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Leptovox Review — Is Leptovox The Anti-Body Fat, Anti-Acne, and Anti-Wrinkle Breakthrough?

I’ve received a “zillion” e-mails recently from visitors all wondering if Leptovox works as described. One visitor said the sales pitch she received said Leptovox could help shed “40 pounds in 30 days.”

This of course, is a totally bogus claim. The only way to lose 40 lbs. in 30 days is to have liposuction. I’m serious.

On an even more serious note, I would tread very, very carefully if you are considering the purchase of Leptovox. There are a LOT of reasons why. Let me explain…

First of all, this product appears to be almost completely identical to the product Lipovox (reviewed here). As far as I can tell from reviewing the two separate product web sites, the formulations vary by only a single ingredient. Lipovox contains salmon oil powder, and Leptovox contains idebenone. Other than that, the ingredient profile is the same.

At first, I thought Leptovox was a copycat product of Lipovox (or vice versa). However, I’m beginning to wonder if Leptovox is being sold by the same people who are selling Lipovox. Why do I have that impression?

This glowing “review” of Leptovox for example, is not posted by an unbiased, enthusiastic user, but by the main eBay seller of Lipovox. It is the same retailer who I have received “not too glowing” reports about his/her customer service record (you can read visitor feedback on Lipovox here!).

Of course neither web site posts real contact and company information, so its impossible who is selling it, from where (and that’s never a good sign. Professional, ethical companies interested in building their brand are always forthright about who they are).

From what I’ve seen, the only reason to sell the exact same product under different names is to “screw” your customer. And it’s not the first time I’ve seen this done.

I’ll be posting customer feedback on Leptovox as soon as I receive it — so please, if you have something to say about Leptovox please contact me with your comments!

In the meantime, here’s some “far from positive” commentary on the Leptovox product and its retailers…

Click here for Leptovox feedback! (Link opens in new window!)

Secondly, this product appears to be sold only on eBay and direct via the product’s Web site. Now don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this, except that I can’t remember the last time I encountered a trusted brand name retailer who only used eBay and the Internet as a marketing medium.

In my experience, retailers who gravitate to these marketing mediums do so to avoid accountability to consumers and avoid the problems associated with marketing a product with grossly exaggerated claims through retail outlets (retailers would be inundated with product returns, and would then be looking to the creators of the product to refund their investment).

It’s also a fantastic way for a retailer to avoid the wrath of the Federal Trade Commission — and I can guarantee you that if either one of these products had a large enough profile, the FTC would squash them like a couple of bugs.

Net marketing also allows “fly-by-night” companies access to a large marketplace they could not access otherwise. Sad to say, but the ‘Net is a perfect place for unscrupulous marketers to flourish.

The Lipovox web site posts eBay testimonials as “proof” their product works (Leptovox does as well, but these comments are even less credible than those posted on the Lipovox web site — no name, or buyer ID is referenced for any of the comments).

Don’t be fooled.

Testimonials mean very little. Even on Ebay, they are relatively easy to fabricate. I’ve also received visitor feedback that the Lipovox retailer is actively discouraging the posting of negative feedback. And of course, feedback is always anecdotal and needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

The gold standard for “proof” is the placebo controlled, randomized, double-blind, peer reviewed study. Products, whether they be natural supplements or drugs, are always tested against a placebo, because for some people the mere suggestion that they are taking something powerful and helpful is enough to bring about significant results (this is not meant to be insulting, it’s just the way it is!).

The products also need to be tested by people who do not have a vested interest in the product (for obvious reasons) and neither the attending physician or the patient can know whether the placebo or the real deal is being administered (even if the attending physician does not have a vested interest in the sale of the product being tested, s/he may still subconsciously lead the patient one way or the other, should they know what form of the product they are receiving).

None of this has been done for Leptovox, or any of the ten “superfoods” referenced on this Web site.

Third, the claims made by the retailers of this product are ridiculous, outrageous, and not backed by any credible scientific study of any sort. The “anti wrinkle” anti-obesity” and “anti-acne” claims do not have any basis in fact. While antioxidants do neutralize free radicals that are responsible for aging process, their effects are subtle and do not lead to quick and dramatic changes in appearance. Heck if that were the case, even a $4 bottle of vitamin C sold at your local grocery store could qualify as a “youth tonic.”

