Lipozene Fat Burner Review — Does Lipozene Work? -

Lipozene Fat Burner Review — Does Lipozene Work?

Our Recommendation: Glucomannan (the sole ingredient in Lipozene) is worth experimenting with, but there are less expensive and/or more reliable sources of it than Lipozene. You can buy almost two month’s worth for about $12 – see link below.

Lipozene, a product produced/distributed by Obesity Research Institute LLC, offers the usual… weight loss without a whole lot of work.

Lipozene is also as an “As Seen On TV” product. I’ve written about this many times, but the biggest “scam” weight loss products are the ones sold via radio and TV advertisements.

That’s because it’s the easiest way for manufacturers to isolate themselves from the consumer and avoid accountability for their products (and wait until you see what our visitors have had to say about this product!)

Additionally, these are the products for which I receive the most complaints about deceptive billing practices. If you’d like to learn more about this issue, please review this article!

What’s in Lipozene?

Lipozene contains only one ingredient: glucomannan

Glucomannan is an unabsorbable polysaccharide derived from the konjac root.

Several clinical studies validate glucomannan’s ability to lower LDL cholesterol and blood lipid levels, as well as blood sugar levels (see J Am Coll Nutr. 2003 Feb;22(1):36-42, Diabetes Care. 2000 Jan;23(1):9-14., Nutr Metab Cardiovasc Dis. 2005 Jun;15(3):174-80, Diabetes Care. 1999 Jun;22(6):913-9.

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In addition to its health benefits…


There is some evidence that glucomannan can assist with weight loss

konjac glucomannan

Konjac root / Glucomannan

According to one study, (see Int J Obes. 1984;8(4):289-93) 1 gram of glucomannan, taken with 8 oz. of water one hour prior to meals, has a significant influence on weight loss (one study showed almost 6 pounds of fat lost in two months—with no changes in eating habits).

Another study, in which subjects were given a slightly larger amount of glucomannan (4 grams per day), also reported positive results for weight loss.

Bottom line?

Glucomannan is both an interesting and a promising supplement for weight loss (see the complete glucomannan review here!), but it is basically a fiber supplement.

Don’t get me wrong; adding fiber to your diet is not only a great way to lose weight, improve regularity and even lower cholesterol levels.

Nancy Howarth, a nutritionist from Tuft’s University in Boston, suggests people who add an extra 14 grams per day to their diet could expect to lose 4 pounds and decrease food intake by 10% in 4 months.

Basically, fiber fills you up faster, and keeps you feeling full longer.

Best of all, adding fiber to your diet is actually quite easy to do, since the typical low quality North American diet does not contain nearly enough fiber.

The average North American consumes 15 grams of fiber daily — 10 grams less than the minimum recommended amount of 25 grams. Adding fiber to your diet is probably one of the most cost effective ways to improve your diet and overall health.

Here is a tip to help you benefit from the weight loss benefits of fiber…

10 minutes before each of your main meals, have a glass of water with a serving of an easy-to-use pysillium fiber — like Metamucil. The orange flavored stuff tastes fine, and it’s not gritty… don’t believe the competitor’s advertising. This will fill you up prior to your meal, allowing you to eat less and feel full longer. It will also slow the release of blood sugar, reducing the chances you’ll feel the need to snack on sweets and salty snacks.

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So you should you try Lipozene?


Unfortunately, the maker of Lipozene, Obesity Research Institute, has been the target of consumer complaints and Federal Trade Commission action

They’ve been charged by the Federal Trade Commission for making false and unsubstantiated claims and forced to pay $1.5 million in customer redress. This is for the products Propolene and Fiberslim, both of which are based upon the ingredient glucomannan. This doesn’t bode well for Lipozene.

If you’d like to review the Federal Trade Commission press release for this action, please click here!

Additionally, we’ve received a LOT of complaints from visitors about the deceptive billing practices and non-existent customer service provided by whomever retails this product online (click here to get started reading visitor feedback!).

So let’s just say that this company hasn’t earned my trust…

Beyond that, fiber supplements like glucomannan aren’t weight loss miracles. Fiber is useful, but its effects are subtle and are best seen over the long term. It’s both cheap and easy to add fiber to your diet without expensive supplements like Lipozene. For example, you could add a serving of high-fiber cereal to your diet each day, and replace some of the high starch carbs in your diet with high-fiber fruits and vegetables.

Special note: My favorite high-fibre cereal is Kellogg’s All Bran Buds. It contains 12 grams of fibre per 1/3 cup serving– 3.5 grams of that coming from psyllium fibre. It actually tastes pretty good. I’d highly recommend measuring your portions — at least to start. This stuff contains SO much fibre, you don’t want to eat too much of it, or you’ll be in for a surprise! (i.e. don’t stray too far from a washroom!).

On the other hand, clinical evidence indicates glucomannan appears to be helpful for those trying to lose weight. And, if purchased in isolation from a reputable retailer, it is cheap enough to warrant an experiment!

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Where to Buy?

powdered glucomannanFortunately, inexpensive, generic glucomannan supplements are also readily available from reliable retailers.

Your absolute best bargain is to buy the powdered supplement, mix it with water and drink prior to meals.

Some people sprinkle it over their meals.

For example, the product featured to the left contains about 114 servings, or enough for 57 days. All for $12, or just a tad over $6 per month.

Not too bad.

At that price, it might be worth experimenting with—especially for the “convenience factor”—but that has to be your call.

Just don’t spend big dollars on Lipozene or their marketing hype… there’s no reason to do so.

More user feedback can be found here!

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Thinking of Buying Lipozene? Read the Reviews First…

We’re lucky to have a ton of people leave their personal lipozene reviews with us… and many of them were not too happy. To read them, just scroll down this page… you’ll find them a little farther down.

Author: Paul

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  1. I am sorry that you all are having a hard time with the ordering process of this product. Many companies will get your credit card information and continue to take charges off of it.

    The best thing to do is close that account. I had a company to do the same thing to me, and my bank told me that they could not stop the charges, so I just closed the account once the money was withdrawn, and have not had any problems.

    Like several other visitors have said, Wal-mart has it for $20.00.

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  2. I have not used Lipozene, but I was seriously considering it. Thank you for posting the comments.

    I am usually very scared about using my credit card for anything over the phone and now that I have read the horror stories, I’d rather go to the store and get some fiber like one lady suggested.

    This was incredibly helpful. Thank you guys!

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  3. Around this time last year my fiance purchased two trial sized bottles of Lipozene for me, as they advertised such amazing results and said that if you purchased one bottle you got the second free.

    Well, for some reason, they billed him nearly $150 for two trial-sized bottles, which are half the size of a regular bottle. We were upset by the bill, but my fiance shrugged it off as, at the time, we were making a killing and it really didn’t hurt our pockets.

    The two bottles were enough for just thirty days if I took only one pill twice a day, but it you supposedly only get real results if you take two two to three times a day. I took the lipozene faithfully, initially taking only one pill twice a day then one twice a day, but I didn’t see any results. Honestly, I didn’t expect to as I really don’t believe in these diet pills, but I have to admit that I was a little hopeful.

    Strangely enough, though, as soon as I stopped taking the pills I lost fifteen pounds in less than two weeks. I don’t know whether or not that had anything to do with the Lipozene, or some other odd factor I can’t account for. I’ve managed to keep that weight off for almost a year, and have just now gained it back…

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  4. I have been using lipozene for about two weeks now. i have been feeling bloated yet I can’t stray from a bathroom for very long (if you get my drift). Is anyone else having these problems?

    I feel utterly fat, even though i haven’t weighed myself to see if I’ve lost weight (perhaps i have considering the many trips to the restroom).

    Anyway, i got it at Walgreens so i haven’t had the same billing issues as a lot of other consumers. I just haven’t felt good the last few days. If anything, the need to be near a bathroom a lot of the time has kept me from working out like I normally do.

    Anyone having similar problems that I am?

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  5. Man, I tried Lipozene and strictly told them to only send me the trial offer, next thing I know is I’m getting a box of 6 bottles and my account being charged.

    So I called and they told me to try it for 30 days before returning it, I told them I’m sending them back anyway because I said in the beginning that I only wanted the trial.

    It’s been months and now I just believe that I’m not getting my money back. And they said they never received the returns.

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  6. i was going to take Lipozene until i read the stories from you all and i thank you because i wouldn’t want to waste my money on something that doesn’t work.


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  7. This stuff is such a joke. I spoke to my credit card company, they sent me a form and i got all of my money back.

    What I plan to do next is contact the consumer fraud company in my state and file a complaint.

    Now as slow as our government works I am not sure how much they will do but at least they will be put on a list of companies that have complaints against them.

    I would always recommend calling the better business bureau in your state and file a complaint even if the company is not a member they will put them on a list so if someone calls to see if they have any complaints against them they can give the information out.

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    • Not to sound RUDE but the. People who post bad things on bbb pays to have complaints not published an any company can pay to have A+ ratings lol its needs to be consumer affairs

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  8. I would just like to say that I appreciate all of the postings to this site regarding the terrible experiences and wasted money with Lipozene and the company selling it.

    I searched through several postings and only found one (1) positive posting for the product, which sounded exactly like a commercial. I may be overly skeptical, but my guess is that comment was posted by someone working for the company selling this garbage.

    I talk to and deal with a lot of people on a daily basis and I have never heard anyone say things like “I tried a product on my own risk” or “although I never worked out and ate pizza three times per week, I still lost inches”. That just doesn’t happen!

    The harsh reality is that you must eat right and exercise to lose weight (fat). I have a very good friend who is a bodybuilder and I am just beginning myself, and there is one golden rule that he gave to me and that everyone must remember, and that is:

    “No matter how much money you spend on supplements or diet pills, or you must get your diet under control, or they are going to do NO GOOD”.

    Supplements and diet pills are just that, supplements. No pill will ever take the place of good nutrition and 2 hours/5 days per week in the gym.

    I personally have had a battle with my weight for over 15 years now and always hated how I looked. I just wanted to share this tid-bit of information with any and all of you.

    Please, if folks like you and I weren’t out there buying this crap from the scam artists, there wouldn’t be so many television commercials promising results and then over billing you for a product that doesn’t even work.

    If we all get step #1 together first, these idiots won’t have a market to rip off.

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  9. I have used Lipozene and it has worked for me. I took a multi-vitamin with it and cut down on how much I ate during the day and I try not to eat after 7pm.

    I bought my product at Wal-Mart for 19.95 and I got 2 bottles. I did not starve myself — if anything I did feel more full during the day.

    The only exercise I do is with my kids playing and walking to the mailbox. I have lost in a month 3in and yeah only 6lbs but I feel good.

    I can stand and do dishes without my back hurting, my knees don’t throb as much and when I stir my cake mix and my arms don’t hurt like they use to. I play with my kids longer now and well I feel better about my body when I’m with my husband.

    No, it is not for everyone, it is not a microwave pill… pop it in and your body is done. It takes time and you have to make some changes in yourself and daily life.

    I will be also adding weight-watcher with it so that I can learn how to eat better. Losing weight is a journey not a trip once you get starting you want stop.

    Keep working for success!

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  10. Any fat burner product can work if you read the statement on the bottle. Results my very, exercise and diet are highly recommended. Consult your physician before using this or any other product.

    To all those of you using Lipozene; I have never tried the product, but I have clients that have. It worked very well for them, also they “STUCK” to a very well regimented diet and exercise program.

    I would like to see the company that endorses this product say more about sticking to a regimented workout/diet program. Most forms of supplementation can work for the consumer, only if they stay true to the programs.

    You can not lose weight just by taking the pill only and doing nothing else no matter what the commercial says. This product works very well when a strong diet and exercise program is implemented, so stop telling people not change their lifestyle.

    For a person with a sedentary lifestyle attempting to take this product and do nothing else, it won’t work. This product deserves more than that.

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  11. I recently bought lipozene at walmart got 2 bottles for $20.00. I’ve only been taking it for a day, but I feel amazingly full — but I’ve also been walking 4 miles a day at a rapid pace.

    I will also see how it goes and I follow up with my results, if I have any…

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  12. I was on the lipozene website,ready to order, when something said google them and see what others have to say first…

    Whew!! I am glad I did. They will not get one dime of my money and if I choose to try it it will be from Wal-Mart. I am sorry that all of you that got scammed by those creeps, but you have saved one person from the same fate.

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  13. I didn’t check out Lipozene before ordering it. I also ordered Glucomannan from Doctor’s Trust online the following day.

    I have tried both products, and prefer the Doctor’s Trust pill. It seems to be gentler on my stomach, with no cramping.

    The Doctor’s trust pills are 500mg, instead of the 1,500 that Lipozene has in them. I was worried about too much fiber causing food to rush out of the body, and getting little benefit from the nutrients, so when taking Lipozene, I only take one pill at a time, and only 2 times a day. I take 2 of the Doctor’s Trust Glucomannan pills at a time, 2 times a day.

    I have lost 6 lbs in 2 weeks – using both products on alternate weeks – changing nothing in my lifestyle – other than eating less. I was comfortably full with a sensible plate of food and didn’t feel the need to take seconds.

    I am also making a conscious effort to take only a bite or two of things I consider high fat or high sugar.

    I had concerns about being charged for products I didn’t order, but I know that I can dispute the charges to my credit card if I am ever charged for anything other than what I ordered…and I will.

    The one thing that angers me about this deal is that there are NOT 30 pills in the bottles!! One bottle seemed to be awfully low on pills, so I counted them. What I had taken, and what was left, didn’t add up to 30. I then opened the second bottle and counted the pills – 3 times. It only had 29 pills in it.

    This company doesn’t need to send more pills to get more money. They’ll just short the bottles! Now that makes me mad!

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  14. I start taking lipozene at the beginning of Jan 2008 and so far I take 2 pills 3 times a day and it’s really working for me!!

    I don’t feel as hungry as I used to — which for me its really amazing!! I got it at Wal-mart; 2 bottles for $20.

    I feel sorry for all those people that were scammed, but sometimes one thing will work for some people and not for others. I will keep taken the pills and see what happens.

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  15. I did not order through the website, but instead purchased through walgreens for 24.99 for 2 bottles. No worries about scams or billing nightmares.

    I have been using the product for 5 weeks now and have done zero exercise. I eat a little less because of the “full” feeling. The key to success with this product is to use it as directed, which most people fail to do.

    Take it 30 minutes to 1 hour before each meal with a full bottle of water. Fats in your diet bond to the fiber in the pill and you then process a larger than usual percentage through your bowels and less time for your body to break down your meals for immediate and later(fat) storage. I have lost 7 pounds in 5 weeks. Fiber needs water.

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  16. i had been reading all the comments on this product, and i almost wish i would have b4 i purchased it yesterday.

    Unlike most people here I bought it at Wal-mart. I payed 19.99 for 2 bottles. I don’t know if this product works yet, but I am glad I didn’t give my credit card number or anything like that.

    My advice to others who read this, is to go to check out your local stores b4 you fall into the situation that most have….

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  17. Let me start by saying I am 30 years old and have always had a issue with my wieght.

    My dad ordered some of these pills about a year ago. When I saw the bottle I asked him if I could try them. He gave it to me and I started. You don’t feel like you want to eat. They make you feel like you have already eaten.

    Well after 3 days of taking the pills, one night I woke up around 2:00 am and I felt like I had to throw up but when I stood up, I starting feeling dizzy. I walked to the bathroom and passed out for about 3 seconds. My girlfriend and her dad came in to see me, but I didn’t want to move. The floor was cold and that felt good to me. When I finally got up I promised myself I would stop taking those pills.

    I went to the doctor, just to make sure I didn’t have anything serious and he told me my body was weak because I wasn’t eating, even though my body felt fine. He told not to take those pills. My dad never got started on the pills. This is not to say you will have the same reaction, but just like any other weight loss pills, be careful. I learned how to eat a healthy diet and exercise. I have gone from 267 down o 244 buy just doing this.

    Good luck if you use this product.

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  18. I just went to wal-mart and i bought some Lipozene. I believe it to be just like the other diet pills. Before i was taking Xenadrine, and that worked fine for me. I saw the commercials for Lipozene and decided it might be worth it. I would just like to say, the result, like every other diet pill, will vary from person to person, so please keep that in mind, i will come back in two weeks and tell people my personal results.

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  19. I am on my second bottle of Lipozene. Unlike many others I bought mine at Walmart for $20.

    I must say it does make me feel full. At first I did not see much result with the first bottle, but then my fat did not occur overnight, it was years in the making, so I did not expect to see a dramatic change in just one bottle.

    Since starting on my second bottle I eventually began seeing some results in my thigh and hips; however, my stomach seemed to be getting larger especially around that time of the month. Then I found out that the fiber was actually causing me to retain fluid, so I bought me some water pills and now I am starting to see better result.

    I have not changed my routine, I do not diet, I eat what I normally eat just in smaller portion because I feel so full. I do not exercise, because of medical problems I am unable to do even the slightest form of exercise.

    I plan on taking lipozene until I get to my desired wt. I will keep you posted.

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  20. I have been taking Lipozene for 3 days. It makes me feel full and I am loosing a lot of fluids (i.e., peeing a lot). I bought it at Wal-mart for 19.88.

    Weight loss varies and takes time. Most of the posts here are about credit card problems and not how long you were on the product and if it worked or not.

    Don’t order it online – go to the retail store, buy it, try it and then let me know if it worked or had unknown side effects.

