Review Of Size 0 Fat Burner: Does Size 0 Work? -

Review Of Size 0 Fat Burner: Does Size 0 Work?

Size 0 is the newest weight loss and beauty pill designed specifically for women. Size 0, according to the advertising I read, is a “scientific breakthrough.”

It also promises “a new slimmer you with shapely curves” — when used with a regular diet and exercise program, of course.

Size 0 isn’t the first “weight loss beauty pill” on the market. The first one effectively advertised as such was the product NV (reviewed here!). Like NV, Size 0 also boasts a “Beauty Complex” (designed to improve your natural beauty) plus an “estrogen support complex”. That’s in addition to fat burning or thermogenic complex, of course.

Of course, if Size 0 really represented some sort of scientific breakthrough, we’d see it being referenced in learned medical and nutritional publications everywhere, wouldn’t we? Since this is not the case, I don’t believe I’m going out on a limb of any sort by saying that Size 0 does not represent any sort of breakthrough — scientific or any other kind. It is, quite simply, a fairly ordinary fat burner with a few female-orientated ingredients and a smart marketing slant.

That said, the fat burning element of this product is probably as intensive as many of the better products on the market. It contains…

1. Caffeine anhydrous and green tea extract: both caffeine and green tea offer thermogenic properties on their own — but in concert they offer additional benefits for weight loss (Obes Res. 2005 Jul; 13(7): 1195-204). Yerba mate Root Extract is also included here — its a source of caffeine as well.

2. Green Coffee Bean Extract: an extract of green coffee known as GCBE is showing some promise in the weight loss world. It appears GCBE may inhibit weight gain by impeding fat absorption and the activation of fat metabolism in the liver. The problem? The study (BMC Comp Alt Med, 2006,6:9) determining this effect was performed on mice. As of this time, there are no studies validating green coffee extract’s weight loss effects on humans.

3. Cordia salicifolia Extract: also known as Chá de Bugre, there is no current scientific evidence showing this ingredient has any effect on body composition (you can learn more about this ingredient by reading the Brazilian Slim review here!).

Anecdotal reports, on the other hand, suggest it may offer mild appetite suppressing benefits.

Also present are cocoa extract (likely included for its xanthines and chocolate-related “feel good” chemicals) taurine (an amino acid with blood-pressure lowering effects) and citrus naringin (extends the effects of caffeine and may inhibit the activity of enzymes critical to metabolism).

In addition to the thermogenic element of Size 0, there are three additional complexes…

  • Appetite Support Complex: a blend of hoodia gordonii, jojoba seed extract and griffonia simplicifolia seed extract.
  • Beauty Support Blend: a blend of horsetail leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, collagen, choline, silica, inositol, biotin, l-cycsteine, l-methionine, coenzyme Q10 and chamomile flower leaf extract.
  • Estrogen Support Complex: a blend of chaste tree berry, daidzen, dong quai root and vitex agnus castus.

Without even discussing the merit of the ingredients in the aforementioned complexes I can tell you this — these “complexes” provide little more than “label dressing.” That’s because there is so little of any of the active ingredients in any of the complexes they can’t possibly elicit any effect. For example…

… the “Appetite Support Complex” contains a mere 17 mg of ingredients. Most products containing hoodia as an appetite suppressant contain at minimum 500 mg of the ingredient (although there is very little evidence hoodia is good for anything much).

And the other complexes are even less potent. The “Beauty Support Blend” contains a mere 11 mg of ingredients, and the “Estrogen Support Complex” an astoundingly little 4 mg.

So the “beauty pill” element of the Size 0 diet pill is a complete bust. However the thermogenic or fat burning element of this complex — which weighs in at a respectable 785 mg — is probably on bar with most products currently on the market in respect to potency and effectiveness.

Regardless, Size 0 is no miracle pill so don’t expect to be able to replace a smart diet and exercise program with it.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I used size 0 and for the first week or two, I was never hungry, I would actually forget to eat at times. However, that wore off rather fast and I started getting headaches.

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  2. I started using size 0, and I enjoy the effects it has on my body.

    I started out with the lower dose as recommended and when I tried the larger dose it made me extremely nauseous for a good 2 hours.

    Beware of the dose sizes and start with the smaller one at first and I would recommend staying with the smaller dose.

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  3. I would say the results are good I lost some weight. I got really bad side effects when I first started I had a killer migraine and nausea. I also noticed I was very nervous and shaky for most of the time very irritable. I think staying with low doses is good. It really does a great job of surpressing the appetite.

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  4. I have been taken Size 0 for 2 weeks, I have lost 7 pounds but my arm has started to feel really numb at times so I am going to stop taking them.

    I think it is effecting my circulation. I had a bad headache this morning so I think I am going to lay off of them and try something else.

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  5. I’ve been taking Size 0 for a week and I love the effects it has on my body.

    I’m not tired when I walk to the store and I’m not as hungry any more. I take one pill a day.

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  6. Waste of money. I take it in the mornings so I don’t go for a crazy breakfast, but other than that, I’m not seeing any reason to buy another bottle.

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  7. It absolutely wiped out my appetite – which is amazing ( I’m always hungry). I didn’t think it was possible.

    Cons: Left me very shaky, nervous (too much caffeine!)

    I would DEFINITELY stick to a lower dose. It’s recommended to take 1-2 caps, 2-3 time a day. I definitely wouldn’t go as far as taking 2 at a time.

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  8. I absolutely love these pills! So far I been taking them for 3 weeks now at the lowest dose. I don’t get hungry and it gives me the right amount of energy. The only bad thing is that it’s hard to sleep.

    I have lost 10 pounds so far.

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  9. I didn’t weigh too much for my height (5’6.5″, 135lbs) but I wanted to trim down. I saw this product on sale for about 9 bucks, so I took it.


    It had me all a-tremble! 🙁

    Did it work? Yes, in fact it did, but I think it was more or less unsafe. I’m not a caffeine taker, so that boost of caffeine gave me the jitters and nausea. I enjoyed my 7 lbs lighter body, even forming little abs, and I didn’t bother exercising (which was not good in and off itself).

    I don’t think I’ll bother with that product again, though. It’s not good for the heart and I’m sure such results are temporary at best.

    Since then, I’ve gained back that weight and then some. With some self-control and exercise I know I’ll get better and much more satisfactory results than the product provided me.

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  10. I loved this stuff. It works great. Within 2 weeks I lost 15 pounds. Of course with working out. I always tell people to get it… it works!

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  11. I used these when they first came out. I did lose weight, but I was also dieting and exercising. Didn’t supress my apetite much. Was taking high dose and didnt notice any side effects.

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