Both the Lipovox and the Leptovox sales pages reference the work of Dr. Perricone, and his appearance on the Oprah show in an attempt to add credibility to their claims.

There are two issues with this…

Neither Dr. Perricome or Oprah have anything to do with either of these products, and certainly do not endorse them.

Secondly, Dr. Perricone is hardly an impartial spokesman on the supposed powers of these amazing super foods. After all, Dr. Perricone has a vested interest in selling his high priced products on his NVPerriconeMD web site. And, according to Wikipedia…

“… critics accuse him of making outlandish, unrealistic promises in order to sell books and products. His claims, they say, are backed by very little scientific research, and any research he has done himself has never been published in medical journals, where it would be subject to scrupulous review.”

While no one can argue that nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant superfoods will offer value — especially to people who adopt a sensible diet and lifestyle in addition to taking these pills — just how much, and how they manifest themselves, is not something that has been demonstrated conclusively by any credible scientific studies.

And just how much benefit is offered by products of indeterminate strength and potency like Leptovox or Lipovox is certainly a matter of serious debate.

The Lipovox sales page does not reveal the potency of the “magic” formulation, other than to tell us that it contains the 10 superfoods listed on the site. The Leptovox web site does post an illustration of the product label on their web site, but interestingly, two of the ingredients referenced on the web site (ALA and DMAE) are not present on the label.

In the end the bottom line is simple…

I’m not bashing super foods or antioxidants. I have no doubt that if you incorporate these into your diet — forgoing “less beneficial” eating habits — you will experience some benefits. But from a supplement produced by an unknown company (one that does not post any company data or contact information on the web site) and sold only in a market that breeds unscrupulous behavior? A company that doesn’t even have a label illustration that matches the listed ingredients?

Forget it.

In the end it’s very simple… the benefits of Leptovox are grossly exaggerated, ridiculous, have not a single iota of proof to validate them, and frankly, are insulting to you the consumer.

Author: Paul

Paul Crane is the founder of UltimateFatBurner.com. His passions include supplements, working out, motorcycles, guitars... and of course, his German Shepherd dogs.


  1. I purchased 2 bottles of Leptovox to save on shipping… after reading some of the testimonials, sounded like a great product.

    Well, I am almost finished my first bottle, and had no results that justifies paying over $75.00 for. Even if I saw little change in my weight and skin, would feel good about it.

    After taking Leptovox in the morning, I had heartburn for several hours. I am a business owner, running a dog kennell, but just wanted to lose a few pounds and have clearer skin.

    I am 48 years old and am health conscious… I can’t believe that there are companies out there that claim something like this and people are lured into the deception, like I was. I wasn’t expecting a magic formula, but considering the claims, though, it wouldn’t hurt to try.

    Just do your homework and take testimonials as just that… not for everyone.

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  2. I have been taking Leptovox for 5 days and lost 3 lb (most of which is probably water weight). I don’t know if weight is going to come off, but I honestly do see a change in terms of my skin.

    I am not a young chick (in my middle 60s) and I have noticed that the crows feet are definitely not as deep and much less visible, as are “expression” lines between my eyes and on my forehead.

    Also a couple of whitehead type things have disappeared and my skin in general looks “younger” and “fresher.” So that is a good outcome.

    As for the weight, I guess we will have to see how that pans out. Frankly I’d pick weight loss over better skin since it is hard to lose weight when you are older, but the effects on my skin are nothing to sneeze at either.

    If I lose the 10 lb I am trying to get off this body, I will post on that effect.

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  3. I’ve been using the product for 3 weeks and the only difference I’ve noticed is that I have less energy and more headaches.

    I wonder what they really put into this product, because it certainly is not any of the 10 super foods.

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  4. I purchased Leptovox for the superfoods. After 4 days on the product I was weak, had terrible heartburn and had major stomach distress.

    I can’t believe that something that claims to be so healthy made me feel so sick.

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  5. I have been taking Leptovox for 10 days now, and honestly the only changes that I have noticed is a severe increase in my heartburn, and headaches that usually hit within an hour of taking my morning dose of Leptovox.

    I have also noticed a change in my complexion, but Im not so sure that it is a good thing, though my skin seems to be clearer it is also very dry, dry to the point where my lips need constant chapstick to keep them from cracking.