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  21. I used Lipozene a couple of months ago and recently started it back up. I think that every person is different and you have to be patient. You can’t just depend on a pill to solve ALL of your problems, you have to put forth some effort too… if you want the reeealllyy good results. I personally love it. I don’t weigh myself everyday expecting the impossible, but I will say this:

    Any other diet pill I have ever tried has ALWAYS made me feel like a hummingbird. I can’t even take Exedrin Migraine because of the caffeine, it always makes me feel so jittery.

    Lipozene makes me feel full and eat less. I don’t have the cravings that I normally have when I don’t take it, and it always makes me more aware of what I do put in my mouth.

    THAT ALONE kickstarts any diet, it’s the first step… watching what you eat. But ANYONE who wants to lose weight has to have some sort of exercise…that’s where your true results lie.

    As far as the whole “Customer Service” thing goes…. go to Wal-Mart — it’s $20.00 (buy one get one free).

    It’s awesome.

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  22. I didn’t read the comments first, I saw the commericial and thought about it over and over.

    Finally went online to purchase, I put my cc information in and then was giving a screen that says do you want to order 3 additional bottles for a total of 145.00. When that screen popped up I backed out.

    I then called customer service to see if my order went through. I spoke to a CSR that was very friendly but she stated she didn’t see the order yet but if I call back 6:oo pm their time they will be able to cancel the order. I said okay but something didn’t sit right.

    So I went and did more research and came across this site and said “oh boy.”

    I immediately contacted my credit card company and canceled the card. I will rather wait in the mail with getting a new card verses dealing with someone stealing my money. Can’t take that chance.

    So I just want to say I feel sorry for all that were screwed by this company but you surely helped me.


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  23. i have been taking this product for a week now and do feel the difference. I am not able to eat as much as I used to and I agree with the person who said they were passing larger then average stools.

    I did slightly change my diet but my activity level has remained the same. I have lost 7 lbs. to date.

    I do recommend this product to friends and family. I have heard a lot of bad things about this product and I just cant agree with them. I don’t know about the billing i bought mine at Wal-mart.

    Maybe this product only works on super fat people like me?

    Editor’s comments:Lipozene contains glucomannan, which is a fiber supplement. So “larger than average” stools would be a normal side effect of this supplement (fiber adds “bulk” to the stool).

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  24. I just started taking lipozene and so far, I have no complaints. I bought it at my local pharmacy for $20 and got 2 bottles that will last me 30 days.

    I have read the comments on people getting charged and having trouble returning the product. My suggestions would be to buy the product at your pharmacy (Walgreens, CVS, Wal-mart, Target…stores that i’ve seen it sold).

    It has been working for me. I’m a compulsive snacker. It has completely eliminated my want to always have something to eat. It doesn’t make me feel wired or jumpy. The pills are so big that it has forced me to increase my water intake. I understand that it is only a fiber supplement, but the price I paid for it is equivalent to what Glucomannan costs.

    i’m doing weight watchers and I exercise everyday for an hour. So, I can’t say that it’s the lipozene alone that has been helping with the weight loss, but it certainly does help with cravings and helping me full so that i don’t overeat and it makes my portion control with weight watchers manageable.

    Everyone’s different, but I know that you can’t leave weight loss to pills alone. You have to change your eating habits and you have to incorporate exercise, even if it’s something moderate like walking, in order to capitalize on losing as much weight as you can.

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  25. I would just like everyone to know that when I ordered lipozene i was told about all of the extra billing.

    I ordered mine on the web site and they told me that they were charging $59.99 30 days after you receive the product and then you will be charged an additional price of $59.99 thirty days after that.

    So when your ordering things rather its on phone or the web site, there is a catch to everything so my opinion is to either read all the print on the site or listen to the person very carefully.

    i haven’t been taking the product very long but like they said it does work on the craving thing.
    I think that maybe for some people it is best to add a diet, and then you will loose the weight faster. And maybe for some that it isn’t doing anything maybe its not for you.

    I hope to god it works for me b/cause I hate this being overweight. And I hope you find something to work for all of you.

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  26. I think somebody should go up to the idiots that sell this crap and slash their throats for ripping people off like this. They charged me so much money without my consent and this product has not helped me at all! I have been using it for 3 months now and NOTHING!!!

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  27. I bought mine at walmart for $20….I have been using it for 2 months now…and have lost 12 lbs. I have not really changed my lifestyle. I am not as hungry anymore. It really helps with the cravings. So far I like it.

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  28. Hello, I am an oversized woman (280 pounds or so) and I have been taking lipozene for over a year. At first I was charged a lot for the product, but as soon as my bank got involved I had gotten all of my money back except for the 29.99 per bottle.

    When I first started taking lipozene I weighed about 340 pounds, It makes me feel full faster and easier and has changed my diet substantially. The only downside to this is that I constantly get diarrhea after taking this. I have had diarrhea for the past 3 months But I have lost 24 pounds in in that time.

    I wouldn’t recommend lipozene to anyone unless they were desperate to lose weight. I have recently switched off lipozene and started taking straight glucomannan because its cheaper, and it works just the same.

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  29. Well, I purchased lipozine online and I cant say that I got charged extra or anything like that.

    But I’ve been taking 2 capsules a half hour before every meal like the representative I talked to told me to and I have yet to lose any weight. It actually makes me feel hungry instead of full — my stomach growls after I take it just like when I’m hungry.

    I would not recommend that you buy this product. It is a scam and it’s just a waste of you money.

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  30. I used lipozene and it made me sick. It made my head hurt and I vomited. I took it 2 days and I did not like it. It also made my throat feel like it was closing up.

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  31. I’ve only been taking it a week now so I don’t know if it works for me, but it HAS brought down my food cravings — which is good, because I’m a snacker.

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  32. I have been taking Lipozene for just a week but it does not curb my appetite any and I have gained 4 pounds.

    I work in a hospital and am on my feet walking and running around work for 12-14 hours a day. When I tried to take the recommended 2 pills 30 minutes before each meal and all it did was give me a severe headache that I could not get rid of. The more I took the pills the worse my headache got.

    I think this is the all time worst “diet pill” that has ever been advertised on TV.

    But for future users, I got the same 2 bottles that they advertise on TV at Wal-Mart for only $20 instead of the $30 plus no one gets my credit card number.


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  33. Lipozene is a scam. I have been using it for 4 months and I have gained 40 pounds despite the fact I’m only eating healthy and exercising twice daily. Lipozene has ruined my life. Please everyone out there don’t waste your money on this scam. This product is a hoax.

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  34. They tell you that if you order a 30 day supply that you receive an extra 30 day supply free. You get the product and read the label and the dosage instructions say to take 2 tablets, one half hour before each meal.

    I got my 2 bottles of 30 pills each, but if my math is right, 60 pills divided by 6 pills a day figures out to 10 days.

    Can you say RIP-OFF ?? When I called to inquire about the math, they said that there were people that lost the weight on one tablet a day, so I guess the dosage info is faulty or they are.

    I think people should contact 20/20 in masses to get national attention to this SCAM!

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  35. I called and cancelled the auto shipment of Lipozene, but one half of the 60 day supply had already shipped. I then called to return it for a refund only to find out that they do not do that. No refunds on products shipped after the free trial.

    My suggestion to all is do not get involved with this company at all. Their product does not work and they have bad business practices. I wish I could write to the CIO.

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  36. When I saw the commercial for Lipozene, I immediately went to their website to see what was in it — glucomannan. A bit more investigation told me what it is taken for. It was easy to find, and inexpensive.

    Its hard to believe so many people could not check into it before buying. It not only alerts us to the fact the company is crooked, but also trashes a product that for many does work.

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  37. I have used Lipozene for 2 wks and I really like it. I have lost 8 pounds already! When I saw the poundz melting off I was so shocked!I’ve tried other weight loss pills that claim that you don’t have to change your regular routine as far as eating and working out, and this pill is the only one that has worked out for me.

    Not only have I lost the weight but I don’t feel as hungry as much as I used to. For me thats the biggest thing because I love to snack!

    I wake up in the middle of the night to snack and lipozene has really curved my apatite. Now that I’ve lost the pounds I’m more motivated to start exercising to give my saggy skin some tone.

    The only set back that I’ve found for me, is having to use the bathroom (bowel movement) more often. But it’s not that big of a deal!

    I say to give it a try, and yes everyone is different, I’m not saying that you will lose as much weight as I have, but you might even lose more. Keep in mind that you’ll never know unless you try, and everybody’s body is different so its really true when they say “results may vary.”

    Thanks so much lipozene!

    much love,

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  38. I too have run into them sending another bottle, but when i called them they just said keep it and didnt charge me anything for it, so i dont know why they are screwing others, but i have taken the 2pills three times a day and some times only twice, and i have lost just over 5 pounds in a week, so i guess it depends on your body, but i am continuing to take it and will buy it at walmart from now on,

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  39. I’ve been taking lipozene for 2 weeks now and I haven’t lost any weight yet. I bought a 30 day supply for $29.95 and they haven’t charged my account anymore yet.

    Im going to take it for 2 more weeks. If I don’t lose any weight by then, Im definitely getting my money back if I can.

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  40. I went and bought lipozene from Wal-mart about 2 months ago. I work out taking kick boxing and head-2-toe toning and thats how I’ve been losing weight.

    I feel nothing from this product nor have I lost any more weight.

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  41. I have read a lot of comments about Lipozene and I’m going to try it anyway since nothing else works for me.

    For all you that keep getting charged for the product you ordered online; I have been conned that way by other products and I simply called my credit card company and told them I mislaid my card. They sent me a new card and canceled the old number.

    The charges already on the old card were transfered to the new card and still had to be paid, but I avoided further charges!

    Editor’s comments: Good Idea!

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  42. I have been Lipozene for 2 months and have not seen any results. Like one other commenter says, it does make you feel really full and then after about 2 hours you get hungry again, and that really defeats the purpose of the whole matter.

    So no I would not say don’t take it but I won’t ever try anything else again. Oh yeah, Wal-mart have this same pill for $19.96 — Buy One, Get One Free.

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  43. I think that these pills do not work and you do not get your money’s worth .I haven’t even been taking it for a week and my 1 st bottle is gone.

    My advice would be save your money and do not buy these pills.

    Just do it on your own drink — lots of water and do some kind of exercise 5 to 6 days out of the week, and then you will see major changes.

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  44. Interested in how Lipozene works? Take a empty soda bottle fill it halfway with plain water, then empty two Lipozene pills into the bottle. Shake the bottle for 60 seconds every three mintues, for about 20 minutes total, you will realize that this product may not be healthy.

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  45. i had great results with Lipozene 1500mg i got my pills from walmart and paid only 19.99 for two bottles of pills and love it

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  46. Readers will probably think this is gross…but when I saw it, to me it was alarming!

    I went to the toilet, and when I was about to flush, I saw some green things floating in the toilet(about 6 of them). I was alarmed, because I had not eaten anything green.

    So I decided to pull one out and examine it. Lo and behold, when I pressed against it with a plastic spoon, it was a Lipozene capsule that simply changed color in my bowels.

    It had not even dissolved, the powder was still in tact. These pills are a hoax!! Don’t buy them, this is bogus and the company are complete liars!

    I tried it myself, I place one capsule in a glass of water. I returned 24 hrs later and the pills were slightly swollen and had NOT dissolved. Gimmick!

    Editor’s comments” We’ve heard from other visitors that the Lipozene capsules do not always digest properly. However, we’d caution against using the “water test” as conclusive evidence of this. The stomach is a harsh environment and contains hydrochloric acid for digestion. In no way is a glass of water representational of the human digestive system.

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  47. Everyone’s body is different, and acts or reacts completely different to a variety of things than other people. What may work for me, may not for many others. All you can do is try different things till you find the one that works best for you. Meanwhile set a goal and stick with it — don’t blame the pills if you don’t stick with a healthy sensible diet, AND exercise. Soda is one thing that can ruin any diet. Counting and limiting calories never hurt anyone.

    I have tried many diet pills. I was taking prescription phentermine. I lost 20lbs in a month. I could no longer get the prescription, so I had to look for the next best thing.

    I am currently taking the lipozene with ephedra, and hoodia. It’s comparable with phentermine, not as good, but comparable.

    The energy boost is really good. I have a big appetite and it took a lot of my hunger away. My diet mostly consists of fruits, veggies, and chicken. I don’t like milk so I drink rice milk and take a calcium supplement.

    Always talk to your Dr. before starting any diet. Research anything that you may have questions or concerns about. And remember, what might work for others, may not for you!

    Editor’s comments: We’re a little perplexed by Sharee’s comments; we’ve never seen a Lipozene with ephedra OR hoodia. Lipozene contains glucomannan… that’s it, that’s all. If there’s a version that contains ephedra/ephedrine, that’s a concern since ephedra is illegal in the U.S. and many other countries.

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  48. I have recently started taking Lipozene. In my opinion I think it is great product. Since March 13, 2008 I have already lost 5 pounds.

    To all the people who think you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight have got to be crazy. When you go on a diet you have to limit those calories and fat in whatever you eat. Do that, and I promise you WILL see results. And as for buying Lipozene on the phone or over the internet you can go to Wal-mart and get a box of 2- with 60 pills for only $19.99.

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  49. I have been using Lipozene for a month now, and I have seen incredible changes. I have been on a weight training regimen and this product has worked great for me. So far I have lost 12 pounds and I am still losing weight. People who say its a scam are wrong, what you have to do is eat small portions with just protein.

    I go to the gym 5 times a week, I drink a protein shake right after my workout as my dinner, for breakfast I eat a turkey sandwich and for lunch I eat chicken or fish. I have done this diet before with the workout regimen and only lost 3 or 4 pounds, but with Lipozene it has helped me lose more weight.

    Lipozene suppresses your hunger.

    It really helps overweight people, I weigh over 400 pounds.

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  50. I am not here to praise this ridiculous product. I want to make a comment about Lipozene’s most recent television commercial. Toward the beginning of the ad a voice comes on and states that body fat is “unattractive”. I personally take a great deal of offense to that statement. I may be overweight, but I still think that my body is beautiful, and so does my husband. When the guy on the commercial says that about fat, he might as well just call me ugly to my face. I don’t appreciate it at all. And by the way, I look just wonderful. All 234lbs. of me!

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  51. DO NOT order this product! It does not work and is almost impossible to get your money back.

    The 30 day money back statement they make is only part true. 30 days from the first order date you make should be added to their statement.

    So when they send you the second order that you do not ask for there is no way to return it or get your money back. It was an expensive lesson, but one well learned.

    My advice to anyone trying to get there money back; keep phoning and asking to speak to the supervisor and keep telling them you are going to report them to the authorities. Hopefully you to can get your money back. Good Luck!

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  52. I have been taking Lipozene for 3 days. Wow.

    This time there is a lot to be said about these pills. I am full. It gives you a full feeling.
    Drink water with it.

    Now that said… you know those little toys the kids buy – like a dinosaur that you place in water and it grows to the size of a grapefruit? That is kinda how my stomach feels. I will let you know if I lose any weight.

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  53. Guys, I tried this… is nothing more than fiber supplement.

    However, if you make an order from a company such as this for 1 trial bottle and you complete the instructions for refusing future orders, you don’t have to send back any unordered or cancelled product. And, they cannot charge you for it.

    Send a letter to the company cancelling the product with the order number and any customer number to the company where the product came from. Send it registered mail.

    Be clear that you want to end your arrangement.

    If you get calls from the company, tell them you sent a registered letter and that if they do not cease sending you unordered product, you will contact your state’s Attorney General and the Attorney General of the state the company ships from.

    Then contact your local media’s consumer help reporters and get the product on the news. This will usually get you a refund or at least end your problem.

    Their “collections” personnel arr frequently working for the product manufacturer. Inform them you are making a formal complaint to gov’t officials and that you are putting them on notice that this is a dispute. This legally protects you from further shakedowns from these dubious companies.

    It’s a form of bullying and works for them. However, don’t let yourself get taken in by intimidation.

    Editor’s comments: Some good points here. However, most free trial offers usually require enrollement in some sort of monthly billing cycle. If you accept the free offer, you will be responsible for all further orders *until* you cancel your participation in the program. And here’s the thing… you probably were NOT aware you were going to be enrolled in a “membership” program.

    I highly recommend you watch this video on what we call the “5-7 Day Free Trial Scam”…

    Click here to watch the video!

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  54. I am attorney in San Diego investigating the fraudulent business practices of the Obesity Research Institute. I would appreciate the opportunity to talk with anyone who feels they have been taken advantage of by Lipozene and ORI. Please contact me at [email protected]

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  55. It’s a scam! I took 4 pills a day following instructions and had absolutely no results. I called today to cancel further shipments and to see about getting my money back.

    They put you through an automated process which prompts you to the cancellation of auto shipments, but never prompts you to a representative. It told me my auto shipments would be canceled and a final payment of $39.95 would be charged to my credit card.

    At that point I wanted to talk to someone but couldn’t find a prompt, and finally when it was prompting me to answer questions, I just said “operator” and I ended up with one.

    She said she couldn’t refund my money because it had been over 30 days?

    My pills only lasted 2 weeks and I started as soon as I received them, so how could it have been over 30 days?

    It is a scam, so please avoid the aggravation!

    Editors comments: Michelle, often the 30-day trial starts the day you order the product, not the day you receive it. Watch our video on how to avoid deceptive billing practices, click here!

