being at the 152lbs was great and thought I could do NO BETTER.

    Then my boyfriend found SX. I felt great, I was eating right (5 times a day) small sized meals, and SX was helping me control how much I ate. And I made the correct choices in WHAT I ate. I never up’d my dose, always taking one in the morning when I woke up, getting ready for my day, then eating breakfast. Now I weigh 143lbs, and feel amazing. I continue to eat right, even without SX, and I’m not sure if I will continue to take it (when it becomes available) However, I do feel that every over weight person should have the opportunity to try this pill. I do feel it is a life changing Choice, that is for the better of OBESE America! I hope they figure out that this is a pill that works!

    If SX did lie then shame on them, I do hope that the pill is just simply the BEST DIET PILL EVER MADE, and they are able to re-release it to the public.

    Thanks for the time,


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  31. I was given a sample from a friend…the 3 pack one. I usually take 2 pills/capsules when taking caffeine-like stimulant. That was a mistake. I took 2 at 3pm and now still up at 7am the next day. It’s a really good hunger suppressant… but as for the lack of sleep, I would not recommend taking more than one a day. Learn from me. Overall, it’s a good product to use moderately. Drink lots of water and eat regardless (Healthy food!)

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  32. I have used this for about a month and a half. I have used many others and some were “o.k” some did nothing but this is the best I have used since ephedra was on the market. No side effects except a bit sleepless the first week. I combined with 45 min of cardio and at least 30 minutes of intense weight training which I would not have had the energy for without this. I lost 10 lbs the first month actually didn’t really lose the first week and a half and then bang! It dropped and dropped fast. I only need to lose 5 more and it has slowed but I have mostly controlled that with diet. Awesome product…glad I stocked up..hope it is back soon!

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  33. I had tons of energy and was in a great mood. Lost a lot of weight the first week. The only downside was a problem with my ears. They felt like there was a pressure there, almost like you were deep under water. Not really painful, just annoying. I kept a check on my blood pressure and it stayed good so that wasn’t the problem. I quit taking the pills for 5 days and the pressure in my ears stopped. I tried them again and my ears are already feeling strange. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem.

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  34. The product definitely burns fat. I noticed a radical difference in my body- so did many others. It did increase my concentration; however, it seemed to either neutralize my mood around others or make me anxious. I usually took one pill per day. The fat burning aspect is phenomenal. I consumed two bottles but eventually I quit using it because it seemed to make my heart beat too hard.

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  35. I did not experience any unusual side effects at all. I took one a day, early in the morning and it’s energizing effect was a gradual start with no immediate “rush” at all, which I was pleased with and lasted until late in the evening and I had no problem falling asleep.

    I also like the appetite curb and being alert and focused. I did lose 30 lbs in 4 months, taking one a day Mon-Fri and none on the weekend as I needed the energy more during the busy work week.

    I believe that if you are sensitive to caffeine or sugar, you are going feel jittery and possibly notice some kind of side effects. You have to know your body and what is right for you. People who keep taking supplements that they know are causing them unwanted side effects or who are looking for an inexpensive “rush” are just asking for trouble. As with any type of supplement, there are and always will be people who will abuse it’s use, just as ephedra was abused by people who were taking more than they should have. For those of you taking supplements that are causing problems:

    1. pay your water bill and flush them down the toilet.
    2. Invest in a trash can.
    3. Seek professional help

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  36. Hands down!! Slim Xtreme is rocking my weight loss! I don’t know why many people have made accusation on this amazing product. To begin with, no one has had serious adverse effects.

    Now, Slim Xtreme Lite is the substitute of the original, I hope it works!! *crossing fingers*

    For those of you who have lost weight from Slim X, continue on working/ training hard!

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  37. The first month I took SX was great. One pill a day was all it took. It put me in a great mood and I lost about 20 pounds in 2 months. At times my heart would pound pretty hard for a few seconds, but that stopped after 2 months. I have always had a low metabolism and SX gave me a good amount of energy.

    I am up to 3 pills a day now. The effects are not what they used to be. I am thinking I need a break from them to get that effect back.