    I am willing to give Leptovox the benefit of the doubt and finish up the bottle that I have, and hopefully by then, I will see the results that I was hoping for when I purchased it. If so, I will certainly write another review.

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  6. I know something about making herbal remedies. I can detect some of the herbs in the Leptovox formula, and know that it does increase blood circulation, thereby speeding metabolism and increasing energy.

    It is a strong formula, so you have to be careful how much you take, and do as it says, drink at least 16 oz water! I only take 1 capsule, twice daily, because it is harsh on the body. The garlic and capsaicin are heavy duty, especially on an empty stomach. I can understand why people would complain of heartburn if they take too much.

    I haven’t had any rapid weight loss, and the claims do appear to be quite exaggerated, but I think still think it’s a pretty good product, even for what seems to be a bit homemade.

    I think it could be made easier to tolerate if it were balanced with an herb like Chinese Licorice for example. All in all, this is a better supplement than many others I’ve tried, for the same amount of money.

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  7. I had purchased a couple bottles of Leptovox because the natural ingredients had made it more appealing than others. I am in my 20s and wanting to lose weight in college and am training to go into the healthcare field.

    I wanted to look the part and be a good example for clients and patients as well as get the experience of trying these “weight loss products” so I could have a personal account to share.

    It says to take with 16oz. of water and you really need to. I haven’t experienced the headaches as some other consumers experienced, but the heartburn (I have found) was only present if I didn’t drink enough water. My educated guess is that there are powerful concentrations of garlic and other herbs that irritate the stomach (should there not be enough water to dilute this potent concoction). That’s when the acid-reflux (heart burn) occurs.

    It also says to take before a hard workout (which i have tried) but I have found it very uncomfortable to try and work out with a belly full of water as well as that heartburn once all that water is absorbed.

    Being younger, I have seen that my skin has cleared up a little bit but I am not confident enough that it was solely this product that has done this.

    I will finish out the rest of what I have bought and not be placing another order. Being educated in the health care field, I would strongly suggest evaluating your activity level and diet if you want to lose weight.

    Like I had said before, I want to be a living example of trying to live a healthier life and I know just how hard it is. There really is no “miracle product” out there that will make you drop the pounds. And should you actually find something that may trick your metabolism into kicking it in high gear or a diet that actually causes you to starve your body, I caution anyone to do this for a long time without any exercise as this may cause cardiac or respiratory problems down the road.

    Like Teresa says, “just do your homework.” Honestly spend 20 minutes reading REAL testimonials that AREN’T found on the site the product is being sold. I think you will be happy that you did.

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  8. I am almost finished with my first bottle of Leptovox and have seen almost no changes. I had lost 3 pounds while taking the Leptovox along with the 7 Day Detox, but once off that, I gained 5 pounds back. I also didn’t expect a miracle, but 5-10 pounds in a month maybe. Instead, I am worse off than before. I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin, but I didn’t really have much problems before. I only noticed slight heartburn 2-3 times and before reading all these comments, didn’t associate it with the Leptovox, but it is definitely possible. My main complaint is that it is a waste of money!

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  9. I started taking this product about 6 weeks ago. I had made a change in my life regarding my health and how I felt about myself about 2 weeks prior to getting Leptovox.

    I had already lost about 7 pounds. But since taking it I have lost an additional 18 pounds.

    I feel great! I only take one pill a day, in the morning because it does boost your energy. Sometimes I will take another one at lunch time but thats it.

    I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin, but my skin was fine before taking Leptovox.

    Its hard to know if I would have lost the weight anyway had I not started taking it, because I started walking 3-4 miles a day. Unless it’s way to cold! I am also doing Pilates and a lot of stretching.

    I haven’t felt this good about my body in years.

    Im not sure if I will buy another bottle, I think when this bottle is gone I will see how the weight loss goes without it.

    My goal weight is 140 and i’ve got about 16 more pounds to go.
    I’ll keep you posted.

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  10. On 9/28/2007 I purchased the product Leptovox firmly believing that if this was a product that did not work I would receive a full refund, as guaranteed.

    After three weeks of using the product faithfully I choose to return it, seeing no results. I followed the instruction to the letter and sent bottle, remaining pills, signature and tracking.

