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Lipovox Customer Comments & Feedback

Below you’ll find some visitor comments on Lipovox. If you’d like to have your own comments on Lipovox featured here, please contact us with your story.

Please note: I do not post testimonials without a name and e-mail address. Such testimonials have no credibility — I could be just making them up, right? So if you’re not willing to have your name and e-mail address disclosed, you may still send your comments, but I will not post them.

Second, please recognize that there are many valid reasons why Lipovox will or will not work for an individual person.

Just because Lipovox receives a few positive reviews does not necessarily mean it will work for you. Conversely, a negative product review does not always mean you should dismiss it. As always, use your own judgement when using reviews to influence your buying decision.

I having been trying to lose weight since menopause transition, and have been steadily gaining for the last 10 years. Despite exercise routines and reduced calories, fats and carbs, I can’t seem to budge the extra pounds.

Desperate, I tried Lipovox and have taken 1 bottle….not only did I not lose weight, I gained more fat around my stomach.

I purchased the product with a money back garantee but can not find the website that made this offer. I only lost weight when I literally stopped eating.

Gail (

I was fooled by Lipovox’s numerous positive feedback and ordered a month supply. The product does not work at all and the company behind it does not support its “money-back” guarentee.

Do not buy this pill unless you want to throw your money down the drain. I took Lipovox while on a “moderate” diet and a rigorous exercise plan.

Lisa (

I bought this product for my wife and after trying it for approx. 1 week; she said that she is having stomach cramps for the whole week. She also said her stomach would get very hard while taking the product. Today is the first day she is not taking any. So far I see it as bogus and a waste of money.

We have not seen any reduction at all around her middle.

Charles (

Thought I’d send a response to your article on lipovox. I read it before I bought the product and was researching it.

I agree I was annoyed that they did not supply a list of ingredients especially because I suffer severe allergic attacks, however I decided to give lipovox a try anyway.

I was wondering whether in your research whether you had actually tested it because despite your comments that the suppliers made “outrageous claims” I actually went from 72kgs to 66kgs in the first 2 weeks.

I achieved my goal weight and have kept it off. And whilst I have never had a problem with acne and have barely any wrinkles as I’m only 22 my face is clearer. And I have had compliments off 6 different people about my skin looking great.

So I truly hope that people look past your article and give it a go, I’m glad I did. Who knows it may just work for them too.

Karlee (

I have been taking Lipovox (6 caps/day) for 20 days. I am 54 years old, and yesterday I had a period for the first time in nine months. I have also had a problem with constipation even though I am eating only whole foods and organic chicken, turkey, fush. I am officially “menopausal” according to blood work. I do believe this is tied in with the ingredients in Lipovox (possibly the EFAs?) and wonder if anyone else has experienced this?

I am eating 1300-1500 cal. a day, lifting wts, doing aerobics, swimming, yoga. I have lost 1.2 pounds in 20 days and absolutely asking for a refund. The ebay Fibersyn add promises 100% refund, lifetime, but no info on how to get this. I have e-mailed the vendor twice and will give them a little longer to respond.

I don’t dispute the ingredient but like you wonder how much is in each, why the claims are made, etc.

From a follow-up e-mail..

It took over a month to get refunded. It was a huge hassle, it’s a bogus product, and the woman handling the refunds at one point sent me an e-mail intended for another customer. I was also asked not to post negative comments.

Constance Howard (

I tried Lipovox because of the amazing things that the ad spoke about and what a bunch of garbage. I saw no results.

Nothing, nil, nada! FYI… big waste of money!!

Robin ([email protected])

I tried lipovox for two months and still using it. I was a football player in high school and never lost my belly. I was very strong and solid but i had some fat on my belly. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t lose it.

I was in such good shape I could run all day and still have lots of energy. I graduated school and three years later tried lipovox did some sprints and hill running. I still lifted weights also. I lost 40 pounds within the two months and lost all my stuborn acne bumps. I’m happy and this pill worked for me as claimed.

Justin (

Actually I have to disagree on this. Ebay feedback might indeed be anecdotal but that is basically how all products work on ebay. It is where you can see what other people think. So that shouldn’t work against this product.

My face has cleared up and I have lost weight on it with yes, excercise and with watching what I eat but not as vigurously as I did before. I have lost 2 kg and I contribute this to a combination.

Will it help sitting on your behind not doing anything? Probably not. Will it help in combination? It did for me. It also cleared my skin up, I have a habit of getting breakouts due to hormonal problems.

As you have not tested this product I feel this is a rather harsh article. The best way to judge it is try it or steer clear all together of such products. But to reject them out of hand because it sounds like codswallop is a bit unfair and not very unbiased.

Caroline (

Editor’s comments: Caroline and I exchanged several e-mails after her initial feedback. I explained that the onus was not on me to prove or disprove the retailer’s claims. That, of course, is that of the retailer’s.