    My mood has changed recently. I get angry easier than before and enjoy different things than what I used to. Now that it is off of the market, I will try and find something similar.

    Main point is it that it was perfect for the first month, but now it doesn’t have the same effects.

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  38. I miss this stuff!!! Outside of taking acne, high heart rate, emotional mood swings, aggressiveness, headaches, and addiction . . I would highly recommend this IF it were still available. Lol. The pluses – burned fat not muscle, increased sex drive, weight melted off, increased energy, and you can stay awake!! I had pretty much all signs you would expect in a steroid though. I wouldn’t take it on the weekends so that I could gain some weight back. I had gotten TOO light for my height. I had to stop the gym as well. Sigh. I miss it.

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  39. My experience with Slim Xtreme is WONDERFUL!!! I had gained wieght and no matter what I did or tried I couldnt lose it… I began to get really really depressed and then I found this product.

    I have Fibromyalgia with an extreme case of energy loss which in itself will also cause depression. Anyway, this product did more than just help me lose wieght, it even helped with my stomach staying bloated… that even went away.

    I began to feel good and it also gave me my energy back, I didnt feel jittery or nervous, and I kept eating what I wanted. When people started commenting on me looking smaller I began to take notice of it. I went in my closet and got back into clothes I was wearing when my husband & I were dating!!

    We’ve been together for 7 years. I weighed 146 lbs and I had never wieghed so much in my life! At 19 yrs old I weighed 124 lbs. when my 1st child was born. I was used to weighing 110 – 112 lbs. or so.

    I called the consumer # thats on the box and they are getting together proof that it does not contain drugs and other bad things. The product is all natural and we finally had something that really does what it promise, and because it was so good it gets taken off the market and has to show proof of ingredients, etc. and show proof to those that make the same claims but cant deliver what their product promises.

    It’s one of the only few things that really does cause weight loss without bad side effects or at least for me it did. I’ve never used such a wonderful product that delivered on all its promises and I am very very grateful it WORKS!! It really is a great product & they need to hurry and put it back on the market!!!
    so i can finish with my weight loss program! 🙂

    A Very Satified Customer, Laura Thompson

    Editor’s comments: Laura, we’re glad you’re happy with Slim Xtreme. However, there’s a few things in your statement that are completely not true; Slim Xtreme was not recalled because it was TOO effective; in fact the retailer cannot even present clinical proof that it does what they claim.

    It was recalled because it is alleged to be contaminated, possibly with prescription drugs. If this were true, it would explain why Slim Xtreme appears to be more effective than their competitor’s products, to whom they are not obliged to prove anything. While this may be seem inconceivable to you, we assure you that less than scrupulous supplement companies spike their products with drugs on a regular basis. This is neither safe, nor legal, nor is such a practice representitive of a customer-based company.

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  40. SlimXtreme is the hands down best weight loss product ever marketed and sold. So we have all heard this crap about the product being laced or spiked with some sort of illegal drug. Well, I’m in the military and have gone through close to ten to twelve drug test since I started the product and have not one time ever tested positive for any thing. This is all a bunch of bogus non-sense schemed up by a bunch of little baby competitors who can’t compete.

    Why? Because their products SUCK! This product delivers RESULTS! Started taking the product in June of 2009 and went from a size 38 waist to a now amazingly size 31 inch waist. Been a 31 since like October, I have kept the weight off, still feel great, and STILL TAKING IT. Thank God I had bought a bunch of bottles before it was taken off the market. My wife has lost tons of weight as well, she had a baby last December 2008 and started using the product July 2009 and is already lost all the weight and even more. Still feels great, looks great, and we are both perfectly healthy. NO SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL!!! Except for maybe a few sleepless nights here and there, but still bursting with energy and focus.