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  56. I bought Lipozene at Walmart for $19.99 plus tax and I can ASSURE YOU IT WORKS!!!! I weighed 208 pounds and I am only 5’2″ tall. I have lost 33 pounds in 2-3 months. I have now lost enough weight to start walking everyday and all I did was take it and drink more water than usual….that’s it!! No exercising or nothing!! I did however cut out a lot of fried foods, fatty foods, soda, candy etc… I started eating fresh fruit, veggies and I ate more fish, chicken and seafood. I’m telling you this stuff works BIG TIME…I am living proof and I have NOT been paid to say or give my opinion. I don’t know what the other people’s problem was or is while taking Lipozene but maybe they didn’t apply themselves enough to quit eating fatty foods, smoking, drinking etc… Look you have to make some changes in life in order for a product to work. I only ate healthier and never exercised but since I’ve lost 33 pounds I am more motivated now to exercise (only walking to start out with) for right now. I am keeping track of weight now with an excel spreadsheet. If you don’t want to prepare your food then do what I do and eat the SouthBeach entres and breakfasts from the frozen food section of your local grocery store….fill up your freezer with healthy ready made meals…the cost is no more than what you would pay to buy fast food, which would make you FAT FASTER, these ready made healthy meals along with Lipozene with make you THINNER FASTER for about the same price. These meals are prepared with the right meats with the right veggies to help you burn fat away. Do this along with Lipozene and you’ll be ready for summer time faster than you can imagine, this I promise you. If you don’t do it….then go ahead Stay Fat, Miserable and for God Sake STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT!!!! The choice is yours….DO IT OR DIE sooner in life than you expected but don’t ever say no one told you or warned you or told you the truth about LIPOZENE. I have used every product out there on the market and prescription ones too and nothing worked until now and oh yes….I cannot afford LIPOSUCTION or else I would have done it by now. So for a fulltime working single Mom and yes I am a fulltime college student too, so I have no time to get a membership to a GYM LIPOZENE is great for my wallet. 04-06-2008 Sunday. I live in Orlando, FL USA

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  57. I bought these pills and they work great for me.

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  58. I got mine at Wal-mart, two bottles for only $19.88. I have only taken for 3 days so far, and as I have two broken legs, I cannot work out but yet, clothes are a little loser. I am not hungry at all after I take them either and I only take them right before lunch time as I never eat breakfast anyhow. Come dinner time I still am not hungry. Hoping they keep up the good work.

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  59. I have not ordered Lipozene, but I am so glad I read these comments before ordering. After reading everyone’s experience, I think it would be stupid for me to try it. I’ll try something else! Thank you so much for your honest responses.

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  60. I have used Lipozene for the last two weeks. The company only charged me for what I took the one bottle with the free bottle. I lost two pant sizes and can’t wait to lose more. I didn’t know walmart sold this product so I will check there before ordering more but I can honestly say it worked for me.

    I was very happy with the results. It didn’t just take off weight but I lost inches too!

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  61. Okay… I didn’t order this off TV, I bought it at WalMart, 2 bottles for 19.95. So far it has been a week of working out 30 minutes and walking a mile plus taking the pills and I have dropped 8 pounds in 8 days. I love Lipozene and don’t know why everyone hates it.

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  62. The first time I tried Lipozene I ordered it on TV. I knew that when you order a product on TV they will try to sell you more stuff so I was firm in letting them know I wasn’t interested in anything else but the trial. Anyway I did lose 6lbs in a month and it did jump start my weight loss.

    I find that it fills me up and makes me have a regular bowel. If you’re going to give it a try I would suggest you try and buy it at a local store and forget about ordering it on TV.

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  63. I have been using Lipozene for about 10 days, and have only had good results. So far I have lost 6 lbs. without changing my diet or exercise regimine.

    After reading the comments I saw that Wal-mart sells the product so instead of going to the website I will go there. Also, I was never charged anything extra than what the website specifies.

    Lipozene has decreased my appetite and helped to regulate my bowel movements. I think it is very interesting other people say that this is a scam because Lipozene has really helped me in the short time I have taken it. It really does work!

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  64. I am a college students who ordered the pills just to lose some fat, and ended up in the hospital because of it.

    Lipozene is a rip off, it caused a chemical reaction with my body, leaving me on the floor gasping to breathe and a pain on the left side of my body that’s killing me. Save your money, don’t buy it.

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  65. I have taken the product for a week and lost 5 lbs!

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  66. I am on my second week of using the product and I have lost 8lbs. I walk 3 miles a day and drink a lot of water like is recommended.

    This product will not work for everyone, everyone’s body is different.

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  67. Bought mine at Wal-Mart. I have been eating a school lunch for five years at work. I have always cleaned my plate and also drink two cartons of milk.

    I took my first dose of Lipozene and ate half of my lunch (felt full after a 1/4), only half of my dessert (NEVER IN HISTORY) and had to force down one carton of milk instead of two.

    The pills make you feel very full… I was in shock. I firmly believe that if this continues, I have a great chance of losing pounds. Will keep you posted.

    Editor’s comments: Lipozene contains glucomannan, a fiber supplement. Basically that’s what it does… fill you up and make you feel full, so you eat less.

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  68. The deal with Lipozene is that in 2004 the FTC sued Obesity Research Institute, LLC, Bryan Corlett, Dr Jonathan Kelley, et al for false advertising.

    The District Court of So CA awarded $1.5 mil for consumer redress. The main ingredient is glucomannan used for constipation and cholesterol control.

    Contact the FTC ( to see of you can get your money back- the company is still under monitoring by the FTC and courts to see that they uphold the consent decree.

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  69. I purchased Lipozene and after taking it for about a week with no results, stumbled across this website.

    After reading everyone else’s comments I called Lipozene right away to cancel my account, but they still charged me for another bottle which they STILL shipped out.

    Now they say that I can’t return it even though I’m very unhappy. CAUTION to anyone else who falls into this scheme!

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  70. Ugh… what can you say.. only in America can they can get away with this. I do not use the product, was thinking of buying, but after reading all these negatives… I will stay away.

    I even contacted them and after it started out ok, them thinking I was going to buy, then… I brought up the reviews and such about the product and if anyone there could help answer some questions before I buy. But no… it was BUY BUY BUY BUY!!

    That’s all they wanted… and they tell you that they have VERY few people return the product because it works so well. Ok… explain the 85%+ of users that are unsatisfied according to the feedback here?

    As you guessed, no one could answer questions, and no supervisor was available to take calls. They “could” call me back if I gave them my phone number… I think not.

    Told them, nevermind, seems this company is a scam. The service rep wasn’t at all happy, and her “cheerful” persona changed drastically.

    All I can say is stay away, do like others have said, eat more fiber, walk, take one less helping of something… knock cheese out for a week or two.. you will see the difference!

    Good luck to all you that have had issues and I wish the BEST to those that are over weight!

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  71. I just started Lipozene this week. I must say that I was extremely disappointed when I ended up getting sick this morning and all 6 pills came up and none of the 6 were dissolved.

    Yes, they were swollen but after 24 hours of taking the first two pills…. don’t you think they should have dissolved?

    The Editor said not to base results on putting a pill into water because our stomachs are a lot more powerful in dissolving something then water is.

    Well here is your proof that it also doesn’t dissolve in your stomach! All this pill does is expand a bit to make you feel full at each meal.

    I would bet money that the stuff inside the pill does not go into your system at all. Start looking after you do a #2 and you will start to see swollen blue pills in the toilet.

    What a Hoax this pill is and honestly I hope they get caught and sued!

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  72. I have been using Lipozene since May 1 st…It’s just my choice to kick start my diet! When I started I was 175 but have not been back to the doctors office to check again yet! I will at the 1 st of June! It took me 6 years of bad eating to gain 50 pound so I expect it to take time to get it off! Many people quit before they give it a chance to work! I know by my clothes I have lost! People have noticed at my work place! I was waiting for that! I did do some changes in the way I eat and drink! I was drinking a lot of soda and and used about 7 packets of splenda in a glass of iced tea! Yeah you got it right! I have a mega sweet tooth! I drank a lot of tea all day long! So I layed off both types of sugars! Eat a lot of fresh vege’s and fruit too and in-between breakfast and lunch I have a large glass of tomato juice..Never like it before and my weird craving has been spinach even for breakfast! Not sure why but loving it!!! My favorite thing I order out is Egg white scramble W/ tomato,mushrooms,spinach,salsa and a little sour cream and heat up to 2 corn tortillias by nuking it! I shred them and mix them in! OMG yum! I get…I eat eggs… I get gassy so I keep extra strength GASX with me at all times! So now I drink green tea no sugar and different flavor green tea’s hot or iced and I’m liking it! never thought I would be doing that! I’m 49 & 5’6 I have skinny legs so I need to get the weight off them! I’m doing this for me! 50 extra pounds is hard on me! Got to where I have been so uncomfortable that I realized how tight my clothes were getting! Oh and my legs knee’s hurt! Wake up call! I use the Lipozene in the morning and afternoon and so I don’t get hungry before supper I take a Hoodia to help! It was hard to get started but I did it! No one can do it for me! Don’t let anyone discourage you! You have to stick to it long enough to prove it works! I think most quit and look for an excuse not to have to diet! Don’t put it down! Use it long enough to see for yourself! I figure it will take about 6 months to lose 50 pounds! That is my goal …so hang tight with me and we can support each other! 🙂 We can even exchange ideas in things we cook! Lets make this challange fun! hugsxxx R. Shayne Seattle Wa. OHHH yeah drink mega amount of water! Don’t forget to drink water water water!!! Your body will adjust to it within about a week or less time! Depends on your body! At first you pee a lot then you adjust! 😉 They say you don’t have to change the way you eat! It’s my choice to help myself! Hang in there!!!

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  73. I have been taking lipozene for about 2 months and I am very, very unhappy with the results.

    I have not lost any weight and I am on a strict diet as well. I am requesting my money be sent back to me as soon as possible. This is definitely a hoax. Also, I have contacted my lawyer in regards to this atter.

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  74. I’ve been taking Lipozene. I had serious GI upset withing a few hours, and and major headaches!

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  75. Many people do not see results because of the way they take this.
    People see the pills when they go to the restroom. The problem is that you have to empty the pills into water, then drink the water.
    Way better results.

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  76. I can tell you that in 30 days I have lost 34 pounds. I took Lipozene 2 pills, 3 times a day 30 minutes before my meal.

    Along with the 8 oz glass of water right behind it. Then began my meal. After my meal exercised for 30 minutes, sat up reading or doing a little house work for 30 minutes. Then I bathed to relax myself then went to bed.

    Awoke went to work doing the same routine. Making time for everything else in my life. I purchased my Lipozene for 19.99 at Wal-mart as well.

    I bought a 30 day supply (2 bottles). I got great results. I feel that Lipozene should be a jump start not a quick fix so get off it after the 30 days. Save your money. More importantly, it helps you to be more proud of yourself that you are doing it on your own.

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  77. I tried Lipozene.

    I lost 2 pounds the first week that I used it. To date, I have lost 20.5 pounds. I am female and went from 248.5 to my current weigh-in of 228. I paid $29.99 (or something like that) and I did get the one free bottle from my drug store.

    I did have to change “my lifestyle”, unlike the bottle reads. I had to (of course) dramatically cut back on my calories and fat intake, but any diet requires participation from the dieter. LOTS and LOTS of water (with Crystal Light).

    I take 2 capsules daily and I drink at LEAST 4 – 1 liter bottles of water daily. Trust me… it will help you. It helps curb my “hunger pains”. Nothing has EVER tamed this tiger I have in my tank, but Lipozene HAS taken that hunger pain away. I eat FAR less after one week than I EVER have.

    Be patient. It won’t come off in ONE week. Drink your water with it as instructed and eat healthy foods and it WILL help. It may not “mysteriously” melt the fat away, but it WILL help curb hunger – which is by far the HARDEST aspect of dieting – especially when you LOVE food like I do.

    Good luck to you all — and remember, just say “no” to online/telephone orders!

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  78. I got Lipozene from Walmart for $20 for 2 bottles. I did a little research online and found out that the only real thing in it is glucomannan – a natural fiber, which made me feel better about trying yet another diet pill.

    In order to show appreciable results, you need to take 1-3 grams 30-60 minutes before every meal. This is about 2-6 pills since each is about 665 mg.

    So I bought a bottle of glucomannan for about $7.00 and use it interchangeably with the Lipozene. I also added in a Hoodia supplement which helps with appetite suppression. The first week, I took 2 before breakfast, 3 each before lunch and dinner. I lost 5 pounds in that week and actually started working out.

    I’m 1/2 way into my second week and I’ve been able to lower the dosage since I’m just not that hungry around dinner time. I’ve lost another 4 pounds in 4 days.

    I think it works, but you have to research before you buy and use a little common sense. I also didn’t have the hassle of going though a crappy company.

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  79. My fiancée just bought the two trial bottles of Lipozene. I wanted to do some research because I am usually skeptical about purchasing as-seen-on-tv products over the phone.

    After reading the posts on this site, and calling our bank, we are going to close out her account to keep her from having unauthorized payments drafted. This may sound extreme but is much easier and cheaper than dealing with Lipozene.

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  80. I have not used Lipozene but I can tell just by the commercial (that I see fifty times a day) that it is a scam. Think about it, they are telling us stuff we already know, but saying it in a way that makes it sound like a scientific breakthrough: “Body fat is unattractive,” “body fat builds over the muscle, under the skin,” “body fat can increase from lack of exercise.” Duh.

    They’re not even telling you how much weight you will lose or how it works. They say you will lose “pounds of body fat.” OK, how many and after how long? As for how it works, all they show you is a graphic of a pill opening up and spraying little pellets at someone’s torso. The fat doesn’t even disappear from the torso, it just becomes translucent. Hmm.

    Of course, they have their “double-blind study” to prove that it works, right? Wrong. Read the fine print: An average of 3.65 pounds was lost over an 8 week university study, and diet and exercise is “recommended.” Really? I thought “people were not asked to change their daily lives.” 3.65 pounds over eight weeks? I can do that on my own, without being ripped off for some overpriced sugar pill.

    Please don’t fall for this scam, folks. It’s so blatant it makes me sick. I can’t believe they’re getting away with it.

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  81. I have been taking this product for 2 months now and I have really noticed a difference. I have my Fiance taking them now and he has noticed a difference too!.

    It really works for me, I am very happy with it!

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  82. As some one else said I purchased the Lipozene from Walgreens and it was $24.99 for two bottles. I have lost about 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I like it. It makes me not hungry before I even want to eat. I have changed some eating habits, but I say it works! So far all the reviews
    have been about the price scam, try your local store first!

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  83. I’ve seen the Lipozene commercials run nonstop on the Comedy Central Station for a long time now. So, out of curiosity I went to my local Wal-mart to see if they carried the product on their shelves. Sure enough they do, for $20, buy one get one free.

    So, I picked it up. And I should have left it there. It is junk. I can spend 1/3 as much on fiber based products that would have more of an effect.

    I would highly advise anyone looking to lose weight…DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON LIPOZENE!

    Certainly explains why the commercials are aired late at night on the Comedy Central Station… because they are a joke.

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  84. I just started taking Lipozene yesterday. My mom purchased it at Wal-mart. I feel that it is working. I only took 2 pills but felt my hunger disappeared.

    I am in grad school and eat late at night but last night I didn’t. I actually went to bed without eating. Maybe it is because I has to go to the bathroom around 10pm and at that point, I was not hungry.

    Anyway, as of today I had breakfast and a light lunch an I am not hungry so i guess we will see. I will update at the end of the week. I only need to loss about 15 lbs so I won’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work. I will go to the gym 3-4 times this week.

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  85. I’ve been using lipozene for a couple of weeks, and I’ve seen obvious results. I got people telling me I looked slimmer at the fifth day of using it. On the fifth day I lost about 3 pounds. However, there is a trick. I take the two pills before meals with a glass of water. I believe this is just some sort of fiber, so the mix water plus fiber makes me feel completely full, so when dinner comes, I do not eat as much as I used to (I eat about half the portion I used to). AND…I drink more water. I think these pills only work when you drink them with a lot of water. DO NOT take the pills with limited water, I had a bad experience when I did that. In conclusion, though I still think of this as a placebo, they are actually working for me, so I will continue using them. If this is only a placebo, the placebo effect is working really good with me. 10 pounds lost already and counting.

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  86. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! POTENITIAL BUYERS BEWARE! I used Lipozene for about a month. The first time I used it I had severe headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc. Yes, it did reduce my cravings for junk food, soda, coffee(I don’t want them anymore now), but the one thing it HASN’T done which it PROMISES to do is help me lose weight. If anything I put it on! To the people who want to order it off tv, don’t, you can get it at Wal-Mart for less, if you must have it, which you don’t! I’ve totally changed my eating habits(I’ve joined weight watchers) and I’ve joined the gym, which is now the reason why I’m losing weight, not this scam of Lipozene. Seriously, don’t waste your time or your money!

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  87. I feel each person body is different. where something works for one and my not work for another. I want to lose areonr 15lbs. I’ll try lipozene.

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  88. If you read the fine print at the bottom of the TV advertisement, it says average of 3.5lbs lost over 8 week period.

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  89. I just started using Lipozene today (bought it at Walmart for $20.00). However, my Sister-In-Law is using it and has lost 30 pounds. She is really happy with it. I hope it works that well for me.

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  90. Do” NOT” buy this.

    I purchased this under false pretenses!
    Biggest scam I have been through over
    the internet.

    When you call them they tell you more

    When I received more bottles than I ordered
    thats when I decided to call, of course in order
    to cancel I had to FAX….a written letter to cancel and when I did that of course it took a few days for them to get it. That made it too late or should I say over the 30 days and they would not give me “MY” money that they basically STOLE out of my account.

