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Orovo Fat Burner Review: Lose Weight & Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles?

Orovo is the third product I’ve reviewed that makes near miraculous claims of weight loss, the reduction of lines and wrinkles, and even the ability to help you “look younger.” This all based upon a product created around the 10 “super foods” revealed to Oprah on the Oprah Winfrey show by Dr. Nicholas Perricone.

Here’s the thing…

The other two products I reviewed (Lipovox, reviewed here and Leptovox, reviewed here) are nearly identical compilations. In other words, these three products (Lipovox, Leptovox, Orovo) are almost identical. However, after reading the various product’s sales pages back-to-back, I realized the the similarities didn’t end there…

With Leptovox, it was the “inventor” of the product who happened to see the Oprah show featuring Dr. Perricone and the 10 super foods. With Orovo, it was the CEO of Orovo’s wife who was just happening to watch that day. And lo and behold we have another miraculous coincidence — the inventor of Lipovox — a college student just happened to be skipping class and watching Dr. Perricone on Oprah the day of the miraculous revelation. And guess what?

Wonder of wonders, all three individuals took it upon themselves to eat a serving of these super foods each and every day for 10 days and then evaluate their results.

Are you still with me?

Amazingly enough, all three had the same jaw-dropping results. They lost weight. The appearance of lines and wrinkles were dramatically reduced (apparently not so much so that it warranted taking a photograph and posting it to the Web site as proof). One even looked “younger” (measured by what standards I’m not sure).

Of course, all three found eating these super foods on a regular basis to be expensive, time consuming, and too darn inconvenient. So each of them took it upon themselves to create a super condensed “capsule” version of these super foods.

These are the aforementioned Lipovox, Leptovox, and Orovo.

Sure is amazing how great minds think alike (not to mention how amazing it is that three average Joes (or Josephinas) could just “whip” together a complex nutritional supplement, bottle it, label it, and distribute on the Internet in no time flat.

And I wonder how that college student managed to come with the necessary funds to develop a product, bottle and label it? College students are notoriously short of cash, and it just amazes the heck out of me that one managed to come with the required $20K or so that is necessary to develop, produce and market a product.

Coincidence? Copycat products? Or the same company retailing the same product under 3 different names?

When investigating Lipovox, I found that it was often sold on eBay, and mainly by a single retailer. I then found this glowing testimonial of Leptovox by the eBay retailer of Lipovox — who, I found after further searching, was also retailing Leptovox (talk about a major conflict of interest here!).

Yup, you can now buy your Orovo on eBay, too… just as I suspected.

Orovo is also being sold as an MLM home business “opportunity” — paying out on a 6X6 referral basis, so you can expect the claims for Orovo’s amazing abilities to continue to escalate in ridiculousness.

If I were an Orovo marketer, I’d be more than a little miffed. Since it looks like the same company is retailing all three products, I’d be concerned that Orovo is undermining my ability to earn a decent income by saturating the market with near identical products that can be obtained independently.

OK, before I wrap up this review, let me discuss the “10 Super foods.” and their “supposed” benefits. First of all, it is extremely unlikely that anyone who gave up the typical high fat, high carb North American diet and started eating these 10 super foods regularly would not see some benefits. Your acne probably would clear up, and you probably would lose weight. No rocket science there. Remove crappy, high-calorie fatty foods and replace them with low-calorie, nitritious foods and the result should be obvious, right?

And if the capsules actually contain what they are supposed to (and only a trip to a lab will verify that) there’s little doubt they will impart some benefit as well.

After all, the ten super foods. are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, flavanoids, carotenoids, vitamins, minerals and what have you.

But to make claims that a blend of these 10 super foods — a blend of indiscriminate strength and potency mind you — can make you lose outrageous amounts of weight, reverse the aging process and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles is ridiculous.

It’s an insult to your intelligence.

And there is not one iota of credible clinical data or a single peer reviewed study that indicates anything of the sort.

Also, you must recognize that Dr. Perricone is hardly an impartial spokesman on the supposed powers of these amazing super foods. After all, Dr. Perricone has a vested interest in selling his high priced products on his NVPerriconeMD web site. And, according to Wikipedia…

“… critics accuse him of making outlandish, unrealistic promises in order to sell books and products. His claims, they say, are backed by very little scientific research, and any research he has done himself has never been published in medical journals, where it would be subject to scrupulous review.”

Bottom line?

The retailers of Orovo are eager to list the ingredients on their web site, and they do list the 350 mg “proprietray blend” of ingredients now, something they didn’t do before I reviewed this product (this is a relatively small dosage, and impossible to assess for efficacy). They also added clinical references to the descriptions of each of the product’s ingredients (also something they only did after I posted this review).

Please don’t be fooled by this.

The ten superfoods do indeed offer a myriad of benefits — when taken at the appropriate dosage, or eaten as a whole food. No one is disputing this. As I said earlier, they are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and phytonutrients.

But no amount of clinical references to the benefits of the individual ingredients — taken at doses far exceeding those included in this formula — can justify the claims of rapid weight loss, acne, weight or age reduction — there is absolutely no basis in fact for any of these claims.

Oh yeah, seems I really annoyed the you-know-what out of someone over at Orovo with this review. Click here to read all about it!

Orovo Summary
  • Contains healthful ingredients.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. First of all, I’d like to thank you so very much !
    I was trying to re-find a website on Orovo & happened upon Livowhatever.

    I was truly amazed at the similarities of the stories! And now, I know why… I’ve been duped!


    However, I did read some positive comments on Fucothin, which was my 1st idea anyway, and against your better judgment :), I’m going to give it a try.

    Again, thanks for your informative research.


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  2. I have been taking Orovo products since last summer.

    A friend of mine told me about it since spring but I didn’t decide to try any of them until about August.

    I started taking Orovo and 7-dfb then. I took it for like 3 weeks and gave up taking it as directed because I didn’t drop 15lbs (I know thats stupid to think something will be magic, but hey – I’m optimistic, right?).

    I kept taking it – usually just one, maybe 2 Orovo a day and sometimes like 3 7dfb in one day (it says to take 12). I did feel a lot more energetic, and being aware of herbal remedies (thanks mom) I knew that the ingredients were good for me.

    I knew enough about herbs and their specifics that all of those ingredients are good to treat what they say they were, so it was obvious Orovo was not a scam, just may not be accurate for all the outrageous weight loss claims it’s made for everyone.

    Anyways, so I kept taking it (just not exactly as directed) and with feeling a little more energy to get off the couch I started going to the gym a little more. I think the Orovo made me feel a little anxious at times, like I didn’t want to sit still. Good or bad? – I don’t really know. Probably good because I wasn’t as lazy I had been.

    I didn’t really lose tons of weight going to the gym either so I knew that something was wrong with me. For the last few years I have been constantly tired (mom of 2 little ones), so I really can appreciate the overall peppy feeling without the super jittery feeling.

    I went from 250 lbs (weighed in Sept 2nd) to 240 lbs by halloween, so thats about 10 lbs. I was trying to diet but I am terrible at starving. So I knew that I wasnot as successful because I wasn’t always in a calorie deficit.

    After all the holidays (which were a massive blur) I came home from Las Vegas and I weighed in at 245lbs. Ooops. So I ordered the Orovo Detox (new) and started 3 weeks ago. The first week I felt like hell, and was detoxing heavily although I didn’t drop any weight.

    I researched detoxification and found that this is an effective detox. Good, I was suffering for a good cause. It said that a good detox will make you want to quit it. So monday thru sunday of my detox I didn’t lose weight, but my goal was to detox and I think I’m smart enough to know that detoxing doesn’t always mean fat loss.

    On the following tuesday I weighed in and I was down 5 lbs! I was already trying really hard to not eat sugars and watch my calories the whole month. Here it is 2 weeks later and I’m on day 2 of another detox week, and I’m down from 245 on Jan. 1st, to 232 lbs.

    I’m very pleased, and I know that my results wouldn’t have been as good without the Orovo products. So I guess this is a honest review, that although some of the claims are outrageous and almost sound ficticious, the products can work if you give them time.

    Most of those ingredients take time to build up in the body. I’ve been doing more research on all the ingredients, and overall I think that the Orovo is a pretty good product – way better than those products that give you the jitters and over-burn your adrenals.

    Overall I give Orovo an A- … well OK a B+ because they overhype on their advertising and claims, but the A- because I’m a better & smaller person than I was a few months ago!

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  3. I was only able to take Orovo Detox for 2 days. I swore after the first day I wouldn’t take it any more. You have to take 4 big capsules before breakfast and then 4 more before lunch time.

    Super caffeine buzz followed by total burnout by 4:00. I felt drugged up for 2 days. I only tried it for the 2nd day because the scales said I lost 2 pounds but it does make you poop more so that was probably the reason of the loss. I didn’t loose anything the 2nd day.

    So if you like feeling all drugged up and then total burnout by afternoon then okay, but this is no way for me. I don’t see how anyone takes this stuff. Just eat right and do some exercise!

    Any other experiences??


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  4. I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, probably 8 to 10 pounds, but I’ve just felt kinda stuck, so I thought I’d try Orovo.

    I definitely think it is a scam. I truly ate healthy and light and lost nothing, if anything I was up a pound. I will say I didn’t feel hungry while taking this, but I did not lose any weight.

    They recommend you get off after 1 week and then resume. Well I have been down on the couch this weekend with headace and nausea (actually vomited twice) this was 1 day after stopping Orovo.

    I don’t know if this is a coinsidence or a real side effect, but I will not continue this. I’m not sure it is safe.

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  5. Hi, I ordered Orovo last week, recieved it and the bottle was opened and used, what a scam. There was no number to call and only an address to use for contacting the company, can’t comment on if it works or not but this incident maked me feel I can’t order anything online.

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  6. I was sucked in by this great product. I am usually smart about things like this, but they got me with their nice web site and I could make some extra money if I signed up with the program.

    Well, I ordered Orovo, had it in 2days but I waited a month before trying it and by that time another bottle was on its way.

    There was no way I could afford this, so I started taking them and felt nothing. I was still eating like normal. I thought maybe I was doing some thing wrong so I read the bottle. I noticed on the Supplement Facts that half the things they say were in the product weren’t even listed and there were ones that had a star by them — what the heck is that?

    Needless to say I sent my bottle back and they gave me my money back which was the only thing right about this company.

    I will never ever order some thing until I read your review. Thank you so much for being here for us!

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  7. I have been taking Orovo for a week and I’ve lost 5 pounds. I have noticed my skin is clearing up a little. I’m still undecided about it though. They say it’s all natural ingredients… but it makes me feel like I’m high. I also go to the bathroom more.

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  8. I have completed my week cycle and to my amazement I have lost 14 lbs and the weight is still dropping off. I will continue to use Orovo Detox until I have reached my goal of 25 lbs lost… only 11lbs to go.