    Editor’s comments: Brandon, it is alleged that this product was contaminated with a sibutramine-related chemical. Since sibutramine is a weight loss drug, this might very well explain why this product works so well, because otherwise, there really isn’t a whole lot that differentiates this product from the others on the market. Second, sibutramine is not an illegal drug (although it is illegal to be present in a supplement like this) and as such, would not have been included in any drug screen you may have undergone. Last, complaints from competitors have nothing to do with the recalling of a product – a simple lab test will confirm or deny the presence of any substance – if the FDA finds evidence of something it shouldn’t, that’s when a company runs into trouble.

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  41. Any kind of stimulant you take is going to have good and bad effects. My experience with SX has been good, but I did feel some side effects at first (tightness of jaw and little sleep the first 2 nights). Just be sure that you take it correctly and read the label all the way.

    I have been taking it for 6 days now, and I have lost about 6-7 pounds. I have only exercised 3 out of the 6 days, but I wouldn’t have exercised at all if it wasn’t for the energy it gave me.

    If you do get any side effects, obviously you should quit taking it. They made my mom too shaky so she couldn’t take them anymore. I’m not as sensitive to it so they didn’t really make me shaky. So that goes to show it will affect everyone differently. The most important thing to remember is to drink water continuously, because if you don’t, you could POSSIBLY get dehydrated. I didn’t read the part of the label that says to drink at least 2 liters of water a day or something like that, so after the first 3 days I started getting headaches and dizzy. I read the label and immediately starting carrying a water bottle around with me, and the next morning the symptoms went away.

    Another thing you should remember is that since it makes you forget to eat as much, when you do eat, eat healthy food. I personally have not had any other caffeine other than what is already in SX so I couldn’t comment on that but I would think it’s not a good idea to drink soft drinks or coffee or anything considering SX has lots of caffeine in it. So in conclusion: I have obtained weight loss, have normal amount of energy (but I also have low blood and my doctor says that’s why it doesn’t make me wired like some people) and I haven’t experienced any over bearing side effects. I plan on taking it for a month, breaking for a couple weeks, and trying it again. Or if I’m happy with my results after a month, I might not ever take it again.

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  42. I used this product when it first came out. Tried two bottles. I did lose weight, but I also lost my Gallbladder. From my tongue developing white dots, and my gallbladder becoming gangrene, I am lucky I did not lose my life, let alone my weight. I also developed an absess in my gums, but luckily anti-biotics cleared it up. Also, I became a compulsive gambler for no reason. After my gallbladder operation, I checked in on their site and found that the product was recalled. Doing a more thorough study, a site indicates that this stuff could do harm to your organs, especially your lungs. The destruction this drug does it not worth losing weight. Here is a very interesting site on what the ingrediant in question can do to you. Be very careful. I wonder how many have had their gallbladder removed besides me.

    Please read this and be aware.

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  43. I took this stuff and it is just like illegal speed. My body tells me this is bad, so I will go with that. I mean c’mon… this stuff in the beginning is way to potent to get my body used to. Do not take this – please for your own health! I feel like this should be sold at a head shop.

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  44. I have taken Slim Xtreme LITE for just 2 days since I’m sensitive to stimulants. The first day I took 1 pill. Didn’t really have the energy or appitite supressent that everyone talks about. I took 2 pills today and still not experiencing any changes. Has anyone taken the LITE version of this product. It seems everyone has taken the regular and I’m really looking for some LITE reviews.

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  45. I used Slim Xtreme for almost 3 months and I went from 155/157lbs. to 125/127lbs. I had a six pack for the first time and almost no fat on my body. So does it work? Definitely. Now on the flip side of that, it had horrible side effects. I was easily aggitated, and just generally moody. I was anxious at all times and I could never sit down. And the icing on the cake was my hair was falling out in clumps. So i basically traded my kindness and my hair for being skinny. Not worth it…and I just found out that the product was recalled.

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  46. so far i have been on this for 5 days and have lost 3lbs. No side effects yet, however i do drink it with a bottle of water and continue to drink alot of fluid throughout the day.

