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NxCare NV Rapid Weight Loss Beauty Pill Reviewed

NxCare’s NV Rapid Weight Loss Beauty Pill claims to be the first rapid weight loss fat burner with “beauty enhancing properties.” In other words, NxCare claims NV can help you lose weight fast, while improving the look of the your skin, hair, and nails.

If you’re a regular visitor to this Web site, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that NxCare’s NV isn’t particularly revolutionary, although I have to say the display box is a lovely shade of red.

Although it does contain a few decent ingredients, there is no clinical evidence validating the NV formula or its claims. It’s probably better for “beauty enhancing,” if the truth is to be told.

The NV Rapid Weight Loss Beauty Pill formula is broken down into three parts…

1. The weight loss complex: containing a mere 267 mg of active ingredients, this part of the formula contains green tea extract, theobromine and Hoodia gordonii extract.

When included in a strong enough dosage (unlikely in this tepid formula), green tea (reviewed in full here) is a welcome addition to any fat burner. There is some real evidence it offers some credible, fat burning properties.

Hoodia is advertised as an appetite suppressant, but it is one of the most hyped products on the Net, and there is little real evidence that it does anything positive for weight loss.

It’s also an endangered succulent, and very difficult to obtain in any quantity.

It’s likely very few hoodia products actually contain any of the active ingredient. To learn more about hoodia, you can read the full review here!

Theobromine is an xanthine-derivative of caffeine, an ingredient that has mild stimulating effects. It’s effect on weight loss has not been effectively demonstrated at this time.

2. The energy complex: comprised of adaptogens ginseng and Rhodiola rosea, these ingredients are generally used to increase energy, stamina, and athletic performance. Early studies with rhodeola rosea indicate a 170mg dose might combat fatigue in night shift workers.

Taurine, an amino acid, is also included in this complex. Early evidence indicates the combination of taurine with caffeine may improve mental performance.

3. Beauty complex: contains collagen (gelatin — derived from the bones and hides of pigs and cows, and good for fingernails), alpha lipoic acid (a powerful antioxidant) and silica (a mineral offering benefits to hair, skin, and nails). It also contains coenzyme Q10 (another powerful antioxidant reviewed in full here!), and the B-vitamin biotin which may keep hair shiny (biotin is reviewed in full here!)

The bottom line is that the beauty-enhancing element is probably the most comprehensive part of the NV Rapid Weight Loss Beauty Pill formula. The weight loss complex is rather weak, and only contains one ingredient (green tea) that displays any credible fat burning properties.

NV is recommended to be used with a low-fat, calorie-reduced diet and exercise program — and if you do that, you will undoubtedly lose weight… but you won’t need NV to do so…

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I HAVE tried NV. I had fantastic results for the first 2-3 weeks. Each week I was losing anywhere from 5-8 lbs, my hair was shiny and my skin was radiant. Then I noticed that it no longer had the same effect it did. I was tired all the time and I gained all the weight back. My skin and hair still look nice though 🙂

    So, I guess it sort of helps. But you really have to listen to your body. In the first 2 weeks, I stopped when I was full. After the 3rd week, I didn’t really feel full any longer.

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  2. I love this product. It is not exactly a fat burner, but more of an appetite suppressant. I have noticed that I do not eat as large or meals and my snacking has lessened while taking NV. Also, my nails have become stronger, and my hair appears shinier.

    NV is not a magic pill, but if you are taking it while watching your intake and exercising, it can be that last thing needed to help with the appetite!

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  3. Only started taking NV 2 days ago, but I do have extra energy and it does help to suppress my appetite. I’ve lost 4lbs in a week but I’ve been doing Slim Fast w/ NV so I’m not sure which it was…

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  4. So far I am loving this product. I’m 16, and a model. I’ve only been using NV for a few days and my appetite is already decreasing. Now it is way easier to get in shape! I looove it =]

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  5. I started taking NV about 1 month ago. I really only take it Monday through Friday because it is in my desk drawer at work.

    I was drawn to the product mostly due to the vitamin supplements (b vitamins usually help metabolism and increase energy) as well as the additional weight loss help. I’ve noticed that I am not as hungry at lunch or dinner, however I’ve also started drinking a lot more water which may have been my issue with the weight in the first place.

    My nails are longer and stronger and I no longer have the mid-afternoon slump at work when I take a pill prior to lunch.