    I could not believe this, their actual words were this…

    We have receieved your request for a refund, and cancellation on the lipozene monthly program (which I was scammed on in the first place) UNFORTUNATELY, we are UNABLE to process your request for the refund on the monthly program.

    Per your instructions we have canceled your monthly program.

    Lipozene has a 30 day money back guarantee, ONLY ON THE INITIAL TRIAL ORDER (boy they are slick) that begins upon receipt of the product by the customer.

    PEOPLE they are ridiculous and rude as well. Do not fall into this like I did!

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  91. I went to Wal-Mart & purchased the double package for only $19.99.

    I’ve had them now for about a week. The first day I took two capsules three times a day (one 30 minutes before each meal).

    Then the second day up to now, I only take two to four capsules because I’m not hungry at all. And then when I do eat, my portions are pretty much cut in half. If I try to eat what I normally ate, I would be STUFFED! Not full, but stuffed!

    I feel more energized and less stressed. I’ve lost about eight pounds and at least 4 inches on my waist!

    I just drink plenty of water and little or no exercise. It’s working for me and FAST! I would recommend it for anyone!

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  92. I gave the whole bottle a shot, and at first it seemed to be working. I dropped a few pounds which kept me going with the pills. Soon, like all the diet pills it stopped working and ended up gaining!
    I went to my doctor and he told me what to do to lose the weight. In 16 days I lost 14 pounds without the need for pills.
    The secret is to stop eating carbs, stop eating sugars and stop eating processed foods and the weight will melt off. 20 more pounds to go using the healthy way.

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  93. You dont need to order thsi can get the double pack at walmart for $19. Youll get 2 bottles with 30 capsules per bottle. I do think this product does make you fill fuller faster and more thirsty. I just started so i cant comment on if it works as far as losing weight but yes, it makes me full fast along with drink lots of h20 throughtout the day. I do hae lots of cravings still but with that i use mind over matter. i have also changed my diet habits such as eating special k or bran cereal for breakfast, maybe another bowl of cereal for lunch or a nice cheifs salad and then a “normal” meal for dinner. and for a snack when need be..suger free jello, which taste great or a special K bar or rice crispy bar (which only has 90 cal.)So basically if lowered my calories and increased my fiber and since i hate to exericise i walk about 1 1/2 miles 3xs per week. So with any other weight loss method.. diet and exericise still have to take part.

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  94. Today is my first day trying Lipozene. I have to be honest, it was a bit of an impulse buy at Walmart. I’ve seen the adds multiple times and I had wanted to try it out. I wish I had researched the product beforehand, but since I’ve got it now…I might as well try it. It seems from these comments that it does work for some people.

    The bottle instructs you to take 2 caplets about 30 minutes before eating and since I don’t have a TON of weight to lose and each bottle only contains 30 caplets I wanted to ration them. I only took one 30 minutes prior to eating lunch.

    I have to be honest, I feel like I’ve felt an immediate difference. I am ALWAYS hungry…always. And I ate lunch today at 1:00, it’s now 6:00 and while I could eat, I’m not starving. So as far as repressing my appetite…I’d say it works.

    But I’m only going off of one day, so…we’ll see I guess.

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  95. I was about to order the product online thank God I decided to read the comments of other people that did order their product.

    Sounds to me that all of the people that have been charged extra need to contact the BBB and take legal action — file a law suite on the company and the people that work for them. I feel that if nothing is done with this company they’ll continue to keep getting rich off the consumer.


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  96. Has anyone read the fine print in the commercials?

    People lost 3.84 pounds in 8 weeks — that’s twice as long as the free trial offer gives you. The fine print says diet and exercise are advised, but that would change your daily lifestyle, something which they say is not necessary.

    Just some small points I wanted to let you all know about, because these commercials never tell you the whole truth about the product or how it works.

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  97. I tried Lipozene for the month, and not only did it not do anything for me, but when my 30 day trial period was up they would not refund my money because the 30 days period had passed.How can you try a product for 30 days and 30 days not pass?

    That is the catch; if you keep it 30 days to try it out they say you kept it past the 30 day trail period, if you send it back before the 30 day trail period they say you didn’t keep it a full 30 days to see if it would work.

    Either way you won’t get your money back. And that is false advertisement.

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  98. I bought this at Walmart for $20.00 for two bottles. It has only been 3 days, but it has really curbed my appetite!

    I will continue to use until the bottles are empty and evaluate my progress after that to see if I will be purchasing any more. I feel so bad for all of you who ordered online, thanks for saving the rest of us who read your posts…

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  99. I have been on Lipozene for about 5 days or one bottle’s worth (taking 6 per day!).

    I purchased mine at Walmart for $19.88 for 2 bottles of 30 pills. Not a bad price compared to the website. I take 2 in the am, then have a slim fast shake, then 2 at lunch w/another slim fast shake and then 2 before dinner, when I eat a normal meal.

    I have not lost a single pound, but have lost 2 inches on my waist. Don’t know what the end result will be but will keep taking until they are gone..

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  100. Wow!! I didn’t even finish reading all that everyone has to say and I’ve already changed my mind! I was going to go purchase it today right after work. But I highly doubt that I will now. This is terrible and one thing I don’t mess with is my money! Especially over a product that doesn’t really work.

    Thanks everyone! You have ALL changed my mind (those who were not happy with it of course!)

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  101. I have been taking Lipozene for about 2 weeks now and have lost 10 lbs! I think that it’s great!

    It makes me feel full and has eliminated my between meal snacking. This is amazing for me because I snack all day long. I was only charged for the 30 day trial. You have to pay close attention to the questions they ask in order not to be charged for more bottles.

    I was so pleased to find out that it is sold at Walgreens and Walmart. I’m going to keep on using it and see where it takes me.

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  102. If one buys a product just from promises made on a commercial you are a sitting duck.

    If you don’t have a computer to research got to the library. Don’t take things at face value; especially when it goes into your body!!

    For every 1 positive comment there were more than 10 negative ones. What does that tell you?

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  103. I am confused now by what everyone is saying! I thought and still do think that I have a great thing in lipozene!

    I have been taking it for 8 days today and I have lost 5 pounds! That’s excellent! It fills me up, as long as it is expanding and making me full – that’s what I bought it thinking it would do in the first place!

    I had “sloppy joes” for lunch today (I use a slice of toast, put the sloppy joe meat on that and then some grated cheese and eat it with a fork). Usually I can eat 4 of those, but I was STUFFED after 2, so I fed the other 2 to my kids!

    I have 2 pills in the morning and then 30 min later I have a Slimfast and then at lunch I have 2 more pills and a light lunch and before dinner 2 more. I think I am doing well, and I will take it for a while longer before I make any big decisions .. but so far i am happy with it!

    I bought mine at walmart for 19.88 and if I am not still loosing weight after this 2nd 10 day supply I just bought I will reconsider…

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  104. Thank you all for posting on this site. I was just getting ready to order this product with my own personal credit card and I am so glad that I stumbled onto this site, so thank you very much!

    You have stopped one person from making a very bad mistake!

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  105. WOW! I haven’t encountered any of these problems!

    When I started Lipozene 3 weeks ago, I weighed 250 lbs and was wearing size 20 jeans. Today, I weigh 230lbs… I lost 20lbs in 3 weeks!

    I believe what i had lost was pure body fat because my tummy is flatter and my love handles are slightly disappearing!

    My stomach doesn’t bulge over my pants and my friends have commented on my weight loss and I feel great!

    Thanks Lipozene!

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  106. I have been taking this for only 1 week and I haven’t weighed myself yet, but it DOES suppress my hunger.

    I’d say at least that in itself is a good thing.

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  107. You can purchase Lipozene at you local Wal-Mart. It costs $20.00 and some change for two 30 count bottles. If you are not satisfied with the product you can take it back to Wal-Mart (like I did) within 90 days of your purchase and receive a refund. I called my local Wal-Mart and this is what they told me.

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  108. To be honest, nothing happened for me on this pill. No increased energy, no decreased appetite, no weight loss, no nothing!

    I tried for 2 full months and it didn’t have any kind of affect on me.

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  109. 2 months ago my older sister began taking Lipozene. I thought it was a joke and told her it would never work.

    By the end of the month she had lost 25 pounds. After seeing the great results I told my maid of honor about it. She started last Friday night and by this morning she weighed herself and has already lost 4 pounds.

    I think the reason many people aren’t seeing results is because they aren’t being food conscious. Eat a little healthier and cut your portions at least a little.

    This will not be a wonder drug so you can continue to eat whatever you want. If you are truly about losing weight and are serious, cut back.

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  110. To all the people whov had trouble with the csr at lipozene,I have a website for you,that will help you get your money back.FTC BUREAU OF CONSUMER PROTECTION. CONSUMER INFO. CUSTOMER RESPONSE CENTER#1-877-FTC-HELP.THE MORE PEOPLE THAT COMPLAIN THE BETTER RESULTS,I ALSO SUGGEST CALLING THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU#888-437-4222,also for the person looking for the # for lipozene 1-888-220-8907,dont bother callig it will ruin your day,and you will never be able to talk to a supervisor,like Mike Mayes,I am begining to think that he does not even exsist,make your complaint to the BBB or nothing will get done the stuff does not even work put one pill in a bottle of water and see what it does

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  111. Let me tell you, I am a hard core dieter and have taken diet pills more than half of my life. I have had the good ones that really work and then get banned. This pill did not do a single thing for me. It’s a waste of money!

    Since black ice is no longer on the market I am looking for something that REALLY works. I hate that I spent $20 on this pill and it didn’t even work. I made me hungrier than before. I gained like 5 lbs. after I bought them.

    All the people that say this works on this website sound like they work for Lipozene. If you guys find something that really works please post it here…

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  112. I ordered Lipozene and lost a bunch of weight! I never changed my diet and ate McDonalds, pizza and stuff like that.

    Well, after losing the weight I stopped taking it. 2-3 months later I gained it back and more.

    Then I ordered it again and this time while working out a little I never lost a pound!

    I don’t know but the first time I took it I would eat like 5-7 bites and would be done and like 2 months I lost around 15-20 pounds, so it might work it might not!

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  113. I’ve started using Lipozene in conjunction with Alli and I have to say Lipozene curbs my appetite.

    Dexatrim in the 1970’s use to do the same but always gave a boost. Now that Dexatrim’s formula has changed it doesn’t work as an appetite suppressant. Lipozene does work as an appetite suppressant. To help block the fat absorbed into my body Alli also works.

    I’m an active Mom and don’t have time for 2 hour work outs, so my work-outs are house cleaning, laundry, trucking the kids all over town, hours shopping and playing with my kids and their friends.

    If you’re looking for an appetite suppressant lipozene works without the jitters.

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  114. My name is Jennifer I was the one who had posted the comment on 9-11-08. I had started this pill weighing 250 lbs wearing size 20 jeans.

    Today is 10-28-08 and my weight is 220 and I can fit into a size 16!

    I kind of slacked for a couple weeks and didn’t exercise for an hour or more as I was supposed to. I didn’t eat as healthy as i did previously, but I caught myself. I’m going to stick with the healthy eating and exercise along with the pill and I will keep you posted with my results 😀

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  115. I’ve only been taking Lipozene for two weeks and I have already lost about 10 pounds. I haven’t changed anything. I still eat the same as before, but finding myself full much faster, and haven’t done any more exercising either.

    So far it seems to be working just fine.

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  116. I have been using Lipozene for two months now and haven’t seen any benefits. I take two pills 30 minutes before all three meals every day.

    One night, at about 8 pm, I got sick after eating some bad Mexican food and all 6 pills came up when I puked. They hadn’t digested at all, they were completely whole.

    I have to wonder what kind of benefits something can have if it isn’t even digestable?

    Don’t waste your money.

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  117. I bought this product a couple of days ago at Wal-mart, and I have definitely noticed that I eat a lot less, which is amazing because I eat a TON (I’m like a walking garbage disposal).

    I haven’t noticed any weight loss yet, though it is only the third day, but even if it just helps curb my appetite it’s worth it. I also only paid $20 for it – other pills I have tried cost a lot more.

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  118. I just bought the product from Wal-Mart and I am so taking it back tomorrow! I don’t need to use something for 20 bucks when fiber products for less than 5 bucks can do the trick along with plenty of water.

    This is very discouraging, even if you exercise along with it, the commercial’s false advertisement said you don’t have to diet and exercise which helps those that don’t have the time, but the fine print does say you do.

    I just wanted it because of the suppression of appetite and the pills were suppose to dissolve the belly fat. Good thing Wal-Mart does give refunds. Sorry to all that got scammed from the commercial.

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  119. I would have to say lipozene works for me a 100% of the way than most diet pills out there. That is the truth,before i was 215 now im down to 177. yeah i exrecise every 4 days of the week and watch what i eat. come on people you didn’t expect to eat whatever you want and still lose weight without any type of exercise. There no such products that those that.

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  120. i bought my first bottle from walmart because i do not trust what the tv says so i bought it at walmart for 19.98 and i have been dropping puonds its working for me.i am a patient person so i would say you have to wait awhile on any diet pills it wont just work over night.

    i feel full and not so hungry my stomah is dropping the pounds i had a c-section with my son so i have a flab but i no i have to work out to get what results i really want to see i cant just take a pill and hope to get fit (SORRY DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT) only if we could wish. what im sayin is i do recommend it if you are a person who will wait for results i see mines everyday little by little. it works

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  121. I also bought it at Wal-Mart. I’m not sure yet if it will work or not, but the few days I’ve been taking it I have definitely eaten a LOT less than I normally do. I only paid $20 and don’t have to worry about any recurring credit card payments or anything like that.

    If it’s something you want to try – go to Wal-Mart and try it for $20 – you get two bottles for that. No strings attached!

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  122. I’ve been taking Lipozene for a week and while I haven’t noticed a weight difference, I haven’t been eating anywhere near as much.

    For the people who recommended not to buy this product, I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. It is absolutely making a difference for me.

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  123. I just bought a box yesterday. I was wondering if anyone had problems swallowing this pills. I opened the bottle and the pills are huge.

    I don’t have problems swallowing pills the thing that’s got me worried is they are big and the box has a warning that if not taken with enough water the pills could swell and block your throat.

    Editor’s comments: Yes, glucomannan capsules can cause problems for people with upper respiratory tract issues. We recommending opening the capsules and mixing them with your food.

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  124. I ordered this product online on Dec 18th 2008 as a friendly joke for a loved one, however the joke ended on me.

    Purchased the 30 day trial with the fast shipping method (2 day shipping). Lipozene did not process my order until 4 days later! This means they were going to charge me $30 for shipping plus the price of the product.

    I called to see what the issue was and to cancel my order, but the rude and unpleasant lady who should not work customer service said, “ma’am I am not going to cancel your order it has already been processed”.

    Already from that point I figured that I have been had! So, I had to cancel my credit card due to the reason of “fraud”, just so they would not charge or FUTURE charge me!

    I had to call FedEx and cancel my order through them! At least they were nice enough to do this free of charge. Honestly guys and gals, just exercise!

    I used to weigh 225 and now I am down to 155 (Female) and that was all accomplished with eating right and exercising. The hard work does pay off and I promise you will feel better exercising.

    Don’t be fooled by the false diet pills, especially Lipozene — it really is a scam! And I didn’t even have to use it to know it.

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  125. I was going to buy this product and after reading all of you posts I have decided not to buy it. I will try it the old fashioned way.

    Why are (mostly) woman so desperate to lose weight that we get tricked into buying anything that promises some hing for nothing. I have tried others products also so please do not be ashamed or anything. It happens to all at one time or another. And remember…


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  126. After seeing a girl I work with lose about 20 lbs in a month after being on Lipozene I decided to try it. I’ve only been on it for 3 days now and am hoping to see some results soon. I still have an appetite, just not feeling like I want to overeat like before.

    One down side I’ve noticed is that all the fiber sure makes me gassy. Other than that, I’m not edgy, irritable, moody, or shaky like other diet pills have made me in the past.

    I also purchased my pills at WalMart for $19.99… for a double package. After reading all these billing nightmares I am happy I decided to try it out by purchasing mine this way. If you really are wanting to try this diet pill out, I strongly suggest getting it from WalMart or Walgreens.

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  127. I purchased lipozene about 6 months ago. I wish I would have found your web site before I bought this worthless product. I got no results at all.

    I am now using CLA and exercise with positive results I have lost more weight in 2 weeks (13 pounds) than I have all year with other diets.

    My start weight was 244 I am now 231. I am not hungry or moody. I finally think I am headed toward my goal of 2009. Thank you for your reviews, they were a big help.

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  128. I have been taking Lipozene for 2 weeks and I love it!!
    I have lost 5 pounds.
    I would and have recommended it to others.
    You have to do your part though.
    Lay off the sweets and fast food people!!!

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  129. Well, I just ordered the product a week ago over an automated service. After reading all the auto-ship complaints I did call and actually spoke to a customer service rep. She said I was not signed up for any auto-ship – just the trial offer is all that I was going to be billed for, but we will see.

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  130. I bought Lipozene 2 days ago and started taking it as soon as I got it. I don’t expect immediate results. But I can say what i have saw in the last 2 days, I get full very easily which causes me to eat less. I feel better where before I was very tired all the time.

    Also my bowel moments have increased which can always be a good thing. I will be back with more comments and results if any in 30 days.

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  131. Let me say this, after reading all the comments on Lipozene and the hassles and overcharging, I contacted the Lipozene customer service reps and found out some interesting information.