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  47. I continue to experience really great results from this product! I began taking it back in Sept 09 and continue despite the recall in Oct 09 (at which time I purchased several bottles.) Initially I took 1 tablet at 4am when I began my day just before heading to the gym. It definitely caused a state of euphoria/enhanced mood in addition to increased energy and eliminated my appetite. It was also beneficial in completely eliminating my social anxiety, which I’ve struggled with for many years and had previously tried several SSRI’s that did not work in my case. The only downside was that I wouldn’t sleep for 2-days straight after taking it and although I still felt energized I knew that wasn’t good. Since then I’ve continued to take 1/3 of the little orange capsule each morning at 4am. I just open the capsule and take approx 1/3 of the brown granules with 8oz of water. It works perfect! It last all day through my workout, and work, and evening classes. I feel great and sleep fine now too. No side effects what-so-ever…

    *note I do not recommend this as a substitute for any Rx or doctors advice – it just worked wonders in my particular case and I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for many years. There’s no question that the benefits will be greater for some that for others.

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  48. This product was the most amazing I have ever tried. My energy levels were through the roof on one tab daily and my mood was the best it has been in a long time. In fact I never ran out of energy and was running on very little food… I just didn’t need it.

    I am saddened that it is no longer available. 🙁

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  49. This pill was “AMAZING” the first day! I took one at 10 am. and was smoothly wired through out the day and had major cotton mouth, I had to drink a gallon of water a day to get rid of it. First night couldn’t sleep till 2 am. woke up off and on about 4 times through out the night even though I felt rested the next morning.

    Day 2 took it at 9 am. and the next night went to sleep at 12 am. and only woke up 2 times through the night but went back to sleep and felt rested in the am. It was the same feeling the following 3rd and 4th day and on the 5th day felt like it was too much and I was still wired and had a slight headache. It “TOTALLY” suppressed my hunger but I made myself eat and had “NO” craving for sugar at all! I poured out 1/2 of pill on day 5 and it felt like I took a whole one.

    Its day 6 and I did not take it at all because I felt really wired and my chest began to feel “EXTREMELY” tight and I’m having a hard time breathing, it feels like I cant get a full breath in! My heart rate is higher than normal, and it’s >VERY SCARY!

    I’m praying it will go away and I don’t have to go to the hospital! Use “CAUTION” if you are still taking this!

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  50. I must say that this product does work – after 3 weeks on this product I have lost 26 pounds with exercise and a balance diet. I have more energy during the day and have stamina to work out. This is worth a try if you are trying to lose weight!!!!

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  51. i began taking this before it was recalled as a way to help me control my eating. I would take just one in the morning and the energy, focus and appetite suppressant would last all day. I didn’t sleep at all the first night. Day two I felt jittery and didn’t sleep that night. Day three I was paranoid, anxious, pensive, and didn’t sleep again as my heart was going crazy fast. I stopped after that and didn’t return to a normal state for 2 to 3 days. It was awful. THEN I read the label (duh, I’m an idiot). I am an all day coffee and diet soda drinker, and to top it off, I despise water–not healthy, but it’s the way I am.

    Anyway, I came across my bottle again this last weekend and decided to give it another shot. I am only taking 1/3 of what I was previously taking. I’m on my third day and doing well. I’m not drinking any caffeine with it, I now drink water with lemon as well as decaf herbal teas. I don’t feel anxious or paranoid, but I do have a little more energy and my appetite is lessened, although when I start eating I realize that I’m hunger 🙂

    Anyway, we’ll see how it goes this time. If I get ONE sleepless night or any tiny adverse affect, this bottle is going straight into toilet.

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  52. I’m starting the pill now and I wanted to know if I should take or it’s ok to take B12 while on Slim Xtreme?

    Editor’s comments: Vitamin B 12? Shouldn’t be an issue, but you may want to consult with your physician if you have underlying medical issues.

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  53. I have taken SlimXtream for over a year I was introduced to it by a friend and it has been the only pill to ever work for me. I had maybe one chest pain incident but that was at the start, and after that I tried to limit my caffeine intake. But I am proud to say I am 5 pounds away from losing 100lbs! I am 21 and I was at 231.00 when I started and I am 5″3 and 21. I had to lose a lot of weight but SlimXtream was with me all the way to 136.00 where I am now. I never was so great full for something in my life, really to lose almost 100lbs with diet and exercise isn’t easy but SlimXtream really helped me.