    I’ve also gotten to the point that if I forget to take a pill at lunch, then I take one when I feel sluggish in the afternoon. For that alone, I’m willing to continue to use it.

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  6. It is only my first day using NV and so far, so good!

    I am a new mother and depended on sugary sodas for an energy boost, and I am so happy that this has enough energy that I will not need soda anymore (though I wonder if sleep will come tonight because I feel so energized. Does anyone know if you can use OTC sleep aids with this?)

    My appetite is suppressed and I have the motivation & energy to work out. My wedding is in 6 weeks so I’m hoping to lose 15 lbs.

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  7. I’ve been taking NV for about a year now.

    I loved how much energy it gave me for my daily work out. I only wanted to lose about 10lbs and and lost 15. My stomach has stayed flat and and the rest of my body tight and firm.

    I never saw a difference in my hair and nails, but I strongly support this pill.

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  8. Been taking NV for 3 days. I don’t see an increase in energy, nor any weight loss. Basically, I find its not working, I have enough pills for 6 more days.

    I am wondering if taking a different diet pill will work. Currently I’m a 140lbs and would like to loose 12 lbs. by April 3rd as I am going south to the Caribbean.

    Editor’s note: Three days of taking NV is not really a fair assessment. Although the best diet pills can be helpful, it is important to have a realistic expectation of the sort results you will see with any diet product.

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  9. NV has worked for me after I had my baby I lost 20 lbs. using these diet pills. They are very easy to take — they don’t make me feel sick and definitely decrease my appetite.

    Now I’m off to Cancun for spring break and I just bought my second bottle of NV.

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  10. I have actually been taking NV for about a Month now and I absolutely love it.

    I have already lost 11 pounds and I do see a difference in my hair and nails. When I first bought NV I was like “here is just another diet pill that im wasting money on and it will do nothing for me.”

    Now a month later and it proved me wrong — it has worked wonders for me! I feel awake and not so hungry any more. I work in an office where I sit all day long and when I got bored I would find something to eat. With NV I dont get hungry and I’m not falling asleep by 2 anymore – I’m still awake and ready to go! I LOVE IT!

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  11. I started using NV after having a baby last year Sept 07. I stopped cause I crash most of the time when I take it and my mood just drives me nuts.

    But I love the energy that it gives me and I’m thinking of going back to it…..

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  12. I used NV for 2 months, and lost roughly 40 lbs. I LOVED only having to take ONE pill per day. My appetite was decreased, I always felt full.
    I was coming off a hip injury which made cardio difficult and painful, so exercise was limited mainly to upper body weight training. Despite my lowered activity levels, the weight still came off. I experienced no side effects while using NV. In short, I am very pleased with this product, and would use it again if necessary.

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  13. I have been taking NV for about a week. All of a sudden I feel depressed. People have noticed that I am very quiet. Sure, I’m not hungry but by 4pm I am sleepy. I had to FORCE myself to go to the gym and typically I love the gym. Has anyone else had this kind of reaction?

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  14. I tried NV and felt tired, starved, jittery, with a lot of anxiety, with some nausea and vomiting.

    At first I thought I was pregnant so I stopped taking it after 2 months knowing that I was not pregnant during the process.

    After I stopped I felt normal and to my luck I did not lose a pound, but gained 10.

    This is just my story but I think the caffeine content is maybe too high since Im a Starbucks coffee drinker. I stopped drinking it to get the same amount of caffeine I would get from my regular morning drink with this pill. And still made me sick.

    The best of luck if you are trying maybe it works for you.

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  15. I really love this product. I have been using NV for 2 weeks and I have lost 18 lbs . I don’t feel hungry all the time . But I eat right and workout 3 time a week. But this NV Product does work . Because I have tried many diet products that didn’t work like they said they would and so far this is the best product Its does work!!!

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  16. all i want to know is does it work??????

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  17. I used NV about a year ago when it was in a different shaped bottle (fatter at the bottom, smaller at the top) and really liked it.

    Later, I noticed they changed the look of the box and the shape of the bottle. I didn’t think anything of it and bought another one anyway. I didn’t like it as well.

    Then I read the bottle and it no longer has the vitamins for hair, skin, and nails! I was very disappointed that the formula had changed. I liked it WAY better the way it used to be!

