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Klein Becker’s Luprinol (With Ephedra) Fat Burner Review

Luprinol is an ephedra-based fat burner which has been discontinued by Klein-Becker because of the ephedra ban. I’ve left the review up for your convenience.

(If you’re an ephedra fan interested in obtaining ephedra safely and legally, check out my review of “The Black Market Report On Ephedrine.” if you’re looking for a recommendation for an ephedra-free fat burner, check out my review of Lean System 7.

With Luprinol, Klein-Becker offers a weight loss fat burner “clinically” formulated to target lower body obesity in women. Unlike men, who tend to accumulate excess fat in the abdominal area, women tend to accumulate fat on the hips, thighs, and buttocks. According to Klein-Becker, Luprinol is the first “patented weight control compound designed specifically to help overcome a woman’s genetic predisposition towards lower body adiposity.”

Klein-Becker has a bit of a credibility problem. According to this release by the FTC Klein-Becker…

  • fabricated clinical trial results
  • made completely unsubstantiated claims which could not be validated by any research
  • misrepresented one of its founders, Daniel Mowrey, as a medical doctor.

As such, you have to call into credibility any of the claims this company makes about its products.

Despite these claims however, Luprinol isn’t significantly different or better than most of the better ephedra-based fat burners out there, nor does it do a better job of specifically targeting lower body obesity. The problem with Klein Becker’s products isn’t that they aren’t any good, it’s just that they are presented in such a way as to be something very unique and special. They also tend to be 3-5 times as expensive as comparable (and just as effective) products. Such is the case with Luprinol.

The main ingredients responsible for the effectiveness of Luprinol are ephedra, caffeine, and aspirin — a powerful and somewhat controversial fat burner common to most stimulant based fat burners, known to body builders as the ECA stack. There’s no debating the effectiveness of the ephedra stack — a study in the prestigious International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders showed the ephedrine/caffeine combination outperformed the popular diet drug dexfenfluramine in the treatment of obesity. For more information, see my article…

Does Xenadrine work?

(I’d also recommend you learn more about ephedra and stimulant based fat burners on this site before you consider experimenting with any ephedra/ephedrine based product).

The two other ingredients in Luprinol, DHEA and Schizonepeta, have only dubious benefits.

DHEA is a mild steroid hormone naturally produced in the body, and has been attributed as being beneficial for an entire range of ailments and maladies, including weight loss. Although studies in rats and mice show DHEA to be very effective as a fat burner, studies in humans are largely inconsistent. According to Will Brink, author of Fat Loss Revealed, DHEA is a fat loss bust (although it may prove beneficial for other ailments). A metabolite of DHEA, called 7-keto, shows greater promise, and is present in the ephedra-free fat burner, Lean System 7.

Schizonepeta is a Chinese herb that has found use treating chronic skin disorders such as eczema, as well as other skin-related maladies. It may also possess diaphoretic (sweat-causing) properties, which may elevate internal body temperature and promote thermogenisis. Don’t hold your breath though.

In summation, Luprinol is a decent, albeit rather ordinary ephedra-based fat burner, which, through the wonders of advertising spin and product packaging appears to be much more interesting than it actually is.

Author: Paul

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  1. You info is WRONG.Luprinol:Klein-Becker is&will always be the best.The ads&$(cost)was honest.
    Other companies perhaps was jealous of this money maker they could not buy into.America has lost a very excellent weight loss/fat remover product.Shame.Shame.Shame.

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