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  54. I was just wondering if anybody has bought this product recently? I am aware of the recall and am curious as to whether or not the products available online now are a new formula since the recall? Can anyone help?

    I want to try this product but don’t want to spend money if the stuff still available does nothing.

    Editor’s comments: Although we do not have any specific knowledge, we suspect the available version is the uncontaminated one. Additionally, visitors to this web site report the new uncontaminated formula to be much less effective.

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  55. Ok in all honesty, Slim Xtreme is A M A Z I N G. A few months ago I took them and I lost 23 pounds in a month. Just like the outside of the box says, lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks. Well after I lost the weight I gained it back cause I thought “Hey this piece of cake won’t hurt I just lost weight it’s only ____calories” And so I gained all of the weight back because I was too comfortable. I just started taking it on Monday (it’s Wednesday) and I’ve lost 4 pounds in less than 3 days with no exercise! Yes it does make you not want to eat, I have to force myself to eat. When I was on the pill a few months ago I was just really lazy, it didn’t really give me energy but that’s the only bad thing about it. All I wanted to do was lay down and watch TV. So far it’s working good again, I STRONGLY recommend it, it’s definitely worth your money. 30 dollars on amazon, it really makes you lose weight. I’ve tried many pills and this is the only one I have actually lost weight on. Good luck if you try it 🙂

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  56. I saw the SX at a local health food store. The owner was raving about it to another customer. I asked about it and she said she took it felt no side effects was great.

    So I said “I’m getting married in a month and 20lbs. would be awesome to lose” so I paid for it and came home.

    I’m a week in and have lost 5lbs. I haven’t noticed anything like the other comments of chest pain or hot flashes. I do feel the energy. I am not hungry, and I can feel myself eating smaller portions. I do have more energy.

    One thing I do recommend is to drink drink drink your water. When I do get caught up and busy in my day and I have no time to eat, water usually settles my stomach until I can.

    To top it off I got a sinus infection the same week I started the pills, so the extra energy was good helper. I’ve recommended it to a lot of people know.

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  57. I have been taking it for 5 months. Bought it a health store, did not know it was recalled.

    I take one pill before Breakfast, I am making sure that I eat my usual breakfast Oatmeal and my coffee, not hungry the rest of the day and I eat a small dinner or large when going out.

    I have lost my 20 lbs and my internist who knows herbs said there was nothing it that was harmful but it gives energy because each plant has that effect.

    Of coruse if I had side effects I would stop and see if that is what is causing it.

    I say always make sure about your RX and that you are able to take any supplement. Blood tests etc.

    I heard people lost a lot of wt on it I just eat healthy and remember to drink water.

    Once I get to the wt. I will not take it every day but maybe 3 times a week to see if I can maintain my wt loss.

    thank you

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  58. I’m only on day 3 of slimextreme. I bought my supply in Barbados (in the caribbean where I live). These pills have been flying off the shelves here and I’m now wishing after spending $100 US for 2 bottles (there’s a waiting list for them here so I bought 2) that I had read these reviews before purchasing this product.
    I’m 134 lbs and have been trying to lose just 10 lbs but have not been successful. On day 3 of these tablets have not lost any weight yet but I must say I have been able to push myself alot harder in the 2 work outs that I’ve done since starting. I have also inexplicably found myself up at 2am (I usually crash out hard by 10pm) but cannot say, thankfullly, that I’ve experienced any other side effects thus far (may be too soon to tell).
    As Iv’e spent the $ already I’m going to at least try to finish my 30 days and sell my second pack. My fear is alot of things that are banned in the US are the sold in Latin America and the Caribbean, where there aren’t as stringent equivalents of the FDA. (like the recent SImilac baby formula that was filled with rat poo etc), so I’m keeping my fingers crossed, I will heed the warnings of no additional caffeine and lots of water and report back by the end of my 30 days. Thank you so much for providing customers with a non-bious site with honest reviews as opposed to manufacture sponsored ones. Keep up the good work!