    When you get on this site and after you give your credit/debit card information you will then be taken through about six more pages of offers. They asks you yes/no to confirm these offers.

    DO NOT X out of the page (do not close off the page)! You must continue through all the pages either accepting or declining the offers.

    If you DO close off the page then you have just accepted offers that you had no idea that you had accepted!

    This site/company wants your money! Continue to say NO until you get to the offer that you originally wanted. If you don’t, watch out!

    It’s like being raped without even knowing it until you see the un-Godly charges to your account.

    Beware! I have no idea if this product works yet but from the reviews I’ve read so far it’s unlikely to work any better than just watching your intake of food. I think we need to watch our
    bank accounts as well as food intake!


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  132. Lipozene is a complete scam. I bought not only the 20 day supply on Dec 1, but another month of product AT LIPOZENE’S suggestion.

    I was sure it would work; I took 6 capsules per day – the maximum dosage, along WITH the Metabo Up enhancer. I watched my diet, even exercised moderately… and in 6 weeks GAINED 3 lbs!

    I phoned the company January 19 to receive my full refund, and they informed me that since I was 30 days beyond the guarantee there would BE no refund – even though THEY were the ones who suggested I buy MORE than 30 days worth!

    This is just another rip off scam, and customer service uses “bait and switch” tactics to rip people off of receiving their refund when they discover the same thing I did.

    This is shameful.

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  133. I worked as a contractor for the company that represents LIPOZENE and took product orders. The order process is so long and confusing that even I had a hard time ensuring that my customers did not get charged for product shipments they did not order.

    There are six upsells that the customer has to say no to in order not to get charged monthly. They are only written this way with the intent to deceive.

    Who is the perpetrator of this attempted fraud???

    The company is West Corporation and they write these scripts for companies like Obesity Research Institute LLC for LIPOZENE.

    Call your local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission (202-326-3291 or 202-326-2752) to make a complaint if you have been taken. This is fraud.

    Or better yet, make sure you call the West Corporation CEO Thomas B. Barker at 402-963-1200 to complain. And call often to ensure the message is received.

    I have seen this up close and this is a scam. West represents other reputable companies like Time Life and Guthy Renker. I bet they would run for the hills if they became associated with this scam.

    K Balou (k_b AT

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  134. I only took it for a couple of weeks. I was not dieting in addition to taking the supplement. Minimal exercise.

    I have made no other changes in my life up to this point. All the changes can roughly be attributed to the fact that I am taking several psychiatric medicines, such as Invega, Lamictal, Ambien CR, and Lithium. I like the fact that this product burns fat. I like that it doesn’t require hardly any lifestyle changes.

    I dislike that it had a hand in the vomiting spells, though that in and of itself was due to my not taking Lithium properly. I can see by some of these reviews that the first and foremost thing that happens is that hunger is reduced, which played another hand in the vomiting spells.

    I want to lose 70 lbs. in 10 lb. intervals. When I used it, the vomiting aside, I lost 2 lbs. in 2 days. A pound a day! Then the vomiting came, so I stopped. Now that we’ve figured out that I need to take food with Lithium so as to not vomit, then it would be safe to take Lipozene.

    Happy weight loss people! I highly recommend it!

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  135. I bought Lipozene at my local Wal-Mart and so far I love it! I have never fallen for the As Seen On TV scams, I just wait till they are in my local store…. my sister bought it from the TV and she had no problems. She has lost 25 pounds and I am on to 5 after a month. I would recommend just getting the products at the store… I spent 19.99 for two bottles and I couldn’t be happier. I love not having the munchie feeling or eating when I am bored!

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  136. Hi, I bought Lipozene at Wal-mart, like many posters here have, and I have taken it for 4 days already and though I have not noticed any weight loss, I am eating about HALF of what I used to during the day, so the appetite suppression DOES work. I am 220 lbs, and take two tablets before each meal 3 times per day. I am not skipping meals, but I am eating half of what I was before the Lipozene, and I am not snacking at all, which is unlike me. I, too, get headaches after I take them, and then I take an Advil. To me, a headache being the only side effect I have noticed is worth it to me not to eat as much. I will try the full 2 bottles, and let you know my results. Keep the faith, fellow fatties, and much success to all on your weight loss!!

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  137. i have been useing lipozene for 3 weeks now. I have been workingout but very little. I am proud to say i have lost 10 pounds. I dont crave food like I use to and when I do eat I eat less and feel full. I suggest you go to wal-mart to get your pills its cheaper and you get two bottles. You dont have to worry about extra charges.

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  138. Been there too and got ripped off by the Lipozene company in March 2007 same as others here. Wish I had read this column first. Not only did I not lose weight, there was no refund and poor customer support.

    Although I could afford the loss of money, it was MY money and they had no right to rip me off. I was tired of chasing this company for a refund, angry and decided to take action. Hopefully, this info will help you too.

    1) I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This helps the FTC investigate a company, but does not resolve individual issues. It gives some satisfaction in that it will make the company very nervous when the FTC investigates:

    2) I got an attorney to resolve my issue with this company and got my refund. All it took was a simple letter from my attorney. While you may think it’s expensive to get an attorney, you can have full access to an attorney firm in your state for many legal issues for less than a bottle of water a day. Prepaid Legal Services is excellent for issues like this that are quickly resolved when a company sees an attorney’s letter arriving at their door. Since this company helped me, I now promote their service:

    3) I read some good information on food, nutrition and weight loss at the Consumer Action website. We become overweight over a period of time. The healthy way to lose weight is to take it off through cutting calories, eating a balanced diet and exercise. All these quick weight loss methods deplete the body of the nutrients it needs and puts us at great risk. Any weight we lose will quickly return with a vengeance. It is best to lose it slowly, healthily and consistently, and it will most likely stay off with the good habits we are using to keep it off.

    4) Finally, I decided to bite the bullet and do it the right way. I am watching what I eat by cooking all my meals and eating more fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry, and very little red meat. I exercise 5 days a week at a fitness center with a couple of friends for reinforcement. I walk the treadmill for 30 minutes, and do circuit training (cardio) for 30 minutes.

    Also, I found good nutritional supplements, along with diet cookies and shakes that help me lose weight. So far I have lost 20 pounds in 3 months on this program, and my big stomach is almost gone.

    Whatever you decide to do, consider that you have only one body. If it is abused through a botched surgery or diet aides that take nutrients from the body, it gets damaged sometimes beyond repair and cannot serve you. It just isn’t worth taking the easy way out. Besides, losing weight the correct way teaches lifelong habits and feels good once you get into the swing of it, and the results are long lasting.

    I hope this helps.

    [email protected]

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  139. Well, you see the TV add and think, “How wonderful, a pill to neutralize the fat and rid your body of it.” You call up and order the free trial and the trouble starts.

    Your credit/debit card is charged after 30 days or so. In my case, in the amount of $41.25. (They even added a $1.35 fuel surcharge). Unfortunately you have received the product two weeks after the initial order. You have had not had a chance to try it out for a month.

    Then the unauthorized auto shipments kick in. Try to cancel this. According to operators at 1-888-220-8907 you can’t. So much for the 100% money back guarantee. (see

    My bank is now involved trying to stop and recoup unauthorized past and pending charges.

    The Federal Trade Comission has a lot to say about Obesity Research Institute, LLC and it’s other names such as Fiber Thin, LLC. See this following link to the FTC for more!

    An exerpt: Defendants FiberThin, Obesity Research Institute, Henny Den Uijl, and Bryan Corlett are required to pay $1.5 million in consumer redress; the order contains a $41 million suspended judgment, which will become immediately due if it is found that the defendants misrepresented their financial situation. The order also contains standard record keeping provisions to assist the FTC in monitoring the defendants’ compliance.

    Time for FTC complaints? Class Action?

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  140. I started at 187.6 lbs.

    The 1st week I took Lipozene, I lost 2.6 pounds. The 2nd week I lost 3 pounds. I took 2 pills in the morning with a Slimfast shake, and then the same again at lunch, then I ate a regular dinner. I also started walking 2 to 3 times a week for only 30 min. You have to drink a lot of water with it and during the day. Lipozene has worked great for me so far, I hope it continues. I hope that it works for you. I’m down to 182.2 now in just 2 weeks.

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  141. Im adding a little to what just commented – I bought mine at Walmart for 20.00 for 2 bottles. It really works. I like it because it doesn’t give you the jitters and keeps you from feeling hungry, exspecially with the Slim Fast.

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  142. I had a very similar experience with the billing practices. I received 3 shipments after I had cancelled my order. When I told the operator that I was contacting my credit card for fraudulant charges, he immediatly offered a refund of 2 of the charges.

    *** I also returned a shipment and they said they never received it.
    So I had to pay for it.

    I wish I would have found this site before I ordered.

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  143. I had just purchased lipozene at Wal-mart, and paid 19.99 for 2 bottles. I am very leary of just purchasing anything for a dietary supplement. But I take 2 pills 30 min to an hour before eating, and it makes me feel fuller. I am a borderline diabetic, and I believe if a person should exercise right and eat enough of your fruits and vegetables, this pill can work for you. So far I have not had any problems, and hopefully will see results soon. But as with any dietary supplement or diet, you do need to exercise, you can’t just sit around thinking its going to work while you are not doing nothing at all.

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  144. I am on my forth month and I have lost 15 lbs. I am very happy with these pills. I buy them from Walgreens because I don’t trust buying over the phone or internet. I only eat one burger and am stuffed. Usually I have fries, a burger and a drink large if I’m eating out. Now I order the grilled chicken or burger and get a water.

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  145. Well let me just start off by saying that Lipozene did help me alot @ one period of time. I was 220 and with the help of some exercise I lost 75 pounds in 3 month. Yes it wasn’t healthy and you may think this is a lie but I lost a lot of weight with the help of Lipozene. But then about 6 months later I put all the weight back on. I orderd the product again but it did nothing for my body this time. So yes I believe liopzene helps but it’s a one time thing.

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  146. I would like to comment on everyone elses comment saying that Lipozene did not work and was a scam. First of all not everything works for our bodies. Different supplements will work for different people. I weighed 290 pounds when I got on it and after a month I am proudly to say I’ve lost 20 pounds, with the help of football. You need a proper diet and excercise to accomodate this supplement as with any other.
    And second of all, don’t order it online. I went to Wal-Mart and got 2 bottles for 20 bucks. Just be wiser is all I’m saying.

    Editor’s comments: Lipozene is glucomannan, which is a fiber supplement. At the appropriate dosage, there is evidence that shows it is a helpful supplement for weight loss. Your smartest best is to buy glucomannan in an “unbranded” format; it’s cheap product that may prove helpful.

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  147. Ive only been using the product for a month and I have both felt and seen results. I just take the pills as directed and walk briskly everyday for about 30 minutes and lose weight.

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  148. My husband and I are always skeptical about trying products “as seen on TV”, and purchased Lipozene at Wal-mart for $20 a bottle. Neither of us saw much of a difference… it didn’t make us feel full, and if we were exercising, of course we lost some weight, but we probably would have anyway! With no exercising, no change in weight loss.

    We went on to the lipozene web site, looking for an address. We could not find a physical address at all! When we called, the salesperson gave us a difficult time about providing the company’s physical address, since we had not purchased any product through the “official” company.

    I think that ANY company that does not provide a physical address, either on their product label or on their website, has something to hide.

    Editor’s comments: Companies avoid posting a physical address for one reason; to make it easier to avoid accountability to their customers. Regarding the Lipozene; some people have better results if they open the capsules and sprinkle them on their food.

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  149. I used lipozene a few months ago. I noticed a difference within the second week. When I noticed my body changing it motivated me to continue eating right and exercise more, even if all I had time to do was walk. I have tried other things, but this has truly been the one to work for me. Remember, don’t put all your trust in a pill, diet and exercise is the key.

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  150. Lipozene is one if he biggest scams I have fallen for. I bought mine at Wal-mart for about 1/2 the price. It has got to be the worst $30 I have ever spent. If you haven’t tried it, don’t waste your money.

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  151. I lost 20 pounds during the first month using this product! And I had no problems with returning items, receiving refunds or canceling or rejecting Auto-Pay debits to my checking card once I decided to buy generic alternatives to Lipozene.

    But you do have to read the fine print.

    Also, this product works best when 40% or more of your calories are from fat. This product does trap some sugars in your diet — which will help with insulin regulation that will further help manage your weight.

    But basically, Lipozene is designed to trap FAT. So, if your diet is mostly from lean calories like lean proteins, carbs, or sugary drinks that contain little or no fat, this product will NOT help you lose as much weight as it will for others who take in much more fat in their diets than you do.

    Furthermore, anyone who is only mildly overweight (20lbs or less) will have a hard time losing weight no matter what diet program they’re on. Try Atkins or a synergistic fat burning supplement like Hydroxy-Cut instead. Or try changing what you eat every three days.

    Finally, the clinical trial studies that were mentioned by another poster stated that control groups only lost an average of a little over 5lbs in an eight week period. But please keep in mind that this is a whopping 30 or 40lbs per year of weight loss! And that’s nothing to sneeze at — considering that control groups did nothing else but take this product to lose that amount of weight.

    But as I’ve stated before, the more calories from fat that you take in, the better this product works. Some people in this country easily get 40-50% or more of their daily calories from fat. And this product is more suitable for them.

    Editor’s comments: Ryan, Lipozene does not trap fat. It is a fiber supplement derived from glucomannan (read more on glucomannan here!) that increases satiety by filling you up without adding calories. It can have a positive effect on blood sugar levels, but not because it “blocks” sugar – it’s because it slows the release of glucose into the bloodstream. And changing your nutrient ratio makes absolutely no difference to way Lipozene works, sorry.

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  152. I saw your ad on TV today was very impressed by your commercial so, I went to your web site. It didn’t take long for me to become unimpressed. Thank God I looked at the comments from your dissatisfied customers. Thanks to their comments I was convinced that the largest thing I would loose was $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Editor’s comments: Deborah, it’s not “our” ad you saw – we have nothing to do with the sale or promotion of Lipozene. We’re consumer advocates who provide visitors with a place to read genuine comments from “real” people… that’s all.

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  153. I’m glad I read the reviews of Lipozene. I was thinking of buying this, but after everything that was said I’m not going to. I feel sorry for everyone who was taken by these people and it makes me angry. With the way the economy is right now there are companies out there that will RIP people off like this. I hope somebody out there can do something to help these people out.

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  154. I have read alot of comments about Lipozene and with diet and exercise it seems to work. Try just the diet and exercise alone without Lipozene and you will get better results. I bought Lipozene and it did absolutely nothing for me. I bought a pair of Shape-Up Sketchers and walk an hour a day and have lost 9 lbs. in 2 weeks. No diet product on the market works! Diet and exercise is the way to go.

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  155. I too, have been scammed by this company. I ordered the product for the “trial size only” by phone. I repeated multiple times, “do not send anymore of this product. I only want the trial and NO MORE!” Of course, having ordered by phone, I have no documentation of this. Now, they are STEALING money from my credit card. I called again yesterday after seeing that another shipment of Lipozene has been shipped. The operator “Brittainy” was very abrubt (I’m sure she gets these calls all day, everyday) and said that my account was still open and had not been cancelled and I would be charged for the shipped product. I have her name, operator # and cancellation #. I would love to be a part of “busting this scam” if anyone is working on it.

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  156. Lipozene can kiss my a** – I gained 7 LBS even on a restricted diet.

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  157. Lipozene 1500mg doesn’t work. I would take 2 pills with a big glass of water and later that day I had to go to the bath room and saw the pills in my stool. They did not dissolve. I put some pills in a glass of water and watched them and they never dissolved, so what you are doing is screwing people out of their money and letting people think that they are going to lose weight.

    I well be letting people know about this and not to waste their money. I will be checking into this and see what I can do about what your company screwing me.

    Editor’s comments: Kent, a few comments. First, Lipozene is not “our” product. We’re consumer advocates that provide “real” individuals with a “voice” to discuss the products they have used. We do not sell any products and have no affiliation with Lipozene.

    Secondly, a glass of water is not an accurate representation of what happens to these capsules in your stomach. Third, Lipozene contains glucomannan, a fiber supplement which fills you up without adding calories. There is some evidence it helps with weight loss – see the full glucomannan review for more information. Several people have complained about capsules not dissolving – the best way to address this is to break them open and sprinkle the contents over your food.

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  158. I have had a pretty good experience with Lipozene. I researched the site their web site before buying, which is how I ended up here.

    Of course it helps to eat right and get some exercise, as with anything. When taken at the recommended levels and combined with a healthy diet and exercise it works great.

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  159. I’ve used this for a few weeks now and have seen no results as of yet. Anyhow I read one review on how West Corp was involved with this product. That doesn’t surprise me at all – they themselves are one of the biggest scam companies in the world.

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  160. This product is bogus and the claims made on the television commercial are completely false and otherwise a scam.

    I do podcasting for an internet radio station with over 5,000 listeners to date.. I have plans on doing a podcast about the biggest rip off product called Lipozene.

    This product does NOT work. Do your due diligence and read the reviews, don’t just take my word for it. I tried this product and saw absolutely no results.. and I am not the only one.

    I am now looking into information on getting this company fined and closed down. I cannot believe Lipozene is still being allowed to market it’s crappy product that does not do what they are claiming it will do. It’s a complete and utter lie.