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  9. I took Orovo Detox for about a week before I quit because the product made me stay up for 56 hours straight and I didn’t feel tired.

    I knew that was a bad thing because currently I’m a college student and lost sleep can be very troubling considering the papers coming up and tests etc.

    But since i have the product I figure I’ll just use it all up and see what happens when schooling starts to settle down a bit. I will return to say the end result.

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  10. My experience with Orovo Detox was unlike “Barbs”. I don’t mind taking 4 capsules twice a day for 1 week if it means I get to feel AMAZING!

    I wasn’t going to the bathroom as much as Barb was, but I did lose 2 lbs the first day, Im sure most of it was water but by day 2 I could tell a huge difference in my energy level and my attitude.

    OROVO Detox is by FAR the best supplement I have taken. For the past two months I have taken it as directed and I have lost 18 lbs and I look and feel 5 years younger.

    If you take OROVO detox and feel kind of crummy the first day or two, that just means the product is working, your body is getting rid of all the toxic buildup.

    I encourage you to take it the entire week and I promise you will love it as much as I do!

    I also take Myoswell, and no joke, I am lifting double what I was before taking it! And I don’t want to forget the fact that my wallet is a little thicker these days! Thanks OROVO!

    Editor’s comment: According to this post on Weight-Loss-Forums.com (click here and scroll half way down) Shane Richins is one of the main eBay retailers of Orovo products. If that is indeed the case, we highly doubt that this is a “authentic” testimonial.

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  11. For the duration of my fourth pregnancy I was confined to bed and nourished through daily IVs. After the birth of my son I was lagging. My pregnancy was brutal on my body. I could not get my energy up.

    For the first 6 months I tried eating well and exercising but in the end I felt like I was fighting a loosing battle. I still didn’t have any energy and had not lost all my baby weight.

    My friend emailed me about OROVO. I read about it and noticed that the ingredients were all natural. After some thought, I decided it was worth a try. I signed up and began taking the capsules as a way to cleanse my system. I continued my workouts and healthy eating as well as starting this product. I noticed within a week: my energy was up, my skin evened out, and my headaches were less frequent. The icing on the cake was that I was able to loose my baby weight in 4 months.

    I know the company advertises more weight lost in a shorter time, but some of us won’t have that result… it is after all a general claim. I am an eternal realist so the fact that I managed to loose my weight in 4 months was great. I have been taking this suppliment now for 10 months. I personally look and feel better than I did before. The other plus is that I can make a little extra money as a stay at home mom.

    I would, and have, recommend this product to my friends and family!

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  12. I noticed the effects of the Orovo Detox within the first 2 hours of taking it! The first thing I felt was my appetite decrease. The Orovo Detox totally curbs my cravings for snacking on sugary snacks all day, and I am now able to eat smaller portions for meals and still feel full. The second thing I noticed was the energy! I am now able to go longer and harder in my workouts at the gym! It is an amazing feeling having the energy I need to workout as hard as I want to!

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  13. The Orovo products I’ve tried and continue to use have been fantastic. After years of yoyo dieting, my health was going down hill rapidly.

    Two years ago, I hit the big 5-0, and decided it was time to take some positive action as far as my health is concerned. Searching the internet for answers lead me to the organic way of eating. I began feeling better, but wasn’t loosing any weight.

    Then came Orovo.

    After just under 3 months of taking this product, I lost over 20 pounds! Another great side effect is the extra energy. This is a perfect addition to my new healthy lifestyle.

    Editor’s note: Mrs. Letterman’s picture and testimonial feature prominently on the home page of the Orovo web site.

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  14. ” I am 33 years old, mother of two. Before Orovo I was sluggish and, well, lazy. I didn’t want to be that way and didn’t enjoy it, but I couldn’t make myself move or feel better. I would try different diets and exercise programs, but nothing seemed to make a huge difference in my energy level, so every program or pill I tried would fail. And that would start another downward spiral… over and over again.

    I was introduced to Orovo and it was NIGHT AND DAY difference in my energy, which affected my attitude on life. I have lost 25 lbs in 4 months just moving more, not changing ANY of my eating habits. Since taking Orovo I have completed my first half marathon and training for anther one in April. I no longer suffer from depression because of my new found energy and I spend more time doing things that make me feel better about life.

    Did I mention that I haven’t gotten sick ONCE since I started taking this product? Not once! That alone is worth taking it in my opinion. I used to get bronchitis and/or strep throat every year. The money Orovo saves me from Co-pays outweighs the cost of the product by a billion to one!

    I would recommend this product to anyone! If you think it sounds too good to be true, just try it for yourself.. give it at least 1 months before you make full judgment. It only gets better the longer you take it. Thanks Orovo!

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  15. I am 45 year old who has never looked the same after getting married. Before Orovo I was sluggish and, well, lazy. I didn’t want to be that way and didn’t enjoy it, but I couldn’t do anything about it. I would try different diets and exercise programs, but nothing seemed to work.

    I was introduced to Orovo and it was completely different from anything that I have tried before. I have lost 15 lbs in 3 months. It is a diet pill with a kick. I have energy to burn. I am more active during the day and I really enjoy my new life. Thanks Orovo.

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  16. Orovo is by far the best product! It gives me the energy I need and it has cleared my skin. I no longer suffer from adult acne! Believe the hype, Orovo is the greatest!

    I changed my autoship to OROVOX, it is orovo in a juice form and is also amazing!! Way better than Xango and Monavie and it is half the price!

    Editor’s note: Ashley’s picture and testimonial feature prominently on the Orovo web site. And, according to a post on the Weight Loss Forums (click here to visit, and scroll down about half way) she’s actively involved in selling Orovo.

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  17. Within the first two days of taking Orovo, I felt my appetite decreasing. I noticed I wasn’t eating as much and that the food I was craving was healthier food. I began losing weight and felt more energized. The Orovo products really helped me get back on track to living a healthier and happier life.

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  18. Update to the editor: That is one of the great benefits about being an OROVO member!! As an active member I have access to these great product at wholesale price so I can buy and re-sell them on ebay to make a profit.

    I no longer have to work away from my home. Orovo allows me to stay at home with my three kids, and I will be forever grateful for that.

    I appreciate you putting up this review site so we can share our experience with others, and please know that our testimonials are indeed authentic.

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  19. I am currently on my second 7 day session of Ovoro. So far, my mother thinks that I’m losing weight. I don’t notice it, but I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.

    I am a mother of two little children and am desperate to shed some of these baby pounds I put on. The first day I started on the pills, I couldn’t sleep. After the 4th day, I slept pretty well.

    This product may not agree with everyone.

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  20. I really think this pill works better than Hydroxycut and it does make you feel more energetic, but I really like that.

    I think it probably doesn’t help with wrinkles and stuff but my waist looks a lot skinnier and I go to the bathroom more often. I don’t like some of the side effects but this is the best I have taken so far.

    So I have lost 4 pounds ( from 142 to 138) and I hope to keep on losing my post pregnancy weight. If you don’t like to feel like if you have had a lot of coffee don’t take this pill 🙂

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  21. My Orovo experience:

    I have to admit that I am looking for a magic pill to lose or help control weight. I know it is foolish and unlikely that I will find one, but for $40 a month I do not mind trying different products.

    The data:

    I am a 35 yr old male 6’4 tall and 241 lbs at the start of my Orovo experiment. I consider 215 to be my ideal weight. I have a very sedentary life style. I exercise very little and my work primarily consists of sitting at a desk.

    I am married, I like to eat, I would consider my self a fairly heavy drinker, I do not smoke or do any other drugs than alcohol.

    I took to Orovo detox according to the bottle recommendation for 7 days (4 pills 30 minutes before breakfast and 4 pills 30 minutes before lunch).

    Day 1 (Thursday 3/20/08)- Morning weigh in 241 lbs. I was a little more energetic this day than I normally am. I did not do anything outside my normal routine except I did actually eat a little breakfast as the bottle recommends. I do not know if my energy level was due to the pills or the food. I was a bit jittery throughout the day, but nothing to severe.

    Day 2 (Friday 3/21)- Morning weigh in 239 lbs This is within my normal daily weight fluctuations. I did not have the same energy today as yesterday and was in fact I was pretty tired all day. I can’t attribute this to Orovo. It is most likely due to a long week.

    Day 3 (Saturday 3/22)- Morning weigh in 238 lbs. I was optimistic at this point to go down in weight again. I did not intentionally change anything else in my life. I continued to eat and drink as I normally do. Did not notice any negative or positive side effect.

    Day 4 (Sunday 3/23)- Morning weigh in 240 lbs. I am noticing more flatulence than normal. Bowel movements seem to be slightly more than is normal for me.

    Day 5 (Monday 3/24)- Morning weigh in 239 lbs. Nothing new or exciting to report.

    Day 6 (Tuesday 3/25)- out of town on business and could not weigh in. I am beginning to notice a dry feeling in my throat. No matter how much water I drink can’t get the feeling to go away. Could be allergies?

    Day 7 (Wednesday 3/26)- still out of town so no weigh in today either. Woke up feeling fine, but had the same dry throat feeling after taking morning and lunch time pills. Not sure if it is related to the pills, but the discomfort appears to be stronger immediately after taking the pills.

    Day 8-9 Thursday and Friday- got back in town Thursday night and weighed in as soon as I got home. Weighed in at 242 lbs. I usually weigh a little more at night than in the morning so I weighed in again this morning and was still 242 lbs.

    While I was out of town I did not eat any more or less than I would have if I was at home. I drank less than I normally would when at home

    My final summary:

    I took the pills for 7 days according to directions hoping to lose the 7 lbs in 7 days that is advertised. I gained 1 pound in the 7 days that I took the pills. My wife took them during the same period and gained 3 pounds in 7 days.

    This does not mean that the pills will not work for you or they are a scam. It simply means that they did not work as described for me. There are many different body types and life styles that these pills may have a positive impact on. I personally will not purchase them again, but for $40 it was worth a try.

    I will continue to take the remaining pills according to the directions. You are suppose to take 7 days off for every 7 days on. If I notice any benefits or negative effects in the next cycle I will post the results.

    Editor comments: Great feedback, Jason! Regarding the “7 lbs. in 7 days” claim; it is impossible to lose 7 pounds of fat in 7 days. A single pound of stored fat is the equivalent to about 3,500 calories. 7 lbs. is the equivalent of 24,500 calories. Since the only way to get rid of stored fat is to burn it for energy, it’s easy to see how ridiculous this claim is.

    It is, however, entirely possible to weigh 7 lbs. less in a week — simply by taking a product that contains a natural diuretic or two. The important thing to note though is that even though you weigh less, you are no less fat (i.e., your body fat percentage has not changed).

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  22. I am a 48-year-old educated woman, but I guess I am getting desperate at my age.

