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RapidSlim (Rapid Slim) SX Fat Burner Review & Information

RapidSlim SX is the latest fat burner designed exclusively for women* that promises near miraculous, “ultrafast” weight loss.

Although commonplace, you should always be wary of such claims — from the retailers of RapidSlim SX or any other weight loss product.

In fact, the FTC makes such a warning in this press release about their Big Fat Lie campaign. In reality, while it is definitely appealing, losing weight is never fast or effortless.

However, there are certainly products that may help encourage weight loss, especially if they are used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. RapidSlim may indeed be one of those products, as it does contain a fairly decent ingredient profile.

The RapidSlim SX formula basically expands on that of another Iovate product, Cylaris (reviewed in full here). If you haven’t read that review, the bottom line was simple…

If the clinical study referenced in the advertising study was genuine (and I certainly wonder whether or not financial influence might have tilted the findings in a positive direction), than the Cylaris formulation may indeed show some positive tendencies for weight loss.

Given that, RapidSlim expands on the Cylaris formulation by adding oolong, black and rooibos tea extracts, quercetin, hoodia, white willow extract and white pepper powder (although we can’t tell how much since the ingredients are all jumbled together under a “proprietary blend” label).

It’s the tea extracts that add the most value to this formula. I’ve reviewed oolong tea here, and there is some preliminary evidence indicating it may be helpful for weight loss. I haven’t seen any such data for either black or rooibos teas, but it’s likely they do offer some benefits — they both contain powerful antioxidants, for instance.

Like Cylaris, this compilation also contains the combination of green tea and caffeine, which have been demonstrated to promote weight loss (Obes Res. 2005 Jul; 13(7): 1195-204).

Please note: one serving of RapidSlim SX contains 250 mg of caffeine — about what you’d get in two and a half cups of coffee. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, have high blood pressure or heart issues, you’ll want to give this product a miss.

Quercetin too is a great ingredient and offers many benefits, although none are specifically related to weight loss (I’ve reviewed quercetin in full here!)

Hoodia, on the other hand, is the probably the most hyped product on the net, and there’s little evidence it is good for anything (you can read the full review here!).

White willow extract contains salicin, an aspirin precursor (you can learn more about white willow here). In the old herbal ephedra stack, white willow bark was used as the “aspirin” part of the ephedra + caffeine + aspirin combination… but it plays no such role here.

White pepper may have some effect on the metabolism, as well as inducing sweating.

Bottom line on RapidSlim SX?

Due to the addition of the various tea extracts, this formula is an improvement over the Cylaris formulation. Does it work? Well, several of the ingredients in this formula do show some real promise. Regardless, don’t expect RapidSlim to be a “magic bullet.” Without the appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle, I’d be very surprised if you saw dramatic results from this product.

*There’s really nothing in this formula that validates the “designed for women” claim. It’s nothing more than a marketing ploy.

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