    Editor’s comments: Lee, we agree, the claims made for this product are exaggerated, and have no basis in reality (the makers of Lipozene have been sued by the FTC in the past for claims associate with near identical products). However, the foundation of this product is glucomannan, for which there is some positive clinical data indicating it is helpful for weight loss. We highly recommend reading the glucomannan review to get a more accurate overview of what you can expect with this supplement.

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  162. Lipozene is a SCAM and a RIPOFF! It doesn’t work and they won’t refund your money!

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  163. Lipozene refused to honor their 30 day return policy.

    I purchase lipozene and this product did not work. I returned it and ask for a refund and they stated that after 3 weeks they still have not recieved the package back in their warehouse.

    I know that this is a lie. After 3 weeks they want you to track down the package for them and they know that they have it. Most important they will not refund my money. I am in the process of reporting them to the better business bureau.

    If I would have checked prior and did my research on this product I would have known that they are bad to do business with. Don’t trust them when they say they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. I just want my money!

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  164. I have found this product at WAL-MART – you get 2 bottle for 19.95.

    I took this 2 years ago and I did lose weight. It took me 2 months to really notice but it was coming off. I went down 2 pant sizes. I’m going back on again only because I’m getting married an want to lose just bit more for me. It really came off in the BELLY area.

    I only really walked also..

    So stay with it but don’t pay the outrageous PRICE online go to your local WAL-MART.

    Good Luck to ALL!

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  165. I purchased Lipozene and it has done nothing for me. I am taking 2 capsules with 8 ounces of water and I see no difference in my eating habits.

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  166. I’ve read almost all of the reviews posted on this site for Lipozene and was terrified because I have been taking this for about 4 days now. I put one of my pills in a glass of warm water to see for myself what the result would be. I don’t know what all the “stink” was about… pill COMPLETELY dissolved and the substance inside disolved to the point that it looked like I had a glass of metamucil.

    Looks to me as if it really is nothing more than fiber which is fine with me. I’ve not had any headaches, no diarrhrea, and no problems sleeping at night. I don’t know how much it will help with weight loss because I refuse to weigh myself daily. Just wanted to possibly put some minds at ease. I also haven’t felt nauseated or thrown up anything. Maybe some people just aren’t drinking enough water? Not sure what’s going on but I was sure relieved to see my capsule dsisolve as quickly and fully as it did.

    Editor’s comments: Michele, Lipozene is a fiber supplement – glucomannan to be exact. To learn more about it, read the glucomannan review here!

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  167. It seems like there are more reports about the billing than the product itself. First off, you can buy them just as easily at ANY drug store without all the hassle of billing and mailing.

    And just to add as far as my experience has been, I have taken lipozene on and off for quite some time. It helps me a lot as far as curbing my appetite and cravings. The idea of the product if you do a little research is that when you take it, it blows up in your stomach to make you feel full. If you take it WITH your food obviously it won’t work until its too late therefore making you sick.

    Eat light, drink plenty of water and take lipozene at LEAST 30 minutes before you eat. I lose weight every time I take it. Its as simple as following directions – Im glad for what lipozene has done for me.

    Editor’s comments: Lipozene is comprised mostly of glucomannan (or konjac) which is a simple fiber supplement that makes fills you up without adding calories. You can experiment with glucomannan quite cheaply by buying it in isolation – see the glucomannan review for more details.

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  168. I had been seeing Lipozene advertised on TV for a long time, but I don’t like using my credit card for purchases like that. I saw Lipozene in Walgreens, and purchased it there. There is nothing in the TV ad that says you can’t get your money back if you buy it in a store. So, I saved my receipt. Well, after almost a month of taking it, I GAINED 5 pounds. I called the company and they informed me that I can’t get my money back because I didn’t buy it online or from the TV. That statement is no where on the TV ad. That is false advertisement, AND the product does not work. DON’T PURCHASE LIPOZENE!!!!

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  169. I don’t understand the bad news about Lipozene. It worked great for me. I love it. Told my fat brother about it…he weighed 390 pounds and he has lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks.

    How bad is that?

    I have lost 15 pounds in one month. It makes me feel full and I am not hungry in between meals. I eat my regular food. I lose weight. I exercise like I always did… I walk. Maybe 2 miles every other day. My brother is 62 and I am 60. I see nothing wrong with this product.

    It works for me and I expect to lose about 30 pounds and Jerry expects to just keep losing until he gets under 300 and can see his feet! We are happy with Lipozene. But I am buying from Puritan Pride now– same ingredients, less money. Glucomannan is the same as Lipozene.

    Editor’s comments: There is plenty of evidence showing glucomannan is helpful for weight loss, and it is a worthwhile supplement. See the glucomannan review for complete details.

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  170. Sounds to me like most negative comments are coming from the company rather than the actual product. I’ve only been using it a week and I’ve already noticed a big difference.I don’t have the appetite I usually have. I only need to lose a few pounds and it’s getting the job done….and instead of going through the company go to Wal-Mart!! It’s cheaper and you don’t have to deal with all the billing issues!. Hey it’s working for me, I’d definitely recommend it…

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  171. Don’t believe your refund!

    They put you on an autoship program when you call to stop program you’ll still receive shipments. Then when you return the shipment, sorry too bad so sad for you. Can’t issue you a refund, sorry can’t do anything for you. But thanks for sending the product back that you paid for and we can ship to someone else and they can pay for it too.

    Well, even if the product works customer service and honesty is important also. Don’t you think? By the way you probably won’t see this comment because it gets reviewed before posted – maybe twitter and facebook would work better.

    Editor’s comments: Denise, we have no affiliation with the makers of Lipozene and work as consumer advocates. There’s no reason for us to reject your comments on poor service and billing practices.

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  172. I was at the end of my bottle and took the last pill yesterday afternoon (I continued taking it even though I was not losing any weight). This evening I was feeling a little sick to my stomach after eating something that didn’t taste so good =O/. I threw up and much to my surprise (sorry if this sounds gross) there was what looked like THREE big BLUE hot tamale looking things. I couldn’t figure out what it was til I reached in (i know, i know…gross) and pinched it.

    The powder was still in the center and the capsule part of the pill was literally like a jelly bean. It was the pills from at least two days ago! These pills do NOT absorb, and I don’t believe it’s just the ingredients. The actual capsule doesn’t dissolve! Waste of money…and all you bloated feeling girls, it was probably all the pills sitting in your stomach. Not to mention it can’t be good to have that sitting in your stomach for days on end. Who knows if they ever dissolve?! And if you don’t feel hungry? It’s cuz your full of blue powder filled jelly beans!

    Editor’s comments: Feedback suggests that glucomannan supplements are more effective if the capsules are broken open and sprinkled over your food. Try this, it’s will eliminate any issues with the dissolving of the capsules.

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  173. I tried lipozene while also taking Alli (I know, prob a bad idea), but it seemed that the lipozene “accentuated” the treatment effects of the Alli. And between taking the two, along with working out for 1 hour 5 days/week, I was able to lose 55lbs and keep it off for two years now.

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  174. It took about 3 and a half weeks before I could notice it was working – my pants were definetly loser and starting to fall I didn’t change anything I was doing. I don’t exercise I just go to school and work and it makes you go to the restroom but not a lot. There were abolutely no side affects. It’s like you never took any thing but in about 3 weeks you start to notice your body changing. For me most of my weight is in my stomach area from having a child and I notice my stomach went down significantly.

    I actually started to feel good about wearing jeans. My problem was laziness… after the first bottle I stopped taking them because you have to take six a day, 2 before each meal, and I got very tired of swallowing pills.

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  175. I am 47 take 3 kinds of blood pressure medication and never had a problem with Lipozene. I have lost a lot of my body fat, and was seeing the results within the first few weeks. My problem is no credit cards… but now I can get it at Wal-mart. it works. You don’t have to order on the phone if you’re worried about being overcharged. Just try it and be amazed.

    Editor’s comments: If you want to save money, buy generic glucomannan (that’s what Lipozene is) and take 1 gram (1,000 mg) prior to meals.

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  176. I recently bought this product at walmart and started taking it about a week ago tomorrow. I take it twice a day and as of today I have lost 4 pounds.

    Can’t wait to see if it works better once I get back to the gym. I’ll keep you all up to date .

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  177. I believe lipozene works, especially when used in combination of a stimulant based fat burner. You still have to do some sort of dieting and some exercise or the results wont be satisfying. Also, stop ordering online with credit/debit cards. Get a prepaid credit card – that way you aren’t over drawing your accounts and causing problems with your bank.

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  178. Lipozene WORKS! Nothing works right away – give it time! I lost real body fat while following a diet and light excerise. I have been on it for months and I love it! Plus no jittery feelking and no cravings!

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  179. I ordered the product last night on the phone after tv ad. After reading reviews today, i called the company as soon as they opened to cancel the order. They said order has already been shipped and I could not get a refund. I stated when I order it stated I would not get the product for 3-5 weeks. How is it the product is already on the way. I also contacted my bank to see if payment had been made but it is pending, no company sends a product without getting paid. I asked to speak to the supervisor but they said she was not available. Even before getting the product the customer service and return policy is in question.I will be disputing this with my credit card company. buyer beware

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  180. I have just recently started taking Lipozene and I must say that I am not hungry at all and I have been drinking way more. I feel that given time and a diet plus a little exercise this product is worth. No one loses pounds in a few short weeks. I also bought this product at walmart for 20$ I feel that it was worth it!

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  181. Look all of you that has or is having a problem with this company needs to take it to the Attorney General in your states. Find out what you need to do to get a class action suite started. Also I think it could also be fought under some kind of money wire fraud, and racketeering. This company needs to be put out of business and everyone needs to get their money back. Don’t we have enough fraud from these companies in this country? Get the Attorney General in all your states involved……….

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  182. Malisha Smith said she took the pills and ‘only ate healthier’. Others say they took the pills and started exercising or cut out certain foods, etc. Did it ever occur to them that they would have lost weight anyhow just by making those extra changes in their lifestyles…regardless of whether they took the pills or not? The pills are just a psychological boost. Eating an apple 30 minutes, with a glass of water, achieves the same results and is much healthier and tastier w/o all the possible nasty side effects. Fiber is fiber. Save your money!

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  183. I would rate a negative number if I could. I was at the hospital for 5 hours last night because since I have been taking lipozene I have been sick to my stomach constipated and then started having major stomach pains like being stabbed! After giving five vials of blood and a ct scan they found nothing. I told them about lipozene and that it was more or less a fiber pill they told me to drive a ton of water eat lite and STOP TAKING LIPOZENE!!!!!! I AM! DON’T TAKE IT!!

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  184. With every diet pill you have to eat healthy and exercise. If you order Lipozone online, they show you so many offers (on 1-page it costs you $151, on page #2 it costs you $59. Plus you have a chance to add rush mail and more and more, so if you read be careful and you will only pay $29.99 + tax!

    I started lipozone and also started eating healthy and exercising daily and the first week I lost 3lb and the second week I lost 5lb. So I think it works!

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  185. It clearly states on the packaging that you MUST diet and exercise! Anyone who thinks they are going to swallow a pill before polishing off an entire pizza or a big mac is going to lose weight is delusional!

    I started Lipozene on a Monday. I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner along with two snacks based on the GI that was mapped out by a nutritionist. I completed a body test on that Monday on my Wii Fit and again on Thursday. I lost 4 lbs.

    By the end of a two week period I reached the goal I set for that 2 week time frame of 10lbs. Now, I was informed that a healthy and realistic goal would be 3.5 lbs in two weeks, however I set that unrealistic goal to see if lipozene would be the tool that helped me reach this unrealistic weight loss. I believe it is. I also believe that my hard work and dedication to “Life Changing” healthy eating is the key factor. I set out to follow the instructions as they were written not as the product portrays in it’s commercials, and it seems to be the golden pill for me.

    I am working on my third week of diet, exercise, and Lipozene and have again set a seemingly un-reachable goal with diet and exercise alone. We will see if Lipozene will come through for me at the end of 14 days.

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  186. On a Sunda evening I ordered Lipozene through phone and they were MAKING me order more than I wanted to buy and you could not refuse cause every time I pressed 2 for not interested it will replay until you do or else you can’t get done with the order. Right then I knew this was a scam. Unfortunately they request your Credit Card number first before the ordering begins.

    The very next morning (9:00 a.m.)I called Lipozene to cancel but no-one answered all lines busy for over a half hour, so I called my credit card company and stopped the charges, they called Lipozene for me and cancelled the order, Lipozene sent the order anyway and my card was still charged for over $150 (My original order shouldn’t have been over $35).

    I am Furious to say the least to me this is extortion! I called Lipozene again and stayed on the line till a human answered and demanded they cancel my order and that I am returning their items untouched back to them, they gave me a return number to put on the box and they said they will cancel any further items.

    Then I called my credit card company and they said that I will have to keep on check a couple of times a month so no further charges are attached anyway cause this company will still charge my account, so now I am going to have to be vigilant for who know how long to make sure I don’t get stuck with any further charges. This is all RIDICULOUS and should be illegal. I will contact the Better Business Bureau and anyone else I have to to stop this! I have never ordered through the phone before and believe me I won’t ever again!

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  187. If you order this product, you’re going to be overbilled-scammed and probably have to cancel your credit card. All for a product that can’t even claim to reduce 2lbs. per month. The commercial uses alot of sneaky techniques and I can’t imagine why someone like the FTC doesn’t take them to jail.

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  188. I Just want to say thank you so much for all the comments on lipozene. I was going to order it online. Thank god I found this website. I will not order it now, if I decide to get this product I will go to walmart. I feel bad for all the people who have been scammed. Alls I can say is what goes around comes around. Good luck to you all!

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  189. I am a mother of 3..about 5’3 and 125 only problem is that stupid pouch ..I don’t need to loose much maybe 5 pounds of “pouch” Well I have never used weight loss products before so without any research and being naive of the scams, I bought lipozene. I have taken it for 1 month. NO CHANGE AT side effects, no weight loss, no appetite control..its as if I was taking nothing at all..I got it at walmart and didn’t get sucked in to the endless phone conversation with someone who didn’t even speak english as a first language so thats good, but it was about 25 dollars down the toilet. Still trying to get rid of the pouch. 🙁

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  190. I say everyone call Fox News, John Stosel and have them expose the company, product and fraud. To everyone, If you want to try something you have seen on TV. Go to Walgreens 9 times out of 10 you can get it from them for the coast only. 9 times out of 10 the product is CRAP.

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  191. I did not get sucked in by the tv commercial but I did buy a bottle of Lipozene at my local Walmart. This pill is a JOKE. No weight loss here. I feel so sorry for all those that got sucked in by the TV advertisement. I always check out the “terms and conditions” before I buy anything from TV or the Internet advertisers. I, like them, learned the hard way with a different company–Vonage phone co. took me for $120.00 & now I am wary of all companies & stuck with a phone modem I’ll never use.

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  192. I wrote on this back on 2/14/11 and as stated by other people I had to cancel my credit card cause this company kept on charging me I returned the first box they sent me returned receipt and when I called there company they could not tell be whether they received it and I have not received the return receipt, I told them CANCEL or I am going to the Better Business Bureau and report them and still I got charged this time without items. I cancelled my card before any new charges be brought and I refuse to pay for the new charges. THIS WAS A TOAL NIGHTMARE!!! Another person wrote earlier that he worked for this company as a tel rep and he stated it is a full blown scam and it is rigged to over charge customers, Please read:

    (I worked as a contractor for the company that represents LIPOZENE and took product orders. The order process is so long and confusing that even I had a hard time ensuring that my customers did not get charged for product shipments they did not order.

    There are six upsells that the customer has to say no to in order not to get charged monthly. They are only written this way with the intent to deceive.

    Who is the perpetrator of this attempted fraud?

    The company is West Corporation and they write these scripts for companies like Obesity Research Institute LLC for LIPOZENE. Call your local law enforcement and the Federal Trade Commission (202-326-3291 or 202-326-2752) to make a complaint if you have been taken. This is fraud.

    Or better yet, make sure you call the West Corporation CEO Thomas B. Barker at 402-963-1200 to complain. And call often to ensure the message is received.

    I have seen this up close and this is a scam. West represents other reputable companies like Time Life and Guthy Renker. I bet they would run for the hills if they became associated with this scam.

    K Balou (k_b AT )

    This teaches me NEVER to order anything by phone or online again!!

    Angela – NYC

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  193. I have been taking Lipozene for 4 weeks now.. I have also been working out with a trainer 4 days a week. I have also changed my diet incredibly. I have cut out anything “White”. no white flour, sugar, salt, rice, potatoes etc..I have also increased my water intake to 3 litres per day. I now eat within 1 hour of waking up (couple of hard boiled eggs or a protein shake)just to kick start my metabolism after a 12 fast everyday…I dont eat after 7:30 at night.. I have also cut out alcohol as my dietitian states that alcohol shuts down your metabolism for a couple of days while its detoxing the booze from your body.. makes sense…

    BUt in the 4 weeks I was taking Lipozene,I lost 8 lbs of pure body fat.. my measurements before that didnt change in the previous 4 weeks as I was still having a glass of wine every once in a while, was not eating as soon as I woke up.. I credit it to the lifestyle change but I am sure the extra fibre in lipozene didnt hurt.. I should have done more research on the product as it is expensive but in my case being 5’5″ and 200 lbs… but not that big..(size 12)I was willing to try anything…

    so a lifestyle change including the lipozene has helped me in the past 4 weeks to lose that 8lbs of pure body fat… and I have gained more muscle mass..

    I recommend the product, but not the saying that you dont have to change your lifestyle.. you cant lose weight without work. No work = weight gain….work = weight loss.