    I’m 30 lbs. overweight and so I ordered Orovo and received it yesterday. Took my first four this morning, and within 20 minutes I was buzzing and jittery like I had the whole pot of coffee.

    It is now 14 hours later, and I didn’t even take my lunchtime dosage b/c I was just miserable with the jitters. I am wide awake and the jittery-ness makes me feel anxious and “unrelaxed.”

    It wasn’t a good day on this stuff. Couldn’t really tell anything about having a suppressed appetite b/c I was just trying to get by and function with these shakes. I don’t know whether to take it tomorrow b/c the anxiety it creates is truly miserable.

    I didn’t run across this site until AFTER I purchased my Orovo. I may give it another try tomorrow at half dosage.

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  23. Ive only been taking Orovo for 4 days and I can feel the difference in my appetite and regularity in using the bathroom. I think Orovo is a very good product and to those who don’t think so its ok. Bodies are different and respond to diet pills in different ways.

    I would like to encourage all those using Orovo. And know, its crazy to think that a pill will change your life. There is always going to be a requirement on your part. So along with taking Orovo, exercise regularly and try and eat better.

    And I promise you will get the results you want. Diet pills promote weight loss, keep that in mind. Good luck to everyone!

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  24. Well, I’ve only been taking it for about 3 days, but already I lost 3 lbs — could be just because it makes you use the bathroom more frequently.

    Needed to do that anyway, not very regular when it comes to using the bathroom no matter what I try, so even if that’s the only outcome of this product, it’s worth it’s weight in gold for that reason alone!

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  25. Hi everyone…

    My husband (45 yr old) And myself (37yrs old) are both quite overweight…

    We decided to give it a try – we just ordered 1 bottle & decided to both take it – a 7 day cycle for each of us… We figured that we could get an idea if we want to continue after the 7 days are up… Only 1/2 the financial risk when we both try it…

    Well, we both have lost the same amount of weight – 10lbs each… I lost the 10 lbs in the 1st 3 days – it wasn’t until day 5 that my husband lost it – And he lost 10 lbs overnight – yes I did say overnight… He weighed himself right before bed & still nothing – He got up in the morning (went pee as usual) stepped on the scale & was 10lbs lighter then before he went to bed… Odd eh? I have been fluctuating since the 10lb loss & sticking between the 9 & 10 lbs lost range… It came off really fast at first for me & then the next few days just fluctuating 1lb – up or down…
    This is day #7 of taking the pills & I can safely say that although David & I have both lost 10lbs (me – 9 or 10 lbs) We both had a completely different experience with it… Neither of us really had the jitters & didn’t really notice a huge energy increase – slight increase only…We did both notice a lack of our normal cravings of sweets & I was going to the bathroom more often… No change for David that way… David noticed a slight burning type of sensation in his stomach a few times after taking the pills – nothing bothersome just noticable… I did not notice that sensation though…

    Conclusion… We will be ordering more today & trying another 7 day cycle… After all – we are both 9-10 lbs lighter after 6 of the 7 days… I hope that we continue to have success with it…

    Anyway that is our sincere view on this product… Don’t dismiss this product because we do believe it can help…
    Tanya & David – Utah

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  26. This product made me feel ill, sick to my stomach, headaches, and I lost no weight. I eat healthy & I do kick boxing 3-4 days a week and on my off days I lift weights & do 45 minutes of cardio. I thought this would be perfect for me.

    I followed the 7 days and the results are just devastating. I felt sick, and for nothing.

    I only needed to lose 10 lbs and I didn’t lose a single pound. Needless to say, i canceled my membership and i don’t recommend this product to anyone.

    Also, one user stated he had dry mouth – 100% agree with him – my throat is so dry!

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  27. Just wanted to toss out there that safe effective weight loss should never really exceed 1-2 lbs a week.

    Also detox diets and supplements really aren’t for weight loss but to help you detoxify so that you can lose weight.

    Anyways for those of you getting all hyped up on Orovo tryout the caffeine free version, thats what i use and my dad (he actually uses it more than me i always forget to take my pills 🙂 )

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  28. I ordered this product on 3/31 and never recieved it so I went back on the website looking for a number to call and there is only a email address as a contact option.

    I was worried I had been scammed and my credit card info obtained, but I emailed them anyway and was contacted 36 hours later. Eventually after a few days of back and forth emails my card was refunded for the product I never recieved.

    Who knows why I never recieved my order but after reading the side effects I am prone to jitters and I hate feeling that way so I am happy my order never came.

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  29. Well, I just finished my first month of Orovo, and I promised myself I would write reviews to help people, because I am NOT being paid or influenced by any of these stupid fat burner companies. I’m just a normal person trying to find a little bit of assistance to lose some weight.

    That being said. this pill is just like every other pill on the market, a HUUUGE waste of time and money.

    I lost zero pounds in one month,
    the pills are huge (and i have a pretty high tolerance for that) but you’re expected to choke back (literally I choked on a couple almost every time) 8 of these huge pills at a time on some days.

    Twice a day, thats 16 huge horse pills a day for a week at a time, so trust me after you’ve put yourself through that, it makes you pretty angry to feel nothing.

    I would feel a LITTLE bit of energy with the fat burners, but it was so minor I also could have laid down and fell asleep if I wanted to. I was also going to the gym the entire time and I think it might have given me a little boost at the gym as far as energy goes.

    So I’m going to the health food store to find a fat burner and see if it gives the exact same result for the energy at the gym as the orovo.

    I knew this would be the case, I really believe if there was a miracle diet pill out there, that ACTUALLY worked, no normal people would be able to afford it!

    Save your money and buy a gym membership
    or join LA weight loss or something. That is the ONLY weight loss “gimic” that actually ever worked for me.

    Good luck everyone!

    So many dishonest companies and scams it’s ridiculous!

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  30. I tried Orovo for two months. I did not see any improvement in skin/acne (although that really is not a problem for me), nor did I see any increased energy (also not a problem).

    After the first month, I did have a seven-pound weight loss, not the seven pounds in seven days as advertised. However, in addition to the Orovo, I had significantly increased my exercising and cut back on calories, so this was probably water weight anyway.

    The interesting thing, however, is after the second month on Orovo I had a 8% decrease in body fat, which has never happened before, even with other diet pills.

    I’m not sure if this is a result of Orovo or the exercise and dieting, but I think I’m going to keep up the diet and exercise and skip the Orovo and see if the body fat count drops more, then I will know.

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  31. I’m a working mother of two small children, and it’s been hell trying to lose the weight from my pregnancies. I’m only on my third day, but so far I haven’t seen any lose in weight. I’ve gained one pound.

    I’m going to keep with it though, it’s only been three days. Maybe after my first week I’ll have different results. If not, I just wont be buying any more. So I’m not saying it works, or it doesn’t work.

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  32. So far all that Detox O has done for me is make me itch something horrible. Please beware. I do not know what is in it that makes me itch, but so far every time I take even one pill I have to take a
    bendryl to stop the itching.

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  33. I ordered this product on Sunday 3/30 and then ran across a very negative article on it, so I canceled the order 10 minutes later.

    I emailed Orovo’s customer service the next day to confirm the cancellation and they said it already shipped.

    They debited my account and it’s now 4/29 and I’ve yet to receive a refund. They received my returned package on 4/10.

    They keep promising me a refund which they never send.

    On 4/1 they said they would refund me “immediately upon receipt of the returned package”, which didn’t occur.

    The second time was on 4/14 when they said I would be refunded within 5 days.

    The third was on 4/28 when they said they issued the refund, then today (4/29) they said it will take 1 to 2 additional weeks to receive the refund.

    I feel they are not going to actually refund my money so I’ve taken three courses of action…

    1) A complaint to the BBB where they already have a negative rating

    2) A complaint to the Attorney General’s Office

    3) A filing of an Affidavit of Unauthorized activity against my account with my bank.

    I don’t understand why they are not actually refunding my money. It should not take 6 weeks to receive a refund for an order that was canceled immediately.

    Editor comments: Vivian, I know that several Orovo distributors are monitoring this web site. Maybe one would will be kind enough to explain why you were given the runaround, and more importantly, why they have a negative rating with the BBB.

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  34. Like almost everybody else, I am very disappointed with Orovo pills. I took them for almost a month and I haven’t dropped a pound.

    I ate very light and exercised hard 3 or 4 times a week. I thought with my life style I would be losing weight pretty fast with these pills, but like another customer said they are a waste of money.

    Worst part is I just discovered they sent another shipment and I couldn’t find any way to cancel it — no working phone number or email.

    And guess what? I had to cancel my credit card and replace it with another one in order to stop this.

    I think that this company that doesn’t have a customer service representative available because they don’t want to deal with unhappy customers.

    Well, at least I stopped them from charging me every month! Good luck!

    Editor’s Comments: Check out our first video, which includes tips on how to avoid being added to “recurring billing programs.”

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  35. I’ve been taking Orovo Detox for 4 days now and down 4 lbs. already! I am not selling the product or promoting it, just giving facts. I hope to see more results since I have 20 lbs more to lose.

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  36. This seems like just an Orovo bashing site. I mean any time someone writes anything positive the “editor” of the comments writes how highly impossible it is for anyone to lose weight with them and la la la.

    I am not looking for just negative or positive reviews, but jeez don’t hate on the people who feel it is working for them just because you don’t like the product.

    Editor’s Comments: Editing the comments on this web site requires a delicate hand to be sure.

    You do want people to share their honest opinions, but at the same time, you have to guard against the individuals who manipulate their comments because they have a vested interest in the sale of the product.

    In the case of Orovo — which is an MLM product, there have been more than a few cases when extremely positive reviews have come directly from top level distributors. In our opinion, these people have too great a conflict of interest to be able to provide genuine feedback.

    Of course, not all distributors are easily identified, which means we tend to be a little more diligent in pointing out what the reality of weight loss entails with these products.

    This has got nothing to do with “hating” anybody, but simply ensuring a more balanced view of the product(s) is presented.

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  37. I was trying to loose just 10 lbs, so I thought I would try it. Bought it on ebay, and it took 2 weeks for delivery!!

    I have only lost 2lbs after taking it for 2 weeks, so yeah, it’s another scam. My face does not look different… I guess I was just another sucker.

    I would not advise anyone to spend their hard-earned $$ on this product and I believe this is a scam since it is being sold on ebay…and on Amazon they are $69!

    They will not get this chica’s money again!!

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  38. Before starting Orovo, I noticed my face was looking rough. After Orovo, I have noticed that my face looks younger.

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  39. The first day for me on Orovo Detox was pretty bad, due to an anxious feeling. I have already been eating properly and going to the gym 3-4 days a week.

    On the day I started I weighed 195.5 lbs. and now, 7 days later I am at 190.7 lbs! I cannot wait until the next 7 day cycle!