    It is now the end of Feb and I still can not get a refund. I have sent at least 20 emails and the response is “I will look into it, so sorry.

    Documentation does not get you your money back. If you use this product and it does not work you will not get a refund from sales@leptovex. They list Krystal as a contact. Buyer beware…

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  11. I hate to burst the bubble of any skeptics out there, but Lipovox really is a great product. I bought it for 2 reasons: 1) The claimed nutritional value and 2) reducing acne and wrinkles.

    I didn’t need a weight loss product since I am a relatively small person (Size 2), so I take only 1/2 the recommended dosage. But I can tell you that within 2 weeks, I literally saw wrinkles and frown lines vanishing from my face. I couldn’t believe it.

    Now of course, I think the positive impact of any product will be affected by the condition of the person using. I am a vegetarian and I exercise 5 – 7 days per week. But Lipovox has given me that added boost to look my optimal best.

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  12. I have been using Lipovox for 3 weeks (2-3 pills a day.) Here are my results so far:

    Weight loss: 0.0 lbs

    Skin Improvement: None

    Energy Level: Unchanged

    I think if Lipovox helps with weight loss it is only because one has to drink 16 oz of water with each pill, before each meal. The water fills people up and they don’t eat as much.

    The product is worthless!

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  13. so far i’ve been using the product for 5 days and have seen no change what so ever..i’ll keep you posted within the next 2 weeks

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  14. I just started using product today. My only concern at this time is no telephone number to reach seller. Which makes me wonder about the company.

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  15. NO weight loss at all, but my skin has cleared up quite a bit! I was actually pleasantly surprised to see clearer skin within 2 weeks of starting the product.

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  16. I had a severe allergic reaction to these pills. I have been bedridden for three days.

    I tried to email the seller but the email is non-existent. I will be investigating this and turn this seller in for good! Do not buy this product!

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  17. I have been running 2 times daily while taking this and eating small portions of healthy foods. I should have lost 50 lbs by now according to all the testimonials on their site but have not.

    I lost weight because of the running and small portions but have not lost where I want it lost. I also have been breaking out on my chest, face and the back of my neck. What a joke. I guess the joke is on us for believing.

    I tried to contact Lepotovox but have heard nothing back. So much for the money back guarantee.

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  18. I have yet to try this product… I ordered it March 31st and it indicates on their site that orders will be received within 3-6 days after payment received.

    Paid through Paypal and payment was out of my bank account on April 1st. The company does not have a phone number available for contact but an email address.

    Sent them an email on April 9th as to when to expect the product… no answer.. sent another email today, April 16th… no answer yet.

    It is a product that is “money back guaranteed.”

    I would hate to think of the nightmare if one was to ask for a refund.

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  19. I bought the Leptovox online from their website. I found it listed at the top of the list of Diet pill reviews.

    The reason I chose this was also because of the reviews claiming to dramatically improve the skin. I had already lost 30 pounds without any diet pills through better diet and a good exercise program.

    I decided to try the pills as I thought I could
    use an energy boost and being in perimenopausal stage of life I thought it would help to improve my skin condition.

    I took one pill in the mornings before my workout for the first week then took another before lunch and have found that I’ve been breaking out in localized rashes on various parts of my body soon after taking the morning pill.

    I didn’t worry too much because the rashes would go away after an hour or so. I’ve found my face is breaking out with acne which I’ve NEVER had before.

    I had better skin condition before I ever started taking these pills but thought my age was the cause of my latest bout of skin problems.

    I decided I would give the pills some time to take effect and see if my skin condition improved but it just kept getting worse.

    Now I’m reading reviews that all their claims have been bogus and have found that not only is it true that Leptovox doesn’t deliver what it promises but in actual fact the effects have been adverse as far as the skin condition goes.

    I was doing much better losing weight before I started on these pills and have lost no more weight since I’ve been on them. The pills give an energy boost due to the high caffeine content but a cup of green tea would have the same effect.

    Once the pill wears off the cravings for carbs and sweets kick in hard and fast. More so than before I ever took the pills.

    I will not take these pills again and I pray they don’t take any unauthorized funds out of my account for a second bottle as I will NEVER buy these again.

    I hope I can get my skin back to the way it was before I started taking these pills because these pills have given me a terrible case of acne which I’ve never had before.