    I will look for an over the counter product that contains the ingredients in Lipozene as the cost is a bit high for me.. but knowing that its assisting my weight loss efforts…BONUS

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  195. This product did absolutely NOTHING for me. I even started excerising and lowering my fat and carb intake. I actually gained weight. It is a total fraud.

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  196. This is my second week on the pill. Recently I had a reaction to it. I went to bed heavy cramps and then all of a sudden I was very weak. Then I had diarrhea. It only lasted that night but now I have stomach cramps. Although after soing some research it was suggested that I increase my fiber intake until my body gets use to the fiber. Fact is I was not much on fiber and mabe this is new to my body. I just dont like the cramps. Well I will take more fiber and see if it will go away….to be continue.

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  197. I started with the 29.99 trial offer, and on it I lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks so I went back online and bought more.

    This time I got the 29.99 trial but added the 2 payments of 59.99. I love the stuff and I cant wait till the summer comes and i look great in a bikini again. All you people that say you had your money stolen, try going online or to wall mart.

    Editor’s comments: You can save a ton of money by buying plain glucomannan instead of Lipozene; it’s the same thing, but much cheaper. It’ll cost you about $10 for 180 caps at a reputable online retailer like

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  198. It has been 5 days now. I feel full. I will keep taking them. I called my credit card company and told what was going on, so they issued me a new card. If this product works I will go to Wal-Mart.

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  199. I’ve have read over all the comments made about lipozene and im sorry that all you people lost money ordering this product!

    I’ve recently got this product from my aunt and she order over the phone and never experience any over charging to her account and she also told me it worked really well so she gave me the extra box she had. I’ve been taking this product for two days now. On the box it say take 2 tablets which = 1 dose with the proper amount of water 30 mins before each meal and so far I’ve been feeling a lot fuller and not wanting late night snacks.

    I read a comment that said it made them sick and on the bottle it says if product give you head ache, vomiting, or dizziness to stop take and consult your doctor!

    So far so good hopefully this product works I plan to keep you all posted on how well Lipozene has worked for me so until i shed a few pounds!

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  200. I purchased Lipozene from my local Walmart. I took both bottles as directed and had no effect at all.

    When I tried to return the product to Walmart, they told me I needed to return it directly to the manufacturer. When I contacted them, they told me I had to return it to the store. You can only return to the manufacturer if you purchased directly through them.

    I went back to Walmart and they again, told me I had to return to the manufacturer. If Walmart returned my money to me, they would have to take the loss, not Lipozene.

    When I contacted Lipozene again, they said it was up to the store where I purchased the product if they wanted to return my purchase or not. Neither Lipozene or Walmart stood behind their product!

    Editor’s comments:
    Very useful to know; thanks for sharing, Sandra!

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  201. I have only been taking Lipozene for a week now and have already loss 10 lbs by following the instructions on the bottle plus working out an hour a day and running around at the park with my kiddos and also eating a healthy diet.

    I do not believe that any diet pill or plan will work at all if you do not work out or change your eating habit. Since my youngest was born a year ago I have tried I all kinds of diet pills and even drops that cost over hundreds of dollars and none have have been more effective and the best part about Lipozene is you can go to walmart and get 2 bottles for only $20.

    Editor’s comments:
    Lipozene contains only one ingredient; glucomannan. You can buy a month’s worth for about $10 from a reputable online retailer.

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  202. I used Lipozene for over 3 months, without losing an ounce of weight!! what a joke. Can you imagine spending well over 200.00 on this mess! If anything, I feel I GAINED WEIGHT instead of losing it!!! The makers of this crap should be ASHAMED of themselves for even promoting this. I would NEVER recommend this so called “weight loss” system to anyone!!! I am so very disappointed!!!

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  203. I have just purchased Lipozene a couple of days ago and they did bill me extra but when i call them up about it they completely understood and sent my money back and gave me a extra bottle of it free. I check my account daily and they are not charging me anything. I feel as I am eating less than normal and I have more energy – I like it so far but let’s see what happens.

    Editor’s comments: Dana, your comments “sound” a little odd. You say you purchased Lipozene a few days ago (obviously done online, since there’s was an issue of being over charged) and in those few days you’ve received those products, tried it, liked it, and also received another package with an extra bottle in the mail? We’ve never seen the mail so fast, and it makes us question the authenticity of your comments. Please follow up with us and let us know if we’re mistaken.

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  204. I just bought Lipozene at walmart a few days ago for $20.00. I’ve been busy, so I just started it today. I’ve only taken two pills. I am a young teenage girl, and I am not fat, I am kind of chubby though. From reading all of the bad reviews, it makes me wonder about it. I’ve barely tried it and I already think I should stop. ):<

    Editor’s comments: Makayla, to get an accurate view of what glucomannan can do (which is what Lipozene is), see our complete review of glucomannan.

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  205. I used lipozene. It doesn’t work. I bought it at Wal-mart and it didn’t work for me. But when I got Adipex from my doctor it worked. I found out I can get it online so I’m pretty sure I’m going back to that. It helped me lose weight before so that’s what I’m going to do. I still have like a whole supply of Lipozene. This sucks because I’m pretty sure I just wasted freakin’ 20 dollars on this crud.

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  206. I wish this company would go out of business, the purchase of lipozene has been a waste. I could have gone to CVS or Walgreen’s to have purchase a product almost the same as lipozene. People this product has made me aware that a work-out program is needed with a change in eating habits in order to lose weight. I can not stress how important not to purchase LIPOZENE. This is a waste of time, I only hope and pray that I don’t get charge some extra fees from these people.

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  207. I`ve purchased my lipozene about 4 days ago at walmart. Paid like 20 bucks for 2 bottles. On the first day I felt fine. BUt as from the third day, I dont recognize myself anymore! I feel terrible!! I feel sooo damn dizzy and it wont go away. I feel nausea as well. I dont know if it works or not, it is still too early, but one thing I`d say: I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT TO ANYONE!! I know how bad Im feeling right now and this things is junk!!!!!!

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  208. I have been taken this product for a week does make you bloated and poop and pee a lot. It also makes you feel really full. I did get a headach a few times but i think my body has to get used to taken it. I got my product from walgreens. You really dont have to get it off the internet anymore. good luck everyone. I think it a goosd product nd you have to drink a lot of water all day too!!!!

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  209. Wow I must say i was a bit scared after reading the reviews however it was already too late because i had placed the order for lipozene the prior week. I have since recieved my pills and i must say i am so impressed. I am on day 4. I have had no side effects and to my surprise i weighed myseld at school today and i have lost a whopping 3 pounds in 4 days!!! Amazing considering that i’m only taking 2-3 pills per day as oppose to the six they recommend. I have also been checking my bank account and no scams yet. So far so good…i will be posting additional comments in about 2 weeks to let you know how its going..Sincerely Slimmer!!

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  210. I tried Lipozene. I have 1 word for you SCAM!!!! I wish I would’ve read the comments on this page 1st! It would’ve saved me a lot of hassle.

    1st – It doesn’t help you loose weight. If you loose weight while on this product it’s because it fills you up and you eat less. If you wonder how it work just drop a capsule in a few ounces of water and see what happens. I did this before work one morning and when I came home 9 hrs later it was a very thick gel. So thick that it wouldn’t even pour out, I had to rmove it with a spoon.

    2nd – the hassle of the money. I agreed to 1 bottle a month, they sent me 2 months at a time but only charged me 1 month with 1 month due the following month. After seeing this thick gel in my glass I didn’t want to take it anymore so I called to tell them to cancel my order and I will be sending it back. They said it’s not refundable. This is actually when I found out I still have a payement due. Which brings me to my 3rd point

    3rd – They send bottles of 60. The directions say 2 capsules 3 times per day. That means a bottle of 60 will last 10 days. They sent me 2 bottles of 60 which will still only last 20 days if taken as directed. I was paying for a 1 month supply, and getting 20 days. So when I called to cancel my order and they told me I had to pay for the 2nd month because they had sent me 2 bottles which is a 2 month supply I was stunned! This isn’t even a 1 month supply! How can they call it a 2 month supply when if I took as directed it’s only 20 days. If it really did work I’d probably be even more irate being shorted 10 days of the month. SCAM!!!!

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  211. This product worked well for my body.

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  212. The best thing to do is NOT to close your account, or ‘just deal with it’. They are dodging payments, and you need to contact the FCC. They are falsely advertising the ‘2nd bottle free’ on the television, and they need to be called on it. If the FCC won’t let them advertise any longer, then there goes their business. Call them and tell them that they’ll be hearing from your lawyer, soon. Even if you don’t have one, companies will listen. They’re greedy, and want to lose as less money as possible. they’ll be more inclined to give you your money back, then be sued.

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  213. This is very sad,its a huge scam and the capsules is not working..instead of losing i gained more! these should not be in the commercial is a disgraced!

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  214. I am a black female weighing in a 235lbs and not pround. I would love to be less then 200lbs, to feel better about myself. I bought my lipozene at walmart for 19.99 and i said to myself, i am going to do this. I would for you guys to going me and we can work at this together with each other support. I am on facebook as kelli gates from hogansville. Friend request me and we can give each support. i will post on what i have lost weekly or daily, it is a way for me to stay motivated. please do not say it does not work until your mind is set. i am sick of been overweight, it is my time so join me. people who bought theirs online did not work because they was mad about the charges just go to walmart and get them.

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  215. We just started taking our so we don’t know yet. As others we only paid 20 bucks at Walmart. Try adding some Manuka Honey to your diet everyday too.

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  216. I was going to order the “buy one get one free” from their website after seeing the TV commercial. I’m very glad I thought about checking all the blogs. I knew I’d read a couple complaints, but out of the 25-30 reviews I’ve read, I will not be purchasing this product simply for the buisness practices. Thank you all for warning me. : )

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  217. If you are considering ordering that Lipozene MESS, DON’T BOTHER ! I got taken in by the TV ad. I called the number. Right away, before they ever confirm your order, they are trying to cram more of their junk in your order. I kept saying NO NO NO NO, and finally after about 10 minutes of their speil, I thought I ordered 1 single order which came with a FREE bottle for $29.95. When it arrived, there was only 1 bottle of Lipozene, and a bottle of something else to be taken with it. JUNK…JUST VERY EXPENSIVE JUNK! To beat all that. The shipping was outrageous and they are still trying to hit my card for more money. LEAVE IT ALONE. Push back from the table and get up and walk. MUCH CHEAPER.

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  218. Ok…I am a former personal trainer who forgot to walk it like I talk it. I tried lipozene. The good it works. The bad. Works too well. You will not ne hungry ever on it so you have to make sure you are portion strong throughout the day. Multi vitamin is needed. Another bad. Recommends up to 6 pills a day. Only 30 day supply. Gone in 5 days?? Very very expensive to lose weight. But it works. When I hit the lottery, I will get it again. For now, its rabbit food and exercising. Probably the best way.

    Editor’s comments: Lipozene in simply konjac, or glucomannan. You don’t need to buy the brand name product – just buy the plain stuff. Costs about $10 for a month’s worth. For a full review, plus a link to a reputable resource to purchase, see…

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  219. I have not revived the product yet, so I have no idea if it works. But I am giving their customer service a 0!

    First of all, when I ordered it was all automated. Asking u if u want 7 other items or more product at a discounted rate. I liked that because I could easily tell them no. But they never give u a total. I choose to make two seperate payments, and just found out they charged me the whole amount! ($139. Because I also ordered the bigger bottles at a dicounted rate) then i called to sudjest that they offer ur final total in the first phone call so people like me who use my visa checking card know how much to expect. The lady said u paid with a visa card not a checking account and said the choices i made were… And then proceeded to tell me I was wrong and the auto service was right. And i saved 10% by paying that way and no appology or work anything out. She was rude and offered no solution.

    To top it all off the 30 days trail period is not correct. U have 30 days after it is shipped. So if u got the rushed shipping u will have a 2-3week trail period. If u got the regular shipping then u have no trail period. That sounds like a scam to me, but what do i know. Oh and the lady madr sure to tell me that she will offer me 10 extra days if I needed more time. I said I just want 30 days to try the pills, she said oh u already have 30 days. Did she even listen to me??

    I went on their website to complain and they do not have any place to put comments, they also have a page just to explain “Comments: take them with a grain of salt.” That tells me that they can’t stand behind they service and product. I am a real customer! Not just someone making up complaints as they worded it.

    Now I am thinking I should cancel my order before trying it. I can go to walmart and try it for a real 30 days with no hassle by a company only out to make money.

    -not impressed


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  220. i recentily bought lipozene at wal mart and i jst tried it at my own risk. i got two bottles for $20. i feel amazing but you cnt jst sit around and except to loose weight you gotta wrk out too and i lost ten pounds in one week for taking lipozene eating right and working out. and for the ones that haveing credit card promblems thats the reason why i stopped using my card on the internet.

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  221. If your going to get Lipozene go to walmart you can get two bottles for $20.00.

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  222. I took the pills plus went on a diet and I did not lose a pound. But I did get very sick after the first week. I received from bad and painful side aches. I stopped taking the pills and the side pain went away so I tried them again with the same results. I did not get my money back and they charged me twice. When I called regarding it I was told it was to late that I asked for the second shipment which wasn’t true.

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  223. i have just started taking lipozene.i am in my second week have lost 3 lbs first week .and 1 1/2 lbs second week. and several inches.i am takeing one pill before breakfast and one pill before supper,as some calls it dinner.i feel like a new person already. so glad i tried this.will check back in later for another update.i feel better than i have felt in years.
    i am eating till i’m satisfied. a couple of time felt a litle hungry but thats my fault.didnt eat as much as normal.the second week i didnt eat like i did the first week.i think you have to eat till your satisfied or it dont work.then you dont get hungry.i dont mind a little far im happy with lipozene.

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  224. I do not recommend it because my friend is taking it and has been for 6 months now. She has had a seizer which threw her into cardiac arrest. She is still taking them (stupid) because it does work. she went from a size 16 to a size 4. She said it speeds up your heart rate. But I am not taking it. My mother is taking sensa and has been for about a year.She has a heart condition she was born with and she has no side affect but has lost a decent amout of weight. I am going to go to the GNC store to buy sensa which is behind there counter when you ask for it. Just thought I would let you know.

    Editor’s comments: Unless the product is “spiked” with a stimulant, Lipozene definitely did not cause this – it contains one ingredient only; a non-stimulant fiber supplement called glucomannan. If she had heart issues, it was from taking something else.

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  225. The makers of this product are getting very rich!! I so wish that I had read the reviews before I gave these scammers my bank information! I was another disgruntled customer that canceled all further shipments and charges, but they still charged me for a product that does nothing but make me sick!!
    I believe that the Better Business Bureau needs to hear about these scammers!!

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  226. I have been useing lipozene for about 2 months.I have not seen any results.if it doesnt start doing something soon I will not buy anymore.I wish there was away to keep these bogus products from being sold.

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  227. I bought my lipozene at walmart for 19.88. So if you want to try it get it from walmart.Just started taking it today so well see what happens.

    Editor’s comments: Actually you can buy it cheaper than that. Lipozene contains only 1 ingredient; glucomannan. You can buy a month’s supply for less than $10 at

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  228. I’m thankful I never gave the scammers my credit card number.I didnt know the negative things about this product till reading the comments however I bought the product the day before at walmart for $19.98.I was going to start Lipozene until I read the warning sign:may cause throat to swell or you may choke!I drink alot of water a day but that still scared me! Water is a WEIGHT LOSS ITSELF if you didnt know! I will stick with my OXYELITE PRO since it is the most effective! I lost 25 pounds in 1 month and a half!NO LIE!!!Oxyelite pro curbs your appetite,no shakes,and you are motivated to do something!I was 198 but now I am holding 175!

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  229. The ads are all Bull**** with one exception. The part about “results may vary” is true. I used Lipozene for 30 days and adhered religiously to the instructions regarding taking 2 capsules with 8 oz of water 30-45 minutes before each meal. My results were astonishing. I went from 245 lb to an astounding 243.4 lb in a month. At this rate I can achieve my weight goal in just over 3 years and thousands of dollars. Thanks for nothing Lipozene

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  230. im 61 years old, i am now on my 4th bottle, you would think after 2 bottles and not losing a lb. i would quit, it doesnt make you lose weight, it will make you go to the bathroom. it diffently doesnt work for old people

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  231. i have been using lipozene for one week. before i started i could not have a bowl movement now i have a couple daily. i have lost 2pounds in one week without exersizeing. come on people all i see is the complaint on the money, GO TO WALMART THEN!!!!!!!!! this does work

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    • Editor’s comments: Sherri, Lipozene contains glucomannan which is a fiber supplement. Fiber supplements help with regularity. Metamucil would do the same thing…

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  232. I have been taking Lipozene for three days now and I have lost a total of five pounds so far. You have to drink water and you have to eat right. Sorry you guys have had problems go to Walmart and you can get it for $20 and get two bottles instead of ordering it online or over the phone. The commercial and the bottle say effects differ from person to person. So I could lose 45 pounds in six weeks and Sally wont lose any at all. Go Lipozene!! 🙂

    Editor’s comments: Lipozene contains one ingredient; glucomannan. You can buy a month’s supply for $10. For the complete review, click here!

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  233. I have been taking lipozene since 3/4/2012 and I have lost 10 pounds in 5 weeks..I think it is working well for me. I feel fuller and so far I love the product, I bought mine at Walmart for only 20 bucks.