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  18. It’s more of a beauty pill for me…my nails get stronger, and hair grows quickly and with shine. My skin is clear and radiant and my skin gets softer. I basically take it to look good, although my intentsions were to loose weight!

    The only thing I notice is that it doesn’t curb my appetite, I still get hungry. It gives me a lot of energy, although I recommend taking it early during the day as taking it later might cut your sleep.

    I love it! It gives me the energy I need during the day, I don’t get sleepy; it makes me look very pretty… the best beauty pill! 🙂

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  19. been on the NV pill for 4 days. lost 1 lb. but hopefully more to come……..I really did expect to have alot more energy. I feel like I crash around 5ish and wanted it to last longer. We’ll see if the final results were worth the $.

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  20. I used NV & and I lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. Wow! I’m amazed. Now I’m going to splash happy!

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  21. I tried NV on a whim. I have noticed a slight appetite loss but not a huge one.

    The one thing I did notice while I took this product was that I was more focused at work. I have ADD and I don’t take medicine for it, but this product helped me. At work I used to be slow and my mind was all over the place, but whenever I took NV, I was faster and more concentrated.

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  22. I used to take NV for many reasons. I wanted to lose weight without working out. I wanted beautiful hair and skin. I wanted to look like Carmen Electra. NV did for me what I wanted it to and then some. I also seemed to have more energy at work and I stayed more focused than I ever had. I was less tired during day and my hair and nails were growing again. I was an extremely happy NV user. Now, however, it is not for sale anymore. Does anyone know why?

    Editor’s comments: NV appears to have been discontinued by NxCare.

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  23. I’m from Belgium. Is there a site where I can buy the NV diet pill?

    Editor’s comments: This product appears to have been discontinued. Online resources are still listing it, but showing it as unavailable.

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  24. I’ve tried NV weight loss pills, I’m not on them, but the first time I tried them, the instructions said to drink 8 glasses of water a day, I drank nearly 15 a day, I only ate like 2 times a day, 3 if I felt like it and I lost 15 pounds in 1 week, I stopped taking them after that and I recently tried going on them again but it’s not as effective as it was the first time, but I wouldn’t mind trying them again. :]

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  25. I’ve been taking NV for 2 weeks. I only take one every other day… since then, I feel thinner, people comment my weight loss and I am no longer thinking about food 24/7. I used to eat a lot. Here’s a tip, use the jitters to do a project. it helps me focus at work and gets the job done fast. At this rate, it’s making you burn calories with everything you do. I love NV!

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  26. NV rocks! It improved the quality of my hair skin and nails, I have tons of energy (don’t need those sugary energy drinks anymore, woohoo!) and lost 20 lbs. Amazing.

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  27. @Lindsay, where did you get this pill? I can’t find it anywhere or online.

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  28. I took NV for 4 months and it didn’t do a thing for me! I still had an apetite it was like taking a plecebo. I thought that since i have an active lifestyle that it would at least help trimme up, but it didn’t.

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  29. I’ve been using NV for 4 days now and I absolutely love it. I would recommend it to anyone. The first 2 days it made me nauseous but I decided to keep with it and it was no longer a problem after the second day. Today is the first day I’ve weighed myself and I weigh 135, when I started the product I weighed 150 at 5’7. I didn’t even expect to lose weight with this product because I’ve always had problems losing weight. Not only am I satisfied with the weight loss, my skin is incredable. I’ve always had a problem with acne and my skin and never ever looked better. I don’t have a single blemish and my skin is so soft. My hair looks amazing also. NV I love you!

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  30. I just started taking NV 3 days ago and have already lost 2 pounds. I am going to the beach in 12 days and am hoping to go from 135 to 125, or atleast somewhere close.

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  31. I have taken nv for 2 days haven’t weighed myself but noticed a lot of energy, I could not sleep at 10 at night had to take a long walk, keep you posted hope it works

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  32. I’ve been taking NV for about a week now. At first I was kind of. Worried about the energy it gave me, but after two days, my body got used to it, and I stopped shaking. To tell you the truth, I haven’t seen any significant loss in weight, but I can tell you that my. Hair has never been softer, and my nails are growing at a rapid rate. Maybe I just need more time for the weight loss, but I’m slightly dissapointed in the product. But I guess we will see in. A few more weeks if it actually works.

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