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  40. I never received my order, and I am pretty angry about it! $100 is a lot of money to not receive anything!

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  41. The product does work – I am not sure about anyone else, but for me the product has had profound results.

    My weight gain wasn’t hereditary nor do I am a thyroid problem. It was good old fashion laziness.

    I was 195 pounds 3 weeks ago and now I am 183 still a far cry away from my goal weight but — I have the energy of a teenager (and I am 33) people have noticed my weightloss (and I’ve told no one I am taking diet pills).

    I look great because my face is getting slimmer and looks more healthy, although I don’t always take 4 pills a day like it suggested. I did eat fast food about 5 of the days – but I also incorporated some moderate excersice like walking and a little bit of weight training.

    I am going to be more diligent about eating right and following a proper diet because if I lost 13 pounds not completely committed I am egar to find out how I am do if I am committed.

    I tried the DFD 7 day detox and it didn’t work for me so I wouldn’t suggest wasting your money. but if you want the Orovo – this pill doesn’t give you the shakes and you don’t have the runs either – it just really works!

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  42. I tried Orovo 2 weeks ago. I did the first week on and now I’m on the first week off. The week that I was on the only difference I saw was going to the bathroom every couple of hours.

    I did not lose a pound actually gained 2 pounds that was with exercise and only eating 1200 calories a day.

    As soon as I started the week off I bloated up with water gain, but after a couple of days that went away. And now I can’t go to the bathroom.
    I never felt jittery or anything except the first couple of days off I had a headache that would kill a horse.

    To me it is not worth the money I only had 10 pounds to lose now I have 12.

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  43. I ordered Orovo because I was looking for a whole food supplement and I saw that this one also helped with weight loss.

    I will not buy it again because I paid so much for it that I don’t want to waste my money.

    The problem I have with it is something I don’t see anyone else mentioning so it may just be me.
    The bottle says to take it 30 minutes before a meal. If I don’t eat right at the 30 minute mark, I get very sick and my stomach cramps.

    For a mother of 2 small children its often hard to eat at the exact moment you need to so this is not at all convenient for me.

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  44. I ordered a bottle of Orovo after doing some research via the internet, now I realize I should of researched further.

    I was impressed that the product was endorsed by Oprah and that it not only promised 7 lbs in 7 days but also would have an effect on reducing wrinkles, hey I’m 50 something so anything might help.

    I looked forward to trying these pills, I am 5’7 and weigh 130, it wasn’t my intent to loose major weight but wanted to loose some unneeded fat that my work out regime doesn’t seem to take care of.

    Anyway took the 1st pill, as per instructions and had major heart palpations, was jittery and very disoriented.

    Tried to email Orovo but they did not respond – I wanted to see if they had a money back guarantee.

    Two weeks, no response, finally today I spoke with someone from their site “live chat”. They will not take back any product that has been opened, other then that she could not offer me anything for my $40.00 spent.

    I think they are a scam and their customer service really leaves a lot to be desired. BUYER BEWARE!

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  45. To be honest I’ve never taken this pill. However i have taken many other wight loss substances, all which have been unsuccessful.

    I’m not a doctor and I’ve not obtained a college education. In fact, I’m a high school senior. However, I have two things going for me. One, is that I research diet treatments and workouts extensively and two, I have been very unhealthy and overweight and now I’m looking better then ever.

    From my knowledge, I agree with the editor; what everyone is losing is water weight. It is impossible or very unhealthy to lose so much weight in a week.

    The only reason I’m interested in this product is due to the connection with the superfoods. These are the best foods for you, and everyone should know them. So if the product is true, I could see it being very good for you.

    Reading over this i noticed that people without success cut their calorie count and don’t eat much. To lose weight, YOU HAVE TO EAT. This maintains and boosts your metabolism. So I don’t care what diet pill you take, not eating is bad for you.

    In conclusion, you only lose weight if you work for it. Orovo sounds like the best thing on the market so far. Will I try it? I want too. I could see how it could benefit the body.

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  46. I placed an order and never received it! The money was debited from my account right away.

    I emailed customer service with no help. I am pretty angry! $107.00 lost just like that?!!

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  47. I ordered the Orovo detox through the Orovo store & I never got my order. 107.00 dollars down the drain.

    As far as I am concerned thats stealing and I plan to do something about it.

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  48. Do not believe the hype! My spouse and I both took orovo for one month. Neither one of use expereinced any weight loss or increased energy. Very disappointing and a waste of money.

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  49. I tried it for a month and it didn’t work at all. What a waste of money!

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  50. I am on my 7th day of Orovo Detox. I followed all the instructions and have lost about 2-3 pounds. I don’t think the pills are worth it. I have been cycling every other day for an hour and eating well, and that is probably why I lost weight; not because of the pills.

    The pills leave a weird, almost burning feeling in your throat after you take them. I have acne, and the pills have not helped with my complexion either. In my opinion, the pills are a waste.

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  51. I never received my order of Orovo Detox. It has been 2 and 1/2 weeks and yes, I ordered from the same site as krys. This company is a big scam. I’m now trying to dispute the charges on my credit card.

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  52. the first day i took the 4 pills 30 mins before breakfast, i was nauseous all day long, so i did not take the other 4 i was supposed to take before lunch. i took a break from it and after a few days decided to give it another try making sure i had a good breakfast afterwards. This time i only took 2 instead of 4 and did not feel nauseous but i was really jittery, dizzy, had cold sweats, my whole body was shaking and felt like i was going to faint. So now i have officially given up on them.

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  53. I just have a question about Orovo, regarding the Original VS. the current formula. Does anyone know the difference? I ordered the product (current one) from an e-Bay dealer, got it promptly and for less, even including shipping, than what’s described here. Just started it yesterday, so no results or lack thereof, but my e-Bay search made me aware of the Original formula and I’d love some info on that! Thanks.

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  54. Well, what can I say. I have tried this product along with DFD 7 for a month now, I have noticed a lot of energy during my workouts . I’m not overweight, I just need to get rid of some extra pounds but i haven’t seeing in loss weight just yet. However, I know results may vary depending of the person, so far I have noticed that my sex drive has been AMAZING!! I have never complained before but now It is just great!! It feels much better and intense! This is my own experience it could be different for anybody else. Ohh well, good luck to everyone.

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  55. I have taken the Orovo product (not detox) for one week. I just need some assistance in curbing my appetite so that I can loose at least 10 lbs. I received it in a timely manner and began.

    I know without a doubt that my energy level has picked up. I don’t nap during the day, but can move around for hours and sleep like a lamb at night.

    Now this is crazy, but I am 56 yrs of age and have begun to have regular night and day sweats (you know, hot flashes). Since I have been on this product, I have actually ceased having the sweats and I get a great nights sleep.

    I have not noticed a great weight loss as yet, but I have noticed the appetite curving I wanted. I’m gonna hang in there with this product because I believe the weight will come off and because of the healthy ingredients. Definitely if it stops these annoying sweats, I’m loving it.

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  56. I have been taking Orovo for 1 Month and 1 week. I do the 7 days on 7 days off and i have lost 1 and a half Stone. I was 18-19 Stone and weighed myself this morning and was 17 Stone it feel great coz i could never get under the 18 Stone mark 🙂

    The week i take it i have 4 on the morning at about 7.30 then breakfast at about 8 then walk to the busstop about 5-10 mins away. i have an office job so i try 2 walk around as much as i can as i dont do much exercise. I take 4 more at about 12.30-1pm then have 2 buns with some sort of spread and a low fat yogurt for my lunch half an hour after. After work i walk home 5-10 mins walk nd have my Tea. I eat chips still and Pizzas. Try not to eat crisps and dont snack. You dont HAVE to eat healthy but it helps lose more weight, i dont like giving up pizza and burgers so i dont. I just eat smaller portions and dont snack (as much lol). The product does work try and follow my weekly way and see what happens. Drink PLENTY of water, juice, fresh orange just drink plenty.

    Its a bit hard to swallow them but you get used to it well worth the money. Im still not sure if its just my mind thinking there working but its just me doing the work, or if there helping me but i have lost 1.5 Stone in a month i dont exercise i eat my normal foods, not salads ergh!

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  57. I have been selling Orovo for eight months now, and I wasn’t aware there were so many unhappy customers.

    Please understand the products aren’t miracle pills, and that they may work better for some people. Also realize some distributors are “fly by night.” But there are many distributors that take pride in the products and servicing their customers.

    On my website, yourtimetogethealthy.com, I have a RatePoint link were my customers can rate their overall experience. I haven’t received any complaints from any of my customers, and hope to treat each customer that buys from my site courteously and fairly.

    I realize most of the comments have been negative, and I know they are valid complaints. I would like to offer an apology to the customers who haven’t been taken care of due to poor customer service. Again, please realize that just because one distributor didn’t take care of their customers doesn’t mean all of the others haven’t either. Please feel free to contact me through the link on my site if you have any questions.

    The Orovo “Live Rich” opportunity is the best around. If you would like information about Orovo please contact me at: [email protected]

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  58. This product does not work. End of story. I tried it and got nothing from it but a gassy stomach, bad attitude and an emptier wallet. I hate that you cannot return any of it if it has been opened but undertand it at the same time. I am ever soooooooooooooo sorry I did not find this website prior to ordering it.

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  59. Trying Orovo Detox for the first time. I’m also beginning a 16 week training program to run my 4th and 5th marathons. I’m about 20 lbs heavier than I was for my first 3 marathons. I’m hoping to get a jump start on weight loss before I get into the heavy part of my training. Normally, my weight loss regimens knock off about 2 – 3 weekly. I am hoping that this will not only cleanse my body for optimal performance, but will also increase my weight loss for a few weeks.

    I don’t know what to expect from this product, especially after seeing some of the negative reviews. If anyone cares to follow my progress, I’ll do my best to post daily and will include how I feel, what I am experiencing and, of course, any weight loss success associated with this effort.

    I took my first pills at 7:00 this morning (34 minutes ago). The caffeine is starting to kick in, but it’s not unbearable. (I don’t usually ingest caffeine so I’m pretty sensative to it.) Nothing else to report right now. I’ll post again tomorrow.

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  60. I am starting day 3 of taking Orovo Detox. I have submitted comments for days 1 & 2 and so far they have not been posted here. I’ll continue to submit in hopes that it will get posted.

    Yesterday’s caloric intake: 1783 Calories
    Yesterday’s water intake: 52 oz.
    Yesterday’s exercise: none – scheduled rest day

    My approach: I take the pills around 7:00 am and 12:00 pm each day as directed. I eat meals after 30 minutes of taking the pills. I try to keep my caloric intake below 1,900 per day. I run three or four days a week.