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  234. I started Lipozene and I must say that it’s better than Acai Berry etc. It fills my cravings for food and it gives me lots of energy. I did a lot of work out while being on the product, I must say, I felt the burn in my body. I actually started to get my abs back. On the side of my body I can see my curve standing out more, and I’m getting my V-shape back. This product is really good. I didn’t need to order online, it’s sold in stores. =)

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  235. I just want to say i have been taken lipozene for about 3 days, and i have noticed that i am not hungry like i use to be..It really helps when you take the last dose late in the evening because my problem was eating late at night. It seems to be working so far. If you have problems with munching at night this does help.

    Editor’s comments: It should; Lipozene is glucomannan, which is a fiber supplement.

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  236. I ordered Lipozene then searched the internet for reviews. I didnt like what I read so I sent it back without opening it. They claim that they never recieved it and refused to refund my money. They are a scam.

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  237. I just started using this product and i see a difference in my eating habit and feel better about my self. IT WORKS.

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  238. I’ve been using Lipozene, purchased from WalMart US for 2 weeks. I am down 10lbs.
    This product definitely curbs my appetite, and I do not feel hungry! I do eat three sensible meals, plus two snacks to keep my metabolism going, and the pills are taken at the main meals. I do not have any bloating, or constant washroom breaks, however…I get crippling headaches during any strenuous exercise, including sex. I’m going to take a two week break to see if in fact it’s the product casuing these headaches because it is horrible.

    Anyway, it doesn’t hurt to try it. Everyone is different. I f I didn’t get these headaches, I’d be a spokesperson!

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  239. I have already gone through 4 bottles of 30 per bottle. i GAINED 5 pounds!! I shouldn’t have bought any more after the first 2 bottles didn’t work. But i thought well… maybe it takes it time. But no! It’s a waist of money. Those that have lost taking Lipozene, if you’ll notice they worked out or something. I live in a place where i’m pretty much cooped up all the time, and thought Lipozene would be the answer to my problems. They should be “sued” over lying about this product. I wish i could email them instead of call, because if i talk to them, well…ain’t no tellin’ what i’ll say to them. RIP OFF’S

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  240. I have tried the product. I found that it enhances my diet and exercise program. I notice that my appetite is different.

    However, the bloating is the worse.

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  241. Ive only taken two pills so far and wont ever do it again. Idk if its worth being not able to sleep and being irritable. Idk if this is happened to others, and maybe it has something to do with me having a hormonal imbalance. I much rather just do it the good old fashioned way, glad I bought mine from walgreens (on sale) and not through them. Looks like a lot of people got screwed over this.

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  242. Ive only taken two pills so far and wont ever do it again. I don’t know if its worth being not able to sleep and being irritable. Idk if this is happened to others, and maybe it has something to do with me having a hormonal imbalance. I much rather just do it the good old fashioned way, glad I bought mine from Walgreens (on sale) and not through them. Looks like a lot of people got screwed over this.

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  243. Sorry I didn’t mean to post that twice, I see that its JUST fiber right? Im not on any other medications, is it possible because i have hormonal issues that it could be affecting this?

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    • Editor’s comments: It IS only fiber. It really should have no effect on your hormone imbalance, any more than eating a bowl of high fiber cereal or a pile of fibrous vegetables will. Unless, of course, the retailers are throwing something else into the formula and not reporting it on the label. While this happens all the time, there’s no evidence that’s the case here, nor does this company have a reputation for doing this sort of thing.

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  244. I took lipozene for about 2 weeks and worked out in that time I lost ten pounds but I don’t think that I can give lipozene the credit because I was doing Zumba also! But when I started taking lipozene I kept getting headaches and strangely it increased my appetite I stayed hungry all the time! Has this happened to anyone else?

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  245. I have three kids my last one was a boy he blew me up and then I got married so that was even more weight if u no what I mean so I tryed lipozene and I have been on it only one week and omg it works I have lost 5 pounds and I can get in my jeans I fill great I’m excited because I love to c results very fast n so far so dame gooooood

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  246. Hi, I started taking lipozene in Mid June. I am now down 15 pounds (went from 240 to 225). Besides a bit of muscle aches here and there I have had no side effects. Maybe it’s just what it says about results may vary.

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  247. Hi I just started taking the pills and I only took one a day…I just wanted to know if it would work the same because taking 6 pills a day is kind of ridiculous…so will just one or two work the same???

    Editor’s comments: Suzie, regardless of what you are taking, dosage is very important. After all, if you take less, you are getting less active ingredient, which means there is less there to “work”. For Lipozene, which is a fiber supplement, you need to take the full dosage. A smaller dose will not work as well.

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    • Editor’s comments: Suzie, regardless of what you are taking, dosage is very important. After all, if you take less, you are getting less active ingredient, which means there is less there to “work”. For Lipozene, which is a fiber supplement, you need to take the full dosage. A smaller dose will not work as well.

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  248. Well i been taking lipozine for a week n still havent notice any changes exept for the headaches ugh there horrible i hope they get away…people theres no need of buying lipozine on tv u can get it on walmart for only 20 dollars!!

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  249. Just purchased the bottle and then saw this review site. Now I’m a little pissed that I bought it and a bottle free! Yikes… We shall see!

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  250. I bought Lipozene because I was tired of my “pouch”. Im VERY disappointed and upset at the amount that it cost me online. I paid $150.00 + custom fees cause I live in Cananda, for this product. At first I noticed that it was “filling me up”, but I barely eat as it is. And then it seemed like my stomach fat was getting larger. I wasnt losing any weight but it felt like I was gaining weight. Its suppose to make belly fat disperse right? Then why was my belly getting larger? After three weeks of taking it the rest of the product is sitting on my shelf, what a waste of money and time. This company needs to go under, but as long as people are still buying the hype it never will. For shame!

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  251. I’ve got my 2 bottles at Wal-Mart for $19.95 and I am very worry about the result. The blue capsule was intact in my stomach for 24 hours, I took 2 tablets at 7:50 am, I had 5 bottles of 16.9oz of water throught out the day, I throw up the morning after and the blue caps stained the water, that’s when I noticed it was the two capsules from the day before. It only enlarged the size and it was slimmy,I was brave enough to take it with gloves to see it in my hands, I opened the capsules and the powder was still inside, after 24 hours in my stomach. I don’t do reviews nor like to read the hateful stuff written, but this is a concern I have and feel to share with those using Lipozene.

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  252. Lost 40 pounds just by learning how to use the power of Law of attraction. No diet, no exercise, no pills. Just had to change the way I think and feel 🙂 I am just saying….

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  253. I liked the product and even ordered more until I found an unauthorized payment on my credit card. I feel “scammed” because when I ordered the first time against my knowledge the company took it upon themselves to tell me I joined some kind of club where no terms and/or conditions were stated anywhere on the website and on my reciept for payment.

    I just spent an hour on the phone with a customer service rep who couldn’t find a supervisor to talk to me because it was quiting time on the west coast.

    Undoubtedly I will no longer use the product because of the very poor and deceptive advertising and service. Unfortunate because the product is okay for the price however not good enough to put up with such BAD customer service!

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  254. All of you are complaining about the charges for this prodeuct but you fail to know that you can buy the two bottles at any walmart for 20.00 and can avoid being charged anything on your credit card. Stop buying online and through tv and do it the smart way. After which then comment on how it actually works for you instead of its price.

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  255. I purchased Lipozene from Wal-Mart (2) days ago in the hopes that maybe I found a diet pill that actually works without lots of exercise and healthy eating, and honestly so far I am pleased with the results. I started off weighing (204 pounds), just weighted myself (198 pounds) this means I have lost (6) pounds in (2) days. I have not changed my eating habits as of yet, I am following the directions and drinking lots of water. I am trying this product for (2) weeks to see if this is the answer I have been looking for. Much to success to everybody.

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  257. Bought 2@ the price of 26.00 from CVS three days ago I’m already calling CVS to get more I haven’t weighed myself yet but I feel smaller my stomach isn’t big and bloated looking any more and I feel great so I will keep it it’s not hurting me so must be helping

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  258. I started to take Lipozene one month ago and I didn’t lose weigth yet. This product don’t work.

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  260. All Lipozene is, is a Fiber pill. If you do research, like I hope people would before they buy something tha could hurt them. All fiber does is clean out your intestines, if you do not go poop 3x a day, you r not getting enough fiber. I found that by doing research, a body detox is better for u. Drink lemon water as lemon attacks fat from foods, eat more fruits, nuts, and veggies. You don’t need to waste money on a pill, just do better research, lemon water even helped my acid reflex. Just look up how to detox your body its cheaper.

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  261. Lipozene is a ripoff. I haven’t taken the pill yet and can tell already. I called the 800 number today and a tape recording spent 45 minutes attempting to sell other products to me that I didn’t want, than they transferred me to a Carribean cruise line for a “free” trip that I didn’t want or have time for. I couldn’t cancel the initial order and didn’t get a live person until I got sent to the cruise line, and that person was very rude. I hung up in disgust and called my account to contest the order, which hasn’t come through yet. DO NOT CALL LIPOZENE’S NUMBER, IT’S A HUGE SCAM!!!!!

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  262. Don’t order Lipozene folks!! It is a huge scam. If you don’t believe me then you can read about it here:

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  263. I have been taking lipozene for 2weeks now. and lost 4pds… I already walk 4 miles every other day but ima big snacker i… it does help with the cravings and I can feel the difference it’s a nice boost …got it at Walmart for. 20$ 2bottles its not for everybody I didn’t change my diet I jus cut back on portions and seconds and binging .. I was 189 when I started I only want to loose 20pds

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  264. I just bought this product today I haven’t tried it yet I’m kind of scared now reading these comments, hopefully with a good diet and exercise plan this will work for me! I bought it at Walmart for $19.95

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    • Editor’s comments: Lipozene is glucomannan. Nothing to be frightened about.

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  265. I got my 2 bottles at Wal Mart but I wish I hadn’t since this stuff didn’t work even with doing just as they said. My Cholesterol was ok before I started and I had it tested after and now it’s high so I have to get back on that. If you have high cholesterol use flaxseed to lower it with Omega3 it works and helps keep it down. Don’t wast your money on Lipozene they are ripping off people and if you say it works it’s from the pills.

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  266. Several months ago I called after seeing the advertisement and ordered a trial bottle. The customer representative tried to sell me a continuing supply, but I refused. I told her that if the product worked, I would order more, I then gave my acct. information and the product was shipped. I suppose I got lucky because I was Never charged beyond that trial bottle. Needless to say,the product didn’t work (at least for me), but when I tried calling to get my money back for the trial bottle, I was told several times that “my refund was in the mail”. Didn’t believe it for a second as I had charged the trial bottle and I’ve never had a refund given through the mail (they usually give a refund the same way the product was paid for).

    Guess I will never get my money back, but at least they didn’t keep billing me or charging my account. Perhaps it’s because I told them I worked in Law Enforcement (I did) and expected them to be above board. For all those who had money taken, don’t give up!! call your local law enforcement agency (Fraud/bunko division). It takes time but eventually these companies will be shut down.

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  267. i love this product, i’ve lost 9 pounds in a week. i’ve tried hydroxcut before and u lost 30 pounds on it. but i was also on a diet then and i am now. i don’t feel hungry with this pills which is good because i eat less and i don’t consume a lot of calories. i drink a lot of water and green tea. i eat three okay size meals a day. no side effects, before this i was taking ab cuts… that didn’t work for me. but i recommend this product lipozene!

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  268. Hello 🙂
    WoW! When I came across this site I was so excited! I couldn’t wait 2 comments! Lipozene is really amazing!!! And it really do work, I order one bottle of the 30 day capsule whick I follow instructions and took 2 pills 3times a day with a meal and within two week I lost like 2-3pounds, its amazing lipozene really help curve your appetite ,I’m not hungry all the time and when I do eat I eat very little now. I did experience a mild breakout but within two days it was gone(on my forehead)anyway I love this product some much!! I order two more products, im having Great!!! Success with lipozene.

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  269. Totally messed up my digestive system. Was afraid I wouldn’t even be able to go to work. That was after only 3 doses. Good luck, Y’all.

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  270. I was 304 and started using Sparkpeople to record my daily calorie intake i lost 65 pounds in 6 month but never seemed to get any futher so I saw the Ad for Lipozine and order just the one order . now i am on 2000 calorie a day diet and i exercise daily and after my first bottle of Lipozine I am Still 240 pounds . DOn’t waste your money

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  271. My husband and I tried this product for 3 months, we ordered another 3 months. We were not receiving the lipozene that we ordered so I called. The lady in customer service stated that they tried my card 5 times and that it declined so the order was cancelled. So I said alright just leave it like that. She said do you want me to try your card again, I said no just leave it like that, &quot;cancelled&quot;. Three weeks later I got on line and went onto my checking account to find out that Lipozene was charged to my account. I called customer service and asked why my account was charged. The lady stated that my order was not cancelled and they ran my number again and it went through.

    So my order is in the mail.

    I asked her to stop the order because I was told that my order was cancelled. She stated that she could not stop the order. After arguing with her for 20 minutes she would not pass me to a manager or give me a address or fax number so I could write a letter to Lipozene letting them know how disappointed I am. So now I have to wait to get the order call them and get a return number to put on the package, send it back then wait for them to credit my money back. What a waist of time and untrained company.

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  272. I’m glad I read this article before I made my any purchase. I won’t waste my money.
    Instead, I will take the advice given and just add more fiber
    to my diet.

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  273. I tried lipozene and in less than a week I lost 4 pounds. I also have a friend who tried it also. She said she lost weight also.

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    • this person probably works for them ^

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      • That’s hilarious, I totally agree!

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        • I lost 4 pounds is less than a week too. I’m not sure if it’s from the lipozene or the fact that ive changed my eating habits.. but whatever it is – its working 🙂

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  274. It works for me! I had rapid weight loss and so did my cousin.. and I definitely do not work for the company! I guess different results for different people. I do not buy from the site…walmart sells two bottles for 19.99.

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  275. I started Lipozene 3 weeks ago and already seeing my baby pooch disappear. I take it twice a day with a metabolism booster in the morning I wait 30 minutes I do drink a whole bottler of water which helps better then when my 30 minute wait was up i ate some type of fruit or veggie. I take the next 2 Lipozene before dinner along with another bottle of water and I get a small plate and arranged food accordingly to the major food groups. And it’s working. I know your not suppose to change your diet but it helps a lot if you wanna keep loosing weight. Laziness gets no one anywhere.

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  276. I have recently placed an order for Lipozene after having watching their info-merecial for months. I am still waiting for my product to arrive. My wife has just told me that our bank account has already been debited once and a second charge has now gone through. I have not even got the product yet. After reading some of the other customer comments I am certainly not filled with confidence at this point. I just tried to call the 1-888 number I must admit I was kind of surprised that I got a recorded message listing hours Mon-Fri. What the heck? What kind of sales business has banker hours? I will try again Monday morning and if I get the same kind of messages, I will firstly be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and asking them for guidance on who else I need to contact.

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  277. I finished my first bottle of Lipozene when I started taking it I was 191lbs and currently I am at 189.3lbs. I am NOT impressed with the results I do have to say that it does work well to curb my appetite they do live up to their claim on that end. As far as it burning body fat. I have yet to see significant results on that end. I will be finishing my supply because I am not feeling any bad effects but I really don’t see myself reordering. I walk everyday,I work out 3 days out of the week, and don’t eat a lot of garbage I am relatively healthy I am just having some issues dropping weight it seems like no matter how much work I put into my belly it is still laying there almost defiantly staring at me saying neener, neener cant ditch me. So if anyone has any tips as to products that can help or any dietary changes that I can make I am all ears.

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    • Reta: Do you know how many calories you require daily, and how many you are consuming? While counting calories is a pain, if you don’t know these numbers, it’s really easy to eat “pretty healthy” and not lose a pound. The caloric value of some foods is pretty deceptive and can add up quickly. Boom! Suddenly you’re over your daily caloric requirement and back into weight storing mode again. This tool will help you get started determining those numbers.

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  278. I havent started it yet, i am tomorrow. I also do Zumba and workout everyday. Im 31 5 foot5 240lbs. Im wanting to lose@least 75#s in 3 months. Can this be possible??

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  279. I tired lipozene in2006 I was weighing 198lbs I lose 38lbs but I was going to the gym and maintain the weight for two years

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  281. this is a rip off and i hope no one continues to buy into the lie it does not work. I have used this product 2x and the 1st time it work after I used up the bottle by 20lb but I exercised. the 2nd time w/o any exercise if failed completely and I gain 30lbs which I now can’t get rid of thank you, you lied Lipozene

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  282. I just started taking Lipozene on Tuesday. I have decided that I am going to give it a try. I did Garcinia Cambogia for about a month and lost 10 lbs so I figured I would try this to see if maybe it works a little bit faster. I know the ad says you don’t have to change your diet or lifestyle, but I know for a fact Lipozene works best with diet and about 30 mins of exercise a day. I have a friend that took it and went from 250lbs to 190lbs in 6 months. It does just cant expect to see changes the very first day or sometimes even the first week you start a new regimine. It takes time for your body to absorb and process the supplements and for your metabolism to adjust. Give it time…don’t give up. That’s what I keep telling myself. I plan to try it for a month and if it does not work, I will switch back to my Garcinia Cambogia regimine.

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  283. Garbage! Total and absolute garbage! What a scam! I consider myself a very smart woman. Felt like I had a lot to learn about buying crap off infomercials. This product did absolutely nothing for my weight loss.In fact I gained 5 Lbs! What a joke!

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