All I have done is point out that the retailer has no such proof. And if I tested this product personally, my results would still be anecdotal. That’s why double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials are the only things that mean anything.

I think your claims and information are absurd. You have obviously done no research whatsoever into the product you so hastily discourage people to use, nor have you even visited the official website for Lipovox.

If you had you would see the list of ingredients in the tablet and how much of each is in there for starters.

Also, comments on this product on eBay can only be made once you have purchased the product, so to say that these people are frodulant is also a ridiculous accusation.

The people claiming the success of this product, have to have purchased it and therefore tried it. What would they get out of giving it rave reviews? Nothing, so why do it if it doesn’t work?

I think your so called “reserch” is unfounded and should not be posted on the internet unless you have tried the product itself and then tested the results. The fact that you ahve never tested the product or even looked at the official website makes me wonder why the person who has employed you to write this garbage continues to pay you.

I have personally ordered and tried Lipovox with great results. My skin is clearer and I have lost 5 kilograms. I live in Australia so this is 10 ponuds to you, and the shipping was fantasticly timed.Thankyou.

Sally (

Editor’s comments: That’s it… I officially give up. Oh, and Sally… check out Constance’s feedback above. The ebayer selling this product is discouraging negative feedback, so that an overwhelmingly positive “view” of this product is presented. That’s manipulation, isn’t it?

Secondly, the onus is on the retailer to prove the claims they are making, not us. And lastly, trying the product and having successful or unsuccessful results is not indicative of anything. That is because personal comments are always anecdotal. It is not evidence. Only a peer-reviewed, placebo controlled, published study counts for anything, and there is nothing like that for Lipovox. Plus, this product is manufactured by a retailer that has a long history of treating its customers badly.

I actually bought the product because I started breaking out in my late 20’s and decided I wanted to be acne free in my early 30’s!

I tried Proactive for my 30th birthday and used it for 3 months. It made my face worse and actually gave me cystic acne which cleared up right after I discontinued use. I assume my face was too sensative.

I saw this and thought why not. I need a supplement anyway because I could use the vitamins my body is missing from a fast paced life and not always eating right. Maybe it “might” work and if I lose weight it would be a bonus.

I haven’t been taking it very long and I will say that I don’t know how it is working but I don’t have cravings that used to hit for sweets and yummy carbs, and I have lost 4 pounds without changing my eating habits. Could be a coincidence but maybe not.

Kelly (

I’ll get straight to the point:

1. The label: I have this funny feeling that I got cheated out of this product, because the labelling is mediocre. The direction of use is vague, and the nutrional information – sucks! The distributor or manufactures’ address is not available.

Oh PLUS: There’s a statement that says: “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and drug Administration… ” That scared me!

2. Weight: I don’t feel like i’ve lost weight so far. Its been 9 days…but i’ll wait till I finish the bottle then compare.

3. Acne: Still got it, Don’t know what everyone’s talking about.

4. Side effects: Everytime I take them, nausea takes over, and my head starts aching. Can’t lift stuff without my back giving out (never experienced that until I started taking it)

Honestly I had high hopes for Lipovox, and right now am not very confident about the product. Once I complete one bottle, I’ll give my full report (I’ll write to the manufacturers, then post my comments and their response here)

All I can say, I guess its not 100% effective, I must be the statistic that it might not work for.

Liz (

I’ve been taking Lipovox for the past 6 weeks. To date I have not lost one ounce. I am faithful to my diets.

My last supplement that worked was taken off the market. That one really worked. (Cenafil)

Lipovox should be banned for false advertising. My skin hasn’t improved either. I am so sick of hese false claims just to rip people off. Now I’m stuck with three full bottles of nothing!

They say there’s a guarantee, Right! Shipping eats that up! There should be some way to have control over these products.

Lizette (

I also purchased Lipovox and paid $99.00 for 3 bottles, they only sent me 2 bottles and when I tried to get my money back, you can not get ahold of anyone from the company and they already took the money from my credit card so I could not stop payment either.

How is anyone suppose to trust any of these sites again… AGAIN THEY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF US!

Julia (

I used lipovox for two weeks and saw no results. In fact, I also began going to the gym regularly the same day I began using lipovox and I still have not seen any results. I also broke out with acne during the first week of use. I generally have very clear skin.

Teresa (

I bought Lipovox for my wife, just one bottle. My wife weighs around 260lbs. She changed her diet very slightly while taking the Lipovox product, and she followed the directions to the tee. She didn’t lose a single pound. She even lifted some weights and did a little bit of exercise while taking the product just to help.

I don’t know if it depends on your body type or not, but this product didn’t work for my wife, it was a waste of 40 dollars.

David (

I work for a Dr’s office and had heard about Lipovox there. While it does not in fact “melt” pounds away, I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

I have started light excersize while taking these pills. My skin is definitely softer but not as clear as everyone has claimed. I have ordered another bottle because I feel like it has been a good supplement.