    Starting weight: 199 (July 14, 2008)
    Current weight: 194.5 (July 16, 2008)

    Observations: It is possible that I have only lost water weight so I try to maintain a decent amount of water intake daily. Yesterday’s intake was lower than normal because I had soda at lunch instead of water. I have noticed a distinct smell to my urine and I have not had a bowel movement since beginning taking these capsules.

    I am sensitive to caffeine and get a bit jittery within 30 minutes of taking the capsules. I find this goes away if I eat. No other physiological issues noted thus far.

    Editor’s Comments: Jack, please review our posting FAQ here! You’ll see that we recommend people use the product in question for 3-4 weeks before posting about their experiences. A couple of days is not enough time to truly assess the effects or effectiveness of any product. You will provide visitors with better information, if you provide all your information at the end of a 3-4 week trial period.

    You’ll also see that it will take between 24-48 hours for your comments to appear on the web site.

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  61. So here is my experience. I bought two bottles of Orovo and I’ve only done one week worth of pill popping. I’ve had the product for a month now and i went from 200-190.

    I’m not sure if the product helped at all because no matter what “MIRACLE PILL” you are taking, they all recommend to eat right and exercise.

    Well you know what, I completely cut out any sort of fast food, even subway! I eliminated bad carbs and high sugar products. Drank a lot of water and coffee with no cream or sugar. I began to eat 4-6 small and healthy meals a day so that I would not gorge myself at night.

    And I also exercised 3-5 days a week including 10-20 min of cardio. I can almost guarantee that the pill had nothing to do with my weight loss.

    And I want every one to understand that I am a person who has constantly struggled with weight and especially around my mid section. I firmly believe now that pills are simply a placebo.

    RULE OF THUMB – WATCH WHAT YOU EAT AND EXERCISE! I recommend reading the “Abs Diet Book”… there is some amazing and essential education about dieting and nutrition in that book! You won’t regret it!

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  62. I ordered my pills and it took two weeks for me to get them. I got them and started the next day.

    I did loose a little and my energy level was better, however when I stopped taking them I bottomed out. I could hardly stay awake. I think that they are just a scam.

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  63. Day 5 of taking Orovo Detox. I’m a 6’0 tall, 199 lb runner looking to drop a few pounds before a marathon in 16 weeks and am trying to give a non-biased review of this product. I am using it for 1 month and tracking my progress and experience. I am combining the usage of the product with a sensible diet and exercise plan.

    Yesterday’s caloric intake: 1873 Calories
    Yesterday’s water intake: 74 oz.
    Yesterday’s exercise: None – schedule rest day

    My approach: I take the pills around 7:00 am and 12:00 pm each day as directed. I eat meals after 30 minutes of taking the pills. I try to keep my caloric intake below 1,900 per day. I run three or four days a week.

    Starting weight: 199 (July 14, 2008)
    Current weight: 194.5 (July 18, 2008)

    Observations: Yesterday, I leaned more towards the idea that this product is affecting water weight more than anything. My weight has fluctuated quite a bit this week, starting at 199 and going up or down 2-3 lbs a day stopping at 194.5 today. Tomorrow is my official weekly weigh in day. I have noticed no additional energy boosts and I don’t feel as if my body has experienced any sort of detoxification. In fact, as of today, I feel no different than before I took the product. However, the extent of my weight fluctuation is unusual. When I have the same diet/exercise plan as noted above without taking this or any other product, I lose about 2 lbs per week. Depending on my official weight tomorrow and based on the fluctuation I’ve seen this week it looks like I could lose anywhere between 1.5 and 4.5.

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  64. I have completed the first week with Orovo Detox. I am an avid runner and am looking to lose a few pounds before a marathon in 16 weeks.

    My normal weight loss/exercise program nets me an average of 2 lbs for every 5 days. Orovo Detox netted me a loss of 4 lbs. It’s not beyond reason to attribute the increased weight-loss to the Orovo.

    I kept a daily caloric intake of 1,900 with significant exercise in the 5 day period. The big question mark is week 2, which is the first week off the capsules.

    I will post my results at the end of week 3.

    Starting weight: 199 (7/14/08)
    Current weight: 195 (7/19/08)

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  65. I’m in my first few days of taking Orovo, so I really can’t say whether or not it works weight loss wise, however, I do get a really uncomfortable burning/bloated feeling in my stomach when I take it.

    Once I eat (after the rec. 30 minutes) I feel fine. Has anyone else experienced this or know what causes it?

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  66. It’s been nearly 3 months since I placed my order for the Orovo Detox. Guess what, I’m still waiting! I’ll be asking for a refund tomorrow and move on to another product and another company… 🙁

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  67. I have completed by 7 days and nothing spectacular has happened. I experienced burning in my stomach after taking them.

    As others have mentioned, I too will take them as soon as I get up in the morning and it will be at least an hour before I get a chance to eat. I become nauseous and feel weak. I will follow up with a weigh in after Wednesday as I am expecting water gain due to cycle. So, an accurate reading can not be determined at this time.

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  68. I’m on my 2nd day now and I’ve noticed more energy but in a way that I feel stoned almost. I don’t get hungry as often however I can eat more without getting as full?

    Most importantly… the pills are making me extremely gassy! And they STINK! If this keeps up, I’m going to stop taking them. I haven’t had a bowel movement yet either. Hmmm… I’ll see, I’ll try it for the month.

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  69. OROVO DOESN’T WORK! I Have tried it. Don’t waste your money. I needed to loose 5lbs and could not ..

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  70. I’ve been taking Orovo for 6 weeks. I take 2 pills before meals, sometimes within and sometimes beyond the recommended 30 minutes. I am not that overweight but recently I’ve noticed that the fat I do have has become flabby and saggy (I’m 39). I also struggle with acne and have tried everything from Accutane to Proactive with no significant results.

    Since I’ve been on Orovo, I’ve lost two sizes in my clothes (I don’t own a scale so no info on pound loss – which doesn’t mean much to me anyway). It happened kind of suddenly. The first two-three weeks, I really didn’t notice any change in weight loss, but then after 4 weeks, I noticed my waist bands were looser and yesterday I went to a store where I had bought a pair of size 8 shorts (that’s the day I bought the orovo). I tried the same pair on and now I’m in the 4s. SO, I’m smaller but I didn’t really notice it happening.

    My skin is still not great but the texture of my skin is tons better and the deep lines on my forehead are nearly gone. There is a much greater elasticity to my skin than before–all over my body

    My sister tried it and so far has had similar results. We thought we weren’t wowed by the weight loss part but it’s happening. Nothing happens in a “shazam” way. Like me, there hadn’t been much change, but when I saw her for the first time in a while, I thought the change was REALLY noticeable. I think we tend to hyper focus on our own appearances and check so constantly that we’re blinding ourselves to the actual changes taking place.

    I’m going to stay with the Orovo. I’m not looking for miracles. In my mind, I just tell myself that it’s a healthy supplement and that way when I lose two sizes and notice fewer wrinkles in the mirror, I can be happy about the under $2 I’m spending per day on this product.

    PS: I’ve had no problems with the company, have changed my autoship options successfully and have added and changed products on my sister’s orders, too.

    As for exercise, She doesn’t exercise and still lost weight. I feel more like exercising since I got on the Orovo and have been cycling on weekends. I feel less sluggish all around.

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  71. I have just started taking Orovo Detox, I take 4 pills twice a day and I have had no side effects thus far. So far I have noticed that my appetite has decreased and my energy is through the roof (no jitters)! I am not an overweight person but could stand to lose 10 lbs. and even if I don’t lose any weight this product makes me feel great.

    I am very satisfied with Orovo Detox.

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  72. I have finished an entire month. I paired taking Orovo Detox with regular exercise (running 3 times per week for a total of about 20 miles) and my normal diet (1900 calories max per day). I have lost a total of 10 lbs which is not substantial when, under my normal diet alone, I would have lost 7 – 8. There is nothing special about this product in my opinion.

    That being said, I will comment on others complaints:

    1. The burning may be from not drinking enough water when you take the pills. It is prescribed to take 12 – 16 oz in when you take the pills.

    2. The jitters that some experience went away when I ate after the prescribed 30 minutes.

    3. Products like this work best when on a steady schedule each day. Much like birth control, it works best when taken at the same time every day. This helps get your body into a rhythm.

    4. When I ordered my bottle, I never received confirmation of the order. After 2 days, I emailed the company and they advised they had some issues with on-line orders over a few days.

    If you have not already emailed or otherwise contacted them, you should do so. Your order may have been lost and they would not have known about it.

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  73. I have been taking Orovo for 3-4 months now. No I don’t see the huge weight loss like I hoped for, but the other benefits – wow!

    My skin is clear, soft, some new wrinkles gone. My weird rash that I have had all my life, gone. My energy is incredible. To keep up with a 5 yr old and 3 yr old triplets takes a lot of energy, and this does it!

    I found that over time the bad side effects go away (2-3 weeks).

    Overall, not the best in weight loss, but amazing in all the “other” side effects.

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  74. I decided to take Orovo to try getting rid of some baby fat I still had after having my daughter 2 months ago. Along with diet and exercise Orovo did nothing for me whatsoever. If I were you I’d keep your money in your pocket and NOT purchase this product because it’s just money down the drain.

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  75. I have been taking orovo detox for 6 months.

    The first month I noticed a hell of a lot more energy and my appetite was curbed tremendously.
    I lost 24 lbs in that first month which was something I haven’t been able to do for a few years because I am a manager at a McDonald’s. I constantly had to eat there, however, I stayed away from the food. My boyfriend loved the way I looked after just losing that 24 lbs.

    Mind you, I am 5’9″ and I weigh 260 lbs. I am overweight severely.

    My weigh-in was 236!!!

    The second month, I lost 29 lbs. I have amazing energy levels and I also noticed that I was more cheery and became better at handling the stress that came with work. I weighed-in at 207!

    Another plus: My all but severe facial acne had cleared up! I only had a few pimples every now and then, but now none!

    Editor’s comments: We suspect removing McDonald’s food from the diet had a lot to do with that.

    Month three: I had lost 26 lbs, now weighing-in at 181 lbs! Any pimples that appeared on my back are now completely erased and my face looked sensationally thin! Around this time, my boyfriend became increasingly willing to come shopping with me, for special things!

    The fourth month was a bit slow, I only lost 16 lbs, which I guess I really couldn’t complain about, since how many people can’t even lose a pound? I weighed-in at 165 lbs.

    Nothing else new except the same elevated levels of energy and happiness.

    The fifth month, I lost 28 lbs. I weighed 137 lbs and I hadn’t been this thin since junior high school. I had also noticed that while I used to suffer from a severely acidic stomach and had to take prevacid for it, but I haven’t taken it since I began this pill, and haven’t suffered from it!

    I sleep sensationally at night, while being completely energized and awake in the day!