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  59. I really want to find this product its been over a year since I could get my hands on this product and I miss it. Please anyone if you kow where I can go let me know… By the way the new one is terrible and does not work or even compare to the original.

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  60. Wow I definitely see a trend with Slim Xtreme here. I read through at least 10 reviews and most everyone has the horrible side effect of intense headaches/migraine or mood swings. I am almost through my 2nd bottle of SX and will not be re-ordering it. I can’t say if I lost any weight due to SX, but the first bottle it did help with suppressing my appetite but at the cost of excruciating headaches and feeling depressed or sometimes upset for no valid reason. I even took Advil to help with my headaches on the days I did take SX. I asked myself, should I really be needing to take Advil along with SX to lose a few pesky pounds??

    To be honest, I started to take SX because a website suggested it was similar to the original formula of Solo Slim Extra Strength. The 1st bottle of SX I was ecstatic thinking I found something to replace SSES, but it resulted in another failed attempt to replace the good ‘ol SSES. Anyone that is looking to try or continue SX I would highly recommend re-evaluating the Pros and Cons. The constant headaches was my bottom line. Even looking or thinking about SX is giving me a headache now. At least when I was taking SSES I did not feel my health was at risk!

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  61. Ok I posted earlier when I just started this product (around Day 3) and I’m now on day 28. I’ve lost 10 lbs during this time period and I’ve exercised with a half hour run about 3 times a week on average. I’m quite happy with results and would like to start a second pack of tablets and stop when i reach 120 lbs (5 more pounds to lose).

    In terms of side effects the sleepless nights I experienced in the beginning have stopped happening but I did find that at times I was experiencing mild anxiety attacks (nerves and heart racing during stressful situations) which does not usually happen to me so I attribute that to the tablets.

    All that said, I will go ahead and cautiously give this tablet a good rating as I did lose 10 lbs in 28 days, nothing too extreme, but something I have not been able to do for the last 3 years. My only caution is I do not know what the long term effects of this tablet are and quite frankly reading some of the above reviews referring to hair loss and gall bladder damage has me a bit worried. DO NOT USE THIS LONG TERM.

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  62. I gave birth a month and a half ago. I need to lose all that baby fat and since I’m not breast feeding anymore I decided to give a try to SX stored in my drawer for 6 months.

    I’ve been on it for 2 days (too early for any statement) but I do feel the appetite loss very marked. I don’t feel more energized than before and I did get a good night sleep last night (though I wake up every 3 hours to feed the baby).

    I have lost 2 lbs in 2 days so far. I have to admit that I’m eating almost nothing since I don’t feel hunger and I would rather sleep than eat.

    I’m planning on eating more healthy and quitting if any side effects show up. Ill be back for feedback on a few weeks since I start to work in a week and want to be NEW when I get there!

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  63. Here I’m again with great news for u all. My pack of pills has 20 left (my husband tried a few but quited for headaches). I lost exactly 20 pounds in 20 days. I have to admit that hunger suppression was so strong that I could stay without eating the whole day. I bought my second pack of 30. I lost 10 more pounds so far and still have 5 pills to finish. I haven’t exercised during the whole process. I think I made it!! I want to know the long term use consequences since I’m planning to lose 10 more, to be like back in high school.

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  64. I love this product, was upset when they took it off. i have had no side affects what so ever, I have been taking it for about 6 months now and have lost 66 pounds in a year. of course I have been eatting right taking my multi vits, and doing zumba 3 times a week. So it’s all about how you take care of yourself while on the product. it does help shrink your tummy so you don’t eat so much. almost like getting that tummy sergery but with out all the pain. If it goes back on the market I will buy it again. I am only 20 pounds from my goal so i hope I can keep it up with out the pills but now that my tummy has shrunk it shouldn’t be so hard. 😉

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  65. I’ve been taking this pill 3 days.

    Day one I had lots of energy no side effects till now but I havent lost any pounds YET.