    Please feel free to use all or parts of my review if you wish. I strongly urge people to stay away from this one.

    Good health – Ann

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  20. This is an unethical company. They are fraudulent and thieves. They claim money-back guarantee, but then REFUSE TO ISSUE A CREDIT. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY – EVER!!!! Spread the word.

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  21. I purchased Leptovox along w/the 7 day detox. I originally started off taking 2 Leptovox pills daily, in the morning with lots of water. I don’t regularly take in large amounts of caffiene, and the 2 pills made me jittery, gave me headaches, and also caused my vision to blurr.

    I quit taking the pills for about a month and then decided to ease back into it and try it again. This time I only take one pill, only in the morning with food and water, sometimes I get the ‘heartburn’ feeling, sometimes not.

    I have noticed that I’m loosing weight, but my skin is not improving. I don’t have a lot of acne, but it has been somewhat worse. I’m sticking it out though, to see if my skin will always be this way or if it will get better after more time.

    All in all, I think the product is just ok. I’m not planning on purchasing it again after I run out of pills.

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  22. I bought a bottle of 72 caps, and I took 2 in the morning before breakfast. Then did a severe 2 hour training and took 2 in the afternoon/evening before I played basketball.

    The heart burn was harsh, and there was a blur to my vision, but the sweat dripped off me like mad; I have never experienced anything quite like it.

    I had no appetite for food, i could not sleep for the night. My heart rate stayed high for an irritatingly long time – this Leptovox does work, but it is very harsh and powerful. Things like losing weight does not come easy, so it just depends how badly you want to lose weight.

    As for me I am still deciding whether I should take them… but they do work.

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  23. I have been taking Leptovox for 2 weeks. I read all the reviews – the good and the bad – prior to purchasing.

    I am a 23 year old female, 130 pounds, size 6. I’d say I’m pretty “normal” but I started a work-out routine and wanted a little extra boost. Plus the info about clearing up skin is pretty appealing. I don’t have bad acne, but I do get the occasional break out.

    I am taking one pill in the morning before breakfast and another before lunch. I have found that the first pill is much worse for me. The first few days I was so nauseous I was in the bathroom trying NOT to vomit. Despite drinking a whole 16 oz. with the pill, it is just too harsh.

    I have found that eating a few bites before taking the pill and finishing breakfast immediately after taking it reduces this feeling. It also depends what I eat.

    Today I had a few bites of a banana and then took the pill with a full glass of water and then finished the banana. I had barely thrown the banana peel in the trash when I was sprinting to the bathroom.

    I am thinking about only taking the pill with lunch because at that point I won’t have a fully empty stomach.

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  24. I am a 63 year old female who needs to lose 30 pounds. I have been taking Leptovox and 7-DD for one week. Lost 5 pounds and feel great!

    I also lost 2 inches off my waist and 2 inches from my middle. Never once had nausea or heartburn. I was kind of leery after reading some negative comments but Leptovox is working for me. Will post again in a month.

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  25. I just started taking this product its only been 2 days I feel nauseous and sick after I take it each time!

    Not the effect I was looking for! I feel more tired; I don’t even have the energy that I had prior to work out and exercise. I guess it’s not for me!

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  26. I purchased Leptovox from ebay about a month ago. I am a connoisseur of diet pills….and let me tell you, diet pills never work. It’s all about you. I like to take diet pills if I know that stressful times are coming. I am an emotional eater.

    So if I know that I won’t have time to plan my meals or exercise, I count on diet pills to keep my energy levels up or to suppress my appetite. That being said, I started a rigorous school schedule a month ago. I was able to lose about 30 pounds with diet and exercise over the course of 7-9 months and wanted to make sure that I kept up my exercise regime and NOT gain weight.

    A month later, I am able to keep my calories in check, but I haven’t found my groove yet for an exercise schedule. I was at a plateau for losing weight but I still managed to lose about five pounds.

    I can’t say that Leptovox really works- but it doesn’t give me the jitters and it keeps me from thinking about food. I only take one or two a day.

    My skin looks the same…I’m still going to finish the bottle, as I hate wasting money. But for me to get under my 3 month plateau… I have to say that maybe it does work.