    The end of my sixth month on Orovo Detox. I weighed in at 121! I lost another 16 lbs this month. I have decided to give myself a month off. Because I shouldn’t loose much if any more weight for my height, and I have a good diet and have been exercising more so I think I will be able to keep it off now without the pills. I feel strong and sexy, and my boyfriend is absolutely crazy about the way I look!

    This is the end of my 7th month, I have not taken Orovo Detox or any other weight loss pill for the entire month. The first week, I gained 3 lbs, however within the next two weeks I lost them again.

    This last week I have been the same weight, 121lbs, which I’m very happy with. No more acne, no more fat, no more love handles, no more naps during the day, only energy!

    This entire process has brought me to lose a total of 139 lbs. That’s an entire person! And that more than I weigh now!!! I am so happy now and its all because of my hard work and Orovo Detox!

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  76. I found this pill online looking for an acne medication. I don’t have bad acne but around that time of the month I do break out so I wanted to try something that might help when that time does come around.

    I loved the idea of the top ten superfoods. I recently lost 52lbs the right way just eating right and exercising and that sounded like a great vitamin for me. Acne clearing and added energy.

    I ordered the product online and got charged 7.99 for shipping but did not receive the product. I emailed Orovo (since you can’t call anywhere) and they wouldn’t send me the product or refund my 7.99 shipping and handling. I stopped dealing with them and bought it on eBay.

    The first day I did take 2 before breakfast and 2 before lunch and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I kept worrying about everything and I thought I was going crazy. My heart started pounding and I thought i might even have to go to the hospital.

    I hated the feeling even if it did give you more energy it also made you feel like you were doing something bad for your body rather than something good.

    I threw the whole bottle away last night. I will continue the acne face scrub and serum but the pills are a form of speed if you ask me!

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  77. I just looked The orovo store up on BBB website. The website gives Orovo a B rating and in 36mths they have received 5 complaints and the company has resolved these complaints. Just FYI

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  78. I started taking Orovo Detox two weeks ago. I haven’t weighed myself due to menstruation and that alone adds weight. I must say that I am not as hungry as I used to be. Before Orovo Detox, I was a healthy eater, but my problem is portion control.

    I have 15lbs to lose that I struggle with. After the birth of my daughter 21 months ago, it seems that those last 15lbs are difficult to get off. I walk 3 times a week, which is the extent of my workout routine. I will weigh myself next Monday and post my results.

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  79. I just finished my first 7 day cycle of Orovo detox. I must say I am less hungry more “hyper” so to speak – my boyfriend said I’m going crazy!

    I have lost 5 lbs so far. I don’t have a problem with acne but my skin is softer and my tone looks more even. I have a “neutral” opinion on Orovo thus far – I think its to early to tell how well and if it actually works.

    QUESTION:? has anyone kept taking it without the 7 day pause?

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  80. I still don’t know how I feel about this product. I have taken it off and on for a few weeks, every time I take it, I’m reminded why I stopped for a day or so in the first place. It makes me jittery and a little sick to my stomach, which may improve after taking it for a while, I don’t know.

    I hope to lose 20 lbs with the help of this pill. I used Lipovarin a few years back for a long time and I loved that stuff. It has good ingredients in it also, like green tea.

    I took a bottle of that to GNC once, and the sales associate read the ingredients, and said it was a really good product.

    I think I will order Lipovarin again if l am not satisfied with Orovo.

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  81. I just finished my first 7 day cycle of Orovo detox, and let me tell you, I FEEL GREAT, LOOK GREAT, AND FULL OF CRAZY MASSIVE ENERGY!

    I love this product, weather I lose a ton or just some weight it makes me feel great! And that’s a good feeling. I have lost 5 lbs. and my skin is awesome. Although if you don’t eat within the required time your stomach can feel uneasy. But eating corrects it almost immediately.

    Sometimes I feel a burning in my throat after taking them, but I increased my H2O consumption and that helps. Just because this doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean other people aren’t getting results! I will keep you posted and good luck to everyone… happy or not!

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  82. I’m glad I’m not imaging things! The burning people are describing – I don’t know if it is a burning sensation but it’s like a full feeling in the bottom of my throat like something is stuck and hasn’t gone down all the way.

    I feel kinda sick to my tummy like I need to get “sick”. I hope it goes away. I will finish out the month because I spent the money on it.

    I hope it works because of right now I’ve gained three pounds and I have been sticking to my diet and taking the pills. I haven’t hardly went to the bathroom either?

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  83. so i just finished the first day of taking the 7-dfb and i feel fine. crazy cotton mouth but other than that im good, no jittery feeling or anything. not much of an appetite but that the point right? i dont weigh myself because that creates an obsession with numbers for me so i just go by how my clothes fit. i will do the orovo detox the week after next but i will check back in at the end of the week and share my progress!!

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  84. I have been taking Orovo for nearly a month and have not lost one ounce of weight even though I exercise regularly and eat very well.

    I feel jittery and nauseous at times. Drinking water helps. I am very disappointed in all the hype that is surrounding this product.

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  85. I have almost finished my 3rd cycle of detox. Not happy. I don’t feel any different. I eat well and exercise.

    But they stuff that’s supposed to come along with these detox pills didn’t appear. I am pissed. Anyone have a suggestion for a different pill?

    I’ve tried hydroxycut max and I ate just ok and wasn’t exercising but found myself losing weight.

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  86. I’ve been taking Orovo Detox for about a week now and so far, I’ve lost 3 pounds of water/body fat or whatever. I’ve noticed that my poochy belly isn’t so poochy.

    I know I retain water like a sponge, so the claims of this pill just being a diuretic/laxative are ok with me. Anything to help me get on my way.

    I wasn’t expecting this pill to be a “whizz bam” solution to my weight loss issues. I have 30 pounds to loose and if it even helps me feel more motivated in the slightest to eat better and exercise more, then it is worth it for me.

    So far I’m very happy with the results I’ve gotten. It may just be water I’m loosing, but I feel good and my face is literally glowing, and I like that.

    So I’m just going to pretend like these are my “vitamins” and any remarkable weight loss is just icing on the cake. As far as shipping, I live in Alaska and we usually have LOADS OF shipping issues here mainly because people think it is more expensive to ship here AND because our mail comes by ship or plane so it usually takes longer.

    Well, I got a confirmation e-mail from orovodirect the next day after my order, they sent my tracking info and I tracked my shipment all the way to delivery.

    I was VERY satisfied. SO much so that I ordered another bottle. I’m pleased with Orovo thus far and will update when I finish my second cycle. Cheers!

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  87. I am 27 yrs old and have never tried any dieting product before this. Previous to taking this product I lost almost 50 lbs by dieting and exercise but have gained almost 20 lbs back.

    Exhausted from counting calories, I decided to try something to give me a boost in my efforts (I only purchased one bottle off of ebay because I was unsure of doing this in the first place).

    Day one: I felt twitchy and sick, but wanted to give the product a fair shot and finish out the bottle.

    By the end of week one: I had a routine down to help with that “burning in the throat” I took the pills and set the timer for 30 min, making sure I ate immediately. That made the feeling go away or totally tolerable.

    I didn’t weigh myself at the end of the week, because I know that it is possible it would only be water weight. I didn’t count calories but made good choices and controlled portions. And being a mother of two, I don’t have time to take time for just exercise.

    I followed the directions and skipped week two.

    Week Three: I felt great! I felt incontrol of my appetite, helping me to eat controlled portions and healthy choices. I finally have the energy to keep up with my two active toddlers. Since I have more energy, I have been in a better mood and have a happier home environment.

    My skin on my face feels WONDERFUL!!! I have had acne since being a teenager and can’t remember my skin feeling so smooth and looking so bright. My acne has reduced too. I just feel better about myself.

    Week Four: Another “off week”. I continued to listen to my body: eat when hungry and stop when I feel slightly full.

    I gave my best effort to continue drinking 80 ounces of water (since it is a good habit anyway) At the end of this week, I weighed myself and it appears that I have lost about 6lbs.

    Since my skin feels so good and I like finally having energy and I feel in control of my appetite…I bought another bottle and have started the next cycle.

    I would recommend this product to help you out. It is not a wonder product and you will never lose weight without eating correctly. The burning in the throat and feeling a little sick at times was worth it for me.

    I am sure everyone’s body reacts differently- your results may be better or worse. All I know is that I am thankful I tried this.

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  88. This is my first week on, actually third day. I have lost 4 lbs, maybe water weight. Not sure.

    Editor’s comments: It’s likely ALL water weight. This product contains a number of natural diuretics.

    I can not stop being nauseated. I eat and I have nausea, I drink plenty of water and I’m still nauseated. I want to keep taking Orovo detox but the nausea is not worth it. I think I do have more energy. But I cannot tell much because of nausea.

    Has anyone else experienced the nausea?

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  89. I started Orovo “original” 4 days ago and I see a difference. Sad to say, its not positive for me. I’m even more hungry and instead of giving me energy it makes me feel sluggish.

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  90. I just started my Orovo detox yesterday. So I have no true “testimonial.”

    However, I will say that my first day consisted of gross burping and feeling TERRIBLE. Today, day 2, I woke up – with my alarm! That never happens – I snooze at least 5 times and then usually reset my alarm to a later time.

    And, so far the burps are few and far between and I feel fine – no sickness. Yesterday I considered not following through with the product and today I’ve decided: I will stick this out! 🙂

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  91. This product is the worst diet pill I have EVER taken. Not only did I not loose a pound in a month but my face broke out.

    It says this product is supposed to promote better skin. Well, I never break out and I did when I started these pills. I have been off of them for about 3 days and my skin has cleared up back to normal.

    This Orovo is a joke. Don’t waste your money like a lot of us did… it does not work at all.

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  92. I really wanted to try these pills but the information that I’ve read below is not encouraging at all. I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 11, I’m 23 now and weigh 247lbs and I want and need to lose a minimum of 60lbs. I don’t want to be thin, I want to be thick and healthy. I was hoping this pill would work. I hope to see some better reviews in the coming weeks, if not, I’ll have to start seeking other methods. Yes diet and exercise, but I just need something to get me started…

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  93. I am on week 3, i.e. one week taking Orovo Detox, one week off, and back on taking Orovo Detox. Initially, I ordered 1 bottle . . . somewhat a skeptic.

    Week 1 – no weight loss, but definite energy increase, somewhat jittery due to the caffine. I quite drinking sodas and coffee one year ago; so, the caffine affected me significantly. However, it has improved as I adjusted.

    Week 2 – no weight loss, but noticed that my hunger has subsided. I feel more in controll of my eating. Not snacking as much between meals. I eat pretty healthy.

    Week 3 – weight loss about 4 lbs. I feel like my appetite has decreased significantly. I drink lots of water, min 6 17 oz bottles per day, eat only fruit before Noon, salad for lunch, snack on fruit in the afternoon, and have a normal dinner w/salad in the evening. I’m willing to give this another shot. So, I signed up for autoship as an associate. If something works to “re-program” my eating habits, I’m all for it!