    I do feel like I lost my appetite & I don’t care if I don’t eat. When I do eat I need to stop myself..maybe its a habit? But not giving up. I JUST REALLY HOPE HOPE HOPE THAT I CAN AT LEASE LOSE 10 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH.

    I wil 100% update this thing if I lose anything. I hope at least 5 pounds in a week would be awesome.

    Ill be mad if I wasted 40 bucks in this economy..

    & a question.. should I work out wit this pill? & i started drinkin water today ..

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  66. hi i purchased Sx 2 years ago, and it is expiring 17/3/2012. I did not use it because i got pregnant, now my baby is 1 year old and am still breast feeding could i take it or wait untill she’s off the breast.

    Editor’s comments: Do NOT take this product while breast feeding.

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  67. Today 1/12/2012 is my first time using it… took it at 7am on an empty stomach, after 10 minutes i felt nauseous, after an hour i ate a kellogs bar and felt good. At 9am felt sort of dizzy, nauseos and my hand and feet got ice cold (don’t know why)… I have been with headaches all day, hope it does not continue b/c i really want this product to work

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  68. hi ive been taking slim factor extreme now for 4 days now.After reading everyones comments, i will decrease my intake from 2 pills to one pill a day, and also stop the coffee and fizzy drinks. and will be eating more healther, but i have been felling more energised and im sure i have lost a few pounds still need to get weighed. And i think one of the most important things is to drink plenty of water.

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  69. started this on thursday and so far so good no side effect’s. I have lost about 4lb and about 9st to go hope this works as I’m at my wits end. wish me luck folks, wondering can the dose be raised????

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  70. I started taking SX on May the 1st , on the first day I was very sad and depress and had to get my self together and shake out of that feeling this feeling continues for 4 days and then stopped.Next was the diarrhea on the 2nd day where I was unable to leave home for 2 days trapped on the toilet,but being overweight I5 still wanted to give this pill a fighting chance. I enrolled in a gym and took part in a boot camp gym training where I attended MON to Fri. I have moved from 355 to 320 at just end of May. With just taking one pill a day every day. I was able to see food and leave it alone. My diet consisted of fibre cereal ,fruits 7 liters of water a day and small meal portions. On slim extreme I do not feel the need the eat but I know I must eat.

    On this present day today will be the last day I will be taking SX every single day. My bowel movements have been irregular moving from twice a day to now every 3 days. I have serious constipation and I only hope that I will not have to enter the hospital for treatment I have increase my fibre in to the maximum and there so much bran a person can eat till they fell sick. I will be taking myself off of this product until my bowel movements return and continue with my gym and my healthy eating habits that I have developed since being on this product. When it returns I will make a decision on if my health and life is worth it going back on a product that gives you prolong constipation to this degree.

    Apart from that I look amazing in my clothes and my sun dresses I just home I don’t look that good in a hospital pjs.

    With that being said if you are experiencing any complainants with this product stop and go a health care provider in your area.You may be over weight but you don’t want to be in a coffin.

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  71. I started using Slim Xtreme about 3 weeks ago. First off I noticed that I had high energy levels. My appetite however was not suppressed. it felt as if I was eating more. Mt sinuses started to act up and I encountered more runny nose and coughing etc. than ever before. I have not lost any weight as far as I can tell.

    I stopped taking the product after 2 weeks and my running nose cleared up about 2 days after and I am back to bed at my usual 8:30 rather than midnight. I’m not sure if the product worked for me. I feel quite disappointed . I actually expected to see positive results sooner

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  72. Hi im puertorrican. I take slim xtreme green gels like a 3 months ago, im not consistent with it cuz i experimented the side effect: headAches and nauseous (but it’s fixes if you take the pill after a meal), dry mouth and the constipation is worry me and leave the pill when i have digestive problems (the problem is the hydratation) …Im addicted to this product and i lost weight too.

