Cylaris Fat Burner Review and Information -

Cylaris Fat Burner Review and Information

Cylaris, according to the Web site I visited, “is being heralded as the world’s strongest weight-loss formula.”

Yeah, yeah. If I had a dime for every time I heard that one.

Sure, Cylaris is being heralded as a weight loss miracle… by the folks trying to sell you the stuff. The Food and Drug Administration or the Federal Trade Commission might have other ideas.

OK… regardless of the usual “over-the-top advertising spiel”, I have to be fair and say that Cylaris does bode a closer look.

According to the product advertising, the crux of the product’s effectiveness lies with something called “Cissus quadrangularis”, also known as “veld grape.” It’s a plant indigenous to India, and used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Research has shown it may have some benefit for bone healing and fracture repair.

Until a recently performed study, there was no data showing veld grape had any positive effects on weight loss.

And what about the study, referenced heavily in the Cylaris advertising literature?

The good news is that a couple of studies performed at the University of Yaoundé, Cameroon do validate this ingredient’s effectiveness for weight loss. It also appears to be helpful for lowering blood sugar levels, decreasing serum lipids and “improving cardiovascular risk factors.” (See Lipids Health Dis. 2007 Feb 4;6:4, Lipids Health Dis. 2006 Sep 2;5:24.).

There are a couple of “downsides” to these positive studies though.

First, Cylaris is a proprietary blend of ingredients. So we can’t be sure if a daily dose contains the 300 mg of the Cissus quadrangularis extract found to be helpful in the studies. It’s certainly possible, since this is a 522 mg blend. However, only a trip to the lab can confirm this for sure.

Additionally, the lead author of these studies, Julius E Oben, has a patent on Cissus quadrangularis as a fat loss agent. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that the results of these studies are not legitimate, it certainly calls their “objectivity” into question. There certainly appears to be a conflict of interest here.

I also have some additional concerns…

First of all, Cylaris advertising makes much ado over the Cissus quadrangularis contained in its compilation. The truth is that the study was performed on the Cylaris formulation (which also contains green tea, chromium, soy extract, selenium, caffeine, B vitamins and folic acid). Therefore it’s impossible to tell whether it was the…

  • Cissus quadrangularis itself
  • Combination of Cissus quadrangularis with the other ingredients in the formulation


  • Any of the other ingredients — either in isolation or in combination with any other single or combination of ingredients

… that caused the weight loss (you can read the complete details of the study here!)

This issue is even further compounded by the fact that several of the ingredients in the Cylaris compilation — green tea and caffeine, for instance, have already been demonstrated to encourage weight loss (Obes Res. 2005 Jul; 13(7): 1195-204).

So does Cissus quadrangularis have beneficial effects for weight loss? Only a study on it alone can verify its effectiveness.

Bottom line on Cylaris?

Conflict of interest aside, this formulation does show some promise. But it will take more research, and several follow-up studies to really confirm Cissus quadrangularis’ effect on weight loss (1 small, solitary positive study is never enough to state anything with authority about this compilation).

Of course, even if Cylaris is helpful , don’t expect it to be a magic pill — it’s unlikely to do much for you unless you make the appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Author: Paul

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  1. I had my 3rd daughter sept 13th 2008. After I had her I was up to 215 lbs I felt disgusting. I have tried many many kinds of weight loss pills and I must tell you THESE WORK!

    I honestly lost 42 lbs in the last 4 months along with healthy eating and moderate exercise.

    I’m on my second bottle now and I’m looking forward to the results.

    Dieting / weight loss is hard work. Do not expect to find a magical pill that will flush it all away in a week. Trust me, I know I’ve looked for a pill like that!

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  2. I have been taking this product for five days. I have not noticed a difference except to say I feel totally zapped of energy which is strange for me.

    My hunger level is the same.

    I would not recommend this product and feel it was a waste of money.

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  3. While looking at weight loss products in Wal-mart, a lady picked up a bottle of Cylaris, and recommended it to me. Said she lost 50 pounds after having her baby and highly recommended it.

    I skipped the Hoodia and bought the Cylaris.

    That was mid-July. It is now early September and I have lost 37 pounds almost effortlessly! No side effects, it just helped curb my night time eating. No cravings!

    I take 1 pill at 10:30 am & 2 pills at 4:00pm, and I’m content with supper and nothing else – I love this product and will continue to use it to lose another 20 pounds.

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  4. I have been taking this for a week and I’ve lost five pounds. It does make me feel a little more hungry, but it’s not too bad. To me it’s worth it. I haven’t been working out as intensely as I did the week before and still got better results.

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  5. I have started taking Cylaris on 10/10/08 and today is 10/17/08 and I have already lost 5lbs. I am exercising and watching what I eat very carefully. I’m very satisfied with this product and I’m going out to buy another bottle today!!! I have not yet experienced any side effects. Will update in another week.

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  6. Alright, like most people I was feeling a big chubby and wanted a change. I went to Wal-mart with my boyfriend and he picked these pills out of the rest because they were ‘doctor approved.’

    I started the diet just as shown in the diet plan located inside a little booklet in the box. I started out with 1 pill for the first 2 days.

    The third day i started feeling sick.