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  94. In the beginning I was a little bit skeptical, but I thought; I should try it! Why not! Now, it’s my fourth day and I have already lost 3 pounds!

    I must say that i worked out every day. I’m little bit curious how much I’ll lose after the seventh day! Good luck to everyone!

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  95. i’ve been taking orovo for two days so far, been dieting since the first of this year and already lost 20 lbs. i was still feeling tired and was taking frequent naps and getting a little lazy when it came to the gym, work was getting me exhausted, tho it’s only been 2 days i’ve been getting up at 7 am , following the pill directions, and haven’t been napping. I’ve been going out for walks, keeping myself busy around the house, and going to the gym twice a day… So I look forward to the end of feb, to see what progress i’ve made.

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  96. I ordered this product and so far haven’t received anything. After reading the other testimonials I am very nervous I got scammed as well, if anyone has had any luck with a way of getting there money back it would be very helpful.

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  97. This is my forth day taking these pills and so far I have lost 2.8 pounds without changing my life style. The first day I have to say was a bit concerning since I did feel a bit foggy, and had a slight discomfort at the back of my throat (a warm tingle), but then again I am very sensitive to medications. The second day I felt perfectly fine, and haven’t felt any change other then the fact that I’m losing weight… I think I’ll continue to take the pills.

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  98. I started taking Orovo very recently. I took 4 pills 30 minutes before breakfast and drank as much water as I could.

    For the rest of the day, I did not feel hungry at all and it eliminated my hunger cravings. I decided not to take the second set of 4 pills before lunch, and I am taking only half the dosage (2 pills before breakfast and 2 pills before lunch).

    Going into day 3, I have lost nearly 3 pounds! I think this product works!

    The only side effects I’ve experienced are some dry mouth, slight jittery feelings and alertness in the evening. I will continue to take this product and do my best to exercise to keep the weight off.

    Editor’s comments: The “weight loss” you’ve seen is not “fat” but merely water. A pound of stored fat is the equivalent of almost 3,500 calories, and the average person only needs between 1800-2500 per day. 3 lbs. of “fat loss” are simply not possible in a short period.

    To understand what you can really expect in the way of weight loss, please review this article, It’s Your Bodyfat Percentage… Not What The Scale Tells You!”

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  99. I ordered my Orvo diet pills on E-bay and started taking 2 before breakfast and two before lunch. There really is only 60 in a bottle so it is a 15 day supply.

    I started in at 289 pounds less then 10 days ago. I have lost 9 pounds. I have cut down my calorie intake, eating healthier and pushing the food away. This product does curb my appetite.

    It does not make me jittery and I have along way to go. I think once I can lose 50 pounds, I can feel more confident about dieting. My pants are getting loser and I feel my extreme stomach going down.

    Yesterday I had soup and 2 slices of toast all day. I will continue this for several months. If it curbs my appetite then it is good.

    Editor’s comments:Please see this blog post for a realistic expectation of weight loss. Losing 9 pounds of fat is not possible within a 10 day period — it’s likely Laura’s weight loss is mostly water weight.

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  100. I just purchased the product and have only just begun, however, in reading the comments posted, lets just say that I am surprised by the amount of people that confuse diet with detox. After years of experience with cleanses and detox products, what you can expect for the first few days is to feel like total crap.

    The ingredients in Orovo, is a combination of herbs, except for the caffiene (that is still a natural product, by the way) that you would use to clear up acne and cleanse your system of toxins. I have taken pure dandelion root for years to clear up acne, it works all by itself.

    Any detox program, and some are more intense than others, will drop the weight off quick, and you can actually be confined to the house and using the bathroom often. Of course the first few pounds is water, it always is.

    I’ve worked out extensively for 5 hours and actually gained water weight. That’s due in part to lack of intake, and usually drops of in a few days.

    I am trying this product because I know how this stuff works, I’ve lost weight before by just eating less and drinking strong organic coffee before a workout.

    I suppose if you’re not used to levels of high caffiene, then it would make you jittery. This product is no different, after you detox, you still require exercise and a good whole food diet, but the way I see it, what ever gets you moving, and feeling great can’t be all bad, cause it’s the moving that gets the fat off.

    Editor’s Comments: Evidence indicating that “detox” products provide much benefit is in seriously short supply.Please see this blog post for more!

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  101. I’ve just started Orovo yesterday. I decided start right away. That was my mistake. My first dose was at 6pm, the second was at 9pm. I was up until after 3am. While I wasn’t jittery, I had consistent energy and am looking forward to try this at the package’s recommended times. The pills are not huge – as a few reviewers claimed. They’re the size of typical vitamin capsule and smell sort of like tea.

    I’ve only come to this website looking for truthful claims and testimonials of real Orovo users. While I do see reason to take this, or any OTC weight loss program, with a grain of salt, I’m optimistic that I’m at least getting a dose of certain nutrients that might be helpful to me beyond weight loss.

    In my own defense, I certainly don’t think this will melt the fat off of my body overnight. I do think this has the potential of doing what detox programs all claim to do – rid my body of an unnecessary waste buildup. It doesn’t seem as though too many people, including the site editor, are realizing that this is the reality of detox program.

    Weight loss may or may not be a side effect of detoxification. It’s actually quite naive to think that fat will just be burned off. Will it work? It’s worth a shot and I’ll keep this site informed.

    Editor’s comments: We investigated the evidence for the “detox” fad a short while back. You can read the results of that investigation here!

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  102. I actually decided to “google” the Orovo products before ordering, and I came upon this site. I’m a little skeptical, but have mixed feelings. One reason is because after reading the editor’s notes I want to challenge him on being able to lose actual pounds in one week.

    I have done it, by fasting I lost 15 pds. in 3 days, and there is a diet that General Motors came out with in the 80’s for their employees, its a detox by eating certain foods in order, and it makes you lose 20 pds. in one week. Both of these things work.

    I just was looking for something else that might work as well because I don’t like starving, and I don’t like eating the combinations in the GM diet. So I might try the Orovo, I don’t know, but I do know that it is possible to lose weight that quickly.

    Editor’s Comments: We certainly don’t dispute anyone’s ability to lose “pounds” in a week. What we dispute is what you are losing.

    A pound of fat is the equivalent of 3500 calories, and the average person requires roughly half of that per day to sustain themselves. Fasting for three days will cause you to lose a ton of water weight, some muscle mass, and some fat weight.

    But such a fast will not cause your body to burn 70,000 calories in 3 days, when it normally only requires 5400. What you are losing is mainly water weight. Please… don’t concern yourself with “pounds.”
    It is your body fat percentage that is important.

    Also, Tiffani, we hate to be argumentative, but saying a diet works means nothing. Personal feedback is always anecdotal. That’s why peer-reviewed, double blind, placebo controlled studies are the true measure of what works and what doesn’t. And we highly doubt any of those exist for either of the diets you are discussing.

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  103. This product is great!

    What people don’t realize is that when your body is detoxing you can experience “withdrawls” – same as a drug addict.

    For example not feeling good or headaches but this is temporary and actually a good sign because your body has forgotten what it feels like to not be toxic.

    Once your body gets used to being free of toxic waste you will feel great and you will be happy to worked through the discomfort.

    Editor’s comments: We’re sorry to have to break it to you, but there is exactly zero evidence this product does anything to “detox” your system, nor is there any science to verify the whole detox fad in general (please read this blog post for more!).

    Additionally, symptoms like “headache” and fatigue are typical of caffeine with drawl (since most detox plans forbid the use of caffeine) and have nothing to do with the “elimination of toxins.”

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  104. I bought into the hype about the detoxification and weight loss.

    Well let me tell you, I had the worst stomach pains and bloating gas ever in my life. I really felt like I would have to go to the hospital and get my stomach pumped.

    I was sweating profusely and could not keep anything on my stomach. I immediately threw the bottle out and will never try another diet pill in my life. This is really bad stuff!

    I noticed in most of the comments that people said they cut back on their intake of food and started exercising. DUH? Is not that the sensible way to lose weight and get fit?

    I don’t believe it has anything to do with this pill. Go to weight watchers…it’s real food and much more healthy.

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  105. This seems to have very fast, short lasting effects. Once you stop it, you gain the weight back pretty fast.

    Meaning you’ll mostly lose water-weight and poop more. There’s also a bunch of pills in it that will give you more energy to go to the gym.

    For me, this was a -fantastic- product because I just wanted to lose weight for the pools of Vegas and didn’t care what happened afterward.

    For someone trying to lose weight and keep weight off, well, from what I’ve read, detoxing simply isn’t going to work period.

    Just a warning, though, it is VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT you follow the instructions word-by-word. When they tell you to eat something thirty minutes after you take them, you eat something thirty minutes after you take them. Nasty headaches definitely ensue. I also noticed a general lack of concentration, which may be their whole “GAIN LOTS OF ENERGY” stance which is plastered all over the box. My lack of concentration didn’t bother me because I didn’t have much work to do, but if you were like my girlfriend on finals week, well, let’s just say she was pretty peeved about it.

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    • Editor’s comments: “Detoxing” is a meaningless marketing term that has already been thoroughly discredited. See this blog post and this one for more information on the detox fad.

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  106. To anyone thinking about trying this product… it may work, but I wouldnt know because I never received my order. Even after sending e-mail after e-mail they didnt get back to me, in any kind of way.

    All I wanted was my order, so I’m out 93 dollars, and fyi, the e-mail they give you ([email protected]) does not seem to exist. The product sounds great, but, they can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk. My advice… if you cant carry it out the store in your hands when you pay for it, don’t be a sucker like myself and order it, its not worth losing your money over (unless you’re rich, and can take the chance).

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  107. I have been taking orovo for almost 3 weeks now and I run about 5 miles 4 times a week(20-25 miles a week).

    I also fast once a week for religious purposes. I am not sure if that is counter productive for dieting, but it’s a fact.

    Orovo has given me energy for a more vigorous exercise that isn’t over the top (ie: jittery, or heart pounding).

    The only big problem I have is that the first week I didn’t loose any weight and by the second week I had actually gained almost 4 pounds. I don’t know if I am actually losing weight and maybe gaining muscle weight from my running, but my gut looks the same as when I started.

    Personally I will not take this product again once this bottle runs out. I know many people say that the results get better over time, but I am having negative results in my first month and would like to try something that has positive results instead.

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  108. I just looked up orovostore on the BBB site, and guess what? They have a D rating, what’s that tell you? I’m still waiting on my order. I just wish I had looked there before I ordered. Ive sent e-mails to them, and got NO-WHERE.

    Save your money, and DON’T order this product, it seems to be a fake, phony, and a scam. Hope this was helpful to anyone thinking about ordering it.