I can’t say it is a “miracle” pill but anyone who is expecting that should probably shell out money for a pill that costs more. I think Lipovox is efficient but not a super human fat melting pill.

Plus: It gives me extra energy and curbs my appetite (I get fuller easier also)

Negative: I have to go to the restroom ALL the time

I give it an 8

Amanda (

After reading claims that Lipovix was a miracle worker and people were losing up to 14 lbs in 10 days, I was skeptical.

But I kept finding Lipovox’s name at the top of Diet Pill Reviews. So I thought I would try the product to see what the hype was about.

Apparently, nothing.

Lipovox actually made me GAIN weight. I noticed an increase in energy and attention andf concentration levels, but after exercising for at least an hour every day, and changing my diet (I was craving things like salad and carrots all the time), I decided to weigh myself. It had been almost two weeks. The result? I’d gained four pounds.

Frustrated, I did more research on the product. There is no concrete evidence of the its effectiveness. I found other people had had similar results–the product did nothing, and when they tried to get a refund from the company, they recieved no reply.

Many of the claims found on Lipovox’s website are from relatives and friends of its creator. While the ingredients found in the “magic” pill may help in losing weight (motivating the user and detoxifying the body), the initial purpose of the ingredients (smoother, clearer skin), caused the only noticable results.

As a beauty product, Lipovox is… mediocre. As a weight loss product, it is worthless.

Caitlyn (

I bought Lipovox last Friday, and went into it with little hope it would work. I do have to say that my skin feels amazing. I’ve also lost 6 pounds, although I can honestly say I’m not entirely sure if that’s due to the supplement or my continued diet.

I have been getting headaches though, but attribute that to one of the ingredients called DMAE, they say that a mild headache can sometimes be a side effect. I will post again after my bottle is gone, but so far things appear to be going good.

Alisa (

I’ve only been using Lipovox for a few days. I work in a hospital and have shown it to some staff members to make sure it’s safe. The ingredients are great and I can’t even begin to explain to you how wonderful I feel. I work midnights and have been sluggish and tired and my body wasn’t functioning properly and after a few days of this product I feel incredible!

It’s absolutely amazing and I will recommend it to everyone I work with and know! If you haven’t tried it you should! Tonite someone asked me why I was so darn happy sitting at my computer! I just feel good! And the difference in my skin ALREADY is unbelievable! I’m going to ask if my kids can take this stuff!

Mitzi ([email protected])

I purchased the deal of a life time so I thought. I purchased 6 bottles to see if this product really did what they said it would do. News flash “It don’t work” what a surprise! At first I thought that I may need to take more pills throughout the day and it still did’nt work. I have not attempted to et my money back but I fully intend to try.

Pedro (

This product sucks. I was real sick from taking this product. I lost 5 lbs in 7 days but the effects were horrible. I could not eat any thing and what I did eat came back up.

Kathy (

I ordered this product basically to feel a boost of energy and with the hopes it would help me lose weight.

I wish I had read the reviews here first rather then believe the so called “paid reviews” on their web pages.

They advertise if they don’t work for you they’ll refund completely with the retnd. bottles, no questions.

Well, that’s great if they’d only answer the calls you put in to them, email messages and even messages sent to them through EBAY.

Horrible non-existant service….are they out there in space somewhere…This product did absolutely NOTHING….and I’m still trying to get their attention for a refund which now is in the hands of a claim department.

BEWARE buyers, don’t throw you money away on this product because that’s all they want is your money… product stinks, service — well there is none to say it best.

Trudy (

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  1. This website doesn’t sound legit? How can all the review here be negative? If this was legit there would be mixed results not just bad ones..

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    • Kellie… you’ve got it ALL wrong. The fact that this site features a lot of negative feedback is a sure sign we are legit. When you make outrageous claims for a product that are not backed by anything remotely reflective of reality, you get negative reviews. Lots of positive ones should be the ones that make suspicious.

      The problem is, a lot of the supplement review sites are actually owned by the companies who make the products they review the highest (see This puts them in the position of being able to of cherry pick and even fabricate testimonials. If you think any manufacture is going to let more than couple of negative comments reside on the feedback profiles of their products, well…

      I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

      Plus, it is so easy to create an artificially positive feedback profile for any product, you have no idea. For more on this, see…

      Then take a good look at this site – including the consumer advocate information we provide, our “Rippoff Files” section which highlights some of the worst companies in the industry, and tell us again that we don’t look “legit.”

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  2. Is Lipovox available without caffeine or at least a small amount? I have used it before and loved it and helped my skin as well as weight loss. Please tell me I can get this without all the 200 mg. of caffeine. Thank you

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    • I’m sorry Joyce, I haven’t seen a caffeine-free version of this product.

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