    Like a month ago i felt worried because the nauseous and headache didnt disappear, but i really think is cuz i didnt eat well. I was returning to buy another and a training plan. Im really happy!! On a month i was 36-34 size and now im 30-31. Uhhh and the slim xtreme gold isnt work for me, i lost my money not weight 🙁

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  73. This is my 8th day taking Slim Xtreme Gold and I am not feeling anything close to what y’all are posting on here much less losing weight.
    It feels like I’m not taking anything, I don’t get the energy, I still get hungry and I’m still gaining weight. I was 174 before I started taking SXGold, now I’m up to 181 🙁

    I haven’t had any side effects, maybe a headache but I doubt it was from taking these pills. If anyone is experiencing like symptoms please let me know so I can just toss the rest of the pills and switch to ACE, something I’ve been wanting to try!

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  75. I just started taking slim xtreme 4 days ago and I loss 4 pounds already and full of energy.

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  76. I started taking Slim X yesterday,Like first pill I am having some weird reactions which is like the rest of reviews. I have lost my appetite which is good It took my taste buds away.I have heart palpitations for awhile then it makes me where I dont want to do much,I do get agitated very easy.With my job it will not be easy.Im sure after the pill gets in my system I will be normal again.The pill stays in my system all day. Just drink lots of water and be careful if you have to drive.

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  77. No offense, but you people who are using “Slim Extreme Gold” aren’t taking SLIM XTREME!

    The Slim Xtreme that WORKED was voluntarily recalled by the Anabolic Xtreme at the request of the FDA.

    It hurt the company so bad, they renamed the company to Athletic Xtreme. Their “new formulation” is called SLIM FX. It’s not nearly as good. But that’s prolly cuz there’s no crazy $hit in it.

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  78. I read alot about the product slim xtreme Hold before taking,i must admit I was skeptical. I looked at testimonials and there was a lot of positive feed backs and a few negative. However I wanted to see of they meant what was said on the package lose up to 15 pounds in one week. I’ve tried numerous of diet remedies to lose weight and took other supplements buy for the first time in my life am happy with an amazing product that gives you real results, I can’t believe it. I live in the Bahamas and the beaches are beautiful and I love my swimsuit! I was 186 and I took the pills and am now 169, I lost 17 pounds in one month. People this is for real try it. No one put me up to it this is real, this the real deal. You will be happy if you try it. Go out and get yourself a bottle. I know you saying whatever…this won’t work for me I felt the same way but it feels so good when I hear people say you lose a lot of weight cause it shows in my face and body and definite in my smile. Questions are always what you did…..SLIM XTREME GOLD!!!! one more thing no side effects for me felt normal and was using the bathroom regularly. Man this is good! Smt get some please!!

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  79. Does anyone know where I can buy this product, the real version I took back in 2009. I don’t care what the side effects claimed by skeptics are I took it while overseas in Afghanistan and I loved it. I have been searching for it for over a year now n can’t seem to find it anywhere. Someone please direct me to a site that I can order it from it literally has been the only weight loss pill that’s ever worked for me by itself. The only other time I was successful at losing weight the way I wanted to was by stacking multiple diet pills together to get even the slightest bit of loss. Please help me find it.

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  80. Just wanted to share my fond memories of Slim Xtreme.

    I took Slim Xtreme, (the actual product from the company formally known as Athletic Xtreme) and it was truly a life changer. When I saw claims that it was going to be pulled from the shelves in 2009 I stocked up and continued to take it for several years thereafter. I never took it for weight loss as I was not overweight. I took it because it treated my depression and severe anxiety better than Zoloft, Paxil, Xanax, Clonazepam, and countless other Rx’s I’d been prescribed over the years. It made it easy to be happy. I slept better, had more energy, was more out-going, and was able to enjoy life for the first time. I’ve tried many stimulants and mood enhancers since then and nothing has come close to providing the benefits I experienced with Slim Xtreme.

    I understand the FDA initiated the “voluntary recall” because Slim Xtreme contained the synthetic designer stimulant, 2-diphenylmethyl pyrrolidine, but I don’t agree with that decision – some people will have negative side effects, and some people will unfortunately abuse the product. It’s just unfortunate when those who saw great benefit can no longer make the choice to use this supplement.

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    • Thanks for sharing your story, Sharon!

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