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  109. I ordered my detox a more than a week ago. I have been wearing contacts half my life. 4 years ago my eyes became bloodshot red and somewhat irritated every day, and started feel quite some pain in them and every once in awhile they would flare up and cause an immense burning pain. I have tried a lot of eye drops and even special prescription drops – nothing worked. Then I got the detox just a little more than a week ago and to my amazement – within 3 hours of taking the detox – the pain started to go away and ever since then I haven’t felt any more – I’m talking almost 5 years of having this irritation! My eyes have cleared up and haven’t felt this healthy before I was wearing contacts!

    My results were more than beyond what I thought they would be; I was highly skeptical about at first, but the first few days I was blown away. I’m not trying to convince anyone but it’s totally legit in my experience – I will continue to use it. I am confident in Orovo and it s detox product. I stand firm! by my statement. I will be honest it’s not for everybody, I wish everyone the best of luck with it who is on it, it has worked for me! Thanks Orovo. 🙂

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  110. Man, you can really tell who here sells this stuff and who is taking the stuff…

    Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I’m on day 4 and I haven’t lost an ounce. Only noticeable difference is I’m having more bowel movements. I thought if this was such a great weight loss pill and being that I’m about 125 lbs. overweight I would lose it faster than most people who only have 15-30 lbs. to lose, but I haven’t see the scale tip at all yet…

    I’ll finish the bottle and see what happens, but for now I see and feel no difference at all…

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  111. When I first read about this product I was impressed with the different things it could help you with. There were three of us in my family that bought this product and we all had the same experience with the orovo pill. Every time we we took it, we would get horrible stomach aches and it would feel like it was eating a hole in your stomach. There was also nausea. We also never had any weight loss. Needless to say, we are going to try and get our money returned. I would never recommend this to anyone.

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  112. I would just like to say, Orovo is not a miracle pill, maybe for some but not really for most. But I did drop a significant amount of body fat while on it. And I continue to take it because of what it does for me. I emphasize, I got BETTER results than just eating right and exercising, but I did eat right and exercise. No matter what pill you decide to try, the only real way to lose weight and keep it off is to make a lifestyle change. Live healthy!

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  113. I’m not a fan of pills, but I do enjoy drinking juice. XXXX has a juice product called XXXX that contains the “top 10 SuperFoods,” and it’s a lot cheaper than some of the others out there.

    Has anyone else used the XXXX juice? I ordered a case for myself and was pleasantly surprised at the taste. I have tasted Xango and MonaVie before, but XXXX beats them hands down.

    Editor’s comments: Sorry Harold, but this web site’s mandate is the sharing of user comments, not the promotion of products; that’s why I’ve removed the name of the product and its manufacturer from your post.

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  114. The first 7 day cycle on Orovo Detox I did actually loose 6 pounds but as everyone here says it is just water weight. The other thing I noticed is that every time I took the recommended dosage I felt extemely nauseous and I even threw up once or twice! I also felt extemely energized and kind of jittery, although not too too bad I suppose. I just started my next cycle today (after taking 7 days off) and already I feel nauseous and jittery again.

    I plan on finishing the bottle but I definitely will not be buying any more, that’s for sure.

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  115. I ordered a bottle of the Orovo Advanced, was charged the money even though I received a message saying that the site was down and my card would not be charged after I hit submit.

    I called them and of course they have nobody there who knows whats going on, but they can tell me that I’m not going to be getting any product. Oh good, so you took 108 dollars out of my account, but the good news is I’m being charged and not getting anything in return!! This company is bogus!!

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  116. I started orovo detox last week and I am already experiencing great results. I always put off going to the gym after work because I am always tired. With Orovo, it gave me the extra boost I needed at the end of the day so I had energy! It’s awesome!

    I don’t work for Orovo so I am not getting anything for typing this review. I am just so happy because for the past two years I have been having edema in my feet (water retention). I have been to the doctors and they ran every test known to man and woman on me and the conclusion? ‘You should go on a diet and lose weight.’ Well it was hard since my body liked reataining water because I couldn’t shed it. Using Orovo is the only thing helping me. What does that say?

    I do admit that when using it the first 2 days my stomach felt a little uneasy and I did feel jittery but that wore off by the end of the week.

    Overall, I gave Orovo 5 stars hands down!

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  117. I’ve been trying this product off on on. Can’t remember how much weight I lost on the first try but it was significant enough for me to allow 5 more bottles to be shipped to me without taking it before I stopping the auto-shipment.

    I started again a few days ago, and this time I’m feeling more of the jitteryness (which I attribute to the toxins in my system). I do notice that everytime I’m on orovo I have more energy, more motivated to do stuff, and have less appetite. I promised myself that I’m not going to weigh my self for two month and I’m going to stick with it. I’m starting with 195 lb and my goal weight is 125. I’ll post in 2 months.

    Editor’s comments: Mindy, the jitteryness is attributable to the caffeine in this product.

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  118. TERRIBLE! Sick feeling to my stomach after taking pills and by the time 30 minutes past and I could eat I had the shakes while eating. Felt like I was gonna be sick if I didn’t eat immediately at the 30 minute time after taking the pills.

    Definitely curbs your appetite, because you feel so sick and bloated to your stomach. Headache and nausea from 6-7pm. Jittery and shaking even uncontrollably at one point around 8-9pm. Stomach very gassy after second dose. Went to bed at 9:30pm and woke at 11pm. Cramping and gassy for the last 3 hours. It’s 3am now and I can’t sleep, feel nausea, mind is racing… which is tormenting. Definitely will not take tomorrow.

    I suggest starting slow maybe with 2 pills each time, instead of 4 to see how your body reacts first. Didn’t research for more info till now and see the negative feedback. I pray it wears off soon and I can get some sleep before needing to take care of my two kids tomorrow. Every body is different. I have reacted amazingly to Sisel International’s FuCoyDon and Spectra AO for energy. I took this for weight loss. I think I will try something different. I don’t understand the jitters being SO intense if it is all natural. It seems like from comments above, most everyone with a bad start didn’t get the results in the end so probably not worth all the suffering. Probably doesn’t work for me.

    Editor’s comments: Heidi, in most cases, the term “all natural” is a meaningless marketing term (see this blog post for more information). Not only can caffeine and other powerful stimulants be derived from “natural” sources, but plenty of other extremely dangerous and poisonous compounds.

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  119. I used this product as directed (4 pills before breakfast and 4 before lunch). I also combined it with Slimquick Cleanse and Activit Vitamins (from “Body for Life: Tony Horton”). I did the 7 days on, and 7 days off the Orovo Detox. In the beginning, I lost 3 pounds per day for the first 3 or 4 days. Itwas amazing. But alot of it was just water weight. I urinated QUITE A BIT! I also had more energy than I knew what to do with, but I felt great and was SO happy and positive. All those pills definately keep you full, so I ate less, I also had COMPLETELY lost cravings for junk food. My weight loss has slowed down to more like 3 pounds a week (with exercise and diet. Only about 1 pound without exercise), but that’s better than no weight loss, or gain! The weight loss in the beginning was pretty significant, but it was a nice jump start. I feel very healthy.

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  120. I heard great things about Orovo Detox, it had high ratings. I ordered it with the 3 day thinning pills. I had absolutely no effect in pounds or inches with this product. Needless to say after reading all the great reviews on this product I was very disappointed in the results. I might as well have been taking sugar pills. This is indeed a scam as there is no money back guarantee and with the prices they charge, there should be some refund on the money spent.

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  121. I recently just gave birth to my first child. During pregnancy i gained over 50 pounds. I’m 5’7 and after labor I was at 187 lbs. I took the orovo 7 Day Fat Burner with a low carb diet and dropped 15 lbs the first week. I kept with my low carb diet and two weeks later took the 7dfb again and lost another 15 lbs. It was exactly what I needed to kick start my diet and weight loss program. Today I weigh 145 and feel great. I’m going to continue orovo until I reach my goal of 130 lbs.

    Editor’s comments: The 7 Day Fat Burner contains a ton of natural diuretics, so unfortunately, it’s mostly water weight you are losing (it will come back after you stop using the product). Low carb diets also have a diuretic effect (although they work well), which is why you lost so much weight the first week.

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  122. This is my delightful experience with the product:

    35 minutes after taking the first 4 pill dose, my heart was racing and pounding so hard, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I felt faint. I was trembling and could barely catch my breath. My legs got jittery and wobbly. I was experiencing the symptoms of an overdose! I barely made it downstairs to the kitchen, where I gobbled down some bread in hope of soaking up partially dissolved pills, then induced vomiting to get any undigested pills out of me!

    I’ll tell you what it was. It was the insane amount of caffeine in this formula, which tries to pass itself as a detox regiment/dietary supplement. It would seem that each dose has the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee! People are supposed to get the lightness and natural energy from the intestinal detoxification, not fake speed! Caffeine is a cheap filler and a diuretic as well.

    This is a caffeine pill masquerading as some kind of healthful intestinal detoxifier! The product should come with a health warning , as it’s daily dose contains more than twice the daily recommended amount of caffeine! 8 hours on I’m still feeling unwell! Needless to say, I won’t be touching it again.

    This product nearly caused me to end up in the emergency room and could have led to worse! I’ve done an intestinal cleanse before, a proper one from Ejuva. I naively decided to try this product because it was cheaper. bad call.

    If you want to lose weight, here is a simple formula: eat less, move more!

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  123. I have eaten less and been exercising but when I started to take orovo detox I lost 10lbs in the first week. Obviously you can not lose 10 lbs of fat in one week (if you do that is not healthy) but I was urinating more and having more regular bowel movements so this helped.

    When I take the pills and wait 30min before eating I do start to feel a little anxious but as soon as I eat that feeling subsides and I feel much better throughout the day. I work nights and would sleep all day, even on my

    off days, and stay up all night. Now after taking the pills for a week I am not sleeping too much like I was. I can sleep 7 or 8 hours and be up feeling more awake like I should. In all I think the product has worked well rather it’s just the caffeine or if it’s the other ingredients. Either way I will continue the product to help meet my weight loss goal.

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  124. After the first 7 day dose, I thought I had the flu. I could not stop throwing up & was sick for almost a week. So after about 2 weeks, I started the second dose which I soon found out was a big mistake. I was sooo sick that I did nothing but poop solid blood & throw up for days until I was in so much pain I had to go to the emergrncy room. They kept me in the hospital for 3 days & I ended up with a $13,000 bill. After being released, I was still so sick that I could not eat or function. The overall sickness lasted for about a month & a half & yes, I lost 15 pounds in a week & a half but trust me, it’s not worth it! This produst caused me to lose alot of money due to lost wages & the hospital bill. By far, the sickest I have ever been in my life! I seriously thought I was going to die. This product is a joke & VERY dangerous.

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