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Rev XP Fat Burner Review: Targeted 6-Pack Technology?

Rev XP boasts “targeted 6-pack” technology, and the strongest fat-loss support formula on the market. I don’t know about that, but there is a ton of caffeine in this product, enough to make the average person jitter his or her way happily (or not so happily depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine) through the day.

On the other hand, a full dose is delivered in a 3-capsule serving, so you can easily reduce the dosage in accordance with your sensitivity to stimulants.

NxCare’s Rev XP formula does contain some fat loss winners, and a couple of good combinations. So what’s in this product…

1. Green tea: a good, no-brainer addition to any fat burner, there’s some evidence that green tea offers some real, tangible benefits as a potent weight loss ingredient. A full review is available here! Take note that’s there’s a good dose of green tea in this product, providing the caffeine content of approximately 2.5 cups of coffee.

2. Caffeine: A well-known thermogenic with established, albeit relatively mild, weight loss benefits (see Am J Clin Nutr. 1989 Jan;49(1):44-50, Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 May;33(5):989-97). The combination of caffeine and green tea (as is present in this formula) has been shown to be even more beneficial for weight loss (see Obes Res. 2005 Jul;13(7):1195-204).

Caffeine is actually part of the patented 6-ingredient blend, but I’ve included it here with the main ingredients because the label indicates over 350 mg per serving — that’s equivalent to over 3 cups of coffee’s worth!

3. Cocoa bean extract: standardized for theobromine (a caffeine-related chemical). This ingredient has milder stimulating effects than caffeine. It’s effect on weight loss has not been effectively demonstrated at this time.

4. Yerba mate: commonly used as a diuretic and an energy enhancer, mate contains both caffeine and other xanthines also common to coffee. As such, this ingredient ramps up the caffeine content of this formula even more.

5. Dandelion root extract: included as a diuretic in this formula, helping to reduce excess water weight.

6. Patented 6-ingredient blend: includes an undisclosed amount of the following ingredients…

a. Clary Sage Extract: standardized for forskolin, a compound which may have a positive effect on the speed of the intercellular processes in the body. Most studies on the weight loss effectiveness of forskolin have been performed using coleus forskohli, and the results have not been earth-shattering.

For instance, this study (using 250 mg twice daily doses of 10% standardized forskolin) showed a modest weight loss effect. It’s highly doubtful Rev Xp contains enough clary sage to deliver results consistent with this study.

b. 4-Hydroxyisoleucine: derived from fenugreek, this ingredient may a positive effect on insulin function.

c. Ginseng: a common adaptogen

d. Amentoflavone: derived from ginko biloba, which contains several flavanoids, which tend to offer general health-benefits.

e. Piper nigrum: black pepper, usually included to improve the overall efficiency of the product formula.

f. Caffeine: See above.

Bottom line?

This is a very potent, caffeine-rich formula. Anyone who has a caffeine sensitivity might be well advised to avoid Rev XP. Everyone else would be best suited to start with the smallest dose (1 capsule) possible to access your tolerance.

The strength of the formula lies in its green tea / caffeine power-punch, which is about as close as you can get to a “no-brainer” combination as you can get. Other ingredients, in comparison, provide minimal value and are unlikely to be present in doses strong enough to elicit much of an effect. Nonetheless

Please note: Although the combination of green tea and caffeine has been clinically shown to promote weight loss, unless you make significant changes to your diet and lifestyle, it is unlikely Rev XP will do anything for you. In other words…

This is a tool in the battle of the bulge, not a miracle solution.

Author: Paul

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  1. Please don’t mind reduce the wt. only best way to do exercise and lock your mouth to eat heavy and spicy foods..if after leaving REV wt. again increases so why it use? On one hand spend money on eating and other hand spend mone on reducing wt. for temerary period while using this product i feel dizzinesss and illusions moreover nuasea..which r so dangerous for health who do jobs.

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  2. I just wanted you to know that after taking 1 pill, twice a day for four days. I developed a very serious and very painful heart problem.

    Even now, three days after stopping with those godforsaken pills, I’m still in constant fear that my heart is going to stop. The chest pains are unbearable, and they make me horribly dizzy.

    I’m about to go to sleep here, and pretty scared that I’m going to die in my sleep. Judging from how I’m feeling right now, it’s not too far-fetched an idea. — and to think I’m only 20.