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  27. I ordered this, and both myself and my husband have been using it. We started taking it on Friday, and today is Monday. Time to hop on the scale. Results: Hubby down 2 pounds, I’m down 5.5 pounds.

    We have both been going to the gym faithfully for over a month. In 5 weeks, I had actually GAINED 3 pounds. Now, keeping with the exercise and adding the pills, I’m starting to see a change in the scale.

    The only side effect I’ve noticed is that I’m more tired than usual. Then again, if it truly is helping my body to burn fat, it makes sense that I’m more tired. But, a little nap in the afternoon, and I’m good to go! I’m going to keep taking the remaining pills in this bottle to see how well it does, and I’ll keep you posted.

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  28. It seems some people love this product, and some people hate it. I would personally have to give it a thumbs up.

    I am a 45 year old male in better than average physical condition but wanted to trim down a bit for a Hawaii vacation coming up in a few months. After searching the web for a diet supplement, I passed on all the “fat burners” that merely stimulate the nervous system.

    Being somewhat health conscious, the ingredients in Leptovox (and/or Lipovox) seemed to be a healthier choice, although the website seemed a bit “amateurish”. Anyway, I did order it and this is what I can report…

    1. My skin definitely looks and feels smoother and healthier. I never really had skin problems, other than that the pores around my nose would clog a bit. After only about a week on Leptovox, my pores were entirely cleared and the skin on my entire body felt silky smooth and had a healthier glow. The hair on my head and my body hair also now feels silkier to the touch. I will continue to use the product merely for the benefits to the skin alone.

    I’ve also been told that if the skin is getting healthier, its very likely that other areas of the anatomy are certain to benefit as well? Makes sense to me.

    2. Regarding weight loss… I’ve always exercised (3 aerobic workouts per week on average) but never seemed able to lose the extra 10 to 15 pounds around my gut. After about 3 weeks, there has been a noticeable difference, and I now have a waist line and am even starting to see my abs again. I wouldn’t suggest that this would happen without also including a sound diet and exercise plan, but it seems that the Leptovox has contributed to the weight loss.

    For those truly wanting to trim down, I would highly recommend adding resistance training technique described in the book called the “12 Second Sequence” by Jorge Cruise. How much can be contributed to the Leptovox vs. the resistance training that Jorge Cruise describes, I can’t really say.

    Anyway, my feedback is positive on Leptovox. I would ensure that you drink a lot of water with each pill as the cayenne pepper can cause some heartburn if it isn’t sufficiently diluted in your stomach. I made this mistake a few times in the beginning and I felt the burn as others have reported.

    I’m not sure about some of the testimonials on the site regarding weight loss, but I’d recommend trying a bottle just to see the changes in your skin, and who knows, maybe you’ll lose some weight as well?

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  29. I purchased one bottle of Leptovox and took one pill early yesterday morning after waking up and another one around lunch time with lots of water.

    An hour later I felt like fainting (I was sitting at that point) and had blurred vision. I felt very low all afternoon and was so scared by these reactions that I stopped right away – after one day only.

    I never have problems at all and this side effect is enough to scare me of this product.

    After reading other people’s review,s I won’t even go through the trouble of trying to claim my money back.

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  30. Hey, I’m a pharmacy student, and went through a couple surgeries last year where I couldn’t walk for a couple months, so granted, I gained some weight. I’ve never taken diet pills before and thought I would give this one a try after researching the ingredients. I got the pills and 7 DD. I took the 7DD for only 4 days, because it really made me a little bit ill and I was urinating pretty much constantly. I lost about 5 pounds in those 4 days, but gained 3 of them back in a couple days after stopping it. I think it was mostly just water weight I was losing.
    However, I’ve been taking the normal leptovox pills for about 3 weeks and am very happy with it. Overall, I’ve lost about 8 to 9 pounds which is really amazing for me, because when I started I was not overweight. I started at 5’7″ and 155 lbs, and am down to about 145 – 146.
    I do also take yoga twice a week, and do dance aerobics twice a week, which I’m sure helped, but before I started leptovox my weight loss was painfully slow and it really bumped it up a notch. I had lost 5 pounds in the month and a half prior to taking leptovox.
    Some warnings though: I would take this with a full glass of water every time! I have never had heartburn before, but when I was taking this in a hurry and didn’t drink all the water, it gave me heartburn, I’m guessing from the cayenne pepper in it. Other than that I don’t have to many complaints. I did get a little spacey and jittery the first few days I was taking this, but I don’t drink coffee or soda pop so I’m assuming my body was just adjusting to taking a daily dose of caffeine that was not there before. One last warning about the 7dd, DONT drink alcohol while you are taking this, I have a glass of wine almost every night before bed, and it made me seriously nauseous while I was taking the 7DD, so I gave it up for the couple days I was on that. I didn’t have that problem with the normal pills though.
    As for the skin improvement, I didn’t see any, but I don’t have a lot of skin problems anyways.
    I was actually figuring this would not work at all when I got it, but it did! I’m going to order another bottle soon!