    In the morning at 8am I took 2 pills (before breakfast) and then I took 2 more about 2pm (before lunch). I got off work at 3pm and got home 3:30 and went for a run. I got home just a little after 4 and while I was walking up my apartment stairs I started feeling extremely dizzy. I got into my apartment and walked towards the couch and I remember waking up beside the couch.

    In a matter of 30 minutes after that I was in the hospital on a breathing machine – and the doctors were trying to figure out some ingredients in this pill.

    They called poison control and even “googled” it. I was on a heart machine and they put an IV in me.

    I didn’t change a thing in my lifestyle, just tried to lose a few extra pounds – this was the worst experience ever.

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  7. I took Cylaris for a month and in the first 2 weeks I lost 16 lbs. I felt light headed, so I stopped taking it for a couple months.

    I started taking it again today, I’m hoping I’ll get the same results.

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  8. I took this supplement over a year ago, I lost 50 lbs in a 6 month period and have maintained that weight. I have tried many of the other products which seemed to increase not decrease my appetite. I did not change my eating or exercise habits at all and lost at least 4 lbs a week. I know it does not work for everyone but it is definitely worth a try! I would recommend it to anyone!

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  9. Scary is the first word that comes to mind. I tried Cylaris, and as directed I took 2 capsules about 30 minutes before I planned to eat. About 15-20 minutes after taking Cylaris, I started feeling dizzy, nauseated, and my face/neck/chest/and hands became bright red and felt like they were on fire. I felt like I was going to pass out. My husband grabbed the bottle and dialed the number on the bottle. They actually said THIS WAS A POSSIBLE EXPECTED REACTION due to the high doses of Niacin in it, and if I started having difficulty breathing I should immediately hang up and dial 911.

    They actually recommended that next time I only try one pill (not the recommended dose), or try it with food. My symptoms lasted about 2 hours, and I ended going to see my physician due to extreme palpitations. 24 hours later I still felt weak and nauseated. Needless to say, I will not be using this dangerous product again and have warned all family and friends of this risky pill.

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  10. I tried it last year around this time. I was heading to a beach vacation. I’m not totally overweight, just the typical mid-30’s 5-8 lbs. over.

    I work a physical job, I’ve always been a sporadic eater. The cylaris did increase my appetite. I never became sick or light headed. I lost 5 lbs and so many inches that when I left for my vacation at the end of May, I changed into clothes that I had bought and already packed in April. All MY PANTS nearly slid down my hips! I didn’t even have a belt! LOL! When I came home, all my normal jeans were baggy as heck in the thighs (my main trouble area) and butt! A male co-worker even went so far as to ask me to please stop dieting now. From where his eyes were at, I realized that I had lost my butt too! I’m not complaining.

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  11. I haven’t lost any weight with Cylaris, but I have been experiencing dizzy spells and nausea, often so bad that I cannot stand up or walk or drive. As soon as I stopped taking Cylaris, the dizzy spells went away. They would not honour their promise to refund the money I spent on the product. Bottom line: avoid this product and eat more veggies instead!

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  12. I have used Cylaris for about 1 week now, and I agree with some of the posts that say you should not depend on any product to do the whole job for you. I have lost 2 lbs. I still eat healthy. It makes me very thirsty. So drinking a lot of water to the Cylaris program only adds to its potential to help you lose the weight.

    I think it is a great product.

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  13. I love Cylaris! I can truly tell everyone that I dropped 3 dress sizes in 4 months. I was taking Cylaris and doing a good workout plan. You have to follow the instructions very well. I worked out and ate good healthy foods. And everyone noticed the significant weight loss. I have tried so many diets and pills but none were as good as Cylaris.

    It also gave me the burst of energy I so needed.

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  14. I have used two bottles of this product and I have lost 36 pounds in total in just 3 months. I had to stop using it because it isn’t selling anymore in Canada. In total in less then 9 months after having my 3rd baby girl I have lost a total of 67 pounds! I am looking everywhere to find this product again!

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  15. I used this product for a couple months. Yes I lost weight. I also turned yellow. My eyes and skin were yellow. The roots of my hair started turning yellow. I stopped taking the pills. I had an ultra sound, a cat scan and several blood tests. They found my liver enzymes were way off. After several weeks and blood tests everything was back to normal. I would never recommend this product to anyone.

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  16. Hi my name is Carolyn. A few years ago I tried Cylaris and lost almost 100 lbs in a years time. I did not change my eating habits and worked out very rarely. I had tons of energy and my very hungry ways were suppressed to a normal point!

    I absolutely loved this pill and when the Walmart here in Oklahoma put them on clearance I knew I had to get a many bottles as I could cause they were taking off the shelves.

    I am very disappointed that this happened and wish that i could find it again. It was affordable and for me it worked wonders! I went from 215 lbs to 135 lbs and was feeling great about myself and my health!

    Then 2 years ago I fell and injured my back and now I am back up to 195lbs and ready to lose this weight again and get back to the wonderful feeling I had before.

    I have tried many other diet pills and cannot seem to find another quite like it!

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  17. I love this stuff. I am over 50 and have tried many programs, pills and diets since college, when I first got fat. This is the only thing that keeps working for me. I am sensitive to drugs, so I only take half of what the label directs. If I take it in the morning, it keeps me from being hungry until about 2:30 in the afternoon. The body gets used to most diet pills after about a week to 10 days, but this one works every time. I am disappointed that it is no longer in the drugstores near me, but I will just order it online.

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