    I know you keep getting excellent reviews, but I’ve never had a problem with my health before taking these pills. I’m not going to sue or anything, I just want people to know that Rev might be killing me.

    Thanks for nothing.

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    • Ally Mconnel I woke up 3 am thought I was having a heart attack .went to hospital had a blood clot left lung I had been taking this supplement for 3 weeks . I hate to in fairly accuse this product because I did lose weight . but at what price
      scared the heck out of me .

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  3. I used Rev for 2 months. At first I had fantastic results. I lost 9 pounds in 7 days. As I started to increase my intake, it came to the point where I would have no interest in food or any cravings at all.

    I had tons of energy but didn’t want to eat anything! My body felt like it would crash. When taking the recommended 6 pills/day I would get extreme nausea, stomach pains, headaches and dizzyness. My body would shake.

    When I stopped taking the pills, I gained all the weight back.

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  4. I take one pill after breakfast and I do fine all day. Everyone will react differently to different supplements (prescription or not) and the only way to know how you will do is to try it.

    You can buy it at GNC and if not satisfied – you can return it.

    It is very important to continue to eat to lose weight – if you stop eating your body thinks it is starving and will only hang on to the fat. REV XP for me helps slow my hunger.

    I love to eat and this helps me keep it under control… and the energy boost dose not hurt either.

    The key is to think about food choices and portion size. Weight watchers has been a added bonus for me to go along with this product. It offers a good program for a support system and helps you understand how to learn those skills for good healthy eating habits.

    To me the other programs, Jenny Craig, etc… are just to hard to fit into my life style. How easy is it to carry a pre-prepared meal with you every where you go – especially when you go out to eat?

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  5. This pill is the greatest. I have tried others, even prescription pills before and nothing gives me energy like these.

    I would recommend these to anyone looking for that extra something in their exercise routine.

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  6. Hi I’m Mille and I have been useing REV XP for a few years. I first bought it as a diet pill that was recomended to me at GNC. Yeah, I did loose a few pounds and it did make me want to eat less.
    Now let me tell you the best part about it. I don’t drink caffine as it makes me feel sick, but Rev XP loaded with it doesn’t do that.

    I am a single mom of 3 and wow, do they keep me running. With Rev the energy you get is well worth the price. I wouldn’t recommend it for weight loss, but the energy… wow!

    I can’t say enough about how it helps. I take one in the morning and it gets me moving. On nights I want to go out and have fun I take one before I leave (about 9pm). I can have fun with lots of energy and when I am ready for bed (about 3am) I sleep like a baby. I have found no negative side effects to this. I have been using it for about 5 years. The only trouble I have with it now is I can’t find it in stores anymore.

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  7. I want to know how I can get this fat burner again. I used it and it worked for me since then I’ve not seen and I want to buy/find it again.

    Editors comments: Mary, this product appears to be discontinued by NXLabs/NxCare.

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  8. I used Rev XP with fantastic results. It curbed my appetite and I went to the gym a few times a week. I took 4 pills a day max and I was looking to go back on it since I’m trying to loose my baby weight and the gym by itself is just not cutting it! But the GNC by my house doesn’t sell it anymore and I am very upset.

    It’s not for everyone because the caffeine level is so high but it did wonders for me.

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  9. I accidentally found Rev. The bottle sat in my closet for a few weeks. One day I got up for work, after not sleeping well that night. I was really dragging. So I stuck a couple of Rev in my purse to take once I got to work, to give me a little energy boost. Took them when I got there because I was really dragging ass (I work on an assembly line). Before I even knew it, I was working like crazy, for hours, thanks to REV. When it wears off, you don’t crash and burn like you do with the other supplements. It gradually wears down. No crash and burn!

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  10. Used this product for 3 months to gain muscle, increase workout time and efficiency and burn more calories.

    I had to eat at least a pound of food each meal and take roughly 200 grams of whey protein a day. My work out is an hour of cardio and light lifting in the morning and an hour of heavier lifting in the afternoon. This is a strenuous workout that the average person could not do but worked up to noticed incredible results gaining ten pounds of pure muscle in 2-3 months.

    If used in this way it is highly effective!

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  11. I used this product and it was awsome. I took the pills for 6 months and lost 70 pounds it’s a get product

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