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  31. I have been taken Leptovox for awhile and havent seen any results, so I stopped taking them.

    Then I decided to go to the gym. I do cardio twice a week cardio and “bodypump” twice a week. To be honest, the weight is melting away.

    So guys and girls, you have to exercise to see results. Don’t give up like I did at the beginning.

    Just give it a try in the gym and you will surely see results, believe me.

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  32. I’ve read all the testimonials here, and I think that those of you who feel nauseated and get blurred vision are more than likely very sensitive to caffeine. I am also. A strong cup of coffee will send me reeling, and then I crash hard.

    Knowing this, I also wanted to try Leptovox for myself, after a friend gave me an almost full bottle. I’ve lost 50+ pounds after the birth of my second child, and with another 20 lbs. to go, I’ve hit a plateau and need a ‘boost’.

    With an outstanding amount of caffeine in the form of green tea, I wanted to be cautious. So, I fixed a bowl of (not instant) oatmeal with raisins, a spoonful of peanut butter, a dash of soymilk; then, I opened the Leptovox capsule and sprinkled HALF of it on my oatmeal and mixed it in. I also drank about 20 ounces of water, and had my regular cup of green tea. This was about 1 hour ago.

    I definitely feel the affects of the Leptovox: my energy level is a bit higher than normal for this time of the morning. But I don’t feel nauseated or bad; in fact, I feel great, and I am definitely not thinking about food.

    I also wanted to add that I ran for 40 minutes BEFORE eating breakfast and taking the Leptovox.

    I think the moral of the story is: KNOW YOUR OWN BODY and exercise caution. Otherwise, you simply cannot blame a supplement, especially one with natural, healthy ingredients like Leptovox.

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  33. Please Read Carefully!!! To all the people who complain about headaches and heartburn-WATER WATER WATER, if your getting headaches and not drinking alot of water especially with the content of cayene your bound to get headaches, its called dehydration, which 60% of all Americans are dehydrated. Remember when you were little in school and in health class they explained that your body is mostly made up of water? well there you go!!!People that are complaining about this product are diet pill junkies looking for a way to burn fat while they sit on there fat asses eating a bag of chips. Exercise and eat well this product is an awesome superfood. If your breaking out in rashes you might want to do some research on the contents of what ever it is your buying, especiallyl if it contains herbs.

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  34. I have been taking this for almost two weeks and I feel like it is doing exactly the opposite of what I want. I am a very athletic and energetic person. Before taking the pill I would go to the gym 5-6 times a week for at least an hour at a time. Now that I am taking the pill I am always too tired to get to the gym. I feel like the pills are even making me a bit depressed? I agree with the blurry vision. I feel like I am almost in a different world, like my own bubble. I am less social as I used to be. Things that would usually make me so happy seem to have no effect. I just turned 21 and I would rather sleep on my couch for 5 hours during the day then go out with my friends. I have not experienced any weight loss. I am falling out of shape because I haven’t had the energy to go to the gym.

    A friend of mine took this also and she said she felt tired too. She doesn’t work out on a regular basis, however. She has lost weight that I can see visibly. I guess it depends on the person. Honestly, I can’t even concentrate on the screen and I am getting bored and tired just from writing this. ugh, leptovox sucks.

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  35. I have taken Leptovox two different times. Both times I lost 30 lbs and only used one bottle. I never had any of the symptoms as some of these comments, however I did stop taking them after a certain time of day because I had a hard time getting tired at night. I am pretty sure they stopped selling leptovox or I would purchase more. My skin was also fantastic both times. i love the energy it gave me.

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